LOT 502 £80/120 (04:26PM)

21 x 50 cl bottles of Polish Zoladkowa Gorzka vodka, by Polmos Lublin, comprising: 7 Czysta de Luxe, 2 with honey, and 12 with mint, together with a bottle of Smirnoff Black Ice Vodka Mixed Drink (most bottle sizes, levels and condition not stated or guaranteed) [Y]

LOT 503 £80/120 (04:26PM)

Polish vodka, comprising: 6 x 70 cl bottles of Polonaise by Polmos Lancut; a 50 cl bottle of Zawisza Czarny; and 19 x 20 cl bottles of 1906 vodka by Polmos Lublin (most bottle sizes, levels and condition not stated or guaranteed) [Y]

LOT 504 £80/120 (04:26PM)

20 x 50 cl bottles of Polish flavoured liqueur vodka, comprising: 10 of 40% Cytrynowka (lemon flavour) by Polmos Bialystok; and 10 of 34% Lubelska Wisniowka (cherry flavour) by Polmos Lublin (most bottle sizes, levels and condition not stated or guaranteed) [Y, T, U]

LOT 505 £120/150 (04:28PM)

16 bottles of Polish vodka, comprising: 1 x 70 cl Sobieski in Bruce Willis packaging; 1 x 70 cl Wyborowa; 5 x 50 cl Wyborowa; 5 x 70 cl Zubrowka by Polmos Bialystok; and 4 x 50 cl of Zubrowka by Polmos Bialystok (most bottle sizes, levels and condition not stated or guaranteed) [U]

LOT 505C £100/150 (04:28PM)

16 x 70 cl bottles of Polish Zoladkowa Gorzka vodka by Polmos Lublin, comprising 7 Czysta de Luxe and 9 x 38% Traditional bitter herb flavour (most bottle sizes, levels and condition not stated or guaranteed) [Q]

LOT 505D £80/120 (04:31PM)

12 x 70 cl bottles of 38% Polish Zoladkowa Gorzka vodka by Polmos Lublin, Traditional bitter herb flavour (most bottle sizes, levels and condition not stated or guaranteed) [Q]

LOT 505E £80/120 (04:31PM)

12 x 70 cl bottles of 38% Polish Zoladkowa Gorzka vodka by Polmos Lublin, Traditional bitter herb flavour (most bottle sizes, levels and condition not stated or guaranteed) [Q,, L]

LOT 506 £30/50 (04:31PM)

A shelf of vintage glass ware comprising seven mixed Bohemian wine glasses, a red overlaid glass decanter and stopper, four small blue and green silver overlaid glass vases, a 1930s lemonade set, three vases, two decanters and stoppers one with HM silver collar plus further glass ware [s1]

LOT 507 £40/60 (04:31PM)

A Rosenthal Ivory pattern part tea service, plus further Rosenthal and other cabinet cups and saucers plus a china silver coloured three piece tea service [s2]

LOT 509 £30/40 (04:33PM)

A pair of Murano glass clown decanters, a pair of tall light blue chemist vases and covers, a pair of Sylvac vases decorated with flowers and a Smiths alarm clock [s5]

LOT 513 £30/40 (04:35PM)

A collection of Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures in boxes, approximately 20 Lilliput Lane cottages, an oval silver plated gallery tray, a silver plated tea set, a hands free mobile phone set, stoneware bowls plus further tea wares [s17]

LOT 514 £30/40 (04:35PM)

A shelf of cut glass ware including six lemonade glasses, eight tumblers, champagne flutes, wine glasses, two decanters and stoppers, three vases etc. [s18]

LOT 515 £30/40 (04:35PM)

Four shelves of mixed china including an Oriental hardstone tree, a set of brass scales, figurines, a brass carriage clock, dolls house furniture and tea set, a Capodimonte figure of older men, vases, a brass planter, etc. [pine shelf next to s17]

LOT 519 £25/35 (04:38PM)

A mixed shelf including a Lladro figurine of a sleeping child, animal figurines including a Royal Doulton figurine of sleeping spaniels HN 2590, two vintage desk calendars, ashtrays, two pens, Wade whimsies, a blue Wedgwood jasperware bowl etc. [s22]

LOT 520 £30/40 (04:40PM)

A Mintons part dinner service decorated with Oriental style birds, a child's part tea service, two Daphne Wain boxed paperweights, a boxed Edinburgh crystal rose bowl, a boxed Halcyon Days trinket box, a boxed Royal Collection cabinet cup and saucer, pinking shears, a pin cushion dolls and further miniature ornaments and figurines etc. [s23]

LOT 521 £30/40 (04:40PM)

A Denby 1970s brown glazed part dinner and coffee service, a further pottery part dinner service, a Royal Crown Derby plate vine pattern, stainless steel tea wares etc. [s24]

LOT 522 £40/60 (04:40PM)

A mixed lot including a set of six large glass rummers, a brass samovar, a brass vase, two wooden carved jewellery boxes, blue and white Chinese bowls, an Asian silver necklace, a part tea service, a glass perfume bottle and cover, two lustre Staffordshire jugs etc. [25]

