LOT 401 £20/30 (02:40PM)

A collection of Lilliput Lane Cottages, a Beswick Beatrix Potter figurine Timmy Tiptoes, a quantity of figurines including a Russian figurine of an Eskimo, a red Buddha etc. [s68]

LOT 409 £25/35 (02:45PM)

A pair of large Oriental blue and white tea canisters and covers, a brass and glass hanging oil lamp, vintage oil cans, five Murano style glass vases, a twin handled china vase decorated with a farming scene and a rose decorated teapot [w9]

LOT 411 £25/35 (02:47PM)

A quantity of commemorative and other collectable mugs and bells, a Wedgwood Avebury pattern bowl and an Aynsley Wild Tudor pattern vase, boxed knives, a cased carving set, a pair of binoculars, a hip flask, two cased razors etc. [s74]

LOT 412 £50/70 (02:47PM)

A quantity of part tea and dinner services comprising Wedgwood California pattern, Royal Doulton Harlow, Tuscan china, Victoria china lustre part tea service and Doulton blue glazed[s75 & s78]

LOT 415 £30/40 (02:50PM)

A large maple framed brass plaque ‘The Grace Ellis Academy of Elegance London’, two large glass vases and a bowl, a Daum glass table lamp, two decorative vases and a wall hanging from th Ndebele tribe South Africa [s77]

LOT 418 £30/40 (02:50PM)

A Philips reel-to-reel Stereo Recorder N4418 and a quantity of cameras including a Canon AE-1 with accessories and a pair of cased binoculars [under s79]

LOT 426 £25/35 (02:55PM)

A quantity of Royal Doulton Bunnykins china including bowls, mugs and plates plus further children's china, a Paragon part tea service, a Poole six piece fish service plus decorative jugs and mugs [s82]

LOT 427 £60/80 (02:57PM)

A turquoise ground Burmantofts faience jardiniere of shell form impressed mark 1915 JL on column stand impressed mark 623 JL plus another same stand [under s82]

LOT 433 £25/35 (02:59PM)

A 19th century papier mache glove box with embroidered hankies inside, a vintage photograph frame, a quantity of church rubbings and a pair of wooden candlesticks decorated in the Oriental manner [s83]

LOT 437 £25/35 (03:02PM)

Four brass bugles including the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, further brass ware including two letter racks, a bowl a pair of heavy ship bookends, two pairs of open twist candlesticks, two miniature warming pans and ornaments [s86]

LOT 439 £25/35 (03:04PM)

Six Danbury Mint collectable tankards 'The Great Battles of the British Army Collection', a similar plate and a Royal Tournament mug plus a silver-plated tea service and a quantity of flatware [s89]

LOT 441 £30/40 (03:04PM)

A collection of character jugs including Royal Doulton Long John Silver D6335, North American Indian D6611 and Micawber, two Bossons heads and two decanters in the form of Fusiliers [s88]

LOT 442 £30/40 (03:04PM)

A mixed lot to include a sculpture of a dolphin, an amber glass cake set comprising a cake plate and eight smaller with impressed lion head decoration, six vintage red and chrome sundae dishes, a set of glass bowls, a silver-plated bowl, a nail buffer, a silver-plated four section dish, a small quantity of cutlery , a soapstone trinket box and cover and another etc. [s89]

LOT 443 £25/40 (03:07PM)

Three vintage wooden surf boards, one with decal of Gale & Son Bideford Barnstaple and of Greys Cambridge, a vintage tennis racquet, two badminton racquets, boxed Jocari set, two set squares and knitting needles [under s89]

LOT 450 £80/120 (03:09PM)

A large collection of cameras and camera equipment including Mamiya, Olympus, Polaroid Olympus Trip 35, Kodak Box Brownie Senior cameras and many others, Sony video cameras, tripods, Zoom Slider duplicator, a Norris Norimat Electronic, a Norimat deluxe projector, camera bags etc. [pine shelf back of room]

LOT 476 £40/60 (03:19PM)

An English gong-striking mantel clock in mahogany case, with presentation plaque dated 1928, the dial inscribed 'John Walker', and an outer case to a carriage clock [A]

LOT 478 £30/40 (03:21PM)

An Edwardian satinwood stationery cabinet, an Ansonia mantel clock in wooden case, a small box of South American sample minerals, two cigar boxes and a vintage Marmite wooden box [A]

LOT 481 £30/40 (03:21PM)

Two slate mantel clocks, one bell-striking and with enamel dial signed 'Futvoye a Paris', supporting a gilt spelter knight in armour, the other with Ansonia movement in decorative case [A]

LOT 483 £30/40 (03:23PM)

A 1960s Kaiser German mantel clock with visible movement, in black and gold, a lady's silver fob watch in period display case, a brass inkstand, letter opener and stamp box, a pen, a modern wall timepiece, and a decorative mirrored jewel box [B]

LOT 484 £40/60 (03:23PM)

Miscellaneous items, including a Black Forest inkstand carved with two wolves, a mantel timepiece with 1927 presentation plaque, stethoscope, two wooden boxes, cutlery, brass vase marked 'Kinco', etc. [B]

LOT 485 £30/50 (03:23PM)

An early 20th century Chinese dark-stained wooden box carved with a panel of figures and with flowers, etc., together with a smaller example and a straw-work box [B]

LOT 492 £25/40 (03:28PM)

A BinoPrism binoculars, No. 5 Mk 5 x7, in leather case numbered OS/997 and dated 1944, together with a modern S10 gas mask in black canvas bag with filters, and an insulated steel axe [C]

LOT 493 £60/80 (03:28PM)

A fine Edwardian gentleman's vanity case in dark green Russia leather, with almost complete fittings including silver-mounted brushes and glass jars, variously with French hallmarks or for Birmingham 1910, with foul-weather cover [C]

LOT 494 £40/60 (03:31PM)

A 19th century American mahogany shelf clock by Brewster & Ingrahams, an Ansonia mantel clock, and a drop-dial wall timepiece [C and under C]