LOT 201 £20/30 (01:30PM)

A quantity of silver-plated cutlery and other items in a mahogany canteen and a carton, including a teapot, biscuit barrel, brass vases, etc.

LOT 204 £30/40 (01:30PM)

Two cartons, containing a quantity of Community EPNS cutlery, also Old English and other patterns of cutlery, two plated biscuit barrels, trays, etc., together with a silver child's fork

LOT 205 £50/80 (01:32PM)

A carton containing a quantity of EPNS King's pattern cutlery, including hollow-handled knives and carvers, also two pairs of plated candlesticks, a set of Victorian engraved napkin rings, decanter stands, etc.

LOT 206 £25/35 (01:32PM)

A quantity of stainless steel cutlery in Dubarry pattern, together with Staybright cutlery and a few other oddments, including a silver bread fork

LOT 207 £20/30 (01:32PM)

A carton of mixed EPNS cutlery, including a soup ladle and a pair of salad servers in an unusual bamboo pattern, also knives, a purse, etc.

LOT 209 £20/30 (01:34PM)

A small carton containing an antique silver-plated coffee biggin on stand, a small coffee pot, and oddments of cutlery, together with a good brass ceiling light with glass acorn shade

LOT 210 £50/80 (01:34PM)

A modern canteen containing a John Turton EPNS cutlery service in Dubarry pattern for eight (lacking two dessert forks), and a few other pieces of cutlery

LOT 211 £30/40 (01:34PM)

A very large modern silver-plated punch bowl on foot, together with a quantity of other metalware, including a canteen of cutlery, tea wares, trays, etc.

LOT 212 £30/40 (01:34PM)

Silver-plated items, comprising a centrepiece by J.H. Potter of Sheffield, a Silea water jug, three baskets, four sauceboats, and a grape scissors, together with a silver-handled magnifying glass

LOT 214 £40/60 (01:37PM)

A large Edwardian Walker & Hall engraved oval tea tray, an ornately chased biscuit barrel, an Art Deco ice bucket with tongs, a caster, bottle stand, dish and cased set of tea knives

LOT 214A £80/120 (01:37PM)

An impressive mid-20th century mahogany cutlery table in Georgian style, the two drawers containing an almost complete EPNS King's pattern cutlery service for 12 by Cooper Bros & Sons, including fish eaters and white-handled knives

LOT 215 £110/130 (01:37PM)

A Victorian silver serving or basting spoon, Fiddle pattern, Exeter 1850, and a pair of Old English tablespoons, London 1816/17, together with a small quantity plated items, comprising mixed cutlery, a toast rack and a box, 9.2 ozt of silver

LOT 216 £480/520 (01:39PM)

A modern German 925 silver cutlery service for six in a simple thread pattern, K maker's mark, comprising: tablespoons and forks, dessert spoons and forks, coffee spoons, table and cheese knives with filled handles, and only five teaspoons, 50.4 ozt weighable

LOT 217 £750/850 (01:39PM)

A quantity of modern German parcel-gilt 925 silver cutlery by Robbe & Berking in Arcade pattern, comprising 10 each of tablespoons, table forks, and dessert spoons, 9 table knives with filled handles, 7 dessert forks, and 3 teaspoons, Birmingham import marks for 1993, 85.4 ozt weighable

LOT 218 £200/220 (01:39PM)

Mixed English silver, comprising a hot water pot, caster (lacking top), small basket, three shakers, a pair of filled candlesticks, two similar vases and two similar inkwells with only one lid, an ashtray, hairbrush, tongs, and butter knife, 21.4 ozt weighable (including gross weight of hot water pot)

LOT 219 £120/150 (01:39PM)

A pair of late Victorian silver and cut-glass salad servers, Birmingham 1898, a Victorian shell pattern sugar tongs, modern loaded flower vase, set of eight silver-handled tea knives and fish serving fork, and an American sterling and porcelain duck-decorated dish

LOT 220 £60/80 (01:42PM)

A four-piece silver dressing-table set, charmingly decorated in Festival of Britain style, Birmingham 1961/62, an Edwardian silver circular box, three silver-topped glass jars, and a silver-handled bread knife and pie server

LOT 221 £35/45 (01:42PM)

A silver child's spoon in case, three silver napkin rings, a pepperette, a mother-of-pearl-handled bread fork, cased set of six tea knives, and four silver-topped glass items, 2.7 ozt weighable

LOT 222 £200/220 (01:42PM)

Small English silver, comprising: pair of dessert spoons, set of six Queen's pattern teaspoons, set of five King's pattern teaspoons, cased set of 11 teaspoons, nine small implements, mustard pot, and tea strainer, 25 ozt

LOT 223 £40/60 (01:42PM)

A pair of Edwardian cut-glass scent bottles with hinged silver tops and stoppers, Sheffield 1905, a modern Topazio cut-glass jar with 925 lid, and a small Chopard 925 commemorative dish, 3.3 ozt weighable

LOT 225 £120/150 (01:44PM)

Small English silver, comprising: a hammered specimen flower vase by Geoffrey Harding, London 1977, a pair of later-berried Georgian tablespoons, a Georgian punch ladle inset with a Spanish coin, two serving pieces, a pair of teaspoons, and a child's fork, 13.1 ozt gross

LOT 226 £130/150 (01:44PM)

Silver, comprising: a modern English plain stand of heavy gauge, maker WRA, a small Armada dish, Victorian dessert fork, part-silver serving fork, pair of modern candle nozzles, and eight Mexican mate straws, 15.7 ozt weighable

LOT 227 £30/40 (01:44PM)

Small silver spoons, comprising: a set of six English Miniature Rifle Club examples, a seal-top coffee spoon, Japanese souvenir spoon, and an elaborate 800 souvenir spoon with stork terminal, together with a broken pencil, 4 ozt

