LOT 001 £20/30 (11:00AM)

M.W., a watercolour, 'A carter's lane near Beer, Devon', signed with initials and dated 1891, W.H. Hinley, a watercolour, 'A young angler by a lock gate', signed and dated 1886, and three Spy coloured lithographic caricatures (5)

LOT 002 £20/30 (11:00AM)

J. Kobell, an 18th century etching of characters in a tavern, c.1730, Francis Winter, a wood engraving, 'The Old Forge Bridge Street, Suffolk', signed in pencil in the margin, and a map of Durham, all framed (3)

LOT 004 £10/15 (11:00AM)

A nursery print of a duck with an umbrella after Lottie England (54 x 30 cm), white frame, a V&A poster for Baker textiles, a framed Oriental print of a crane, and two framed certificates (5)

LOT 005 £25/35 (11:02AM)

A quantity of well-framed prints and reproductions, hanging and in two cartons, including limited edition prints of Thurlestone and Exeter, needlework pictures, etc. [end collectors' shelves]

LOT 006 £30/40 (11:02AM)

A still life of fruit and foliage in a jar, mid-20th century, oil on canvas (59 x 48 cm), and 'Copse Wood', oil on board, with torn artist's label to reverse, both framed (2)

LOT 007 £25/40 (11:02AM)

A collection of gilt-framed prints of J. Rapkin's maps of South America, Brazil, Chile and La Plata, Syria, Jamaica and the Isthmus of Panama (largest 35 x 25 cm) [6]

LOT 008 £300/500 (11:02AM)

Clifton Tomson (1775-1828), oils on canvas, 'Patriot', horse and jockey, signed and inscribed 'Nottingham' lower right and on stretcher (55 x 70 cm), framed

LOT 009 £30/40 (11:04AM)

A 1912 print of a northern Continental riverside cathedral city (49 x 63 cm), shaped gilt frame, and two smaller prints after F. Marriott, each signed in pencil in the margin, 'Bruges' and 'Bruges by Night', both framed (3)

LOT 011 £20/30 (11:04AM)

British School, mid-20th century, a watercolour of a large house and grounds with clock tower (26 x 34 cm), together with a collection of dried flower pictures, an Oriental picture of a small bird amid blossom, a woodcut picture of a castle, two prints of 'The Pilgrim Way' and 'The River Thames', all framed (quantity)

LOT 012 £400/600 (11:04AM)

View in Cumberland by John Ruskin, watercolour (25.5 x 35 cm), inscribed verso: 'A Sketch in Cumberland by John Ruskin, and was given to me by Him. Fred Crawley', framed (Frederick Crawley was Ruskin's assistant)

LOT 013 £300/500 (11:07AM)

View in Cumberland by John Ruskin, watercolour (20.5 x 30.5 cm), inscribed verso: 'A Sketch by John Ruskin, in Cumberland, and given by Him/Fred Crawley', framed (Frederick Crawley was Ruskin's assistant)

LOT 015 £30/40 (11:07AM)

'In Rome', a small pen and ink drawing by Lena Alexander, signed (14 x 10 cm), framed, and an unframed pastel of anemones, perhaps by the same hand, together with an exhibition catalogue and photographs

LOT 016 £30/50 (11:07AM)

Audrey Sykes, a pastel of a fountain with a statue, signed (39 x 29 cm), and another pastel by the same hand, signed, 'Evening Sky', a watercolour of a Provencal landscape by Benjamin Smith, signed, a cartoon, and an oil of a river and boats with wooded banks by A. Hope, signed, all framed (50

LOT 017 £30/40 (11:09AM)

A group of loose watercolours and prints, comprising 'Venice, the Rialto', a watercolour of Venice by J.H. Bucket, signed and dated (18)96(?), 'City of Como', print after T.M. Richardson, and two architectural watercolours of a cloister (5) [T]

LOT 019 £30/50 (11:09AM)

A collection of loose watercolours, prints, etc., including Paris, dogs, etc., together with a Persian miniature painting and a photograph frame, and a large quantity of rolled posters, reproductions, etc. [T and under]

LOT 020 £30/50 (11:12AM)

'Tallis's Illustrated Map of London and Its Environs in commemoration of The Great Exhibition of Industry of All Nations, 1851' (55 x 73 cm), drawn and engraved by J. Rapkin, and three other maps, London and the Thames, published by George Philip & Sons, London and Liverpool, a map of the world 'Engraved for Middleton's Complete System of Geography', and a map of Middlesex, all framed (4)

LOT 021 £35/55 (11:12AM)

A cartoon 'With apologies to Walt!', featuring Disney characters with Disney-fied opera titles by Rod Jordan, signed (23 x 34 cm), together with 'All Readers Please Stand', a pen and ink cartoon framed with an adulterated score for 'Gaed Sieve thah Quin', a print 'The Opera Boxes during the time of the Great Exhibition', and a poster for the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, Grand Opera of Brussels 1845, all framed (4)

