LOT 348 £25/35 (01:47PM)

A carton full of old comics including Roy of the Rovers, Marvel and DC Comics including The Flash, Wonder Woman, Thor, Ghostly Haunts, Uncanny Tales, Star Wars, Asterix, etc.

LOT 350 £25/35 (01:49PM)

A 20 piece puzzle of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs comprising wooden cubes each with a decorative side, a folder of programmes including Twickenham Rugby programmes from 1983 mainly England v Scotland, England v Ireland, Royal Ascot 1984, Cup Final 1984 Everton v Watford, Tennis programmes, Circus programmes, etc. and a box of souvenir programmes and tickets.

LOT 351 £40/60 (01:49PM)

A cardboard tray of interesting items including an Eastern sterling silver cigarette box, a Naval belt, silver jewellery, car badges, whisky flask, brass ornaments, coral and other beads, brooches, a gent's wrist watch by Oris in a wheel-style box, and a presentation folding golf club and balls by TAG Heuer.

LOT 352 £15/20 (01:49PM)

A carton of old newspapers and another of souvenir programmes including The Royal Opera House and Titus Andronicus 1955 at Stratford-upon-Avon signed by Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh and Michael Denison.

LOT 354 £40/70 (01:51PM)

A fruit box full of decorative costume jewellery including a tray of brooches with coloured stones including ships, various filigree work and diamante necklace, etc.

LOT 356 £25/30 (01:51PM)

An elaborate bell-pull floral embroidered in metal thread, a decorative Eastern dagger, a pair of 19th century buckles, and a quantity of necklaces, brooches, and other costume jewellery with a quantity of buttons and old keys.

LOT 357 £30/40 (01:54PM)

An album of interesting First Day Covers including First Flight Airways Letter Service, Central African Airways 1st April 1955, Rhodesian First Day Covers 1966-1969 and later, a First Day Cover from Zimbabwe 19th July 1980 to celebrate the Moscow 1980 Olympic Games, a 1977 First Day Cover including medallion commemorating the Last Run of the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul, and a small quantity of loose stamps, etc.

LOT 358 £20/30 (01:54PM)

A decorative lot including two House of Faberge musical eggs playing Tchaikovsky's Arabian Dance and Our Love, a beadwork evening bag and an embroidered evening bag with a jade-style clasp, a moulded fruit opening up to reveal a Chinese scene, three wrist watches, glove stretchers, beads, a 1972 Munchen Olympic medallion, a monocle, a crown, a compact, cigarette lighter, etc.

LOT 359 £50/90 (01:54PM)

Guinness memorabilia including Carlton Ware items: 'My Goodness My Guinness' with a seated kangaroo, 'My Goodness My Guinness' with a cellarman in green and white, a mustard pot and pepper pot, four unused hors d'oeuvres dishes by Wade Regicor decorated with Guinness emblems, and a bottle of Guinness created to celebrate The Coronation of Elizabeth R, 1953.

LOT 360 £40/70 (01:54PM)

A considerable quantity of Guinness memorabilia in two cardboard cartons comprising many good goblets loose and in their original boxes, commemorative bottles including the Silver Jubilee and the celebration of 50 Years in Park Royal, also ashtrays, place mats, playing cards, pens and pencils, a Christmas biscuit tin, bar towels, a paper-knife, pen and stand, wallets, tea towels, a cushion, bottle openers, trays, etc.

LOT 363 £25/35 (01:56PM)

A card carton containing interesting artefacts, fans, penknives, medals, coinage, cigarette lighter-cum-biro, a box of unused Onoto Leads for refills, a silver paperknife as a windmill and paperknife as a sword, etc.

LOT 364 £20/30 (01:56PM)

A stamp lot including The Improved Postage Stamp Album of World Stamps, other albums including a small collection of Jersey stamps, another with commemorative stamps including mint, a shoebox of loose stamps filed in envelopes and a copy of The Illustrated London News 1897.

LOT 365 £25/35 (01:59PM)

17 original artworks for Billy the Bee strip cartoon created by the cartoonist Harry Smith. It ran in the 1950s in the Evening Standards newspaper, 12 are signed Harry Smith (Artists) Ltd. And five are signed with the dollar sign.

LOT 366 £450/500 (01:59PM)

A collection of 48 sterling silver medallions commemorating different countries in presentation trays each weighing approximately 1 oz., two sterling silver crowns, a 2000 Queen Mother £5 coin, etc.

LOT 367 £30/40 (01:59PM)

An interesting lot containing old jewel boxes one a Black Forest box with carved decoration, a tin of old love letters, a pair of military binoculars by Crown Optical Company, Rochester, USA, a number of P. & O. gifts including a jewel box, old medals mainly sporting, a Ronson lighter, a silver-faced photograph frame, etc.

LOT 368 £40/60 (01:59PM)

An interesting lot containing a number of old wrist watches one in silver by Cyma, pocket watches, old compacts, a Vesta case, a Bakelite powder box, costume jewellery, etc.

LOT 369 £15/25 (02:01PM)

Four folders, well-presented, of Liebig cards including nine sets pre First World War, 34 sets 1950s-60s, nine sets from the 1930s and 27 sets from 1940 to 1953.

LOT 371 £40/60 (02:01PM)

A large card carton and two lids containing an interesting collection of costume jewellery, old buttons, characterful brooches, a police whistle, etc.

LOT 372 £30/40 (02:01PM)

A 19th century copper corkscrew with turned bone handle, a Waltham pocket watch in an English-made gold plated case on a chain, a pair of old binoculars, coins including three modern crowns, an A.R.P. whistle and a Marcella cigar tin.

