LOT 133 £30/40 (12:19PM)

A 1950s Norwegian silver-gilt and yellow enamel leaf bracelet by David-Andersen, designed by Willy Winnaess, together with a Citizen Elegan wristwatch

LOT 134 £80/120 (12:19PM)

An early 19th century gilt-metal and enamel large pocket watch, probably Swiss, the enamel dial and movement signed Ante Reymirol, no. 14826, the case marked 'Similor', the reverse finely painted with figures by an urn in colours and gold

LOT 137 £60/80 (12:21PM)

A Must de Cartier gilt ballpoint pen of Vendome design, with Trinity terminal, and a Repossi wristwatch for the Papachristidis Hellespont shipping line

LOT 144 £30/50 (12:24PM)

A Chinese famille rose white glass snuff bottle, finely enamelled in Palace style with panels of birds on branches, three-character mark in blue, with stopper; and an interior-painted glass snuff bottle with stopper

LOT 148 £30/40 (12:26PM)

An antique ivory needle case, the lid carved with a seated dog, an antique ivory bat, a whip handle carved as a fox, a tubular needle case, and four small ornamental pieces

LOT 149 £15/25 (12:28PM)

13 crowns, including 1951 Festival of Britain, 1897 (x1), 1935 (x3), eight modern, and an 1880 silver dollar, along with a Coronation medallion, 2 June 1953

LOT 150 £30/40 (12:28PM)

A Mauchline Ware terrestrial globe, the cone-shaped base with transfer decoration New Post Office, Ipswich, and a Coronet Cameo miniature camera

LOT 151 £40/60 (12:30PM)

From Aspinal of London an unused notebook of A5 size with gold-edged pages bound in pink leather in its original box, a Pasotti umbrella with gilt lion's head pommel and a box full of loose stamps.

LOT 152 £40/60 (12:30PM)

A folder of first day covers including Jersey 29th June 1943, two empty and unused stamp albums and a collection of facsimile Times newspapers including January 1 1800, January 1 1900, Feb 7 1952 "Death of the King", July 16 2000 "100 Glorious Years", January 1 2000 and January 1 2000 "Weekend", along with August 4 2000 "The Queen Mother's Century", etc. and a Century in Photographs 1900-1999.

LOT 155 £25/35 (12:32PM)

A box lid containing costume jewellery including an amber necklace and a coral necklace with other colourful necklaces, an amber-type bangle, a few coins including a crown, a silver bee-mounted bookmark, badges, brooches, rings, etc. and a red leather jewel case.

LOT 156 £40/60 (12:32PM)

The Triumph Illustrated Stamp Album containing a good entry of GB stamps including four ten shilling stamps and a sheet of 59 Festival of Britain 4d. Stamps (filed under Grenada) and an interesting small collection of fee stamps c.1937 each cancelled and cut from official documents.

LOT 157 £40/60 (12:32PM)

An interesting pocket watch in a cabinet of Polish interest by Hy Moser & Ce with seconds dial, the white metal case embossed with a portrait of Marshal Pilsudski and with prize inscription in Polish to Lucjan Czajkowski from the Minister of Justice, dated Warsaw 31.III.1935, and a small quantity of costume jewellery, wristwatch, part Hunter watch and a copper Chinese necklace, jar of tiny beads, etc. [viewed in jewellery counter]

LOT 158 £50/70 (12:32PM)

A good Victorian photograph album comprising 8 x 5 Victorian photographs of Folkestone, two larger format photographs of old steamships, later postcards, newspaper cuttings, a 1904 album of postcards mainly topographical including town scenes and a group of 26 locomotives, and a collection of filed stamps by country.

LOT 159 £200/300 (12:34PM)

A good collection of pre 1947 English silver coins including 37 half-crowns four of them Victorian, 34 two shilling pieces and a tin of one shilling, 6d's and 3d's.

LOT 160 £30/40 (12:34PM)

Two boxes of costume jewellery, the Defence Medal and War Medal 1939-1945, unnamed and the 1918 War Medal awarded to 238299 Spr. A. Cruikshanks. R.E., commemorative coins, etc.

LOT 161 £25/35 (12:34PM)

From Taffin, an unused thick pad of paper enclosed in a bright orange ostrich-type leather cover in its original box, an unused "Decorating Notes" book in a red leather cover and original Smythson box and a Mont Blanc bathroom gift set, boxed.

LOT 162 £15/20 (12:34PM)

A collection of Great Britain coinage in four blue folders including sixpences 1902-1936 and 1937 on and farthings, a tin of George III and later copper coinage, a large number of bagged 1ps and two modern wrist watches, Gola and River Island.

LOT 163 £10/15 (12:37PM)

A carton containing an old Philips' ABC Pocket Atlas Guide to London produced by George Philip & Son, another old map, later ordinance maps, 100 Years in Pictures 1955 produced by The Daily Telegraph and a quantity of sheet music including lots of songs.

LOT 164 £30/40 (12:37PM)

A large fruit box containing a large quantity of English copper coinage 3d pieces, seven crowns, a small amount of paper money, foreign coins, a silver ARP badge, an Abdulla cigarette box and a silver-plated teaspoon from the London General Omnibus Company, etc.

LOT 166 £60/90 (12:37PM)

A lot including seven glamorous wood bangles by U Correani plain and with inlaid decoration, an Apple Poclineu with Lagerfeld label to rear and charging base, cigarette cases, a notebook, a leather-mounted cigarette lighter, silver-plated cigarette box, Apple phone implement holder, etc.

