LOT 503 £50/70 (04:19PM)

A bottle of Taylor’s Bargellas 1967 Vintage Port, and a bottle of The Wine Society Vintage Character Port(levels and condition not stated), a boxed 12 year old Deluxe Scotch Whisky, a bottle of Rocky Trail Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 and a bottle of French table wine [s16]

LOT 505 £60/80 (04:19PM)

A bottle of 12 years old House of Commons No. 1 Scotch Whisky, the label signed by Margaret Thatcher; The Glenlivet First Fill 12 years of age single malt Scotch whisky, fitted box; Glenfiddich Special Old Reserve single malt Scotch whisky, 1 litre, with tube; [s16]

LOT 506 £50/70 (04:21PM)

An old bottle of Dimple Scotch Whisky with wire jacket; a bottle of Saint Vivant Armagnac; a bottle of Drioli Maraschino, straw jacket; and Bols Creme de Menthe (4) (levels and condition not stated) [s16]

LOT 507 £35/45 (04:21PM)

A bottle of Marie Brizard Anisette liqueur; a bottle of Molinari Sambuca Extra; a bottle of Bushes' Brew blackcurrant vodka; a bottle of Sainsbury's vodka; and a bottle of Ron Bacardi Superior (5) (levels and condition not stated) [s16]

LOT 509 £30/40 (04:21PM)

Vin mousseux: Veuve du Vernay (x11); Veuve du Vernay Rose (x5); together with two bottles of Marques de Monistrol vintage Cava, 2006 and 2003; Wolf Blass Red Label Chardonnay (x1); Martini Asti Spumante (x3); Vouvray cremant (x2); and a bottle of Bucks Fizz (25) (levels and condition not stated) [s20]

LOT 511 £40/60 (04:24PM)

Seven bottles of Cinzano Vermouth, comprising four The Bianco, one Rose, and two The Rosso; two bottles of Carmel 1972 Israeli sparkling wine; two bottles of Lindauer Special Reserve; together with Martini (x1), Malibu (x1), Sandeman Fine Ruby Port (x1), Pernod (x1), Coca Licor Cobana (x1), Maraska Cherry Wine Bulmer's Pear Cider (x1), and a small quantity of miniatures (quantity) (levels and condition not stated) [s20]

LOT 553 £100/150 (04:26PM)

An attractive Art Nouveau mantel clock with wood and brass marquetry decoration to the mahogany case, the French movement half-hour striking on a gong and with enamel dial, together with a timepiece in marquetry balloon case [A]

LOT 556 £150/250 (04:28PM)

An impressive early 19th century Vienna three-train portico mantel clock, the composite enamel and ormolu dial signed "Ignatz Pompp in Wien" and with inner calendar ring, quarter-striking on two gongs, the case in ebonised wood and alabaster with metal mounts, 52 cm [A]

LOT 558 £100/150 (04:31PM)

A Carl Zeiss microscope, No. 2077318, with binocular viewing, revolving lens holder with four lenses, and electric illumination, with accessories, in original plywood case [A]

LOT 559 £200/300 (04:31PM)

A good and extensive working collection of Victorian and later microscopes, etc., including a Henry Crouch brass microscope, No. 9051, in mahogany case, a travelling brass microscope by W. Watson & Sons Ltd, No. 17432, on folding tripod, with leather case, another Watson & Sons travelling microscope with oak case, together with numerous boxes and cases of lenses and other accessories, natural history specimens, slides, pens, also lights, magic lantern slides, etc. [A and B]

LOT 560 £30/40 (04:31PM)

A Second World War telescope sighting, no. 41-MKIIS, also stamped REL-Canada and dated 1943, together with a Glanz monocular viewer: MicroT-M Mark II, and an associated Zoom Teleshot adapter, with box [B]

LOT 563 £25/35 (04:33PM)

Sundry items, including a Prinz Micro 12 x 50 binoculars in leather case, a simulated loaf of bread, bracket, small chest, pipe rack, Japanese lacquer dressing case, Nonesuch Dickensiana, and other books, etc. [B]

LOT 564 £200/300 (04:33PM)

A magnificent short sword in 16th century style, late 19th century Continental, with parcel-gilt blade, the bronze hilt cast as a Saracen threatening a maiden, and with finely cast bronze scabbard, 55 cm [B]

LOT 566 £40/60 (04:36PM)

Weapons, comprising: a late Victorian silver-mounted bamboo sword stick, a bamboo arrow with steel tip, a native dagger with brass and bone hilt, a pair of replica flintlock pistols, and a bomb tail fin [C]

LOT 567 £200/300 (04:36PM)

A sword, probably 18th century, the double-edged triple-fullered blade signed to both sides Andrea Ferara, and with steel scrolled guard to the ivory grip, blade 34 in [C]

LOT 568 £200/300 (04:36PM)

An English spadroon, circa 1800, the blade etched with a lion over crowned GR, five-ball silver guard (apparently unmarked) to the ivory grip, blade 30.9 in [C]

