LOT 202 £30/40 (01:11PM)

A Victorian red velvet jewel box with gilt metal handle and clasp including a quantity of pretty costume jewellery, a silver Tiffany heart, a pretty diamante necklace, a micro mosaic brooch etc.

LOT 203 £30/50 (01:14PM)

Interesting old items including an old pencil containing a Stanhope with pictures of Chelmsford, other old pencils, dominoes, an Omega gents wristwatch with baton markers and date and sweeping seconds, silver brooches and a few stamps etc.

LOT 204 £030/50 (01:14PM)

A quantity of modern costume jewellery including Mappin & Webb H.M. silver cufflinks, bangles, a child's christening bangle, fob pendants, simulated pearl necklaces, diamante brooches etc.

LOT 206 £15/25 (01:14PM)

A collection of old mid 20th century newspapers from India including The Statesman, The Illustrated Weekly of India, a copy of Newmans Indian Bradshaw August 1945 in good condition, maps showing Indian railways, a Bombay Docks reconstruction and illustrated booklet, an album of photographic studies of Iraq by Oliver A R F Butler, items on British royalty etc.

LOT 214 £20/40 (01:19PM)

An amateur stamp album, an album of cigarette cards, an album of matchbox covers, a locomotive journal 1963 and other papers, a copy of the LMS list of locomotives for engine spotters etc.

LOT 219 £25/35 (01:23PM)

A lot of postal history including First Day Covers, postcards, an interesting cover from 1881 and the signatures from gardeners question time on an appropriate cover 1987

LOT 220 £30/50 (01:23PM)

Three boxes containing decorative jewellery, an enamelled brooch, a vesta case "Long Live The King", miniature mouth organ, hard stone jewellery pieces, old wallets and a collection of early postcards

LOT 226 £30/50 (01:26PM)

A mixed lot including an LP of Dylan Thomas narrating Under Milkwood with original cast May 14 1953. a quantity of lapel pins including Battle for Bread Volunteer 1946, a quantity of cutlery, old beer mats etc.

LOT 227 £15/20 (01:28PM)

Old postcards, a Coronation medal 1935, London Transport photographic slides, a porcelain flower brooch, a knife and sheath, old printing items, an Echo portable radio in original box etc. and three pewter tankards

LOT 231A £30/50 (01:31PM)

Early glamour calendars produced by Standard "The Best Builders Merchants in the Trade" 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964 each featuring a naked model photographed by Walter Bird

LOT 232 £25/35 (01:31PM)

Two cartons containing ephemera including Men Only, 1959 Daily Mail Coronation Souvenir Issue and other national newspapers of the time, Royal postcards, a scrap book of old humour, editions of Hobby c.1936, copies of Picture Post and two books on the Great War

LOT 233 £20/30 (01:31PM)

A marble desk blotter with a gilt handle, a pair of pretty gilt frames with eagle surmounts for miniature pictures, a pair of binoculars, an early Voigtlander camera and case and a glamorous bead necklace

LOT 239A £30/40 (01:35PM)

A lot of ephemera including editions of ‘Current Affairs’ and ‘War’, publications “Not to be Communicated Either Directly or Indirectly to the Press or Any Person Not Holding an Official Position in His Majesties Service” dated 1943, early newspapers such as the Balkan News 1917 and the Times 1805 along with a collection of sheet music including popular piano tunes

LOT 239B £150/200 (01:35PM)

A spectacular stamp collection assembled with great care and attention in five albums covering GB, Commonwealth, Europe and USA, a box of Post Office and other postcards and a display of Post Office postcards behind glass, first day covers, etc.

LOT 240 £40/50 (01:38PM)

Two matching early 20th century Masonic badges, a number of silver fob medals, some blank, a pair of Football Association cufflinks and a small Masonic badge with Steward ribbon,

LOT 240A £40/70 (01:38PM)

Eight commemorative £5 coins, eleven modern crowns, two gilt medal dollars, six commemorative £2 coins, git metal wedding band, a quantity of mainly British currency, mainly British but including Indian, and six £1 notes

LOT 240B £30/40 (01:40PM)

Currency including UK bronze coins including two George lll 2 pence pieces, a Edward Vlll Coronation medallion 1937, crowns and other silver coins UK and foreign, ten mint 10 shilling notes signed J S Fforde with sequential numbers from C39N 428041, six mint £1 notes signed J S Fford and two other notes and a quantity of tin tokens from Williams Bros. Stores

LOT 250 £150/200 (01:43PM)

Cook Islands proof silver coins, comprising: 24 Great Explorer crowns, 1998, in case; two 1973 Coronation Anniversary $2 crowns; a 2000 Queen Mother Centenary $1 crown; a 1991 Man on the Moon $5; and a 1994 Captain Cook $10; approximately18.2 ozt

LOT 253 £180/220 (01:45PM)

Seven silver medals: Thomas Beauchamp Centenary, 1979, 300 gm; Sir Christopher Wren, 1973, Britannia standard, 200 gm; 1965 German Royal Visit, fine silver (2); Queen Mother 95th Birthday; Sir Francis Drake; and Devon D-Day 1994; approximately 20 ozt

LOT 255 £250/300 (01:45PM)

A collection of 1998 Football World Cup proof silver coins, comprising: 23 of crown size – France, in cases of issue (8), Gibraltar (4), Isle of Man (4), Andorra, Bahamas, Cuba, Gambia, Malawi, Turkey; and Zaire; and 11 in smaller sizes – France (4), San Marino (2), Bulgaria, Cook Islands, Congo, Russia, and Spain; together with a French coin of 2000 in case of issue (35)

LOT 262 £40/60 (01:50PM)

A large quantity of base metal foreign coins, mainly recent, including Australian Olympics gilt $5, BVI specimen set, and various medallions; together with bank notes including a USA 1950 $5, three later dollars, Japanese Government wartime issues, etc.

