LOT 001 £40/60 (11:00AM)

A collection of various framed 19th and early 20th century watercolours, drawings, etchings, etc., including a drawing by S.J. Ainsley (1820-1874), 'Cordova', a signed etching of an Arab horseman, and a pierced gilt frame (quantity)

LOT 004 £150/180 (11:00AM)

Frederic Whiting (1874-1962), an oils on canvas portrait of a young woman in a decollete gown, her back to the artist, her head turned to sinister, signed (60 x 50 cm), framed

LOT 008 £35/55 (11:02AM)

A collection of framed and unframed iconic photographic images of the Rat Pack, the Rolling Stones, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean, etc., and a framed oil 'Spitfire Mk IX' by John Horrobin, signed (quantity)

LOT 013 £50/70 (11:07AM)

An early 19th century oils on canvas coastal scene with fishing boats in a rough sea by a fort, indistinctly signed A.J. E… (15 x 24 cm), framed

LOT 016 £35/45 (11:07AM)

S.J. Drayson, oils on board, a seashore scene, signed (15 x 25 cm), framed; together with an oils on canvas board of a child with a donkey by June French, signed, and a limited edition portrait of a donkey (3)

LOT 020 £40/70 (11:09AM)

An early 19th century English Provincial School oils on panel portrait of a young woman in a white empire-line gown (23 x 19 cm), gilt frame with flower-swept corners

LOT 023 £30/60 (11:12AM)

A collection of 12 various framed prints, drawings and watercolours, including a Bernard Myers pen and ink of a horse, a nude by Anne M. de Lafforest, ornithological prints, a Hogarth Chelsey Bunn Baker print, etc. (12) [by cafe door]

LOT 024 £30/40 (11:12AM)

A 19th century watercolour flower study, a 1927 study of pansies, two antique prints of lovers, and a coloured lino cut, all framed (5) [on table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 026 £40/60 (11:14AM)

A pair of late 18th century oils on tin portraits of a man and a woman singing, together with a small antique stipple engraving, a watercolour, and two small modern etchings, all framed, etc. (quantity) [table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 030 £20/40 (11:16AM)

W. Davies, oils on board, an estuary scene, 'Morning at Leigh', signed (30 x 40 cm), framed, reverse with Wapping Group exhibition label

LOT 031 £20/40 (11:16AM)

Albert Houghton, AMC, FRSA, watercolour, 'October, River Test', signed (27 x 37 cm), together with a print, a watercolour, and a textile picture (4)

LOT 033 £20/40 (11:19AM)

A.S.G. Butler, pencil, watercolour and bodycolour, 'View of Bellagio', signed and dated 1929 and inscribed in pencil 'Menaggio' (27 x 19 cm), framed

LOT 034 £25/35 (11:19AM)

A small selection of nine various framed prints and watercolours including by Alan Whitehead of a Thames barge anchored in the estuary, signed, a view of Venice, etc and a Johnstone Baird, a soft ground etching, ‘Loch Katrine’, signed in pencil in the margin (14 x 29 cm), framed, reverse with James Connell & Sons label (10)

LOT 038 £20/40 (11:21AM)

After Joseph Israels, a steel etching on vellum paper, a seated Breton woman looking out to sea, signed in pencil in the margin by Israels and the etcher or engraver (38 x 29 cm), framed; together with Lionel Edwards, a pencil drawing, 'If you let those heifers follow it's the hunt you are disgracing', signed with initials, unframed (2)

LOT 039 £800/1200 (11:21AM)

Henry John Yeend King, an oils on panel triptych of a classical idyll typical of the Aesthetic Movement, signed, applied to a Victorian upright piano in figured walnut by Justin Browne of London, the lower panel by the pedals also painted with steps to a lily pool [hall downstairs]

LOT 043 £30/40 (11:24AM)

A good collection of various framed items comprising exhibition posters, Chinese prints, sporting prints in maple frames, etc. (quantity)

LOT 044 £70/140 (11:24AM)

Marc Chagall (1887-1985), 'The painter, the model and the palate', a limited edition lithograph (1958), printed by Mourlot, Paris, 'avec l'autorisation de A. Maeght, ed.' (80 x 44 cm), framed

LOT 046 £30/40 (11:26AM)

A collection of Japanese and Chinese prints, framed photographs, two naive oils, 'Spring' and 'Winter', both signed with initial E, some Indo-Persian pictures, etc., most framed (12)

LOT 047 £60/90 (11:26AM)

Four Georgian caricatures including 'Patience in a Punt' by Bunbury after Rowlandson (25 x 36 cm), all framed; and a large and miscellaneous selection of antique prints, drawings and watercolours, all unframed (quantity)

LOT 048 £30/50 (11:26AM)

E. Fairhurst, three framed modern British etchings: 'The Cordwainer', 'The Cobbler's Rest' and 'The Andrea Farara', all signed and titled in pencil in the margin; and a framed photogravure (largest 32 x 27 cm) (4)

LOT 049 £3000/4000 (11:28AM)

Louise J. Rayner (1832-1924), watercolour on paper, The Edgar Inn, Shipgate Street (Chester, near the Old Dee Bridge), signed (44 x 59.5 cm), framed (NB: According to the ‘Oxford Dictionary of National Biography’, Rayner lived in Chester from 1870 until 1910. ‘The Old Edgar’, on the corner of Shipgate Street and Lower Bridge Street, Chester, dates from circa 1500. The 1871 census apparently lists the inn under the name ‘The King Edgar’, but it has not been possible to discover when E. Hodgkinson, the licensee’s name in the present painting, ran the inn.)

