LOT 201 £40/60 (12:58PM)

A 9 ct gold pendant and earrings, two rows of paste pearls, some silver filigree brooches, a Wedgwood pendant and chain, three silver coins, five shilling pieces, and three pendants and chains

LOT 204 £100/150 (01:01PM)

A lovely scarf pin in 14 ct and 9 ct gold styled as a riding crop mounted with a fox mask within a stirrup, 3.5 in long, estimated gross weight 5.1 gm; together with a single-stone turquoise tie pin

LOT 218 £180/220 (01:08PM)

Two yellow metal rings with pictures, a yellow metal chain and charm, a yellow metal twisted brooch, and a red metal ring and pendant, best test 9 ct, gross estimated weight 12.9 gm

LOT 226 £120/180 (01:13PM)

A set of mother of pearl, enamel and gilt metal gentleman's buttons, in case, a horseshoe tie pin, a pair of 9 ct gold cufflinks and a 9 ct gold tie stud, estimated gold weight of links and stud 8.5 gm

LOT 228 £110/130 (01:15PM)

A Georg Jensen silver pendant comprising three abstract triangles, design 138 by Ibe Dahlquist, marked and stamped 925 S Denmark, with associated chain.

LOT 240 £40/50 (01:22PM)

Two modern stylish silver necklaces, one combining six rope twist chains, the other comprising flexible silver rods styled as a seedpods, and three bangles, two with engraved decoration

LOT 241 £30/50 (01:22PM)

Modern silver jewellery, comprising a bangle of squares and circles, four chains, two of them very long, a ring of multiple circles, another similar, a pill box, a ring shank, and, in the style of Georg Jensen, a pair of comma-shaped earrings and a knuckle ring

LOT 246 £40/60 (01:25PM)

An interesting collection of miscellanea, including: silver and other vintage and later costume jewellery, watches, lighters, silver guardsman child's spoon, slide rule, Parker Duofold fountain pen, coins, pink Bakelite musical box, etc.

LOT 247 £60/80 (01:27PM)

A 19th century Chinese Canton fan, the brown lacquer sticks and guards gilt with figure scenes, the paper leaf with figure scenes featuring applied painted faces and fabric clothing, together with a later European black lace fan

LOT 248 £150/250 (01:27PM)

A charming 18th century Continental table snuff box in boxwood, the lift-off lid carved with hearts within a military trophy, the sides with foliate scrolls, 7.7 cm long

LOT 249 £60/80 (01:27PM)

Miscellaneous small items, almost all silver, 800 to 925, including coffee spoons, other implements, bangles and other jewellery, etc., 11.6 ozt gross

LOT 250 £20/30 (01:27PM)

Sundry items, including a late Victorian necessaire retaining some of the contents, antique Indian elephant carving, two paper knives, a pair of knife rests, silver toothpick, three boxes, and a scent bottle

LOT 251 £30/50 (01:30PM)

Medals, etc., apparently awarded to N.R. Beszant, comprising: 39-45 Star, Burma Star, Defence and War medals, mounted for wearing, dog tags, silver boxing medal, 14th Army cloth badges, etc.

LOT 252 £80/120 (01:30PM)

Medals, comprising Mons Star with clasp awarded to Pte S. Freedman ASC; BWM and Victory with oak leaf medal to Capt S. Freeman [NB names Freedman and Freeman correct]; BWM and Victory medal to Fwn H.K. Toler OMAAC (the latter re-engraved); two Defence medals; a ribbon bar; and a CBE in case

LOT 253 £20/30 (01:30PM)

Five modern dark wood netsuke in a modern Bidri ware box, comprising three as hares, one as two apes, and one as a collie dog, all signed, three on bone inserts

LOT 255 £170/200 (01:32PM)

English silver, comprising: a late Victorian butter shell, Sheffield 1895; embossed cream jug, Birmingham 1905; souvenir spoon; ashtray; George VI Asprey silver-overlaid cigarette box; and a silver-lidded powder bowl; together with a sterling sweetmeat dish on four feet; 14 ozt gross excluding box

