LOT 005 £30/40 (11:02AM)

M.E. Lloyd, a pair of framed watercolours heightened with white of coastal scenes, both framed and a framed coloured print after Bourton-Barber of a girl and her dog. (3)

LOT 005A £30/40 (11:02AM)

A collection of 17 framed 20th century embroideries, including a set of four of wildflowers, a pair of dragons, other pairs, a sampler with gardening and domestic motifs, etc. (17)

LOT 006 £30/40 (11:02AM)

Ray Styles, two framed watercolours on tinted paper heightened with body colour, of Spotted Flycatcher and a Black Cap, both signed and dated '89 (14 x 29 cm) (2) [by cafe door]

LOT 007 £30/40 (11:04AM)

After Tatton-Winter a pair of print of rural scenes sold together with a small collection of various prints, etchings and engraving, all framed (12) [by cafe door]

LOT 013 £30/40 (11:07AM)

Two framed prints on textual canvas, one after Renoir, the other after Constable; an antique fashion plate, an over-painted photograph and gilt framed watercolour of a child with parrot (5)

LOT 014A £40/60 (11:09AM)

Framed modern prints by Kara Mayer, comprising three artist's proofs: 'Appolo' [sic], 'The Etruscans' and 'The Phoenicians' and one limited edition print (4/10), each signed and inscribed in pencil in the margin; and four other prints: 'The Tribe of Simeon' after Chagall, 'The road to Versailles' after Michael Eisemann, artist's proof, signed in pencil in the margin, limited edition prints after Modigliani and Magritte, the latter blind-stamped, and two other pictures (10)

LOT 016A £25/40 (11:09AM)

Two very large religious prints engraved by N. Browne (?) after Gustave Dore, each signed by the artist and the engraver in pencil in the margin, published in 1875 and 1877 by Fairless and Beeforth Dore Gallery, 35 New Bond Street (largest 80 x 106 cm), ebonised and gilt frames (2)

LOT 017 £30/50 (11:12AM)

E.W.H. West, a good traditional marine watercolour 'ship portrait' of the 'Leicester Castle', Liverpool, signed and dated 1907 (53 x 74 cm), framed, and after Sir William Russell Flint, a limited edition coloured print of Spanish women in a courtyard by the wash house, 189/850 (44 x 60 cm), framed. (2)

LOT 018 £80/100 (11:12AM)

Sir William Russell Flint, two sanguine on tinted paper lithographs, figure studies of Spanish women, both signed in pencil in the margin (the largest 46 x 67 cm), each mounted and framed (2)

LOT 019 £350/450 (11:12AM)

Helen Donnelly (b.1974), an unframed oils on canvas of an extensive landscape under a brooding sky, "Goathland Moor II, 2002", with Oliver Contemporary Art Exhibition label verso (100 x 177 cm)

LOT 021 £25/45 (11:14AM)

Camden Town School, oils on an unstretched canvas "A Park Scene" (51 x 77 cm) and L. Huerios, pen, ink and watercolour, 'The Flamenco Dancer', signed (43 x 31 cm), framed (2) [table by cafe door]

LOT 022 £60/100 (11:14AM)

Mixed media on canvas, 'Videostar' by L. Debroziere, signed and dated 2002 verso and inscribed (100 x 100 cm); together with a large framed black and white photograph and a large framed coloured print of two clown-like figures (3)

LOT 023 £30/40 (11:14AM)

A 20th century Lola y Luis, modern school oils on canvas orchard in a valley (inscribed on reverse c.2001) (32 x 39 cm) framed; and various framed prints, a watercolour and a map. (9).

LOT 024 £30/50 (11:14AM)

A set of six early 20th century Belgian coloured prints of rural market scenes in the Flemish Art Nouveau graphic style (23 x 67 cm) oak frames (6) [end of collectors' shelves by cafe door]

LOT 025 £300/400 (11:16AM)

An extensive and glamorous collection of framed mainly black and white photographic prints from the studio of Karl Lagerfeld, and probably including works by Lagerfeld, including portrait studies and fashion shoots (quantity) [wall, and against silver shelves opposite]

LOT 026 £40/60 (11:16AM)

Margaret Russell, an oils on board, 'Cabbage Harvest – Belgium', signed (51 x 61 cm); and Sara Pantelias, oils on board, grass, poppies and other hedgerow plants, signed (47 x 39 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 027 £40/70 (11:16AM)

