LOT 603 £40/60 (04:20PM)

A late 19th century French gilt spelter mantel clock, the enamel dial signed Hry Marc Paris, the case with Sevres-style porcelain panels and urn surmount, half-hour bell-striking movement, 40 cm high, with original gilt wood stand [A]

LOT 604 £30/40 (04:20PM)

A French brass carriage timepiece, the dial inscribed 'Examd by Mappin & Webb Ltd London', and a late 19th century American 'Lohengrin' mantel clock in stone-effect painted pine case, by Jerome & Co of Newhaven, CT [A]

LOT 610 £100/150 (04:24PM)

Three interesting short sword blades in three different shapes, each apparently of heavily folded and laminated steel giving a marbled effect, each with acid-etched and gold damascened motif, two of a crown, the other of a leafy branch, all now bright-polished, length approximately 53 cm, in modern wooden box [B]

LOT 620 £3000/5000 (04:29PM)

A fine pair of Chinese ivory table screens in stands, Qing dynasty, presumed Qianlong period, each deeply carved with delicate undercutting with a scene of sages in and by a waterside pavilion in a mountainous landscape, the reverses inscribed with verses by the Tang dynasty poet Liu Yuxi, one referring to pine trees in the garden to be viewed by the light of the moon, the other to peony in the garden to be viewed when flowering in the spring, both with seals picked out in red, each with corresponding incised assembly numerals, each panel 19 x 14 cm, 25.7 cm high including stand (PROVENANCE: Sold with the original purchase invoice from Messrs Bluett & Sons to Mr Peter Bishop, dated 10 October 1975, specifying the screens as of Ch'ien-lung period at a price of £475; and bequeathed by Mr Bishop to the vendors in 2008. NOTE: One of these screens is partially illustrated on the dust jacket of 'Collecting Oriental Antiques' by Judith Moorhouse, published by Hamlyn, 1976, where she credits Bluett & Sons Ltd for the loan of the piece for the illustration. A copy of the book is sold with this lot)

LOT 625 £100/150 (04:32PM)

A collection of eight silk squares, comprising: three by Balenciaga in original packaging, including one of extra large size; one by Pierre Cardin in original packaging; one by Valentino; one by Weill; one by Rochas; and one by YSL; together with a silk scarf by Balenciaga striped in blue and white [C]

LOT 635 £80/120 (04:39PM)

Victorian Staffordshire pottery, comprising: a fine group of the Prince and Princess of Wales standing with hats, in green and pink jackets, 14 in; an unusual group of street musicians with a barrel organ and accordion, 11 in; and a vase figure with Scotsman and dog [D]

LOT 639 £40/60 (04:41PM)

A small desk timepiece by Halcyon Days in Palais Royal style, with Tiffany & Co. New York enamel dial, together with a Dresden porcelain plate painted with pheasants, and a Hutschenreuther white porcelain figure [E]

LOT 640 £200/300 (04:41PM)

A good and extensive collection of English ceramics, late 18th-early 19th century, comprising: mainly undecorated creamware, including pierced dishes and stands, and also two baskets and a stand variously picked out in green, brown, etc.; two blue-printed plates; a blue-marbled water jug and cover; a New Stone plate; a Chelsea Derby polychrome porcelain dish; three other porcelain plates; and a Worcester teapot; together with a Continental blue and white creamware covered jug (31 pieces in all) [F, K]

LOT 641 £30/40 (04:41PM)

A book, in two folio volumes, of heliotypes by C. Jacobi, 'Raccolta di Riproduzioni: Sessanta Disegni Originali' from the Colbacchini Collection, Venice, 1877; together with a modern hanging printed with the Creation of Adam after Michelangelo, a wooden pail applied with blank cardinal's armorials, and a shield with the Lion of St Mark [G]

LOT 650 £100/120 (04:48PM)

Miscellaneous items, comprising: a masonic wooden rack of gate form, inscribed 'May the hinges of friendship never grow rusty', a Wellington cast iron door stop, two door porters, a Doulton jardiniere, three Victorian tiles, five pot lids, and three metal ornaments [L]

LOT 651 £150/200 (04:48PM)

A good late 19th century Black Forest walnut small rack carved with a bear-headed chef carrying a boar's head, flanked by two carved hooks and with a third chamois-horned hook below, 48 cm wide; together with a large Alpine cow bell painted with a waterfall [L]

LOT 654 £100/150 (04:51PM)

An interesting small wooden sculpture of a standing monk with book, probably St Dominic, perhaps South American 17th/18th century, on stepped base, in now entirely blackened painted finish, 31 cm, together with a carved polychrome putto, probably 18th century and later [M]

LOT 655 £40/60 (04:51PM)

A pair of Victorian Staffordshire pottery figures of dancers with grapes, a Little Red Riding Hood vase figure, a girl riding a goat, a porcellanous seated figure, a cottage pastille burner, and a pair of later Kent type figures of children on dogs [N]

LOT 658 £40/60 (04:53PM)

A 19th century Japanese woodblock print of an actor; three Japanese woodblock illustrated books, including one on martial arts, arms, and armour; Chinese rubbings; four Japanese carved bone sections; and a quantity of Chinese enamelled pottery miniature buildings and figures [P]

LOT 663 £50/80 (04:56PM)

A 19th century French porcelain humorous paperweight, modelled as a bisque reclining dog in 18th century costume, twirling his whiskers; a USSR porcelain figure possibly of a stoat, no. 2410; and a pair of 18th century Derby sheep, with patch marks [S]

LOT 666 £60/80 (04:58PM)

A shelf of interesting ceramics, glass and other items, including a German tankard, a Copeland moustache cup and saucer with Winchester College 'Trusty Servant' decoration, and a jug and plate similar, set of 'History of Joseph' pottery child's plates, Imperial black-printed tea ware, horn beaker, four porcelain Muses figures, jockey vesta holder, Victorian china finger plate, two Stevengraphs, etc. (44 pieces) [T]

LOT 671 £30/40 (05:00PM)

Sundry items, comprising: a holosteric barometer, no 22938; a Negretti & Zambra desktop barometer readings forecaster; a Hatton fishing reel; a 'The Holborn' medical box with various contents; and a Victorian carved wood lady's-leg pipe tamper [W]

LOT 674 £70/100 (05:03PM)

Small items, comprising: a Royal Worcester witch candle snuffer, in orange cloak, shape 2543, mark in puce for circa 1915; a Goss Stratford Toby jug; patent cast-iron walking elephant, no. 1873; McPherson tartanware sewing aid; Royal Crown Derby miniature jug and basin; Japanese ivory netsuke as a paddling figure; and an Indian sadeli ware box [W]

LOT 678 £80/100 (05:05PM)

Four multiplying fishing reels, comprising: a Penn Squidder no. 140, Garcia Mitchell 604, Taca Bon no. 140, and Pflueger Sea King no. 2188; together with a Penn Synchronised Spool, a leather game-fishing harness, and a Fjord fishing knife in plastic sheath [X]

LOT 680 £40/60 (05:05PM)

A shelf of sundry items, comprising: framed tinplate County Fire Office plaque; cast-iron lawyer head doorstop; two brass military doorstops; large glass bowl; two horns; three Indian pottery animal whistles; Spanish green jug; small painting by Chad Attie; two stick handles; and a vellum document [Y]