LOT 523 £30/40 (04:40PM)

A shelf of glassware including three decanters and stoppers, four Bristol blue glass goblets and a similar seven piece fruit service, a two handled vase with HM silver collar, a set of six avocado dishes, cut glass wine glasses, a set of eight fruit bowls, a vintage Towe scale, a pottery bowl etc. [s26 & s27]

LOT 524 £25/35 (04:43PM)

A pokerwork box, an oak wooden barrel jewellery box, a cased Kodak 620 camera, a pair of cased Yashica 7×50 field binoculars, two wooden mantel clocks, an onyx barometer, brass ornaments, a National Dahlia Society medal, an Affiliated Societies Medal etc. and a small box of costume jewellery including two pocket watches [s27]

LOT 525 £25/35 (04:43PM)

A mixed lot including a set of six avocado dishes and plates, a Royal Doulton Old Leeds Spray pattern part dinner service, a part dessert service including a tall comport, a glass ship in a bottle, a lace Naples figurine of an 18th century couple, glass flower ornaments, decorative figurines, a Noritake perfume bottle and stopper, a brass cannon ornament, a set of six glasses, etc. [s28]

LOT 527 £25/35 (04:43PM)

A commemorative lot including a metal1953 Coronation tray, an 1914-1916 embroidery, handkerchiefs including silk, silver jubilee rosettes, two war time books – Rhymes of the Red Triangle and Our Girls Wartime, a boxed Housey House game, war magazines, Tim's Telescopic View of Her Majesty's Coronation etc. [30]

LOT 528 £20/30 (04:45PM)

Two shelves of mixed china including an Oriental part tea service, cabinet cups and saucers, decorative plates, stoneware jugs, preserve pots and covers, vases etc. [s31 & s35]

LOT 529 £40/70 (04:45PM)

A good collection of antique wood and metal items comprising a metal barge pusher possibly Elizabethan, a tin flour box, a brass jam pan, a pair of bellows, a brass chandelier lighter, a wooden pipe stand, a cast iron bakestone plate/griddle and a wooden drainer [s32]

LOT 533 £30/40 (04:47PM)

An Adderley Lowestoft pattern part tea service including sandwich plates and teapot, two vintage wooden trays, a green stylised stand, an orange and black box, a Limoges box and cover, a stylish strainer dish on stand, a green glazed vase, a polish vase and a white strainer dish [s34]

LOT 534 £30/50 (04:47PM)

A large lacquer box, an inlaid sewing box, a large dump glass paperweight, a nest of boxed decorated with cats, an iron bell, antique metal keys, metal door furniture and two photo frames including Christofle [s36]

LOT 536 £30/50 (04:50PM)

Five Staffordshire figurines – one modelled as a two branch candlestick, a Fairing, a Burslem Yang-Tse blue and white part dinner service plus a cranberry glass jug and stopper, three further jugs, a sugar sifter and three glasses etc. [s38]

LOT 537 £30/40 (04:50PM)

A shelf of wood and lacquer wares including Oriental and storage boxes, an African carved head, a pair of Chinese mother-of-pearl inlaid shoes and a leather framed mirror [s39]

LOT 539 £25/40 (04:50PM)

A shelf of assorted photo frames including silver plated, a blue glass oil lamp, a pair of wooden twist stem candlesticks, a pair of brass table lamps, a ceramic car ornament etc. [s41 & s45]

LOT 540 £25/35 (04:52PM)

A cased cake plate and knife, a cloisonne thimble, two cased stoneware figurines of warriors, an oval silver plated tray, a set of six silver plated coasters, a silver-plated salt and pepper, a Viners teapot and hot water jug, an old Motorola phone, two cameras – a Fujifilm and a Canon IXUS etc. [s42]

LOT 541 £20/30 (04:52PM)

Approximately 22 pieces of green Wedgwood jasperware including trinket boxes, vases and candlestick plus a Doulton toby jug. A commemorative mug and beaker [s42]

LOT 542 £50/70 (04:52PM)

A mixes lot including a Harvey Nichols boxed coffee set, decorative vases and trays, two Lynn Chase design cups and saucers on tray, four Laduree dishes, four Robert Welch knives, an Oriental metal teapot, a Christies catalogue for the property of Princess Margaret, a Canon camera etc. [43 & s47]

LOT 543 £25/40 (04:52PM)

A quantity of tea and dinner wares including Minton Haddon Hall, white glazed soup bowls, mixing bowls and a quantity of terracotta bowls, dishes and tagine [s44, s48 & s52]

LOT 544 £20/30 (04:55PM)

A mixed lot including a picture of a Rolls Royce made up from watch parts, a wooden framed barometer, a painted ostrich egg, a set of steak knives and forks on a tray, a small quantity of CDs, a small quantity of foreign coins, a resin figurine of a bird etc three vintage bibles, a bird ornament and a Readers Digest book Treasures in your Home [s46]

LOT 545 £30/40 (04:55PM)

A collection of figurines including Royal Doulton Queens of the Realm HN 1495, Sweet Anne HN 1330 and Easter Day, a Beswick figurine of a Parrot, two Indian cloth figurines plus others, a cork model, cabinet plates, 1930s jugs, Royal delft houses, a Lledo Days Gone By truck etc. [s46 & s50]

