LOT 305 £60/90 (01:18PM)

A shoe box full of good early 20th century and later postcards, a photograph frame as an RMS Osterley life belt, a 1915 cigarette box, 8 vols. of 'Harmsworth's History of the World', two reproduction railway signs, a Monitor gas paint stripper

LOT 308 £30/50 (01:21PM)

A box containing two albums of stamps, loose pages of stamps from a selection of countries, first-day covers, including Bombay, sheets of mint George VI coronation stamps and George VI Kenya, Tanganyika and Uganda 1c stamps, etc.

LOT 308C £40/70 (01:23PM)

Costume jewellery including earrings, one a large French pair in gilt-metal depicting a monkey holding a circus tent, a pendant of coloured stones by Pocci of Paris, a large amethyst-coloured pendant, etc., and a quantity of foreign currency including American

LOT 308F £60/90 (01:25PM)

Three copies of 'The British Gazette', May 8, 10 and 11 1926, covering the General Strike, with three copies of 'The British Worker', May 7, 9 and 10 1926, 'The Daily Graphic', May 11 1926, and a strike issue of the 'Daily Telegraph' for May 10 1926, 8 volumes including poems, vol. 7, 1856, 'The Plays of William Shakespeare', in a good leather binding, albums of tea cards, and a box of stamp albums and loose stamps including a small booklet of Penny Reds and Blues, etc.

LOT 308G £25/35 (01:25PM)

A Victorian silver dessert spoon, a Georgian teaspoon, a Rotary wristwatch with date, and a quantity of costume jewellery including colourful beads, marcasite and other brooches, etc.

LOT 308H £40/70 (01:25PM)

A reproduction taken from the original of the gilt-metal LNER plaque commemorating a world speed record for steam traction of 126 mph attained by 'Mallard', 3rd July 1938, on a mahogany plaque, no. 51/250, with framed certificate

LOT 308M £20/30 (01:28PM)

A railway lot: books on the life of Terence Cuneo, mounted photographs by David Weston, as new, special event brochures, original photographs, two copies of the 'Daily Telegraph' 1988 'Mallard' special, David Weston calendars, 1980, 1990, 1991, 1992, and other specially produced photographic publications, and a toffee tin

LOT 308N £15/25 (01:28PM)

A box of old greetings cards, souvenir booklets, Army Club cigarette cards, a ration book, photographic views in sets, and a box of covers, a small collection of books, stereo viewer and cards, collection of cap badges, button hole badges etc, a small photograph frame and a collection of mint stamps, etc.

LOT 308S £40/70 (01:30PM)

Two cartons of stamp albums including the Silver Wedding 1972, two cartons of mainly royal stamps, including loose, mint and first-day covers, empty stamp albums, and a probably 1930s German album of Alva cigarette cards of flag- and standard-bearers

LOT 308T £30/50 (01:33PM)

A 1918 military compass in a belt pouch, an original Rolls razor, Viscount model, unused an in original box, a Ronson Variflame lighter, in original box, and a Greenkat telescope

LOT 308U £30/50 (01:33PM)

18 large-format studio photographs of 1950s actresses and singers, seven signed including Alice Fay and Deanna Durbin, and a folder of Jo Stafford records with Paul Weston and his orchestra

LOT 308W £50/90 (01:33PM)

Two cartons containing a large quantity of costume jewellery, also a silver parasol handle, a Victorian inlaid box, old sunglasses, a Silver Jubilee book containing stamps, a stamp album, etc.

LOT 313 £60/80 (01:45PM)

A large quantity of EPNS and other metalware in three cartons, including a champagne bucket, cake stand, salvers, trays, tea wares, etc., together with a small canteen of cutlery and loose cutlery.

LOT 321 £30/40 (01:49PM)

A canteen of mixed EPNS cutlery, including Lady Katherine pattern by Rogers and rattail pattern, together with a carton of plated and other metalware including a figure of a salmon

LOT 325 £40/60 (01:52PM)

A fine Edwardian set of fruit eaters for 12 with silver shanks and mother-of-pearl handles, in fitted case, together with a small carton of sundry cutlery including an ornate bread fork and crumb scoop.

LOT 327 £40/60 (01:54PM)

A carton of late Victorian and other cutlery, including serving pieces, many with ivory handles and some with silver shanks, also a snuffers tray and other oddments

LOT 342 £150/180 (02:04PM)

English silver: a Georgian baluster sugar caster; a pair of George III circular salts, London 1767; two salt spoons; a caster; pair of pepperettes; vase on loaded foot; and cigarette box; 19.4 ozt gross

LOT 349 £50/70 (02:06PM)

A good silver child's pedestal mug, Sheffield 1943, a silver napkin ring, Jerusalem 833 compact, and Maltese 925 spoon, 5.8 ozt, and a Tudric RMS Queen Elizabeth pewter mug

LOT 351 £80/120 (02:09PM)

A late Victorian silver thimble; a pair of George III tablespoons, London 1817; set of six Victorian teaspoons with tongs; two other teaspoons; butter knife in silver and mother-of-pearl; and a French 950 spoon; 10 ozt gross

LOT 359 £80/120 (02:13PM)

An ornate Victorian silver fish serving knife engraved with an angling scene, with ivory handle, Sheffield 1859; a silver and ivory fish slice, London 1828; and a pair of unusual small trowel servers in ivory and silver plate.

LOT 360 £160/180 (02:13PM)

A George V silver small covered dish by Mappin & Webb, other English silver comprising: tea strainer with stand, four napkin rings, two vases with loaded foot, four teaspoons and a silver-lidded jar, together with a Swedish 830 tot, 21.1 ozt gross (excluding glass)

LOT 361 £30/40 (02:13PM)

An Edwardian and blue enamel capstan inkwell, a silver-topped glass jar, a pair of silver-topped scent bottles, and six silver-mounted implements, together with a set of plated fish eaters and a set of teaspoons, in cases.

LOT 362 £150/180 (02:16PM)

An early 20th century silver-mounted glass match ball, and small silver comprising: milk jug, caster, pin tray, four napkin rings, pair of salts with 835 spoon, sugar tongs, cigarette case, and match case, together with an unmarked Indian cylindrical box; 19.1 ozt weighable.

LOT 363 £170/200 (02:16PM)

Continental silver comprising: a 1920s German 800 hammered centrepiece bowl, oval 800 bread bowl, 800 small dish, 900 handled bowl, and 900 niello-chequered cigarette case, 23.2 ozt

LOT 365 £50/80 (02:16PM)

A pair of George V filled silver candlesticks, a pair of sterling filled dwarf candlesticks, a pair of Edwardian loaded silver vases, a silver-handled cake knife, and a silver-mounted spray mechanism

LOT 366 £40/60 (02:18PM)

A good pair of late Victorian silver bonbon dishes by W Comyns, of heart shape embossed with putti and scrolls, London 1896, 2.5 ozt; also a slight silver napkin ring, and a small silver-faced photograph frame

LOT 371 £60/80 (02:21PM)

A Victorian silver sauce ladle, four Finnish 813 silver knives with filled handles, a pair of similar knives with probably hollow handles, an 1871 Copenhagen spoon, and an unmarked Eastern spoon, 9.7 ozt gross