LOT 301 £20/30 (02:14PM)

A quantity of computer equipment including, an Aida Micro-scan monitor, a pair of Active 85 speakers, a Hewlett Packard OfficeJet K80 copy scanner fax machine, a Panasonic Telephone Answering system KXF2060, [on lot 853]

LOT 309 £20/30 (02:19PM)

Three shelves of china including part tea services, a pair of glass candlesticks, a silvered bird ornament, decorative pots and covers, a Masons clock case, Master craft figurines of animals, an end of day glass fish ornament, a cased set of knots etc. [G18, G21, G24]

LOT 313 £15/25 (02:21PM)

An Adana small printing press, Woody RKS 330, Sonet Duo portable tape recorder, Diaprojector, Styrocut, two typewriters, etc. [under G25 & G22]

LOT 326 £20/30 (02:33PM)

A mixed vintage lot including enamel cooking pots, baking tins, wicker baskets, Spong mincers, Prestige cooking implements and boxed egg beater, plus a brass and glass oil lamp, a pair of brass vases, a copper kettle, an Oriental ginger jar and cover, a koro and cover, an Oriental vase converted to a table lamp, a white handbag etc. [pine shelves next to s21]

LOT 327 £20/30 (02:33PM)

A shelf of glassware comprising five decanters and stoppers, three perfume bottles and stoppers, a funnel, wine glasses, salts, dishes etc. [s21]

LOT 328 £20/30 (02:33PM)

A mixed lot including a metal watering can, three silver plated beakers and a dish, a white painted wooden frame, a blue and white Copeland Spode Italian dish, a brass light house tinder box, a wooden box and stand, two cloth photo albums etc. [s22]

LOT 329 £20/30 (02:33PM)

A Victorian brass table gong, a treen pick, Coalport flower ornaments, porcelain patch boxes, a boxed Cross pencil and pen, a small quantity of costume jewellery and further ornaments and dressing table items [s23]

LOT 330 £25/35 (02:36PM)

A shelf of mainly china comprising six pieces of cottage ware including two teapots, a Beswick green leaf dish and another, a large china dish with brass handle and feet, a pierced vase and cover, three jugs and a fly zapper [s24]

LOT 332 £20/30 (02:36PM)

A shelf of china including a Royal Doulton figurine Fair Maiden HN 2211, an Austrian figurine of cherubs, a small quantity of Wedgwood jasperware, Woods & Sons Quaker man jug and anniversary plate, a pair of figural blue and white spill vases and two commemorative tankards [s26]

LOT 333 £25/40 (02:36PM)

A quantity of part tea and dinner services including fruit decorated Crown Staffordshire, a Tuscan china plant pattern coffee service, a white glazed Coalport part tea service, a Haviland Limoges part tea service, three cat figurines plus further tea and dinner wares [s27

LOT 335 £30/40 (02:38PM)

A mixed lot including cameras such as Pentax ME Super, lenses, a carved wooden African bust, wooden salad servers, a pair of wooden duck ornaments, a pottery tagine, a pair of green glazed pottery fo dogs, three, modern copper jelly moulds, three copper pans, a steamer, a pair of glass vases, a wooden jewellery box with brass mounts, two cushions etc. [s32 & s28]

LOT 337 £20/30 (02:38PM)

A shelf of glass ware including three decanters and stoppers, etched glasses, five fruit bowls, two brandy balloons, whisky tumblers, champagne glasses, trays etc. [s30]

LOT 338 £20/30 (02:40PM)

A mixed vintage lot including a pair of leather gloves by Dents, a boxed Brownie Reflex camera, a Kodak six-20 folding camera, a travelling condiment set, a box of loose tea cards with some in album and four Radio Programme advertising folders [s31]

LOT 340 £50/70 (02:40PM)

A large collection of Sylvac pottery including a floral encrusted wall pocket, vases, fish dishes, a pair of pottery horse bookends, squirrel planter, 1950s dish, a strawberry condiment jar, a green spaniel dog figurine, etc. plus further pottery vases [s38 & s34]

LOT 341 £30/40 (02:40PM)