LOT 264 £40/60 (01:50PM)

Seven modern Chinese silver coins: 10 yuan (x 2) – Guanyin with fan, and with mirror, 1999; and 5 yuan (x 5) – Kublai Khan 1989, Li Zicheng 1990, Bronze Age 1992, Tuned Bells 1994, Zhuangzhi 1997.

LOT 265 £100/150 (01:52PM)

11 Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee proof silver crown coins, GB and Commonwealth, all in plastic capsules, eight in Spink case and three in Royal Mint cases of issue, together with a 1977 Canadian Silver Jubilee proof silver dollar, in case of issue (12)

LOT 266 £60/80 (01:52PM)

A 1935 'Rocking Horse' crown coin, a 1925 half-crown (poor state), four other half-crowns, a florin, a shilling, and two sixpences, all in 500 silver (3.8 ozt); together with 4.8 ozt of 925 silver coins

LOT 267 £40/60 (01:52PM)

A 1952 South African specimen coin set, farthing to crown, in case of issue; and a 1973 Barbados proof specimen coin set, cent to 10 dollars, in case of issue

LOT 269 £150/200 (01:55PM)

An interesting collection of American silver coins, comprising: six Morgan dollars, 1883, 1884, 1884 O, 1885, 1890, 1921; two Peace dollars, 1922 and 1923; nine half-dollars including Columbian and Booker T. Washington; six quarter-dollars; five dimes; and two half-dimes; all in plastic packaging (30)

LOT 273 £60/80 (01:57PM)

22 Isle of Man coins, comprising a 1992 one-twentieth ozt platinum noble, in capsule and Pobjoy case; a 1978 proof silver £1, and a 1979 proof silver crown, both in Pobjoy cases; a 1981 £5; five Churchill £5s; two Mansell £2s; three £1s; six crowns, 1972-1996; and a TT 50 pence

LOT 274 £320/380 (01:57PM)

17 silver proof coins, comprising: four Panama Bolivar 20 Balboas, 1972 (2), 1973 and 1974; two Jamaica $25s, 1978 Coronation Jubilee and 1979 Investiture Jubilee; St Helena 1973 Tercentenary 25 pence (2); all in cases of issue; 1972 Bermuda Silver Wedding $1s (2); 2001 Falklands 75th Birthday Piedfort 50 pence; ditto Tristan da Cunha; 1975 Tonga Centenary 20 Pa'anga; Samoa/Kiribati 2000 $5; Fiji 1997 Golden Wedding $10; Turks and Caicos Queen Mother 5 crowns (2); 39.7 ozt

LOT 275 £300/400 (01:57PM)

A quantity of modern foreign silver coins, comprising: Russian five-coin 1980 Olympics set, in case; Cayman Islands 1972 $25 (2); Bahamas 1973 $5 (2); Canada $1 (4); Mexico 1968 25 Pesos (3); France 100 Francs, 1982-1986 (9); Austria 50 Schilling, 1970-1974 (6); Netherlands 2.5 Guilders, 1959-1961 (5); and various others, including Sweden, Lesotho, Spain, Germany, etc., and a Maria Theresia proof Thaler; 39.2 ozt

LOT 276 £120/150 (01:57PM)

A quantity of coins, comprising: Malta proof silver specimen set, £1-£5, in case of issue; three Gibraltar proof silver-gilt crowns, 2000-2001; two Turks and Caicos ditto, 1997; two Guernsey proof silver 2009 £5 – Mary Rose and Moon Landing; Guernsey proof silver Golden Wedding £1; two Gibraltar 1993 silver 14 Ecu; Jersey 2009 silver £5; together with 12 large base metal coins from Guernsey, Jersey and Gibraltar

LOT 277 £200/250 (02:05PM)

A good modern EPNS Bead pattern cutlery service for eight by Silvaseal, in a wooden canteen, including matching carvers and knives, ladles, etc., together with a quantity of white-handled knives and fish eaters

LOT 279 £40/60 (02:05PM)

A large silver-plated footed centrepiece bowl, a pair of EPNS hors d'oeuvres stands with glass trays, an Art Deco fruit bowl, a crumb scoop, and a set of fish eaters in oak case

LOT 286 £30/40 (02:09PM)

A canteen of mixed EPNS cutlery, including Viners, together with a small carton of oddments, including a presentation fish slice dated 1866, other serving pieces, etc.

LOT 287 £60/80 (02:09PM)

A pair of American Rogers silver-plated large vegetable dishes with covers and Pyrex liners, ornate footed centrepiece bowl, and a large oval deep dish, together with a Viners Studio pattern stainless steel cutlery service for approximately eight, in original box

LOT 294 £330/350 (02:14PM)

Austro-Hungarian 800 silver comprising butter dish with cover and glass bowl, glass tumbler in stand, two sugar baskets, double sweetmeats, bowl, and engraved stand, together with two German footed sweetmeats and a silver-topped jar, 47.3 ozt

LOT 296 £320/350 (02:14PM)

A quantity of Hungarian 800 silver cutlery, c.1900, mainly serving pieces, together with two salts, a sugar basin, a spoon fragment, and a pair of 835 napkin rings, 46 ozt

LOT 297 £120/150 (02:17PM)

Swedish 830 silver, comprising: an ornate milk jug, probably 1864; a filled candlestick, 1865; a tablespoon, probably 1794; and three teaspoons; 8.5 ozt weighable

LOT 298 £40/60 (02:17PM)

A plain silver photograph frame, London 1913, containing a period photograph of a young Royal Artillery officer, together with a late Victorian silver-topped glass jar and a match-holder made from the wood of HMS Victory