LOT 001 £60/70 (11:00AM)

Michael John Hill, a pair of oils of winter landscapes, each signed, one also inscribed 'Sussex, England' (each 34.5 x 29.5 cm), gilt frames (2)

LOT 004 £30/40 (11:00AM)

Mark Postlethwaite, GAvA, a framed limited edition coloured print, 'Against all odds', signed in pencil by the artist and Air Chief Marshal Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris GCB, DSO, OBE, MA, CBIM, RAF retired, and numbered 120/950 (49 x 69 cm), framed

LOT 006 £15/25 (11:02AM)

After L.S. Lowry, two framed coloured prints, 'Street Scene with Viaduct' and 'Northern River Scene' (largest 40 x 60 cm), and a framed coloured print 'Low Tide', after Terry Harrison (3)

LOT 013 £40/60 (11:07AM)

Lansdale Bradshaw, an oils on board, 'A path near Loch Ard', signed, together with an oils on board by G. Furlong of a river in a winter landscape, signed (largest 22 x 30 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 015 £30/40 (11:07AM)

A large and miscellaneous collection of framed and unframed oils, watercolours, various prints and includes studies of domestic poultry, landscapes, portraits, etc., including an early 20th century mixed method print of a woman sunbathing by a blue sea, indistinctly signed with initials and dated 1919 (37 x 61 cm), framed (quantity)

LOT 016 £80/100 (11:07AM)

Scarlet, an oils on canvas, 'The steps to the Synagogue', signed, together with another oils on canvas by Scarlet of a Rabbi in the Catacombs, signed (largest 110 x 90 cm), a 20th century school oils on canvas of the interior of a Synagogue, and a chromolithographic presentation certificate from the Cannon Street Rd Synagogue, c.1950, all framed(4)

LOT 017 £60/80 (11:09AM)

John Hall Thorpe (1844-1947), Australian, an original coloured wood-cut print of nasturtiums, signed and titled in pencil in the margin (23 x 29 cm), framed

LOT 019 £20/30 (11:09AM)

A 19th century watercolour en grisaille, heightened with white, of a field worker lighting his pipe, signed with monogram and dated June '91 (28 x 16 cm), framed

LOT 020 £40/60 (11:09AM)

Sheila Beryl, an oils on canvas of exotic trees in a wooded landscape, signed (50 x 70 cm), and Sheila Beryl, an oils on board, a path by a pond with rolling pasture in the background, signed, both framed (2)

LOT 022 £20/30 (11:12AM)

C.A. Alken, a 19th century pen and ink on paper, 'The Old Farmhouse', signed and inscribed in pencil 'At Ward Mile, Druin' (?) ( 6 x 9 cm), old gilt frame

LOT 024 £45/70 (11:12AM)

A collection of artists' prints comprising a coloured etching, 'Montmartre, rue Lepic, Paris' by B. Viloud, C. Stevens, a pen and wash 'Strand Corner', signed, an etching of a desert Arab on horseback by Bastuvi, a pen and ink, 'The Return of the Prodigal' (4), all framed [table near cafe door]

LOT 026 £30/60 (11:14AM)

G. Shanker, a pair of framed batik pictures, signed and dated 1979, together with a large selection of prints and watercolours from around the world, all framed (quantity)

LOT 032 £60/80 (11:16AM)

A pair of old engravings of young men by Lepicie, after J.B. Simeon Chardin (of 1742 and 1743): 'Le Toton' and 'Le Chateau des Cartes', both printed in Paris 'avec privilege du roi' (each 22 cm square), gilt-highlighted wood frames (2)

LOT 040 £35/65 (11:21AM)

C. Bult***, a limited edition coloured print 'Figures at a Cross Road', signed, titled and numbered 58/60 in pencil in the margin (63 x 91 cm), framed

LOT 042 £30/40 (11:24AM)

Peter Brown, oil on paper, 'Falling back to earth', and another Peter Brown, 'Erosion II' (largest 55 x 80 cm), both framed, a limited edition coloured print, 'The Hungry Fox', from Aesop's fables, signed in pencil and dated '88, unframed, two framed pictures of the Seine in Paris, and a framed print of a stag (6) [by jewellery counter and at end of silver shelves]

LOT 044 £200/300 (11:24AM)

A good miscellaneous collection of 18th and 19th century watercolours of topographical and other interest by artists including J.L. Roget, George Cumberland, J.A. Benwell, etc., all unframed (approximately 30) [table by cafe door]

LOT 045 £100/200 (11:26AM)

After Paul Marc Joseph Chenavard (1807-1895), a collection of 12 fine art reproductions of erotic works from the collection of Von Albedyhll, from a small edition of 250, of which this is number 101, all unframed but mounted and contained in a box folder [table by cafe door]

LOT 046 £30/60 (11:26AM)

IDKA, oils on canvas, 'Poppies in a blue vase', signed (82 x 60 cm), framed, a post-modernist picture, oils on canvas, portrait of a seated man by Brenda Rogers, and a framed modern French coloured print (artist's proof) of Edwardian Paris, signed (3)

LOT 049 £10/20 (11:28AM)