LOT 023 £30/40 (11:12AM)

Two brightly coloured watercolour illustrations by Jenny Reynish, each signed and dated 98, of an antelope and a dancer before a fruiting tree within multiple borders (each approximately 37 x 27 cm), framed as a pair (2)

LOT 024 £30/40 (11:14AM)

'Contemplating Cosi' by June Redfern, signed and dated 1996, watercolour (27 x 28 cm), other watercolours including of Greek fishermen by Rod Davis, signed, old photographs, prints including 'The Opening of the Great Industrial Exhibition of all Nations … 1861', after George Cruickshank, etc. (quantity)

LOT 026 £30/40 (11:14AM)

'White Cyclamen', in terracotta pot, by Florence England, signed, watercolour (55 x 50 cm), framed, reverse with National Society label, also a watercolour of a house and garden at Steeple Aston by A… Fare, signed, a needlework picture and a print of cottages (4)

LOT 027 £30/50 (11:14AM)

Eric Gurney, 'Ivan (Peter and the Wolf)', a storyboard drawing of a cat, crayons (14.5 x 20 cm), framed; also two framed wash sketches of children, each signed Jo and dated (19)87, and a stylish coloured print of a fashionable lady, signed C.M. Elliott(?) (4)

LOT 028 £35/45 (11:16AM)

Figures on a beach beside a bathing hut, English School, 19th century, watercolour (12 x 17 cm), gilt gessoed frame applied with beaded border, mount inscribed 'David Cox'

LOT 030 £35/45 (11:16AM)

An artist's proof print of a waif and her dog (1/20), signed Leighton-Jones in pencil in the margin (58 x 43 cm), and three other prints, including 'Winter in the Marshes' after A. Jacob, and a large highly decorative stylised print of iris and tulips, all framed (4)

LOT 033 £50/80 (11:19AM)

'The Smuggler's Daughter' by R.W. Macbeth, RA, signed and dated 1901, watercolour, showing the young girl waiting, perched on precipitous cliffs (28 x 24 cm), gilt frame, reverse with labels of Thomas Agnew & Sons and the Royal Academy Winter Exhibition 1911

LOT 035 £100/200 (11:19AM)

'A Surrey Lane' by Myles Birket Foster, showing a young girl with baskets and a dog on a wooded track, signed with monogram, watercolour (24 x 17 cm), gilt gessoed frame

LOT 036 £25/40 (11:21AM)

'Napoleon's Farewell to Josephine', a coloured print after Laslett J. Pott (61 x 41 cm), maple veneered frame, and other prints, mainly classical subjects including 'Jupiter and Io' after Jules Romain, old photographs including of a regatta, and three other framed items (11)

LOT 038 £30/45 (11:21AM)

A small oil of a procession of birds and small animals by E. Coy, signed (55 x 14 cm), an unframed oil of African villagers engaged in a game, four framed paintings of characters from Dickens, a gouache of an officer in scarlet and blue, a pastel still life of anemones, prints, theatrical poster, framed lacework, a clairvoyant's sign, etc. (quantity) [end collectors' shelves]

LOT 039 £150/250 (11:21AM)

A pair of early 19th century oval reverse glass paintings, the one of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the other of Napoleon III and the Empress Eugenie (45 x 53 cm), both in gilt frames (2)

LOT 041 £30/40 (11:24AM)

'Details of part of Members' Entrance', a large architectural fantasy, probably circa 1920, watercolour (52 x 95 cm), gilt frame; and a small watercolour still life of a basket of fruit by Angela Austin (?), signed and dated (19)87(?), gilt frame (2)

LOT 042 £35/45 (11:24AM)

A striking portrait of a reclining woman by Boscoe Holder, signed and dated (19)74, oils (60 x 70 cm), glazed, gilt frame, and a framed portrait of a boy, 'Richard', by Dinah Delachambre, signed and dated 1971 (2)

LOT 043 £30/50 (11:24AM)

Three gouache portraits of young women by Caryl Stockham, each signed and dated 1976 (each 55.5 x 54 cm approximately), a watercolour of a poppy by the same hand, signed and dated 1976, an artist's proof, 'Thrusting out', abstract by Michael Slahoe (?), dated 1970 in pencil in the margin, and a framed photograph of a rainbow, 'Somewhere', by Hugh, signed and dated Nov 86, all framed (6)

LOT 044A £25/35 (11:26AM)

'Indian Chief', a watercolour of a mounted Native American chieftain against a mountainous background, 20th century (43 x 31 cm), unframed, and a framed watercolour portrait of another chieftain (2)

LOT 046 £30/40 (11:26AM)

