LOT 207 £30/40 (01:27PM)

An interesting lot including a collection of embossed postcards each featuring verses from the Lord's Prayer, invitations to a Royal Garden Party and viewing at a Royal wedding, a carved meerschaum and amber pipe set with foxes in original box, a German tinplate jumping frog, a carved hand pommel, mother-of-pearl folding scissors, dog whistle with compass, miniature snuff-box, etc.

LOT 209 £20/30 (01:29PM)

The original artwork for The Dorchester Hotel restaurant announcing a show by The Footlights for 1951, early Dorchester advertising cards for Christmases including 1945, a collection of Benson & Hedges advertising postcards, decimal coins, a silver-plated cigarette case and a small box of toys including a Corgi Datsun 2407, figures, stamps and coins etc.

LOT 210 £40/60 (01:29PM)

A box containing an early pocket barometer made by George London of Dundee in original case, an old brass-cased compass, a Victorian damp detector in original leather case, a Claude Valentini modern wristwatch and other wristwatches including Boss, a slide viewer, pretty enamelled gilt-metal purse mirror and a collection of playing cards, card games, games, etc.

LOT 211 £30/40 (01:29PM)

A pair of Victorian photograph portraits highlighted in watercolour each in its original leather case, a mother-of-pearl cigarette holder, a silver brooch embossed with the portrait of Joan of Arc, a silver musical medallion, a small crucifix, a silver ring with hinged compartment, a pretty marcasite leaf brooch, a vesta, etc.

LOT 214 £50/80 (01:32PM)

An interesting lot including an early 20th century leather wallet with fancy silver corners, silver mounted purse, other purses, a pro-curler 'The Bob Pin Automatic Hair Curler' from America, old spectacles, whistle, pen-knife, a pretty beadwork purse, a large diamante and metal-work buckle, enamelled buckles, miniature shoes and socks, a hairbrush, 'The Road to Ruin' vest buttons on original card mount illustrating drink, horse-racing, dancing, gambling, etc., and a blue plastic tray containing a silver-backed hairbrush, boxed curling tongs and boot hook, costume jewellery, opera glasses, empty jewel boxes, etc.

LOT 217 £80/120 (01:34PM)

An interesting lot in three cartons including old costume jewellery, a pair of coral and enamel earrings, diamante buckles, hair combs and decorations, an unusual metal brooch incorporating a glass phial for a corsage, compacts, beads, pens, etc.

LOT 219 £35/50 (01:34PM)

An interesting lot including a suitcase of costume jewellery, compacts, a wrist watch, box of beads and a box of games including Snakes & Ladders, Monopoly, Totopoly, and Bacon's Motor Road Map of England and Wales, and a red shoe-box including a charming early 20th century photograph album of a comfortable middle-class family with farm, motor-car, bicycles, spectacles, etc.

LOT 221 £30/50 (01:37PM)

An interesting lot in two cartons mainly of early photographs mainly 20th century including a japanned tin full of photographs, also two volumes of Harmsworth's History of the World, an interesting small collection of local postcards mainly Uxbridge, etc.

LOT 222 £30/40 (01:37PM)

A Victorian box from Berry & Co. Homoeopathic Chemists, Northampton, containing small bottles of homoeopathic pills and a lid containing a large mother-of-pearl pen-knife with one silver and four steel blades, other knives, an early snuff-box, a carved cheroot holder, paper-knife, a Norwegian metal paper-knife, a Victorian olivewood Book of Flowers from the Holy Land, an antique ivory dice shaker, a dagger, two fans, etc.

LOT 226 £40/60 (01:39PM)

Three fox-hunting Stevengraphs in original ebonized frames, a reproduction silhouette in maple frame, two small embroideries, a portrait miniature of a lady in a pierced gilt-metal frame, a scrap-book cut-out of an escaping horse, and a drawing of a cat by Caroline Leech.

LOT 227 £20/30 (01:39PM)

Two cardboard lids one containing an early photograph album, an antique ivory ruler by Harris of London, pen-knife, fan, costume jewellery, and a limited memento made from the Portland Stone used in the restoration of St Martin-in-the-Fields in 1952, etc.

