LOT 602 £40/60 (05:28PM)

A good vintage lot including two pairs of wooden floor standing church candlesticks, a Chinese wooden abacus, a pair of metal wall candle holders, a copper bucket, a Chinese bamboo box, a brass light and old woodworking tools [under s 89]

LOT 603 £15/30 (05:31PM)

A pair of Schweppes soda siphons, four brass door handles, a pair of brass candlesticks, a pair of vintage binoculars, a glass table lamp, glass vases, a copper wall hanging etc. [s87]

LOT 604 £60/80 (05:31PM)

A good lot of vintage metal ware comprising a large pair of ships lights by Meteorite with red and blue glass, a large pair of lanterns and another similar [under s89]

LOT 606 £25/35 (05:31PM)

Three shelves of mixed items including a set of glass rummers, wine glasses and champagne flutes, paperweights including Caithness Congratulations and Svenskt Glas Stockholm, a glass table lamp, a collectors doll, a pottery figurine of a parrot, a box of kitchen knives, an African carved wooden family figurine etc. [sz]

LOT 610 £25/40 (05:33PM)

A collection of vintage match boxes, a small quantity of liqueur, cocktail, whisky and sherry glasses, a quantity of tinplate toy cars including boxed Ford Trucks, a Verners WW1 army compass in leather case, a framed set of stamps etc. [pine shelves next to z]

LOT 618 £40/60 (05:40PM)

Two late 19th century French slate mantel clocks, both bell-striking, the larger with enamel dial, retailed by Boxell of Brighton, the smaller with engraved gilt dial [A]

LOT 619 £300/400 (05:40PM)

A good large French Charles X ormolu mantel clock surmounted by a seated lady in Oriental-style costume, the silk suspension movement half-hour striking on a bell, 70 cm high [A]

LOT 621 £40/60 (05:43PM)

A mid-20th century Smith's electric mantel timepiece in black glass and yellow metal; together with a 1920s Perivale mantel clock in inlaid mahogany case; and a quantity of ebony dressing-table items [A]

LOT 624 £40/60 (05:43PM)

A Soviet Russian army periscope, dated 1946 and numbered 1178, the canvas-covered case rubber-stamped in Cyrillic PAB 3521 and with Chinese characters [B]

LOT 627 £40/60 (05:45PM)

A vintage English knife of bowie type, signed GR J. Rodgers & Sons No.6 Norfolk St, Sheffield, England, with metal-mounted leather sheath, knife 12.2 in long [B]

LOT 630 £100/150 (05:47PM)

A fine and interesting carved walnut casket, probably 19th century Black Forest, but the lid incorporating a probably earlier panel carved in openwork with a spray of roses, convolvulus and forget-me-nots, the sides with foliate borders and simulated basketwork, the base with pencil attribution to Grinling Gibbons and provenance to Addison Park, 33 cm long [B]

LOT 639 £40/60 (05:52PM)

A collection of 16 antique Delft blue and white tiles, mainly 17th century, sketched with figures at various pursuits, and two modern tiles of similar type [C]

LOT 646 £150/200 (05:57PM)

A 19th century drop-dial wall timepiece with fusee movement, with painted 12 inch dial in brass-inlaid mahogany case; together with an American drop-dial wall clock in walnut case [wall by office]

LOT 652 £60/80 (06:02PM)

A Bohemian lapis blue glass scent bottle with stopper, in Ingrid rose design by Schlevogt; together with a lapis blue pen tray; and an Art Deco scent bottle with stopper and black decoration [E]

LOT 653 £40/60 (06:02PM)

A cameo glass jarlet, perhaps Galle, with flowering stems in brown on a pale grey ground; together with a lustred pottery onion-shaped bottle signed R in gold marker pen [E]

LOT 654 £150/250 (06:02PM)

A good collection of 12 Halcyon Days ornaments, comprising: a jewelled enamel snuff box, four smaller enamel boxes, a Harrods teddy bears' picnic porcelain bonbonniere, three smaller bonbonnieres as frogs or toads, a twin frog pin tray, and two small vases [E]

LOT 655 £100/150 (06:02PM)

A charming Daum pate de verre cristal group of two seated frogs with gold eyes, together with two single similar frogs in green and in blue, and a miniature Baccarat heart with seated gilt frog [E]

LOT 656 £120/180 (06:04PM)

A collection of six small modern Lalique glass ornaments, comprising: two green frogs, a pale yellow frog, a clear frog, two sleeping cherubs, and a hand-in-heart ornament [E]

LOT 659 £200/300 (06:04PM)

A collection of five Greek metalware pieces by Lalaounis, comprising: a pair of frosted silver-gilt candlesticks of stylised tassel form, 24 cm; a cylindrical covered box in similar style, 9 cm high; a silver-gilt amphora in stand chased with a procession of figures, 17 cm high; and a frosted hammered tazza [E]

LOT 660 £150/250 (06:07PM)

