LOT 401 £30/40 (02:44PM)

Two Wedgwood child's Thomas the Tank Engine breakfast sets in original boxes and another by Colourbox, a miniature Chelson China tea for two tea set on tray, an Allertons sandwich set, five humorous framed black and white Guinness prints plus other decorative items [s12]

LOT 402 £40/60 (02:44PM)

A blue-glazed Bretby planter, a studio stoneware blue and white vase and cover, further studio items including a bowl, a cockerel decorated dish signed WYG and a signed black and white dish decorated with leaves, a green-glazed Susie Cooper jug decorated with stylised flowers, a Whitefriars green glass bowl etc. [s11]

LOT 405 £25/40 (02:47PM)

A set of 11 etched glass champagnes glasses and a matching set of seven tumblers, a further set of seven wine glasses, three brandy balloons plus a small further quantity of glass ware and a camera [s13]

LOT 406 £30/40 (02:47PM)

A shelf of mainly modern Oriental blue and white wares including four matching vases decorated with dragons, two large matching bowls decorated with landscape scenes, a pair of hexagonal vases and covers, a planter on stand, a meat plate decorated with a boating scene, plus five yellow rice bowls plus a matching pair of brush pots and hexagonal vases and covers hand made in Oxford, England etc. [s15]

LOT 407 £30/50 (02:49PM)

A collection of ceramics including 19th Century comprising three botanical dessert plates, a set of four framed tiles, a Noritake part tea service, a Herend trinket dish, three spice jars, a pair of Copeland plates, a large Booths dish decorated with birds, a Limoges plate decorated with a lady, an Oriental blue and white part tea service and another white glazed, a Naples figurine of a boy and a goat, etc. [s16]

LOT 408 £40/60 (02:49PM)

Sundry items comprising a Victorian spelter centrepiece as a camel under a palm tree, a cast iron door porter, a pair of brass candlesticks, two sets of graduated weights, a two-part corkscrew, a HM silver toast rack, two spoons, an Italian dictionary and a decorative table lamp [s17]

LOT 411 £30/50 (02:52PM)

A shelf of china including two 19th Century Staffordshire flatbacks of Scotsmen, a collection of commemorative mugs, a pair of 1930's hand painted vases, a Sutherland china part tea service, a pair of china vases decorated with roses and further dinner wares including a flow blue and white tureen and cover [s20]

LOT 417 £25/40 (02:54PM)

A collection of Oriental figurines comprising a pair of resin figurines of a man and woman, two carved wood Buddhas, two further carved wood figurines and a resin figure of a fisherman [s21]

LOT 418 £30/50 (02:54PM)

A quantity of part tea services including Royal Albert Old Country Roses and Val D'Or, Minton spring Bouquet, T Goode & Co, a blue and gilt part dessert service, two Royal Doulton Belvedere tureens and covers plus further tea and dinner ware [s22 & s26]

LOT 419 £25/40 (02:56PM)

A collection of approximately nine tea pots including cottage ware, six small Toby jugs, a Torquay pottery four spout vase, a cow creamer, five 19th century fluted dessert plates decorated with storks, 19th century blue and white tea ware plus others [s23]

LOT 420 £40/60 (02:56PM)

An extensive white glazed dinner service with blue and gilt stripe decoration including tureens and gravy boats, a 19th century 16 piece dessert service including comports, a Royal Worcester 16 piece blue ground dessert service decorated with flowers, further dessert plates and a 19th century part tea service [s24 & s28]

LOT 422 £60/80 (02:56PM)

A Royal Albert Flowers of the Month part tea service, an orange lustre tea service decorated with romantic couples, a Royal Doulton toby jug The Walrus and the Carpenter D6600, a small quantity of souvenir ware, a Japanese vase and a safety deposit box and contents [s27]

LOT 424 £25/40 (02:59PM)

A collection of approximately 17 trinket boxes and covers including Wedgwood basalt and Mintons plus a quantity of animal and other small ornaments [s30]

LOT 425 £20/30 (02:59PM)

A quantity of glass ware including Arcadia and champagne flutes and amber glass dessert service, a Johnsons Bros part dinner service, a Denby part tea service plus further tea and dinner ware [s31]

LOT 426 £40/60 (02:59PM)

