LOT 604 £25/35 (05:45PM)

A set of eight Bristol blue wine goblets plus another similar and a further six smaller Bristol blue glasses, Bristol blue decanter and three black wine glasses. [s43]

LOT 606 £25/35 (05:47PM)

A mixed set including a Robert Welch knife block and further kitchenalia, a Vanguard portable DVD player. Coasters, wicker containers, a Christofle butter knife etc.

LOT 610 £40/60 (05:49PM)

A quantity of china including three Royal Doulton ladies, Nina HN2347, Autumn Breezes HN1934 and Buttercup HN2399, a Beswick dapple grey horse, three part tea-services comprising Royal Albert pattern no. 7729, Coalport 96346 and pink Tuscan china, Carlton Ware Bleu Royale vase, Royal Doulton carrot jug, plus further decorative bowls, plates, figurines. [s46 & 50]

LOT 611 £30/50 (05:49PM)

A large amber glass and brass oil lamp, a blue and white ginger jar, a stoneware Rumtopf, an amber glass dish and bowl, a metal wall clock, two decorative blue and white vases, a cut glass biscuit barrel and cover, a wooden desk ink stand, a wicker flask, a small quantity of silver plate including photo frame, pewter tankards, etc., and a shelf of modern Oriental wares including lacquer rice dishes, a bamboo umbrella, mugs, teapot, plates vase and picture plus a flag, lace sample and hanging pennant [s47 & 48]

LOT 612 £20/30 (05:49PM)

A pair of acid-etched decanters with floral decoration and stoppers, a cut-glass jug and stopper similar decanter, three wooden marquetry inlaid boxes plus another in leather, eight wooden Nederland plates with coats of arms, two cork pictures, a book on George VI King and Empire, a small leather case and a gentleman's vanity travelling case. [s48]

LOT 614 £40/50 (05:52PM)

Two Royal Doulton figurines: Loretta HN2337 and Simone HN2378, Royal Doulton figurine of a gentleman: Taking Things Easy HN2677 and a Royal Doulton figurine: The Balloon Seller HN1315, two white glazed figures of girls, a Royal Copenhagen mouse, robin and dish and other small ornaments. [s45]

LOT 615 £25/35 (05:52PM)

Two shelves of china including a Bavarian part tea and dinner service Monica pattern, a large Oriental vase, stoneware vase and similar chicken ornament, an open-twist wooden candlestick, wooden mushrooms, old jugs, bowls, vases, further tea wares including Oriental, etc. [s49 & 53]

LOT 616 £40/50 (05:52PM)

A good collection of small ornaments including Hummel figurine of a girl, Thai bronze figurines playing musical instruments, miniature cloisonne vases, jars and covers and trinket boxes, a Herend dish, a wooden trinket box and cover. [s50 & 54]

LOT 620 £30/50 (05:54PM)

A large green Sylvac Scottie dog, a pair of pottery art deco bookends of girls, a Wedgwood basalt trinket box and cover, a large Royal Albert Jemima Puddleduck figurine and another of Peter Rabbit, a Royal Doulton figurine Mrs Bunnykins, small quantity of Motto ware including an egg stand, plus further pottery items. [s55]

LOT 623 £25/35 (05:57PM)

A blue ground part tea service decorated with flowers with gilt decoration and a Paragon part tea service, trinket dishes and an art pottery vase. [s58]

LOT 624 £60/80 (05:57PM)

A Shelley pattern no. 13670 21-piece tea service decorated with daffodils, a Carlton Ware butter dish and knife plus a Carlton Ware toast rack and a similar sauce jug on stand. [s58]

LOT 625 £30/40 (05:59PM)

A Yardley Old English Lavender figurine of a lady with two children, a Spode Copelands China Oaklea pattern part tea service, a Mason's ginger jar and cover, egg trinket box, and soap dish and cover, two glass vases, a pair of champagne flutes and a pair on Minton Mulberry Hall York Queen's Silver Jubilee candlesticks, a glass dish, etc. [s55]

LOT 627 £20/30 (05:59PM)

An Oriental-style lacquer smokers stand, four lacquer trinket boxes and covers, a vintage statue of Jesus, a glass ceiling shade decorated in the Oriental manner, a small collection of vintage toys including Ludo, Snakes and Ladders and Dominoes. [next to and under s63]

LOT 631 £50/70 (06:01PM)

An extensive Noritake tea and dinner service including tureens, butter dish, meat plates, condiment sets, eggcups, etc., basket of flowers decoration, plus a Noritake Niccera pattern part tea service and six Noritake Morning Jewel pattern dinner plates. [s63]

LOT 632 £20/30 (06:01PM)

Two boxed Webb Corbett crystal glasses with etched decoration, a quantity of Wedgwood collectors' plates depicting planes, two boxed modern tea-services, a quantity of glassware including a pair of decanters and stoppers, plus two further large glass vase, perfume bottle and stopper, etc. [under s63 & 66]

LOT 634 £25/35 (06:04PM)

A collection of part tea services, cups and saucers, etc. comprising an Ainsley yellow-ground tea service with hall-mark silver cup-holders, further cabinet cups, saucers by Coalport, Masons, etc., a Noritake tea-for-one service. [s65 & 62]

LOT 635 £40/60 (06:04PM)