A Rosenthal glass dish, designed by Salvador Dali and produced in 1979 to celebrate the firm's centenary, no. 1586 of an edition of 3000, with certificate in original plywood box [F]

LOT 661 £400/600 (06:07PM)

A scarce pre-war Lalique Tournon large bowl in opalescent glass, cast with scattered posies of flowers, 30.5 cm diameter, moulded R. Lalique France mark and incised number 401; together with a large Sabino opalescent dish moulded with female swimmers; and a small Sabino opalescent shell dish [F]

LOT 662 £30/40 (06:07PM)

A late 19th century ruby glass lustre, an enamelled glass claret jug, set of six Hock glasses, Paris porcelain claret-ground scent bottle with stopper, and a blue-ground cup [G]

LOT 663 £150/250 (06:07PM)

A Wedgwood bone china dinner service in Kutani Crane pattern R4464, comprising: 3 covered vegetable bowls, sauceboat on stand, 2 oval bowls, 2 oval dishes, two shakers, 11 soup bowls, 14 large plates, 6 medium plates, and 12 side plates [G]

LOT 668 £60/80 (06:11PM)

A collection of ceramics and glass, comprising: a large early 19th century Mason's Ironstone mug, two 18th century Delft vases, pair of gilt green glass Bohemian scent bottles, two gilt glass shakers, glass bird, pair of German porcelain candlestick figures, encrusted watering can, and letter rack [J]

LOT 670 £100/150 (06:11PM)

Four Poyaisian 100 acre land grant certificates and two 60 acre certificates, all dated 1834 and all signed by Gregor McGregor and others, all relating to his infamous Central American fraud [K]

LOT 670A £50/80 (06:11PM)

A Whitefriars kingfisher blue Mobile Phone vase, a Whitefriars tangerine cylindrical vase with textured band and original paper label, a Mdina cylindrical vase, and a small low vase [K]

LOT 671 £80/120 (06:14PM)

Three boxes of small decorative items, including jewelled metal figures by Arora, L'Objet and others, of frogs, an elephant, etc., also a photograph frame, other trinkets, and two cloisonne enamel teapots [K]

LOT 672 £150/250 (06:14PM)

Horse racing, comprising: five Beswick Connoisseur models: Nijinsky/Piggot, Red Rum/Fletcher, Arkle, Grundy, and Arab 'Xayal'; a Doulton 1937 Grand National mug; Lenox 1935 Grand National Thomond II plate; and a Tupton resin bronze [L]

LOT 673 £200/300 (06:14PM)

A Chinese famille rose porcelain hexagonal lantern, early 20th century, brightly decorated, on wood stand and fitted as a lamp, 36 cm high; together with a blue and white ginger jar with cover, a yellow-ground enamel vase, and a French vase with cover in famille rose style [M]

LOT 675 £60/80 (06:16PM)

Eight decorative items, comprising: a Royal Worcester blush ground pot pourri jar with cover, a similar jug, Burmantofts turquoise vase, Gouda small bottle, Torquay jug, Chinese blue and white export coffee cup, Victorian covered small box, and blue glass bottle [N]

LOT 676 £100/150 (06:16PM)

A small oval gilt-metal jardiniere in neoclassical style with glass liner, and a pair of similar vases, all circa 1900 and probably French; together with a 19th century tazza in overlaid glass on ormolu base [N]

LOT 677 £20/30 (06:16PM)

A good Aldermaston studio pottery lustre bowl by Lieselotte Harrer, 8.5 in diameter, with Aldermaston Pottery 1993 Final Exhibition label, sold with original invoice dated 1/6/1993 for £50 and with other relevant paperwork [N]

LOT 679 £60/80 (06:19PM)

Three Christofle silver-plated photograph frames, as new, in original packaging, together with two other plated frames and a pair of silvered shell and bamboo serving spoons [P]

LOT 683 £150/200 (06:21PM)

An early 20th century bronze by F. Nachtmann, of a seated Eastern-style female on lotus throne, foundry mark of Reiter, Muenchen, on marble base, 26 cm high [R]

LOT 685 £100/150 (06:21PM)

A Tibetan silver teapot, probably circa 1900, with chained cover, elaborately decorated, 340 gm approximately; together with a Nepalese cylindrical box in wood with silver overlay [S]

LOT 687 £40/60 (06:23PM)

A Worcester First Period tea bowl, three saucers and a covered sugar basin, in Japan pattern (lacking gilding); together with a Royal Worcester bottle vase, shape 1733, painted with roses [S]

LOT 692 £180/200 (06:26PM)

Bronze sculpture, comprising: a large group of fighting stags, a standing spaniel, and a pheasant, all on marble bases; together with a pair of silver-plated pheasant table ornaments [T]

LOT 694 £40/60 (06:26PM)

A 19th century bronze figure of a putto musician, on associated marble and gilt-metal base, a Jewish moon flask, a small bronze staue of a woman and a brass tatue of a discus thrower [V]