LOT 548 £25/35 (04:57PM)

A mixed lot including a pair of black ground cloisonne vases, a glass dressing table set on tray, a brass box, a brass bowl, a vintage boxed Swan electric toaster, a pair of silvered candle stands, a boxed Bradex plate of The Last Supper, etc. [s55]

LOT 550 £25/35 (04:57PM)

A quantity of Masons china including two ginger jars, one with cover, a clock and two dishes, a Wedgwood clock, a pair of Delft candlesticks, an Oriental teapot, a Dresden figurine of two birds, ramekins and a Christmas tablecloth [s54]

LOT 551 £30/50 (04:57PM)

A shelf of vintage wood and metal items including an ebony elephant pipe rack and bookends, wooden fruit bowls, boxes and cheese boards, a pair of brass candlesticks, a copper kettle and ashtrays, a brass desk inkstand, a brass carriage clock, enamel pin trays, a pewter tankard, a bike light, a cloisonne vase etc. [s52 & s56]

LOT 554 £25/35 (04:59PM)

A shelf of glassware including dishes, wine glasses, 12 green and gilt glasses, a pair of Guerlain blue glass handle holders, a cranberry dish, a black and white lamp shade, a pressed glass dish etc. [s59]

LOT 556 £80/100 (05:02PM)

A suite of Waterford crystal glasses comprising champagne, hock, red, white and brandy balloons plus three unmarked decanters and stoppers and a bowl [s61]

LOT 558 £50/80 (05:02PM)

Two shelves of blue and china including sets of Oriental plates, bowls and dishes, a pair of hen egg crooks, ramekins and a planter plus a an Oriental turquoise floral decorated bowl and cover [s63 & s66]

LOT 560 £40/70 (05:04PM)

A good lot of metal and wooden wares including a metal free-standing clock by The New era, London, a wooden candle box, wooden trays, brass wall sconces, a wooden wall pipe rack, a large brass and glass ceiling light, a copper pan, scales etc. [under s63 & s66]

LOT 563 £30/40 (05:04PM)

A mixed shelf including eight Robertson golly band figures, two boxes of toy cars mainly Matchbox, old theatre and concert programmes including David Bowie's Serious Moonlight tour, a Magic Roundabout plate, pewter hip flask etc. [s68]

LOT 564 £20/30 (05:07PM)

A shelf of china including two 19th century part desert services, a Royal Osborne part tea service, further plates and part dinner services, three brass candlesticks, a brass box and cover plus two carved wooden frames [s69]

LOT 565 £15/20 (05:07PM)

A mixed lot including a boxed Atlantis 2 sewing machine, a wooden display case, stoneware bottles, a wooden stool, a china po and a large china bowl [under s 69]

LOT 571 £30/40 (05:09PM)

A pair of decorative wooden table lamps and shades, a pair of blue metal ceiling lights, two metal garden rooster ornaments, two copper jam pans and a copper water dispenser and cover [under s 72]

LOT 573 £20/30 (05:11PM)

A Royal Worcester Alhambra pattern part tea service, yellow glazed tea wares including Royal Winton, a seven piece fruit set plus further decorative plates and jugs [s74]

LOT 574 £30/50 (05:11PM)

A collection of commemorative mugs including Eric Ravilious for Wedgwood 1953 Coronation, a pair of floral encrusted baskets and a green glazed teapot [s75]

LOT 575 £30/40 (05:14PM)

Two shelves of decorative mixed items including Christmas ornaments, animal figurines, an Oriental part tea service a decanter and stopper, four candle holders, a table lamp etc. [s76 & s79]

LOT 578 £60/80 (05:14PM)

A shelf of good cloisonne and enamelled items including those with Persian design comprising a tray, beaker, miniature vase, pin trays, cigarette holder and ashtray all decorated with birds, roses and foliage, an unusual three piece garniture with two square formed vases, an enamelled condiment set on tray, 30 Cantonese painted and Chinese cloisonne saucers, small dishes and bowls decorated with figural, floral and bird designs from 1890s-1930s etc. [s77]

LOT 580 £20/30 (05:16PM)

A quantity of decorative pictures including an embroidered landscape, a Tom Thompson print of Canada, a limited edition print of Burghley House, a pair of prints of parrots, a marquetry picture of a tiger, a circular mirror etc. [under s 79]

LOT 590 £30/40 (05:21PM)

A large box of mainly classical, opera and easy listening LP & 45 rpm records, a boxed Royal typewriter, a cased tape to tape recorder, plus a quantity of reels and an Olympia typewriter [under s82]

LOT 591 £20/30 (05:23PM)

A set of three Oriental pictures in gilt bamboo frames, a framed map of Suffolk, two framed oil on canvas of boats, two brass table lamps, one with shade and a brass planter [under s82]

LOT 592 £20/30 (05:23PM)

Two vintage metal signs, one Michelin showing the map of England and Young & White Estate Agents Portsmouth and four modern letters to be attached to a wall [next to s82]