LOT 159 £40/60 (12:58PM)

A small Canadian silver commemorative pin tray, finely enamelled with the arms of Canada within a border inscribed: 'Colonized by Jacques Cartier 1535 Ceded to Great Britain 1759 – Confederation of the Dominion 1867', maker's mark R.H, early 20th century, 3 in long

LOT 164 £150/200 (01:01PM)

A French gold-mounted circular tortoiseshell snuff box, the cover inset with a Baccarat glass medallion with sulphide portrait of Pope Pius VIII (r.1829-1830), 8.7 cm diameter (PROVENANCE: Bearing Jokelson Collection label dated 1991, no. 289; sold with Mallett descriptive note referring to its illustration in 'The Jokelson Collection of Antique Cameo Incrustation' by Paul Dunlop)

LOT 165 £200/300 (01:03PM)

Seven good desk seals, mainly Continental, mid-19th to early 20th century, comprising: in silver cast with a head of Dante; two in agate with silver mounts and armorial matrices; in brass cast with a bird head; in brass of fleur-de-lys form with armorial matrix; in ivory, carved as a bonneted female head; and in bronze cast as a medieval knight, the agate die engraved with a Polish armorial, comprising the coroneted Druzyna arms of the Stadnicki family conjoined with another, possibly Pobog, coat-of-arms

LOT 166 £25/40 (01:03PM)

A group of unnamed medals including the 1939-45 Star, the Africa Star, the 1939-45 War Medal and the Defence Medal mounted on a bar, a small quantity of mint stamps for the Silver Jubilee 1977, other stamps and cartoon postcards.

LOT 167 £70/90 (01:03PM)

Small silver, comprising: pair of pheasant menu holders, Chester 1914; Khartoum North Rifle Club enamelled prize spoon, Birmingham 1909; gilt Continental Egyptian-style spoon; 1897 dollar coin; cigar-holder case, Chester 1901; sherry label; two napkin rings; baby spoon; modern money clip; and a Georgian punch ladle; together with a plated whisky label.

LOT 170 £100/120 (01:05PM)

A portrait miniature of a lady holding a rose, a pretty gilt-metal box with figural enamelled disc framed with pearls and blue stones, a dinner bell with a porcelain lady, a Guerlain glass and metal scent bottle, four glass scent bottles, a miniature clock in a mother-of-pearl case, a metal mounted shell, and a 19th century French miniature shrine.

LOT 174 £30/50 (01:08PM)

A small quantity of costume jewellery including a gilt-metal brooch stamped Rosse 1958, a gilt-metal and diamante leaf brooch stamped Boucher, other diamante brooches and a floral painted lacquered brooch, signed, etc.

LOT 177 £50/80 (01:10PM)

An old Zenith wrist watch the circular black dial with luminous numbers and seconds dial, a Watches of Switzerland Seafarer Quartztronic wrist watch with second hand and date, and an Omega Dynamic automatic wrist watch with brown and silver dial with sweeping second hand and date aperture.

LOT 181 £30/50 (01:13PM)

A Queen Mary's presentation tin for Christmas 1914 containing a 2001 £5 coin, a commemorative Australian 50 cent piece, a crown, a German metal cigarette lighter body stamped Gott Mit Uns, a Seiko Quartz wrist watch in steel, a silver retracting pencil and dip pen, a £1 note, a silver medallion, a modern gilt-metal neck-chain, a wrist watch marked Patek Philippe with multi-functions and astrological face to the rear, a bag of gilt-metal chains, etc.

LOT 183 £60/90 (01:13PM)

An interesting lot including floral painted gilt buttons, small silver and mother-of-pearl pen-knives, military buttons, a pocket-knife styled as a rifle, a silver vesta case decorated with floral decoration, two cigarette lighters, a miniature hand-mirror, a miniature iron, a silver-plated caddy spoon as a guard wearing a busby, a cigar holder, etc.

LOT 184 £80/120 (01:13PM)

A good collection of military shoulder badges including R. Northumberland Fus., Hampshire, South Lancashire, Highland and Light Inventory Canada, Royal Armoured Corps., Canadian Provost Corps., North Stafford, Green Howards, Cornwall, a small quantity of paper money, old currency and a tin of approximately 20 old military cap badges contained in two 19th century boxes one containing two glass bottles the inside lid mounted with a World War I photograph of officers around an artillery gun.