LOT 005 £25/35 (11:02AM)

D. Ford, an oils on board, fishing boat in rough water, signed and dated 1976 (29.5 x 51 cm), framed; and a 19th century Victorian oils on canvas of a manor house and chapel, indistinctly signed lower left corner and dated 1895, unframed (2)

LOT 015 £30/40 (11:07AM)

Francis B. Savage (1908-1985), oils on board, 'Good Shelter Creek – Salcombe', signed (41 x 51 cm), framed plus an N.G. Dixon, oils on canvas laid to board, 'Meadow pasture by a hilltop church and houses', signed (37 x 44 cm), framed

LOT 020 £30/40 (11:09AM)

G.M.P. A Victorian watercolour on Whatman's board, of an extensive landscape with town in the far distance and a milkmaid at a gate, all under a brooding sky, signed with monogram (33 x 48 cm), original gilt frame

LOT 021 £30/50 (11:12AM)

An early 19th century oils on panel narrative scene, 'The Price', with indistinct inscription on reverse (17 x 20 cm), together with a late 18th century oils on panel of an old Scottish warrior deep in thought, both framed (2)

LOT 023 £60/80 (11:12AM)

After Sir Oswald Birley, an engraved coloured mezzotint portrait of Winston. S. Churchill, engraved by Lawrence Josset and signed in pencil in the margin (54 x 44 cm), framed

LOT 024 £40/60 (11:12AM)

An early 19th century English School 'large' miniature on ivory showing a family group of a mother and two children (24 x 18 cm), decorative gilt frame within a box frame

LOT 025 £50/70 (11:14AM)

A miscellaneous selection of 17 various framed flower pictures and textile pictures, watercolours, oils, etc. (largest 50 x 40 cm), together with a signed limited edition book on thoroughbred horses, 'Classic Lines' (18)

LOT 027 £40/60 (11:14AM)

A selection of 11 various unframed watercolours and prints, etc., including an S.G.W. Roscoe watercolour of a mountain stream, signed (largest 33 x 46 cm) (11)

LOT 049 £60/90 (11:28AM)

A parcel-gilt framed oils on canvas view of Venice across the lagoon, together with a mixed method on board by Paul Mann, 'Yacht at mooring', signed, framed (2)

LOT 050 £50/60 (11:28AM)

A large Victorian 'Regal' declaration on vellum with two 'Great' wax seals, c.1886, together with a framed photograph of the House of Commons (document measures 66 x 53 cm) (2)

LOT 060 £80/90 (11:33AM)

Paul Schreder, a collection of watercolours and prints, mainly views on the Thames, most signed, loose and contained in artist's folio, and an oil on board of a snowy landscape (a lot)

LOT 063 £30/40 (11:36AM)

Victor J. Lanulaitis, 'Church of St Peter, Assisi', watercolour, signed with initials and dated '04, and an oils on canvas by another hand of a Japanese water garden (30 x 36 cm) (2)

LOT 066 £30/50 (11:38AM)

A large framed Baxter print, 'The Bridesmaid', a Chinese picture of bamboo, together with a watercolour by Jill Bamber of a lemon grove, signed, an early 20th century watercolour of a farmyard, and various other topographical pictures (largest 35 x 44 cm), all framed (11)

LOT 071 £50/80 (11:40AM)

An interesting mixed collection of framed and unframed watercolours, prints and drawings, including two oils of Eastern European coats of arms, etc. (12)

LOT 077 £0 (11:45AM)

Bernard Pearson, oils on canvas "Chelsea bridge by moonlight" signed and dated '49, together with other oils including "Storm over the Thames", and "Hot steel rolling", a poster for 'Henry VIII' (RSC) after Ralph Steadman, an Editions Combat Pour La Paix art print of Picasso's 'Dove of Peace' (48×64 cm), various framed prints, photographs, etc., and John Blaeu, a large 17th century engraved map of Gloucestershire (held between two sheets of plate glass) (a lot)

LOT 078 £15/25 (11:45AM)

After A. W. Brown, a large coloured print of a continental town square, signed in pencil in the margin (47 x 63 cm) framed, along with three other framed items. (4)

LOT 085 £40/50 (11:50AM)

A small selection of watercolours and prints including Jeffery Edwards limited edition print, 'Plagiarism', signed, titled and numbered in pencil in the margin, c.1980s (33 x 44 cm), framed (5)