LOT 601 £30/40 (02:41PM)

An attractive Japanese silk female doll, elaborately costumed, holding a helmet and with a further small helmet on a stand, in glazed case [A]

LOT 604 £30/40 (02:41PM)

A French carriage timepiece, early 20th century, an associated leather travelling case, an eight-day travelling timepiece, and an alarm timepiece [A]

LOT 605 £150/200 (02:43PM)

A French Charles X neo-Gothic ormolu mantel clock, with bell-striking silk-suspension movement to the openwork case cast with tracery, on ebonised stand under glass dome, clock 31.5 cm [A]

LOT 607 £60/80 (02:43PM)

A large Matthew Norman Swiss-made carriage clock, with half-hour gong-striking, retaining original book-shaped case, together with an Acctim quartz mantel timepiece and a Smith's oak-cased mantel clock [A]

LOT 609 £60/80 (02:46PM)

An early 20th century Swiss travel timepiece, the enamel dial inscribed "1/4 Repeater", repeating on two gongs activated by a side lever, in scarlet Morocco folding case [A]

LOT 610 £30/40 (02:46PM)

Six various timekeepers, comprising a Kundo electronic mantel timepiece in glazed case, an oak-cased mantel clock, a mahogany-cased French mantel timepiece, a carriage timepiece, and two others [A]

LOT 611 £200/300 (02:46PM)

An impressive early 19th century Vienna three-train portico mantel clock, the composite enamel and ormolu dial signed "Ignatz Pompp in Wien" and with inner calendar ring, quarter-striking on two gongs, the case in ebonised wood and alabaster with metal mounts, 52 cm [A]

LOT 613 £30/40 (02:48PM)

A carton containing a collection of vintage cigars, of various origins except Cuban, from single examples to packs of six, including Royal Jamaica, La Corona, etc., mainly in original sealed packaging [B]

LOT 614 £60/80 (02:48PM)

A collection of Brazilian and Colombian vintage cigars, comprising: a sealed and wrapped box of 50 Suerdieck Pampulha; a sealed and wrapped box of 50 Suerdieck Brasil Mandarim Pai; an open Suerdieck box containing a variety of their cigars; and two wrapped and sealed boxes of 25 Gamboa Extra Finos; together with an open tin of 25 Wills Castella [B]

LOT 615 £80/120 (02:48PM)

A quantity of Cuban Havana cigars, comprising: an open vintage H. Upmann box retaining 22 Corona cigars; two Monte Cristo cigars in clear wrappers; and five aluminium tubes containing: H. Upmann Corona Major (x2), Cabanas (x2), and Romeo y Julieta No. 1 [B]

LOT 616 £100/150 (02:48PM)

Two vintage open boxes of Cuban Havana cigars, comprising a full box of 25 Hoyo de Monterrey de Jose Gener Hoyo-Coronas, and a Jose Otero box containing only two clear-wrapped Sublimes together with two card packs of three Partagas Topper cigars in clear wrappers [B]

LOT 617 £150/200 (02:51PM)

Four small unopened vintage boxes of Cuban Havana cigars, comprising: a wrapped and sealed box of 10 Alvarez Lopez La Corona Aces; a sealed box with paper sleeve of 10 Partagas Toppers in cellophane; and two sealed boxes of five Cabanas Alvas [B]

LOT 621 £60/80 (02:53PM)

An antique dha sword and three matching daggers, circa 1900, probably Burmese, all with plain hilts, the scabbards covered in sheet silver with wirework decoration, the sword with attached rope, 86 cm and approx. 22 cm long overall [B]

LOT 623 £40/60 (02:53PM)

An antique Eastern sword, possibly Burmese, the silver-mounted red-lacquered hilt with broadening kora-type blade, with flat carved red-lacquered wooden open scabbard bound in cane, 84 cm overall [B]

LOT 624 £40/60 (02:53PM)

A late 19th century French bayonet with steel scabbard, the blade indistinctly dated 1887 (?), and a Great War period German stamped steel buckle [B]

LOT 628 £30/50 (02:55PM)

Sundry items, comprising a late 19th century Sorrento ware box, rosewood tea chest, barometer, cased cutlery, and 1953 Coronation souvenirs [C]

LOT 629 £40/60 (02:58PM)

Boxes and miscellanea, including a Victorian walnut stationery box, oak cutlery box and similar tray, late Victorian carved oak casket, Mordan & Co postal scales, buttons, keys, two further boxes, etc. [C]

LOT 632 £120/140 (02:58PM)

An antique American Knights Templar sword, the blade signed D.B. Howell & Co., Masonic Temple, New-York, with steel scabbard, the latter with red enamel crosses, the blade named A. Graham Coleman [C]

LOT 634 £80/120 (03:00PM)