LOT 229 £40/70 (01:41PM)

An interesting lot including an old cork-screw, tortoiseshell spectacles, a folding ruler, scales, a treen, egg-shaped box, an old purse, a carved lion's head, a metal hand note clip, an oilstone and The Strand Stamp Album including a small selection of Great Britain stamps including a 6d purple Revenue Stamp dated 1873, Penny Reds, etc.

LOT 232 £15/20 (01:41PM)

Two wartime presentations one the Siege of Arnhem Bridge framed with a parachute regiment sleeve badge and story of the siege and a First Day Cover commemorating airborne forces in Palestine 1945-1948 signed by Major Tom Duffy both framed and glazed.

LOT 239 £35/50 (01:46PM)

A Victorian half-crown 1889, a Victorian crown 1891, an Edward VII crown 1902, a George VI half-crown 1937, a George VI two-shilling piece 1937 and four one-shilling coins two of them Victorian, one George VI and one Edward VII, etc.

LOT 252 £80/120 (01:50PM)

A large quantity of silver-plated wares, in three cartons and loose, including a Viners tea and coffee service on matching tea tray, several galleried trays, other tea and coffee services, serving dishes, baskets, goblets, etc.

LOT 274 £180/200 (02:02PM)

A good set of six George III Scottish silver Celtic Point tablespoons, Edinburgh 1806, three pairs of Victorian silver and mother-of-pearl fruit eaters, a similar unmarked fork, and two silver cigarette cases, 17.9 ozt weighable, together with a quantity of plated cutlery, mainly with mother-of-pearl handles, a knife rest and a collapsible beaker

LOT 276 £70/90 (02:04PM)

Interesting small silver: an antique Canadian napkin ring on lifelike bird feet, inscribed 'Alfred', by Lash & Co.; an Edwardian matchbox cover by W. Comyns, stamped with lilies; a Fiddle pattern caddy spoon, London 1810; a small vesta case; two child's spoons; and an Italian 800 lady's cigarette case, 7.8 ozt

LOT 278 £160/180 (02:04PM)

Silver, comprising: presentation cigar case to W.P. Luscombe Detective in the CID, dated 1904; set of six Victorian Exeter Fiddle pattern teaspoons; five Georgian teaspoons and a sugar tongs; child's spoon; salt; and set of four Egyptian nielloed menu holders; 21 ozt

LOT 283 £35/45 (02:09PM)

Sundry English silver: an Edwardian combination vesta holder and ashtray, Birmingham 1909, a Georgian sauce ladle, a sugar tongs, pair of silver-mounted salts, pair of loaded vases, and buttonhook with silver handle, 3.5 ozt weighable

LOT 284 £80/100 (02:09PM)

Small English silver: an ornate late Victorian pillbox, Birmingham 1900; a pair of silver-mounted glass noggins, Birmingham 1917, with one 'Whiskey' label; mustard pot with spoon; pair of salts with spoons; and a pair of Georgian salt spoons

LOT 285 £1000/1500 (02:09PM)

A walnut canteen of Art Deco silver cutlery for eight by Cooper Brothers, in Glamis pattern, almost all Sheffield 1958, comprising eight each of: tablespoons, table forks, dessert spoons, dessert forks, teaspoons, coffee spoons, fish knives and fish forks with hollow handles, steel table and cheese knives with hollow handles, four serving spoons, and three steel carvers with hollow silver handles; together with extra items: nine pastry forks, two small servers, and a teaspoon, 119 ozt weighable; also a German 12 standard sugar tongs, a plated sugar tongs, and four plated salt spoons, in an associated fitted case

LOT 286 £200/300 (02:09PM)

A Guild of Handicraft silver chalice, with hammered bowl and hexagonal foot, the latter applied with a gold cross set with three small diamonds, the underside with inscription dated 1945, London 1944, 15.4 ozt, together with two silver-plated ciboria, one with original plated cover, the other with probably replacement silver cover with Birmingham hallmark for 1928