LOT 472 £30/40 (01:53PM)

Two shelves of glass ware comprising a silver-plated three bottle tantalus, a claret jug with silver-plated lid, a bell, ruby glass brandy balloons and two matching wine glasses, three ships in bottles, further brandy balloons, wine glasses, champagne saucers etc. [s21]

LOT 487 £30/50 (02:03PM)

Two shelves of glass ware comprising a large cut glass vase with three flower ornaments, glass jugs, three decanters and stoppers, bowls, ornaments, a matching suite of glasses including brandy balloons, hock glasses, champagne saucers and whisky tumblers [s41 & s45]

LOT 514 £25/35 (02:17PM)

Two shelves of glassware including a pair of boxed Edinburgh crystal brandy balloons, a boxed Webb decanter and stopper, a further decanter and stopper, vases, fruit bowls, etched champagne flutes, champagne saucers, beer glasses, sherry glasses etc. [s69 & s72]