LOT 001 £70/100 (11:00AM)

A good collection of framed items, mainly comprising fine 20th century needlework pictures: samplers, landscapes, still lifes, maps, etc., and including three rare Australian outback farm buildings in landscapes and two oils of Australian 'red' desert views (largest 46 x 90 cm), all framed (quantity)

LOT 002 £15/20 (11:00AM)

A selection of six various framed items, including a 'Rio' butterfly-wing picture of a parrot (largest 70 x 50 cm), all framed (6) [end of collectors' shelves by cafe door]

LOT 003 £15/20 (11:00AM)

An unusual Flemish needlepoint picture of a child wearing a lace cap and elaborate dress (50 x 64 cm), framed, together with a set of four framed prints after Impressionist masters (5) [table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 010 £40/60 (11:04AM)

An oils on canvas laid to panel portrait (46 x 31 cm), gilt frame, inscribed 'Souvenir from Ypres, During the Great European War found by W.G. Frier 4th CMR Reg. March 1916'

LOT 016 £200/400 (11:07AM)

A pair of English School mid-18th century Provincial School oils on canvas portraits, circle of Henry Pickering, probably of husband and wife, feigned ovals (each 74 x 61 cm), gilt frames (2)

LOT 017 £0 (11:09AM)

A modern British School oils on board, yellow flowers in a blue and white vase, parcel-gilt swept frame, together with seven framed items including a print of a giant sun fish (largest 54 x 43 cm) (8)

LOT 018 £30/50 (11:09AM)

A miscellaneous collection of framed items including a porcelain plaque, antique stipple engraving, Guinness adverts, an oil on panel still life of flowers in a vase, signed with initials, etc. (quantity)

LOT 021 £50/80 (11:12AM)

A good selection of nine framed Chinese prints and watercolours, comprising landscapes, objects, and natural subjects (largest 28 x 45 cm), all framed

LOT 023 £30/40 (11:12AM)

A 'signed and sealed' photograph of Muhammad Ali and Pele, signed by Pele (60 x 46 cm), silvered frame, reverse with certificate of authenticity

LOT 024 £30/40 (11:12AM)

N.J. Leigh, oils on canvas, 'San Gimignano V', signed with initials, circa 2010 (76 x 50 cm), framed; and a Ryszard Szydlo print, 'Temptation' (2)

LOT 028 £20/40 (11:14AM)

A collection of five framed prints and oils, including Continental castle views, a prints of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, a still life, etc. (largest 64 x 80 cm) (5)

LOT 039 £75/85 (11:21AM)

George Frederick Browne, RI, RBA (1858-1932) (son of Phiz), watercolour and bodycolour, en grisaille, an original illustration for Sir Walter Scott's 'Waverley Novels', 'Count Robert of Paris', signed with initials (18 x 28 cm), framed

LOT 041 £30/40 (11:24AM)

Florence E. Balshaw, watercolours, dahlias in a china mask jug, signed (36 x 25 cm); and Beryl Touchartd, watercolour, bouquet of flowers, signed, both framed (2)

LOT 046 £50/80 (11:26AM)

Maurice Claes (Belgium), an oils on panel, 'Malines', signed(77 x 63 cm), original water gilt frame, the reverse with inscribed label dated 21/10/32 and many old sale markings; and John Adder, a framed watercolour portrait, and a framed picture, feeding the rabbits (3)

LOT 051 £25/45 (11:28AM)

R.J. Mitchell, three oils on canvas, including two 'Dickensian' street scenes, and a Thomas Kinkaid view of Notre Dame, Paris (largest 24 x 30 cm), all framed (4)

LOT 056 £30/50 (11:31AM)

Charlotte Halliday, watercolour and bodycolour on toned paper, 'St Mark's Hamilton Terrace, Spring Morning', signed (38 x 34 cm), reverse of frame with exhibition label

LOT 059 £25/35 (11:33AM)

Maurice Feild, oils sketch on board, portrait of a young girl, verso with inscribed dedication by the artist, and a charcoal and white chalk drawing of a boy, signed and dated 1945 (largest 50 x 37 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 061 £30/50 (11:36AM)

Nine various framed items including prints after Albrecht Durer, a 'Punch' spring edition cover, two Persian miniatures, hunting scenes, etc. (9)

LOT 064 £30/40 (11:38AM)

