LOT 136 £60/90 (12:25PM)

A fruit box full of costume jewellery, old writing implements including Sheaffer pens, Oriental metal boxes, two Victorian autograph albums, a well-carved cameo of a lady and goat, three model metal liners, an old Queen Mary Christmas presentation tin 1914, a small quantity of stamps, a piano musical box, old postcards including a set of Raphael Tuck Kings of England, a shopping basket of pipe boxes and a jewel box, etc.

LOT 162 £60/90 (12:41PM)

A spectacular private photograph album, circa 1925 and expertly taken, of a family and their lifestyle in the Punjab, including cricket, polo, picnicking, walking, horse riding, swimming, sailing, and along with an interesting photograph of a bi-plane over the Khyber Pass, street scenes, a camel caravan, ‘picnics at Simla’ and then returning to England to Fowey in 1927, including a small quantity of military photographs, and a book on landscape painting in oils by AE Grace, and three early 20th century photographs two of the King’s Own Regiment winning Rugby Team for 1920 and 1921 and another of a football team of the same period.

LOT 168 £30/50 (12:44PM)

A small collection of Wembley football programmes mid -20th century including a London v Frankfurt 1955, GB v Bulgaria 1956, England v Brazil 1956, England v Wales 1956, England v Ireland 1957, England v France 1957, England v USSR 1958, England v Ireland 1959, etc. a collection of theatre programmes.