LOT 107 £80/100 (11:02AM)

Madeleine Pyk, three unframed coloured prints, signed and numbered, a folio of plans and designs, and a large framed Pyk signed print, also a small oil portrait, unframed (a lot)

LOT 114 £40/60 (11:07AM)

Two framed prints from 'Winnie-the-Pooh', a framed cat print and some gilt frames, and 13 other framed prints, drawings and watercolours including textile pictures of duck (17)

LOT 121 £35/50 (11:12AM)

8 various framed items comprising a large engraving of a gathering of Fellows at the Royal Society, a Chinese silk, two pairs of Chinese pictures (largest 110 x 60 cm), a Vernon Ward print and a Fletcher Watson print etc. (8 )

LOT 123 £30/40 (11:12AM)

D. Simmons, a framed watercolour, 'Stormy sky over a loch', signed, a James Pollard coloured print of 'The Windsor Coach', a large photograph of King's Cross Station, and four other prints all framed (largest 45 x 76 cm) (7)

LOT 126 £15/25 (11:14AM)

After Ralph Steadman, a framed poster for 'Henry VIII' (RSC), together with two modern framed prints after Gross, Church by a River, and a reproduction of a Dutch landscape with a windmill (largest measures 75 x 50 cm) (4)

LOT 127 £40/60 (11:14AM)

A 19th century Japanese coloured wood block depicting a samurai escorting a geisha whilst a man holds an umbrella to protect them from torrential rain (30 x 20 cm), framed

LOT 131 £40/60 (11:16AM)

Three large pine-framed pictures, a large framed photograph, 'Pregnant and Proud', and a framed confirmation certificate for Lord Ronald J. Bauer of Richmond (largest 75 x 49 cm), all framed (5)

LOT 133 £25/35 (11:19AM)

W.P. Robins, soft ground etching of a river landscape, signed and dated 1928 in pencil in the margin (26 x 37 cm),and a watercolour, possibly of Richmond Bridge, both framed (2)

LOT 135 £50/80 (11:19AM)

C.A. Thompson, three oils on unstretched canvas: 'The Butcher in Strawboater', 'Seated Woman' verso 'Seated Man', and a framed portrait 'Man in Beret' verso portrait of 'Man in Straw Hat' (largest 52 x 42 cm) (3)

LOT 136 £40/60 (11:19AM)

A large unframed oils on canvas portrait of the smiling Dalai Lama [half-landing], another large unframed portrait of 'Tony Soprano' [hanging], and a framed coastal view by David James (largest 180 x 120) (3)

LOT 138 £25/35 (11:21AM)

Roland Davies, a watercolour en grisaille heightened with white, depicting Second World War fighter planes destroying a German tank convoy, signed (37 x 52 cm), framed

LOT 143 £30/40 (11:24AM)

Mike Attwell, a pen and wash caricature portrait, signed and dated '78, and a 1930 portrait photograph of a theatrical actor of historic roles, dedicated to Mr Blake (largest 33 x 26 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 144 £50/70 (11:24AM)

A selection of various vacant picture frames including continuous mouldings, faux parcel-gilt and figured wood, etc. (largest 61 x 87 aperture); together with a few pictures including after Andy Warhol, 'Marilyn Monroe' (a lot)

LOT 150 £20/30 (11:28AM)

Three mirrors comprising a gilt framed rectangular with floral surmount, a dark wood triptych dressing table mirror and a further ornate mirror in black and gilt frame [hall]

LOT 150B £30/50 (11:28AM)

Three shabby chic white and gilt highlighted mirrors comprising a swing dressing mirror on frame, a matching triptych dressing table mirror plus a third rectangular wall mirror [hall]