LOT 201 £25/35 (01:10PM)

An interesting collection of ephemera including the Radio Times Coronation Issue 1953, Union Jack Magazine 1926, approximately eight Elvis Magazines, Elvis Mail, five copies of Art Journal 1852, The Man of Sorrows by Elbert Hubbard produced by The Roycrofters, East Aurora New York 1905 in soft suede binding, four old bottles, retro glasses including Ray-Ban and Versace, etc.

LOT 202 £30/40 (01:10PM)

A model Jaguar R1 race car signed Eddie Irvine, a transportation ticket for Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson fight June 8 2002 (cost 2400 US dollars), a commemorative Atlanta Braves baseball, a wooden model American football for New York Giants, an enamelled Yankees Blvd street sign and a billiard scoreboard, etc.

LOT 204 £60/90 (01:10PM)

Two Verge pair-cased silver pocket watches, one with the name eradicated in working order with porcelain dial, Roman numerals and gilt hands, the other signed Ben. Ralph, London part dismantled, and a Verge Cased pocket watch by Adam Burdess, Coventry in a silver case with an engine turned silver and gilt metal face and second hand around a wreath of flowers.

LOT 205 £30/40 (01:12PM)

Two mosaic tablet brooches – one a pretty marcasite floral display and a bar brooch, a snuff bottle stopper with the head of a satyr, an old turned gavel, an Ex Libris book stamp, pin holder, napkin ring and frog.

LOT 206 £230/280 (01:12PM)

Two letters from Reg Kray, brother of Ronald, one on lined A4 white pad paper with punched holes, the other on two pieces of pink writing paper and a Christmas card along with a Broadmoor Hospital Form 134-1A that relates to opening mail and a Teen and Twenty Disc Club fan letter signed Jimmy Savile, undated.

LOT 226 £40/60 (01:15PM)

A large quantity of silver-plated and other metalware, contained in two large and one small carton, including under plates, salvers, tea ware, cutlery, etc., and a modern silver-handled bread knife

LOT 228 £80/120 (01:15PM)

An interesting collection of silver-plated and other items, in three cartons and loose, including Old Sheffield Plate basket, waiter, and other items, EPNS tea tray, mug, etc.; also mother of pearl– and ivory-handled cutlery, some in a case, pewter and other dishes, etc.

LOT 230 £30/50 (01:17PM)

A quantity of miscellaneous silver-plated and other metalware items, in a carton and four original boxes, including a tea set, candlesticks, candle lamps, etc., together with a silver cigarette box

LOT 231 £40/60 (01:17PM)

A quantity of silver-plated novelties and other metalware, in two cartons, including 'Childhood Memories' piggy bank, brush set, etc., in original boxes, also souvenir spoons, a yacht sculpture, lily candlesticks, tea wares, candelabra, etc.

LOT 232 £20/30 (01:17PM)

A small carton of metalware, including a boxed Arthur Price set of EPNS King's pattern serving pieces, a syphon stand, woven basket, napkin rings, photo album, etc.

LOT 233 £40/60 (01:17PM)

A Viners Parish Collection canteen of stainless steel Dubarry pattern cutlery for eight, 58 pieces, and a small carton of miscellaneous steel and other cutlery

LOT 235 £40/60 (01:19PM)

A carton mainly of EPNS cutlery, including a Continental service in elegant floral pattern, also a set of knives with inlaid bone handles, a decorative dagger in sheath, souvenir spoons, etc.

LOT 236 £10/15 (01:19PM)

A small carton of sundry items, including a 19th century silver-plated wirework basket, a boxed set of Sheba steak knives, other cutlery, Islamic tinned copper dish, etc.

LOT 237 £40/60 (01:19PM)

A small carton of mainly 19th century plated items, including an unusual lidded sauce boat, a pair of Old Sheffield decanter stands, a pair of later decanter stands, condiments, sugar scuttle, sundry cutlery, etc., and a mother of pearl dish

LOT 238 £50/80 (01:22PM)

A carton of plated items, including an unusual Edwardian teapot with overhead handle, the remainder of later date and including a tea service, trefoil and other dishes, candelabra, butter dishes, etc.

