LOT 381 £25/35 (01:31PM)

A mixed lot of mainly new and boxed items including a Nightlux Brezer sight, a 25.75 x90 zoom lens, a Search Guard Power Spotlight, a pair of Brazer 10×50 binoculars, a pair of Auriol zoom binoculars 10.30×60, a two in one magnifier, a round bulkhead light, a red metal cash box, a LED spotlight, a quantity of plastic storage boxes and containers, a turbo mini chopper, an LCD wall clock and a metal filing case, plus curtain wires, ice grips, tweezers with LED light, flip flops, measuring tape on a key ring, socket extensions, [G14, G15 & G17]

LOT 385 £25/40 (01:34PM)

A large mixed lot including light switches, a Silvercrest electric over-blanket, a Phillips food hairdryer, a Eumig P8 photomatic projector, a Lervia iron, a motion sensor, halogen flood light motion sensors, LED night lights, extension leads, foam weather strips, surge protectors, padlocks, lamps, two telephones etc. [G19, G22, G25]