A heavy flintlock holster pistol, probably circa 1800, the parts with various stamped numbers and initial P, the brass butt end with steel lanyard ring, brass muzzle mount retaining steel ramrod, with added brass studding [C]

LOT 636 £30/40 (03:00PM)

A collection of six various boxes,comprising a small Georgian oak example, three writing slopes, and a small leather trunk, together with two wooden table lamps [under C]

LOT 637 £40/60 (03:03PM)

Miscellanea, comprising: a Columbia No. 100 portable gramophone in black case, an Empire Aristocrat portable typewriter, a J. Garnett Ltd sample case in red with cantilevered trays, now containing various sewing items, seven various speakers including Wharfedale Super 10/RS/DD, oak mantel clock, antique clock dial, LPs and SAS travel bag [under C]

LOT 643 £40/60 (03:05PM)

A collection of 20 Victorian and later Staffordshire pottery figures and groups, also two cottages and two small jugs, together with a pair of brass candlesticks and a dinner gong [E]

LOT 645 £60/80 (03:07PM)

Ceramics and glass, comprising a rare late 19th century French group of six black musicians, a Wedgwood Jasper cheese bell, four Bohemian blue-overlaid beakers, blue and clear flask, red carafe, Gabor printed dish, pair of Dutch ornate decanters and a Venetian liqueur glass, together with a 1987 Franklin Mint model of a 1930 Duesenberg J Derham Tourster [F]

LOT 646 £60/80 (03:07PM)

An early 19th century part tea and coffee service, probably Coalport, richly decorated with flowers in white relief and colours on a blue and gold ground, comprising: slop bowl, 11 coffee cups, 7 tea cups, and 7 saucers [F]

LOT 647 £100/150 (03:07PM)

An Aynsley bone china dinner service for eight in Empress Laurel pattern, with green and gold acid-etched borders, comprising: sauceboat on stand, soup cups with stands, plates in three sizes, milk jug and sugar with cover, tea cups with saucers, and mocha cups with saucers [G]

LOT 648 £80/120 (03:07PM)

A quantity of Aynsley bone china dinnerware in a gold and turquoise Empress Laurel pattern, comprising oval dish, 12 large plates, 7 medium plates, 11 small plates, 4 soup cups, and 5 teacups with 9 various saucers, a sauceboat stand, milk jug and sugar basin, together with a quantity of Coalport white Countryware, including salad bowl, butter dishes, cups, plates, etc. [G, L]

LOT 650 £100/150 (03:10PM)

A vibrant large Ardmore Pottery planter of bucket shape, painted with birds and flowers, ropetwist handles, the base inscribed "Made by George/Painted by Sidney/Ardmore Fabric/Design Collection/a 2012", 28 cm high [H]

LOT 651 £80/120 (03:10PM)

Two charming Ardmore Pottery leopard boxes, one cylindrical, the other square, each surmounted by a leopard, both signed and dated 2013, 16 cm and 12 cm high [J]

LOT 652 £80/120 (03:10PM)

Two exuberant Ardmore Pottery bird boxes, one of rounded form, the other cylindrical, each applied with birds, both inscribed and dated 2013, 18 cm and 13 cm high [J]

LOT 653 £80/120 (03:12PM)

A wild Ardmore Pottery bowl and vase, the former applied with leopards and flowers, the latter with two crocodiles, inscribed and dated 2013 and 2012, 17 cm diameter and 9.8 cm high respectively [J]

LOT 655 £40/60 (03:12PM)

A shelf of mainly ceramics and glassware including a Kutani tea service, large Poole bowl, Japanese white dog, two pot lids, millefiori paperweight, eggcups, Murano candle holders, etc., together with a copper pot, plated salt, broken fossil, etc. [K]

LOT 656 £40/60 (03:12PM)

A collection of Chinese enamel items, mainly painted, 18th-20th century, including small dishes, boxes and matchbox covers (25 items in all), together with a Chinese Brush Painting book [L]

LOT 657 £50/80 (03:15PM)

A good pair of 19th century French porcelain pink-ground pear-shaped vases enamelled with flowers, 32.5 cm, and a Victorian glass trumpet vase in elaborate silver-plated holder, 36 cm [M]

LOT 658 £100/150 (03:15PM)

A pair of Oriental porcelain vases decorated with hunting scenes after European originals, with gilt loose ring handles, 41 cm, and a small blue-ground teapot with cover [M]

LOT 660 £60/80 (03:15PM)

Chinese porcelain, comprising: a Kangxi period famille verte dish with compartmented decoration, 28 cm; a panel cut from a Kangxi dish enamelled with a lady in colours; a blue and red vase; a pair of Mandarin pattern vases; and two later plates enamelled with green dragons [N]

LOT 661 £30/40 (03:17PM)

