LOT 618 £60/80 (04:24PM)

A late Victorian half-block ship model, with applied ivory plaque inscribed "Neaiga 35 tons built for Andrew Muir Esq. by A. Payne & Sons designed by G.L. Watson Glasgow", 33 in long [A]

LOT 623 £100/150 (04:26PM)

A vintage Bulle 800 day battery-powered electric timepiece, with silvered dial and glass dome on chinoiserie decorated black lacquered base, the mechanism stamped "Bulle-Clock France 256645", the base with paper label numbered 800LAC, 11 in including dome [A]

LOT 624 £100/150 (04:29PM)

An early 19th century inlaid mahogany mantel clock, half-hour striking on a gong, the movement with crowned A and WBK & Fils Paris marks, 11 in, and a larger mantel clock in carved oak with Vincenti gong-striking movement [A]

LOT 627 £60/80 (04:29PM)

A Power 6 gun sighting, signed W. Ottway & Co. Ltd, Ealing 1917, No. 44, and with broad arrow, in wooden case, together with a small brass eyepiece stamped "Des. 75", a Smith's black dashboard timepiece, and another inscribed "8 Days" [B]

LOT 628 £150/200 (04:31PM)

A good 19th century Persian kindjal dagger with steel scabbard, and with damascened decoration in silver and gold, 46 cm overall, together with a reproduction flintlock pistol and a modern dagger in scabbard [B]

LOT 639 £40/60 (04:36PM)

A collection of knives and penknives, mainly vintage, comprising two by Rodgers with sheathes, a Finnish knife with sheath, a knife of Bowie type, and seven various penknives, together with a Leatherman combination tool in leather belt case [B]

LOT 640 £40/60 (04:38PM)

War items, comprising: a ‘Mickey Mouse’ child’s gas mask dated 10/39, in original carton; a canvas map case and haversack containing three other items; a linen bag embroidered with ATS badge; a helmet; a gas mask dated 5/11/52; and a canvas belt; together with a brown-painted tin hat box and a quantity of vintage papers and magazines [C]

LOT 641 £200/300 (04:38PM)

Six various modern survival knives with sheaths, five with original packaging, comprising: TRC K-1S and XS Splinter Deluxe M390; Lion Steel M1 Olive; Bark River Bravo Necker and Ultralite Bushcrafter; and LT Wright Patriot [C]

LOT 642 £25/35 (04:38PM)

An early 20th century Cabanas y Carbajal cigar box with Art Nouveau style decoration, with US import label, containing a vintage cigar cutter, two cigar holders and a pipe, together with a Victorian walnut workbox [C]

LOT 647 £80/150 (04:41PM)

Four presentation painted oar blades, all won by J.N. Bruce, including for: Cambridge University Crew 1955 Boat Race; the others from Cambridge 1953, Magdalene 1954, and St Paul's School, 1950; together with a collection of menus from functions attended by J.N. Bruce, mainly during the early 1950s, including Cambridge college and rowing club dinners, some signed; and also a Mont Blanc Rollerball pen, in case [C]

LOT 648 £150/250 (04:43PM)

Books: "The History of the Isle of Wight" by Richard Worsley, London 1781, now in three tooled calf volumes and incorporating a large number of late 18th and early 19th century topographical Isle of Wight prints [C]

LOT 656 £60/80 (04:48PM)

A modern Moorcroft 365/12 'Papaver' vase decorated with blue poppy seed heads on a grey ground, dated 2014, no. 12/50, 31.5 cm, with Grade 2 quality label [D]

LOT 657 £60/80 (04:48PM)

Three modern Moorcroft vases, comprising two of slender form and one of bottle shape, decorated with flowers and trees, dated 2006/7, 21 cm, all with red dots [D]

LOT 658 £70/100 (04:48PM)

Two modern Moorcroft vases, one with tiger lilies dated 1998, the other two-handled with stylised flowers dated 2008, approximately 19 cm, the first with silver line, the second with red dot [D]

LOT 659 £60/80 (04:48PM)

Two modern Moorcroft vases decorated with crimson flowers: one a trial piece dated 2/5/12 and of pear shape, the other of waisted form and dated 2006, 19 and 18 cm, both with red dots [D]

LOT 660 £60/80 (04:50PM)

Two modern Moorcroft vases, one decorated with blue flowers, dated 2009, the other of ovoid form decorated with blue spikey flowers, dated 2012 and numbered 37/100, 18 and 13 cm, both with red dots [E]

LOT 661 £100/150 (04:50PM)

Six modern Moorcroft small vases, variously decorated with flowers, a foliate pattern in black, and a ghostly landscape, various dates between 2000 and 2008, 11 cm and smaller [E]

LOT 663 £70/100 (04:50PM)

Two modern Moorcroft vases of waisted form, one decorated with passion flower dated 2001, the other a trial with stylised bees dated 9/12/13, 16 cm [E]

LOT 664 £80/120 (04:53PM)

Three modern Moorcroft vases decorated with white animals, the largest of ovoid form and with foxes, the others of bottle shape and with hares, all dated 2007, 13.5 and 10.5 cm, the largest with red dot [E]

LOT 666 £60/80 (04:53PM)

Two modern Moorcroft vases of baluster form, one a trial dated 23/11/04 and with orange flowers, the other with pale yellow and white flowers, 15.5 and 13.5 cm, the first with red dot, the second with silver line [E]

