LOT 410 £30/50 (02:51PM)

A good shelf of vintage items including a leather cased tape measure, a WW2 child's gas mask, a black forest bear hand bell, a desk top globe, a wooden wool winder, three pairs of mid 20th century cased binoculars, a brown Beswick horse, a wooden calendar etc. [s2]

LOT 430 £30/40 (03:03PM)

A shelf of mixed china including a Persian blue and white bowl, trinket boxes and covers including Aynsley, 19th century lusterware jugs and teapots, blue and white plates plus others, part tea services, a Carlton Ware leaf dish, a novelty teapot, a wooden biscuit barrel and cover, a small quantity of Oriental china including two plates and a blue and white teapot plus a 19th century pickle dish etc. [s16]

LOT 443 £30/50 (03:10PM)

Four part tea services comprising Susie Cooper Glen Mist, Royal Doulton Berkshire, Royal Staffford Imari style and another in the Oriental style plus a quantity of Edwardian etched glass lemonade and wine glasses and further glass ware including comports and bowls [s26 & s30]

LOT 448 £30/50 (03:12PM)

A large 19th century floral decorated cheese stand and cover, a French Quimper style floral decorated pot and cover, a quantity of cabinet cups and saucers 19th century onwards, a pair of yellow ground Oriental style vases with blue flowers, an Edwardian green glazed jug and a pottery teapot, soap dishes etc. [s32]

LOT 451 £40/60 (03:15PM)

A large glass jug and bowl, two similar large blue and white water jugs, a large two handled white glazed planter in the Victorian style decorated with bows, a large pair of blue and white pots in the Oriental style, a blue and white vase and a decorative blue and white owl [s32]

LOT 453 £30/50 (03:17PM)

A quantity of wooden items including a cased barometer, an elephant bookend, boxes, elephant figurines, rules, a pair of horn beakers, two pewter tankards, a leather cased set of field binoculars, a pewter tray, collectable tins, a plaster plaque of a girl etc. [s38]

LOT 455 £50/70 (03:17PM)

A quantity of 19th century and later china including a Masons ironstone jug, an Oriental blue and white gourd shaped pot and cover, an Oriental bowl, a pair of Grindley floral decorated tureens, a large Copeland plate with crimped edge decorated with birds and flowers, a decorated jardinere, a squirrel leaf dish, two Wedgwood jasperware cups and saucers etc. [s40]

LOT 457 £30/40 (03:20PM)

A shelf of pretty small china items including a Noritake dish and similar tea cup and saucer, white glazed hand vases, trinket dishes, a miniature dolls tea service on tray, four miniature Naples figures in 18th century dress, a Coalport cabinet cup and saucer, a Watcombe souvenir ware dish etc. [s42]

LOT 458 £30/40 (03:20PM)

Two shelves of mainly mixed china from 19th century onwards including a set of three floral decorated graduated jugs, decorative vases, blue and white plates, jugs and bowl, a blue Wedgwood jasperware pot and cover, a pair of greyhound figurines, a gilt decorated part tea service, two lustre ware cups, a copper jug etc. [s43 & s47]

LOT 460 £30/40 (03:20PM)

An early 20th century Burslem green Art Nouveau pattern part dinner service including a set of three graduated meat plates and tureens, ten Booths Pompadour pattern soup bowls and a Warwick pattern part dinner service including tureens and meat plates [s44 & s48]

LOT 462 £20/30 (03:22PM)

A Herend white glazed figurine of a mother and child, a further figurine of a woman, a pottery stein, five Hungarian green glazed pottery jugs and vases, a green glass perfume bottle and stopper, decorative plates including Johnson brothers, onyx ornaments etc. [s46]

LOT 464 £30/40 (03:22PM)

A brass desk inkstand decorated with cherubs, an ebony silver plate handled walking stick and another with a birds head, a Wedgwood Cornucopia bedside clock, a vintage Pyrene fire extinguisher, a Tiffany style ceiling light, a blue and white jug, a wooden bowl and green pottery planter [s50]

LOT 469 £30/40 (03:27PM)

A Wedgwood Pimpernel pattern part dinner service including meat plates, tureens and gravy boat, a Royal Staffordshire part tea service decorated with roses, two pottery egg cup holders, a Paragon yellow ground part tea service plus another [s54 & s58]

LOT 471 £40/60 (03:27PM)

A Mintons Haddon Hall pattern tea service, a Minton green glazed part dinner service, a Paragon Country Lane part dinner service, a Wedgwood Spring Morning part dinner service and a white glazed figurine of the Three Graces on stand [s59]

LOT 472 £30/50 (03:27PM)

A quantity of brass door handles, six Coalport flower menu holders, mother of pearl handled cake knives and forks, a Queen Anne part tea service, a large onyx fruit bowl and decorative fruit, a silver plated wine holder, a Hammersley strawberry set, a Royal Worcester Evesham pattern two handled bowl, a set of six Bavarian plates decorated with girls, a pair of Wedgwood candlesticks etc. [s60]

LOT 490 £25/35 (03:39PM)

A quantity of cottage ware including teapot, biscuit barrel and jug, Doulton Bunnykins children's dinner ware, a Leonardo squirrel decorated teapot, coasters, two blue and white bowls one on stand, a Dr Who book and a quantity of dinosaur magazines [s71]

LOT 493 £30/50 (03:41PM)

Three Royal Doulton figurines Lorna HN 2311, Faith HN 3082, Hope HN 3061 and a Nao figurine, two Wade spirit decanters, a Wedgwood dish, a boxed Stratton compact, two blue mountain figurines of birds, a concord ball beaaring,silver plated napkin rings and cased drawing sets [w9]

LOT 498 £25/40 (03:44PM)

A shelf of china including a racing car teapot, a Doulton Lambeth hunting jug and teapot, a silver plate and glass four piece cruet set, a pressed glass Queen Victoria commemorative plate, a pair of blue and white jugs marked Gien, two pewter tankards, a Smiths Anniversary clock, etc. [s78]

LOT 500 £60/80 (03:44PM)

A good mixed lot including a large set of vintage grocers scales and weights, coloured glass fisherman's floats, a cased sewing machine, two large metal figurines of a goose and a swan, a cast iron Punch doorstop, a copper warming pan on turned wood handle, golf club in a blue gold bag, two small brass and glass oil lamps, a cased portable typewriter and a child's bookstand etc. [under s76 & s79]