LOT 402 £25/40 (02:45PM)

Two Royal Worcester 19th century tazzas, two oil on copper paintings of countryside scenes, a small copper warming pan with turned wood handle, three etched champagne saucers and an Ising projector and slides [s1]

LOT 405 £80/120 (02:47PM)

A collection of Herend porcelain including chocolate cup on saucer, black glazed cabinet plate, pot and cover plus dishes all decorated with flowers and butterflies and a blue art deco clock [s]

LOT 408 £40/60 (02:47PM)

A collection of six pieces of turn of the century Royal Doulton including a pair of pots and vases, a Sandeman decanter, a black glazed urn, two 19th Century gaudy pattern cups and saucers, 19th Century hand painted dish and another plus a Carltonware vase etc. [s5]

LOT 414 £40/60 (02:52PM)

A good collection of items including a set of eight ebony elephants, a green glazed Rumtoph, a collection of thimbles many in and on display cases, trinket boxes and covers including Wedgwood, two vintage mixing bowls, a set of Weylux scales, a small quantity of silver plate including a three piece cruet, jug and rose bowl and a Nao figurine of a girl etc. [s7]

LOT 415 £30/50 (02:52PM)

A Royal Albert Val D'Or part dinner and tea service including a set of three graduated dinner plates and tureens plus another part tea and dinner service, a pair of silver plated candlesticks and tray etc. [a8]

LOT 418 £70/90 (02:54PM)

Eight Royal Doulton figurines comprising Ninette HN2379, Buttercup HN2309, Miss Kay HN3659, Sunday Best HN3218, Diana HN2468, Top O' Hull HN1834, Victoria HN2471, Fleur HN 2368 [s9]

LOT 419 £30/40 (02:54PM)

A Royal Doulton white ground leaf decorated tea service plus a Royal Doulton Desert Star pattern tea service, a quantity of cabinet plates, a cut glass bowl and a silver plated tureen [s10]

LOT 431 £30/50 (03:01PM)

A turn of the century Staffordshire flat back clock, a quantity of 1970's Poole pottery including plates, trinket boxes and covers, biscuit barrel and jug, a Poole blue and grey part tea service, a silver plated tea pot, white glazed jug etc. [s16 & s20]

LOT 440 £20/30 (03:06PM)

A collection of cameras including a Zeiss Ikon Nettar, a further Zeiss Ikon, a Kodak No.A-116,a Kodak A120, a Minolta, an Ilford Sportsman etc. [pine shelves next to s20]

LOT 442 £25/40 (03:09PM)

A quantity of cameras including a Rodenstock viewmaster, an Ensign, a Brownie 'Dakon' shutter, a Mamiya MSX 500, a Ronson lighter and a quantity of vintage ordnance survey maps etc. [pine shelves end of s20]

LOT 447 £30/40 (03:11PM)

Two shelves of china and glass including Wedgwood plates, a large Sylvac vase, two steins with pewter lids, a pottery table lamp, a hunting jug, glass bowls and drinking glasses, millenium, paperweights, Denby tobacco jar, a pewter dish and decorative boxes etc. [s24 & s28]

LOT 449 £25/35 (03:13PM)

A mixed lot including a small quantity of silver plate comprising a tureen, coasters and a salt and pepper, glassware including a paperweight, ashtrays, vases and a jug, a wood and brass boxed set of dominoes and a small lot of china including motto ware and calendar plates [s26]

LOT 450 £30/40 (03:13PM)

A Luberg blue and white dinner and tea service, two Royal Worcester Evesham pattern bowls, serving dishes and two matching hors d'oeuvres dishes, an Aynsley Pembroke pattern planter, a Radnor bird ornament, seven thimbles, a pair of silver plated berry spoons etc. [s27]

LOT 451 £40/60 (03:13PM)

A set of five Spanish marching band figurines on wooden bases, a large vase decorated with maidens and cherubs plus a similar planter, three Goebels Hummel figurines of children plus further decorative figurines [s25 & s29]

LOT 452 £30/50 (03:13PM)

A collection of decorative figurines including two by Royal Doulton Reverie HN2306 and Ascot HN2356, Royal Worcester Fragrance, two by Coalport Debuntante and Anita and four Italian figurines of Musketeers on marble bases etc. [s26 & s30]

LOT 456 £30/50 (03:16PM)

A shelf of decorative items to include four floral decorated china jelly moulds, an Aynsley cottage garden clock, two glass dressing table jars with HM silver lids, collectors plates, ginger jar and cover, clocks, pictures, dolls house furniture etc. [s31]

LOT 460 £20/30 (03:18PM)

