LOT 603 £60/80 (04:57PM)

Small decorative items, comprising: a pair of Victorian Minton two-handled jars, set of four early 19th century Mason's dessert plates, pair of small Dresden chamber candlesticks, nine other ceramic pieces by Royal Crown Derby, Herend, and others, four glass paperweights, a silver tea strainer, and a Chinese cloisonne vase [S]

LOT 604 £100/150 (05:00PM)

A Leica camera, no. 98565, in black, with Leitz Hektor lens, with original lens cap, in repaired leather case with replacement strap, together with a 27th edition June 1953 Leica Guide [S]

LOT 605 £40/60 (05:00PM)

Sundry decorative items, comprising: a Samson figure of a shepherdess playing the castanets, 16 various Derby and other plates, a covered jar and box, two Toby jugs, a glass bowl, pewter teapot and two measures, and three small framed pictures [T]

LOT 608 £70/100 (05:02PM)

A Limoges porcelain fish service, by Delinieres and Co., circa 1900, printed and enamelled with various fish within cream and gold borders, comprising a dish and 12 plates [U]

LOT 612 £100/150 (05:04PM)

A good shelf of small decorative glassware, late 19th century and later, including spatterware vases, Venetian latticinio pieces, enamelled and gilt items, scent bottles, etc. [W]

LOT 613 £80/120 (05:04PM)

Cloisonne enamel, as follows: a pair of Japanese Meiji period aventurine vases decorated with panels of birds and butterflies, 18.5 cm, Chinese pieces comprising: a pair of small vases, three covered boxes, twin-compartmented box, and a censer; together with an Indian brass bowl [X]

LOT 614 £50/80 (05:04PM)

Modern decorative items, comprising: a Versace glass goblet, a Rosenthal Versace Medusa dish and a La Traviata dish, a Cazui Reza square dish, a Herend oval tea tray, Travolta plate, and two Russian lacquer boxes [X]

LOT 615 £200/300 (05:07PM)

A Wedgwood bone china 'Colonnade' pattern dinner and tea service for 12, in black, white and gold, R4340, comprising: soup tureen with cover, vegetable dish with cover, three oval dishes, sauceboat with stand, sugar basin with cover, and soup plates, dinner plates (one lacking), dessert plates, side plates, tea cups and saucers [Y]

LOT 616 £100/150 (05:07PM)

A Continental cartel clock with barometer and thermometer, circa 1900, in gilt cast iron, the half-hour bell-striking movement with enamel dial, the barometer dial inscribed 'J.J. Wainwright & Co., Birmingham' [by rostrum]

LOT 618 £80/120 (05:07PM)

A very decorative modern sculpture of a bird with outspread wings, in silvered and bronzed carved wood, on tall marbled square pedestal, 170 cm overall [in room]

LOT 622 £100/150 (05:09PM)

Five vintage weapons, all presumed African, comprising: a sickle-shaped sword with dotted and trellis decoration, perhaps Upper Congo; an axe with steel blade, the polished wooden haft bound in copper wire; two similar axes but with rough wooden hafts; and a long club with chequered carving [C]

LOT 623 £80/120 (05:12PM)

Two probably Eastern daggers, presumed 19th century, one with fullered blade and ivory hilt, the other with curved fullered blade with crenellated back edge, both with similar stamped concentric circle decoration in red, the former with leather sheath, 33 and 40 cm [C]

LOT 625 £30/50 (05:12PM)

A Japanese dagger, Meiji period, the bone hilt and scabbard carved with samurai and landscapes, and a miniature Japanese sword with lacquered scabbard [B]

LOT 660 £30/40 (05:19PM)

A quantity of cameras and photographic equipment including a Voigtlander Scopar camera, a Pentax Ashahi camera, four tripods of varying sizes, lenses, developing equipment, etc. [on lot 880]

LOT 677 £300/400 (05:24PM)

A finely woven silk Persian carpet with signature, the cream ground with central floral rosette within a multiple floral ground and blue outer border. (7ft x 4ft approx.) [floor by toy section]

LOT 678 £200/300 (05:24PM)

A finely woven Persian rug in wool and silk with signature, the cream floral ground with a central rosette amongst multiple borders of scrolling acanthus and flowers (7ft 6in x 5ft 6in approx.). [floor by toy section]

LOT 679 £50/80 (05:24PM)

An Eastern carpet the wine-red ground with five central motifs each with stylized fruit within a continuous floral border and multiple floral borders (8ft x 4ft approximately). [floor by toys]

LOT 681 £20/30 (05:26PM)

A traditional Chinese rug the central blue ground embossed with floral motifs within a cream floral border (6 ft x 4 ft approx.). [floor by silver plate]

LOT 683 £100/150 (05:26PM)

A modern French wool designer small carpet signed Rabage, by Tisca France SA woven with a black portrait bust emblematic of Corsica within an ornate border. [railings]

LOT 684 £15/20 (05:26PM)

Two traditional Chinese rugs one with a bright blue ground embossed with flowers within a cream border and a smaller rug similar with a green ground. [floor by coin and postcard section]

LOT 685 £60/90 (05:28PM)

A Persian-style runner the mink coloured ground with an overall design in muted red (10 ft x 3ft approx.) and a similar small rug. [floor by coins and postcards]

LOT 687 £20/40 (05:28PM)

A traditional oriental rug the pink ground with two rows of diamond decorations within multiple narrow borders (5 ft 6 in x 4 ft approx.) [floor by coins and postcards]