LOT 401 £40/60 (02:21PM)

A quantity of computer equipment including an Aida Computer Tower, an Aida Micro-scan monitor, a pair of Active 85 speakers, a Hewlett Packard OfficeJet K80 copy scanner fax machine, a Panasonic Telephone Answering system KXF2060, a BT Decor 400 telephone and an Epson Stylus 850 colour printer, an electric fan and a quantity of all the wires, two Pifco Ultrasonic Humidifiers. [on lot 853]

LOT 403 £20/30 (02:24PM)

Two person tent, a quantity of cricket bats, a Mandoline Pro in box, a toaster, a Daewoo deep fat fryer, and one by Russell & Hobbs, plus five sculpture puzzles including Darth Vader and an Egyptian. [on lot 851 and under 852]

LOT 404 £40/60 (02:24PM)

A large quantity of metal wares including brass candlesticks, ornaments, a vintage car horn, school bells, coal hods, kettles, a copper warming pan with turned wood handles, modern walking sticks, barometer, planes, a small quantity of silver plate including teapots, candlesticks, a bird, cruet ornamental dagger. [G1]

LOT 406 £20/30 (02:24PM)

A tapestry-making kit, a travel iron and steamer, a quantity of decorative eggs in papier mache bowl, two papier mache cat ornaments, brass dish, ebony dressing table items, etc. [G3, 6]

LOT 407 £25/35 (02:26PM)

Two shelves of general china wares including teapots, jugs including stoneware hunting jug, Oriental part-tea services, decorative clock, green-leaf dishes, tureen and covers, etc. [G4, 7]

LOT 411 £15/30 (02:29PM)

Two shelves of mixed wares including pottery stein and cover, plates, vases, commemorative wares, blue and white Shredded Wheat dishes, vintage advertising tins including Oxo, a pair of novelty carrot jugs, souvenir wares, Poole pottery jar and cover, etc. [G9, 12]

LOT 412 £30/40 (02:29PM)

A mixed shelf of metal and wooden wares including a barometer, a metal-frame clock, a wooden-framed Martell Cognac advertising clock, miniature mandolin in case, brass plate, a pair of brass candlesticks, a wooden pipe rack, Acctim Quartz wall clock, a metal jelly mould, a Wild Heerbrugg microscope, a L R Poyser Telescope Manufacturer part telescope, Millibars Aneroid Barometer Mark II, a metal school bell, novelty pistol, a large box of batteries, etc. [G10, 13]

LOT 417 £25/35 (02:31PM)

Two shelves of mixed china wares including vases, teapots, jardinieres, animal ornaments, thimbles, dolls tea service, pomanders, etc. [G15, 18, 21]

LOT 420 £30/40 (02:33PM)

A quantity of collectors' china thimbles in cases, five heraldic plaques, a cassette of rock samples, a signed 'The Lions' rugby book, a pair of French leather-cased binoculars, an egg coddler, a monkey advertising ashtray, Snugfit Company, a Sylvac owl moneybox, Lladro figure of a goose, etc. [G19]

LOT 422 £25/35 (02:33PM)

Two shelves of china including large vases, including Satsuma and Royal Doulton, figures, part dinner services, a stein with pewter lid, Oriental spoons, etc. [G23, 24]

LOT 423 £25/40 (02:36PM)

Two shelves of china and glassware, comprising two 19th century jug and bowl sets and another, mis-matched, glass vase, a red and white part tea service, a large blue and white umbrella stand, Phoenix ware part tea service, two figures of soldiers, two large Royal Doulton character jugs and another, pottery steins, glass dish, two glass and silver-plated decanters, etc. [G22, 25]

LOT 424 £60/80 (02:36PM)

A heavy-duty Kitchen Aid and a quantity of books including home remedies and fashion, a lip focus set, a red Cartier box, a pretty tray and a wicker basket [under G25]

LOT 425 £15/20 (02:36PM)

A quantity of modern household wares including a set of EKS scales, a John Lewis bin, ironing board, laundry basket, shopping trolley, iron, etc. [next to G25]

LOT 441 £30/50 (02:41PM)

A presentation bottle of Whyte & Mackay 12 year old Blended Scotch Whisky, with hanging metal label for the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, in presentation box (Levels are not stated) [S3]

LOT 446 £30/50 (02:43PM)

14 bottles, including Bredon Champagne (1), Louis Vertay Champagne (1), Nero d'Avola 2014 table wine (3), D.O.M. Benedictine (1), Vermouth (1), other table wines, etc. (Levels are not stated) [S2]

LOT 448 £40/70 (02:45PM)

Five bottles of table wine, comprising: Ch. Beychevelle St Julien 1990 (2); Ch. Langoa Barton St Julien 1982; Don Cayetano Cabernet Sauvignon 2006; and Casanova di Neri Brunello di Montalcino 1998 (Levels are not stated) [S3]