A Royal Albert Brigadoon pattern part tea service, ten commemorative mugs, a small jug and bowl set, a pottery shire horse, four Judith Glover jars and covers, a pottery planter, a Vogue 1953 Coronation book, a commemorative cloth, a blue and white tankard, a small quantity of silver plated items etc. [s35]

LOT 342 £25/40 (02:43PM)

An extensive Noritake Rosemist pattern part tea and dinner service including tureens, meat plates and gravy boats, a Royal Stafford Clematis pattern part tea service and a Royal Albert part tea service plus a wooden carved elephant and water buffalo [s36]

LOT 343 £25/35 (02:43PM)

A quantity of glass ware including a 19th century decanter and stopper, a dimple glass decanter and stopper with matching glasses, a pair of blue glass dishes, two artisan glasses in red and blue, a bell, a claret jug with silver plated lid, two pewter steins and a large silver plated four branch candelabra [s37]

LOT 344 £25/35 (02:43PM)

A Villeroy & Boch Sienna pattern part coffee service, a Mayfair tea service decorated with pink roses, seven decorative figurines of women and children by Gessano and a pottery flower ornament [s39]

LOT 345 £30/40 (02:43PM)

A collection of Royal Albert Old Country Roses ornaments including shoes, swan planters, vases and bells, a set of seven glass sundae dishes, four pottery goblets, a large glass jug etc. [s39]

LOT 346 £25/35 (02:45PM)

A collection of metal ware including a brass oil lamp base, a large copper and brass kettle, a pair of brass candlesticks, loose horse brasses and others on straps, a copper hunting horn, a leather and brass belt, a wooden horse feeding ball etc. [s40]

LOT 347 £40/60 (02:45PM)

Two spelter figural table lamps one modelled as a musketeer the other a Dandy, a large Doulton silicon ware pot pourri stand and approximately thirteen clay Christmas and other cottages for night lights [s41]

LOT 348 £30/40 (02:45PM)

Two shelves of part tea and dinner services and cabinet cups and saucers including Wedgwood Mirabelle, Noritake Impression, Spode Mansard, Royal Albert Gossamer and Victoria china [s42 & s46]

LOT 349 £20/30 (02:45PM)

A mixed lot including planters two in swan form, two wooden figurines, three Oriental blue and white teapots, a pair of French opera glasses, a pair of soapstone elephants, a Royal Doulton flower ornament, two Wedgwood Atlas mugs and two dishes and covers on stands, a Juliania Collection figurine of Highland terriers, boxed Liberty braces plus further ornaments [s43 & s47]

LOT 350 £25/40 (02:48PM)

A china Musterschultz pineapple punch bowl, a Thermos ice bucket, four Oriental ginger jars and covers and two decorative vases one with lid, a three piece Royal Boon vase and jug set, a white egg crook, a wooden candlestick, a pottery tagine, a beaded bag, a lacquer wine cooler, a white bedspread, a Tala Icing Set, a porcelain figurine of a minstrel and a small 19th century circular stool etc. [s44 & s48]

LOT 352 £40/60 (02:48PM)

A Sarreguemines seven piece fruit service, a stylish Polish coffee service by Cmielow, a gold Royal Worcester part tea service, a Crown Devon Golden Nile part dinner service, a 1950s part dinner service, two blue and white tureens and covers, a cantilever sewing box etc. [s51]

LOT 353 £30/50 (02:48PM)

A mixed lot including a large brass pheasant figurine, a wrought iron heart-shaped stand, an art pottery vase, large wooden African combs, a pottery chicken toast rack, a large centrepiece in the form of a bowl of oranges, a two branch brass table lamp, an oval mahogany footstool, four large plates and a porcelain pierced bowl, a copper pot, a quantity of linen including table clothes and napkins etc. [s48 & s52]

LOT 358 £40/60 (02:52PM)

Two shelves of glassware including a Waterford crystal clock, a large Villeroy & Boch bowl, a Thomas Webb basket, a Royal Doulton bowl, two pairs of candlesticks, two decanters and stoppers, two cat ornaments – one by Lenox, two large brandy balloons, wine glasses, ornaments etc. [s53 & s57]

LOT 360 £20/30 (02:52PM)

