LOT 125 £15/25 (12:14PM)

A mother-of-pearl and silver fruit knife in fitted box, two prayer books, a copy of the Anointing Spoon from the 1937 Coronation, two pairs of cufflinks and a gilt metal digital wrist watch.

LOT 126 £25/35 (12:14PM)

A medal group including the 1914-18 War Medal inscribed 314731 Pte H. Taplin A.S.C., A Special Constabulary Medal awarded to Harry Taplin and his 1914-19 Great War Medal, including the two war medals in miniature, five crowns, a decorative clock on a white metal chain, etc.

LOT 129 £100/150 (12:16PM)

A card tray of interesting antique costume jewellery including a carved ivory brooch depicting deer in woodland, beads, silver and metal belts, enamelled buckles, hairpins, a painted porcelain brooch of a girl with a dove, a diamante bracelet, hair pieces, a silver-topped bottle, silver earrings as sprites, a silver cross, etc.

LOT 131 £80/120 (12:16PM)

A card tray of silver and other interesting items, including an unusual napkin ring set with an amethyst within outstretched wings, other napkin rings, a pin tray, child's rattle, vesta, folding fork, enamelled silver spoon with Welsh coat of arms, other collectable spoons, Defence medal, carved scarab, photograph frame, metal figures, badge of the Intelligence Corps, other badges, small horn cup, etc.

LOT 136 £60/90 (12:25PM)

A fruit box full of costume jewellery, old writing implements including Sheaffer pens, Oriental metal boxes, two Victorian autograph albums, a well-carved cameo of a lady and goat, three model metal liners, an old Queen Mary Christmas presentation tin 1914, a small quantity of stamps, a piano musical box, old postcards including a set of Raphael Tuck Kings of England, a shopping basket of pipe boxes and a jewel box, etc.

LOT 160 £40/70 (12:39PM)

An interesting lot including two shoe boxes full of book matches, old boxes of BOAC Bryant and May book matches unopened, a quantity of domestic photographs, a carton containing drawing implements, early driving licences including one from the Country Borough of Dewsbury 1923, a Waterman fountain pen, a swan metal pocket, old pipes, a fishing reel wrist watches, a toy model Ferrari and Jaguar, etc. and of rolls of ordinance maps.

LOT 381 £25/35 (01:31PM)

A mixed lot of mainly new and boxed items including a Nightlux Brezer sight, a 25.75 x90 zoom lens, a Search Guard Power Spotlight, a pair of Brazer 10×50 binoculars, a pair of Auriol zoom binoculars 10.30×60, a two in one magnifier, a round bulkhead light, a red metal cash box, a LED spotlight, a quantity of plastic storage boxes and containers, a turbo mini chopper, an LCD wall clock and a metal filing case, plus curtain wires, ice grips, tweezers with LED light, flip flops, measuring tape on a key ring, socket extensions, [G14, G15 & G17]

LOT 390 £40/60 (01:36PM)

A Challenge high pressure washer 70 bar, a Powerfix drain cleaner, Powerfix assorted 'o'rings, a Super Salectrix domestic circulator, an Aquapur hand steam cleaner, aluminium folding table, a LCD systems read out metal detector, an aluminium gripper, a storage unit, profline mosquito nets, garden spades, a wire brush set, bucket and other garden accessories [garage]

LOT 455 £30/40 (01:43PM)

A shelf of vintage metal and wooden wares including an inlaid writing box, a leather collar box, two heavy irons, a large metal model of a poodle and another smaller, a metal scoop, iron weights, a wooden mantel clock, pinking shears etc. [s4]

LOT 457 £30/50 (01:43PM)

An interesting shelf of wood and metal wares including a WW2 Brodie helmet, a gas mask, a KB Bakelite radio, a horn beaker, commemorative tins, a mahogany writing table, a wooden glove box, a box of souvenir matchboxes, a pewter tankard, a pewter Art Nouveau two-handled goblet, two pipes, a stone match holder/striker, a pair of Busch Sollux 8×30 leather cased binoculars a cigar case etc. [s7]

LOT 459 £30/50 (01:46PM)

A 19th century metal and blue glass decorated with white flowers oil lamp, a brass coal scuttle with ceramic handles, a hand held oil lamp and The Peter Patter Book by Leroy Jackson, illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright, a scrap book of a trip to the Rhine Valley, and a tin of 20th century postcards.[s9]

LOT 489 £40/60 (02:03PM)

A shelf of metal wares including a pricket candlestick, a set of six Art Nouveau door handles, brass frames, brass dishes, a commemorative tin, a hip flask, lighters including Whitehall, a white metal belt, a silver plated bowl and toast rack, weight, a box of batteries, a wooden framed barometer, a circular framed Oriental plaque, a Staffordshire figurine, a glass dome, a brass desk inkstand etc. [s47]

LOT 515 £40/60 (02:19PM)

A quantity of metal wares to include a copper coal scuttle, a copper kettle, jugs and pots, a vintage wooden workman's chest with multiple drawers, a boxed parallel rolling rule, a Hovenite implement, boxed vintage tools, two wooden writing slopes etc. [under s69 & s72]

LOT 534 £25/35 (02:29PM)

A mixed lot of mainly metal wares including two sets of scales, a partial clock face and movement, door furniture, a silver plated cruet set on stand, a pair of flying goggles, metal cash boxes, a Lucas nova fog lamp, a camping kettle, a brass telescope, a microscope, a VW sign, a pair of wood and metal candlestick etc. [under s82]

LOT 543 £30/50 (02:36PM)

Vintage metal wares including two metal trunks, a brass log box, a set of Pollard, Horsey grocers scales and weights, a cast iron fire surround, a set of Salter scales, a copper warming pan on turned wood handle, two stained glass windows, a coal hod and two iron table ends [under s86 & s89]

LOT 611 £200/300 (02:46PM)

An impressive early 19th century Vienna three-train portico mantel clock, the composite enamel and ormolu dial signed "Ignatz Pompp in Wien" and with inner calendar ring, quarter-striking on two gongs, the case in ebonised wood and alabaster with metal mounts, 52 cm [A]

LOT 664 £200/400 (03:17PM)

A very decorative contemporary sculpture by Stephen Henderson of "Garfish feeding", in patinated wood and metal on weathered board base, the underside signed, inscribed and dated 2005 in ballpoint, 45 cm high, 88 cm wide overall [R]

LOT 665 £300/400 (03:19PM)

A contemporary bronze sculpture by Carl Payne, "Rapunzel", in green patinated and polished metal, on black fossil marble base, signed in the cast and numbered 14/20, 26.5 cm high, 36 cm long [R]