LOT 209 £20/30 (01:22PM)

An English Waterman 502 fountain pen, Sheaffer brushed steel fountain pen, Parker pen, BR Acme Thunderer whistle, Millennium £5 coin, glass and silver jar, and a silver-handled paper knife.

LOT 212 £40/60 (01:25PM)

Interesting miscellanea, including a bone rattle, costume jewellery including red beads, malachite items including a necklace, two Japanese lacquered horn cigar cases, etc.

LOT 217 £200/250 (01:27PM)

Eleven Roman Antoninianus coins, mostly silver: Gordian III 2438 and 2457, Otacilia Severa 2631 and another, Philip II 2652, Trajan Decius 2690 and 2691, Herennia Etruscilla 2730, Herennius Etruscus 2741, Trebonianus Gallus, and Gallienus

LOT 221 £60/80 (01:29PM)

An early 20th century period poster advertising RMS Queen Elizabeth leaving the Ocean terminal Southampton 'Fastest ocean service in the world' and another poster by Rail to the West for speed and comfort British Railways designed by W Upton.

LOT 221D £30/50 (01:32PM)

A tray of costume jewellery including a pretty diamante necklace, a Mackintosh pen and holder, a Parker Slimfold fountain pen in green enamel case, decorative pearls, etc.

LOT 221E £40/60 (01:32PM)

A carton of interesting items including a number of hat-pins, currency, wrist watches, brooches, miniature candlesticks, dominoes, pocket knives and a James Bond Corgi Aston Martin DB5 with driver and passenger.

LOT 221G £30/50 (01:34PM)

A treasure chest of costume jewellery well presented in bags, by subject, beads, bangles, brooches and a tray of silver jewellery and a chunky coral necklace.

LOT 221K £40/70 (01:37PM)

An interesting lot of ephemera in a metal deed box including two good early 20th century photograph albums, one the record of a pilot with wartime photographs of bi-planes including crashes, military guns, local characters, photographs taken in and throughout Iraq mainly topographical taken by Mr R Hayes, the Chief Draughtsman at Handley Page, who was awarded The Distinguished Flying Medal by escaping from hostile Arabs travelling hanging on to the wing of an escaping plane. Other papers includes an early 20th century postcard photograph of a group of motorcyclists preparing to race including a silver Motorcycle Racing Medal awarded to S Wells 1925, wedding photographs, commemorative crowns, etc.

LOT 222 £60/90 (01:37PM)

Four stamp albums one combining loose pages very well presented with stamps of the Commonwealth including good early 20th century mint stamps from Ceylon, India, including 75th Anniversary of UPU 1949, Independence 1948, an album partly filled in with British stamps 1939 on, an album of First Day Covers unaddressed, etc. and a quantity of loose stamps in two cartons.

LOT 222A £15/25 (01:37PM)

A lot containing a quantity of cigarette cards some in original cigarette packets including Woodbine, fountain pens, loose coins in old coin bags, paper money, etc.

LOT 222B £20/30 (01:37PM)

Two wartime presentations one the Siege of Arnhem Bridge framed with a parachute regiment sleeve badge and story of the siege and a First Day Cover commemorating airborne forces in Palestine 1945-1948 signed by Major Tom Duffy both framed and glazed.

LOT 222E £40/70 (01:39PM)

A lot of interesting curiosities including a Victorian needleworker's box containing thimbles, pincushions and a wax roll, another including mother-of-pearl handled implements and old needles, a circular block of Vinolia soap, a carton by Goode & Co of steel pen nibs, a Jubilee Medal 1935, an original Nivex vest pocket detectoscope for an electrician (price 8/6d), two items of treen one 'Inimitable strap' an advertising product by W & A Smith, Makers to His Majesty, and a rolling pin celebrating Christmas containing original pencil and rubber, a Japanese hair-pin, humorous cocktail-type sticks each with tiny model gymnasts, a powder compact styled as a suitcase with BOAC travel labels, a Silver Jubilee paint-box and an original British made Disneyland 'The New Eagle' movie projector in its original box with slides, etc.

