LOT 119 £440/480 (12:09PM)

An 18ct gold and ruby leaf brooch, an 18 ct Doxa ladies wrist watch, a 9 ct gold watch bracelet and a 9ct gold rope twist necklace, weight of 18 ct incl. glass 15.6 gm, weight of 9 ct 17.5 gm

LOT 121 £80/150 (12:12PM)

A medal lot comprising a Red Cross Merit Medal 1914 in original C.S. Roth and Neffe box, a West Wall (Siegfried Line) Medal, a black Nazi Wound badge, The Eastern Front Medal, a First Class Iron Cross 1939 and another Iron Cross 1914-1918.

LOT 122 £30/40 (12:12PM)

A hallmarked silver butt selector with ten divisions (missing markers), two silver thimbles, silver fob chain, black composition girl's head, etc.

LOT 125 £15/25 (12:14PM)

A mother-of-pearl and silver fruit knife in fitted box, two prayer books, a copy of the Anointing Spoon from the 1937 Coronation, two pairs of cufflinks and a gilt metal digital wrist watch.

LOT 126 £25/35 (12:14PM)

A medal group including the 1914-18 War Medal inscribed 314731 Pte H. Taplin A.S.C., A Special Constabulary Medal awarded to Harry Taplin and his 1914-19 Great War Medal, including the two war medals in miniature, five crowns, a decorative clock on a white metal chain, etc.

LOT 127 £250/300 (12:14PM)

Two painted portraits on ivory one of Horatio Nelson signed Reltek and one of the galleries of beauties, a lady with ringlets holding her prayer book signed J. Stieler, each behind convex glass in a frame of mother-of-pearl and pierced metalwork with faux pearls.

LOT 128 £100/150 (12:14PM)

A card tray containing a good assortment of costume jewellery including: coral bead necklace and others in coloured and clear glass; silver and other brooches including Mexican cat, David-Andersen Viking reproduction, enamel flower, Chinese enamelled as a musical instrument, etc; silver rings; Polish silver and other bracelets; moonstone pendant, etc.

LOT 129 £100/150 (12:16PM)

A card tray of interesting antique costume jewellery including a carved ivory brooch depicting deer in woodland, beads, silver and metal belts, enamelled buckles, hairpins, a painted porcelain brooch of a girl with a dove, a diamante bracelet, hair pieces, a silver-topped bottle, silver earrings as sprites, a silver cross, etc.

LOT 131 £80/120 (12:16PM)

A card tray of silver and other interesting items, including an unusual napkin ring set with an amethyst within outstretched wings, other napkin rings, a pin tray, child's rattle, vesta, folding fork, enamelled silver spoon with Welsh coat of arms, other collectable spoons, Defence medal, carved scarab, photograph frame, metal figures, badge of the Intelligence Corps, other badges, small horn cup, etc.

LOT 132B £40/60 (12:19PM)

A Louis XVI vernis martin snuff box, small Bilston enamel box, probably Derby thimble (AF), Royal Warwickshire cap and shoulder badges, a silver Royal Engineers sweetheart brooch, and a Fifty Club medal

LOT 132C £60/80 (12:19PM)

Small silver, comprising a Dutch box dated 1828, an antique Burmese semi-circular box, and an Edwardian silver toy of cow and milkmaid, together with a low-grade model African stool, and a plated filigree table

LOT 132E £60/100 (12:21PM)

A 19th century portrait miniature in a cut brass decorated frame, another is of a lady after Cosway, two 19th century silhouettes with bronze highlights and three classical prints

LOT 134 £30/50 (12:25PM)

Three cartons of currency, one mainly American dollars, one of UK silver including pre 1947 and a box of miscellaneous including French, Spanish, Bolivian, etc.

LOT 135 £40/60 (12:25PM)

A crocodile skin covered jewellery box from Mappin & Webb containing costume jewellery including hair combs, brooches, hardstone beads, enamelled brooches, cuff-links, etc.

LOT 136 £60/90 (12:25PM)

A fruit box full of costume jewellery, old writing implements including Sheaffer pens, Oriental metal boxes, two Victorian autograph albums, a well-carved cameo of a lady and goat, three model metal liners, an old Queen Mary Christmas presentation tin 1914, a small quantity of stamps, a piano musical box, old postcards including a set of Raphael Tuck Kings of England, a shopping basket of pipe boxes and a jewel box, etc.

LOT 137 £30/40 (12:27PM)

An album of old and modern postcards including mid-20th century photographs of nurses, three albums of stamps mainly pre 1980, a small collection of mainly British and Austrian coins, and books including The History of Underclothes and a reproduction Victorian photograph album.

LOT 139 £60/100 (12:27PM)

An interesting collection of five photograph albums, mainly of domestic photographs, including a wealthy family in Spain and other European countries, including bullfighting, along with postcards collected on their travels and a Coindex album of 18th century and later coins, mainly French, of low denomination, etc.

LOT 140 £80/150 (12:27PM)

A very large quantity of good early-20th century postcards of various countries including America, including a number of ships, humour, topographical, including two good advertising cards one for Skysweep Brooms produced by R.J.K. Co, the other for Hamburg Broom Works, etc.

LOT 141 £40/70 (12:29PM)

A carton of wrist watches including a Dunhill ladies wrist watch, Accurist wrist watches, etc., Dunhill cuff-links and tie-clips, Waterman and Sheaffer writing implements, costume jewellery, etc.

LOT 143 £15/25 (12:29PM)

A small quantity of costume jewellery including jet costume pieces, a pistol cigarette lighter, a cut-throat razor, paperweight, horse-brasses, etc.