A Crown Devon Fieldings cream ground part dinner service including tureens and three graduated meat plates, a small quantity of dressing table and wooden items, plus three pre 1947 half crowns, five crowns and a 1951 Festival of Britain crown [s34]

LOT 463 £30/40 (03:21PM)

A James Kent Du Barry chintz two tier cake plate, a pretty floral decorated part tea service, a Coalport Junetime milk jug, a art deco toast rack, a decorative jug, three meat plates, five earthenware goblets, an earthenware figure of a boy on a bull, further decorative figurines, boxed egg coddlers, a silver plated four cup egg cruet and a child's mug, a three piece Heatmaster tea service etc. [s36 & s40]

LOT 465 £25/35 (03:23PM)

A collection of glass paperweights including Wedgwood, a boxed set of four Coalport napkin rings, an Oriental style part tea service, two Wedgwood pin dishes, a silver plated cream jug etc. [s38]

LOT 466 £25/35 (03:23PM)

A collection of small Oriental items including vases and dishes, a resin Oriental model of a bundle of frogs, a ginger jar and cover, a blue and white cup and saucer, a 19th Century blue ground plate decorated with birds and flowers plus a Doulton similar etc. [s38]

LOT 467 £25/35 (03:23PM)

Six Leonardo Collection figurines of children, a Russian figure of a brown bear plus further animal figurines including horses and swans, a Goblin Teasmaid, a pair of brass candlesticks, a circular brass plaque of a ship, a hammered copper box etc. [s39]

LOT 468 £70/90 (03:23PM)

A large quantity of Whitefriars glass to include five sea green finger bowls, 12 sea green and amber liqueur glasses, two bubbly matchstick holders, a bubbly optic sea green dish, a flint owl, three small vases in dark blue, bark green aubergine, a sea green candlestick, four pieces of ruby glass etc. [s41]

LOT 476 £20/30 (03:28PM)

A leather briefcase, a small quantity of metalwares including a copper kettle and brass gong, a small collection of books including the Bible, children's annual and Queen Alexandra's Christmas book, boxed Chinese chess, cigarette cases, a compact, etc. [s46]

LOT 481 £25/35 (03:33PM)

An anniversary clock under dome, commemorative mugs, a Bell's scotch whisky decanter plus another, a set of cake forks, a Colclough pink rose decorated part tea service including sandwich plates, pressed glass bowl etc. [s50]

LOT 483 £25/35 (03:33PM)

A quantity of china including 19th Century bowls, part tea service, blue and white willow pattern meat plate and another in red and white, a belleek wall pocket, regency style frames, art pottery bowls and a pair of Oriental planters [s48]

LOT 484 £30/50 (03:33PM)

A large white glazed Brentleigh ware vase with branch decoration, a pair of smaller black glazed Brentleigh ware vases and a jug, an Ellegreave white glazed jug, a pair of orange glazed vases and a small black ground Shelley vase [s53]

LOT 487 £20/30 (03:35PM)

A collection of vintage leather wallets, two glass and silver plated hip flasks, a silver propelling pencil, a vintage map, cigarette case, thirteen lace and bead food covers, dress brushes, two vintage syringes one being an Abol Syring No5, a viewmaster etc. [s55]

LOT 489 £30/40 (03:37PM)

A large quantity of china including a chintz Crown Ducal bowl, a Crown Devon strainer dish on stand and similar bowl, a 19th Century gaudy pattern jug, a large lacquer dish and matching plates, figurines of children, flower ornaments and a set of six 19th Century custard cups etc. [s52]

LOT 492 £25/35 (03:37PM)

A Royal Worcester part tea service decorated with roses, a Wedgwood shape 225 white glazed part dinner service, an art deco mirror, a collection of small toby jugs and a Royal Albert old Country Roses cake stand [s59]

LOT 493 £30/40 (03:40PM)

A shelf of china wares including a Royal Worcester Girls & Boys Come Out to Play figurine, a real part fish service, Egyptian style pens, four pottery steins, an Oriental part tea service, perfume bottles, figurines etc. [s60]

LOT 496 £40/60 (03:40PM)

Six Coalport model cottages, a small Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern dish and bowl, small Dresden baskets, a Wedgwood jasperware cup and saucer, two Aynsley commemorative two-handled tankards, nine Davenport collectors train plates and six place mats, cabinet cups and saucers, a lustre bowl and toby jug plus further cabinet pieces [s62 & s65]

LOT 497 £30/40 (03:42PM)

A set of 12 boxed Villeroy & Boch champagne flutes, a French silver cup, a pewter hip flask, a silver plated cocktail shaker plus two silver plated Holland & Holland Marlborough Cups 1000 and a baby whisky measure [s63]