LOT 804 £30/50 (05:09PM)

A Eumig Mark 605D projector, a Bush VHF 81 vintage radio, a Chinon VCR, a Derens turntable radio and a Akai 1710L reel-to-reel recorder, a copper and brass log basket with handle, a quantity of flatware plus a Moses basket and lamp. [on lot 895]

LOT 807 £30/40 (05:09PM)

Three Shelley Trios pattern 8524, a 19th century Indian Tree pattern meat plate, a Spode Italian blue and white dish and a large oriental green dish decorated with a dragon. [in lot 891]

LOT 809 £30/50 (05:11PM)

An Alfred Meakin part dinner service, three large glass ceiling lights, a Sirram picnic basket, a Vega portable television and a cased Olivetti Lettera 35 portable typewriter. [on lot 889]

LOT 810 £30/50 (05:11PM)

A large quantity of chinaware including three blue and white meat plates, a pair of blue and white Wedgewood tureens and covers, a quantity of dishes decorated with flowers with pierced side decorations and two similar bowls decorated with romantic couples, a large blue and white stein with pewter lid, a blue and white washbowl, a set of Franklin Mint miniature vases "The Treasures of the Imperial Dynasties", a quantity of thimbles on stand, two onyx boxes plus two onyx table lighters, a pair of brass jugs and other decorative chinaware, a cricket bat and golf club [on lot 885]

LOT 811 £20/30 (05:11PM)

A Denby sage coloured part tea service and a Poole Springtime pattern part tea and dinner service including flan dishes and teapot. [in lot 886]

LOT 816 £20/30 (05:16PM)

A Prism Leisure boxed DVD Player, a Cannon XL video recorder, a Knight & Gibbons mahogany mantel clock, modern telephone, lacquer dish, a small tripod, ceramic ashtray, glass paperweight, etc. [on lot 875]

LOT 825 £30/40 (05:21PM)

A large quantity of glassware dating from the 19th century onwards including daisy patterned etched tumblers, wine glasses, fern-engraved tumblers, hock glasses, part lemonade set, two blue and white Willow pattern dishes and a floral decorated po. [in lot 863]

LOT 828 £30/40 (05:23PM)

A 19th century Aynsley part tea service with gilt and floral decoration, a Bondware Fine China gold decorated part tea service with decoration of romantic couples, a Royal Doulton glass photo frame, a set of six Beswick ice-cream dishes, three further glass dishes, Whitefriars candle shade in box, a set of swirl pattern wine glasses, tumblers, etc., glass bell and a Whitefriars style vase. [on lot 855]

LOT 831 £25/35 (05:23PM)

A collection of 12 Franklin Mint bells all different flowers, a boxed forget-me-not glass bell Enchanted Flowers collection plus another unboxed, and a set of 12 All Creatures Great and Small limited edition plates by Peter Barrett. [G21]

LOT 832 £30/40 (05:26PM)

Two shelves of mixed items including two 19th century pot lids, a carved coconut monkey money box, decorative vases and jugs, Bakelite hot water jug and cover, a pewter salt and pepper pot, horn-carved birds, blue and white soup bowls, a wall hanging, Dorma sheets and an inlaid tray, decorative boxes, a stone barometer, carved wooden figures, etc. [G19, G22]

LOT 833 £30/50 (05:26PM)

A shelf of mainly chinaware including Ainsley Cottage Garden jug, matching vases, decorative wall plates, farthings, plus decorative trinket boxes, onyx cigarette boxes, a lady's black velvet handbag, table fan, glass and silver plated carafe, brass ornaments, perfume bottles, wine glasses, etc.; a real mixed lot. [G18]

LOT 834 £20/30 (05:26PM)

Two shelves of modern kitchenware, including an Eva Solo bread bin, a Kenwood smoothie maker, cookie jars, a juicer, a coffee grinder, etc. [G17, G20]

LOT 838 £20/30 (05:28PM)

A shelf of mixed items including a brass figurine of a Hindu deity, decorative vases, carved African figurine, a boxed Portmeirion Holly & Ivy comport, decorative plates, duck ornaments, etc. [G14]

LOT 839 £20/30 (05:28PM)

A quantity of cameras and electrical equipment including an Olympus Superzoom 120TC, a Minolta 5000 Maxxum, a Braun hair-dryer, Sony disc players, etc. [G13]

LOT 841 £25/35 (05:31PM)

Two shelves of chinaware including a Poole black lustre vase, a large red vase, stoneware flour and biscuit containers, leaf dish tureens, ginger jar, mugs, etc. [G8, G11]

LOT 845 £30/40 (05:33PM)

Three shelves of general household wares including mugs, placemats, kitchen equipment such as scales, coffee mug, graters and a Magimix Le Duo, ice trays, white serving dishes, baking trays, etc. [G4, G7, G10]

LOT 846 £25/35 (05:33PM)

Two shelves of china including Christmas themed plates and mugs, seven glass Christmas tea light holders, Spode Christmas table mats, a quantity of mugs mainly Royal commemorative and a quantity of decorative plates. [G3, G6]

LOT 867 £60/100 (05:49PM)

A modern settee based on the Regency style with moulded frame upholstered in embroidered floral crewel work and two cushion rolls upholstered in a star-covered fabric.

LOT 870 £40/60 (05:52PM)

A stylish 1960s teak dining room suite comprising a long sideboard with sliding doors flanking four drawers on tapering supports and a circular extending dining table and four chairs.

LOT 872 £20/30 (05:52PM)

A mid-20th century oak bureau above a shelf and cupboard, a nest of three tables with leather tops, a tripod wine table, a demi-lune small hall table, a Victorian dining chair, a smart umbrella, three walking canes and a small box of tools including paint brushes and chisels.

LOT 882 £80/150 (05:59PM)

A Regency rosewood library table the centre section with original claret red leather adjusting on an easel support above a frieze drawer flanked by a demi-lune compartment raised on pierced columns and joined by an upholstered stretcher.

LOT 889 £40/70 (06:04PM)

An Arts and Crafts sideboard the mirrored super-structure flanking a small cupboard above two drawers and cupboards with stylish copper fitments.

LOT 891 £30/50 (06:04PM)

A collection of modern units in white and black incorporating floor units, wall units, tables on chromed supports and shelf units, also a modern small pine rectangular table, possibly Italian.