LOT 701 £40/50 (05:31PM)

A rail of vintage clothing including a lady's ivory silk wedding dresses, sequinned evening dresses, separates, faux fur jackets, also gents' jackets and suits including dress suits, along with ladies' and gents' accessories including shoes, handbags, hats, ties, scarves, etc. [hall rail and boxes around]

LOT 702 £25/35 (05:31PM)

A rail of vintage ladies' clothing including a Liberty skirt and Liberty prints, a Frank Usher dress, other print dresses, separates, coats etc. and a box of assorted accessories [upstairs rail by door and box below]

LOT 703 £60/80 (05:31PM)

Four British army uniforms including a mess suit , also two pairs of shoes, two pairs of boots – one with spurs, a cap, shirts, etc. [rail top of stairs]

LOT 704 £40/60 (05:31PM)

An early Murray Arbeid corset dress in blue with pleated and ruffled tiers, with full petticoat, and letter of authenticity (in office), and another 1950s strapless dress in black with gold decoration [rail top of stairs]

LOT 706 £50/70 (05:33PM)

A lady's blonde dyed mink fur short jacket of marbled effect with half belt, mink collar and Lucite buttons, also a blonde mink hat [rail top of stairs]

LOT 709 £30/50 (05:36PM)

A large sea grass basket containing a brown sheepskin throw with woollen blanket backing, a large oval green velvet fringed table cloth and a padded circular tablecloth with ruffles [upstairs end shelves]

LOT 722 £60/80 (05:43PM)

Three shelves of good gents' shoes and boots, mostly around sizes 10 and 11, including Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Fendi, and Dior [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 723 £30/40 (05:43PM)

A collection of good gents' accessories including a gents' Italian leather shoulder bag, a leather wash bag, fabric samples, etc. [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 730 £20/30 (05:48PM)

A box of assorted ties including silk, a small box of handbags including leather and assorted blouses including silk [upstairs wooden shelves and hanging]

LOT 732 £30/50 (05:50PM)

A Philip Treacy black feather fascinator, in original box, a silk scarf, a baseball mitt, cushions, assorted black nylon bags, etc. [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 733 £40/60 (05:50PM)

Two Trussardi gents' overcoats, a W&H Giddens black overcoat and a David Meyer puffa jacket, also a small collection of gents' clothing including Fred Perry shirts, a jumper, etc. [upstairs rail by silver shelves and floor below]

LOT 734 £40/60 (05:50PM)

Eight pairs of men's trousers and jeans including Christian Dior, Helmut Lang, Chanel black velvet, Masaki Matsushima, etc. [upstairs by silver shelves]

LOT 737 £60/80 (05:52PM)

A black faux suede gent's military style coat by Christian Dior with zip front and applied ribbon decoration [upstairs rail by silver shelves]

LOT 746 £30/40 (05:57PM)

Boxed racing game sets including Scalextric, Sports Set 31, Grand Prix and Monaco, also Tomy Jaguar Challenge and Polistil Millennium Bike [upstairs shelves]

LOT 747 £30/50 (05:57PM)

Five vintage Gollies including a large girl Golly, also a small collection of vintage children's books including Enid Blyton's Golly book, Billy Bunter, Tanglewood Tales by Hawthorne illustrated by Edmund Dulac, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 748 £80/120 (06:00PM)

Andy Warhol's Interview box set in 7 volumes, original wheeled trolley box, marked 'Edition 7' on case, also the Warhol Catalogue Raisonne Volume 01 and other Warhol books [upstairs shelves]

LOT 750 £30/40 (06:00PM)

Six boxes of assorted books including history, art and travel, including Albertus Seba 'Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 752 £60/80 (06:02PM)

A large collection of model trains and accessories, mainly 00 gauge, including Hornby Dublo, Tri-ang, engines, rolling stock, power units, track and accessories [upstairs shelves]

LOT 754 £60/80 (06:02PM)

A good collection of vintage children's books, mainly 1950s and some first editions, including Enid Blyton's Famous Five, Secret Seven, Adventure, Clicky and Brer Rabbit stories, Tales at Bedtime, Chimney Corner Stories, The Magic Faraway Tree, The Boy Next door, The Aventures of Pip and of Binky and Flip, and others, also Richmal Crompton's William stories, Laura Lee Hope's Bobbsey Twins stories, Biggles, Jennings, Billy Bunter and others [upstairs floor top of stairs]

LOT 755 £30/40 (06:02PM)

A collection of mainly 12 in records, mainly rock, pop and easy listening 1960s to 1980s, a few 7 in singles and a small number of older 10 in records [upstairs shelves]

LOT 759 £30/40 (06:04PM)

Four boxes of 12 in records including classical, opera, choral, etc., also five box sets of The Living Shakespeare Programme [upstairs floor opposite shelves]