A Japanese Satsuma pottery moon flask, painted with flowers, Meiji period, together with two Wedgwood reproduction Clarice Cliff sugar shakers in Blue Firs and Pink Roof Cottage patterns [P]

LOT 662 £40/60 (03:17PM)

Royal Crown Derby, comprising: an 1128 goblet and two plates, a 2451 plate, an Olde Avebury small beaker and a similar fan pin tray; together with a pair of Doulton & Slaters patent tall vases and a Foley Diamond Jubilee milk and sugar [P]

LOT 663 £40/60 (03:17PM)

A shelf of highly decorative Continental ceramics, comprising a large Dresden musical group, an Alka Kunst lace group, another group, a Capodimonte tramp figure, and seven small figures, together with a pair of Japanese blue-ground cloisonne vases [Q]

LOT 664 £200/400 (03:17PM)

A very decorative contemporary sculpture by Stephen Henderson of "Garfish feeding", in patinated wood and metal on weathered board base, the underside signed, inscribed and dated 2005 in ballpoint, 45 cm high, 88 cm wide overall [R]

LOT 665 £300/400 (03:19PM)

A contemporary bronze sculpture by Carl Payne, "Rapunzel", in green patinated and polished metal, on black fossil marble base, signed in the cast and numbered 14/20, 26.5 cm high, 36 cm long [R]

LOT 666 £40/60 (03:19PM)

A Foley Intarsio pottery jarlet decorated with a procession of geese, pattern no. 3234, 3.5 in high, a Bretby oxblood bowl, and an Aldermaston pottery biscuit barrel with cover [S]

LOT 667 £50/80 (03:19PM)

An 18th century Meissen cream pot painted with flowers on an osier ground, on three feet, an 18th century drawn trumpet wine glass on multi-spiral air-twist stem, a late German porcelain square bottle, a Le Tallec gilt covered box, a miniature loving cup, and two Georgian silhouettes in papier-mache frames [S]

LOT 669 £40/60 (03:22PM)

"Urania's Mirror, or a View of the Heavens", engraved by Sidney Hall, published by Samuel Leigh, 18 Strand, London, being a George III period set of 32 decorative celestial maps contained in a green card box with printed cover and sides [T]

LOT 670 £40/60 (03:22PM)

An Arts and Crafts copper and enamel casket, with remains of silver plating, the lid inset with an enamelled panel of leafy tendrils bearing red berries, 8 in long [T]

LOT 672 £40/60 (03:22PM)

A shelf of 15 ceramic and glass items, including a Bohemian blue glass vase, blue glass rolling pin, bubbled doorstop, Coronation loving cup, two Gouda vases, etc., together with several glass negatives depicting 'Kenilworth Reapers', etc. [T]

LOT 673 £20/30 (03:24PM)

Eight commemorative bone china items, comprising: Spode 200th Derby; Crown Staffordshire 1977 Jubilee tankard; two Coalport Bristol 600 mugs; and four Coalport royal commemorative blue and gold vases [U]

LOT 675 £60/80 (03:24PM)

An impressive Murano green glass basin richly gilt and enamelled with flowers, 38 cm, a harlequin set of 6 coloured overlay hock glasses, and a large green overlay vase [U]

LOT 677 £60/80 (03:27PM)

A Chinese grey crackleware censer of guan type on three feet, 19.5 cm diameter, and a flambe square vase with trigrams and mask handles, 27 cm, both Republic period [V]

LOT 681 £40/60 (03:29PM)

A Chinese white biscuit porcelain brush washer, probably late Qing period, of bun form decorated in relief with a dragon among cloud, 7 cm across (Provenance: Said to be from the Wikramaratna Collection) [W]

LOT 682 £150/200 (03:29PM)

Oriental items, comprising: a set of eight Chinese Republic period carved figures of the Immortals, approx. 11 cm, on two fabric-covered stands; a black lacquer box, and two smaller boxes, late Qing or Republic period, decorated in applied hardstones; a small bronze brush washer with standing boy; and an enamel box with mark of Qianlong; together with a Japanese bronze figure, two Meiji period netsuke of seated men, and a wooden netsuke [W]

LOT 683 £60/80 (03:29PM)

A shelf of selected items, comprising 13 various drinking glasses, circa 1770 to circa 1900, three fans including a Chinese pierced brise example, a basket of handmade lace, Nymphenburg saucer, Soviet Russian figure of an embroiderer, antique Ottoman bronze covered dish, Japanese pewter canister, Indian bronze figure, cranberry milk and sugar, birch cigar case, and painted box and clay pipe [X]

LOT 686 £150/200 (03:31PM)

A Derby Crown Porcelain Company and Royal Crown Derby dessert service decorated in Imari style with flowers and foliage, pattern 1660, comprising: 6 dishes and 26 plates [Y]