LOT 168 £60/90 (12:39PM)

A collection of 47 UK First Day covers 1991-1999, 49 UK Commemorative Stamp sets 1990-2000 produced by Harrison & Sons, an album of First Day covers, Stock Book of World Stamps, four folders of mint Spanish stamps 1987, '89, '90, '91, The Ace Album of stamps well-presented alphabetical including a page of Chinese stamps mainly unfranked and two other well-presented albums, etc.

LOT 170 £30/40 (12:39PM)

11 wrist watches including a CWC G10 British Army issue watch, a "Spirit of St Louis" 1920s style Pilot's Travel alarm clock and a silver overlaid Goliath watch stand.

LOT 172 £40/60 (12:42PM)

A Swatch "Irone" gent's wrist watch, a wrist watch dated 10 May 1998 commemorating the 75th birthday of the Azerbaijan President, two pairs of sunglasses by Vuarnat and Ray Ban each with a case, two modern Swiss army knives both with locking blades, a tinplate folding cooker, a Tiffany & Co pewter tobacco box, a Marksman folder with calculator and pad and an Arsenal No. 4 shirt signed by Vieira 1996.

LOT 175 £15/25 (12:44PM)

The Times newspaper for Monday September 4th 1939 "Royal Edition" "Britain at War", a copy of The Guernsey Evening Press December 9 1941 "Britain declares war on Finland, Hungary and Roumania" and for Friday June 20th 1941 and October 2 1941, and four reprints of The Daily Telegraph for July 21st 1969 "Americans First on the Moon", August 14 1961 "East Germans seal Berlin border", January 25 1965 "Sir Winston Churchill dead", November 23rd 1963 "President Kennedy is Assassinated" and "The Great War " magazine parts 186, 241, 243, 1918/1919, and a copy of The Dandy magazine, two collection of Esso Football Club badges, 1970 World Cup coin collection, etc.

LOT 180 £60/100 (12:46PM)

A fine large format blue leather-bound photograph album in original Smythson box, an unused Smythson A4 pad in a leather pouch, a box of 14 Smythson pencils in original box, a black leather document wallet stamped Pinetti Italy, and a part-used jotter in a brown leather cover stamped Giulio Giannini & Figlio.

LOT 181 £25/35 (12:46PM)

A carton containing an album of First Day covers, a quantity of loose First Day covers, one album containing a small amount of stamps, The Quick Change Stamp Album with a collection of stamps, a box of loose stamps including 1948 Olympics stamps, a football programme 14th May 1981 Replay Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur, etc.

LOT 183 £25/40 (12:49PM)

A presentation silver-mounted baton presented to Mrs J R Scott from Members of the Hayes Baptist Tabernacle Choir December 18 1931 (Mrs Scott was the wife of Mr Scott of Scott & Speedie who built a large quantity of Hayes during the 1930s), three silver-plated napkin rings each wrapped with a dragon, two early 20th century silver bangles, a crocodile foot purse, three Uxbridge Elementary School sports' badges and a silver watch-chain shield and a wooden letter opener styled as a fish.

LOT 185 £25/35 (12:49PM)

An antique copy of the Life of Josephus possibly 17th century in a card cover, an early 20th century cigarette card album containing interesting old sets, two 1945-1946 Ordinance Survey maps Sheet 10 and Sheet 11 covering south and south-west England and an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite in its original box.

LOT 187 £30/50 (12:51PM)

An album of old postcards including trams in Southend Carlisle and Head Street Colchester and City Hall Hull, cards from New Zealand, etc. and a shoebox full of old postcards.

LOT 193 £30/40 (12:54PM)

An antique Chinese seed pod necklace with string tassel, centred by a wooden personal family seal carved as a seated figure and inscribed in Chinese 'Bao Men Huang Shi Xiang Xin', together with an ebony bead muff chain and a gilt-metal wristwatch

LOT 195 £120/150 (12:56PM)

A 19th century Continental plaque chatelaine in low-grade silver, a lady's belt similar, of plaque and ring construction, and a further chatelaine, in silver, suspending a Spanish 8 reales coin, a pointer, and other oddments, 380 gm

LOT 196 £60/80 (12:56PM)

A small quantity of costume jewellery, including a pair of silver ball earrings, possibly late Victorian, a probably Native American silver multi-strand necklace bought at the Santa Fe Expo on Martha's Vineyard Island, a wristwatch, etc., and four Georgian silver spoons

LOT 197 £60/80 (12:56PM)

A good late Victorian jewellery box by Leuchar's of Piccadilly, in black leather with internal tray, together with antique jewellery oddments, including a religious picture, agate studs, coral beads, scent bottle, silver chains, etc.

LOT 199 £60/90 (12:58PM)

A Mont Blanc Meisterstuck ballpoint pen in black lacquer, an S.J. Dupont, Paris, ballpoint pen in pearlised white lacquer, and a Mandarin Oriental Hotel ballpoint pen

LOT 199D £50/80 (01:01PM)

A box lid containing three cigarette lighters, including one styled as a matchstick, one as a cigar, the band marked 'Shunda', together with dress studs, pearl button cufflinks, cut coloured stones, a pair of gilt-metal cufflinks from Firmin & Sons, a gilt-metal mesh belt mounted with coloured stones, two decorative boxes, etc.

LOT 199E £70/100 (01:01PM)

Modern wristwatches, including a Casio Film Watch in original plastic box, and watches by Anatomy Art, Swatch, Timberland, Diesel, Ryon, and Langlands & Bell 2002