LOT 728 £30/40 (07:04PM)

Two cricket bats, comprising : a vintage example by Sykes Ltd, stamped 'Don Bradman' and 'World's Record' below two crowns, with 'Warning' paper label; and a modern example with ballpoint signatures overall [C]

LOT 732 £60/80 (07:06PM)

An elaborate jewellery case in coloured leathers, another in green, five leather jewellery rolls including one in blue by Asprey, a modern marquetry box with musical movement, a tiered jewellery box, a small Eastern box, and a roll of lining paper in box [C]

LOT 733 £40/60 (07:09PM)

Three old Japanese unframed woodblock prints, comprising: one of a standing geisha, another of a geisha seated in a gazebo, the third of a landscape with watermill [C]

LOT 737 £30/50 (07:11PM)

Guy Degrenne stainless steel, comprising: a quantity of cutlery in a scroll pattern, salmon dish, pair of sauceboats, oval dish, and two two-handled trays [under C]

LOT 738 £40/60 (07:11PM)

A vintage Burmese string puppet in elaborate sequinned clothing with ikat trimming, with two separate heads with moveable mouths and an assortment of limbs and feet [under C]

LOT 741 £30/40 (07:13PM)

A late Victorian magic lantern, the brass-mounted lens stamped 'Patented B.I.T. Jany. 5. 1897', together with a 19th century wooden travelling writing box [under C]

LOT 743 £40/60 (07:13PM)

A late 19th century Russian icon of the Adoration of the Magi, on panel, 38 x 31 cm, and a modern Metropolitan Museum of Art reproduction of a medieval silvered and gilt cross, 29 cm [wall by office]

LOT 744 £400/600 (07:16PM)

A pair of large 19th century Chinese famille rose 'wu shuang pu' vases, decorated with portraits of Chinese heroes after the original illustrated book by Jin Guliang published in 1694, 61.5 cm [D]

LOT 749 £40/60 (07:18PM)

An interesting collection of bygones, including: an Art Deco crocodile handbag; a Victorian crested silver-mounted horn beaker and other horn beakers of varying size; a fan; evening gloves; bronzed silhouette portrait of a man, perhaps by John Field; shoe buckles; antique ivory cotton winder; hand mirror; 19th century pocket book with ivory slip; etc. [E]

LOT 750 £80/120 (07:18PM)

A group of tribal and other items, comprising: two antique probably African ivory crescent-shaped ornaments, finely weathered and patinated, perhaps bangles; a carved wood headrest; a bone combined fork and spoon; a scrimshawed tooth; a probably Inuit small stone carving; a fragment of mammoth tooth; and two antique Japanese netsuke of Fukurokuju [E]

LOT 751 £120/180 (07:18PM)

A collection of 20 Spanish porcelain figures, comprising: eight by Lladro, including a 1978 Sport-Billy Productions golfer and a 1978 Daisa Japanese girl with parasol; eight by Nao; three by Casades; and one by KPM [F]

LOT 752 £80/120 (07:21PM)

A collection of Oriental and other items, comprising: a green crackleware lamp; three Japanese Imari items; Chinese bronze smoothing iron with Japanese figural handle; five English glass walking canes; Victorian green glass tazza and carafe with stand; Flight Barr & Barr Worcester blue and white saucer; African wooden head; pewter flask; and six other pieces [G]

LOT 753 £40/60 (07:21PM)

A Mappin & Webb cased set of six mocha cups and saucers, with silver holders, the porcelain by Shelley in plain claret with gilt rims, the silver Birmingham 1922 [G]

LOT 757 £100/150 (07:23PM)

A good Victorian Doulton stoneware tyg decorated by Hannah Barlow with three wild ponies in moorland, incised monogram and no. 720, impressed marks, 5.8 in [J]

LOT 758 £150/250 (07:23PM)

An attractive Martin Brothers stoneware slender bottle vase, decorated with blossom and flying insects on a mottled brown ground, incised signature and date 'R W Martin & Bro London & Southall 6-1887', 7.6 in [J]

LOT 761 £60/80 (07:25PM)

An attractive pair of French porcelain vases, one painted with a youthful hunter, the other with a similar angler, on richly gilt bases, together with three Rye Pottery 'Canterbury Tales' figures [Knight, Summoner, and Miller], and a Wedgwood jasper jug and covered box [J]

LOT 762 £40/60 (07:25PM)

A shelf of antique ceramics and glass, mainly British, including: lustre jugs, delft plate, cups and saucers, unusual transfer-printed pot-pourri covered bowl, possibly New Hall, glass lampshades and bowls, a pair of cut-glass jugs and decanter, set of eight green glasses, two hand jewel holders, etc., (36 pieces) [K]

LOT 763 £30/40 (07:25PM)

Two shelves of miscellaneous ceramics and other items, including Victorian copper lusterware, possibly Scottish blue and white water jug, tea wares, jelly moulds, several reproduction Art Deco figures, etc. [L, Q]

LOT 764 £200/300 (07:28PM)

A fine 19th century Bohemian footed bowl, in cranberry with white overlay, unusually painted with panels of flower fairies and with flowers on a richly gilt ground, 21 cm high [M]

LOT 767 £300/400 (07:28PM)

A good 19th century Meissen porcelain centrepiece with associated stand, the flower-encrusted basket supported by two putti on a rock base, the stand on flower-encrusted scroll feet, the centrepiece with incised model no. A49, the stand M141, 45.5 cm high overall [M]

LOT 768 £60/80 (07:30PM)

A collection of six small Staffordshire pottery seated dogs, comprising a Victorian greyhound on blue base, another with dead hare, a pair of Kent-type greyhounds, and a pair of Dalmatians on blue bases, 8 in and smaller [N]

