LOT 175 £15/25 (12:44PM)

The Times newspaper for Monday September 4th 1939 "Royal Edition" "Britain at War", a copy of The Guernsey Evening Press December 9 1941 "Britain declares war on Finland, Hungary and Roumania" and for Friday June 20th 1941 and October 2 1941, and four reprints of The Daily Telegraph for July 21st 1969 "Americans First on the Moon", August 14 1961 "East Germans seal Berlin border", January 25 1965 "Sir Winston Churchill dead", November 23rd 1963 "President Kennedy is Assassinated" and "The Great War " magazine parts 186, 241, 243, 1918/1919, and a copy of The Dandy magazine, two collection of Esso Football Club badges, 1970 World Cup coin collection, etc.