LOT 105 £20/40 (12:12PM)

An unusual mountaineering brooch in white metal, inscribed 'Eagle's Nest' (the English name for the Kehlsteinhaus, on the summit of the Kehlstein, used exclusively by members of the Nazi Party for government and social meetings and was visited on 14 documented instances by Hitler, who disliked the location due to his fear of heights, the risk of bad weather, and the thin mountain air.)

LOT 131 £150/180 (12:26PM)

A collection of eight Isle of Man coins, all in cases of issue, comprising a 1978 platinum proof pound, 9 gm, two silver pounds, and five 1977 Silver Jubilee crowns

LOT 133 £700/800 (12:29PM)

A 9 ct gold pocket watch, Birmingham 1923, with Limit Swiss movement, on heavy 9 ct gold chain with agate fob seal and metal suspension ring, gross weight of watch 97.8 gm, gross weight of guard chain 50.4 gm, (in wooden box with Alfred Stradling of Cirencester label)

LOT 134 £30/40 (12:29PM)

A 1930s silver and enamel RAF aeroplane novelty brooch, a Norwegian silver and painted enamel brooch by Ivar T. Holth, a 1920s chinoiserie butterfly wing pendant, and a butterfly wing brooch

LOT 135 £100/150 (12:29PM)

An Edwardian silver Mr Punch pepperette, seated with a finger to his nose, with weighted stopper to base, maker's mark WHS, Birmingham 1903, 5.8 cm high, 49.6 gm

LOT 136 £80/120 (12:29PM)

A late Victorian silver rectangular scent bottle by Mordan & Co, engraved overall, London 1891; a square box stamped with figures, London import mark for 1905; and an Indian triple spice box on paw feet, inscribed to underside

LOT 137 £120/150 (12:31PM)

Eight various silver boxes, comprising: a box as a string instrument, 10 cm, London import mark for 1896; an oval Continental 800 Art Nouveau box; an Italian 800 box cast as a tortoise; a plain circular English box; a plain rectangular German 800 box; a faceted glass and 800 box; and two foreign circular boxes

LOT 139 £60/80 (12:31PM)

Three English silver vesta cases, including a plain example inscribed 'Dodo', together with a book-match case and an ornate scent bottle chased with flowers, Birmingham probably 1888

LOT 140 £40/60 (12:31PM)

A late Victorian engraved silver notebook, complete with pencil, Birmingham 1892, and a cased set of child's knife and fork by George Unite, Birmingham 1856

LOT 141 £40/60 (12:34PM)

A vintage Continental porcelain egg scent bottle, a late Victorian silver milk jug, a silver ointment pot, salt spoon, pickle fork, child's knife, extinguisher and pencil, a pair of French salt shovels, 1809-1819, and a plated napkin hanger

LOT 142 £50/80 (12:34PM)

A collection of Victorian and later costume jewellery, including a carved ivory cross pendant, simulated pearls with 9 ct gold clasp, buttons in case, cameo brooch, silver chains, pendants and brooches, etc.; also a silver half-hunter watch, Kennedy coin, threepennnies, penknife, etc.

LOT 145 £40/60 (12:36PM)

An antique brass corkscrew of Farrow & Jackson type, a nickel-plated corkscrew, a tool compendium including corkscrew in nickel-plated case, and a The Metropolitan whistle

LOT 146 £40/60 (12:36PM)

Five Parker fountain pens, including Duofold and Junior, a Sheaffer fountain pen in black, gilt with a net pattern, another pen, a pencil, and a lighter

LOT 148 £30/40 (12:36PM)

A Polyglott Bible, with owner's inscription dated 1830, in silver-mounted tooled leather binding, the silver with CB maker's mark, and a collection of late Victorian and Edwardian carte de visite portrait photographs

LOT 149 £40/60 (12:38PM)

An interesting lot including a tortoiseshell and metal notebook, a white coral twig brooch, a Japanese folding opera glasses, Jerusalem mementoes in olive wood, including a watch holder, decorative Swiss mint boxes, hardstone, possibly malachite, miniature figures of animals, a pastry crimp wheel, necklace, etc.