LOT 770 £30/40 (07:30PM)

A Victorian Staffordshire flatback figure of a seated lion with a lamb, 7 in, a figure of a girl, a set of three Continental porcelain Toby condiments, and a blue Sadler pottery motor car teapot [N]

LOT 771 £80/120 (07:30PM)

A pair of modern Saint Louis glass square candlesticks, with original boxes; a pair of Baccarat glass vases of serrated tapering form, 20 cm; a Baccarat anchor paperweight; and a pair of Baccarat stars [N]

LOT 772 £100/150 (07:33PM)

A modern Meissen porcelain coffee service painted with floral sprigs and brightly gilt, comprising: coffee pot and sugar bowl with covers, one extra cover, milk jug, 12 cups and 13 saucers [P]

LOT 773 £50/80 (07:33PM)

A pair of Chamberlain Worcester large blue-ground bottle vases; a Continental porcelain ewer, circa 1800, perhaps Paris; and a Crown Staffordshire covered vase with powder blue ground painted by R. Haigue [P]

LOT 774 £30/40 (07:33PM)

Five Victorian Staffordshire pottery flatbacks, comprising: a vase group with lion and prey, Daniel seated between two lions, girl with goat, vase with hens and worm, and Spurgeon [P]

LOT 780 £30/40 (07:37PM)

Small ceramic ornaments, comprising: a Beswick Siamese cat, no. 1887, seven various putti, a pair of Napoleonic generals, Wedgwood tobacco jar with civic coats of arms, pair of Wedgwood black basalt 1972 silver wedding plaques, and a similar Duke of Windsor plaque [S]

LOT 782 £40/60 (07:37PM)

Four early Victorian Staffordshire porcelain small figures, comprising: a seated pointer on blue base, standing couple with green umbrella, girl with sheep, and youth with ram [S]

LOT 784 £30/40 (07:40PM)

13 Staffordshire pottery small figures of animals, Victorian and later, comprising: seven seated cats, three seated dogs, a recumbent goat, and a pair of recumbent greyhounds [S]

LOT 785 £100/150 (07:40PM)

A set of 18 modern Minton porcelain dinner plates, for T. Goode & Co. Ltd, each superbly decorated with a floral border in flat and raised gold on a blue ground between acid-etched gilt borders, impressed date codes for circa 1960, 10.7 in [T]

LOT 786 £80/120 (07:40PM)

10 items of mainly Continental glass, 18th/early 19th century, comprising: two large cylindrical covered jars; a pair of large beakers naively engraved with flowers; and six case bottles, variously cut and engraved, including one inscribed 'Brandy' and two with screw-tops [T]

LOT 787 £100/150 (07:40PM)

Chinese porcelain, comprising: a Kangxi period blue and white baluster vase with cover, from the Vung Tau cargo, 19.5 cm; an early 18th century famille verte soup plate decorated with ducks among lotus; and a 19th century Canton famille rose saucerdish painted with figures at a table [T]

LOT 788 £60/80 (07:42PM)

A modern Saint Louis glass shallow bowl, delicately fluted, 30cm, in original box; a Tiffany & Co glass bowl, 24.5 cm; a set of 11 Baccarat kidney-shaped salad dishes; and a Vista Alegre porcelain yellow-ground cache-pot [U]

LOT 789 £30/40 (07:42PM)

Three Victorian brown glass flagons with various closures, a pair of Staffordshire pottery figures reclining on sofas, a newsboy figure titled '6 PM', a figure with sheep, a pair of silver lustre goblets, and a similar coffee pot [U]

LOT 793 £200/400 (07:45PM)

An Etruscan black pottery bucchero kantharos, circa 660-550 BC, with loop handles and cog-wheel edging, 32 cm high, 37.5 cm across handles (Provenance: From the collection of Mr and Mrs Tasiemka, North London, collected during the 1960; with restoration and conservation invoice relating to this piece from G Garbe of Charlotte Street London, dated 20th January 1977 ) [V]

LOT 794 £400/600 (07:45PM)

A good group of six antiquities comprising: an ancient Egyptian bronze standing figure of the cat goddess Bastet, the wood base with label inscribed 'Madame Bubastis …', 8 cm overall; a probably Etruscan bronze votive figure of a striding man, on wood base, 9.5 cm overall; a bronze figure of a goat-like animal, with wood base; a probably Etruscan terracotta votive figure of a seated lady, 10.5 cm; an Etruscan bucchero 'kyathos' mug, in excavated condition, 13 cm; and an Apulian 'skyphos' cup painted with female heads, in frgamentary condition. (Provenance: from the collection of Mr & Mrs Tasiemka, North London, collected during the 1960s) [W]

LOT 795 £40/60 (07:45PM)

A Victorian Staffordshire flatback pottery figure of a dappled black and white horse, 5 in; and three early 19th century pottery figures: of a gun dog by a tree, a ram with lamb by a tree, and a ram with large horns [W]

LOT 798 £40/60 (07:47PM)

Eight interesting small items, comprising: a Meissen Academic period blue and white covered bowl; creamware egg drainer; pair of yellow-printed child's saucers; pottery child's mug; dump paperweight; Mdina paperweight; and turquoise glass small bowl [W]

LOT 799 £30/50 (07:47PM)

Seven Victorian Staffordshire pottery flatbacks, comprising: a pair of seated spaniels, numbered 4; a bird with nest; watch stand; Wesley; rider taking a fence; and boy twins, each with a lamb; together with a pair of Kent-type children each riding a dog; (9 items) [X]