LOT 114 £20/40 (12:07PM)

A pair of 19th century French coloured engravings: 'A day's widowhood' and 'A year's widowhood', both in period frames; and seven other framed prints (9)

LOT 115 £30/40 (12:07PM)

A pair of framed limited edition signed and coloured prints of ocean racing yachts, a framed coloured print of the Battle of Trafalgar, and a small framed print (largest 46 x 63 cm) (4)

LOT 116 £30/40 (12:09PM)

A signed limited edition artist's proof mixed method print, 'Something's coming', a Paul Henry print, and a print of St {Patrick's, Dublin (largest 44 x 50cm), all framed

LOT 117 £15/25 (12:09PM)

After Thomas Sydney Moran, a large framed print, view of Venice, together with a framed coloured print after Roy Perry of a game of cricket on the green (largest 64 x 73 cm) (2)

LOT 119 £30/50 (12:09PM)

13 various framed decorative prints, etc., including two naive Provincial School pictures of farmyard animals and a modern print of Chepstow Castle (13)

LOT 122 £40/80 (12:12PM)

After Andre Bermond, a framed poster from the 1930s advertising 'le casino municipal' at Bandol, printed by Moulot, Marseille, and a framed watercolour, portraits of David Blanford and another by Steve Songer, c.1981, signed and inscribed (largest 94 x 58 cm) (2)

LOT 123 £40/60 (12:12PM)

A good mixed lot of framed prints, etc., including three limited edition coloured prints by Penny Cox, flower studies, a hunting print after Holiday, and a coloured print after James Guthrie, 'The Goose Girl', etc. (largest 40 x 60 cm) (quantity)

LOT 125 £30/50 (12:14PM)

C. Balken, an oils on canvas, a Continental farming village, signed (44 x 64 cm), framed; together with an unframed oils on canvas, a Continental cottage garden by P. Holm, signed and dated 1927 (35 x 45 cm) (2)

LOT 175L £250/350 (01:01PM)

A portrait miniature of a lady, circa 1790, in the manner of George Engleheart, shown head and shoulders and wearing a broad-brimmed hat trimmed with blue ribbons over her powdered hair and a decollete white dress, cloud and sky background, pendant frame, probably gold, the reverse with vacant glazed compartment, oval 5.8 cm

LOT 183 £150/180 (01:08PM)

Four rings comprising: two in 18 ct gold, set with ten rubies, and with a diamond and two rubies; one in 9 ct gold set with rose-cut diamonds; and one in silver set with a rose-cut diamond; together with four 1920s German postcards to Thessaloniki.

LOT 185 £40/60 (01:08PM)

A Chinese 1930s Republic Period silver-gilt filigree bracelet set with four ivory figural panels, and a pair of Portuguese 833 silver-gilt filigree earrings.