LOT 351 £40/60 (01:15PM)

Four shelves of mixed items including a Tiffany style ceiling light plus another, photo frames including silver-plated, a Victorian silk table screen, framed pictures, a chess set, a four-drawer jewellery box, a cased set of Apostle tea spoons, wicker baskets, a brass clock in the shape of an over-sized pocket watch, vintage advertising tins, display cases, a Cardiff City shield, Chinese scrolls, replica swords, work boots, a Thomas the Tank Engine toy etc. – a large lot [G38, G35, G32, G29 & G 26]

LOT 352 £30/50 (01:15PM)

Two shelves of china ware comprising mainly of part tea and dinner services including Poole pottery two tone, a Wedgwood Swallow pattern, Melaware, Hornsea, Hammersley Longton, Teaco green glazed, a Carlton ware lobster bowl and two matching plates, a Poole dish, soup bowls etc. [G39, G36 & G33]

LOT 353 £25/35 (01:15PM)

A quantity of glass ware including vintage jelly moulds, five decanters and stoppers one with Port spirit label, a large glass jar, a glass ship in a bottle, sherry glasses, dressing table trays, vintage bottles, fruit bowls etc. [G40 & G37]

LOT 354 £10/15 (01:15PM)

A pair of silver-plated three-branch candelabra, a mantel clock, a doorstop alarm, a fold-away rucksack, a micro jet tool, cord strap, fly swats, a sensor night light, packs of card, a charger, putty, a briefcase, a hobby drill, a red bag, a portable brush holder etc. [G37]

LOT 355 £100/150 (01:17PM)

An inflatable dingy with British Seagull outboard motor plus ropes, an inflatable tender, life jackets, hooks, two pictures of boats, a fishing reel, wooden oars, a Master Sextant beam converger, a Seafarer 701 depth monitor, a wooden step [under and opposite G40]

LOT 356 £30/50 (01:17PM)

A Black and Decker GR380 1200w lawnmower, a Parkside electric chainsaw, an Ultimate Speed air pump, a Readers Digest Book of the Road, two car number plates, a Lifeshine Autoglym kit, a box of car accessories including dashboard wipes, anti freeze coolant, car covers, a power fix kit, a Halfords battery charger, a car fire extinguisher, unregulated AC adaptor etc. [under G34]

LOT 357 £30/40 (01:17PM)

Two and a half shelves of mixed china and glass ware including bowls, steins with pewter lids, pewter tankards, animal figurines including a Royal Doulton white horse, a cocker spaniel, wooden carved elephants and giraffes, a brass oil lamp and shade, two orange carnival glass vases and two similar dishes, commemorative mugs, planters, framed collectors plates, a small quantity of silver plate including sugar tongs, shaving mugs, vases, teapots etc. [G28, G31 & g34]

LOT 359 £50/70 (01:19PM)

A Florabest petrol lawnmower FB 575A1 plus a Turbo Power motor lawnmower, a boxed wheel barrow, a spirit level, two pair of step ladders plus a pair of ladders and a trolley [under G31, G28 and next to G28]

LOT 361 £30/50 (01:19PM)

Boxed items including a Silvercrest DivX DVD player, a Sound Style High Fidelity loud speaker stands, an Accoustics 1020i speaker, a Tannoy Mercury V1I speaker and a Marantez CD player CD6004 [opposite shelf G37]

LOT 364 £30/40 (01:22PM)

A vintage lot including a Gemini portable keyboard, a Phillips cased Bakelite radio, a set of wood and brass postal scales, a cased Singer sewing machine, an Explar FC9 fan controller, a Selmar battery charger, a Joint Master mark II sawing jig, a camping stove, an Akai AC power adapter etc. [table 2nd aisle]

LOT 369 £30/50 (01:24PM)

A Teac AG-790 Am/FM stereo receiver with remote, a Cambridge Audio Azur CD player C3890 and a Project audio system record player [on lot 859]

LOT 371 £30/40 (01:27PM)

A large mixed lot including a Silvercrest DivX DVD player, a Silvercrest DivX slim line DVD player, a Silvercrest digital terrestrial receiver, a Pioneer PDR 609 CD player, a Cambridge Audio Topaz CD player, a Panasonic DMR EZ27 DVD player, a Goodmans digital TV receiver, an Inspired Listening micro hifi, a Panasonic TUC T41 digital terrestrial receiver, stereo headphones, scart leads etc. [on 857]

LOT 372 £40/60 (01:27PM)

A large quantity of china including NatWest piggy banks, a large Poole pottery Delphis pattern vase, a Poole pottery planter, Burleigh tea wares, ginger jars, a pair of Staffordshire style lions, a pair of Satsuma vases, Art Deco dishes, a Lambs Royal Navy Rum ashtray, meat plates, a pair of stoneware owls, a boxed set of Whitefriars whisky tumblers etc. [on and around lot 852]

LOT 373 £40/60 (01:27PM)

A large brewery lot including pub glasses advertising Stella Artois, Carling, Campari etc. plus ice buckets advertising Gordon's gin, Campari and Champagne, beer pumps, a Guinness tray and a quantity of Coca Cola glasses, Disney mugs, Sons of Anarchy novelty skull drinks containers, a small quantity of china, model cars etc. [G1 & G2]

LOT 374 £30/50 (01:27PM)