Three framed items comprising a limited edition print, 'Sampler II', signed, inscribed and dated 1991 in pencil in the margin, and two prints including of a cheetah (3)

LOT 051 £40/70 (11:28AM)

Creo, three oils on canvas, including two of crocodiles of 'Madeline'-esque schoolgirls wearing beribboned boaters, all signed (largest 125 x 60 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 052 £10/20 (11:28AM)

Yvonne Gibson, a framed picture of a chocolate point Siamese cat, c.1978, together with a study of snapdragons by Canon L. Parreaux (largest 60 x 40 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 054 £30/40 (11:31AM)

Spencer W. Tart, a pair of limited edition coloured prints, 'Five Camels' and 'Ladies' Suk', both signed in pencil in the margin and numbered from an edition of 850 (40 x 50 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 055 £20/25 (11:31AM)

After Timothy O'Brian, a framed limited edition coloured print, 'Lest We Forget', signed in pencil by the pilots and the artist (30 x 40 cm)

LOT 056 £40/60 (11:31AM)

A small selection of vacant picture frames including a Victorian ogee moulded rosewood frame and a Victorian ogee moulded bird's eye maple frame, etc. (the largest rebate size 82 x 63 cm) (6)

LOT 058 £20/40 (11:33AM)

A rare framed lithograph, 'A humerous diplomatic atlas of Europe and Asia' by Kisaburo Onava, c.1904, published in Japan (48 x 64 cm), and three other framed prints (4)

LOT 059 £30/40 (11:33AM)

A collection of various items relating to trains and boats and planes comprising first-day cover stamps, framed and unframed prints, etc. (quantity)

LOT 061 £60/80 (11:36AM)

An impressively large collection of coloured prints relating to historical military uniforms and two original gouache uniform pictures (quantity)

LOT 068 £200/400 (11:38AM)

L. Pownall (mid-19th century), a watercolour of a shop interior with figures, 'Choosing the wedding dress', signed with initials and dated 1869 (40 x 35 cm), original frame and mount

LOT 071 £40/60 (11:40AM)

An early 19th century English School oils on canvas of a serving girl holding a tray with drinks, indistinctly signed (23 x 18 cm), gilt frame

LOT 077 £25/35 (11:45AM)

William Renison (1866-1940), a pair of etchings of a Dutch ploughman and of a canal scene, both signed in the margin (8 x 25 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 078 £30/60 (11:45AM)

Axel H. Haig, a large etching of a town street scene, signed in pencil in the margin, together with another the same size, possibly by Axel Haig, of a street scene (46 x 30 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 079 £30/40 (11:45AM)

William Renison (1866-1940), an etching of a windmill signed in pencil in the margin (19 x 27 cm), framed, and another framed etching of a medieval town scene (2)

LOT 082 £25/35 (11:48AM)

A large selection of various prints, drawing, watercolours and oils, including an oils on board beach scene, indistinctly signed, signed modern prints, etc. (quantity)

LOT 085 £50/70 (11:50AM)

Maurice Man, an oils on paper laid to board, 'Women and cupids in a landscape' (homage to Francois Boucher), signed with initials, c.1958 (63 x 94 cm), unframed

LOT 086 £100/150 (11:50AM)

Robert Hill, oils on board, 'Strand on the Green, Chiswick', signed, with Royal Institute of Oil Painters exhibition label on the reverse (60 x 122 cm), unframed

LOT 090 £40/60 (11:52AM)

A Chinese export reverse glass painting of young women taking tea whilst playing Chinese chequers (64 x 44 cm), traditional lacquered frame

LOT 093 £40/60 (11:55AM)

Three English School watercolours landscapes, including ‘Strassburg’ by E. Nevil, signed, harvesters at work by A. Molyneux Sta…, signed, and a landscape with a church tower signed Clive Pryke

LOT 095 £30/40 (11:55AM)

A collection of works by various hands comprising oils, watercolours, drawings and pastels, portraits, still lifes of flowers, etc., many by Ken Carter, signed, most framed (quantity)

LOT 095A £30/50 (11:55AM)

A large oil on canvas of London tugboats on a misty Thames, signed Aynscombe (75 x 100 cm), framed, together with a collection of oil and watercolour landscapes, including 'Winchelsea' by Roy Buckeridge, signed, and still lifes, many by Ken Carter, signed (quantity)

LOT 095B £35/45 (11:57AM)

'Dunelmensis', a framed Christopher Saxton map of co. Durham (28 x 34 cm), a large old print of a lady probably after Gainsborough, signed R.B. Parkes in pencil in the margin, ebonised and gilt frame, fashion prints, vacant frames, a watercolour botanical study, etc., and two framed oils and a watercolour of local views by Ken Carter, all signed: 'Harrow Weald', 'Brooks Hill, Harrow Weald', and 'Canal Harefield' (quantity)

LOT 096A £30/50 (11:57AM)

A small oil on canvas, English School, 19th century, wreckers in an angry sea (17 x 26 cm), and three other small oils including a Scandinavian oil of fishermen on a lake by N.H. Christiansen, signed, gilt frames with foliate decoration (4)