LOT 256 £300/350 (01:32PM)

9 ct gold, comprising two pairs of cufflinks, 'Anna' chain necklet, pair of Creole earrings, locket, and also a foreign dress ring set with a high-carat Persian small coin, 23.3 gm gross

LOT 258 £80/120 (01:32PM)

9 ct gold, comprising a modern pendant on a fine chain and a pair of matching ear studs, all set with lines of tiny diamonds and of emeralds, and a pair of emerald and diamond drop earrings, 5.5 gm

LOT 260 £280/320 (01:34PM)

An Edwardian 9 ct gold hinged bangle with two rubies and a diamond; a Continental 18 ct seed pearl ring; single 9 ct diamond stud earring; pair of 9 ct emerald ear studs; and a pearl stick pin in 15 ct and 9 ct gold; 20 gm gross; and also a pair of 925 cufflinks

LOT 268 £30/40 (01:35PM)

A miniature gilt-metal figure of Napoleon, a spelter model of St George slaying the dragon, a bone salt spoon carved with a gentian, and a penknife

LOT 272 £40/60 (01:37PM)

From the St Petersburg Collection by Theo Faberge, a limited edition eternity egg, of which this is no. 627, made of bubinga wood, surmounted by the Imperial Crown of Russia set with a cabochon ruby designed to conceal a ring, the base in 24 ct gold-plate, displayed in an octagonal gold-coloured box

LOT 276 £30/50 (01:39PM)

A 9 ct gold cross and bar brooch set with a blue stone, 2.7 gm, a pretty silver buckle brooch, two wristwatches, a gate bracelet, brooches, etc.

LOT 277 £30/50 (01:39PM)

A quantity of interesting mixed jewellery and other items, including two silver bottle labels and other bottle labels, costume jewellery, a cocktail watch set with stones, other watches, including a gentleman's wristwatch by Curren, interesting small jewellery pieces including marcasite earrings, a Rotary lady's wristwatch, a small quantity of coins including approximately 26 silver threepenny pieces, some Victorian, and a crystal column

LOT 279 £40/70 (01:42PM)

A box of military badges presented on cards, a Harrow School bronze medallion, a small quantity of omnibus tickets, a motor car ration book, and an interesting solicitor's letter dated 1898 and, on behalf of a client, offering an owner £1,450 for the 11 houses numbers 40-60 Avenue Street, Fulham

LOT 280 £60/80 (01:42PM)

A Victorian compass by Elliott Bros., Strand, London, in brass with green dial, complete with cover, with owner's name struck through W.G.C. Anstruther

LOT 281 £30/50 (01:42PM)

A lot of silver coinage, including sixpences, shillings, and 10 pence pieces, 23 commemorative crowns, and 12 other foreign coins of crown size

LOT 282 £15/20 (01:44PM)

A very decorative lot of costume jewellery including bangles, including a pair in 925 silver, modern Perspex, one in hardstone, and necklaces one by Monet with black enamelling, and four in silver plate.

LOT 283 £10/20 (01:44PM)

A box containing two 100,000 Mark bank notes, another for 10,000 Marks, a Parker pen with turquoise body and silver lid, a leather pouch of scissors, a mid-20th century Oris wristwatch with metal band, various cufflinks, cigarette lighter, etc.

LOT 284 £30/50 (01:44PM)

A hallmarked engine-turned silver cigarette case, 5 ozt, Masonic jewels, a 1939-45, two Defence medals, a Mappin folding travelling clock, a quantity of bright copper halfpennies, and a copy of Lord Denning's Report, September 1963, into the Profumo affair

LOT 285 £50/90 (01:44PM)

A very ornate silver cigarette case with repousse decoration, 84.4 gm, Birmingham 1817, a small oval silver-faced frame, a folding frame, ornate Continental metal buckles, silver-plated cutlery, salt spoons, etc.