LOT 240 £50/80 (01:22PM)

A Regency silver-plated globular hot water urn, an EPNS turnover breakfast dish, crested meat dome, oval dish, and two child's mugs, together with an EPNS Albany pattern gravy spoon

LOT 243 £60/80 (01:24PM)

A modern Viners Guild Silver Collection canteen of Bead pattern plated cutlery for eight, 58 pieces, together with a glass-handled bread knife and similar cake slice

LOT 244 £80/120 (01:24PM)

A good late Victorian EPNS scallop-shell biscuit box in ornate frame, together with a turnover breakfast dish and an oval entree dish on hot-water base

LOT 245 £30/40 (01:24PM)

A pair of filled sterling dwarf candlesticks, a George V silver wishbone sugar tongs, and a silver rifle-shooting prize spoon, together with a small quantity of metalware, including vases, sugar scuttle, etc.

LOT 246 £350/400 (01:27PM)

A part service of German 800 silver cutlery, comprising: 18 table forks, 4 serving spoons, 12 knives with filled handles, and a similar carving knife, all with modern English blades; together with a German Hamburg serving spoon and 8 silver-handled implements; 48.5 ozt weighable

LOT 248 £200/250 (01:27PM)

A modern Malaysian Kelantan silver ring flower-holder and a similar pen tray, together with an embossed Eastern box, Hong Kong silver-overlaid bitters bottle, silver-overlaid hand mirror and five similar brushes, 22.3 ozt weighable

LOT 249 £150/180 (01:27PM)

A quantity of silver cutlery, comprising: a good Fiddle pattern soup ladle with crest, London 1826, three Georgian and one Victorian tablespoons, and three small spoons, 17.5 ozt

LOT 251 £80/120 (01:29PM)

Silver comprising: a pair of pepperettes, mustard pot, napkin ring, 11 small spoons, and sugar tongs; a silver-mounted stopper, button hook, glove stretchers and hair brush; and a set of plated fruit knives and forks for six in case, a loose set for fish, and a plated rabbit bottle stopper; 9 ozt weighable

LOT 252 £200/300 (01:29PM)

A fine German Art Nouveau 800 silver covered sugar basin and matching milk jug, embossed and applied with flowers, stamped mark of Bernhard; together with a sauce ladle in similar style, and a set of 12 fish forks with filled floral handles and unusual etched steel tines; 22.5 ozt weighable

LOT 253 £150/180 (01:29PM)

A quantity of Georgian and Victorian silver cutlery, comprising: a Fiddle pattern fish slice, London 1825, another fish slice, three ladles, a butter knife, sugar tongs, and five small spoons, 20.3 ozt gross

LOT 254 £100/150 (01:31PM)

Three pieces of Georg Jensen silver, comprising: an Acanthus pattern tea strainer, London import mark for 1963; Acorn pattern nutcracks, London import mark probably for 1965; and a Blossom pattern small spoon; together with a pair of steel small servers, also by Jensen

LOT 255 £100/150 (01:31PM)

A pair of unusual Edwardian silver salts, each cast in the form of a naval crown, with spoons, H.B maker's mark, Birmingham 1906; together with a pair of silver butter shells, a butter knife, and an Indian chased silver salt; 8.1 ozt

LOT 256 £150/250 (01:31PM)

A set of six Georg Jensen table knives and of six matching cheese knives, with filled silver handles in Acanthus pattern, Danish and English stainless blades

LOT 257 £90/120 (01:31PM)

A Georgian crested silver waiter, apparently unmarked, a Georgian oval salt on ball and claw feet, a wine funnel spout, and a Victorian pin tray, 11.6 ozt

LOT 259 £30/40 (01:34PM)

Three silver toddy ladles, comprising: one of Oar pattern, Edinburgh 1807; another of Fiddle pattern, Glasgow 1824; the third with pouring lip, Dublin 1815; 84 gm

LOT 262 £50/70 (01:36PM)

Small silver, comprising: a South African ashtray with central 1967 Rand coin; six souvenir teaspoons, including three with enamelling, in sterling and 800; and an agate-handled trowel bookmark; 6.5 oz gross