A still life of a basket of summer flowers and fruit, signed H. Rijk (19.5 x 24 cm), and another still life of flowers in a vase by E. Guen, decorative gilt frames (2) [end s shelves]

LOT 047 £40/60 (11:28AM)

Two framed costume designs, one for a pleated red net dress by Wendy Toye (41 x 26 cm), the other for 'an "old" silver pearl and bead mesh material' costume for 'Spendthrift at Party to Finale' (Cosi fan tutte, Glyndebourne '91, Maria Bjornson), inscribed (2)

LOT 048 £30/50 (11:28AM)

A. Kalow, 'London Coliseum – Detail, Door', signed, pencil and wash (48 x 50 cm); and Sherley Phillips, 'Cordoba, Spain Two', mixed media, signed, gilt frames (2)

LOT 049 £20/30 (11:28AM)

A set of six 'Bachelor's Hall' hunting with hounds coloured prints (each 29 x 36 cm), and a set of four coloured prints after Henry Alken, 'The first steeple-chase on record', all framed (10)

LOT 053 £35/50 (11:31AM)

F. Giugliano, an elegant couple seated on a Mediterranean terrace, signed and repeated verso, oils on canvas (39 x 39 cm), and a pair of smaller oils on board of backstreets in a medieval Italian town, each signed (illegible), decorative gilt frames (3)

LOT 054 £30/45 (11:31AM)

Stacy Aumonier, a winter landscape, signed, watercolour (15 x 21 cm), gilt frame; and two other framed watercolours including of a tropical beach by Kathleen McNulty (?), signed and dated 2007 (3)

LOT 055A £30/50 (11:33AM)

English School, late 18th/early 19th century, a hilly landscape with a father and two children on a bracken-covered slope in the foreground, watercolour (34 x 54 cm), gilt wood frame, the corners applied with foliate decoration

LOT 056 £25/40 (11:33AM)

'David John', a portrait of a fair-haired, rosy-cheeked child, signed with monogram, early 20th century, oil on canvas (39 x 29 cm), gilt gessoed frame with formal scrolling leaf border

LOT 057 £25/35 (11:33AM)

'Barges in the Swale' by Peter Toms, signed, watercolour (24 x 18.5 cm), gilt frame, and two other maritime paintings including an oil of a large yacht at anchor by W. Morsman, signed and dated 1974 (3)

LOT 058 £25/35 (11:36AM)

A wash portrait of Marlon Brando sketched on the front page of a 1959 copy of 'The Times' (61 x 44 cm), and a sketch of a naked seated woman, perhaps after Degas, both framed (2)

LOT 059 £30/50 (11:36AM)

'Walberswick Marshes' by Susan Horsfield, signed and dated (19)64, watercolour (54 x 74.5 cm), and 'Fisherman's Tackle', also by Susan Horsfield, signed and dated (19)63, watercolour, both framed, together with two prints including a lino-cut of a townscape, a framed exhibition poster, 'Images of the Native American', a large vacant picture frame, an envelope of loose reproductions, etc. (quantity)

LOT 060 £20/30 (11:36AM)

A framed coloured reproduction of an old print 'Sohoe or Kings Square', and a quantity of other prints, etc., including 'Lancaster' after Robert Taylor and signed in pencil by Leonard Cheshire (quantity)

LOT 062 £30/40 (11:38AM)

A frame with a trio of Japanese prints, two of figures and the third of a tree trunk and potted plants, together with a pair of decorative prints of Japanese fans (3)

LOT 063 £30/40 (11:38AM)

A decorative picture of a kitten with chickens signed E. Cerroque (?) (17 x 22 cm), and a pair of small oils of countryside scenes, including of a boy fishing, by Jonathan D. Hitchcok, each signed, gilt frames (3)

LOT 064 £35/45 (11:38AM)

British School, late 19th/early 20th century, a Highland landscape with waterfall, oils (32 x 23 cm), and two more modern oil landscapes, all within gilt frames (3)

LOT 065 £0 (11:38AM)

A small collection of watercolours, etc., including of cottages by the sea by H.K. Jackson (?), signed (34 x 22.5 cm), wood frame (quantity)

LOT 066 £30/45 (11:40AM)

A sketch of a large hound, late 19th/early 20th century (37 x 57 cm), framed; together with ‘Daisy Chain’ comprising three limited edition prints framed together (548/600) by H.K. Whatmore, signed in pencil in the margin, and four other prints including ‘Towards the Eastern Isles’ after W. French, all framed (6)

LOT 067 £35/50 (11:40AM)

Continental School, late 19th/early 20th century, a broad river landscape with boats, figures on a path with a cottage in the foreground, oils on canvas (27 x 36 cm), gilt frame with leaf and berry border, and two other framed oil landscapes, one signed Ixer (3)

