LOT 001 £20/40 (11:00AM)

A selection of five various decorative prints including two limited edition coloured prints, including Sheila Stafford, a coloured etching (6/100) "The boy, David" signed, titled and numbered in pencil in the margin (largest 23 x 23 cm) all framed (5)

LOT 002 £500/700 (11:00AM)

'Parisienne' by Pierre Grisot (1911-1995), signed Grisot, probably 1950s, oil on board, foliate frame with gilt highlights, reverse with Frost & Reed label

LOT 003 £40/60 (11:00AM)

Graham Hodges, oils on canvas, sailing ships at sunset, signed (29 x 36 cm), framed, and two watercolours one of a Persian cat, the other a landscape (3)

LOT 004 £20/30 (11:00AM)

A collection of 17 framed prints of classical sites, comprising topographical, including Chrysopolis, Delphi, Corinth, etc., and a series of six prints of women in Greek costume after Stackelberg (originals 1825); together with an Indian painting on fabric of a prince with his harem on a lake, and a folder of six Japanese wood-block prints by Kyoto Hangain after Hiroshige, Hokusai, Sharaku, Harunobu and Utamaro of Mt Fuji, an actor, a snow scene, etc. (19)

LOT 005 £100/120 (11:02AM)

George Graham (1881-1949) a watercolour landscape "A Norfolk Common" signed (26 x 40 cm) framed with a Spink exhibition label on reverse Stock No., sold together with another two George Graham watercolours and five others by various hands, all framed. (8)

LOT 006 £35/65 (11:02AM)

Three late 20th century modern school oils on canvas and board of sailing and fishing boats, all signed (the largest 42 x 94 cm), two framed (3)

LOT 007 £30/60 (11:02AM)

Liddle, oils on canvas, boulders on the shore line, an oils on board of palm trees at an oasis, a modern still life oils on canvas of bottles, and another oils on canvas (largest 88 x 74 cm), three framed (4)

LOT 008 £50/80 (11:02AM)

B.P.F. Perriam, a framed pastel portrait of a leopard, signed; after Huggins, an oils on canvas of a lion and lioness; and a mixed method portrait of a zebra (largest 124 x 60 cm) (3)

LOT 009 £30/50 (11:04AM)

Ian Cryer, oils on canvas, a leafy city street with bench under a tree, signed (50 x 60 cm), together with a schematic watercolour of a proposal for the facade of an international hotel, signed with initials D.R. and dated '79, both framed (2)

LOT 010 £30/50 (11:04AM)

Tereza Buskova, a pair of artist's proof coloured etchings 'Masks' and 'Dirty Game of Two Players', both signed in pencil in the margin and dated '05 (21 x 14 cm), together with a modern coloured design, framed, Martin Few, an etching with aquatint, artist's proof, '3 A.M.' signed and titled in pencil in the margin, framed, and a mixed method charcoal '3 am Gare du Nord' by Martin Few, framed; together with a collection of various bespoke frames, some gold leafed, others waxed natural, painted or ebonised (Qty)

LOT 011 £80/120 (11:04AM)

Walter H. Allcott, a watercolour 'The Cathedral, Siena', signed and dated 1904 (29 x 36 cm), framed with Fine Art Society label (1924) on the reverse

LOT 013 £80/100 (11:07AM)

Two 19th century-style provincial school oils on canvas, of a pair of Papillon dogs and of a spaniel on a red cushion, bearing signature St Pere (largest 25 x 39 cm) (2)

LOT 014 £80/120 (11:07AM)

Eight unframed original prints, all signed, including Jan Daum, an etching, 'The Road to the Downs'; a print after Whistler, 'Chelsea'; together with a modern print, 'The Hebron jug' and a wood cut after Nicholson, 'December', both framed (the largest 25 x 31 cm) (10)

LOT 017 £400/600 (11:09AM)

Four John Crome etchings, all purchased from Agnews and bearing their labels on reverse, comprising: "At Colney" (E1 iv/iv); "Mousehold Heath" (E3 iv/iv); "At Hackford" (E14 v/v); and 'Lake & Boat, Wickerswell, Somerleyton' (E15 iv/iv), (largest plate size 22.5 x 30 cm), each framed (4)

LOT 018 £100/120 (11:09AM)

David Cox, a watercolour of a horse and trap on a path with extensive landscape and sky, signed and dated 1858 (29 x 53 cm); together with Douglas E. West, watercolour, a Cornish port-side scene with two old salts and a boy with a model yacht, 'Decisions, decisions', signed (38 x 56 cm), and two other watercolour landscapes (4)

