LOT 218 £30/50 (01:17PM)

An interesting collection of costume jewellery, including modern silver rings, wristwatches, chains, brooches, rings and earrings, and a collection of freshwater pearl necklaces

LOT 222 £20/30 (01:19PM)

A fruit box containing a collection of old cigarette lighters and cases, old pamphlets, books, and maps, book matches, a silver-plated teapot and water jug, tins, and an embroidered tablecloth in original box, etc.

LOT 223 £50/70 (01:19PM)

Costume jewellery including two gold signet rings one 9ct the other 10ct 9.2gms gross, a meerschaum and amber pipe carved as a ladies cuff her hand supporting the bowl, cigarette cases, cigarette lighters and a plastic jewel box.

LOT 226 £25/35 (01:21PM)

A small suitcase containing albums of cigarette cards, cigarette cards sorted into envelopes, three armorial plaques, two silk scarves, a pair of decorative Japanese earrings, a medal and a presentation spoon with the coat of arms for Kwansei Gakuin, Japan, etc.

LOT 228 £15/20 (01:24PM)

The Swan Lake ballet music on 78 rpm records by London Philharmonic Orchestra conductor Antal Dorati in original folder, The Handy Royal Atlas produced by W & A K Johnston Ltd leather-bound, 1910 and a small collection of cigarette cards some in albums.

LOT 229 £20/30 (01:24PM)

A collection of costume jewellery in a leather box and other boxes including a diamante and green stone brooch, gilt metal brooches, watches, necklaces, etc. and currency including four crowns, two Kennedy dollars and a 1986 two pound coin, etc.

LOT 230 £25/35 (01:24PM)

An extensive collection of cigarette cards well-presented in labelled sets and part sets, a framed collection of cigarette cards, a tin of unused stamps, and a small collection of 78 rpm records including Winifred Atwell.

LOT 232 £15/20 (01:26PM)

A tin of vintage lead farm animals, two brass bosun's whistles, a 925 stamped silver bracelet, a miniature tureen and cover, an original Deluxe biro in original box, etc.

LOT 234 £30/40 (01:26PM)

An interesting lot within four cartons including Parker and other biros, old record needles, humorous carved bottle stoppers, old early spectacles, an original set of Snap cards, Valet Auto Strop Safety Razor in original box, niello-work bracelet, cigarette case and necklace, old magnifying glasses, a Foursome tobacco mixture box, cigarette lighter, folding binoculars, etc.

LOT 237 £15/25 (01:29PM)

Two cartons of old black and white photographs of different sizes, a 1917 portfolio of prints taken of paintings donated to a sale at Christie’s for the benefit of The British Ambulance Service who were in action in France, and a quantity of old commemorative newspapers mainly early 20th century and a quantity of slides

LOT 238 £30/40 (01:29PM)

A large quantity of UK coinage mainly five pence pieces, a quantity of paper money all foreign, a shoe-box of old postcards, a box of cigarette cards and a set of Big Bang Theory trading cards, etc.

LOT 239 £25/35 (01:29PM)

A silver 'Armada' ashtray, a silver vesta case, pewter flask and boxes, an enamelled box from Althorp, two Swatch wrist watches, Tiffany pen, etc.

LOT 244 £20/30 (01:33PM)

A collection of smart wrist watches including Gianni Ricci, Decennis, rings, a pair of aeroplane cuff-links, pocket watches and two steel bracelets.

LOT 245 £40/70 (01:33PM)

A small wooden crate of wrist watches and a collection of currency including a tine of loose coins UK and other countries, approximately 36 crowns including a Festival of Britain 1951 crown in original box, etc. and a small quantity of mint presentation stamps, etc.

LOT 248 £15/25 (01:36PM)

Eight volumes of Jane's Weapon Systems and Military Vehicles and All The World's Aircraft 1983-87 and Radar and EW Systems 1992-93 along with a file of photographic slides supporting a map-reading instructor's package and two photographic slide magazines on Yugoslavia during the Cold War.

