LOT 701 £60/80 (04:50PM)

Four cartons of books on art and antiques including Royal Doulton, 18th century European Porcelain, History of Old Sheffield Plate, various books on marks, The Dictionary of English Furniture in two volumes, etc. [under silver plate shelves]

LOT 786 £25/35 (04:57PM)

A large quantity of china and glass ware including wine glasses, fruit bowls, ornaments, souvenir spoons, Royal Doulton character jug Robin Hood COPR 1946, further figurines, decorative jugs, a Sylvac poodle, animal ornaments, treen shoe, Wade figures, etc. [G40]

LOT 787 £25/35 (04:57PM)

A quantity of glassware including Loetz style perfume bottles, Garcia perfume bottles, boxed paperweights, tea glasses in silver-plated holders, Tulipano Garcia candle holders new in box, glass candlesticks, etc. [G39]

LOT 792 £40/60 (04:59PM)

A large quantity of modern DVDs including Pulp Fiction, Cold Feet Complete Collection, Life in the Undergrowth David Attenborough, and a small quantity of CDs. [G36]

LOT 793 £40/60 (05:02PM)

A Bose music system, two Pioneer DVD players DV444, a Panasonic NV-FJ630 Hifi Nicam DVD player, a Tanita Segmental Body Composition Monitor in box, two Grundig Sky Digiboxes and four Bang & Olufsen remote controls. [G35]

LOT 796 £30/50 (05:02PM)

A quantity of collectable shaving mugs, many by Wade, often depicting railways, aeroplanes and boats, a model figurine of a train the 3440 City of Truro, and a quantity of collectors' plates including those by Davenport for Bradex 'The Southern Belle' again depicting trains. [G32]

LOT 797 £40/60 (05:04PM)

A quantity of electrical equipment including a Onkyo stereo cassette tape deck, a Yamaha amplifier DSP/A592, a JBL speaker, a Teac speaker, portable radios, a JBL DVD player plus further speakers. [under G31]

LOT 798 £25/35 (05:04PM)

A quantity of mixed items including a child’s tea set boxed, white glazed part tea and dinner service, a quantity of brassware including jugs, dishes and ornaments, two carnival glass blackberry dishes, a mantel clock, plaster bust of a man, three cameras, a blue Whitefriars style vase, wooden boxes, silver-plated goblet. [G34, G31]

LOT 799 £30/50 (05:04PM)

A black faux leather Oxford case with miscellaneous photographic items including macro lens, assorted lens caps and filters, vintage Sony microphone, two vintage mercury thermometers, two-peg flat rostrum, a book on specialized photography and two slide holders, plus a Bolex Paillard camera in case. [G28]

LOT 800 £30/40 (05:04PM)

Two shelves of mixed items mainly comprising glass and metalware including large brass plate, jugs, ashtrays and ornaments, a metal Spong mincer, blue glass dressing table set, amber glass dish, green glass posy holder, further vases, cups and ornaments, two Art Deco clown candle holders, a set of three flying ducks, etc. [G27, G30]