LOT 449 £25/35 (02:45PM)

A collection of miniature bottles including of Whisky in presentation boxes, including Bowmore Islay Single Malt, Jura, Speyburn, and Tomatin, Southern Comfort; also Dow's Port, etc. (Levels are not stated) [S4]

LOT 450 £60/80 (02:45PM)

Three bottles, comprising: a 1 litre bottle of Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage Port 1991; and two bottles of Quinta do Noval 1978 Vintage Port, bottled in 1980 (Levels are not stated) [S5]

LOT 451 £30/40 (02:45PM)

A bottle of Mumm's Grand Cordon 1985 Champagne, in presentation box, and a bottle of Smirnoff Mellow Russian Vodka, in presentation tin (Levels are not stated) [S5]

LOT 452 £30/50 (02:48PM)

23 bottles of wine, including Ch. Loudenne Medoc, 1970; Ch. Laroze-Bayard St Emilion, 1998; Marques Riscal Rioja, 1974; Ch. La Mission Haute Brion Graves, 1987; Domaine St Francois Chateauneuf du Pape, 2004; Marques de Grignon estate-bottled Syrah, 2003, etc. (Levels are not stated) [S5, 9]

LOT 453 £15/25 (02:48PM)

A 1 litre bottle of Tia Maria, a 1 litre bottle of Peter Heering Cherry Liqueur, and a bottle of Sabra Israeli spirit, each boxed (Levels are not stated) [S9]

LOT 454 £70/100 (02:48PM)

A 1 litre bottle of Glenmorangie 10 years old Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky, a bottle of Glenfiddich Special Old Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky, a 1 litre bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label Extra Special Scotch Whisky, Courvoisier VSOP Cognac, each in presentation box (4 bottles) (Levels are not stated) [S6]

LOT 455 £20/30 (02:48PM)

A 1 litre bottle of 8 year old Bell's Extra Special Old Scotch Whisky, a bottle of Teacher's Scotch Whisky, and a bottle of Clan MacGregor Scotch Whisky (Levels are not stated) [S6]

LOT 457 £15/20 (02:50PM)

Bell's Scotch Whisky in bell-shaped decanters by Wade of varying sizes and including two royal commemorative, 1982, 1984 (Levels are not stated) [S6]

LOT 458 £40/70 (02:50PM)

Six bottles of Ferdinand Pieroth 2017 Binger Bubenstuck Riesling; and six bottles of Flamboyance of Flamingoes Frizzante 2017 (Levels are not stated) [S10]

LOT 459 £25/40 (02:50PM)

Decorative decanters, most with alcohol, including a guitar-shaped bottle of Brandy, Potcheen, Irish Mead, Old Jamaica Spirits, Irish Whiskey, Scotch Whisky including royal commemorative in a Wade bell; and a bottle of Cointreau, etc. (14) (Levels are not stated) [S7]

LOT 461 £50/70 (02:53PM)

A 1 litre bottle of The Glenlivet First Fill 12 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky; a bottle of Glenmorangie Millennium Malt 12 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, in a box; a 1 litre bottle of Bush Mills 12 year old Special Reserve Irish Whiskey; and a Wade bell of Blended Whisky (4) (Levels are not stated) [S7]

LOT 462 £40/70 (02:53PM)

20 bottles of table wine, including Borforras 2016 Hajos-Baja Blaufrankisch (4); Burg Layer Schlosskapelle Kabinett Nahe 2004 (4), 2006 (1), 2007 (2); Burg Layer Schlosskappelle Kabinett 2010 (4); Brauneberger Kurfurstlay Riesling 2015 (1); Ch. St Germain 2004 (1); and three other bottles; and two wooden presentation boxes (Levels are not stated) [S8]

LOT 466 £25/35 (02:55PM)

A suite of cut glasses including hock, red and white wine glasses, brandy balloons and whisky tumblers plus further etched and other glasses [s11]

LOT 467 £30/40 (02:55PM)

A mixed shelf including a set of vintage brass scales and weights, two wooden boxes and contents including pipes, a vintage wooden aeroplane propeller, a boxed Hong Kong Jockey Club millennium silver plated clock, a figurine of a Chinese lion, a cased travelling clock, two compacts and a costume jewellery brooch etc. [s12]

LOT 469 £30/40 (02:57PM)

A good shelf of china and glassware including Murano glass vases, novelty glass figural decanters and dishes, three 1930's vases including a Sylvac shell shaped and another Sylvac mottled, a Noritake gilt decorated bowl and cover, a figurine of a boy in 18th century dress etc. [s14]

LOT 470 £40/60 (02:57PM)

Two shelves of mainly china and silver plate including a large quantity of Aynsley Cottage Garden pattern vases, plates and dishes, a Sheltonian china part tea and dinner service, collectors plates, a Royal Doulton teapot, a Royal Doulton American Quarter figurine of a horse, a Galaway Irish Crystal letter opener, silver plate including a teapot, napkin rings, a pair of elephant ring holders, a stainless steel egg holder, jam dish and cover etc. three evening bags, a 1950s mantel clock, a framed print etc.

