LOT 001 £40/60 (11:00AM)

A collection of various framed 19th and early 20th century watercolours, drawings, etchings, etc., including a drawing by S.J. Ainsley (1820-1874), 'Cordova', a signed etching of an Arab horseman, and a pierced gilt frame (quantity)

LOT 002 £20/30 (11:00AM)

A pair of late 18th century oils on tin portraits of a man and a woman singing, together with a small antique stipple engraving, a watercolour, and two small modern etchings, all framed, etc. (10) [table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 003 £30/50 (11:00AM)

Jorge Aguilar Agon, an oils on canvas "Embardadero" signed (76 x 51 cm), swept frame, sold together with a framed Portuguese textile portrait, and an oils on canvas portrait of a "Bambino" by De Benedictus Sivio, signed and framed. (3)

LOT 004 £30/50 (11:00AM)

A selection of nine framed modern coloured prints by David Suff, G Browne, etc. comprising landscapes, including a pair of Robin Hood's Bay, and house boat at Chelsea (largest 40 x 63 cm) (9)

LOT 005 £25/45 (11:02AM)

A mixed lot of various framed and unframed items comprising two Artur Aengenvoort unframed watercolour portraits of 1940s beauties, a framed Picasso poster, etc. (9) [end of collectors' shelves near cafe door]

LOT 008 £80/100 (11:02AM)

Six Japanese prints in five frames, comprising a woodblock example of a samurai, a print of an actor holding a pipe, two on crepe paper, and two of small size of ladies (5)

LOT 009 £20/30 (11:04AM)

A set of four late 19th century French small military watercolours of various period mounted soldiers, together with three small military reproductions (7)

LOT 010 £30/50 (11:04AM)

James Arnold Martin (1931-2015) 12 unframed lithographs of industrial scenes, sold together with four unframed coloured prints of figure studies signed A. Rodin in the block (16) [table by cafe door]

LOT 012 £50/60 (11:04AM)

After Rubens, an Antique line engraving of the Holy Family, sold together with a coloured mezzotint of a woman artist "Madame Le Brun", two prints after Albrecht Durer and a watercolour of a cattle drover in New Zealand (largest 34 x 43 cm), all unframed (8) [table by cafe door]

LOT 015 £30/50 (11:07AM)

20th century European School, acrylic on canvas, an Italian summer landscape (50 x 60 cm), framed; a 19th century watercolour, together with two framed flower prints and a framed gouache of flowers in a vase; and Andrew M. Spittle, an oils on board of an Irish landscape, signed, framed (quantity)

LOT 017 £30/50 (11:09AM)

Two late-19th century provincial school oils on board, portrait of a puritan, the other a tavern interior with figures (largest 25 x 21 cm) both framed (2)

LOT 019 £40/60 (11:09AM)

Peter Slingo, an oils on canvas board of deer in a winter landscape, and an oils on canvas by John Stapleton "The Card Game" (largest 52 x 72 cm), each signed and framed (2)

LOT 020 £25/35 (11:09AM)

After Montague Dawson, "The Royal Racer", yachts in the Solent, sold together with four 20th century oils on canvas landscapes (5) [end wall near table]

LOT 021 £50/70 (11:12AM)

A collection of eight antique and period vacant gilt picture frames including two "Moorish" frames (the largest rebate size 86 x 104 cm), sold together with a watercolour and an antique silk panel (10)

LOT 022 £35/45 (11:12AM)

Three framed items comprising H. Edmonds Crute, an oils on board "Babbacombe", Charles L. Watson, an etching of Chelsea Reach with the old wooden bridge, and an oils on panel "The Medical Procedure" (largest 20 x 30 cm) (3)

LOT 027 £80/150 (11:14AM)

A collection of six various framed oils, etc. including a panoramic Alpine view oils on canvas by De Rosa, (largest 61 x 122 cm) (6) [railings by silver]

LOT 028 £55/65 (11:14AM)

Continental School, 20th century, oils on board, barefoot girls outside a Southern church (28 x 76 cm), unframed; two framed portraits, of a seated girl by M.-Th. Ralli, signed, and of a Chinese elder with a pipe, signed illegibly and dated 63 (?); a framed pastel abstract of dancers signed and dated 1955; and a coastal landscape (5) [top of stairs]