LOT 153 £30/40 (12:41PM)

The 1914-18 and the Great War for Civilisation medals awarded to 21877 Pte A.E. Hayward, SOM.L.I., with ribbons, and the 1939-1945 medal, the Defence medal, and a Burma Star, unnamed

LOT 154 £30/40 (12:41PM)

An antique silver-cased pocket watch with silvered hands, roman numerals, and a seconds dial, with key, a Royce wristwatch with sweeping second hand in a steel case and bracelet, a Victorian silver wristwatch with enamelled dial and roman numerals, and a modern Picador gilt-metal lady's wristwatch

LOT 156 £180/250 (12:41PM)

A fine quality strut clock within a pierced and engraved lyre-shaped gilt-metal frame, with key-wind movement, the back engraved 'Howell James & Co. to the Queen, London, Paris' and stamped 5610. Height 6ins.

LOT 157 £50/90 (12:43PM)

Two gilt-metal hunter pocket watches, a silver-cased pocket watch signed John Hawley London, and a pocket watch in a chrome frame, an interesting Medal of Admission to the Yorkshire Assizes dated 1813 awarded to Mr John Bayldon, and an antique turned gavel

LOT 159 £60/90 (12:43PM)

A box of interesting decorative items including a silver cigar cutter, old keys, a pair of watch cufflinks, a silver lady's pocket watch presented to Rachel Fresco for 'Progress in Hebrew and Religious Classes 1907', an Israeli souvenir of a silver fiddler, a silver fork with mother of pearl handle, silver sugar nips, bangles, a miniature purse, a millefiori ring, necklaces, etc., all in a wooden box

LOT 160 £30/50 (12:43PM)

The 1914-18 medal, the Great War for Civilisation 1914-1919 medal, both awarded to 41922 Pte H.A. Maynard Manch R. (died in action), with accompanying Record Office letter dated 31 May 1922, a first-day cover for 10 May 1948 'Channel Islands Liberation', and a white metal and niello compact engraved 'To my wife with all my love'

LOT 161 £50/90 (12:46PM)

Two silver-plated gas lighters by Dunhill, a Ronson silver-plated table lighter, and an enamelled gilt-metal lighter by Gucci in original monogrammed box

LOT 162 £30/50 (12:46PM)

A silver MBE medal produced by Garrard & Co. with a purple ribbon, in original box, a pair of early 20th century binoculars, six Mappin & Webb tea knives and a cheese knife

LOT 163 £40/70 (12:46PM)

A well-presented lot of costume jewellery including necklaces, gilt-metal chains, diamante, gilt brooches, a table clock, a small hallmarked silver pill box, and wristwatches

LOT 168 £50/90 (12:48PM)

A wooden coin box containing commemorative issues including three £5 coins, and 1892 crown, a 1935 crown, and later crowns, 2008 UK proof coin collection, various copper coins, mainly UK but including a Guernsey 8 doubles 1918, an Isle of Man 50 new pence note, an unopened Story of Royal Mint Collector Coins, etc.

LOT 169 £40/70 (12:50PM)

A Victorian box, a jewel box and a wooden box containing costume jewellery, tortoiseshell miniature mirror, a Band of Hope enamelled medallion, a silver snowflake brooch made in Norway, an enamelled ring, diamante, gilt-metal wristwatch, Celtic brooch, etc.

LOT 170 £20/40 (12:50PM)

A small carton of postcards, mainly 20th century topographical, including foreign, and an interesting collection of old photographs in various sizes showing mid-20th century England with hikers, cyclists, a bi-plane, motor-boating, a lady walking her goats, motorcyclist, etc., including a small box of glass photographic plates

LOT 171 £30/50 (12:50PM)

A Bank of England white £5 note dated 6 August 1949, No. 039321, signed by P.S. Beale, a framed British coin set, and two frames of cigarette cards

LOT 176 £30/50 (12:53PM)

A six-page indenture on vellum between William, Earl Fitzwilliam, John Heaton, and William Henry Cavendish, Duke of Portland, on the one hand and Letitia Mitchell and Isabella Mitchell the other party, dated 1802, with three red wax seals with the parties' coats of arms

LOT 177 £15/25 (12:55PM)

A plastic box of pretty costume jewellery including a gilt flower, bracelets, a leopard brooch, and a quantity of pretty handkerchiefs and scarves

LOT 178 £30/40 (12:55PM)

Three containers of costume jewellery, fountain pens including a Parker Vacuumatic in green striped enamelled case, a mother of pearl and other penknives, two tourist dolls, hardstone pendants, etc.

