LOT 812 £30/50 (07:06PM)

A good collection of glass ware including an Art Deco green glass figural centrepiece, boxed glasses including those with gilt rims, a pink glass butter dish plus further coloured glass such as fruit bowls and vases, a dressing table set on tray, condiment sets, a pressed glass commemorative dish etc. plus a Royal Albert Old Country Roses dish and further decorative cabinet plates [in lot 855]

Lot 814B £25-35

A Victorian childs metamorphic high chair painted white, a pair of small mirrors, a 19th century pierced brass fender and plates and a tureen by F Morley & Co

LOT 815 £40/60 (07:08PM)

Four shelves of mixed items including easy listening records, a soda syphon, a decorative picture of hot air balloons, china ornaments, fridge magnets, umbrellas, decorative cushions and a standard lamp [G1]

LOT 817 £30/40 (07:10PM)

Part tea services including Royal Albert Brigadoon, New Town plus others and various other dinner wares such as bowls, plates etc. and decorative vases plus a Royal Doulton etched glass vase and two glass and silver plate dishes [G3]

LOT 820 £25/35 (07:10PM)

A shelf of glass ware including a set of four Christmas wine glasses, commemorative glasses, a pair of Bohemia red vases and matching ashtray, a set of six red luminarc wine glasses, six Babycham glasses and further wine glasses, tumblers etc. [G6 & G9]

LOT 822 £30/40 (07:13PM)

A 1930's ceiling light with pink glass shades and a collection of Bakelite including a white boxed hairdryer, a salad spinner, canisters, jugs and a boxed Milesmann teapot [G10]

LOT 824 £40/60 (07:13PM)

Three good shelves of china comprising mainly tea and dinner ware including a turn of the century Imari tea service, Rosenthal plates, Minerteich Bavarian Meissen floral decorated plates, meat plates, further part tea services, trios and cabinet cups and saucers, and a Crown Devon style cheese dish on stand [G5, G8 & G11]

LOT 825 £60/90 (07:15PM)

A shelf full of projectors including Norris, Holbeck, Eumig, Imperial, Paterson, Kodak Instamatic P55L plus further Paterson Contact printer, an Opta-View hand viewer, Speed Lite projector and many more [G10 & G13]

LOT 826 £30/50 (07:15PM)

A shelf of decorative wares including a large Oriental vase decorated with Geishas, a white figural planter, a Badger figurine, candle holder under glass dome, polar bear figure, glass ware including Royal Brierly bells, vases, jugs etc. [G12 & G11]

LOT 829 £50/70 (07:18PM)

Three shelves of china wares including part tea services, decorative planters by Aynsley and others, a pair of twin handled vases decorated with birds, a Doulton planter with wavy rim, a Poole pottery vase plus further vases, cabinet plates, ornaments, trays etc. [G15, G18 & G21]

LOT 830 £30/40 (07:18PM)

Two shelves of general items including stoneware bottles, a Boots slide projector, champagne buckets, cabinet plates, mantle clock, figurines, vintage top hat, old maps, hors d'oeuvres dishes etc. [G16 & G19]

LOT 831 £40/60 (07:18PM)

Three shelves of glass ware including six decanters and stoppers, four perfume bottles and stoppers, suites of cut glass wine glasses, sherry glasses, tumblers, hors d'oevres dishes, sugar shakers etc. [G17, G20 & G23]

LOT 834 £20/30 (07:20PM)

A shelf of mainly 19th century china and glass including a pair of Parian figurines of a lady and gent, two handled vases, glass ware, black and white transfer printed po plus another and a small quantity of records and magazines[G22 & G25]

LOT 870 £180/250 (07:27PM)

A stylish 1960s cross-banded teak dining table of oval form extending with two leaves raised on circular tapering legs, possibly Danish, along with a sideboard with sliding doors above four drawers and six chairs.

LOT 891 £25/35 (07:39PM)

A pair of 19th century rosewood dining chairs with shaped backs, a nursing chair with button upholstery and a single Victorian salon chair on cabriole legs.

LOT 892 £30/50 (07:41PM)

A set of six Victorian dining chairs with pierced acanthus carved backs and reeded frames on turned legs and two footstools each painted in Shabby Chic cream.