LOT 501 £60/80 (03:17PM)

A good shelf of glass ware including a Waterford cut glass decanter and stopper and a Waterford bowl, a set of twelve Cristal D'Arque wine glasses, further cut glass wine glasses and brandy balloons, champagne flutes, sherry glasses etc. [s41 & s45]

LOT 502 £20/30 (03:17PM)

A collection of animal figurines including The Julianna and VKY collections, depicting owls and elephants, ten Miniature Shoe Collection shoe ornaments, a blue and white bowl with pierced decoration, two silver plated three branch candelabra, silver plated coasters etc. [s42]

LOT 503 £25/35 (03:19PM)

A mixed lot including a quantity of costume jewellery, a Character Concepts Womble backpack, china trinket boxes and covers, a carved wood lips wall clock, a carved box and cover, a small oil and board, a NatWest piggy bank etc. [s43]

LOT 504 £40/60 (03:19PM)

A good quantity of wooden wares including a 19th century carved model of a sofa, fruit bowls, barometers, carved wood figurines of cats, horses and lion, a cased set of brass postal weights, a leather travelling jewellery box etc. [s44]

LOT 505 £25/40 (03:19PM)

A pretty pair of cut glass bon bon dishes and covers, a pair of oil jars and stoppers, a quantity of blue and white including a large 19th century Spode Imperial pattern footed serving dish, tureen and cover, a blue and white Caulden plate and a Spode dish [s43]

LOT 507 £30/50 (03:21PM)

Three pairs of binoculars including Denhill 8×25, Tasco 8×32, Prinz 16×50, an Aldis boxed Magi colour and slides, two camera lenses, a set of three boxed Unicorn darts and two red Coca Cola advertising model cars on stand [s46]

LOT 508 £30/40 (03:21PM)

A collection of photograph frames including silver plate and mosaic, a quantity of lacquer and wooden trinket boxes, approximately 16 snuff boxes and a collection of glass perfume bottles and stoppers, a Yair Emanuel pierced bowl etc. [s47]

LOT 511 £40/60 (03:24PM)

Four part tea services comprising Royal Crown Derby Posies pattern, Susie Cooper blue ground, a blue and white fluted, a boxed vintage style with matching spoons, two floral decorated cups and saucers and a HP Photosmart printer [s50]

LOT 513 £30/40 (03:24PM)

A quantity of turn of the century and later glass ware including a pair of bobble shaped decanters and stoppers, three further decanters and stoppers, cut glass bowls and jugs, three oil jars, a paperweight, a pair of knife rests, a pair of napkin rings, six glass bowls etc. [s51]

LOT 514 £30/40 (03:24PM)

A mixed shelf of vintage items including carved wood barometers, wooden boxes, mantel clocks, a Baskerville wall clock, a small quantity of perfume including Dali and Issey Miyake, lacquer figurines of animals, four glass vases, china vases, a wooden desk ink stand etc. [s52]

LOT 516 £40/60 (03:26PM)

A shelf of interesting items including six enamel ashtrays, wooden, china, metal and alabaster trinket boxes, a Japanese white metal box and cover, a pair of lacquer trays and four matching dishes, a large ceramic bowl, a gilt wall shelf etc. [s54 & s58]

LOT 517 £30/50 (03:26PM)

Two Royal Doulton figurines Twilight HN 2256 and Fair Lady HN 2193, eight Wedgwood for Bradex collectors plates four being in circular wooden frames, a pair of delft Royal Bonn vases, three commemorative mugs, a silver plated champagne bucket, a pair of Villeroy & Bosch wave cups and saucers, two Swarovski figurines of an owl and a hedgehog, four circular framed watercolours of birds etc. [s55]

LOT 518 £25/35 (03:26PM)

A pair of glass Pommard cider flagons, a large two-handled silvered glass vase, a large glass vase, a large three-handled stone ware jar converted into a table lamp, three 19th century metal stamps, an Australian 1977 Touring Cricket Team commemorative plate etc. [s56]

LOT 523 £30/50 (03:31PM)

