LOT 204 £30/40 (01:12PM)

A Charles & Diana commemorative crown, a presentation of military and other badges and booklets including ranks and medal ribbons, an old map of Oldham, etc.

LOT 205 £30/50 (01:12PM)

An interesting boxed lot including soapstone bodies, a stylish pottery head ornament, a pepper pot in the form of Gandhi, an old Chanel No. 5 scent bottle, miniature figures, old lipstick holders, a glass umbrella scent bottle, a bust of Mary Stuart, etc.

LOT 206 £30/50 (01:12PM)

A cut glass scent bottle with hall-marked silver top, six Perspex domes for displaying pocket watches including a silver plated pocket watch, a pair of inkwells and a paper-knife

LOT 208 £50/90 (01:14PM)

A carton full of modern wrist watches mainly battery operated men's and women's, and a presentation of 1980 American coins, three car badges, etc.

LOT 209 £30/40 (01:14PM)

An album containing a quantity of coins mainly bronze but including silver 6d and 3d, First Day and commemorative stamps including Coronation Street 9.12.95, a quantity of plated teaspoons with country finials and a display of Coronation Street stamps in one sheet

LOT 211 £30/50 (01:17PM)

A military compass stamped 1944 Mk 111 with leather case, a pair of binoculars and four books including Lest We Forget and two volumes of World War 1914-1918

LOT 212 £40/60 (01:17PM)

Sundry items including two fish fossils, a George V Happynak pillar box money box, a leaping Jaguar paperweight, other Jaguar mementos, two Parker fountain pens and others, binoculars, sunglasses in military case, a large medallion, two Swiza alarm clocks, etc.

LOT 214 £60/100 (01:17PM)

A filing drawer containing restruck military badges, a well executed silver medallion 1888 for the Deutcher Ballon-Sport-Club Koln, a Nazi ballooning badge stamped NSFK, six ballooning medallions three in silver one in bronze dated Paris 1878, an octagonal medallion commemorating the Zeppelin II Erinnerung An Die Landung 31st July 1909, a silver ARP badge along with a quantity of ballooning medallions from the British Balloon and Airship Club 1984 in fitted boxes (19) and a large quantity of 1901 bronzed medallions from the Balloon School Royal Engineers

LOT 216 £100/150 (01:19PM)

14 packets each containing 1970 mint coinage of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 11 commemorative 50 pence pieces each in their original boxes unopened, 13 money tubes of bronze coinage, 11 Charles & Diana crowns 1981, two five pound coins 2002, eight crowns 1983 The Bi-centenary of Manned Flight, one and a half cartons full of Britain’s first decimal coins in sealed plastic folders (approximately 145) and a small collection of silver and bronze coinage divided by value.

LOT 217 £30/50 (01:19PM)

Boxes including a quantity of pens, a feather fan, three gents' quartz wrist watches, a quantity of glass fish and costume jewellery and a pair of 900 silver small ashtrays inset with a Georgian coin, etc.

LOT 219 £50/90 (01:22PM)

A large quantity of old jewel boxes including a Victorian leather covered box styled as a trunk, a shaped box for a necklace with drop from the Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company and other interesting old boxes.

LOT 221 £40/60 (01:22PM)

An interesting 19th century hand written journal "Correspondence of the Right Honourable Maurice Fitzgerald, Knight of Kerry 1826-1836". An interesting section between pages 114 and 121 relates to the Society for the Conversion of Negro Slaves in Antigua. An old postcard album showing scenes in Egypt, Syria, Sierra Leone, Palestine and elsewhere and two leather-bound books Pilgrim's Progress by Bunyan and David Copperfield 1850.

LOT 222 £50/90 (01:22PM)

An orange box full of decorative enamelled boxes by Halcyon Days in their original boxes including a number of egg shaped boxes for Easter with year dates and seven empty boxes

LOT 230 £40/60 (01:26PM)

A collection of ephemera including a large quantity of menus from prodigious events including a luncheon to celebrate the centennial year of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother 27th June 2000; the manuscript of Hume's Philosophy of Moral Certainty by Dr Thomas Miskell along with reviews of his book, a domestic photograph album and a suitcase containing a copy of Gay News 1983, The Advocate 1977 and gay magazines of that period.

LOT 230A £25/35 (01:29PM)

Three large frames of sets of old cigarette cards comprising Wills's Ocean Liners and Player's Aircraft, and a small frame with ten more modern Player's Aircraft [on wall opposite silver-plate]

LOT 234 £15/25 (01:31PM)

Two pairs of turned wooden finials, 6 cm and 11 cm, a pair of antique turned ivory fan sticks, a back scratcher, modern decorative needlework scissors as storks, a quantity of mother-of-pearl ‘tooth’ pendants , other jewellery pieces, etc.