LOT 667 £80/120 (04:53PM)

Three charming small modern Moorcroft vases, comprising one decorated with an infant king sleeping by a castle, dated 15/05/2013, the others with frogs and dragonflies, dated 2009, 13 and 10.5 cm, the two largest with red dots [E]

LOT 668 £70/100 (04:55PM)

Four modern Moorcroft vases, all decorated with stylised flowers, the two larger dated 2006 and 2009, the waisted example dated 1995, the last dated 2007, 16 and 13 cm, the two largest with red dots, the waisted vase with silver line [F]

LOT 669 £70/100 (04:55PM)

Four modern Moorcroft vases, the largest decorated with fruit, flowers and bees and dated 1999, the next of ovoid form decorated with black grapes, the two smallest decorated with flowers, 19.5-7.5 cm, the first with silver and pink lines, the last two with red dots [F]

LOT 670 £60/80 (04:55PM)

A large Moorcroft ovoid vase decorated with anemones on a blue ground, WM mark in blue, 21.5 cm, and a blue-ground bottle vase with printed crown mark in black [H]

LOT 672 £80/120 (04:57PM)

A pair of Japanese totai cloisonne on porcelain vases, Meiji period, decorated with crane and flowering branches, 37 cm, with modern wood stands [H]

LOT 674 £60/80 (04:57PM)

Two modern Moorcroft vases, one ovoid and decorated with lilies, the other decorated with stylised trees, dated 2007 and 2006, 24 and 20.5 cm, both with red dot [J]

LOT 675 £50/70 (04:57PM)

Two modern Moorcroft grey-ground vases, one a trial of trumpet form, the other of waisted form dated 2012, 21 and 17 cm, both with red dots [J]

LOT 676 £100/150 (05:00PM)

Five items of Cobridge stoneware, comprising: a jar with pink flowers, a yellow-ground vase by S. Johnson, a trial vase with daffodil by Anita Harris, and a vase and covered jarlet with poppies on a blue ground also by Anita Harris, 10-18.5 cm [J]

LOT 677 £80/120 (05:00PM)

Two Cobridge stoneware small vases, one decorated with tulips and riverside buildings signed S. Johnson and dated 2004, the other with bottle kilns and dated 1998, 15.5 and 13 cm [J]

LOT 680 £40/60 (05:02PM)

Five modern art pottery vases, comprising two by Black Ryden with silver line cancellations, another Black Ryden example with mottled glazes signed by Anita Harris, and two vases with incised JPMC signatures, 8-17.5 cm [K]

LOT 681 £100/150 (05:02PM)

An elegant lady's walking stick, circa 1900, probably in rhinoceros horn, the recurved handle carved with a horse's hoof, the end with wooden extension, 89 cm [K]

LOT 682 £100/150 (05:02PM)

A very rare Clarice Cliff 'Bizarre' part dinner service in 'Woman's Journal' pattern, circa 1931, decorated with a printed and enamelled stylised floral design within bright orange, yellow and green borders, comprising: a pair of vegetable tureens and covers, pair of sauce tureens and covers, two large oval dishes, smaller oval dish, five plates and two stands, Wilkinson England Honeyglaze and other marks [G]

LOT 688 £300/400 (05:07PM)

A fine 20th century Chinese famille verte porcelain rouleau vase painted with two birds perched amongst the Three Friends of pine, prunus and bamboo and signed by Ouyang Guang and Ouyang Xuli, the base inscribed in iron red 'Made in Jingdezhen Jiangxi in 1956', 34 cm (NOTE: This vase was presented by Zhou Enlai in December 1956 during his visit to Pakistan to Cecil Edward Gibbon, who was Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan from 12 August 1955 to 7 October 1958.) [M]

LOT 689 £80/120 (05:07PM)

A collection of Halcyon Days enamels, several in original boxes, comprising: a timepiece, beaker, pincushion and seven boxes; together with a Staffordshire Enamels box [N]

LOT 693 £40/60 (05:09PM)

Six books on Moorcroft pottery, comprising: F. Street, 'The Phoenix Years', 'Winds of Change', and 'A New Dawn'; F. Joseph, 'Collecting Moorcroft Pottery'; P. Atterbury, 'Moorcroft' and 'Moorcroft 1897-1993, New Edition' [P]

LOT 695 £80/120 (05:09PM)

Oriental items, comprising: a large Chinese famille rose porcelain circular box with cover painted with figures, 27.5 cm diameter; a famille rose vase; a blue and white jardiniere and stand; a Japanese blue and white dish; and a sheet brass figure of an Immortal [Q]

LOT 697 £40/60 (05:12PM)

A bronze of a jockey on a horse by David Cornell, signed and dated 1985 and titled 'Champion Finish', on slate base, 7.5 in high, together with an early 20th century cigarette box with applied horse-racing ivory plaque [R]

LOT 699 £80/120 (05:12PM)

A vintage bronze figure of a naked female dancer standing on a rock, indistinctly signed Lal… and with foundry mark "Cire perdu Carvillan", on brown onyx base [R]

LOT 700 £40/60 (05:14PM)

A large collection of animal models, including a German metal piggy bank, crested and other ceramic dogs and cats, alabaster pugs, Wade crab box, and others in glass, metal, etc., together with a few other figures and three dog-decorated boxes, all in two small cartons [S]