LOT 179 £25/35 (12:55PM)

An Italian inlaid musical box containing three silver-plated cigarette cases, a quantity of Greek coinage, military buttons, a silver spoon in a fitted box, compass, etc.

LOT 180 £280/350 (12:55PM)

Mint coins and medallions including eight silver Queen Elizabeth £2 coins each 1 oz of silver, two Australian one dollar coins, 21 Australian 1 dollar coins each 1 oz of silver, other mint nickel coins including $10, $2, 5 crowns etc., 2005 UK proof set including two £5's, 2005 Australian mint proof set and a UK proof coin collection including 1 x £5

LOT 182 £40/60 (12:58PM)

A blue carton containing a selection of costume jewellery including three 9 ct gold Christening bracelets, a skin handbag, and retro sunglasses including Ted Lapidus, Nina Ricci, etc.

LOT 183 £80/120 (12:58PM)

'Our Royal Sovereigns', a collection of 70 sterling silver medals to illustrate the history of the sovereign, 10 oz approximately, a sterling silver Peace Treaty medal, modern crowns, a 2006 £5 commemorative coin, etc., and a box of Green Shield stamps, loose and in albums

LOT 186 £30/50 (01:00PM)

Two cinema posters, one for 'No Way Out', with Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman, the other for 'The Main Attraction', with Pat Boone and Nancy Kwan, and a quantity of theatre programmes including the National Youth Music Theatre, a book on the Ferrari, 1946-1966, the Ballroom Dancing Annual 1952, Rothman's of Pall Mall cartoons, an old scrap album, etc.

LOT 188 £20/30 (01:00PM)

A collection of early Marvel publications including Star Wars, the Amazing Spiderman, Planetary, Supergirl, Indiana Jones, The Authority Prime, a Times Atlas, a print, seven I-Spy books, including nos. 2, 24, 25, 26, 34, 35, etc.

LOT 189 £15/25 (01:02PM)

A collection of interesting pamphlets, each in its own bag, including many for the Royal Tournament, and also Swastika over Guernsey, The Royal Navy Today, The World at War, and a small quantity of cigarette cards and Duke of Wellington's shoulder badges

LOT 190 £25/35 (01:02PM)

A good lot of costume jewellery in a three-tier jewel box and other boxes, including an eternity ring, a watch ring, crowns and a £2 coin, marcasite filigree work, wrist watches and pen, etc.

LOT 191 £30/50 (01:02PM)

Three cartons and a fabric jewel bag full of decorative costume jewellery, mainly bangles and beads, but including wristwatches, many of them Indian

LOT 195 £40/50 (01:05PM)

A cardboard box of interesting items including jewel boxes of costume jewellery, watches, beads, and necklaces, many in a large biscuit tin, a quantity of coins, including modern crowns, etc.

LOT 196 £30/40 (01:05PM)

An interesting small collection including a 19th century silver-plated box, a 1935 and other crowns, an old compass, three bank notes, a Parker and a Waterman pen, military arm badge, etc.

LOT 197 £30/40 (01:07PM)

A carton containing two political postcards, both showing the Metropolitan Police during the Coal Strike, Pontypridd, 1910, one showing a Christmas party, the other in bunks, a postcard of factory workers, other cards of boats and cars, and an interesting selection of car badges, lighters, etc., and books including 'A Service Manual for Morris Minor'

LOT 198 £40/60 (01:07PM)

A paper archive relating mainly to Herbert E Winn, Esq., OBE, MA, who retired in June 1956 from Stranmillis Training College, Belfast and of his daughter, Dr Winn, latterly of Brentford. Herbert E Winn was a scholar and specialist on Wordsworth. The archive includes scholarly papers, accounts of his trip to India including photographs, letters, birth and marriage certificates and an early passport No. 36636 dated 23rd March 1899, etc.

LOT 199 £10/15 (01:07PM)

A small quantity of interesting old newspapers including the London Daily Star 10 December 1936, announcing the abdication, One Hundred Years in Pictures by the Daily Telegraph, 1955, etc.