LOT 249 £20/30 (01:36PM)

A comprehensive collection of UK Postmarks frequently with stamps c.1947 filed on cards, a small box of pre-decimal bus, train and other tickets, loose stamps and a quantity of Coronation literature, etc. in two cartons.

LOT 272 £30/40 (01:40PM)

A small carton of silver-plated items, including a tea set, sweetmeat stand, etc., together with a cased set of fish eaters for six and a small Egyptian silver dish

LOT 273 £30/40 (01:40PM)

A carton of EPNS and other metal ware, including a Continental bowl, two baskets, a Turkish tinned copper footed bowl, etc., together with a quantity of cutlery and two trays

LOT 278 £30/40 (01:42PM)

A 1920s Maple & Co. walnut canteen containing Old English EPNS and other cutlery, a cased pair of fish servers, a salmon serving board, and two canteens of Viners Sable pattern steel cutlery designed by Gerald Benney

LOT 281 £60/80 (01:44PM)

A quantity of silver-plated items, including an attractive Edwardian footed shell bowl with applied squirrel, 1950s Elkington four-piece tea set, shaped oblong tea tray, small baskets, date box, cutlery, etc.

LOT 282 £30/40 (01:44PM)

Two cartons of silver-plated items, including a cocktail shaker, Old Sheffield snuffers tray, Elkington long skewer, cased and loose cutlery, etc., together with two 800-handled tea knives

LOT 285 £30/40 (01:47PM)

An EPNS four-piece tea service of bun shape, and a cased set of fish eaters, together with other oddments of cutlery and an ivorene paper knife with 835 handle dated 1940

LOT 288 £80/120 (01:49PM)

A good 20th century Mappin & Webb silver-plated champagne bucket of urn form, together with an EPBM biscuit barrel and a set of modern stainless steel cutlery in a rustic knot design

LOT 289 £80/100 (01:49PM)

Small English silver, comprising: a Victorian pronged spoon, London 1851, pickle fork, four ashtrays, small vase, a pair of loaded dwarf candlesticks, and six silver-handled tea knives, and also a French 950 pickle fork, 9.2 ozt weighable, together with a small quantity of plated items, including a pair of candle holders and cutlery

LOT 290 £20/30 (01:49PM)

A George III silver sugar tongs of unusually small size, bright-cut engraved, 10 cm, London 1813, and an American sterling child's fork, together with a small quantity of plated cutlery

LOT 292 £120/150 (01:52PM)

An Italian 800 silver coffee service, comprising pot and milk jug with wooden handles and a covered sugar basin, together with a miniature decorative ewer and two German fruit spoons, 20 ozt gross

LOT 295 £160/180 (01:54PM)

Silver cutlery, comprising a Rat-tail soup ladle, Sheffield 1931, a three-piece child's set in case, a late 19th century American ladle by Vanderslice & Co. of San Francisco, four ornate American teaspoons, five 13 standard teaspoons, and a cased set of 12 Norwegian silver-gilt and enamel coffee spoons, 21.3 ozt

LOT 297 £60/80 (01:54PM)

A pair of George V filled silver candlesticks of plain columnar form, 5 in, Birmingham 1920/21, together with a Victorian silver snuffbox, now mounted on a white metal base, Birmingham 1856

LOT 298 £60/80 (01:54PM)

Sundry silver, comprising a George V toast rack, late Victorian silver and ivory jam spoon, enamelled hand mirror and hairbrush, souvenir spoon, small frame, and silver-handled cake knife

LOT 300 £120/150 (01:56PM)

Small silver, comprising a good set of six apostle coffee spoons, Sheffield 1904, set of six grapefruit spoons, condiment set with spoon, silver-topped caster and silver-handled butter knife, together with two 800 teaspoons and six unmarked ornate teaspoons (test as 800), approximately 19.5 ozt of silver