Two shelves of mainly cabinet cups and saucers plus part tea services including Tuscan, Adderley ware, T Goode & Co and Coalport, a quantity of glass ware comprising mainly of dessert bowls, a red overlay glass vase, a Murano glass clown, a glass figurine of a girl etc. [s32 & s36]

LOT 427 £30/40 (03:01PM)

Two shelves of china and glass ware including Hurlingham Club wine glasses, champagne flutes, tumblers and shot glasses, cut glass fruit bowls, vases, a Goodyear pewter tankard with glass bottom, decorative cabinet plates, four pewter coasters, a brass desk letter rack, a pair of Carl Zeiss diadem field glasses, a resin bust of Dr Livingstone and further decorative items [s33 & s37]

LOT 428 £30/40 (03:01PM)

A shelf of china including a large Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern plate, two Lladro figurines of angels, a Spode Blue Room plate, a large Masons Paynsleypatt ginger jar and cover, three china bells, a Poole pottery dish, plus further vases and dinner ware [s34 & s30]

LOT 429 £25/40 (03:01PM)

A Bavarian The Queens Rose pattern part dinner service including tureens, a further floral decorated part tea service and other dinner ware [s35]

LOT 430 £30/40 (03:01PM)

A quantity of cranberry glass including 19th Century comprising jugs, vases and glasses, two yellow glass shades, an amethyst glass goblet, and four glass paperweights two in the form of pears [s38]

LOT 432 £30/40 (03:04PM)

A shelf of glassware including a cut glass decanter and stopper, a biscuit barrel and cover, a set of six cut glass brandy balloons, a set of eight cut glass wine glasses, champagne flutes, dessert bowls, a red glass vase and two further clear glass vases etc. [s39]

LOT 434 £25/30 (03:04PM)

Four pairs of ceramic vases, one white glazed of urn form, another two handles with central floral cartouche, a pair of floral encrusted candlesticks, a black glazed horn vase and a green urn-shaped ice bucket [s41]

LOT 438 £25/30 (03:06PM)

A pair of large Royal Europe china vases decorated with flowers and a similar smaller pair, a pair of floral decorated candlesticks, a pair of blue ground Past Times vases decorated with romantic couples, two floral decorated pierced dishes and a matching milk jug [s45]

LOT 441 £30/40 (03:08PM)

Three part tea services including HM, three 19th century part dessert services, 19th century part dinner services including tureens, an Imari pattern jug etc. [s48 & s52]

LOT 442 £30/40 (03:08PM)

Four metal figures comprising a pair of Griffins in the antique style on burr bases, a sphynx cat and a horse, two Grecian busts, a pair of alabaster lions, a pair of Grecian style urns and two metal figurines of men [s49]

LOT 443 £20/30 (03:11PM)

A quantity of wooden African figurines of animals including zebras and rhinos, plus further animal ornaments including two Jersey cow creamers, dogs, rabbits and frogs [s50]

LOT 444 £40/60 (03:11PM)

A Pall Mall seven piece fish service, four part tea services including a Maple & Co part tea service decorated with pink roses, an Adams part tea service, a Royal Albert Laurentian Snowdrop and a further by Collingwood [s51]

LOT 446 £15/30 (03:11PM)

A small collection of commemorative mugs, tins and paperweight, a Coronation 1953 train map, boxed commemorative silk handkerchiefs, a Konstglas polar bear paperweight etc.

LOT 448 £30/40 (03:13PM)

Four part tea services comprising Paragon Rockingham pattern, Ambassador ware, WIS Copenhagen and one other, a porcelain dressing table set, a large turn of the century tureen and cover, two Staffordshire flatback figurines, three classical busts, plus father 19th century and later tea and dinner ware [s56]

LOT 456 £25/35 (03:18PM)

A matching set of green cloisonne items comprising two vases and covers, two smaller vases, a bowl and cover and plate all on hardwood stands plus a pair of glass candlesticks, a large brass vase, a carriage clock and an alabaster elephant [s63]

LOT 461 £30/40 (03:20PM)

A small quantity of glass ware including a cut glass claret jug with silver plated lid and fruit bowls, a chrome floor standing ashtray, a Boodle and Dunthorne silver plated coffee pot, a table lighter and a ceramic samovar [s64]

LOT 462 £60/80 (03:20PM)