Barbara Greg, a duo tone print, 'Farmyard in Tuscany', signed and titled in pencil in the margin (24 x 34 cm), framed; together with another Barbara Greg print, 'Ramatuelle', E.S. Elmhirst, a coloured print, 'Passageway, Italy', signed, titled and numbered in pencil in the margin, and another coloured print, all framed (4)

LOT 028 £30/40 (11:16AM)

Bernard Dunstan, a limited edition print, a girl at a window, signed and numbered in pencil in the margin (30 x 30 cm); and a 20th century coloured print of a tabby kitten asleep on a crewelwork cushion, both framed (2)

LOT 029 £60/80 (11:19AM)

'Les conspirateurs', a black and white photograph with some colour, figures beneath a bridge, with title, initials KL and dated jan 84 (29 x 18 cm), black frame

LOT 030 £180/250 (11:19AM)

Karl Lagerfeld, a signed black and white photograph of an 18th century bust in profile; other black and white photographs, comprising one of a friend with signed and dated dedication, and its companion photograph of Lagerfeld, in sunglasses and with open fan; three photographs in one frame of a fashion shoot, reverse of frame with handwritten dedication and photograph numbers; an iconic portrait photograph printed on paper blind-stamped KL; a pair of photographs mounted in one frame of visitors to the Villa Jako, and a coloured photograph of Linda Evangelista, reverse of frame with number of photograph and cut to show dedicatory inscription by Lagerfeld, and dated (7)

LOT 031 £300/400 (11:19AM)

A further extensive and glamorous collection of unframed mainly black and white photographic prints from the studio of Karl Lagerfeld, and including works by Lagerfeld, some signed, some prints with KL archive numbers verso, including portrait studies and fashion shoots, featuring models and celebrities including Karl Lagerfeld, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, etc. , and a model wearing a suit and Karl Lagerfeld tie, signed and dated in ink (quantity) [silver-plate shelves]

LOT 033 £30/50 (11:21AM)

A good mixed lot of prints, oils and pastel by Margaret Russell, Sir Hugh Casson and Agnes Pettit, etc., including a portrait, landscapes, etc., six framed, one unframed (7)

LOT 034 £60/100 (11:21AM)

Sir Frank Short, a dry point etching, 'The Royal Oak by the Estuary', and various framed items including J. Dudley Johnston (1927), a photographic image of gondolas, a monotype, 'The cocktail hour' by Geoffrey Salter, an etching possibly by Rex Whistler, other prints, etc. (quantity) [silver-plate shelves]

LOT 035 £30/50 (11:21AM)

An interesting mixed lot of framed and unframed items including after C. Clark, RI, four images of the Royal Scots Dragoons, Ramilies 1706, and antique oils on canvas laid to panel of a coat of arms, etc. (7) [table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 036 £40/60 (11:21AM)

Watercolour, 'Honfleur' by Denis Vemfrich (?), signed (42 x 52 cm), framed; together with Rosalind Bieber, a modern print 'Jazz I', signed and titled in pencil in the margin, and various other prints, small watercolours, small oil, etc. (quantity)

LOT 038 £80/100 (11:24AM)

Early 20th century British School, follower of Etty, tempera on board, a standing nude in an orientalist interior (28 x 13 cm), period gilt frame

LOT 041 £30/50 (11:26AM)

Sheila Horton, artist's proof etching, 'Fred asleep', signed, annotated and titled in pencil in the margin (25 x 26 cm), framed; and a limited edition Mossingham woodcut, 'Hill Country', 6/85, signed, annotated and titled in pencil in the margin (2)

LOT 044 £35/45 (11:26AM)

Various framed watercolours and oils including a still life, landscapes, an armorial design, etc., also art prints, including a 3D image of a frog, a pair of engravings of seashells, a crab, a bookshop facade, etc., all framed (quantity)

LOT 045 £35/55 (11:28AM)

D. Graham, watercolour, fishing boats drawn up on the beach, signed (23.5 x 34 cm), an early 20th century watercolour signed EMT, of a heather-clad moorland landscape, and a pair of oils of Highland loch landscapes, each signed with initials and dated 1949, foliate gilt frames (4)

LOT 046 £40/70 (11:28AM)

Leslie Brown, an oils on canvas, woods at Barnard Castle, signed, circa 1938, together with an artist's proof of ships in dock, 'Sunday morning', by C. Bygrave, signed and inscribed in pencil in the margin, and two pencil and watercolour landscapes (largest 46 x 56 cm), all framed (4)