LOT 144 £40/70 (12:29PM)

A postcard album of early-20th century topographical cards including foreign scenes, a group of six cards illustrating courtships through to the birth of the first child published by Reinthal and Newman, other loose postcards mainly topographical but including liners, Mrs Beeton's Everyday Cookery Book, a Parker pen, blazer buttons, etc.

LOT 146 £80/150 (12:32PM)

An album of mainly 20th century commemorative stamps mainly mint including a group of 19 £1 stamps, Gibraltar £1 stamps, stamps of the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, St Vincent, Cook Islands, Tanzania, etc., a good album well-presented of stamps of the Empire.

LOT 149 £20/30 (12:34PM)

A Shield stamp album of 20th century European stamps, albums of tea-cards, old Beano magazines c.1982, Valour, Bullet, Victor and Zeit magazines, etc. and a motor fuel ration book.

LOT 151 £40/60 (12:34PM)

Four £1 pounds signed J.B. Paige numbered 416190, 1, 2, 3, unused, seven commemorative £5 coins and a medal to commemorate the opening of Buckingham Palace 1997.

LOT 152 £30/50 (12:34PM)

Two Franklin Mint collector knives each with an American eagle each in a pouch, an American eagle signet ring, a gilt-metal pocket watch with pouch, other pen-knives and a collection of string bolo ties with ornate decoration.

LOT 153 £30/50 (12:37PM)

A cardboard carton full of decorative jewellery including rings in presentation boxes, a quantity of wrist-watches, a wallet and a box of costume jewellery including bangles.

LOT 155 £150/200 (12:37PM)

A YMCA sketch book presented to Her Highness Princess Marie Louise in 1924 as a token of gratitude from the Cambridge Association, who raised £1241 for charitable purposes, containing sketch drawings along with eight other early 19th century autograph books typically filled with sentiment, poetry, watercolours, etc.

LOT 158 £50/90 (12:39PM)

A single 9ct gold cuff-link, 3gms, a box of medals and badges mainly sports and performing including duet competition, baby competition, dancing, running, two bronze medals from The Bath Club, The United Hospitals' Swimming Club, 1914-18 War Medal and a 1939 Defence Medal; also an Imperial Defence Medal awarded to Leslie Powell Griffiths in its original box and a rouge marble paperweight with a bronze plaque commemorating Vittel France a mineral water source in original box.

LOT 159 £50/70 (12:39PM)

A stock book of 20th century British stamps, another of commemorative stamps, a Royal Mail stamp album of Stamps of the World, a small stock book and loose stamps, an album of First Day Covers, an album of postal postcards, and an album of English coins 20th century including some pre-1947 half crowns and a small quantity of loose coins.

LOT 160 £40/70 (12:39PM)

An interesting lot including two shoe boxes full of book matches, old boxes of BOAC Bryant and May book matches unopened, a quantity of domestic photographs, a carton containing drawing implements, early driving licences including one from the Country Borough of Dewsbury 1923, a Waterman fountain pen, a swan metal pocket, old pipes, a fishing reel wrist watches, a toy model Ferrari and Jaguar, etc. and of rolls of ordinance maps.

LOT 162 £60/90 (12:41PM)

A spectacular private photograph album, circa 1925 and expertly taken, of a family and their lifestyle in the Punjab, including cricket, polo, picnicking, walking, horse riding, swimming, sailing, and along with an interesting photograph of a bi-plane over the Khyber Pass, street scenes, a camel caravan, ‘picnics at Simla’ and then returning to England to Fowey in 1927, including a small quantity of military photographs, and a book on landscape painting in oils by AE Grace, and three early 20th century photographs two of the King’s Own Regiment winning Rugby Team for 1920 and 1921 and another of a football team of the same period.

LOT 163 £30/40 (12:41PM)

Three cartons of costume jewellery including two bags full of necklaces, items in original boxes, brooches, bangles, and a small collection of decorative boxes, a miniature of lovers by Peter Bates Ltd in its original box and a small collection of reproduction Roman coins, etc.

LOT 164 £25/30 (12:41PM)

Two silver-plated fruit bowls each with a handle, a jelly mould, a cat pen holder, six lead model military figures on horseback and a small quantity of old red and green Meccano mainly wheels.

LOT 168 £30/50 (12:44PM)

A small collection of Wembley football programmes mid -20th century including a London v Frankfurt 1955, GB v Bulgaria 1956, England v Brazil 1956, England v Wales 1956, England v Ireland 1957, England v France 1957, England v USSR 1958, England v Ireland 1959, etc. a collection of theatre programmes.

LOT 169 £50/90 (12:46PM)

A fine Victorian photograph album possibly the property of a Scottish doctor but featuring many views of wards at The London Hospital c.1890 featuring invalids, doctors and nurses, and including his journeys to India where he was possibly employed, along with a folder of old Disneyland comics, the Benson & Hedges Book of Racing Colours 1973 and a photograph album of mid-20th century commercial and fighter planes, and two Australian notes for ten and five dollars in a glazed frame.

LOT 170 £25/35 (12:46PM)

Jane's ' All the Worlds' Aircraft 1971-72, four well-presented domestic photograph albums covering journeys to France and Turkey, Cassell's Household Guide in two volumes, children's books, Victorian novels, etc.

LOT 171 £15/25 (12:46PM)

A plastic carton full of Fulham Football Club programmes and publications and a carton of Fulham, Brentford, etc. mainly late 20th century.

LOT 172 £10/20 (12:46PM)

An ephemera lot including a large quantity of Victorian photographs, an album of cigarette cards including Nations Flags, Aeroplanes, Tennis Players etc. and a quantity of miscellaneous printed items instruction books, Hello Chaps this is Delhi, commemorative papers, The Queen magazine etc.