Seven various framed items comprising a Chinese silk panel, a set of four prints of London, and two coloured photographs (largest 45 x 82 cm) (7) [end of table by collectors' shelves]

LOT 065 £40/60 (11:38AM)

Two framed examples of vintage wallpaper textile designs, two framed watercolours of fruit, and 10 unframed fashion drawings (largest 46 x 45 cm) (14)

LOT 066 £30/50 (11:38AM)

A Dorothy Cox watercolour of a woodland path, a gouache of Dartmoor, a 19th century framed watercolour, an engraving, and a pair of Chinese flower pictures (largest 51 x 39 cm), all framed (6)

LOT 073 £450/650 (11:43AM)

Ken Howard, oils on card, Notre Dame, Paris, signed (45 x 54 cm), framed. (PROVENANCE: From ‘Meadowside’, a former home of Ken Howard, RACA, ROI, NEAC, in Hampton Hill, Middlesex, and given by him to the vendor at the time of their purchase of the house from him in 1974.)

LOT 074 £30/70 (11:43AM)

A set of six late 19th century photographs of diamond mines, produced by London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company Ltd (40 x 30 cm), original reeded oak framed (6) [wall opposite silver/silver-plate]

LOT 078 £30/50 (11:45AM)

A large and comprehensive selection of framed prints, maps and posters, including two Edinburgh Fringe posters for 1984 and 1985, photogravures, chromolithographs, etc. (quantity)

LOT 080 £30/50 (11:48AM)

A large and interesting selection of various framed items including Art Dozo prints, limited edition coloured prints, a Pears print, etc., and a decorative 'prize hog' sign (quantity)

LOT 081 £30/50 (11:48AM)

A mixed lot of various framed prints, drawings and watercolours, including a set of three hunting prints, a small print after Burne Jones, etc. (quantity)

LOT 082 £35/70 (11:48AM)

A selection of 13 oils on canvas and board, comprising marine, portraits, landscapes and abstracts (largest 75 x 101 cm), some framed (13) [top of stairs]

LOT 083 £30/60 (11:48AM)

C.E. Mouncey, two watercolours, 'Barnard Castle School' and 'The Bowes Museum', both signed and dated 1987 (largest 49 x 61 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 084 £40/60 (11:50AM)

A large mixed lot of framed and unframed items, including oils on canvas landscape, Indo-Persian gouache on linen, watercolours, prints and photographs including of Barnard Castle, etc. (quantity) [top of stairs]

LOT 085 £20/30 (11:50AM)

A set of five 1920s French School watercolours of figures in regional costume, indistinctly signed (18 x 13 cm), framed (5) [table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 088 £80/100 (11:52AM)

Fauly, two watercolours of a Bedouin water-carrier and a street scene in Sidi bou Said, both signed (largest 23 x 16 cm), carved gilt frames, an unframed watercolour and mixed method by Glover Darlington, and various framed and unframed prints including of Sarah Bernhardt, a pair after Bristow of duelling monkeys, an Apoux etching: 'Le Baiser', etc. (12) [by cafe door]

LOT 091 £25/45 (11:52AM)

W. Windred, a 19th century English Naive School oils on canvas of a 'grey' in a stable with dog, signed and dated 1882 (35 x 45 cm), maple frame

LOT 093 £30/40 (11:55AM)

An interesting group of five items, comprising a gouache of the Nile, a pen and wash of the lagoon, Venice by Antonio Lucarda, an S.J. Ainsley pencil drawing of Cordova or Malaga, dated 1862, a watercolour of a sleeping dog, and a print of a dog (largest 14 x 20 cm), all framed (5) [table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 094 £40/60 (11:55AM)

After J.F. Herring, an antique coloured print of 'Launcelot', the 1840 St Leger winner, with jockey, and another antique coloured print after Herring of 'Birmingham', the 1830 winner, with jockey (largest 33 x 42 cm), period frames (2) [hanging top of stairs on back of silver-plate shelves]

LOT 096 £50/80 (11:57AM)

A quantity of 19th and 20th century watercolours, including landscapes, figure studies, interiors, etc., and a sheet of the letter 'N' illuminated (largest 50 x 37 cm), all framed (quantity)

LOT 098 £40/60 (11:57AM)

Jess Down (1946-2016), an oils on canvas of a thoroughbred bay gelding, signed with device (86 x 112 cm), together with a 19th century Provincial School oils on canvas, children in a pony cart riding round a field with fairground tents (54 x 66 cm), both framed (2)