LOT 053 £50/70 (11:31AM)

An interesting mixed lot of framed items including an old oil painting, 'Sibilla Persica' (68 x 50 cm), framed, etc. [end of collectors' shelves by jewellery]

LOT 054 £20/25 (11:31AM)

An early 20th century picture of a 19th century private in the 34th Foot, wearing uniform, signed; together with two framed continental beer advertisements (3)

LOT 055 £40/60 (11:31AM)

Two 20th century oils on canvas, one of a lively shipping scene, the other a tranquil Dutch scene (largest 61 x 91 cm), both in swept frames (2)

LOT 056 £30/50 (11:33AM)

A large and miscellaneous selection of various coloured prints, etc., including after Lowry and Doyley John, also Chinese pictures, antique engravings, etc. (quantity)

LOT 057 £60/80 (11:33AM)

Late 19th century English School, oils on canvas, 'Sunny Morning on the Tyne', indistinctly signed lower left corner (41 x 61 cm), period gilt frame

LOT 059 £50/80 (11:33AM)

An interesting mixed lot of framed and unframed prints, drawings and watercolours including a watercolour portrait of a young woman in twinset and pearls signed JR and dated 1952, a fashion drawing, a 1924 etching, 20th century works, a Clive Smith watercolour, etc. (quantity)

LOT 060 £30/50 (11:36AM)

Anton Lock, an oils sketch on canvas of horses in a landscape, framed, also pencil studies of horses, modern works by various hands, etc., mostly framed (quantity)

LOT 062 £25/35 (11:36AM)

A framed photograph, 'Flying Wing 17th Oct '96 RAF West Raynham', with 44 signatures; together with a charcoal portrait of an officer in Jerusalem 1945, and a framed photograph of '201 SQN 7th May 75 AVMBG LOCK, HMS Ark Royal' (3)

LOT 062A £25/35 (11:36AM)

After F. Wheatley, a pair of narrative prints depicting a married couple and her mother, and a large coloured print after George Morland of a rustic family idyll (largest 38 x 50 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 063 £20/30 (11:38AM)

A selection of various feline pictures, comprising a set of framed John Player cat cards, an oils of a long-haired white cat, two pencil drawings, etc. (6)

LOT 064 £40/60 (11:38AM)

Five Indian gouache miniatures including of a polo match (23 x 34 cm), a maiden with deer, lovers in a pavilion, riders on an elephant, etc. (5)

LOT 066 £40/60 (11:38AM)

A collection of various framed items, including an oils on canvas coastal view, signed with initials, flower studies, watercolour landscapes, dog prints, etc., and a panoramic view of 'The New Palace, Westminster' (largest 40 x 90 cm) (quantity)

LOT 066A £80/120 (11:40AM)

Advertising art: eight unframed gouaches, 1940s/1950s, including one signed R. Menetrier, and possibly all by this artist, variously depicting attractive young women, some scantily dressed, and including one with a bottle of Cusenier Kirsch Vieux, together with a print of a black female head (approximately 33 x 25 cm and smaller) (9) [silver plate shelves]

LOT 068A £55/65 (11:43AM)

Continental School, 20th century, oils on board, barefoot girls outside a Southern church (28 x 76 cm), unframed; and two framed portraits, of a seated girl by M.-Th. Ralli, signed, and of a Chinese elder with a pipe, signed illegibly and dated 63 (?) (3)

LOT 073 £20/40 (11:45AM)

After H. Bunbury, 11 hand-coloured prints, 'Instructions on how to ride a horse', published by Ackermans, circa 1800, all 11 mounted in one frame

LOT 073A £20/30 (11:45AM)

A set of four framed fashion plates, six framed 'Cries of London' prints, and various framed prints, drawings and watercolours, including four silhouettes signed M.J.W. (quantity)

LOT 073B £40/60 (11:45AM)

Karl Kaudsch, oil on board, lake and landscape under a brooding sky, signed (73 x 88 cm); together with Sewiec, an oils on canvas still life with a lobster, signed, another by Sewiec, tulips, and four other pictures, all framed (quantity) [top of stairs]

LOT 074 £30/40 (11:48AM)

Eight various framed items including three modern abstracts by Margaret Knott, two signed, photogravures, a school photograph 1947, etc. (8)

LOT 075 £30/40 (11:48AM)

After Arthur J. Elsley, a pair of photogravures of idyllic family life, both in period honey oak frames, together with another print ‘The Boyhood of Raleigh’ after Millais in ebonised frame (largest 52 x 38 cm) (4)

LOT 080 £30/40 (11:50AM)

M. Therese Ralli, oils on board, portrait sketch, signed (49 x 37 cm), framed; and a selection of various framed prints including golfing, a portrait after Soutin, seascape, Flemish flowers, etc. (quantity)

LOT 081 £30/40 (11:50AM)

Various prints including a signed mixed method coloured print of Dutch sailing barges, a pair of limited edition prints by Michael Carlo, 1980, a circular engraving after T, Lawrence, a modern British aquatint of a shepherd's hut on the edge of the moor, and other antique and limited edition prints, etc., most framed (quantity)

LOT 082 £60/80 (11:52AM)

An etching of two kittens, indistinctly signed in pencil, and two small watercolours, one of a seated terrier by Rose Coban, the other of a cat's head by B. Lodge, dated 1921, both signed, the latter dated (19)21 (3)

LOT 083 £25/35 (11:52AM)

Six early 20th century watercolours of landscapes, some signed, including by S. Ashton of a view with industrial buildings, signed and dated 1913, and by Kew Sanders, and another watercolour, perhaps late 19th century, of a romantic Italianate landscape (23 x 34.5 cm), and a print of roses after Albert Williams, all framed (8)