A large quantity of coloured glass ware including 19th century and consisting of 18 Luminarc blue wine glasses, six red overlay glass tumblers, a cranberry glass sugar sifter and six tumblers, blue glass rolling pin, Scottish paperweights, etc. [s62 & s65]

LOT 464 £40/60 (03:23PM)

A quantity of large modern blue and white wares much in the Oriental manner including a pair of tulipieres, vases, a pair of ginger jars and covers, two-handled plant stand etc. [under s66]

LOT 468 £20/30 (03:25PM)

A James Sadler commemorative part tea service, a blue Royal Grafton part tea service, seven Royal Collection egg cups, a Franklin Mint 'Georgian' porcelain tea pot and five side plates [s68]

LOT 469 £30/40 (03:25PM)

A large Oriental style vase and cover, a pair of large Oriental vases, two Imari pattern plates and a similar platter, four Clairefontaine green leaf plates and a Naples figurine of a boy playing a flute [s69]

LOT 471 £50/70 (03:28PM)

A large quantity of brass and wooden ware including brass lantern style ceiling lights, candlesticks, companion sets, planters, jugs, wooden shelves, pipe racks, boxes, planters, shaving mirror, furniture decorations, copper pans etc. [under s69 & s72]

LOT 472 £40/60 (03:28PM)

A boxed Fortnum & Masons blue ground tea for two set, a boxed MZ coffee cup and saucer, four boxed Copeland Spode Railway plates, modern wooden icons, and a box of lighters, pens etc.[s71]

LOT 475 £40/50 (03:30PM)

A nice collection of mainly brass and wooden photograph frames, an inlaid wooden box, an inlaid book rack, faux tortoiseshell hair slides, horn spoons, wooden African carved salad servers etc. [s75]

LOT 480 £30/50 (03:32PM)

A quantity of blue and white dinner ware including two large 19th century meat plates, an early pickle dish, tureens and covers, bowls etc., Spodes Italian butter dish, jug, bowl etc., four Spode's Blue Room Collection Greek pattern plates etc. [s79 and below]

LOT 483 £60/80 (03:35PM)

A 19th century framed wool sampler with alphabet and religious quotation with house and tree decoration by Margaret Reid Hayston dated 1849 [next to s80]

LOT 485 £80/120 (03:35PM)

A 19th century framed sampler with alphabet and romantic verse with tree, windmill and bird border, signed Elizabeth Buszard Market Harborough 1857 [next to s77]

LOT 485A £50/80 (03:35PM)

An old sampler by Sarah Keir, 1800, stitched in petit point with alphabets, numerals, flowers and trees and with the motto 'Remember thy Creator in the Days of thy Youth', framed, and a modern unframed anniversary sampler

LOT 486 £40/70 (03:37PM)

Four framed samplers one show casing different needlework stiches in squares, another alphabet by Mary Leake, Chelmsford 1823, the third being another alphabet sampler by Susan Keane and lastly a religious quotation [wall next to s80]

LOT 488 £25/40 (03:37PM)

A collection of blue Wedgwood jasperware comprising three vases and a fruit bowl, a Wedgwood basalt pot and cover, four Heraldic figures, a glass fruit bowl, a small blue and white pot and vase etc. [s81]

LOT 491 £30/50 (03:40PM)

An early 20th century blue and green jardiniere on stand, two white glazed jardiniere stands and a white glazed jardiniere, plus a large ceramic blush ground floor-standing vase [under s82]

LOT 494 £25/35 (03:42PM)

A quantity of cameras and accessories including a Kodak Brownie 127, a Kodak Auto Focus, a Fujica 35 SE, an instamatic camera plus others and including lenses and a fountin pen plus nibs and a 19th Century vesta [s83]

LOT 496 £30/50 (03:42PM)

Two shelves of mixed wood and metal items including jewellery caskets, papier-mache boxes, coconut cups, bellows, small globes, brushes, salad servers, magnifying glasses, brass napkin rings, decorative tins etc. [s83]

LOT 498 £25/35 (03:44PM)

A shelf of glass ware including an amethyst silver-overlaid liqueur set, an Edwardian silver plate and cranberry sugar basket, three cranberry drinking glasses, three decanters and stoppers, brandy balloons, wine glasses, sherry glasses etc. [s84]