LOT 264 £40/60 (01:36PM)

Sundry small silver, comprising: three 19th century American teaspoons marked H.L. Webster & Co. Providence R.I., six various implements, a small vase, silver-topped glass jar, and three silver-handled items; and also six metal cocktail sticks; approximately 5 ozt of silver

LOT 265 £90/120 (01:36PM)

Sundry small silver, comprising: a fine late Victorian gilt apostle teaspoon, with overstruck mark of George Lambert, London 1892; an Edwardian sugar tongs by Mordan & Co. of unusual crossover design; six 1930s enamelled prize teaspoons from the United Dairies Sports Club; three napkin rings; two silver-topped glass jars; a scent bottle; and two silver-faced photograph frames; 9.1 ozt weighable

LOT 266 £40/60 (01:39PM)

Sundry small items, comprising: an ornate Edwardian silver-handled dressing brush, shoe horn and glove stretcher; an Art Deco silver condiment set with spoons; and a metal lorgnette, snake bracelet, and three beakers; 4.8 ozt weighable

LOT 267 £100/120 (01:39PM)

Silver, comprising: a Regency-style sugar basin, Chester 1911; late Victorian buckle bangle, Birmingham 1883; embossed hand mirror; five teaspoons; sugar tongs; Indian pepperette; and a pill box; 12.1 ozt gross (excluding mirror)

LOT 268 £200/250 (01:39PM)

800 silver, mainly German, comprising: a pair of beakers, six tots, a large fancy spoon, salad tongs, bottle stopper with figural finial, two match safes, a pickle fork, and 20 small spoons, 27.2 ozt gross

LOT 269 £50/60 (01:39PM)

Small silver, comprising: a salt and three napkin rings, a Hungarian 800 small bowl and a napkin ring, and three silver-handled implements, 7.5 ozt weighable

LOT 270 £100/120 (01:41PM)

A Malaysian Kelantan silver rose bowl applied with local coats of arms and dated 1971, together with five Georgian teaspoons, three other teaspoons, a butter knife, and a propelling pencil, 12.9 ozt gross

LOT 271 £80/120 (01:41PM)

Sundry silver, comprising: a sterling child's plate, five silver-mounted glass coasters, mustard pot with spoon, and five silver-mounted glass jars or bottles; together with a plated squirrel dish and four other items; 7.5 ozt weighable

LOT 272 £40/60 (01:41PM)

Judaica: two silver-handled bread knives with Hebrew inscriptions, one with sterling handle signed Wo Pert, the other with 800 handle and Victoria blade, together with a nickel-plated dish embossed with inscriptions and Jewish scenes to the border

LOT 278 £30/40 (01:46PM)

A 19th century Norwegian 12 standard silver pastry server, elaborately stamped with animals within rococo panels, stamped hollow handle, by Middelthon of Trondheim, 79 gm

LOT 279 £2400/2800 (01:46PM)

A good and extensive George III silver cutlery service in Fiddle, Thread, and Shell pattern, with engraved crest, by Eley & Fearn, comprising: 16 tablespoons (14: 1817, 1: 1815, 1: 1816), 14 table forks (1815), 14 dessert forks (9: 1815, 5: 1817), 14 dessert spoons (1817), 6 salt spoons and 1 condiment ladle (1817), 2 sauce ladles and 1 sifter ladle (1816), together with 5 matching egg spoons by William Eaton, London 1844, and the following by George Adams, also matching: 14 teaspoons (4: 1859, 10: 1872) and 4 sauce ladles (1876); 195 ozt

LOT 280 £300/400 (01:46PM)

Two good George III silver skewers matching the foregoing service, each with shell and ring terminal with engraved crest, by Eley & Fearn, London 1817, 12.5 and 13.5 in, 8.8 ozt

LOT 282 £80/120 (01:48PM)

Judaica: a late Victorian silver presentation trowel inscribed to Herbert Wolfe Levy on the laying of the foundation stone of the David Lewis Hostel and Club 3rd December 1901, ivory handle, 10.5 in long, London 1899