LOT 501 £25/35 (02:10PM)

Seven boxed Last Samurai figurines by Leonardo, a Vodaphone Ferrari boxed racing teddy bear and a quantity of glass ware including Coca Cola advertising and wine glasses with fern decoration [s60]

LOT 504 £30/40 (02:12PM)

A Wedgwood Cottage Rose part tea and coffee service, a Paragon Chrysanthemum pattern part tea service, a 19th century Royal Crown Derby part tea service decorated with birds in pink, a Wedgwood stone ware jug decorated with Grecian figures, further part tea and inner services, a pair of decorative urns and covers, a lace figurine of a dancing couple etc. [s62]

LOT 505 £25/35 (02:12PM)

A large quantity of Johnson Bros Summer Chintz tea and dinner wares much still boxed, two bird ornaments, a Limoges porcelain decanter and stopper, a boxed Buckingham Palace mug, a character jug, a Wedgwood jasperware lighter, a Royal Doulton Tapestry pattern tureen and cover and gravy boat on stand, collectors plate etc. [s63]

LOT 510 £25/35 (02:15PM)

A mixed lot including an embroidered picture, a limited edition print of horses by Norman Hoad, three art glass vases and a green art glass bon bon dish and cover, four teapots comprising one in silver plate, a novelty duck, Wedgwood and one in enamel, a large pottery figurine of a horse, the vase in the shape of a blouse and a Dutch trinket box and cover [s66]

LOT 512 £30/40 (02:17PM)

A pair of soapstone carving of birds and flowers on stands, a soapstone vase decorated with flowers, a large stone carved figurine of three giraffes plus wooden carved fruit bowls [s67]

LOT 514 £25/35 (02:17PM)

Two shelves of glassware including a pair of boxed Edinburgh crystal brandy balloons, a boxed Webb decanter and stopper, a further decanter and stopper, vases, fruit bowls, etched champagne flutes, champagne saucers, beer glasses, sherry glasses etc. [s69 & s72]

LOT 515 £40/60 (02:19PM)

A quantity of metal wares to include a copper coal scuttle, a copper kettle, jugs and pots, a vintage wooden workman's chest with multiple drawers, a boxed parallel rolling rule, a Hovenite implement, boxed vintage tools, two wooden writing slopes etc. [under s69 & s72]

LOT 516 £30/40 (02:19PM)

A wire work figurine of Don Quixote, a vintage Murphy radio in black case, a quantity of Spanish Play Me pencil sharpeners, a Spanish turtle alarm bell, a quantity of mixed foreign coins and bank notes, two vintage Christening gowns and a collection of fountain pens and pencils [s70]

LOT 517 £40/60 (02:19PM)

Eighteen Coalport floral and gilt decorated desert plates with fluted rims, a boxed Oriental lazy Susan, two glass torte plates and a lead crystal decanter and stopper [s71]

LOT 518 £25/35 (02:19PM)

A set of vintage W&T Avery grocers scales and weights, two brass plaques decorated with roosters, a brass trivet, a brass figure of an eagle on wooden stand, two brass shoe ornaments, a bronze bust of a lady, an unframed tapestry and a shoe horn [next to s. w9 on floor]

LOT 520 £30/50 (02:22PM)

Two shelves of mixed china and glass ware including a Nao figurine of a seated girl plus two further figurines in a similar style, a Capodimonte figure of a chestnut seller, a Royal Doulton figurine Jennifer HN3447, two Country Arts figurines of a mouse and wolves, a boxed Sheffield plated desert service, a glass dressing table set on tray, an art glass vase and bowl, brewery items including ashtrays, jugs and corkscrews etc. [s74 & s77]

LOT 521 £25/35 (02:22PM)

A mixed lot including a Corgi Magic Roundabout toy, a child's Fisher Price record player, a pair of Mickey and Minnie condiments, a collection of thimbles and collectors spoons including silver, an Ace Adventurer stamp album and a butterfly pin [s75]

LOT 522 £30/40 (02:22PM)

Two shelves of 19th century and later Commemorative items comprising a large collection of mugs and books, tins, paper cuttings and calendars [s76 & s79]