LOT 228 £90/110 (01:46PM)

English silver, comprising: a pair of oval dishes, Chester 1912, a reproduction sugar caster, three napkin rings, Art Deco lid, and silver-faced photograph frame, 10.2 ozt weighable

LOT 230 £120/150 (01:46PM)

Older silver, comprising: a George III drum mustard pot with reeded rims, London 1805, a pair of sauce ladles, London 1829, set of six teaspoons, London 1790, Victorian pickle spoon, and a Dutch miniature ladle, 10.1 ozt

LOT 232 £40/60 (01:49PM)

Small silver, comprising: a 19th century American tablespoon by William Stoddart Nichols of Newport, RI, two modern English loaded vases, a Plymouth Pelican souvenir teaspoon, Persian 900 mirror, and four Turkish 800 and 900 ashtrays, 4 ozt weighable

LOT 233 £60/80 (01:49PM)

Two matching French Art Deco scent bottles, in sizes, each with 950 silver top and stopper, an elegant English silver and blue enamel ash bowl, Birmingham 1927, and a plated armorial ash bowl

LOT 235 £60/80 (01:49PM)

Small English silver, comprising: a double-ended blue glass scent bottle, Birmingham 1901, a trinket box, three condiments, five silver and glass items, a lid, three other pieces, and a probably Continental pepperette, 6.8 ozt weighable

LOT 238 £100/200 (01:51PM)

A very decorative modern 875 standard sculpture of three medieval queens in parcel-gilt and enamelled robes, standing on a cylindrical black base, perhaps Baltic States, 14.2 cm, 788 gm gross

LOT 244 £60/80 (01:56PM)

A George V large plain silver-faced photograph frame, 13.1 in, Birmingham 1926, a smaller Edwardian silver-faced frame, and a reproduction example

LOT 246 £650/750 (01:56PM)

A Birmingham Mint Great British Regiments collection of 52 silver medals and replica regimental badges, displayed in a teak chest, together with an extra Suffolk Regiment medal and badge, approx. 76.7 ozt

LOT 277 £30/50 (02:00PM)

A shelf of china comprising a Hadleigh part tea service, Hornsea Fauna ware jugs and planters with applied deer, a glass clown and fish bottle, two pairs of decorative china shoes, a quantity of cottage ware including a teapot, a 1950's Wade dish, end of glass vases and fish ornaments, a musical novelty decanter 'The Last Shot', a Nao figurine of a clown and a quantity of Disney comics [s39 & s40]

LOT 279 £15/20 (02:00PM)

A mixed lot including tools, garden equipment such as loppers and a hose, two wicker wall hanging shelves, three small garden planters, a radiator, tent, watering can etc. [under G4 & G7]

LOT 280 £25/35 (02:02PM)

A mixed lot including a large enamel pot and cover, an onyx table lamp, Royal Worcester Evesham pattern dinner ware, a Royal Worcester gold part tea service, a brass kettle and door knocker, a boxed set of Beatrix Potter books, a leather album, a BT home phone, a silver-plated tin, flan dishes, clocks, decorative egg ornaments, stone inlaid trinket boxes etc. [G37]

LOT 282 £30/40 (02:02PM)

A small Alba television, a Sony Digital Audio Video Control Centre, an Akai stereo tuner AT2250L, an Akai stereo cassette deck CS703D, a Samsung DVD player, a HP printer, an old suitcase, a quantity of protective overalls, a Sky HD box, a small quantity of cassettes and tool box with a small quantity of screws, nails, etc. [under G34, G31, G28]

LOT 283 £40/60 (02:02PM)

A quantity of part tea and dinner services including Royal Albert Old Country Roses, Royal Albert Lady Hamilton, Paragon Tree of Kashmir, The Royal Collection plus a Royal Doulton figurine Summer Breeze HN4716 and another figurine, a Wedgwood jasperware pot and cover and a matching small planter, a stoneware stein, a glass paperweight, three ruby glass vases and a similar glass bull, a vintage stamping machine, a mantel clock etc. [G30, G27]

LOT 284 £25/35 (02:04PM)

Two shelves of glass ware comprising an Edwardian etched glass decanter plus further decanters, a pair of Victorian ruby red etched glasses, further wine glasses, bowls, vases, containers, condiment sets etc. [G29 & G26]

LOT 285 £15/30 (02:04PM)

A mixed lot including part tea services, a black and white engraving of a girl in an oval gilt frame, two character dolls, wooden trinket boxes and covers, decorative plates and ornaments, Oriental bowls and spoons, etc. [G31 & G28]

LOT 287A £40/60 (02:07PM)

A Mitsubishi stereo system in stand comprising a record player DP-630, an AM/FM tuner DA-F630E, a stereo cassette deck DT 530 and an amplifier DA US30 [end of first aisle]

LOT 289 £10/15 (02:07PM)

A crafters tool box and contents, a spirit level, two smaller tool boxes and contents including wires and other accessories, and a box with craft making accessories [2nd aisle]

LOT 290 £15/30 (02:07PM)

A mixed lot including a small mahogany drop dial wall clock, a box containing old Panasonic mobile phones, compacts, a hip flask, a wireless speaker, a boxed Oriental figurine, a box of ceramic door handles, a mirror [third aisle]

LOT 291 £20/30 (02:09PM)

A small Bush flat screen television on clear glass television stand, a Sony DVD player RDR 2X3, a folding stool, a blue tool box and contents, a copper coal scuttle and a slicing machine [third aisle]

LOT 298 £15/30 (02:12PM)

A mixed shelf of items including a wooden painted sign Cavalleria Rusticana, art pads, vases, table lamps, cutlery, wicker carriers, shoe horns, a pair of cat bookends, an enamel cooking pot etc. [G4 & G7]