LOT 451 £25/40 (01:41PM)

Two mixed shelf including two Oriental hardstone flowers in pot, a glass paperweight, three teapots, figurines including a Mexican band set, a blue and white vase, an Acctim wall clock, Tetley Tea men, a green glazed planter, an onyx box, a boxed seal plus further vases and decorative china [s1 & s5]

LOT 452 £30/50 (01:41PM)

A boxed Harrods decanter and stopper, a green glass vase, a brass box with key decorated with cherubs containing some costume jewellery stamped KJL, a four branch silver plated candelabra, a brass pen tray, a Hohner Chromonika II, a German Great War iron mortar inscribed Durch Krieg Zum Seig 1914-1917 and a vintage metal and glass hip flask [s2]

LOT 455 £30/40 (01:43PM)

A shelf of vintage metal and wooden wares including an inlaid writing box, a leather collar box, two heavy irons, a large metal model of a poodle and another smaller, a metal scoop, iron weights, a wooden mantel clock, pinking shears etc. [s4]

LOT 457 £30/50 (01:43PM)

An interesting shelf of wood and metal wares including a WW2 Brodie helmet, a gas mask, a KB Bakelite radio, a horn beaker, commemorative tins, a mahogany writing table, a wooden glove box, a box of souvenir matchboxes, a pewter tankard, a pewter Art Nouveau two-handled goblet, two pipes, a stone match holder/striker, a pair of Busch Sollux 8×30 leather cased binoculars a cigar case etc. [s7]

LOT 458 £30/50 (01:43PM)

A Noritake Melissa pattern part tea and dinner service approximately 58 pieces plus further china wares including Royal Albert Old Country Roses and Royal Doulton Biltmore etc. [s8]

LOT 459 £30/50 (01:46PM)

A 19th century metal and blue glass decorated with white flowers oil lamp, a brass coal scuttle with ceramic handles, a hand held oil lamp and The Peter Patter Book by Leroy Jackson, illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright, a scrap book of a trip to the Rhine Valley, and a tin of 20th century postcards.[s9]

LOT 460 £30/40 (01:46PM)

A shelf of glass ware comprising a set of 12 Edinburgh crystal wine glasses decorated with ferns, two orange carnival glass bowls, two glass comports, glass fruit bowls, two glass powder bowls and covers and a boxed set of six dessert bowls [s10]

LOT 463 £25/35 (01:48PM)

A Royal Crown Derby Avesbury pattern trio plus matching jug, cup and sugar bowl, two Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern plates, two Royal Crown Derby trinket dishes and a Spode's Italian blue and white plate. [s14]

LOT 464 £20/30 (01:48PM)

Part tea and dinner services including Sevres border pattern, blue ground and red and gilt decorated, a boxed Spode cake plate, a small quantity of drinking glasses, Wade Whimsies, figurines, a pair of 1930's bookends of children, a decorative vase and bowl etc. [s15 & s19]

LOT 465 £25/40 (01:48PM)

A quantity of glass ware including a Thomas Webb vase, a boxed Stuart crystal goblet, glass baskets, bowls, vases and dishes, etched brandy balloons, carnival glass bowls, perfume bottles and stoppers etc. [s12]

LOT 469 £40/60 (01:51PM)

A Royal Doulton Hampton Court pattern part dinner service, a Royal Albert Festival pattern tea service, six Royal Doulton Strassbourg soup bowls and four plates plus further part tea and coffee services [s16 & s 20]

LOT 470 £25/40 (01:51PM)

Four shelves of vintage items including advertising tins, a flour dispenser, dressing table items, brass dishes, ashtrays and ornaments, a carnival glass bowl, glass apple, lighters including Ronson, a desk calendar, a wooden cigarette box. A velvet bed throw etc. [pine shelves next to s17]

LOT 471 £30/40 (01:53PM)

Four wooden boxes including jewellery and inlaid, a nativity scene, glass ware including decanters and stoppers, vases, perfume bottles and stoppers, a brass microscope, carved wooden African figurines, a decorative egg box, a small quantity of china including plates etc. [pine shelf next to s21]

LOT 472 £30/40 (01:53PM)

Two shelves of glass ware comprising a silver-plated three bottle tantalus, a claret jug with silver-plated lid, a bell, ruby glass brandy balloons and two matching wine glasses, three ships in bottles, further brandy balloons, wine glasses, champagne saucers etc. [s21]

LOT 475 £30/40 (01:55PM)

Two shelves of mixed items including Bradex collectors plates, German pottery steins, German stoneware jugs, pottery plates and pewter dishes, vintage souvenir ware tins, a hammered pewter tea service, a wooden brass-mounted fruit bowl and biscuit barrel, two small wicker picnic hampers, vintage irons etc. [s23 & s27]

LOT 478 £30/40 (01:55PM)

Three shelves of china comprising five miniature tea services on trays including Leonardo collection, collectors plates, cabinet cups and saucers, blue and white china including a letter rack, plates, a ginger cover and cover, a planter on stand, plus further ornaments etc. [s26, s30 & s34]

LOT 479 £30/50 (01:58PM)

A Royal Grafton Elegance pattern part dinner service including tureens and gravy boats, a Royal Albert Silver Maple pattern part tea service, a quantity of Portmeirion dinner wares including tureens, bowls, toast rack, salt and pepper etc. a blue and white tureen on stand, a decorative jug and bowl set etc. [s31 & s35]

