LOT 305 £80/120 (02:43PM)

A good pair of George III silver salts, each of panelled boat shape, with two handles, on foot, with original engraved demi-lion crest and monogram, by R & S Hennell, London 1804, 5.5 ozt

LOT 313 £300/400 (02:47PM)

A fine Portuguese 833 silver ewer, circa 1900, in Baroque style, richly embossed and chased with the royal arms of Portugal, 31 cm high, Oporto hallmark, 44.8 ozt

LOT 317 £2000/2500 (02:50PM)

An extraordinary foreign sterling five-piece tea and coffee service on tray, each piece boldly lobed, comprising kettle on stand, coffee pot, teapot, sugar basin with cover, milk jug, and oval tray, the tray 32.75 in long, 288 ozt

LOT 321 £40/60 (02:52PM)

Eight various rugs, circa 1900 and later, comprising: an antique Eastern prayer rug, three antique Eastern rugs, three small Eastern mats, and a machine-made small rug [floor by silver plate shelves to by stairs]

LOT 326 £20/30 (02:55PM)

A set of Crown Devon 1960s tea and coffee canisters plus matching flour and sugar sifters, three stoneware bottles and a stoneware hot water jug plus a Bourne Denby stoneware container. [G38]

LOT 329 £25/40 (02:57PM)

A Royal Doulton character jug "Granny", a Royal Doulton jar decorated with Canterbury Pilgrims and a Royal Doulton two-handled mug Isaac Walton ware, Royal Doulton figurine Ascot HN2356, Capodimonte figure of a boy, a Maling ware blue and white jar and cover plus further decorative plates and pictures and two Shredded Wheat dishes. [G40]

LOT 331 £25/35 (02:57PM)

A selection of vintage wooden photo frames, a Calvados decanter set, two Wade sherry and scotch decanters, two glass bedside sets, plus a Whitefriars cracked ice decanter and three matching glasses. [G35]

LOT 332 £20/30 (02:59PM)

A quantity of glassware including fruit bowls, liqueur glasses, whisky tumblers, vases, perfume bottle, blue overlaid glass platter, ornaments, etc. plus a small silver-plated flower bowl, a bedside clock and a decorative hanging. [G37]

LOT 336 £20/30 (03:02PM)

A large green and white jug and bowl set, a 1930s pottery Alsatian with standing girl, an Arthur Wood leaf dish, a Price of Kensington cottage ware teapot, further decorative teapot including Typhoo advertising, a Worthington and Martell water jug plus further decorative planters. [G34]

LOT 339 £30/40 (03:02PM)

A good shelf of decorative china including a Capodimonte teapot with lid with the spout formed as a swan, decorative figurines of ladies and gents in 18th century dress, a turn of the century part tea service, a large oriental figure of a man, a blue and white Capodimonte-style comport supported by three lions, a Sylvac-style Scottie dog, a Capodimonte dish, an oak-framed mantel clock, etc. [G29]

LOT 341 £20/30 (03:04PM)

A shelf of china wares including a Brannon art pottery vase plus another similar, a Dr Nelson's Improved Inhaler, decorative trinket box decorated with romantic scenes, four vintage pie funnels, plus a vintage brass pump, a brass wall font, silver-plated boot, brass dishes, etc. [G31]

LOT 346 £20/30 (03:07PM)

A Sinclair Zedex Spectrum Plus personal computer boxed plus software and magazines, an Ingersoll boxed Cassette Recorder SK697, a small quantity of tapes, a Hornby power controller. [by lot 957]

LOT 347 £15/20 (03:07PM)

Two boxed Supercut Victory jigsaw puzzles, a small quantity of tinplate cars, vintage wooden glove stretchers, a vintage peg doll, and other vintage items. [on lot 956]

LOT 351 £20/30 (03:09PM)

An oak-framed watercolour, a framed Toogood certificate and a table full of china wares including part tea services, jugs, vases, tureens and covers, meat plates etc. [on lot 954]

LOT 370 £20/30 (03:21PM)

A quantity of decorative Oriental items including a cloisonne vase set, a writing set, scroll, a further blue cloisonne vase, a pair of silver-plate and wooden salad servers, Oriental bowl and two plaques. [on lot 920]

LOT 372 £25/40 (03:23PM)

One and a half shelves of glassware, including vases, yellow tankards, dressing table set on tray, yellow decanter and goblet, green silvered decanter and matching glasses, gilt-decorated lemonade glasses, etc. [G1]

LOT 376 £15/30 (03:26PM)

Two shelves of mixed items including cabinet plates, two stoneware hot-water bottles, comports, jugs, pair of brass column candlesticks, collectors' plates, a pair of antlers, vases, planters, an Oriental vase and bowl, a cloisonne bowl, papier mache tobacco jar etc. [G3 & 6]

LOT 378 £25/40 (03:26PM)

Two shelves of mixed china and other wares including Royal Doulton, Glen Auldyn soup plates, Minton's Fragrance pattern soup plates, two Kaiser Germany vases decorated with exotic birds, Art Deco part dinner service, Tefal toaster, part dinner service, three decorative teapots, etc. [G11, 8 & 5]

LOT 379 £30/50 (03:28PM)

Two shelves of mixed china and glassware including Minton Haddon Hall part tea service, decorative ewer, a Gouda tray with brass handles, a Royal Doulton Lynne Wood pattern part dinner service, three decorative pierced rim Portuguese plates, collectable cabinet plates, a small quantity of glassware including wine glasses, a silver plated wine coaster and two handled bowl, water jugs, fruit bowls, etc. [G6, 9 &12]

LOT 384 £30/50 (03:31PM)

A Sony Compact Disc Player, a Sony Linear Phase circuit Integrated Stereo Amplifier TA-FB940R, a Technics stacking midi hi-fi system turntable being SL-J110R the stereo tuner ST-X901L and the double cassette deck RSX501, a pair of Technics SB-CS7 speakers and a Cannon Fax/Copy machine MX725. [G14]

LOT 390 £25/40 (03:33PM)

A mixed lot including Picquot ware tea service on tray, novelty wooden carts containing barrels, a leather travelling jewellery box, three small pictures, three dolls, brass shell case, a pair of Yashica 7×50 field binoculars, a large green Beswick blown jug, decorative silver-plated spoons, etc. [G16, 19 & 22]

LOT 392 £30/50 (03:35PM)

A quantity of rock fragments and archaeological pottery finds, mainly shards, medieval and later, a leather suitcase, a box of general items including Coronation plate, table lamps, water jug, etc. [under G22]

LOT 395 £30/50 (03:38PM)

Three Coalport ladies including Madeleine, Babara Ann and Marybelle, a Lladro figurine of a girl, an Ainsley blue and gilt decorated part tea service plus two further. [G22 & 25]