LOT 701 £30/40 (05:14PM)

A set of six WMF silver-plated Secession vase-holders, model no. 152, an RAC car badge, a hunting horn by Swayne & Adeney, a spirit level by J. Rabone & Sons, and a set of antique bits in a brass tube [S]

LOT 702 £30/50 (05:14PM)

Two Japanese pottery figures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, a Wade cold enamelled figure of Lupino Lane, a Beswick seated ape, model 397, and a silver-plated bird eggcup with cover [S]

LOT 705 £40/60 (05:17PM)

A collection of shells and other marine specimens, together with a pair of late Victorian shell-bordered photograph frames, a ship diorama, and an oil painting of the sea by Philippa Sparey [T]

LOT 707 £20/30 (05:17PM)

An early 19th century blue-printed Willow Pattern meat dish, probably Staffordshire, 19.4 in, two small blue-printed punch bowls, and a lavender-ground porcelain jug [U]

LOT 709 £120/180 (05:19PM)

A rare John Rogers Parian group 'Wounded Scout, a Friend in the Swamp', of an escaped black slave helping a wounded Union soldier, 18.5 in, and a Parian figure of a seated pensive boy; together with three books on the Wild West, including Dodge and Blackmore, 'The Hunting Grounds of the Great West', London 1878, 2nd edition [V]

LOT 710 £80/120 (05:19PM)

A George III wine glass with facet-cut stem, the bowl delicately gilt with fruiting vine, a pair of wine glasses of similar type decorated with flowers, and a Victorian Union case moulded with birds at a fountain [W]

LOT 711 £30/40 (05:19PM)

An 18th century Vienna porcelain coffee pot with cover, decorated with romantic mottoes and motifs, together with two small Satsuma bowls and a Spode covered pot pourri [W]

LOT 712 £20/30 (05:21PM)

A Clarice Cliff Bizarre 'Crocus' pattern honeypot with cover, a modern figure of Clarice Cliff by Manor Limited Editions, and a Carlton Ware 'Rouge Royale' dish [W]

LOT 713 £80/120 (05:21PM)

A Royal Worcester cabinet teacup with saucer well painted with apples and blackberries by Stinton and Price, solid gilt exterior, marks in puce for 1930 and 1931, and a Mintons small blue-ground vase [W]

LOT 715 £400/500 (05:21PM)

A Chinese late Ming blue and white porcelain bowl painted with four panels of figures on a ground of Shou characters, the interior with a seated deity on a flying crane, six-character mark, 21.5 cm diameter, and a 19th century crackleware bowl decorated in blue [X]

LOT 716 £40/60 (05:24PM)

A Chinese Yixing melon-shaped teapot with cover, probably 19th century, a later Yixing teapot with cover, of brown colour, with inscriptions and impressed mark, and a cast bronze finial as a bird-headed serpent [X]

LOT 717 £70/100 (05:24PM)

Decorative items, comprising: a 19th century French inlaid yew wood glove box, a circular wall-hanging office calendar, lead figure of a seated lion, a Florentine ornate carved mirror frame, lacquered mirror frame, French copper small saucepan, wooden pine cone finial, and two brass and iron ladles [X]

LOT 718 £80/100 (05:24PM)

A shelf of miscellaneous items, Victorian and later, including a Staffordshire Wesley clock group, Tortoise and Hare soup plate, Japanese bronze censer and white metal picture frame, silver-plated candlesticks and other items, yacht musical box, mirror, brass marine key rings, etc. [Y]

LOT 719 £200/300 (05:24PM)

A highly decorative Chinese mirror on stand, probably early 20th century, in carved wood with profuse mother-of-pearl inlay of figures, birds, animals and flowers, on lion feet, 76 cm high [on 911]

LOT 740 £80/120 (05:41PM)

Four good pairs of interlined curtain and pelmets in a light blue cherub decorated cotton material by Nina Campbell one pair 39" W x 107"D, another 39" W x 115"D and a third pair 64" W x 115 " D

LOT 741A £40/60 (05:41PM)

Six Lladro figurines of children with animals, eight pieces of Wedgwood jasperware including vases and trinket boxes and covers, a Coalport trinket box and cover etc. and a travelling case

LOT 762 £30/40 (05:48PM)

A rail of gent's clothing, mainly suits and jackets including tweed, Prince of Wales check, etc. and a box of mainly baseball caps [upstairs rail by door and box below]

LOT 763 £40/60 (05:48PM)

A silver mink fur short cape, a blonde mink fur cape with long front, a brown squirrel fur cape and a 1960s ivory grosgrain wedding dress with applied decoration and matching shoes [rail top of stairs and below]

LOT 764 £30/50 (05:50PM)

