LOT 701 £30/50 (05:57PM)

A rail of assorted mainly ladies vintage clothing, 1950s to 1980s, including a sheared mink coat, a camel-coloured Ally Cappelino coat, a Jaeger jacket, cocktail dresses, etc. and a man's dress shirt.

LOT 703 £30/50 (05:59PM)

Three military uniforms including the Royal Marines and a Queen's Own Hussars dress uniform and a Yeoman's cloak, along with a ladies coney fur coat, with two caps [upstairs rail by door and below]

LOT 704 £70/100 (05:59PM)

A dark brown mink fur ladies long coat with swing back and three covered buttons, a dark brown mink fur cropped ladies shrug jacket and a brown musquash fur short jacket [upstairs rail by door]

LOT 705 £30/40 (05:59PM)

A selection of ladies vintage clothing, mostly Eastern including Chinese embroidered robe, kimonos, a fur jerkin and three fun fur coats, also a box of accessories including crocodile and alligator skin bags, hats, etc. [upstairs rail by door and box below]

LOT 706 £30/40 (05:59PM)

A gents ochre twill rain coat with Scotch House label and a three-quarter length lightweight rain coat with Brook Taverner label [upstairs rail by silver shelves]

LOT 707 £60/80 (06:01PM)

Gents clothing including a Ralph Lauren Polo double-breasted blazer, a tweed suit with Huntsman Savile Row label, and six other jackets, mostly tweed, including a cashmere Chester Barrie for Burberry's [upstairs rail by silver shelves]

LOT 742 £40/60 (06:23PM)

Two pairs of men's long riding boots, one pair in brown leather by Schneider and one pair black leather, both with wooden trees and with a cloth carry bag and boot hooks [upstairs end metal shelves]

LOT 745 £30/40 (06:25PM)

Assorted bags including an Alfa Romeo leather holdall, a pony skin and suede bag, a tweed shoulder bag, a black leather holdall and a box of assorted bags and pouches including a 'Camelbak' water carrier [upstairs end metal shelves]

LOT 749 £25/35 (06:28PM)

A box of fur accessories including a blonde mink hat, a blonde mink collar, a silver fox fur stole, a squirrel fur cape and a fun fur collar [upstairs end metal shelves]

LOT 753 £30/50 (06:30PM)

A box of assorted Edwardian and later child's night dresses and christening gowns, in silk and cotton and lace-trimmed, also crochet and knitted baby clothes and blankets [upstairs end metal shelves]

LOT 764 £30/50 (06:35PM)

A fabric-covered box containing assorted vintage ladies scarves and shawls, including silk, handkerchiefs, lace collars and trim, an alligator purse and three decorative fabric purses [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 765 £50/70 (06:37PM)

A box of ladies belts including Moschino, Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada, and two small cartons od decorative fabric ladies bags [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 767 £50/80 (06:37PM)

Eight pairs of ladies designer high-heeled shoes including Jimmy Choo, Prada, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Dior and Agent Provocateur [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 768 £30/40 (06:37PM)

Two pairs of ladies high-heeled knee-high boots, a Jimmy Choo pair in punched green suede and a Givenchy pair in brown suede with stack heels and buckles [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 769 £20/30 (06:40PM)

A dark brown mink fur jacket liner with zip-on sleeves, a ladies Pierre Cardin skirt suit and a small basket containing caps and a belt [upstairs end of wooden shelves]

LOT 770 £60/80 (06:40PM)

A Mulberry tan leather 'Congo' ladies handbag and a Mulberry pale pink leather small shoulder bag with dark brown leather strap [upstairs top of silver shelves]

LOT 775 £50/80 (06:42PM)

A Simon & Halbig bisque head doll marked 117 with closing glass eyes, eyelashes and open mouth with teeth, jointed wooden limbs, a composition baby doll with glass eyes, a celluloid baby doll and three further baby dolls in pieces [upstairs shelves]

LOT 776 £80/100 (06:42PM)

A Carl Harmus bisque head doll with glass eyes, lashes and open mouth with teeth, composition jointed body, approximately 22 in, an Armand Marseille baby doll marked 351/8K with glass eyes and two bottom teeth, also a Victorian christening gown and a picture of the original wearer [upstairs shelves]

LOT 779 £30/40 (06:45PM)

Vintage games and toys including Scalextric, Subbuteo, Monopoly, Magic Robot, A BMW model RC car, an electronic keyboard and a small number of model soldiers [upstairs shelves]

LOT 780 £80/120 (06:45PM)

Model trains in 7 cartons and loose including locomotives, rolling stock, track, accessories, books, die cast model cars, etc. [upstairs on one and a half shelves by books]

LOT 781A £20/30 (06:47PM)

A vintage celluloid black baby doll, with glass closing eyes, open mouth and teeth, 16 in approximately, another celluloid baby doll 15 in approximately, two smaller similar, one black and a small Telitoy doll [upstairs shelves]

LOT 783 £15/20 (06:47PM)

A Mickey's Dixieland Band telephone, a Pelham ventriloquist's rod puppet, a vintage doll, jigsaw puzzles, a 'Crocodile Thrills' film reel and a framed Winnie the Pooh illustration [upstairs shelves]

LOT 788 £40/60 (06:52PM)

A very large collection of records, the entire collection of a music lover, in 18 boxes, all carefully noted and catalogued in a folder, including Alma Cogan, Nat King Cole, Deanna Durbin, Eddie Fisher, Frankie Laine, Ruby Murray, Dickie Valentine, Connie Francis, Doris Day, Wanda Jackson, Julie London, Elvis Presley and many others [upstairs bottom shelves]

LOT 789 £20/30 (06:52PM)

A small collection of N gauge model train rolling stock, carriages, locomotives and accessories including makers Peco, Graham Farish, Grafar Ltd and Trix [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 791 £15/25 (06:52PM)

A small Armand Marseille baby doll, 10 in approximately, with closing eyes and cloth body, some clothing, and a small collection of smaller dolls including costume dolls [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 792 £15/25 (06:54PM)

A small collection of mainly early 20th century books including three leather-bound books of music, Haydn's Creation, Handel's Messiah and Handel's Israel in Egypt, also Mrs Beeton's Everyday Cookery and Housekeeping Book, Tell-me-why Stories about Animals by CH Claudy, 1915, etc. [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 793 £80/100 (06:54PM)

A Kammer & Reinhardt character baby doll, marked K&R 100/50, with painted eyes, with composition body jointed at the hips and shoulders, beautifully dressed in a contemporary lace-trimmed cotton dress and petticoat and with a silk trimmed and embroidered cape and said by the vendor to have been dressed for, and won, a 'best-dressed doll' prize.

LOT 794 £15/25 (06:54PM)

A small collection of LP records including The Beatles Rubber Soul, The Shadows, Engelbert Humperdinck, etc. and 78rpm 10 in records including Frankie Laine, Frankie Vaughan, The Keynotes, etc. [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 795 £30/40 (06:54PM)

Books: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Centenary Edition, illustrated by Gwynedd M Hudson, published by Hodder & Stoughton, The Children's Friend Annual for 1918, and a small number of souvenir papers including the London Illustrated News Coronation of King Edward VII [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 795A £20/30 (06:57PM)

A box of mainly 12 in LP records, including some rock and pop from the 1960s and 70s, and a small number of 78 rpm records including rock'n'roll and skiffle [under silver shelves upstairs]

LOT 795B £30/50 (06:57PM)

Four boxes of books including modern signed copies, a collection of Just William books and other children's books, a box of railway books, etc. [under silver shelves]