LOT 328 £40/60 (01:55PM)

A turn of the century blue and gilt decorated part tea and dinner service with leaf decoration, a Minton tea for one Marlow pattern tea service, a pink and white shell design part tea service, a blue and white feeding cup etc. [s2]

LOT 330 £50/70 (01:57PM)

A suite of 17 1920s cut and faceted large and small wine glasses and a pair of matching decanters and stoppers, a Mary Gregory jug decorated with a figure of a boy, a set of six Edwardian etched tumblers and a box of glass ware [s5 and box in floor opposite]

LOT 335 £30/40 (01:59PM)

A collection of mainly animal figurines including a Royal Crown Derby gold stopper Coal Tit, a small Lalique figurine of lovebirds, Shebeg IOM farm animal figures, a Lladro figurine of a girl, a Royal Crown Derby thimble etc. [s9]

LOT 338 £200/300 (02:02PM)

An extensive Wedgwood dark blue Florentine pattern tea and dinner service including meat plates, tureens, soup bowls, teapots, gravy boats etc. [s11 & 15]

LOT 341 £40/60 (02:04PM)

Four Royal Doulton figurines Fond Farewell HN 3815, Jasmine HN 5015, Alexandra HN 3292 and Alicia HN 5014 plus Sleeping Beauty by Franklin Mint and a Leonardo Collection figurine of a couple, a small quantity of blue Wedgwood jasperware and a Wedgwood glass with inset jasperware medallion, plus 13 Collectors plates including Royal Doulton for Bradex Heroes of the Sky collection and a quantity of records [s14]

LOT 342 £30/40 (02:04PM)

A mixed lot including a clay decorative tea service, a copper planter, brass ornaments, eight large decorative tiles, a wooden planter, a 19th Century stamp, five small pots, a wooden box, a pottery frog etc. [s16]

LOT 343A £20/30 (02:04PM)

A Goebels figurine of a cat, two glass paperweights, a quantity of glassware including Brierley, three green jasperware plaques decorated with romantic scenes and a Tuscan china figurine of Pan by the lake [s18]

LOT 348 £0 (02:09PM)

A good vintage lot comprising three wooden storage boxes with original labels including Epps's Cocoa and Reckitts Blue plus further candle, cutlery and cigar boxes, two biscuit tins, old bottles including Courvoisier Vintage 188, three jelly moulds and two further dishes [pine shelves next to s17]

LOT 350 £50/70 (02:09PM)

A pair of boxed Waterford Crystal Millennium champagne glasses plus a cased set of tea knives and a cased manicure set [pine shelves next to s17]

LOT 351 £30/50 (02:11PM)

Two shelves of glassware includingEdinburgh comprising a set of six large and small cut glass hock glasses, three decanters and stoppers, perfume bottles, further wine glasses, whisky tumblers, vases, jugs, candlesticks etc. [s21 & s25]

LOT 354 £25/35 (02:11PM)

A quantity of modern house wares including an Alessi plate and egg cups, a boxed Oriental earthenware tea set, two box frames, a Chinese scroll, a potato masher etc. [s24]

LOT 356 £40/60 (02:14PM)

Two shelves of mainly china wares including small Oriental blue and white vases and trinket boxes and covers, a quantity of Wedgwood jasperware including a teapot, tankard, vase and ashtray, three blue and white elephants plus others, a silver-plated teapot, an Old Foley Chinese Rose pattern three-tier cake stand plus another, a Sylvac butter dish and cover, modern trinket boxes, decorative lacquer eggs and trinket boxes, Royal Doulton for Bradex collectors plates etc. [s27 & s31]

LOT 357 £25/35 (02:14PM)

A quantity of tea and dinner ware including a Royal Imperial part tea and dinner service with blue and gilt decoration, a Royal Albert Elfi part tea service plus another Old English Rose, a pink decorated part tea service plus further trios and part services [s28]

LOT 360 £25/35 (02:16PM)

A 1960s/70s Thomas part tea service, a child's dolls tea set, a decorative bowl, a floral decorated Rosenthal plate and a part tea service [s30]

LOT 361 £30/50 (02:16PM)

A shelf of china including Jewish pieces such as a Coalport cup and saucer 'Passover' design plus three further plates in the same design, three Danbury mint Ten Commandments collectors plates, a Limoges Faience plate, two Poole Matzo Freedom plates, a Spode Service of Passover plate plus further platters, dishes and plates [s32]

LOT 362 £30/40 (02:16PM)

A good collection of glass ware including a set of six hock glasses with green stems, a set of six cocktail glasses with blue stems, a set of six wine glasses with etched line decoration, a set of four twist stem glasses on black base, plus further sets and odd glasses [s33]

LOT 363 £30/40 (02:19PM)

A quantity of china including a Royal Doulton Carnation pattern part dinner service, two small Robert Burns blush coloured figurines and three further similar of men, a Ridgeways Robert Burns bowl, an Arthur Wood Astoria pattern china basket, a Crown Devon red ground jug, a blue and white two spout teapot, a Royal Winton rose decorated jug etc. [s34 & s38]

