LOT 354 £20/30 (02:20PM)

Two shelves of mixed china mainly dinner and tea wares including a Woods ware Clovelly pattern part dinner service, Zebra print tea cups and saucers, 19th century meat plates, Thomas china tea service decorated with roses, a small quantity of Midwinter tea pots, jugs, planters, vases, etc. [G40, G37]

LOT 356 £30/40 (02:22PM)

Four shelves of mixed vintage wares including a Phillips portable radio, enamel colander, po, flour bin, metal coal scuttle and metal deed box, a brass fireside companion set, glass jars and covers by Kilner, a leather satchel, a large hunting jug, cloudy glass vase, planters, a wooden biscuit barrel, a wooden case, a real mixed lot. [G36, 33, 30 & 32]

LOT 378 £30/50 (02:34PM)

Two shelves of electrical equipment including a Technics Compact Disc Player SL-PJ28a, a Double cassette deck AR-SX302, a Stereo Synthesizer STX-302L and a Stereo Integrated Amplifier SUX-302, plus an Automatic Turntable System SLJ-110R and a pair of full standing Technic speakers, a Sony Monitor, a Sony Blu-Ray player, DVD Player and a Pioneer DVD player plus a small quantity of CDs. [G10, G13]

LOT 388 £40/60 (02:41PM)

Three shelves of china including decorative collectors plates by Ainsley and others, an Oriental part tea service, a Ainsley part fish service, a wooden-framed Barometer, novelty teapots, storage jars, decorative face-masks, etc. [G17, G20, G23]

LOT 389 £10/15 (02:41PM)

A silver-plated tea service comprising teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, silver-plated tankard and a Palissey Art Deco part dinner service including gravy boat and graduated meat plates plus further meat plates and dinner plates. [G21, G24]