LOT 048 £30/50 (11:28AM)

Margaret Russell, an oils on board, 'Walpole Park, Midday', signed with initials; and another by Margaret Russell, 'The Odd Couple', signed and dated 1978 (largest 40 x 30 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 053 £30/50 (11:33AM)

A good and miscellaneous collection of various framed items, including watercolours, prints, oils, photographs, etc., including signed Pamela Hughes prints, etc. (quantity)

LOT 054 £80/150 (11:33AM)

Gerald Arthur Ackermann (1876-1960), watercolour, 'Across the Common', signed (24 x 36 cm), framed, reverse with Leicester Gallery exhibition labels for 1916

LOT 055 £40/60 (11:33AM)

A pencil portrait of a woman after Augustus Sandys, a Barbara Brettell watercolour, a watercolour of a monk, together with various other portraits, an etching, etc. (quantity)

LOT 057 £30/50 (11:36AM)

Four various antique mezzotint portraits of ladies after earlier portraits, three signed John Cother Webb in pencil in the margin (largest 40 x 33 cm), all framed and mounted (4)

LOT 059 £15/25 (11:36AM)

A selection of prints, photographs, etc., including reproductions of French Impressionist works, a coloured print after Sir Hugh Casson, etc. (quantity)

LOT 062 £40/60 (11:38AM)

A late 19th century British oils on canvas portrait of a bearded gentleman: said to be a self-portait by Alfred Emslie, artist and father of the artist Rosalie Emslie, (61 x 51 cm), unframed; and a pastel and charcoal portrait of Henry Watson, father-in-law of Alfred Emslie, as a young man, signed with initials and dated 1842, period frame (2)

LOT 063 £30/50 (11:38AM)

Rosalie Emslie: a framed pencil portrait of the artist's mother (also Rosalie, and a miniaturist), signed (38 x 28 cm); and three unframed oils on canvas, comprising: a portrait of a man, the stretcher inscribed 'A.E. Emslie/Otford/Sevenoaks', a nude, and a landscape by Rosalie Emslie, the two last signed (4)

LOT 065 £25/35 (11:40AM)

Esther B. Mackinnon, oils on board, a portrait of a young girl, 'Betty', signed and dated 1924, verso with artist's label (40 x 30 cm), unframed [table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 066 £40/60 (11:40AM)

After E.H. Shepard, four 'Winnie-the-Pooh' pen and ink drawings, heightened with watercolour and body colour, signed with initials CM (15 x 20 cm), mounted together in one frame; 'Le Petit Poucet', a late 18th/early 19th century coloured stipple engraving by Perrot after Lemine; S. McMurtry, a cartoon, 'The Piccadilly Women's Institute', addressed by Michael Foot; and a Magritte exhibition poster; all framed (4) [top of stairs]

LOT 070 £40/60 (11:43AM)

Florence May Asher (1884-1974): five various oils of flower studies, etc., including of farm cottages in a landscape, all signed (largest 65 x 74 cm), one unframed, reverse of three frames with artist's labels; and a signed framed watercolour 'The Lake', with three nudes in a landscape (6)

LOT 071 £40/60 (11:43AM)

Florence May Asher (1884-1974): three unframed items comprising an unstretched oils on canvas self-portrait, a pencil and watercolour seated nude, and a soft-ground etching with some aquatint of four nudes in a landscape, two signed (largest 30 x 25 cm) (3) [silver-plate shelves]

LOT 072 £60/100 (11:43AM)

Florence May Asher (1884-1974): a folder containing many unframed oils on unstretched canvas and paper, including two landscapes near Salzburg, one signed, the reverse of the other with artist's label (quantity) [silver-plate shelves]

LOT 073 £20/30 (11:45AM)

A folder containing of old prints, watercolours, photographs, etc., including an Augustus John lithograph (quantity) [silver-plate shelves]

LOT 074 £200/300 (11:45AM)

Henry John Yeend King, an oils on panel triptych of a classical idyll typical of the Aesthetic Movement, signed, applied to a Victorian upright piano in figured walnut by Justin Browne of London, the lower panel by the pedals also painted with steps to a lily pool [hall downstairs]

LOT 090 £30/40 (11:55AM)

A 1930s oak-framed overmantel mirror with barleytwist sides, an oak oval mirror, and an Art Nouveau light oak overmantel mirror with shelf above and carved floral decoration