LOT 235 £30/40 (01:31PM)

Three small circular paperweights, comprising two Italian millefiori weights and another with an image of The Pavilion, Brighton; two egg-shaped blue glass paperweights by Fenton, one signed M. Caplinger, numbered 921/3000, the other A. Japia, 537/3000, painted with flowers and fruit; and a pretty small dark blue porcelain flask reserved with a scrolling gilt cartouche of flowers on a white ground, the stopper with rosebud knop (6)

LOT 239 £50/80 (01:34PM)

A substantial silver gilt Treasurer's medallion for The Welding Institute with an enamelled Welsh dragon and a smaller silver and enamelled Welsh medallion also from The Welding Institute with an original box. 4.5 oz gross approx.

LOT 244 £25/35 (01:36PM)

A group of three medals awarded to Pte. A. Bateman A.S.C. SS-12371 including the 1914-15 Star, the 1914-18 Service Medal, the 1914-19 Civilisation Medal and a 1914-18 Service Medal presented to Pte. A. Block the Queen's R. No. 243745, and a National Service Medal and a General Service Medal in silver presented to Cpl. R.G. Bateman 23039724 R.A.S.C.; the last two in original boxes.

LOT 246 £40/60 (01:38PM)

A plastic stud box mounted with a fox head and crop containing mother-of-pearl buttons, a small money purse containing a George III silver coin 1787 and a gilt metal Swan fountain pen dated Jan 1915

LOT 249 £30/50 (01:38PM)

A Parker pen and pencil set with gilt metal ends and turquoise enamelled bodies in original box, a Corona cigarette lighter in original box, a Victorian ivory page turner and stick pin case

LOT 250 £2500/3500 (01:41PM)

An important Birmingham Blitz George Medal presented to Reuben Haig Platoon Commander, Home Guard, in November 1940 for conspicuous gallantry in carrying out hazardous work in a very brave manner. Reuben Haig was a gas clerk at The Washwood Heath gas holder. Also a Defence Medal 1939-1945 in a fitted box.

LOT 252 £30/40 (01:45PM)

An unusual Victorian gilt metal miniature photographic album pendant of book form, containing seven hinged pages, six of which retain original photographs of royalty and other notable personages of the period, 2.3 cm excluding suspension rings

LOT 253 £40/60 (01:45PM)

Miscellaneous small items including Israeli silver-coated sculpture of a romantic couple by D. Jaron, a similar figure of a Hassidic dancer, two metal miniature chairs, plated long box, Sheaffer fountain pen, nutcrackers, enamelled photograph frame, miniature hand mirror, Halcyon Days tape measure, and six other items

LOT 253A £50/80 (01:45PM)

Seven items of small silver, comprising an American floral sugar spoon by Whiting, 1901 sardine server, Corporation of London George VI coronation spoon, 1977 pillbox, silver overlaid pelican, and 835 floral spoon and fork, 139 gm gross

LOT 255 £60/80 (01:47PM)

A French 950 silver and green enamel circular pill box, together with a Continental 800 silver miniature piano, a 925 tuba and similar double bass, 110 gm

LOT 256 £80/120 (01:47PM)

Six modern silver miniature 'toys', comprising a one-man band menu-holder, London probably 1996; the remainder Continental: a horse-drawn tram, dancing peasants, lovers on a bench, can-can dancer and waltzing couple, 222 gm

LOT 257 £100/150 (01:47PM)

Seven early 20th century Dutch silver miniature 'toys', comprising tricycle ice cream vendor, barrow fish vendor, rug beater, kite flyer, night watchman, Punch and Judy show, and preacher in pulpit, 145 gm

LOT 258 £40/60 (01:47PM)

A late 19th century Dutch silver miniature 'toy' birdcage, Chester import mark, and a silver pestle and mortar by Herbert Hooijkaas, c.1900, 57 gm

LOT 264 £70/100 (01:52PM)

Six English silver miniature 'toys', comprising a pair of chamber sticks, Birmingham 1891; a single chamber stick, Birmingham 1900; a goblet, Birmingham 1905; a Jacobean arm chair, Birmingham 1906; and a tiny jug, 58 gm

LOT 266 £80/120 (01:52PM)

A William IV silver vinaigrette of book form, with gilt grille and interior, by Joseph Willmore, Birmingham 1835, 17 gm, and a silver etui, Birmingham probably 1845

LOT 268 £400/600 (01:54PM)

A collection of Dutch silver miniature 'toys', late 17th and 18th century, all unmarked, comprising a bossed dish with gilt rim, 5.5 cm; canted rectangular tea caddy with cover; flour dredger with cover; flour dredger with long handle; chamber stick; bedpan; ladle; Rat-tail spoon; and set of six table knives with scimitar blades, 88 gm

LOT 269 £200/300 (01:54PM)

An 18th century Dutch miniature 'toy' silver bleeding bowl with ornate cast handles, by Arnoldus van Geffen, Amsterdam with date letter R, 6.6 cm over handles, 17.1 gm, and a probably adapted octalobed pendant with Amsterdam mark

LOT 270 £300/400 (01:54PM)

