LOT 801 £30/50 (07:01PM)

An extensive brown Denby tea and dinner service including tureens, bowls, teapot etc. plus a continental black glazed china part tea and dinner service, two large stoneware jugs etc. [G39 & G40]

LOT 804 £30/40 (07:04PM)

A quantity of 19th Century and later blue and white meat plates, a 19th Century gaudy pattern teapot on stand, various other 19th Century plates, a small collection of motto ware, a Doulton hunting ware cruet set and matching pot and lid, five pots and covers including Woods Arecanut and cherry toothpaste [G40 & G37]

LOT 805 £25/35 (07:04PM)

A boxed Singer knitting machine, a quantity of G8MM Photographic Camera magazines, a cased Samsung video camera, a Brownie A4 camera, camera film and other accessories, a Wolf Safety Master drill and a pair of speakers [under G37]

LOT 806 £30/40 (07:04PM)

A shelf of animal figurines including a set of three graduated Poole pottery dolphins, a Sylvac figure of a Siamese cat and another of a white Persian cat, two Staffordshire fire side dogs, a Melba ware Spaniel, a Beswick black and white cow and a brown similar, pigs, fish etc., a pair of Homepride Fred salt and peppers, six bells decorated with butterflies, a pair of flying kingfishers, teddy bear ornaments etc. [G33]

LOT 807 £25/35 (07:04PM)

A quantity of glass and metal wares including drinking glasses, bowls, lemonade glasses, sherry etc. a quantity of silver plate including three candlesticks, a coffee pot, flatware, a Heatmaster teapot, a pair of vintage shoe stretchers, trays etc. [G34 & G31]

LOT 813 £25/35 (07:09PM)

A mixed lot including metal wares such a pair of brass candlesticks, a spirit kettle on stand, ornaments, cow bells, wooden tribal mask, two books, electrical wares, two cameras, decorative Oriental style wall plates, a large art glass vase and another, an electric calendar/clock modelled as a plane, a brown Samsonite suitcase, a figurine of children and others of Buddha [G28]

LOT 814 £40/60 (07:09PM)

A portable Commando 505 television, a Thamescan portable eight track digital pocket studio, a Bush radio, a soda stream, other electrical items such as a Universal bridge, an Ohms meter, an Ekco transistor radio, a Goodmans radio etc. [under G31 & G28]

LOT 841 £30/50 (07:25PM)

A MFC 7840W wireless fax/copier/printer, an electric insect killer, Creative speakers, a box of electrical equipment including Apple mouse and two hide desk tidies plus another [on 883]

LOT 848 £40/60 (07:30PM)

Over two shelves of mainly wooden wares including bowls, dishes, letter racks, ornament, wall shelves etc. plus decorative tins, ceramics, bowls, vases, a pewter tankard, lacquer plates etc. [G2,G5 & G8]

LOT 851 £30/50 (07:33PM)

A shelf of mixed items including a set of four classical prints in circular frames, a pair of black acorn frames with busts of composers, a Doultons Improved Stoneware hot water bottle, a pair of dog nutcrackers, a Royal Doulton Under Greenwood Tree jug, cased safety razors, collectors plates, a chintz teapot, gaudy pattern jug, pretty desk inkstand and a David Winter Brookside Hamlet model cottage, playing cards etc. [G4]

LOT 853 £30/50 (07:33PM)

Three shelves of metalware including brass plates, ornaments, bookend, jugs etc. a quantity of silver plate including a candelabra, entree dishes, sugar bowls and a tall blue glass vase, figurine of a lady etc. [G6, G9, G12]

LOT 857 £25/40 (07:35PM)

A selection of part tea services including Norwegian, Royal Worcester Woodland pattern and Adderley, a Crown Devon crudite dish and other dinner and tea wares [G11 & G8]

LOT 858 £30/40 (07:35PM)

A Royal Doulton Lynx pattern D5204 art deco part dinner service including tureens and meat plate, a wash bowl and matching po, a German part tea service decorated with flowers, a Denby Greenwheat part tea service, cabinet plates etc., a Webb glass paperweight [G10]

LOT 864 £30/50 (07:40PM)

A shelf of china and glassware including two Royal Doulton figurines Julia HN2705 and Daydreams HN1731 six boxed Barrats dinner plates and a matching tea service, a glass and brass oil lamp, a cased fruit service, a Nao figurine of a girl with a puppy, Victorian opaline glass vase, a Mintons Haddon Hall vase and bird ornaments, plus wine glass etc. [G16]

LOT 866 £25/35 (07:40PM)

A quantity of framed pictures, an ebony cased manicure set, decorative wooden boxes and a musical cigarette case, dressing table set on tray, collectable tins and a small collection of Wade whimsies [G17]

LOT 867 £40/50 (07:42PM)

Three shelves of china including collectors plates, a Carltonware plate, a stein with pewter lid, Angry Birds mug, a set of Japanese mugs with bear handles, a honey pot, cottageware teapot, vases, mugs etc. [G18, G21 & G24]

LOT 868 £25/40 (07:42PM)

A wooden dressing table mirror, a Italian cat ornament, a matching jardiniere and a vase, a silver plated bar set, a Victoria china part tea service, blue and white willow pattern teapot on stand and matching jug, decorative vases, figurines etc. [G20]

LOT 871 £40/60 (07:45PM)

A quantity of part tea and dinner services including Bavarian white and gold patterned, a Southern bone china service, a Carltonware black and white floral decorated tea service plus another in Imari colours and a set of vintage enamel pans [G22, G25 ]

LOT 874 £30/50 (07:49PM)

A selection of vintage items including an old Welten Laufer case, a Hitachi STD150 record and tape deck with speakers, a Chinon slide projector, a pair of Gemini binoculars, three leather cased collapsible cups, a tripod, golf clubs, Kodak 8 movie camera etc. [on lot 906]

LOT 882 £40/70 (08:02PM)

A pair of contemporary two drawer bedside cabinets each covered in stitched grey leather and a small hardwood slat-topped table with aluminium legs both unused.