LOT 365 £25/35 (02:19PM)

A shelf of glassware including a blue Art Deco centrepiece bowl, a red Murano fish table lamp, an oil wall light with cranberry shade, a signed glass vase, a mottled orange shade, a small crystal chandelier, a twin handled vase signed C Moore etc. [s36]

LOT 366 £25/35 (02:19PM)

A group of soapstone, agate and alabaster objects including an agate sculpture of an Egyptian rah bird, a box with lid and a paperweight, a soapstone sculpture of a chameleon, polished tigers eye fragments, a boxed model of the Taj Mahal, an alabaster swan-shaped trinket holder etc. [s37]

LOT 369 £30/50 (02:21PM)

A shelf of china including a pair of Doulton Lambert stoneware vases, three large Capodimonte figures of birds, a H & K Tunstall three-tier cake stand, two Art Deco tureens, a Victorian china salad bowl and servers with silver plated rim, a riding whip etc. [s39]

LOT 370 £30/40 (02:21PM)

A shelf of mixed items including two large stoneware jars, two metal companion sets modelled as a crinoline lady and a Welsh lady, two Bulpitt & Sons coffee percolators, two Casio hand held TV's, a Panasonic DMC-FX01 Leica camera, a pewter tankard with fish handle plus further metal wares [s40]

LOT 372 £30/40 (02:23PM)

A large collection of blue glass including fruit bowls, goblets, egg cups and a figure of an elephant, further etched wine glasses decorated with swags, a set of wine glasses decorated with etched flowers, 19th century aperitif glasses plus others [s41 & s45]

LOT 373 £30/40 (02:23PM)

A collection of modern glass ware including a Waterford Crystal photograph frame and another by Edinburgh Crystal, a Royal Doulton perfume bottle and stopper, two Zaydner trinket boxes and covers, a pair of cut glass candlesticks, three china trinket boxes and covers and a pewter frame [s42]

LOT 374 £30/40 (02:23PM)

A pair of Chinese black ground vases and covers, an art deco Burleigh ware jug no. 4892 with a dragon handle, a Brentleigh ware black ground vase with floral decoration, a Pountney & Co red and white part dinner service decorated ‘The Thames at Pangbourne’ plus further decorative plates, cups and saucersand an embroiderd firescreen [s43]

LOT 377 £30/40 (02:26PM)

A 19th Century Schutz-Marke concertina in original box, 12 B&G Copenhagen Christmas plates, a green-glazed Sylvac bunny, a Royal Doulton figurine Mary Had a Little Lamb, two commemorative beakers and a cup, and an Elmo Super camera plus a quantity of maps [s46]

LOT 378 £25/35 (02:26PM)

A shelf of commemorative wares including a large limited edition Coalport bowl to mark the Silver Jubilee and a similar beaker, further mugs, beakers, plates and teapots plus two enamel trinket boxes and covers [s47]

LOT 379 £30/40 (02:28PM)

A quantity of brass room fitments including two pairs of door handles, a pair of curtain holders, a door knocker, shelf brackets, a pair of candlesticks plus another and a heavy brass Oriental hinged box [s48]

LOT 380 £30/40 (02:28PM)

A large quantity of china and glass wares including a Royal Doulton Minerva pattern part dinner and tea service, white glazed dinner wares, a Toby wood character jug, a small pair of Beleek vases, eight glass fruit bowls, a pair of glass goblets and further champagne glasses, corkscrews, trays, cheese knives etc. [s47 & s51]

LOT 381 £30/40 (02:28PM)

A shelf of glass ware including an amber overlaid decanter with stopper, a smoky glass vase and a similar in blue, a pair of amber glass vases on blue stems, a blue jug, a large amethyst vase three cut and etched glass comports and a glass decanter and stopper [s49]

LOT 383 £40/50 (02:31PM)

A quantity of large Indian Tree pattern dinner ware including four meat plates, a large tureen and serving bowl, a three-section dish, bowls, serving dishes etc. two Masons jugs with snake handles, two large water jugs and a salmon plate [s52]

LOT 387 £20/30 (02:33PM)

A mixed lot of china and glass ware including a mirror, a glass biscuit barrel on a silver plated stand, an etched glass decanter and stopper, vases, a Clarice Cliff soup cup and saucer, paperweights, cabinet plates, cups and saucers plus decorative jugs and bowls [s56 & 60]

LOT 390 £30/50 (02:33PM)

A Limoges floral decorated part coffee service, an Oriental teapot and sugar bowl, a set of six heavy glass whisky tumblers, a red glass vase, a small Royal Copenhagen vase, a glass ashtray, a small box of lace including Brussels etc. [s58]

LOT 392 £30/50 (02:35PM)

A collection of Pendelfin rabbits on circular stand, an orange carnival glass bowl, Beswick and other bird ornaments, further animal figurines including a brown Beswick foal and a seated Russian horse, decorative figurines, a silver plated tazza, a small rug, a quantity of books including A Day in Fairyland, Commemorative books and books on sport [s61 & 62]