LOT 761 £150/250 (06:07PM)

Five issues of Visionaire magazine, issues 18: Fashion Special Louis Vuitton, 21: The Diamond Issue, 23: The Emperor’s New Clothes Karl Lagerfeld, 37: Vreeland Memos, and 44: Toys, all in original packaging [shelves top of stairs]

LOT 763 £50/80 (06:07PM)

(Noise) 3 by Attik Design, edited by James Sommerville and Simon Needham , as new, in its original tin cover, and a small collection of fashion/design issues including Egoiste [shelves top of stairs]

LOT 763B £30/40 (06:09PM)

Two boxes of records, one of 12 in mainly LPs from the 1950s and 60s, including Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren, Ray Conniff, musicals, easy listening, etc., also a small collection of 78 rpm records. [under silver plate shelves]

LOT 765 £20/30 (06:09PM)

A quantity of books including 17 volumes The Works of Charles Dickens – Household edition by Chapman & Hall, London, green sleeved edition, music books, classical cd's and records [garage]

LOT 766 £30/40 (06:12PM)

A large quantity of books in pine bookshelves including travel, art, Vogue magazines from the early 2000's, architecture and interiors, poetry and a small quantity of DVDs [garage]

LOT 767 £30/50 (06:12PM)

A large quantity of books in two book cases including art, fashion, reference books and others of a similar nature in French and German [room]

LOT 768 £30/40 (06:12PM)

A large quantity of books including travel, reference books and biographies in French and English, art and antiques on Tiara's and Tiffany to name but a few! [room]

LOT 771 £30/40 (06:14PM)

Eight boxes of assorted books, mainly art, design and photography, including Bauhaus, Damien Hirst, David Hockney, etc., also magazines [tables by shelves]

LOT 772 £15/25 (06:14PM)

Six boxes of assorted books, mainly fiction and biographies, including Duncan Grant by Frances Spalding, Model by Michael Gross, Dangerous Muse The Life of Lady Caroline Blackwood by Nancy Schoenberger, etc. [table by door]

LOT 775 £30/40 (06:16PM)

A table of assorted books, mainly on art, design and art history including Richard Prince Paintings and Photographs, La Peinture de Pompeii, Breguet, etc., in three boxes and loose [table by door]

LOT 776 £30/50 (06:16PM)

A table of fashion, fashion photography and fashion design books, subjects including Helmut Newton, men's fashion, Schiaparelli, Pucci, Balenciaga, shoes, jewellery, etc. [table by doors]

LOT 776A £100/200 (06:16PM)

A collection of Karl Lagerfeld books, including Waterdance, Bodywave, Off the Record, Villa Jako – A German House, Tadao Ando – Vitra House, also inscribed copies of Off The Record, The House in the Trees, Karl Lagerfeld L’Achilleion, Karl Lagerfeld Photographer, Karl Lagerfeld A Fashion Journal by Anna Piaggi, and other books relating to his career.

LOT 777 £800/1200 (06:19PM)

Karl Lagerfeld. An archive of studio and personal papers, including a large quantity of original designs, some with signatures, and facsimile designs, studio photographs, furniture designs, folders of various Fendi fashion shows, folders of Chanel fashion shows, including personal arrangement details for hotels and the like, Villa Jako sketch and note pads, one detailing arrangements for the Karl Lagerfeld Scholarship 1997, etc.; also unused drawing pads, a small selection of colour/material swatches, a framed 1920s embroidered picture of an 18th century lady and gentleman signed RK, a framed Egon Schiele print, etc.

LOT 778 £300/500 (06:19PM)

Karl Lagerfeld. A framed fashion cartoon in colour and felt tip pen, signed ‘love Karl’, inscribed: ‘If they think they will be taller than I am – they will see!’ (300 x 210 mm); together with a print of a rose overdrawn in magenta pen with a lady in profile and titled by hand ‘Coco Chanel Suite’, and signed, presumed by Karl Lagerfeld and dated 86 (245 x 190 mm), framed and glazed; and a black and white studio photograph of posing models, mounted on an oval painted wood frame and inscribed ‘C’etait la “Fete du Travail”/love/Karl’ (240 x 180 mm) (3)

LOT 779 £500/800 (06:19PM)

Karl Lagerfeld. A personal sketch book of Karl Lagerfeld comprising perforated sheets within hard red covers applied with personal Karl Lagerfeld and monogrammed label, the first 17 pages with coloured sketches of operatic characters in costume of the early 18th century, the first sheet signed KL, nine pages with handwritten comments in French, circa 1992 (each page 300 x 210 mm), the flyleaf inscribed by Lagerfeld in ballpoint pen with personal dedication and dated nov. 92