LOT 243 £60/90 (12:40PM)

A silver watch chain attached to a silver pocket watch by Waltham, an engraved silver vesta, a silver shield and a very large gunmetal pocket watch with eight-day movement.

LOT 248 £80/120 (12:42PM)

An ornate Victorian French gilt metal box, the lid with a portrait miniature of a lady holding a King Charles spaniel and a gilt metal and glass watch holder, a small gilt metal pencil and a Swedish Red Cross and gilt metal badge

LOT 255 £50/80 (12:47PM)

A gunmetal pocket watch, a ball pendant lady's watch signed Bucherer, with enamel decoration, a silver and enamelled pin tray, a heart locket, enamelled flower pendant, a small Certina lady's wrist-watch in an 18ct gold case, etc.

LOT 257 £180/250 (12:47PM)

An 18th century English silver pair-cased pocket watch signed Thomas Bruton, Bow, Middx. No. 560 with fusee movement, London 1794, and another silver pair-cased pocket watch by L Eton, London No. 1091, London 1796

LOT 259 £550/700 (12:49PM)

A group of seven medals presented to Lt Cdr J.G. Shilcock RNR, six of them unnamed, comprising an MBE, a Maltese Cross, a 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Pacific Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, and the Cadet Corps Medal, with two bars, along with a set of miniature medals to match and the MBE citation signed by Queen Elizabeth and Philip, also an envelope of five first-day military gallantry medals issued 11 September 1990

LOT 261 £40/70 (12:52PM)

A 9 ct gold Tutankhamen mask pendant, 4 gm, 1 925 modern silver ring, and a small collection of silver and bronze coinage, mainly British, including an 1892 crown, other crowns

LOT 261A £30/50 (12:52PM)

Six decorative plated spoons from Nagasaki, a brass bracelet of Egyptian motifs, various condiment spoons, and a small quantity of old silver currency including two Victorian half-crowns, etc.

LOT 263 £60/100 (12:52PM)

A large Victorian painting on ivory of a domestic scene in a pierced gilt frame, a large portrait miniature of Frederick the Great in military uniform and keywork frame, and two other portrait miniatures

LOT 264 £40/60 (12:54PM)

Two modern silver dollars in presentation case, a Turkish silver medallion, three crowns, other commemorative medallions, and a large number of Russian 100 rouble notes, dated 1910

LOT 266 £50/90 (12:54PM)

A pair of 19th century full-length bronzed silhouettes of a lady and a gentleman, by Frederick Frith, one signed and dated 1845, in ebonised frames, a small silhouette of a lady, and a portrait miniature of a lady, each in a papier-mache frame

LOT 267 £25/30 (12:54PM)

A pair of silver cufflinks, a silver-cased tape measure, a small cup mounted with turquoise, a silver compact, an 800 spoon from Frankfurt, a pierced spoon, etc.

LOT 268 £40/70 (12:57PM)

A Parker 45 fountain pen with 14 ct gold nib, a Parker pen model N with a gold nib, another, a silver-plated pencil, a papier-mache snuff box, two pairs of opera glasses, an 1897 commemorative cranberry glass, etc.

LOT 269 £100/200 (12:57PM)

A group of six medals, a Second World War miniature Distinguished Service medal, a miniature Gulf medal 1990-1991, with bar, a Northern Ireland Campaign medal awarded to 24269680 Pte. D. Sharratt LI., a UN medal, a metal embroidered badge of the Royal Marines Physical Training Instructors, and a Japanese Order of the Rising Sun: Grand Cross breast star

LOT 273 £60/90 (12:59PM)

Two 9ct gold watch bracelets, 12.9 gm, a 9ct gold ladies wrist watch by Dennison, an early 20th century ladies fountain pen by Stewart, a modern Sheaffer pen, another wrist watch, a pretty pendant and chain, a crystal necklace, etc.

LOT 274 £40/70 (01:01PM)

A rare 19th century non-spill ink bottle used on official business, and a miniature set of playing cards by D. Harper & Co. Ltd, Holloway, N7, the 'Cromwell Series' contained in a small wallet

LOT 280 £25/40 (01:04PM)

A pewter seated pig hatpin holder, decorative brooches including an Alpine brooch set with an enamelled edelweiss, cufflinks, beads, old ivory hairbrush, snuff bottle, mounted crown, etc.

LOT 287 £30/40 (01:09PM)

A silver pocket watch, a Morgan-Lee paper trimmer, a Hohner Super Chronomica mouth organ and an Echo Super Vamper mouth organ, a micrometer by Chesterman in Bakelite box, and drawing implements