LOT 222G £30/50 (01:41PM)

An interesting lot of old card games including 'The Counties of England', 'Baba', 'Wordex', 'Snap', 'Colomino', 'Light Refreshment', 'Animal Grab', 'St George and the Dragon', 'Happy Family', cardboard coins in an old cigarette box, 'The Auctioneer', etc. and a carton of cigarette cards stuck in appropriate albums along with loose cards.

LOT 222K £20/30 (01:41PM)

Two cartons one full of old cigarette lighters many in bits and a selection of decorative items, napkin rings, miniature jugs, knife rests, other miniature items, etc.

LOT 222L £15/20 (01:44PM)

A box lid containing a quantity of early 20th century photographs mainly domestic, empty cigarette boxes including Craven 'A', Gold Flake, Tenner, playing cards and a quantity of old Dinky toys.

LOT 222N £10/15 (01:44PM)

A carton of postcards produced by The Times each with a group title, for example 'Famous Hunts', 'Castles of England', 'With the Fleet' and loose cards along with a 1971 Veteran Car calendar.

LOT 222Q £25/35 (01:46PM)

A Victorian volume of "The Pilgrim's Progress", a stamp album of loose pages by country including stamps of China, a quantity of costume jewellery, powder compacts, scent bottles, two copies of Picture Post: 'The Life of Goring 1939' and 'The Men of the Graf Spee', a copy of The Evening News 10th May 1940 'Hitler Invades Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg', a hand mirror and brushes with guilloche enamelled backs, etc. along with a quantity of rolled Ordinance Survey sheets.

LOT 222X £30/40 (01:49PM)

An interesting lot of ephemera from the estate of the late Miss Vera Evison who was an archaeologist still being consulted in 100th year including notes on digs, drawings of finds, etc. in three cartons.

LOT 222Y £30/40 (01:51PM)

A carton of writing paper, cards, envelopes etc. from Smythson, a box of cards with envelopes from Tiffany & Co. and a sketch pad of coloured pages in a leather folder.

LOT 222Z £30/40 (01:51PM)

An interesting collection of decorative wrist watches including four version of Clik, a Seiko Chronograph, Lorus ladies watches, etc., a Compaq hand-held appliance, a small quantity of costume jewellery, etc.

LOT 224 £150/250 (01:51PM)

Three World Cup albums of special stamps, well-presented stock books, and an album from Westminster Stamps 'The Great Britain Commemorative Coin Cover' of Royal Family First Day Covers each incorporating a coin,(13 albums) and a special edition 1994 The Collection of Australian Stamps, and a tin of loose stamps.

LOT 226 £100/150 (01:55PM)

A very large quantity of EPNS King's pattern cutlery, including various knives, fish eaters and servers, etc., and also a silver-handled pie server, with a quantity of Tarnprufe cutlery rolls

LOT 230 £60/80 (01:57PM)

Modern silver-plated items, comprising: three dish stands with Pyrex liners, one also with cover; Italian shaped tray; large water jug in glass and metal; bowl with stand; pierced bowl; and a woven basket

LOT 232 £50/80 (01:57PM)

A quantity of EPNS Jesmond pattern cutlery, a pair of plated candlesticks, other plated items, knives, etc., together with a brass Hanukkah candelabrum, and a George V light gauge silver Kiddush goblet, all contained in a carton and an oak canteen

LOT 236 £30/40 (01:59PM)

A carton of plated items containing an EPNS part-gadrooned tea and coffee service, other tea ware, a quantity of Old English cutlery, cased items, etc.

