LOT 001 £30/50 (11:00AM)

After the Antique Flemish School, three framed fruit and flower still lifes, one oval, oils, another a varnished print , the largest on canvas and signed (50 x 40 cm) (3)

LOT 013 £30/50 (11:07AM)

William Cruickshank, a circular watercolour heightened with white of a thrush's nest and dog roses, signed (14 cm diameter), mounted, maple frame

LOT 014 £20/30 (11:07AM)

A French Provincial School oils on canvas of chickens in a barn, together with a gilt-framed oils of flowers signed I. Alexander (largest 25 x 20 cm) (2)

LOT 015 £20/40 (11:07AM)

A pair of antique coloured prints after Jones and engraved by 'H. Piyall': 'May Fly Fishing' and 'Evening, first of September', c.1831 (each 13 x 30 cm), verre eglomise mounts and Hogarth frames (2)

LOT 021 £30/35 (11:12AM)

Seven various framed items including a pair of Wheatley's 'Cries of London', a pair of circular gilt-framed prints of antique mosaics, etc. (largest 30 x 46 cm) (7) [and by table]

LOT 022A £30/40 (11:12AM)

A 19th century American Provincial School oils on canvas portrait of a gentleman, with the surreal addition of Goofy's head on the shoulders (40 x 30 cm), unframed

LOT 023 £60/90 (11:12AM)

Joyce Hirst, seven watercolours and pastels of country landscapes, most signed (largest 32 x 55 cm), all framed, one with New English Art Club Exhibition label on reverse (7)

LOT 029 £40/60 (11:16AM)

An early 19th century watercolour, 'West View of Tintern Abbey', together with another framed watercolour of a ruined abbey (largest 30 x 43 cm) (2)

LOT 033 £20/30 (11:19AM)

An early 19th century Continental School watercolour of a couple in a cathedral (20 x 12 cm), framed, together with a 19th century framed chalk drawing (2)

LOT 035 £60/80 (11:19AM)

Joyce Hirst, eight framed watercolours, including 'The Pink Barge', most signed, including a pen, pencil and wash, 'St Foy, the Dordogne' (largest 40 x 30 cm) (8)

LOT 036 £60/80 (11:21AM)

Joyce Hirst, a collection of nine portrait and figure studies in pastel and oils, most signed (largest 42 x 33 cm), all framed (9) [and by railings]

LOT 037 £30/40 (11:21AM)

Eric Hirst, six various framed watercolours, most signed, mainly landscapes, and a still life of fruit, cheese and nuts on a table (largest 40 x 50 cm) (7) [by railings]

LOT 039 £30/50 (11:21AM)

A collection of 14 20th century naive pastiche oils inspired by historic traditional styles (largest 16 x 68 cm) (14) [end of collectors' shelves by jewellery counter]

LOT 045 £40/60 (11:26AM)

A group of four small oils on board and canvas, including an early 19th century Norwich School painting of cattle by a wooded farm track (11 x 15 cm), framed, the others unframed, one signed and dated (4)

LOT 050 £50/80 (11:28AM)

Gordon Hales, two watercolour and gouache scenes, on a stormy beach, the other of people in a park, signed (13 x 20 cm), both framed and each with Mall Gallery exhibition labels on the reverse (2)

LOT 053 £20/40 (11:31AM)

A 19th century English School watercolour heightened with body colour, 'Faggott gatherers by a stile, signed with monogram (12 x 16 cm), framed

LOT 060 £40/60 (11:36AM)

Joyce Hirst, one framed and one unframed oils on canvas: 'A Woodland Path' and 'A Moorland Village with Bridge', one signed (largest 55 x 39 cm) (2)

LOT 062 £100/120 (11:36AM)

A late 18th century Italian Romantic School oils on canvas, a couple with cattle in the foreground, fishermen in the middle ground (47 x 57 cm), framed

LOT 085 £40/70 (11:50AM)

An early 19th century watercolour interior of a cathedral, signed G.P.A. and dated 1806, an oil on board of a hayrick, and a Scottish School Pre-Raphaelite watercolour landscape (3) [table near kitchen door]

LOT 086 £80/150 (11:50AM)

R. Bartney (?), oils on board of a Hungarian church in a rural setting with congregation praying 'al fresco', indistinctly signed and dated '57 (54 x 75 cm), framed

LOT 088 £20/30 (11:52AM)

Martin Froy, a varnished pencil and wash, 'The Garden Path', advertising prints, an oil on board, a wood engraving by Joan Hassell, a pair of Victorian floral paintings on velvet, etc. (22), all framed

LOT 089 £80/100 (11:52AM)

M. Biggerstaff, egg tempura, 'Mice, flowerpots and seed packets', signed, together with watercolours, an enamelled icon, woolwork picture, Victorian coloured prints, etc., all framed (14)

LOT 090 £80/120 (11:52AM)

Nine small watercolours comprising: Henry Scott Tuke (1858-1929), boats on a west of England canal, signed with initials and dated '00; Martin Hardie "A Grey Day Arqueta 1918"; John Burton river landscape, mount signed and dated 1789; two studies of figures on beaches, one signed with initials WFL?; C Hill "Bagnigge Wells Tea Garden"; and three others, of Greenwich, monks and travellers on a road, together with a wood engraving by Howard Phipps (10)

LOT 092 £40/60 (11:55AM)

Shoichi Hasegawa, a print "Au Mois de Mai" 80/99; F. May, oils on canvas, a snowy landscape, signed; D.M. Bather, an oils on canvas of a still life of flowers, signed; an Italian oils on board of a girl on a terrace, mountains in the distance (largest 53 x 56 cm), all framed; and two botanical prints (6)

LOT 093 £80/150 (11:55AM)

Elias Bancroft (d. 1924), a gouache, 'Arguyment's Yard, Old Whitby', signed and dated 1883 (80 x 56 cm), original gilt frame, reverse with various labels

LOT 098 £30/50 (11:57AM)

J.R. Mould, oil on board, 'Cottage by a lake', signed (44 x 60 cm), and Bolleyn, oils on canvas, 'Norfolk scene', signed, both framed, together with a folio of unframed antique prints and drawings