LOT 144 £30/50 (12:24PM)

A Chinese famille rose white glass snuff bottle, finely enamelled in Palace style with panels of birds on branches, three-character mark in blue, with stopper; and an interior-painted glass snuff bottle with stopper

LOT 209 £20/30 (01:34PM)

A small carton containing an antique silver-plated coffee biggin on stand, a small coffee pot, and oddments of cutlery, together with a good brass ceiling light with glass acorn shade

LOT 212 £30/40 (01:34PM)

Silver-plated items, comprising a centrepiece by J.H. Potter of Sheffield, a Silea water jug, three baskets, four sauceboats, and a grape scissors, together with a silver-handled magnifying glass

LOT 235 £60/80 (01:49PM)

Small English silver, comprising: a double-ended blue glass scent bottle, Birmingham 1901, a trinket box, three condiments, five silver and glass items, a lid, three other pieces, and a probably Continental pepperette, 6.8 ozt weighable

LOT 277 £30/50 (02:00PM)

A shelf of china comprising a Hadleigh part tea service, Hornsea Fauna ware jugs and planters with applied deer, a glass clown and fish bottle, two pairs of decorative china shoes, a quantity of cottage ware including a teapot, a 1950's Wade dish, end of glass vases and fish ornaments, a musical novelty decanter 'The Last Shot', a Nao figurine of a clown and a quantity of Disney comics [s39 & s40]

LOT 283 £40/60 (02:02PM)

A quantity of part tea and dinner services including Royal Albert Old Country Roses, Royal Albert Lady Hamilton, Paragon Tree of Kashmir, The Royal Collection plus a Royal Doulton figurine Summer Breeze HN4716 and another figurine, a Wedgwood jasperware pot and cover and a matching small planter, a stoneware stein, a glass paperweight, three ruby glass vases and a similar glass bull, a vintage stamping machine, a mantel clock etc. [G30, G27]

LOT 284 £25/35 (02:04PM)

Two shelves of glass ware comprising an Edwardian etched glass decanter plus further decanters, a pair of Victorian ruby red etched glasses, further wine glasses, bowls, vases, containers, condiment sets etc. [G29 & G26]

LOT 291 £20/30 (02:09PM)

A small Bush flat screen television on clear glass television stand, a Sony DVD player RDR 2X3, a folding stool, a blue tool box and contents, a copper coal scuttle and a slicing machine [third aisle]

LOT 309 £20/30 (02:19PM)

Three shelves of china including part tea services, a pair of glass candlesticks, a silvered bird ornament, decorative pots and covers, a Masons clock case, Master craft figurines of animals, an end of day glass fish ornament, a cased set of knots etc. [G18, G21, G24]

LOT 335 £30/40 (02:38PM)

A mixed lot including cameras such as Pentax ME Super, lenses, a carved wooden African bust, wooden salad servers, a pair of wooden duck ornaments, a pottery tagine, a pair of green glazed pottery fo dogs, three, modern copper jelly moulds, three copper pans, a steamer, a pair of glass vases, a wooden jewellery box with brass mounts, two cushions etc. [s32 & s28]

LOT 337 £20/30 (02:38PM)

A shelf of glass ware including three decanters and stoppers, etched glasses, five fruit bowls, two brandy balloons, whisky tumblers, champagne glasses, trays etc. [s30]

LOT 343 £25/35 (02:43PM)

A quantity of glass ware including a 19th century decanter and stopper, a dimple glass decanter and stopper with matching glasses, a pair of blue glass dishes, two artisan glasses in red and blue, a bell, a claret jug with silver plated lid, two pewter steins and a large silver plated four branch candelabra [s37]

LOT 345 £30/40 (02:43PM)

A collection of Royal Albert Old Country Roses ornaments including shoes, swan planters, vases and bells, a set of seven glass sundae dishes, four pottery goblets, a large glass jug etc. [s39]

LOT 362 £30/40 (02:55PM)

Three Goebel Hummel figurines of children, a Handgemalt figurine of a lady, owl figurines including Beswick and other bird figurines, four glass paperweights, an Aynsley flower ornament, two applied flower plaques, a part tea service decorated with romantic scenes, a Wedgwood jasperware candlestick etc. [s54 & s58]

LOT 364 £30/40 (02:55PM)

A shelf of metal and wood wares including a brass oil lamp with glass shade, two brass kettles, a brass and copper jug, brass bells, a pair of snake candlesticks, a set of three brass flying birds, brass frying pans, a miniature brass hod, a vintage hand mincer, two brass plates, a wooden striking mantel clock [s60]

LOT 365 £40/60 (02:55PM)

A shelf of mainly coloured glass including cranberry glass vases, a set of six harlequin wine glasses, green glass wine glasses, a large glass vase, a purple fruit bowl, a green glass vase etc. [s61]

LOT 603 £60/80 (04:57PM)

Small decorative items, comprising: a pair of Victorian Minton two-handled jars, set of four early 19th century Mason's dessert plates, pair of small Dresden chamber candlesticks, nine other ceramic pieces by Royal Crown Derby, Herend, and others, four glass paperweights, a silver tea strainer, and a Chinese cloisonne vase [S]

LOT 605 £40/60 (05:00PM)

Sundry decorative items, comprising: a Samson figure of a shepherdess playing the castanets, 16 various Derby and other plates, a covered jar and box, two Toby jugs, a glass bowl, pewter teapot and two measures, and three small framed pictures [T]