LOT 471 £25/35 (02:57PM)

A shelf of china comprising Midwinter tea and dinner wares including a part coffee service and tureen, 1950s china including a Crown Devon trio and another, jugs including Grays pottery, plus further plates, platters and a pair of glass squat candlesticks [s16]

LOT 472 £20/30 (03:00PM)

A shelf of china and glass including a large blue chemists jar and stopper, a pair of Darby and Joan bookends, a pair of elongated cat cruets, a large glass Caithness paperweight, side plates, a pottery tankards with pewter lid, a glass basket etc. [s17]

LOT 474 £25/35 (03:00PM)

A mixed vintage lot comprising a pair of Indonesia puppets, small animal figurines, mainly horses, vintage toys including a spinning top and mah jong, rulers, a magnifying glass, a Doultons stoneware hot water bottle, a Kodak Retina camera etc. [s20]

LOT 475 £150/200 (03:00PM)

A quantity of cameras including a Nikon FA, a Nikon F80, two Rollie 35's one in chrome and one in black, a Zenit 3M, a Kowa SER, a Mamiya Sekar, a Chinon CP-6 and accessories in bag a Minolta 505S plus others [pine shelves end of row]

LOT 478 £25/35 (03:02PM)

Two shelves of mixed vintage wares including an Oriental part tea service with Empress head, a chinoiserie jewellery box, commemorative wares, a 19th century warming plate, vintage tins, Colclough part tea service, vintage tins, a Russian figurine, a silver-plated tankard, a quantity of pens, a pewter hip flask etc. [s21 & 25]

LOT 479 £25/35 (03:02PM)

A shelf of china including a Royal Crown Derby dish, a chocolate cup and saucer with cover, a Hummel figurine of a boy, a Royal Copenhagen dish, a Poole pottery dish, an etched glass decanter and three etched glass glasses, a quantity of decorative plates, a collection of horse brasses, a blue and white tureen and cover etc. [s22]

LOT 480 £20/30 (03:05PM)

A collection of animal figurines including boxer dog, fawns, horses, seals etc., a Warwick china blue and white part tea service, a heavy brass Aqualisa tap fitment, a figurine of a Dutch girl, an African drum, three glass trinket dishes and covers etc. [s23]

LOT 481 £20/30 (03:05PM)

A red and gold Gladstone pattern tea and dinner service, a blue and gilt decorated Windsor Hill pattern part tea service, a Ramleigh floral decorated part tea service including teapot plus further tea wares [s24]

LOT 483 £10/15 (03:05PM)

Eight various figurines including Coalport 'The Boy', Royal Worcester 'Rosie Picking Apples' and Italian plus a pair of German porcelain candlesticks decorated with cherubs [s26]

LOT 485 £25/35 (03:07PM)

Four Beswick bird figurines and a quantity of large dinner wares including six blue and white tureens and matching gravy boat and large meat plates [s28]

LOT 487 £20/30 (03:07PM)

A shelf of glass ware comprising two fruit bowls with silver plated rims, a cut glass comport, dishes, vases, a seven piece 1930s desert set, an ice bucket plus a small quantity of brass comprising two trivets, a kettle and a jug and a Masons Mandalay pattern jug and dish [s30]

LOT 488 £50/70 (03:09PM)

A Staffordshire two-handled frog mug, two Staffordshire jugs one with dog handle, a Staffordshire grotesque teapot, a large red perfume bottle and stopper, three decorative plates, three glass prisms plus other china [s5]

LOT 493 £20/30 (03:12PM)

Approximately 18 commemorative mugs, an Indian Tree pattern part tea service, a Booths Willow pattern part dinner service and a blue and white Willow pattern meat plate. [s35]

LOT 496 £30/40 (03:14PM)

A quantity of glass ware including four Caithness glass paperweights, a claret jug with silver-plated lid, two decanters and stoppers one with silver collar, a perfume bottle with possibly silver collar and two small bottles and stoppers and a small quantity of coins [s37]

LOT 498 £25/40 (03:14PM)

A small Oriental collection comprising a soapstone figure of a man, a cork picture of houses in a landscape, a brass box and cover and a wooden box in the shape of a book [s38]

LOT 499 £40/60 (03:17PM)

An African carved wooden table on tripod base, an Asian carved wood figure of a deity, a Chinese resin figurine of fishermen on a boat, a turn of the century brass-bound mahogany writing slope, an African carved wood chess set [39]