LOT 523 £30/40 (02:24PM)

A Lladro figurine of a girl with a kitten and puppy, a silver plated Art Nouveau basket decorated with stylised daffodils, a Poole pottery Delphis dish, two Cadbury Bournevita mugs, a Stuart crystal cream jug and sugar bowl, a Homemaker plate, two onyx vases and two 19th century circular framed prints [s78]

LOT 524 £20/30 (02:24PM)

An Aynsley part tea service in blue and gilt no 2888 and another part tea service decorated with trailing flowers and two Commemorative cups and saucers [s78]

LOT 525 £30/50 (02:24PM)

A good vintage lot including two wooden cased radios, a Vesta cased sewing machine and another by Singer, a set of Grandome & Hart grocers scales and weights, an Imperial typewriter, three boxed medical implement sets, a Sailor SP radio, a Trio model 9R59DS receiver [under s76 & s79]

LOT 533 £25/35 (02:29PM)

Three cased sets of binoculars comprising Zenith 10×50, Prinzlux 10×50, Summit 7×50, a Canon MV100 video camera plus further cameras including a Coolpix S3300, an Olympus C4000 zoom etc. and a men's cased grooming set [s82]

LOT 534 £25/35 (02:29PM)

A mixed lot of mainly metal wares including two sets of scales, a partial clock face and movement, door furniture, a silver plated cruet set on stand, a pair of flying goggles, metal cash boxes, a Lucas nova fog lamp, a camping kettle, a brass telescope, a microscope, a VW sign, a pair of wood and metal candlestick etc. [under s82]

LOT 537 £50/70 (02:31PM)

A shelf of cameras including an Ilford Advocate white camera, a cased Werra 3 in olive green, a Kodak Brownie 127, a pocket Ensign, a folding Brownie, an Agfa Click It II, an Ensignette etc. [s83]

LOT 539 £30/40 (02:34PM)

A mixed lot comprising two Walkmans, three African carved wooden heads, a silver-plated trophy cup, two 19th century stands, brass fireside implements, a wooden folding rule and a sliding rule, a Cosina CT1 camera, a Vivitar lens, a folding pen knife, USA army knife, fork and spoon and a Royal Doulton plate celebrating Prince Williams engagement [s83]

LOT 540 £20/30 (02:34PM)

A quantity of cameras including Kodak pocket, Kodak Easy Share, two cased video cameras one by Panasonic plus further lenses , bags and accessories [s83]

LOT 542 £30/40 (02:34PM)

An Aynsley Wild Tudor part tea and dinner service, a brass lantern, an Annie Rowe matching squirrel biscuit barrel and teapot, two Aynsley Variete bowls, a small amount of coins and paper money, a Ronson lighter, cap badges, mini scales etc. [s86]

LOT 543 £30/50 (02:36PM)

Vintage metal wares including two metal trunks, a brass log box, a set of Pollard, Horsey grocers scales and weights, a cast iron fire surround, a set of Salter scales, a copper warming pan on turned wood handle, two stained glass windows, a coal hod and two iron table ends [under s86 & s89]

LOT 545 £30/40 (02:36PM)

A quantity of glass ware including a decanter and stopper with etched grape decoration, a set of etched wine glasses decorated with grapes, similar whisky tumblers, two perfume bottles and stoppers, a fruit bowl, six Royal Doulton York Town dinner plates, two Royal Worcester white glazed tureens, an Aynsley Cottage Garden posy holder and a Buckingham Palace mug and matching trinket box and cover [s88]

LOT 546 £25/35 (02:36PM)

A shelf of china including a Royal Doulton figurine Buttercup HN 2309, a West German red glazed vase, a Wedgwood strawberry and vine white glazed jug and another similar, fridge magnets plus further decorative jugs, clocks, bowls and cabinet cups and saucers [s89]

LOT 547 £25/35 (02:39PM)

Eight Davenport Hero of the Skies collectors mugs, four Banbury Mint RAF framed collectors plates, further collectors plates, a cased set of cutlery, a cased Ricoh auto zoom video camera, a box Brownie, a brass carriage clock etc. [sz]