A shelf of glass ware including a pair of Whitefriars decanters and stoppers with spirit labels, a matching pair of tankards and wine glasses, Irish cut crystal wine glasses and whisky tumblers, plus a further decanter, wine and sherry glasses [s 61]

LOT 524 £60/80 (03:31PM)

Three part tea services comprising Royal Worcester red, white and gilt decorated, white and silver-rimmed Thomas and a blue and gilt decorated Russian, a small quantity of commemorative wares etc., and a small fabric carrier full of silver-plated items, including goblets and photograph frames [s62, and on floor to side of shelf by office door]

LOT 525 £40/60 (03:31PM)

A shelf of 19th century and later china including a large blue and white ginger jar and cover, an Oriental table lamp, a white glazed duck tureen, a French 13 piece dessert service including comport, a pair of cloisonne dishes, a set of twelve Copeland Spode shaped side plates, a wooden carved warrior etc. [s63]

LOT 528 £30/50 (03:33PM)

Eight Sylvac figurines of dogs, a Beswick figurine of a Saluki, a collection of pottery shoe ornaments, five half-dolls, Dickens collectors spoons in stand, a small quantity of souvenir ware plus further pottery and porcelain [s64]

LOT 533 £30/40 (03:36PM)

A shelf of china including a pair of Royal Doulton stoneware ewers, a Coalport part tea service, a Wedgwood jasperware clock, a Phoenix boxed tea service, a pair of Oriental figures of sages, a glass decanter and stopper, a Limoges vase, an Oriental miniature tea set etc. [s67]

LOT 534 £25/35 (03:36PM)

A mixed shelf including two small cloisonne vases, three Flower Fairy prints, a cased set of six silver plated coffee bean spoons, a Lorus quartz watch, a collection of patch boxes and covers, a pair of opera glasses, a hardstone model of a tree etc. [s68]

LOT 535 £30/40 (03:38PM)

A Johnson Brothers Indian Tree pattern part dinner service including tureens, a Royal Imperial part tea service decorated with flowers, an Aynsley casserole dish and cover, a 1930s Newhall Hanley seven piece sandwich set, a small quantity of commemorative ware, plus further part tea services and dinner wares [s69 & s72]

LOT 538 £20/30 (03:38PM)

A shelf of china and glass including a Royal Doulton figurine Thank You HN 3390, character jugs, two Wade pin trays, a child's part tea service, figurines etc. and glass ware including jugs, fruit bowls and dishes [s70]

LOT 540 £30/40 (03:41PM)

A collection of large sea shells, a pretty collection of nine glass perfume bottles and stoppers, a pair of Staffordshire figurines of greyhounds plus another, two Lladro figurines of geese, a pottery figurine of a horse, a green Wedgwood jasperware jug plus further tea and dinner wares [s71]

LOT 549 £30/50 (03:45PM)

An ironstone china jug and bowl set, a large Masons jug with a serpent handle and another smaller, a faience plate and another and a 19th century tureen and cover with black transfer decoration depicting a countryside scene [s76]

LOT 553 £30/50 (03:48PM)

A shelf of glass ware including three decanters and stoppers one with silver collar, cut and etched glass fruit bowls, four etched champagne saucers, eight desert bowls, a pair of tall flower vases, a set of four green hock glasses and three matching wine glasses, three cut glass Bohemian wine glasses etc. [s77]

LOT 556 £40/60 (03:50PM)

A mixed shelf of wood and metal wares including carved wooden elephants, a wooden game, cricket bat, a boxed mother of pearl handled fish eater set, a decorative dagger in sheath, a Pears encyclopaedia, a cased carving set, a boxed mah jong set, a silver plated teapot and two goblets, a brass blow lamp etc. [s79]

LOT 557 £30/50 (03:50PM)

Two crates of cameras including Fujifilm Finepix, a Sony Handycam, a Hitachi DVD cam, a Canon Sureshot Zoom, a Pentax Program A, a Canon video camera, a Nikon Coolpix 200 etc. and a projector [under s79]

LOT 562 £40/60 (03:53PM)