LOT 480 £25/35 (01:58PM)

A collection of vases including blue and white, Aynsley Wild Tudor, floral decorated Royal Winton, a pair of blue and gilt vases and a pair of matching planters, pottery dinner wares, a large figurine of a giraffe etc. [s29 & s33]

LOT 481 £30/40 (01:58PM)

A clown collection comprising a recumbent Lladro clown, five figurines of clowns by Cascades, a Leonardo Collection figurine with a dog and ball and Pierrot clown bowls, trinket boxes and covers and bell [s35]

LOT 482 £40/60 (01:58PM)

An extensive Noritake Rosemist pattern part tea and dinner service including tureens, meat plates and gravy boats, a Royal Stafford Clematis pattern part tea service and a Royal Albert part tea service plus a wooden carved elephant and water buffalo [s36]

LOT 483 £25/35 (02:00PM)

A quantity of glass ware including a 19th century decanter and stopper, a dimple glass decanter and stopper with matching glasses, a pair of blue glass dishes, two artisan glasses in red and blue, a bell, a claret jug with silver plated lid, two pewter steins and a large silver plated four branch candelabra [s37]

LOT 484 £30/50 (02:00PM)

A pair of Royal Doulton Slaters stoneware vases decorated in greens and gilt, a Doulton Lambeth stoneware vase, a Doulton Lambeth silicon ware ewer decorated with applied flowers, a Royal Bonn blush ground vase decorated with flowers, a Carlton Ware character jug and another, a Carlton Ware Rouge Royal pickle dish and cover , five Wedgwood jasperware plates and a collection of souvenir ware [s38]

LOT 485 £25/35 (02:00PM)

Three Royal Worcester Evesham tureens and covers plus a milk jug, a Coalport 'The Country Cottage' pastille burner, an Old Tupton ware vase decorated with flowers, a pair of Poole pottery Country Lane pattern candlesticks, a pair of Aynsley Wild Tudor vases etc. [s39]

LOT 486 £30/40 (02:00PM)

A large Oriental charger and large matching bowl decorated with figures and flowers, another large Oriental charger decorated with peacocks amongst flowers, a silver plated ewer and six goblets on tray, a pair of floral decorated ginger jars and covers, a resin plaque of children in mount, an Oriental pottery vase, a miniature jug and bowl etc. [s40]

LOT 487 £30/50 (02:03PM)

Two shelves of glass ware comprising a large cut glass vase with three flower ornaments, glass jugs, three decanters and stoppers, bowls, ornaments, a matching suite of glasses including brandy balloons, hock glasses, champagne saucers and whisky tumblers [s41 & s45]

LOT 489 £40/60 (02:03PM)

A shelf of metal wares including a pricket candlestick, a set of six Art Nouveau door handles, brass frames, brass dishes, a commemorative tin, a hip flask, lighters including Whitehall, a white metal belt, a silver plated bowl and toast rack, weight, a box of batteries, a wooden framed barometer, a circular framed Oriental plaque, a Staffordshire figurine, a glass dome, a brass desk inkstand etc. [s47]

LOT 490 £25/35 (02:03PM)

A mixed lot including a wooden chess board and pieces, a cased set of artists paints, a boxed game Jeu de Jacquet, a model car, a stoneware lighthouse ornament, jewellery and trinket boxes, souvenir spoons, a brass desk inkstand, a signed Gilbert rugby ball, a Sony Cybershot camera etc. [s44]

LOT 491 £25/40 (02:05PM)

A Royal Tuscan charade pattern part tea service, Wedgwood Ice Rose pattern vases, ginger jars and covers, trinket boxes and covers plus tray, Wedgwood Etruria trinket boxes and dish, a part tea service decorated with swirling blue flowers, bird ornaments including musical and animal figurines etc. [s46 & s50]

LOT 492 £30/40 (02:05PM)

A tall art glass black and white vase, a blue glass vase, a large ruby glass vase and another smaller, a ruby glass perfume bottle, ruby and amethyst glass drinking glasses and a circular glass powder trinket pot and cover [s49]

LOT 495 £80/120 (02:07PM)

An extensive collection of blue and white china including cabinet plates and meat plates by Spode, Woods & Sons, Alfred Meakin etc., pots and covers, in willow pattern, Spode's Italian and Delft, cheese dishes and covers, toast racks, rolling pins and teapots etc. [s51 & s55]

LOT 496 £30/40 (02:07PM)

Two shelves of mixed items including glass vases, jelly moulds and green glass dressing table on tray, a pair of wooden dog bookends, a Staffordshire figurine of a couple under an arbour, two large 19th century meat plates, a pair of decorative vases, a Doulton stoneware jug and a leather case [s48, s52 & s56]

LOT 499 £20/30 (02:10PM)

Two sets of LCC brass postal scales, Commemorative wares including Coronation 1937 glasses, a Coronation 1953 silk scarf, mugs, tin, compacts comprising Stratton and musical, a miniature watercolour portrait of a girl, a silver thimble, Wedgwood commemorative plates, dressing table mirrors and brushes, a brass box, a decorative tray and a brass and glass oil lamp[s57]