LOT 373 £10/20 (02:03PM)

A carton containing old newspapers including: The European No. 1, May 11 1990; The Independent on Sunday, 28 January 1990; The Daily Express from 1942; Today, March 4 1986; The Times, July 8 1889; etc. and a small quantity of cigarette cards loose and in albums.

LOT 374 £30/50 (02:03PM)

A carton containing a late Victorian sewing set in its fitted box, a box of unused old pencils "Mercantile Pencil A W Faber 2685 Made in Bavaria", a Victorian green leather sewer's wallet of needles, scissors, etc. and another similar, old photographs, and original box of "Superior Draftsmen", a wicker sewing basket and contents and an old wooden jewel box with picture lid, etc.

LOT 375 £50/90 (02:03PM)

A large old postcard album full of cards including foreign cards, topographical, fashion, humour, etc. and related letters, cards and papers relating to Norman Richard Beszant who owned this album and died 10.1.2020 aged 100 years and prior to him, his father, via his second marriage to Alice Gilleman and it includes love letters to "My own dearest faithful most beloved Alice" dated 1883 and sent from the Bayswater Collegiate School, London, etc.

LOT 378 £30/50 (02:06PM)

Two card lids containing a collection of foreign and GB coinage including early silver, two ten shillings notes signed by KO Peppiatt in purple and one in brown, and a ten shillings note signed LK O'Brien, four other notes and five Abingdon School sporting medals c. 1918 in their original boxes.

LOT 379 £30/40 (02:06PM)

Four early 20th century postcard albums including a large number of Spanish cards, particularly art, topographical and humour, along with a scrap album and various loose cards

LOT 383 £30/50 (02:08PM)

A large card box lid containing old wrist watches, costume jewellery, two old padlocks, Balsa carved models, a box of old maps and a box of old keys and a small amount of LPs.

LOT 384 £200/300 (02:08PM)

A good and very thick late Victorian postcard album full to include mainly early 20th century cards on London, Churches, bridges, boats, continental, humour, World War, glamour, satire, romance, topographical, etc., another album full of similar cards including sets, an old cigarette card album, albums of stuck-in cigarette cards, etc.

LOT 387 £40/60 (02:11PM)

An extensive lot including carved pipes, a Sherlock Holmes pipe, two pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses, a skipping rope, an old pair of red leather buttoned children's shoes, old car badges including one for The All Wheel Drive Club, a box of old keys, a pen and ink set, snooker balls, etc. all within a table-top display cabinet.

LOT 388 £15/25 (02:11PM)

A 1993 matchbox Wells Fargo coach with figures and four horses, a matchbox Gypsy caravan with figures and horse, a pair of Lumiere of Paris Binoculars and case, two old corkscrews and a silver-plated Vesta engraved with 'Best wishes from Lady Tatem 1916', etc.

LOT 389 £40/70 (02:13PM)

A good lot containing Siam silver and enamelled necklace, brooches and bracelets, chunky coral necklaces, five carved Netsuke, old collectable compacts, bags of mother-of-pearl tokens, magnifying glasses, jewellers loupes, whistles, a monocle, an ammunition belt, etc.

LOT 390 £30/40 (02:13PM)

A collection of DC and Marvel Comics including Steel, Ghost Rider, Fusion, Rogue, Emma Frost, Spawn, etc., a collection of cigarette cards filed in Players Navy Cut cigarette boxes, Cadet Sweets cards, a tin of Pokemon cards, approximately 20 folders of Chelsea season tickets, many unused, folders of cigarette cards and two old cigarette card albums with contents.

LOT 391 £15/25 (02:13PM)

A tray of old fountain pens including Parker, pen-knives, a silver pencil, a Colibri pen set, Eversharp Pencil in original box, odd accessories.

LOT 392 £30/40 (02:13PM)

A shoebox lid containing numerous penknives, throwing knives, cut-throat razor, a Scheaffer pen in its box, Civil Defence Corps Welfare armbands, RHS medallions, a Dalvey polished metal card case, etc.

LOT 393 £50/70 (02:15PM)

A box lid containing a large number of 1973 commemorative 50 pence pieces, two similar silver badges with mottoes for Clan Eliott and for the Knights of the Maccabees, two 1970 Gstaad skiing championship badges, other lapel badges, two Whyte & Mackays miniature Scotch Whisky bottles, Matchbox series, and a Matchbox series miniature gin, an original Trafalgar LCD quartz wristwatch, a brass model First World War tank, a Victorian miniature photograph, teddy bear key ring, opera glasses, a whisky flask, and a biscuit tin of matches

LOT 395 £30/40 (02:15PM)

89 modern crowns, uncirculated coinage displays, a small quantity of old bank notes, three Lions' Tour Australia 2001 commemorative medals in presentation boxes, loose coins including Liberty dollars, etc., and a small coin box with drawers

LOT 397 £50/80 (02:18PM)

A fruit box of first-day covers from the 1980s, two first-day covers posted at Northern Ireland Parliament Stormont, Prorogation Day March 28th 1972, a block of four George V 3-halfpenny stamps advertising Cleaver's Terebene Toilet Soap, other George VI with Queen Victoria 1840-1940 stamps, a folder of Royal Mail mint stamps from the 1980s, and a shoebox of postcards with scenes printed on silk, some as first-day covers

LOT 398 £40/70 (02:18PM)

38 Ronson gas lighters, unused and in their presentation boxes, eight Zippo-style lighters by Star Set in presentation boxes, and a tray of lighters by Ronson and others, two cigarette cases incorporating lighters, and three table lighters.

LOT 399 £15/20 (02:18PM)

An interesting scrapbook of covers, mainly in response to fan mail, including studio cards for Gloria Jean, Cass Daley, Bob Hope, Bebe Daniels, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Bing Crosby, etc., and a box of loose foreign and UK stamps, etc.