Eleven Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figurines including a large Jeremy Fisher and Poorly Peter Rabbit, a Royal Doulton figurine of Peter Rabbit, two Beswick Beatrix Potter figurines Jemima Puddleduck and Mrs Tiggy Winkle, a white glazed figure of a rooster, a figurine of a man in 18th century dress etc. [s81]

LOT 563 £40/60 (03:55PM)

A quantity of collectors figurines including Royal Doulton Winnie the Pooh Collection, Royal Doulton Humpty Dumpy and Judge Bunnykins, two Beswick promenade pigs, Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Jemima Puddleduck with fox, a Lladro figurine of a Princess, a collection of Franklin Mint UN children, five bird figurines, a pottery stein with pewter lid and a quantity of dinner plates etc. [s82]

LOT 564 £25/35 (03:55PM)

A mixed box of items including a Sony Hi8 video camera, an Akio Curete camera, a Canon Power Shot, a Halina slide viewer, a camcorder care kit, a CamiLink tripod in bag, plus further cameras and accessories [under s82]

LOT 565 £20/30 (03:55PM)

A carton of cameras and accessories including Olympus OM10 and attachments, a Pentax Zoom 70, a Canon digital Ixus and a projector [next to s82 floor]

LOT 568 £30/40 (03:57PM)

A vintage 3D viewer and slides, a pair of Sans & Streiffe 8×30 cased binoculars, a pair of leather cased opera glasses, a black forest bear marked Bern, eight Tetley Tea men on stand, a hickory-handled knife, a musical figurine, an alabaster mantel clock etc.

LOT 569 £15/30 (03:57PM)

A shelf of mixed items including a Brownie 20 Reflex camera, a leather cased accounts book, three leather boxes including collar, a Guinness stand, two cribage boards, two enamel railway signs etc. [s83]

LOT 570 £20/30 (03:57PM)

A Sony personal audio system ICF-DSi15PN, a folding tripod, a diagnostic set, cased thermometers, photographic books, three small mantel clocks etc. [s83]

LOT 575 £30/40 (04:02PM)

A quantity of china including a pair of 1930s green glazed jugs, a Coalport Countryware white glazed part tea service, a Carlton Ware apple cruet plus others , a musical Russian box and cover, a Russian doll, a glass perfume bottle and stopper, a cow creamer and further tea and dinner wares including plates and a blue and white jug etc. [s86]

LOT 577 £30/50 (04:02PM)

A Canon EOS 500 camera, a Selfix 820 camera, an Eastman Kodak no.2, Solette II, a leather cased Box Brownie junior, a Zeiss Ikon Derval folding camera, a Kodak A120 and two pairs of cased binoculars Ross MkII and zenith 10×50 [under s86]

LOT 582 £30/40 (04:05PM)

A Craftsman pewter three piece tea service, a 19th century metal tea service on tray, a cased theodolite, a pewter chamberstick, a map of Yorkshire and a German book of engravings including Durer [s89]

LOT 584 £30/50 (04:07PM)

Seven movie cameras including a leather cased Bolex, Kodak, an Agfa Movex Reflex, a Sanyo, a Baby cine camera in leather case and a Brownie [top shelf z]

LOT 585 £60/80 (04:07PM)

Four shelves of cameras including Praktica electronic, Canon AE1, Olympus OM30 and OM10, Minolta Dynax 4, Vivitar 3300Se, Nikon Coolpix 500, box cameras including Ensign E29, Minolta Himatic AF etc. [sz]

LOT 587 £25/35 (04:09PM)

Three shelves of mixed items including a brass bugle, three silver-plated dishes, a metronome, two copper kettles, a pair of green glass shades, a brass telescope, a large horn, a Jaeger le Coutre travelling clock, an owl plate etc. [pine shelf next to z]

LOT 588 £100/150 (04:09PM)

Four shelves of cameras including flash lights and accessories including Miranda Olympus dedicated flashgun 210 TCD, a Kaiser enlarger focus scope, a Rollei flash, also folding cameras including Rodenstock Compur, Zeiss Ikon, Agfa Billy Record, Agilux Agifold and 20th century cameras including Voigtlander Vito, Fujifilm, Canon EOS 5000 lenses and accessories [pine shelf back of room]