LOT 068 £30/50 (11:40AM)

A view of Richmond Bridge, British School, late 19th/early 20th century, oils on canvas (24 x 39 cm), and a smaller oil, on panel, of women resting from haymaking, hill and lake background, gilt gessoed frames with leaf and berry borders (2)

LOT 069 £25/35 (11:40AM)

'A view of Killie…, Bridge of Tilt', showing a Scottish landscape with figures lighting a fire in the foreground, British School, late 19th/early 20th century, watercolour (24 x 35 cm), gilt frame, together with 'Llyn Ebyr Llanidloes', two unframed and unfinished watercolours, old photographs, prints, etc. (8)

LOT 070 £35/50 (11:43AM)

A rainy Parisian street scene by T. Giordano, signed (39.5 x 29 cm), and a pair of leafy street scenes with carriages, both signed illegibly, all within gilt frames (3)

LOT 072 £20/30 (11:43AM)

A small collection of coloured prints, c.1900, including 'The Mistletoe Girl' and 'Queen and Heir', together with old photographs, etc., all framed (quantity)

LOT 073 £25/35 (11:43AM)

A quantity of prints, etc. including a limited edition black and white photographic print of Frank Sinatra and friends signed Terry O'Neill (9/150), also cricket prints, 'Legends of Music' featuring Queen, etc. (quantity) [top of stairs]

LOT 074 £30/40 (11:45AM)

Two pastels of young girls dressed in white and walking through water by Audrey Stevenson, 1977, one signed with initials (the larger 44 x 26 cm), together with two limited edition prints by C. Walsh: 'The Old Forge, Andover' and 'Merton College, Oxford', each signed in pencil in the margin, one dated '78, and a tapestry picture (5)

LOT 076 £30/40 (11:45AM)

'Snowdrops by a Bridge' by Joy Brand, signed, watercolour (35 x 32.5 cm) and 'Robin on a Pot' by Neil Cox, signed, watercolour, reverse of each frame with label, and a box of vacant small frames (quantity)

LOT 077 £40/70 (11:45AM)

Two Japanese prints: Yayoi, night scene with courtesan and lantern, seal of Kage; and Hiroshige III, night scene of Edo, seal of Hiroshige III (each approximately 36 x 16 cm), framed as a pair

LOT 078 £30/50 (11:48AM)

A collection of very well-presented prints, English and French, including architectural subjects, decor, furniture, etc., and also a map of Middlesex (11)

LOT 080 £80/150 (11:48AM)

Italian School, probably 16th or 17th century, a portrait of a young woman, her veiled head adorned with pearls, oils on panel (22 x 17 cm including additions), verso with stencilled Christie's number, foliate gilt frame

LOT 102 £20/30 (11:50AM)

Decorative silver-plated items, generally in unused condition, including warming dish with Pyrex liner, hors d'oeuvre dishes, cake stand, baskets, coffee set, etc., in a carton and loose

LOT 105 £20/30 (11:52AM)

Sundry EPNS and other cutlery, including a Fiddle pattern gravy spoon, also a plated sauce boat, covered vegetable dish, etc., together with a silver table fork, in a small carton and loose

LOT 106 £70/100 (11:52AM)

A very large quantity of EPNS and other metalware, in four cartons and loose, including a Garrard Regent Plate four-piece tea set and similar condiment set, also a cruet, several trays, dishes, cutlery, lighters, etc., and a late Victorian cased pair of fish servers

LOT 107 £20/30 (11:52AM)

Two cartons of sundry metalware, including some silver-plated, comprising prize and other mugs, tea and coffee service, etc., and a quantity of sundry cutlery, partly in a case.

LOT 110 £50/80 (11:55AM)

Two cartons of EPNS and other metalware, including modern Arthur Price knives with plain handles, an Elkington Bead pattern serving spoon, Jesmond pattern and other cutlery, a pair of triple candelabra branches, various dishes, etc.

LOT 111 £15/20 (11:55AM)

A carton of sundry plated and other items, including a late Victorian fitted case retaining grape scissors and fruit spoons, fish servers, other cutlery, Ronson lighter, etc.

LOT 113 £30/40 (11:57AM)

A carton of late Victorian and other metalware, including an EPBM coffee set, tea wares, cased and loose cutlery, etc., together with a fish set in oak case

LOT 114 £25/35 (11:57AM)

A carton of metalware, including a 1930s Regalia EPNS cutlery service for six in Olympic pattern, other cutlery, Sabbath and other candlesticks, Hanukkah candelabrum, etc.

LOT 115 £40/60 (11:57AM)

A carton of EPNS and other metalwares, including a 1930s Mappin & Webb Prince's Plate biscuit box, various tableware, a sandwich tray, a pair of candlesticks, salvers, cutlery, etc.