An 18th century Dutch silver miniature 'toy' tea bowl and saucer, by Arnoldus van Geffen, Amsterdam with date letter Z, saucer 2.2 cm, and a hot water urn with cover on three feet, with indistinct maker's and Amsterdam marks, 7 cm high, 9.8 and 36.4 gm

LOT 271 £300/400 (01:57PM)

A Dutch silver miniature 'toy' tray and set of six tea bowls and saucers, probably 18th century by J.A. van Geffen, the tray with Amsterdam date letter G, the tray and saucers with maker's mark, various pre- and post-1953 import and duty marks, tray 7.2 cm long, 50.1 gm

LOT 272 £100/150 (01:57PM)

A pair of early 18th century silver miniature 'toy' or snuff spoons, of Rat-tail pattern, each with a part maker's mark of crown over initials struck twice, probably London, 6.3 cm, 5.4 gm

LOT 273 £70/100 (01:57PM)

A pair of silver miniature 'toy' candlesticks, each with fluted shaft on octalobed base, unmarked, English or Dutch c.1700, approximately 5 cm high, 23.4 gm

LOT 274 £300/500 (01:57PM)

A pair of William and Mary silver miniature 'toy' candlesticks by George Manjoy, each with stop-fluted shaft on stepped square base, London 1691, 4.5 cm high, 23 gm (Provenance: Milntown Collection, Bonhams 13 November 2013, lot 158)

LOT 275 £400/600 (01:59PM)

A pair of late 17th century silver miniature 'toy' candlesticks by George Manjoy, London 1697, each with stop-fluted shaft on square base, 5.3 cm high, 30.3 gm (Provenance: Milntown Collection, Bonhams 13 November 2013, lot 183)

LOT 277 £400/600 (01:59PM)

A pair of Queen Anne silver miniature 'toy' candlesticks, by George Manjoy, each with stop-fluted shaft on octagonal base, London 1709, 5.5 cm high, 30.4 gm (Provenance: Milntown Collection, Bonhams 13 November 2013, lot 183)

LOT 278 £500/700 (01:59PM)

A pair of late 17th century silver small candlesticks, of light gauge, each tubular on gadrooned circular base, each stamped six times with RS maker's mark, and with AW owner's initials to underside of base, London c.1690, 7.8 cm high, 54 gm (Provenance: Milntown Collection, Bonhams 13 November 2013, lot 158)

LOT 279 £70/100 (02:01PM)

A small late 17th century hexagonal trencher salt, of thin sheet silver, with engraved hatched borders, presumed owner's initials II to one side, probably English, 5.6 cm wide, 10.9 gm

LOT 280 £400/600 (02:01PM)

A rare Queen Anne silver miniature 'toy' goblet, with octalobed cup and foot, by George Manjoy, London c.1705, maker's and London marks only, 4 cm high, 10.1 gm (Provenance: Milntown Collection, Bonhams 13 November 2013, lot 164)

LOT 282 £600/800 (02:01PM)

A rare late 17th century silver miniature 'toy' snuffers and stand, of scissor and box type, the stand on octagonal base, by George Manjoy, London c.1690, the snuffers with incomplete marks, the stand apparently unmarked, 7.5 cm high, 16 gm (Provenance: Milntown Collection, Bonhams 13 November 2013, lot 159)

LOT 283 £100/150 (02:04PM)

A set of silver miniature 'toy' grate and pair of andirons, applied with embossed flower head motifs, unmarked, English or Dutch c.1700, 5.5 and 7.5 cm high, 39 gm

LOT 284 £1200/1500 (02:04PM)

A rare pair of late 17th century miniature 'toy' silver wall sconces, each with scrolled candle arm and embossed backplate, by George Manjoy, London 1698, each on velvet-covered wooden backboard, the silver 8.6 cm high, 12 cm high overall. (Provenance: Milntown Collection, Bonhams 13 November 2013, lot 171)

LOT 285 £30/40 (02:00PM)

A quantity of silver-plated items including King's and other pattern cutlery, a set of six pistol-handled knives, various tea wares and a centrepiece, together with stainless steel cutlery, all in three cartons and a cutlery tray

LOT 291 £30/40 (02:02PM)

An Edwardian set of EPNS and ivory fish eaters for six, with silver mounts, including servers, in walnut case, together with a set of Old English pattern cutlery, a box of knives, and two boxes of modern coasters for glasses

LOT 293 £40/60 (02:04PM)

Two cartons containing sundry silver-plated items, including a pair of cafe-au-laits, a condiment set, two trophy cups, desk calendar, Old English pattern cutlery, etc., and also Viners and other stainless steel cutlery, together with two boxes of Dubarry pattern fruit forks

LOT 294 £70/100 (02:04PM)

Two cartons of EPNS and other plated items, including an asparagus dish with tongs, syphon stand, condiment set, cased presentation trowel with ivorene handle, set of Old English pattern cutlery, fish eaters, etc., and a quantity of knives

LOT 296 £60/80 (02:04PM)

A large quantity of Community plate EPNS cutlery in Hampton Court pattern, together with a pair of silver-plated candlesticks, three circular trays, and a few other oddments