LOT 570 £70/90 (04:38PM)

A Indian matchlock wall gun from the Jaipur Royal Jaigarh Fort Armoury, probably 19th century and later, the very long steel barrel with ornate muzzle, plain wood stock, the barrel stamped JPR/EXR/2 18295, the stock 3987, 248.5 cm; with official certificate dated 11th March 1978 bearing facsimile Maharaja of Jaipur signature [C]

LOT 570A £60/80 (04:38PM)

A Indian matchlock wall gun from the Jaipur Royal Jaigarh Fort Armoury, probably 19th century and later, the very long steel barrel with plain muzzle, plain wood stock, with ramrod, the barrel stamped JPR/EXR/2 16442, the stock 2530, 245.5 cm [C]

LOT 571 £200/300 (04:38PM)

A backsword, probably 18th century, the plain blade with dotted and other stamping, steel scroll basket hilt with stag horn grip and ball finial, blade 36.5 in [C]

LOT 572 £400/600 (04:38PM)

A fine early Klingenthal back sword, the blade signed Manufacture Royale d'Alsace and etched with crossed French royal standards to one side and with a military trophy to the other, all amongst scrolling flowering foliage, elaborate steel basket hilt, fish-skin grip, blade 34.5 in [C]

LOT 573 £300/400 (04:40PM)

A late 18th century sword, probably cavalry trooper's, the twin fullered single-edged blade etched with crowned GR monogram, other motifs and 'warranted', also struck with a probably Indian inscription, and with probably later gilt brass basket hilt, fish-skin grip and chamois leather lining, blade 35.5 in[C]

LOT 574 £40/60 (04:40PM)

A collection of 10 walking sticks and an umbrella, Victorian and later, including some silver-mounted, and a cast-iron stick stand [by office door]

LOT 577 £10/15 (04:43PM)

Three two-piece fishing rods, by Tokoz and Viking, and a three-piece fishing rod, with two canvas covers and a plastic carrying case [under C]

LOT 580 £60/100 (04:43PM)

A large old African leather shield of pointed oval form, two small shields, two long bows, a short leather-covered bow, two string-bound sticks, and a carved wooden human mask supporting a headdress of a crocodile and other motifs [by office door]

LOT 581 £40/60 (04:45PM)

A collection of drinking glasses, comprising 11 Continental Art Nouveau examples richly acid-etched and gilt with leafy stems, and 15 champagne flutes and other glasses of later date [D]

LOT 582 £30/40 (04:45PM)

A collection of various small bygones in two cartons, including a Dutch articulated wooden doll, porcelain heads and other doll parts, a clock movement, postal scale, carved wooden spoon, knife with remains of obsidian blade, etc. [E]

LOT 586 £110/120 (04:48PM)

Eight pieces of Chinese famille rose Canton porcelain, late 19th/early 20th century, comprising four small plates with pierced borders, a teacup, and three saucers [E]

LOT 588 £500/800 (04:48PM)

A Limoges Cartier porcelain part service, decorated in 'La Maison de Louis Cartier' pattern designed in 1986, comprising: an oval soup tureen with cover, two 40 cm oval dishes, 10 soup plates, 10 dinner plates, a coffee pot with cover, milk jug, sugar basin (lacking lid), small tray, vase, two large teacups with saucers, and two smaller saucers [G]

LOT 589 £120/150 (04:50PM)

A harlequin set of 10 cut-glass goblets, probably Bohemian, each with coloured bowl on tall stem, together with a similar set of 12 GDR Imperlux sundae glasses [H]

LOT 590 £60/80 (04:50PM)

A shelf of interesting sundry items, including antique keys, ceramic boot, pair of Victorian bronze candlesticks, pottery begging Scottie dog, sculpture in various media, silhouettes, William IV wooden measure, etc. [J]

LOT 591 £60/80 (04:50PM)

A Bassett-Lowke model of a Waterloo era field gun with limber, in wood and bronze, .38 gauge, London proof mark, 27 in overall, with some documentation, together with a framed copy of the Waterloo medal from an edition of 5000, a framed antique map of The Field of Waterloo, an iron cannon ball, three containers as military drums, a silver medal clasp, vintage Haig's Fund poppy, and PDSA Busy Bees badge [K]

LOT 595 £80/120 (04:52PM)

Royal Worcester, comprising: a blush ivory pot pourri vase decorated with flowers, with lid and cover, pattern no. 1720, a pair of similar bottle vases, pattern no. 1661, together with a small violeteer, two small jugs and a vase, also a blue-banded coffee set, and a Grainger's pierced jar with cover [N]

LOT 596 £100/150 (04:52PM)

A good Chinese late 19th century Canton ivory chess set in red and natural, 9 cm and smaller, four Chinese carved wood figures, and a pair of soapstone figural seals [N]

LOT 597 £40/60 (04:55PM)

A collection of 20 Victorian and later Staffordshire pottery figures and groups, also two cottages and two small jugs, together with a pair of brass candlesticks and a dinner gong [P]