LOT 031 £120/160 (11:16AM)

Four Georgian caricatures including ‘Patience in a Punt’ by Bunbury after Rowlandson (25 x 36 cm), all framed; and a large and miscellaneous selection of antique prints, drawings and watercolours, all unframed (quantity); plus unframed prints including chromolithographs of card games, pen and wash neoclassical studies, 1930s Prunier menus, etc. (quantity); and Advertising art: eight unframed gouaches, 1940s/1950s, including one signed R. Menetrier, and possibly all by this artist, variously depicting attractive young women, some scantily dressed, and including one with a bottle of Cusenier Kirsch Vieux, together with a print of a black female head (approximately 33 x 25 cm and smaller) (9) [silver-plate shelves]

LOT 033 £500/800 (11:19AM)

Annie French (1872-1965), pen and ink with watercolour heightened with body colour and gold ink, a lady and her suitor refreshing a rose bush, signed (21 x 16 cm), framed [jewellery counter]

LOT 034 £500/700 (11:19AM)

Henry John Yeend King, an oils on panel triptych of a classical idyll typical of the Aesthetic Movement, signed, applied to a Victorian upright piano in figured walnut by Justin Browne of London, the lower panel by the pedals also painted with steps to a lily pool [hall downstairs]

LOT 035 £40/60 (11:19AM)

An interesting mixed lot of 14 framed items, comprising old prints, a map, and drawings including a study of a Scottish wildcat by Frank Gustavus, signed and dated '82 (14)

LOT 036 £20/30 (11:19AM)

After P. Wouvermans, two 18th century line engravings: 'Partie de chasse pour le vol' and 'Halte de cavalerie' (largest 36 x 47 cm), both framed; together with an antique engraving of equestrian interest (3)

LOT 040 £15/25 (11:21AM)

After F. Wheatley, a pair of narrative prints depicting a married couple and her mother, and a large coloured print after George Morland of a rustic family idyll (largest 38 x 50 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 041 £60/90 (11:24AM)

Diane Page RWA, SWA, ink, watercolour and bodycolour: 'The Potatoe Patch', inscribed, signed and dated 93; together with Mary Millar Watt, oils on canvas laid to board: 'Blackthorn', signed; and an oils on canvas: 'Spirit', by Emma Cameron; (largest 30 x 38 cm), all framed

LOT 043 £60/100 (11:24AM)

A. Vescovi, oils on canvas, Sicilian fishermen in their boats, signed (40 x 66 cm), gilt gessoed frame applied with ribbon and flower border, reverse with inscribed label

LOT 049 £60/90 (11:28AM)

Mari-Therese Ralli, four oil portrait sketches, all signed (largest 24 x 30 cm), all framed (4) [on lot 262 by silver/silver-plate shelves]

LOT 055 £60/80 (11:31AM)

Menashe Kadishman (1932-2015), two large unframed artist's proof silkscreen prints, both signed in pencil in the margin, one of a ruined viaduct dated 71-3, the other perhaps of cracked earth, in blue and yellow (2) [silver-plate shelves]

LOT 057 £20/30 (11:33AM)

After Sir William Russell Flint, a limited edition coloured print of Spanish women in a courtyard by the wash house, 189/850 (44 x 60 cm), framed

LOT 058 £80/150 (11:33AM)

E.W.H. West, a good traditional marine watercolour 'ship portrait' of the 'Leicester Castle', Liverpool, signed and dated 1907 (53 x 74 cm), framed

LOT 059 £30/40 (11:33AM)

A 19th century watercolour flower study, a 1927 study of pansies, two antique prints of lovers, a coloured lino cut, Henry Bird, a pastel portrait of the actress Miss Janet Hargreaves in theatrical costume, and various framed items including three modern abstracts by Margaret Knott, two signed, photogravures, a school photograph 1947, etc. (quantity)

LOT 061 £50/90 (11:36AM)

Dennis Frost, PS, a pastel, 'The Martlets' (Morris Men), signed (44 x 54 cm), framed, with Mall Gallery exhibition label to reverse, together with a parcel-gilt framed 20th century oils on canvas of a cottage by an estuary (2)

