LOT 132E £60/100 (12:21PM)

A 19th century portrait miniature in a cut brass decorated frame, another is of a lady after Cosway, two 19th century silhouettes with bronze highlights and three classical prints

LOT 351 £40/60 (01:15PM)

Four shelves of mixed items including a Tiffany style ceiling light plus another, photo frames including silver-plated, a Victorian silk table screen, framed pictures, a chess set, a four-drawer jewellery box, a cased set of Apostle tea spoons, wicker baskets, a brass clock in the shape of an over-sized pocket watch, vintage advertising tins, display cases, a Cardiff City shield, Chinese scrolls, replica swords, work boots, a Thomas the Tank Engine toy etc. – a large lot [G38, G35, G32, G29 & G 26]

LOT 357 £30/40 (01:17PM)

Two and a half shelves of mixed china and glass ware including bowls, steins with pewter lids, pewter tankards, animal figurines including a Royal Doulton white horse, a cocker spaniel, wooden carved elephants and giraffes, a brass oil lamp and shade, two orange carnival glass vases and two similar dishes, commemorative mugs, planters, framed collectors plates, a small quantity of silver plate including sugar tongs, shaving mugs, vases, teapots etc. [G28, G31 & g34]

LOT 364 £30/40 (01:22PM)

A vintage lot including a Gemini portable keyboard, a Phillips cased Bakelite radio, a set of wood and brass postal scales, a cased Singer sewing machine, an Explar FC9 fan controller, a Selmar battery charger, a Joint Master mark II sawing jig, a camping stove, an Akai AC power adapter etc. [table 2nd aisle]

LOT 375 £20/30 (01:29PM)

A shelf of mainly silver plate including dishes, a pair of squat candlesticks plus others, a box and lid, a basket, a pewter stein, a pretty pink Art Deco ceiling light, a brass crumb scoop etc. [G5]

LOT 376 £30/40 (01:29PM)

A quantity of dinner ware mainly comprising plates and bowls, a small quantity of glass ware, copper containers and lids, a pair of wood and brass bellows, wooden fruit bowls and dishes, a ruby glass jug and vase, two silver plated bowls, a carved wood black forest bear signed Wrigley, a figurine of a Geisha on stand etc. [G4, G7 & G10]

LOT 452 £30/50 (01:41PM)

A boxed Harrods decanter and stopper, a green glass vase, a brass box with key decorated with cherubs containing some costume jewellery stamped KJL, a four branch silver plated candelabra, a brass pen tray, a Hohner Chromonika II, a German Great War iron mortar inscribed Durch Krieg Zum Seig 1914-1917 and a vintage metal and glass hip flask [s2]

LOT 470 £25/40 (01:51PM)

Four shelves of vintage items including advertising tins, a flour dispenser, dressing table items, brass dishes, ashtrays and ornaments, a carnival glass bowl, glass apple, lighters including Ronson, a desk calendar, a wooden cigarette box. A velvet bed throw etc. [pine shelves next to s17]

LOT 471 £30/40 (01:53PM)

Four wooden boxes including jewellery and inlaid, a nativity scene, glass ware including decanters and stoppers, vases, perfume bottles and stoppers, a brass microscope, carved wooden African figurines, a decorative egg box, a small quantity of china including plates etc. [pine shelf next to s21]

LOT 489 £40/60 (02:03PM)

A shelf of metal wares including a pricket candlestick, a set of six Art Nouveau door handles, brass frames, brass dishes, a commemorative tin, a hip flask, lighters including Whitehall, a white metal belt, a silver plated bowl and toast rack, weight, a box of batteries, a wooden framed barometer, a circular framed Oriental plaque, a Staffordshire figurine, a glass dome, a brass desk inkstand etc. [s47]

LOT 490 £25/35 (02:03PM)

A mixed lot including a wooden chess board and pieces, a cased set of artists paints, a boxed game Jeu de Jacquet, a model car, a stoneware lighthouse ornament, jewellery and trinket boxes, souvenir spoons, a brass desk inkstand, a signed Gilbert rugby ball, a Sony Cybershot camera etc. [s44]

LOT 499 £20/30 (02:10PM)

Two sets of LCC brass postal scales, Commemorative wares including Coronation 1937 glasses, a Coronation 1953 silk scarf, mugs, tin, compacts comprising Stratton and musical, a miniature watercolour portrait of a girl, a silver thimble, Wedgwood commemorative plates, dressing table mirrors and brushes, a brass box, a decorative tray and a brass and glass oil lamp[s57]

LOT 518 £25/35 (02:19PM)

A set of vintage W&T Avery grocers scales and weights, two brass plaques decorated with roosters, a brass trivet, a brass figure of an eagle on wooden stand, two brass shoe ornaments, a bronze bust of a lady, an unframed tapestry and a shoe horn [next to s. w9 on floor]

LOT 534 £25/35 (02:29PM)

A mixed lot of mainly metal wares including two sets of scales, a partial clock face and movement, door furniture, a silver plated cruet set on stand, a pair of flying goggles, metal cash boxes, a Lucas nova fog lamp, a camping kettle, a brass telescope, a microscope, a VW sign, a pair of wood and metal candlestick etc. [under s82]

LOT 539 £30/40 (02:34PM)

A mixed lot comprising two Walkmans, three African carved wooden heads, a silver-plated trophy cup, two 19th century stands, brass fireside implements, a wooden folding rule and a sliding rule, a Cosina CT1 camera, a Vivitar lens, a folding pen knife, USA army knife, fork and spoon and a Royal Doulton plate celebrating Prince Williams engagement [s83]

LOT 542 £30/40 (02:34PM)

An Aynsley Wild Tudor part tea and dinner service, a brass lantern, an Annie Rowe matching squirrel biscuit barrel and teapot, two Aynsley Variete bowls, a small amount of coins and paper money, a Ronson lighter, cap badges, mini scales etc. [s86]

LOT 543 £30/50 (02:36PM)

Vintage metal wares including two metal trunks, a brass log box, a set of Pollard, Horsey grocers scales and weights, a cast iron fire surround, a set of Salter scales, a copper warming pan on turned wood handle, two stained glass windows, a coal hod and two iron table ends [under s86 & s89]

LOT 547 £25/35 (02:39PM)

Eight Davenport Hero of the Skies collectors mugs, four Banbury Mint RAF framed collectors plates, further collectors plates, a cased set of cutlery, a cased Ricoh auto zoom video camera, a box Brownie, a brass carriage clock etc. [sz]

LOT 634 £80/120 (03:00PM)

A heavy flintlock holster pistol, probably circa 1800, the parts with various stamped numbers and initial P, the brass butt end with steel lanyard ring, brass muzzle mount retaining steel ramrod, with added brass studding [C]

LOT 643 £40/60 (03:05PM)

A collection of 20 Victorian and later Staffordshire pottery figures and groups, also two cottages and two small jugs, together with a pair of brass candlesticks and a dinner gong [E]

LOT 724 £40/60 (03:46PM)

A pair of L Petit Paris WW1 binoculars in leather case inscribed W Stuart 1917, further cased binoculars and opera glasses, tripod stands, a leather and brass three drawer telescope and a boxed Guinness snooker cue.

LOT 730 £50/80 (03:51PM)

Eight shelves of mixed vintage items including five enamel storage jars, a wooden framed barometer, silver plate, travelling clocks, photo frames, brass ware, tins, drinking glasses, stereoscopic viewers, a Staffordshire greyhound etc.