A large Portmeirion Botanic Garden serving dish, to large pottery serving bowls, six blue and white floral decorated hors d'oeuvres dishes, a pink and white cake stand, a pottery vase, a blue and white bowl and cover and a Caverswell beaker [s55]

LOT 362 £30/40 (02:55PM)

Three Goebel Hummel figurines of children, a Handgemalt figurine of a lady, owl figurines including Beswick and other bird figurines, four glass paperweights, an Aynsley flower ornament, two applied flower plaques, a part tea service decorated with romantic scenes, a Wedgwood jasperware candlestick etc. [s54 & s58]

LOT 363 £20/30 (02:55PM)

A mixed lot including a set of early 20th century ebony and bone dominos, a blue and white tureen on stand, a Hohner Sonny Boy harmonica, a Canon Sure Shot, a black glazed vase on stand, a pair of cased Belmont field binoculars 8×40, a Findlaters cellar book etc. [s59]

LOT 364 £30/40 (02:55PM)

A shelf of metal and wood wares including a brass oil lamp with glass shade, two brass kettles, a brass and copper jug, brass bells, a pair of snake candlesticks, a set of three brass flying birds, brass frying pans, a miniature brass hod, a vintage hand mincer, two brass plates, a wooden striking mantel clock [s60]

LOT 365 £40/60 (02:55PM)

A shelf of mainly coloured glass including cranberry glass vases, a set of six harlequin wine glasses, green glass wine glasses, a large glass vase, a purple fruit bowl, a green glass vase etc. [s61]

LOT 366 £50/70 (02:57PM)

Six Royal Doulton figurines, Top of the Hill HN 1834, Linda HN 2106, Penny HN 2238, Lavina HN 1955, Dinky Doo HN 1678 and This Little Pig HN 1793, a quantity of white glazed ornaments, an Oriental vase, Royal Albert menu holders plus others etc. [s62]]

LOT 371 £30/50 (03:00PM)

A collection of pretty silver plated photograph frames including Christofle, a framed oil on canvas and a set of blue Christofle cutlery [s65]

LOT 373 £30/50 (03:00PM)

A collection of projectors including a Braun Paximat 1800, a Eumig, Kodak, Ikolux autofocus, plus empty slide trays, a box of mahogany veneers, a carrying case and a globe [under 63 & s66]

LOT 378 £25/35 (03:04PM)

Two shelves of 19th century and later mixed china including trinket boxes, one by Limoges, floral decorated plates with pierced borders, dressing table sets, a blue and white tureen on stand , dinner wares including plates, meat plates and bowls, terracotta bowls etc. [s69 & s72]

LOT 381 £25/35 (03:04PM)

Eight Beanie Babies including Princess, Wallace and Glory, four Palais Royal ornaments – a tortoise, fish, snail and dolphin plus 26 Wade Whimsies and two large Wade tortoises with lids [s71]

LOT 383 £30/40 (03:07PM)

A vintage Murphy radio in black case, a quantity of Spanish Play Me pencil sharpeners, a Spanish turtle alarm bell, a quantity of mixed foreign coins and bank notes, two vintage Christening gowns and a collection of fountain pens and pencils [s70]

LOT 384 £25/35 (03:07PM)

A Conway Stewart fountain pen with 14 ct gold nib, a pair of Staffordshire greyhound pen holders, a commemorative mug and coin, a cased set of Variety Club badges plus a quantity of tea and cigarette cards [s71]

LOT 385 £20/30 (03:07PM)

A mixed lot including three framed prints – two of Queen Elizabeth II, three pottery storage jars, a Polaroid Vision camera, a Sony tape player, a book light and a boxed sewing machine [under s72]

LOT 392 £30/40 (03:12PM)

An oak framed barometer, a Vest Kodak folding camera, an Illingsworth no.3 fishing reel, a boxed Hardy fishing reel, a boxed Swiza travelling clock, a leather cased Hockley retractable tape measure, a pair of opera glasses etc. [s78]

LOT 395 £20/30 (03:14PM)

A collection of Oriental china including a pair of bottle necked vases, a blue and white bottle necked vase, a small cloisonne bowl with attached stand, an Indian tree pattern plate and bowl, a blue and white tea bowl on saucer, two resin figures of geishas etc. [s78]