LOT 275 £100/120 (01:04PM)

Small silver, comprising a late 18th century Dublin Fiddle pattern tablespoon, an unusual squirrel napkin ring, Birmingham 1931, Victorian sugar tongs, four napkin rings, sauceboat, two decanter labels and three part-silver implements, together with a vintage plated photograph frame, 9 ozt weighable

LOT 351 £40/60 (01:15PM)

Four shelves of mixed items including a Tiffany style ceiling light plus another, photo frames including silver-plated, a Victorian silk table screen, framed pictures, a chess set, a four-drawer jewellery box, a cased set of Apostle tea spoons, wicker baskets, a brass clock in the shape of an over-sized pocket watch, vintage advertising tins, display cases, a Cardiff City shield, Chinese scrolls, replica swords, work boots, a Thomas the Tank Engine toy etc. – a large lot [G38, G35, G32, G29 & G 26]

LOT 353 £25/35 (01:15PM)

A quantity of glass ware including vintage jelly moulds, five decanters and stoppers one with Port spirit label, a large glass jar, a glass ship in a bottle, sherry glasses, dressing table trays, vintage bottles, fruit bowls etc. [G40 & G37]

LOT 374 £30/50 (01:27PM)

Four shelves of mixed china and glass ware including vintage bottles in brown, green and clear glass, plus stoneware bottles, glass fruit bowls, jugs, dishes, vases, a large cauliflower tureen with lid, white glazed vases, character jugs, a motto ware jug, a 19th century majolica jug decorated with storks, decorative dinner plates and further dinner wares, a small quantity of cottage ware, pottery steins with pewter lids etc. [G3, G6,G9,G12]

LOT 455 £30/40 (01:43PM)

A shelf of vintage metal and wooden wares including an inlaid writing box, a leather collar box, two heavy irons, a large metal model of a poodle and another smaller, a metal scoop, iron weights, a wooden mantel clock, pinking shears etc. [s4]

LOT 470 £25/40 (01:51PM)

Four shelves of vintage items including advertising tins, a flour dispenser, dressing table items, brass dishes, ashtrays and ornaments, a carnival glass bowl, glass apple, lighters including Ronson, a desk calendar, a wooden cigarette box. A velvet bed throw etc. [pine shelves next to s17]

LOT 475 £30/40 (01:55PM)

Two shelves of mixed items including Bradex collectors plates, German pottery steins, German stoneware jugs, pottery plates and pewter dishes, vintage souvenir ware tins, a hammered pewter tea service, a wooden brass-mounted fruit bowl and biscuit barrel, two small wicker picnic hampers, vintage irons etc. [s23 & s27]

LOT 515 £40/60 (02:19PM)

A quantity of metal wares to include a copper coal scuttle, a copper kettle, jugs and pots, a vintage wooden workman's chest with multiple drawers, a boxed parallel rolling rule, a Hovenite implement, boxed vintage tools, two wooden writing slopes etc. [under s69 & s72]

LOT 525 £30/50 (02:24PM)

A good vintage lot including two wooden cased radios, a Vesta cased sewing machine and another by Singer, a set of Grandome & Hart grocers scales and weights, an Imperial typewriter, three boxed medical implement sets, a Sailor SP radio, a Trio model 9R59DS receiver [under s76 & s79]

LOT 613 £30/40 (02:48PM)

A carton containing a collection of vintage cigars, of various origins except Cuban, from single examples to packs of six, including Royal Jamaica, La Corona, etc., mainly in original sealed packaging [B]

LOT 617 £150/200 (02:51PM)

Four small unopened vintage boxes of Cuban Havana cigars, comprising: a wrapped and sealed box of 10 Alvarez Lopez La Corona Aces; a sealed box with paper sleeve of 10 Partagas Toppers in cellophane; and two sealed boxes of five Cabanas Alvas [B]

LOT 730 £50/80 (03:51PM)

Eight shelves of mixed vintage items including five enamel storage jars, a wooden framed barometer, silver plate, travelling clocks, photo frames, brass ware, tins, drinking glasses, stereoscopic viewers, a Staffordshire greyhound etc.

LOT 777 £40/70 (04:00PM)

A rail of vintage clothing including pilot and BOAC uniforms, gent's suits, lady's coats including squirrel fur, Persian lamb, leather, some separates including beaded evening tops, mainly 1960s [rail top of stairs]

LOT 799 £30/40 (04:12PM)

Three cartons of vintage books including Companion Book Club classic novels, various stories for girls, also three modern Jane's Fighting Ships and Fighting Aircraft [upstairs shelves]

LOT 803 £30/50 (04:15PM)

A varied assortment of vintage cards and games including a table magnetic football game, boxed party games including Jumbles, Puzzledem, Safari, World Tours, Enid Blyton What's Wrong, and many others, also model animals, a Coronation Coach model, children's books, etc.