LOT 019 £80/120 (11:09AM)

A 19th century English school watercolour of children, a stream and an old manor house, signed indistinctly bottom left; together with another indistinctly signed watercolour of a lad eel fishing in a stream before a rustic, half-timbered house (the largest 40 x 59 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 021 £70/90 (11:12AM)

Possibly S. Marsie (?), Continental school, 19th century, a watercolour of an Alpine village with cattle in a stream, signed, together with a 19th century school watercolour of an extensive landscape and estuary indistinctly signed (the largest 30 x 44 cm), both framed. (2)

LOT 022 £60/90 (11:12AM)

A South East Asian sequin and beadwork picture of Hindu deities flying around a chariot, framed, together with an Indian gouache on cotton of a young woman and a white crane (the largest 54 x 80 cm) (2)

LOT 024 £30/60 (11:12AM)

Sarah Nicholson, pastel and watercolour on paper, '8. Tarbock Island Beehive', together with two charcoal, watercolour and pastel pictures by Mark Jeoffroy, signed with initials, and a modern print by Harlo Cohen, signed (the largest 74 x 52 cm), all framed (4)

LOT 025 £60/70 (11:14AM)

Lorna Mole (Australian), watercolour, 'Horrocks Creek, Flinders Ranges', signed; John Strickland Goodall, watercolour, 'On the Terrace, Villa Das Flores', signed; and an Italian watercolour of farm buildings by a river (the largest 38 x 51 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 026 £40/60 (11:14AM)

C.D. Clutterbuck, watercolour on paper, an arrangement of summer flowers, with a small parrot on a perch, signed, together with an oils on board, vase of flowers (the largest 65 x 50 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 027 £50/80 (11:14AM)

John R…., oils on canvas, still life of an Art Deco coffee service on a wicker tray, signed; Nicole Peacock, oils on board, 'Three apples', signed, both framed, and an unframed oils on canvas still life (the largest 37 x 36 cm) (3)

LOT 028 £30/50 (11:14AM)

A selection of four various oil paintings including Tharee, oils on canvas of a woman punting amid water lilies, signed; an oils on board of Spanish Gypsies Flamenco dancing; and two other oils on canvas (the largest 92 x 71 cm), all framed (4)

LOT 029 £30/50 (11:16AM)

Philip Naviasky, a sanguine on paper female nude figure study, signed; Charles Mahony, a pen and wash drawing of vegetables on a smallholding, signed with initials; together with a coloured etching and two other decorative prints (the largest 52 x 33 cm), all framed (5)

LOT 030 £30/50 (11:16AM)

A collection of eight framed decorative pictures comprising batiks and straw work pictures, etc., including Linda Brown Nabanuga (Australian) 'Water hole dreaming', etc. (the largest 83 x 63 cm) all but one framed (8)

LOT 031 £80/120 (11:16AM)

A collection of six various framed items comprising portraits and illustrative images including watercolours, theatrical, oils on board portraits, a portrait of a West Highland terrier, etc. (the largest 70 x 54 cm), all framed (6)

LOT 032 £80/120 (11:16AM)

A large selection of various framed items and frames comprising prints, watercolours, etc. and including a Vasarely print, an antique Zodiac hemisphere map, etc., all framed (quantity)

LOT 033 £60/90 (11:19AM)

J.B. Crome, two pencil drawings of fenland landscapes with windmills, each signed and dated 1836, and three other 19th century watercolours, one signed (the largest 21 x 14 cm), all framed (5)

LOT 033A £70/100 (11:19AM)

Percy Lancaster, a good modern British soft ground etching of a woman with a basket of laundry, signed and numbered 8 in pencil; Marcus Arthur Boss, pen and wash "A Rest on the Roadside", showing a gentleman of the road; an oil sketch of a woman in profile; an 18th century watercolour landscape by William Day 'Lake Bassenthwaite'; and a small antique engraving by Hieronymus Wierx, (largest 25 x 17 cm), all framed (5)

LOT 034 £30/50 (11:19AM)

A large framed panoramic view of 'London from the South Side of the Thames', a supplement to the Illustrated London News, February 9, 1861, together with a watercolour of boats in an estuary, and a print (the largest 50 x 132 cm) (3)

LOT 035 £40/60 (11:19AM)

A selection of four framed pictures including a modern British School oils on board 'Arcadia'; a large pastel of a Continental cafe in the shade of plane trees; an oils on board of cheese makers, etc. (the largest 58 x 78 cm), all framed (4)

LOT 036 £60/100 (11:21AM)

