LOT 005 £50/80 (11:02AM)

After Toulouse Lautrec, a set of eight prints, together with a pair of political prints after Honore Daumier, a signed Heinrich Zille print, and a van Gogh reproduction (largest 24 x 34 cm), all framed (12)

LOT 006 £60/90 (11:02AM)

An 18th century coloured engraving, 'The Market of Love', two oval English School coloured prints behind verre eglomise mounts, and a pair of 18th century circular prints (largest 38 x 46 overall), all framed (5)

LOT 010 £40/60 (11:04AM)

A set of 23 unframed coloured prints after various Japanese master woodblock artists (34 x 22 cm), contained in a silk-covered box file (23) [on table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 011 £40/60 (11:04AM)

A quantity of unframed prints and antique newspaper cuttings contained in a quarter-leather-bound folio (quantity) [on table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 012 £60/90 (11:04AM)

After John Russell, a pair of coloured stipple engravings: 'John and his Pigeons' and 'A Dog's First Sight of Himself'; together with a pair after W.R. Bigg: 'A friend in need…' and 'Charity begins at home'; and two other prints: 'Orpheus…' and 'Delia in town' (largest 36 x 38 cm), all framed (6)

LOT 015 £100/150 (11:07AM)

Attributed to Joseph Farington, a pen and ink of a carter and ditch-diggers by a tree (45 x 35 cm), framed; together with an early 19th century etching after Thomas Rowlandson of figures and an ox cart, framed (2)

LOT 017 £45/75 (11:09AM)

Three antique political prints, comprising: Thomas Rowlandson aquatint of 1790 depicting the Duchess of Devonshire campaigning for the Whigs, 'Foxes Hole!'; another by 'Esop': 'John Bull's Belly'; and another of 'The Man wot drives the Soveriegn'; together with a print of Nelson's funeral (largest 40 x 26 cm), all framed (4)

LOT 018 £50/60 (11:09AM)

After F. Wheatley, a pair of narrative prints depicting a married couple and her mother, and a large coloured print after George Morland of a rustic family idyll (largest 38 x 50 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 019 £40/60 (11:09AM)

After Thomas Rowlandson, four coloured engraved political caricatures on one sheet, and two framed sheets of 12 Kronheim prints (ex Christie's New Hall vault) (3)

LOT 020 £80/100 (11:09AM)

A pair of chromolithographs of children in a dog cart, and a 19th century woolwork picture of a man in his study reading a newspaper (largest 60 x 50 cm), all three in bird's eye maple frames (3)

LOT 021 £60/80 (11:12AM)

After Cruickshank and Rowlandson, four coloured caricatures: 'Catamaran', 'Wooden Leg', 'Glow Worms', and 'Scotch Washing' (largest 30 x 24 cm), all framed (4)

LOT 022 £60/80 (11:12AM)

Five antique coloured engraved caricatures by various hands: 'Barber Shop', 'Miseries of Human Life', 'Miseries of High Life', and 'Bobbin about to the Fiddle' (largest 25 x 35 cm), all framed (5)

LOT 024 £60/90 (11:12AM)

Six antique prints, including 'The Country School Mistress' by Sayer, and 'Tom Thumb'; and seven small prints of London (largest 32 x 24 cm), all framed (13)

LOT 025 £70/100 (11:14AM)

Five antique pictures, comprising a pencil drawing of a girl with a bird's nest, a line engraving of a shepherdess, an oval watercolour of a boy by candlelight, and a pair of neoclassical women and children after Buck with watercolour friezes (largest 24 x 30 cm), all framed (5)

LOT 026 £50/70 (11:14AM)

A set of six small coloured engraved satirical 'Visitor' caricatures; a small 1806 print: 'The Christmas Pudding'; and an 1822 title page 'Symptoms of Being Amused' (largest 22 x 26 cm), all framed (8)

LOT 040 £60/90 (11:21AM)

Albert Deman (French, 1929-1996), an oils on canvas, 'Tete d'enfant a l'oiseau', signed and dated 1960 (35 x 26 cm), reverse of frame with Trafford Gallery exhibition label

LOT 042 £50/70 (11:24AM)

Three Raoul Dufy coloured reproduction prints and a pair of Gustav Klimt coloured reproduction prints (largest 48 x 58 cm), all framed (5) [end of collectors' shelves by jewellery]

LOT 043 £15/30 (11:24AM)

A mixed lot of prints and an oil, including pictures after Impressionists and cartoons of card-playing dogs after Coolidge (quantity) [end of collectors' shelves by cafe door]

LOT 049 £40/60 (11:28AM)

E. Grieg Hall, three framed watercolours, possible Lake District views, and a framed watercolour by Charles Chester, 'The Tide Mill, Woodbridge', signed (4)

LOT 054 £30/40 (11:31AM)

A large pair of steel etchings, views of Maidstone and Leatherhead, and a marine prints of Thames barges in the estuary signed Alex. Mortimer and E.N. Donnard in pencil in the margin, wood frames

LOT 057 £30/40 (11:33AM)

An Italian antique line engraving of the infant Christ, an antique stipple engraving of a Bacchanalian infant imbibing wine, and another print (largest 22 x 27 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 061 £25/45 (11:36AM)

A miscellaneous selection of framed prints, including limited editions relating to golf and horse racing, etc. (quantity) [floor at end of table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 062 £20/40 (11:36AM)

A Gilbert Holloway limited edition print, 'Unloading race horses', and a large steel etching on vellum paper of Salisbury Cathedral, after John Constable; together with a loose coloured print of a female saint after Edgar Maxence (3)

LOT 063 £20/30 (11:36AM)

A 19th century English School watercolour, a landscape with a castle in the background and cattle at the river's edge in the foreground (31 x 46 cm), framed

LOT 066 £40/70 (11:38AM)

Alfred Bird, a 19th century pen and ink, Adoration in the Manger, c.1867; together with an oils on canvas still life by Kennedy, signed, and two other oils (largest 50 x 30 cm) (4)

LOT 086 £15/20 (11:50AM)

C.H. Thompson, an oils on board, the artist as a young man, signed and dated 1949, and a watercolour self-portrait (largest 20 x 16 cm), both unframed (2) [table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 087 £50/70 (11:50AM)

C.H. Thompson, a approximately 90 unframed watercolours, landscapes, marine and street scenes, etc. (quantity) [floor by table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 092A £10/15 (11:55AM)

A print of a naval photograph of the Falkland Islands Battle (8 December 1914) between the British Royal Navy and the Imperial German Navy, bird's eye maple frame, and a wood-mounted print after Richard Paton of the naval battle of the Battle of the Saintes (or Battle of Dominica) (2)

LOT 093 £80/150 (11:55AM)

English Provincial School, 18th century, oils on canvas, a basket of exotic blooms (48 x 66 cm), framed (Provenance: bought from Michael Wakelin 04-06-1983)

LOT 095 £25/35 (11:55AM)

Stewart Robertson, two etchings: 'St Stephen's, Westminster' and 'Clock Tower, Westminster', both signed in pencil in the margin (largest 17 x 23 cm), framed (2)