Four shelves of mixed china and glass ware including vintage bottles in brown, green and clear glass, plus stoneware bottles, glass fruit bowls, jugs, dishes, vases, a large cauliflower tureen with lid, white glazed vases, character jugs, a motto ware jug, a 19th century majolica jug decorated with storks, decorative dinner plates and further dinner wares, a small quantity of cottage ware, pottery steins with pewter lids etc. [G3, G6,G9,G12]

LOT 375 £20/30 (01:29PM)

A shelf of mainly silver plate including dishes, a pair of squat candlesticks plus others, a box and lid, a basket, a pewter stein, a pretty pink Art Deco ceiling light, a brass crumb scoop etc. [G5]

LOT 376 £30/40 (01:29PM)

A quantity of dinner ware mainly comprising plates and bowls, a small quantity of glass ware, copper containers and lids, a pair of wood and brass bellows, wooden fruit bowls and dishes, a ruby glass jug and vase, two silver plated bowls, a carved wood black forest bear signed Wrigley, a figurine of a Geisha on stand etc. [G4, G7 & G10]

LOT 377 £20/30 (01:29PM)

A Curver tool box containing tools such as screwdrivers, Stanley knives, adjustable spanners etc., a 100ft Sears Craftsman tape measure, another smaller Ketter toolbox, a hand held drill, a Powerfix set of screwdrivers, an aluminium toolbox, drill bits, plant underlay, protection covers, poly tarpaulin and further covers and blankets etc. [under G4, G7 & G10]

LOT 378 £40/60 (01:29PM)

A quantity of computer equipment including, an Aida Micro-scan monitor, a pair of Active 85 speakers, a Hewlett Packard OfficeJet K80 copy scanner fax machine, a Panasonic Telephone Answering system KXF2060, an Epson Stylus 850 colour printer, an electric fan and a quantity of all the wires, two Pifco Ultrasonic Humidifiers. [on lot 853]

LOT 379 £30/40 (01:31PM)

Gaming equipment including a Sony Play Station 1 and PS2, a Sega Megadrive, a Nintendo Game Cube, a quantity of Play Station games and controllers and a small quantity of coins [g13]

LOT 381 £25/35 (01:31PM)

A mixed lot of mainly new and boxed items including a Nightlux Brezer sight, a 25.75 x90 zoom lens, a Search Guard Power Spotlight, a pair of Brazer 10×50 binoculars, a pair of Auriol zoom binoculars 10.30×60, a two in one magnifier, a round bulkhead light, a red metal cash box, a LED spotlight, a quantity of plastic storage boxes and containers, a turbo mini chopper, an LCD wall clock and a metal filing case, plus curtain wires, ice grips, tweezers with LED light, flip flops, measuring tape on a key ring, socket extensions, [G14, G15 & G17]

LOT 382 £30/40 (01:31PM)

A selection of mainly unused and boxed items including a Bifinett combi microwave, a Silvercrest kettle, a Delux lever corkscrew, a Tefal kettle, a Chambourd cafetiere, a Bifinett deep fat fryer, a Ritter slicer, a Morphy Richards toaster [G16]

LOT 383 £30/50 (01:34PM)

An aluminium folding decorators platform, a quantity of decorating equipment including rollers, brushes and trays plus an Electrolux cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner and a Lavor steam cleaner and a blackboard on stand [under G19, G22 & G25]

LOT 384 £25/35 (01:34PM)

A quantity of glass ware including hock glasses, fruit bowls, tumblers, sherry glasses, brandy balloons, vases, a polar bear paper weight, a small silver candlestick, a pewter tankard, cutlery, an aluminium frying pan and cover, a fan heater, a wooden box etc. [G18, G21, G24]

LOT 385 £25/40 (01:34PM)

A large mixed lot including light switches, a Silvercrest electric over-blanket, a Phillips food hairdryer, a Eumig P8 photomatic projector, a Lervia iron, a motion sensor, halogen flood light motion sensors, LED night lights, extension leads, foam weather strips, surge protectors, padlocks, lamps, two telephones etc. [G19, G22, G25]

LOT 386 £25/35 (01:34PM)

A quantity of tools including a Powerfix tool box, a boxed Parkside sander, a boxed Black and Decker Proline sander plus spare discs, router bits and extension lead [G20 & G23]

LOT 387 £40/60 (01:36PM)

A mixed lot of mainly unused and boxed items including a Silverline 1500w router, a Parkside arc welder, Powerfix welding electrodes, Powerfix furniture transporter, a Parkside sharpening station PSS 65A1, a Faithful carpenters plane and square set, a cupboard light, a Hilka detail sander, a Bosch PFZ 600E all purpose saw, a Parkside PHKS1350 circular saw [on lot 855]

LOT 390 £40/60 (01:36PM)

A Challenge high pressure washer 70 bar, a Powerfix drain cleaner, Powerfix assorted 'o'rings, a Super Salectrix domestic circulator, an Aquapur hand steam cleaner, aluminium folding table, a LCD systems read out metal detector, an aluminium gripper, a storage unit, profline mosquito nets, garden spades, a wire brush set, bucket and other garden accessories [garage]

LOT 392 £25/40 (01:39PM)

A mixed lot of tools including a Wicks 860w 150mm angle grinder, a Parkside PFS 710 electric saw, extension leads, drill bits, a tool box with drill, a pair of Parkside sawing and clamping guide rails, a blue suitcase, a boxed compact multi tool [garage]

LOT 393 £20/30 (01:39PM)

Two Powerfix tool boxes with tools inside including pliers, tape measures, angle wielding magnets, screwdrivers, masonry drill bits, a drill etc. [on lot 864]