LOT 063 £30/50 (11:36AM)

Margaret Loxton, a limited edition coloured print, 'Gathering lavender, Luberon', signed and numbered (37 x 51 cm), together with a Fred Slocombe coloured engraving of cattle in a water meadow, both framed (2)

LOT 065 £40/70 (11:38AM)

A miscellaneous selection of various framed prints, watercolours and oils, including a coloured poster of the Beatles at Plymouth Hoe, a selection of miniatures in Florentine frames, and much more (quantity)

LOT 069 £30/40 (11:40AM)

A collection of oils, watercolours, drawings and prints by various hands, including Miranda Woolner, Peter Courtney and others, comprising a pastel study of a young woman playing a violin, landscapes, flower studies, etc. (largest 76 x 50 cm), most framed (11)

LOT 070 £40/60 (11:40AM)

Ana Jaksic-Brown (b. 1910, exhibits under the name Ana Bron), a collection of nine oils on board, some signed, most unframed, comprising religious icon-style portraits of saints and other subjects (largest 94 x 72 cm) (9)

LOT 071 £20/30 (11:40AM)

Ana Jaksic-Brown (b. 1910, exhibits under the name Ana Bron), nine various framed and unframed pen and wash and pastel drawings, including of children, choirs, Christmas card designs, etc., some signed (largest 37 x 62 cm) (9)

LOT 072 £30/50 (11:40AM)

Ten various small framed and four unframed oils, watercolours and prints, including a sepia wash view attributed to Birket Foster, an Edward Bent Walker oils on card of corn stooks, signed, topographical subjects, etc (14)

LOT 073 £100/120 (11:43AM)

Walter Ernest Webster (1879-1959), oils on canvas, portrait of a woman in a black sequinned gown and white feather boa, signed (62 x 52 cm), framed

LOT 074 £60/80 (11:43AM)

Edward Callam, oils on board, modern Impressionist School, seafront buildings battered by a storm, signed (50 x 61 cm), framed, with original purchase receipt for 1986 [in office]

LOT 075 £25/35 (11:43AM)

B. Angle, watercolour, figure with a North African pottery vendor, signed (22.5 x 14,5 cm), gilt frame, also a framed signed limited edition print of the grape harvest (12/25), a small framed oil of a summer landscape, two decorative gilt-framed pictures, and five other items (10) [under lot 61]

LOT 077 £25/35 (11:45AM)

K. Deane Oliver, oils on board of a stormy shoreline, signed (56 x 65 cm), framed, together with an unframed modern oil on canvas of the Annunciation, signed illegibly (2)

LOT 078 £40/60 (11:45AM)

R. Piter, 'Campagne a Auvers s/Oise', an oils on canvas landscape, signed, and inscribed with title etc. verso (25 x 40 cm), framed; together with follower of Francis Louis Thomas Forncia (1772-1839), a pastel of a cattle drover and his family (23 x 30 cm), gilt frame, and an oils on board of two women seated by a river, signed Stallibrass (27 x 42 cm), gilt gessoed frame (3)

LOT 080 £15/25 (11:45AM)

Various prints including a signed mixed method coloured print of Dutch sailing barges, a pair of limited edition prints by Michael Carlo, 1980, a circular engraving after T, Lawrence, a modern British aquatint of a shepherd's hut on the edge of the moor, and other antique and limited edition prints, etc., most framed (quantity)

LOT 081 £30/50 (11:48AM)

A mixed lot of limited edition coloured prints after Chagall, Dufy, Modigliani, etc., most numbered in the margin (largest 46 x 60 cm), all framed (8)

LOT 082 £40/60 (11:48AM)

'Obra donada para Londres 2016', acrylic on linen, 'El Coret' from the series Fashion and Rain (150 x 170 cm), unframed and unstretched, together with a framed limited edition horse print, a sports car print, and three framed coloured prints after medieval and Renaissance works, including a pair of ladies depicting 'Medicine' and 'Literature' (6)

LOT 095 £15/30 (11:50AM)

Two unframed dressing mirrors, a shield-shaped gilt framed mirror with applied floral decoration and an oval shabby chic dressing table mirror