Gent's evening wear including a dinner suit, white tuxedo, jackets, trousers, waistcoat, and assorted gent's accessories including handkerchiefs, bow ties, etc. [rail top of stairs and box below]

LOT 765 £40/60 (05:50PM)

A collection of mainly Eastern style clothing including beaded coats, kaftans, a kimono, a shearling coat, coats, jackets, a 1960s umbrella, etc. [rail top of stairs]

LOT 766 £50/70 (05:50PM)

A pastel mink fur lady's coat with button front and hook fastening, a brownish black sheared mink lady's jacket and a blonde musquash wrap [rail top of stairs]

LOT 770 £25/40 (05:53PM)

A designer style suitcase with combination lock, a black leather and leopard print lady's handbag, other bags and wallets, etc. [upstairs end shelves]

LOT 771 £50/80 (05:53PM)

Four crates of assorted fabric pieces and haberdashery including two large sequinned and embroidered silks and a mesh panel decorated in gold thread [upstairs end shelves]

LOT 772 £300/400 (05:55PM)

A tan leather fitted luggage set made by Schedoni for the Ferrari 456GT comprising two suitcases and a vanity case, also the Burago model car and a black leather laptop bag [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 773 £30/40 (05:55PM)

A felt Scout Master's hat marked 'The Scout Shop Imperial Headquarters' with leather band and 'be prepared' badge, a black bowler hat, and two hat brushes [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 775 £30/50 (05:55PM)

A black top hat marked College Hatters Collins & Sons Winchester with leather hat box and an old suitcase containing scarves, embroidered caps, shawls, Edwardian lace-trimmed cotton nightdress and petticoat, two Union Jack flags and a military cap marked Kangol 1944 [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 780 £40/60 (06:00PM)

Soft toys including a vintage mohair lion with movable legs, a Chad Valley Humpty Dumpty, a vintage sailor boy doll, Steiff puppy 'Bazi' and hedgehog, a Teletubby Lala and a boxed wooden block game [upstairs shelves]

LOT 781 £20/30 (06:00PM)

Books including Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Bloomsbury UK first editions, Collins Complete Chronicles of Narnia, fairy tales, bound Punch editions 1923, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 782 £20/30 (06:00PM)

A wooden child's sledge marked 'Playmaker', a table tennis game, a Barbie case with a Sindy doll etc., a wooden train set, Rubik's and other puzzles and small animal figures including Wade [upstairs shelves]

LOT 783 £30/40 (06:00PM)

Assorted vintage games including Subbuteo Football Express, Wembley, Escalado, Tony Jacklin Ace Handicap Golf, Totopoly, Mouse Trap, Rebound, Buccaneer, Cluedo and a Lego set [upstairs shelves]

LOT 788 £20/30 (06:05PM)

Three small boxes of books including music, art and travel, Folio Society Lorna Doone and A History of England, Macaulay's History of England in four volumes by Heron books, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 790 £30/40 (06:05PM)

Folio Society books including Grimm's, Hans Andersen and Perrault fairy tales, The Arabian Nights, The Fables of Aesop, Jane Austen's letters, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 793 £20/30 (06:07PM)

A collection of old loose model vehicles, trains and tanks, including die-cast, in three boxes, also wrestling action figures, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 796 £40/70 (06:09PM)

Four boxes of assorted 12 in records, mainly rock and pop and entertainment from the 1970s, and a box of 7 in singles from the 70s and 80s [upstairs shelves]

LOT 798 £40/60 (06:09PM)

Mainly vintage Britains models including farm animals and buildings, model trees, a Floral Garden pond, walls and fences, a Britains model Bamfords hay baler 9563, a Britains model milk float 9503, also other knights, cowboys and indians, boxed Ancients Siege Machines, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 799 £50/70 (06:09PM)

Airfix H0-00 scale including Coastal Defence, Pontoon Bridge, Gun Emplacement, Landing Craft, Tank Transporter, various trucks and tanks, nine boxes of various troops and a Guards Band, also a Britains 4.7" Naval Gun [upstairs shelves]

LOT 800 £70/90 (06:12PM)

Vintage and more recent Corgi die-cast model vehicles including Land-Rover with Ferrari Racing Car on Trailer No. 17, Ecurie Ecosse Racing Car Transporter 1126, Working Conveyor on Forward Control Jeep F.C.150 64, Ford 5000 Super Major Tractor 67, Ford Consul Cortina Super Estate Car 440, Wheel Controlled Tandem Disc Harrow 71, Farm Tipper Trailer 62, also four others, also Dinky Toys Pathe News Camera Car 281 and Field Artillery Tractor 688, all in original boxes [wooden shelves top of stairs]