LOT 237 £600/800 (01:59PM)

A spectacular EPNS table service, almost all by Roberts & Belk, of Georgian pattern with shaped gadrooned rims, comprising: 2 salmon dishes, 29.7 in; 3 oval dishes, 21 and 23 in; 4 circular dishes, 16 in; a smaller circular dish; 24 plates, 12.2 in; and 24 small plates, 6.3 in; together with a pair of sauceboats with stands of related design, and a quantity of Tarnprufe and other bags

LOT 238 £25/35 (02:02PM)

A cutlery tray, containing a Viner's plated King's pattern service for six, together with a cheese knife, sugar tongs, and an American sterling jam spoon

LOT 240 £15/20 (02:02PM)

A carton containing a Harrods EPNS muffin dish, bottle stand, two cased sets of fish eaters, and a few other items, together with a filled silver inkwell

LOT 242 £40/60 (02:04PM)

A large quantity of mixed EPNS Old English cutlery in a small carton, other cutlery in a metal box, and a large carton containing knives, plated entree dishes, cutlery cases, wirework basket, etc.

LOT 244 £100/150 (02:04PM)

A quantity of 20th century plated items, comprising: 2 punch bowls, 2 salvers, 2 water jugs, a pair of vases, a sauceboat on stand, a tea and coffee service, and a set of 12 ornate table mats

LOT 245 £60/80 (02:04PM)

Two cartons containing EPNS and other items, including mainly little-used King's pattern cutlery, some other cutlery, a candle snuffer, fish servers, grape scissors, a cased Harrods condiment set, lidded ashtrays, decanter stands, a large number of individual salt and pepper shakers, oval dish, Indian bowl, tray, etc., and several Tarnprufe cutlery rolls

LOT 246 £60/80 (02:07PM)

Two cartons of silver-plated items, including a pair of candelabra, ornate pierced circular basket, tazzae, tea wares, etc., together with a silver ashtray

LOT 248 £50/80 (02:07PM)

A carton of silver-plated items, late Victorian and later, including a cased set of fruit eaters for 12, with silver shanks, Sheffield 1897, a 'well and tree' dish, covered bowl, basket, unusual leaf-shaped egg stand, etc.

LOT 249 £30/50 (02:07PM)

A quantity of silver-plated items, including a very ornate long tray, hot water jugs, salad servers, a basket, etc., together with a pair of filled silver dwarf candlesticks and a late Victorian silver baby's hairbrush

LOT 250 £40/60 (02:09PM)

An Edwardian set of fruit eaters for 12 in oak case, with mother-of-pearl handles, silver shanks, Sheffield 1909; a cased set of plated fish eater; a cased pair of fish servers; and a silver sauce ladle

LOT 252 £60/80 (02:09PM)

A Barker Ellis silver-plated reproduction tea and coffee service, of melon form with engraved decoration; and an Asprey caviar bowl with associated glass liner

LOT 253 £80/120 (02:09PM)

Modern Christofle silver-plated items, comprising: a salmon dish, 69.5 cm; eagle-headed sauceboat on fixed stand; small rectangular tray; and two pairs of fish servers in card boxes

LOT 255 £60/80 (02:11PM)

A good Mappin & Webb Art Deco EPNS cocktail shaker, a matching sugar caster and pair of salt and pepper shakers, together with a shaped square tray, a pair of candlesticks, and a pair of goblets

LOT 256 £60/80 (02:11PM)

An unusual EPNS wine bottle holder, circa 1900, by TW&S, no. 3966; a late Victorian gallery tray by James Dixon, stamped with ferns; an elaborate trefoil dish with shell and coral detailing; and an ornate circular basket

LOT 258 £600/800 (02:14PM)

An impressive Portuguese 833 silver salver, circa 1900, retailed by Guia of Lisbon, shaped circular, with applied floral rim, on four feet, Oporto hallmark, 51 cm, 86 ozt

LOT 262 £350/400 (02:16PM)

An ornate Elizabeth II silver shallow dish, with elaborately pierced border and applied vine rim, 12 in, Sheffield 1964, and a similar smaller oval dish with central inscription, 42 ozt

LOT 263 £300/400 (02:16PM)

A William IV silver salver of Irish interest, engraved with a coat of arms and inscribed 'Presented to James Carnegie Esq. by William Waggett, Recorder of Cork, 1828' within a possibly later florally chased border, applied floral scroll rim, on three feet, 12.5 in, London 1830, 32.3 ozt