A mixture of interesting items including a heavy mahogany tray with painted decoration, a carved wooden circular barometer, a wooden desk inkstand, a copper kettle, a BTW Addams 19th century wood and brass inlaid drill, a metal trivet, a metal and glass trinket box and a Victorian wooden corkscrew. [s66]

LOT 639 £40/60 (06:06PM)

A good quantity of metal ware including copper and brass such as copper kettles, egg cups on stands, cruet, jam pans, trivets, and brass horse brasses, griffin candlesticks, warming pans, kettles, trays, ornaments, fireside sets, etc. and seven empty Bells whiskey decanters [under s69]

LOT 640 £25/35 (06:06PM)

A Beswick white glazed cat, a green stoneware African bust, a Victorian childs' nightdress and a leather cased set of field binoculars by A Kershaw & Son Leeds, 1941. [s68]

LOT 645 £25/35 (06:11PM)

A quantity of china including Royal Albert Old English Rose part tea service, a Royal Winton Chintz teapot, Royal Albert Provincial Flowers part tea service, Gaudy patter teapot and stand, six shot glasses and a quantity of cabinet plates. [s71]

LOT 649 £10/20 (06:13PM)

A lacquer tray decorated in the Oriental manner, a large copper pan with brass handle, three green tea lights, a wicker picnic basket, a quantity of linen, a crystal bowl etc. [s74]

LOT 653 £30/40 (06:16PM)

A box of cameras including an Agiflex, an Edix-mat Reflex, a Zeiss Icon, a tripod, a pair of JH Stewart, London, leather-cased binoculars plus further lenses and accessories. [under s76]

LOT 658 £40/70 (06:18PM)

A well-executed Capodimonte figure of a happy tramp playing a music box, two Capodimonte figures of children, and a pair of Oriental baluster vases decorated with prunus [S79]

LOT 659 £40/60 (06:18PM)

A Minton's Lorraine pattern part dinner service including meat plates, dinner plates, soup bowls, etc. and a quantity of Minton Marlow pattern dinnerware plus two Royal Adderley Princess pattern coffee jugs. [s79]

LOT 660 £40/60 (06:18PM)

A collection of bar paraphernalia including a large metal owl ice-bucket, Jack Daniels tray and ice-bucket, a Moet & Chandon metal tray, a silver-plated ice-bucket, two wire-work wine carriers, a pair of brass and copper water jugs, a Teachers and a Johnny Walker ceramic water jugs and a pair of Galway boxed glass candlesticks. [under s79]

LOT 666 £20/30 (06:23PM)

A quantity of glass ware including a Royal Brierley decanter and glass set, aperetif and wine glasses decorated with cockerel with a matching decanter, decorative bowl, steins and character jugs [s80 & s81]

LOT 668 £20/30 (06:23PM)

A Colclough leaf pattern part tea service, a polka dot liqueur set, a Carlton Ware Blue royale vase, a boxed decanter set, a Wedgwood jasperware vase and trinket box and cover, a green glass vase and further decorative china vases [s82]

LOT 670 £25/35 (06:25PM)

A mixed lot including four Bradex pewter plates, a pair of Beyer Dynamic headphones, an enamel Black Cat sign, a camera case, a boxed razor, a metal novelty bottle corkscrew, a WW2 helmet etc. [under s82]

LOT 671 £25/35 (06:25PM)

A collection of cameras and camera equipment including a Yelco projector, an Olympus digital camera, a boxed Cinerex movie camera, a Olympia Carina 2 portable typewriter, a Copykit to transfer slides onto video tape, camera bags etc. [floor next to s83]

LOT 675 £30/50 (06:28PM)

Two shelves of china and other mixed items including Royal Doulton Bunnykins cups, bowls and plate, a Beswick dappled grey shire horse, a further brown horse and a Melba model of a bull, Roy Kirkham character jugs, Wade tortoises, six model cars and buses, a Victorian family bible, a Victorian photograph frame, etc. [s83]

LOT 678 £80/120 (06:30PM)

Eight Royal Doulton lady figurines comprising Winsomme HN 2220, Hilary HN 2235, Veneta, Lorna HN 2311, Alison HN 2336, Masque, Sophie HN 2833, Rosalind HN 2393, a pair of Royal Doulton figurines a Lady and Gent from Williamsberg, further figurines, six Italian glass birds, a large glass paperweight, an etched glass goblet, a decanter and stopper, a Staffordshire fireside dog, cabinet plates etc. [bottom s83]

LOT 681 £40/60 (06:33PM)

A Paragon 15 piece part tea service decorated with exotic birds, a seven piece coloured glass silver overlaid fruit service, a cut glass decanter and stopper, and a novelty 1960's umbrella stand in the form of an umbrella [s86]

LOT 689 £30/40 (06:37PM)

Two boxes of decorative items including boxed model cars, four Vaseline glass goblets, a Rolls Royce advertising mirror, a red glass vase, glass plates, a small quantity of costume jewellery, boxed spoons, trinket boxes and covers etc. [under s89]

LOT 692 £40/60 (06:37PM)

A quantity of Royal Doulton stoneware including two pots and teapot, a decorative pipe carved with a ladies head, two Goebels figurines of children, four Wedgwood jasperware graduated jugs, a 1930's pottery wall pocket and similar bowl, a Cornish ware teapot plus jar and cover [sz]

Lot 694C £30-40 (18:45)

A silver plated art nouveau photograph frame, framed and glazed displays of a churchyard and another, 19th Century and later part dolls tea services etc [pine shelves]