H.F. Burnet, watercolour, sailing ships at anchor at evening, signed and dated 1895, together with F. Clifford, watercolour, beach scene at Hastings, signed (largest 50 x 74 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 037 £30/50 (11:21AM)

20th century Continental school, mixed method and oils on canvas, a view of a lively street in Montmartre with the church of St Pierre de Montmartre (61 x 100 cm), framed

LOT 038A £35/45 (11:21AM)

A mixed lot of seven watercolours and oils, including Alison M. Dickens, oils on board, 'Frosty Morning', signed and dated 69, Kate Caughie, oils on board, a spray of flowers, signed, an abstract oils on canvas, etc. (largest 50 c 60 cm), all framed (7)

LOT 040 £60/100 (11:24AM)

W. Collins, three watercolours, views of Hertfordshire: 'Royston', 'Ickleford Church' and 'Near Hitchin' (the largest 17 x 23 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 041 £60/80 (11:24AM)

A charcoal sketch of a dockside scene with stevedores attributed to Rudolf Helmut Sauter (28 x 22 cm); also A.S.G. Butler, pencil, watercolour and bodycolour, 'View of Bellagio', signed and dated 1929 and inscribed in pencil 'Menaggio', and a sepia wash and ink sketch of a boulles match by John Henson, signed, all framed (3)

LOT 042 £50/80 (11:24AM)

Susan (Pomery) Wilks, acrylic with knife, 'A Country Lane, Stackpole, Pembrokeshire', signed Pomery, and a 20th century modern school oils on canvas, South Est Asia, a floating market, indistinctly signed (largest 50 x 80 cm) (2)

LOT 045 £10/15 (11:26AM)

A large reproduction after Maurice Prendergast of umbrellas on the Rialto Bridge, Venice (original 1899), and two exhibition posters for Sybil D'Orsi and Steve Hanks, all framed (3)

LOT 047 £100/180 (11:28AM)

Three 19th century-style oils on canvas, portraits of cats and kittens, comprising white cats, a kitten on a cushion, and a litter of kittens in a knitting basket (largest 52 x 65 cm) (3)

LOT 048 £300/400 (11:28AM)

Archibald Thorburn (1860-1935), pencil drawing, 'Cormorant', signed with initials and dated March 13, 1918 (18 x 12 cm), framed (the second version for plate 36 in 'A Naturalist's Sketch Book', 1919) (Provenance: The Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Canada)

LOT 050 £15/25 (11:28AM)

Nine framed items, including Mallinson, mixed method etching, 'At St Katharine's', numbered 5/100, titled and signed in pencil in the margin, a watercolour of a cat by M Grist, shipping prints, Lowry reproduction, etc (the largest 56 x 89 cm) (9)

LOT 051 £50/80 (11:31AM)

M.J. Gates, a watercolour of a Suffolk estuary and an early 20th century watercolour of a beach with boats and huts, together with Spencer, watercolour heightened with body colour, the steam paddleboat 'Waverley', signed and dated '89 (largest 27 x 41 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 052 £80/120 (11:31AM)

19th century Continental school, oils on canvas, a heathland landscape, and 20th century, oils, woodland pasture by a river; Nancy Horne, oils on board, ducks on a river, signed; C. Wright, oils on board, Loch Morlich, signed; and H.M.R., oils on canvas laid to board, landscape with patchwork of fields (largest 50 x 70 cm), all but one framed (5)

LOT 053 £80/120 (11:31AM)

Godwin Bennett, three watercolour and body colours on toned paper, desert scenes, all signed, together with another by a different hand of pyramids in the desert, indistinctly signed (largest 17 x 37 cm), all framed (4)

LOT 054 £80/120 (11:31AM)

J. Bonello and B. Bonello, two watercolours of Middle Eastern city street scenes, both signed, together with P. Forcella, a market by a mosque, signed (largest 36 x 29 cm), all well framed (3)

LOT 055 £60/100 (11:33AM)

Percy Thomas, watercolour, 'Bury, the Fens', signed and dated 1893, together with four other watercolours including an indistinctly signed view through an arched bridge over a small gorge (largest 51 x 37 cm) all framed (5)

LOT 056 £50/70 (11:33AM)

Abraham Hulk (Junior), a pair of watercolours, both signed; S. McKinly, two watercolours, 'Cockington Village' and 'Okehampton', both signed; a 19th century oils on glass laid over a gouache; V.H. Drummond, 'Horseguards in Hyde Park'; and two other watercolours (largest 27 x 38 cm), all framed (9)

LOT 057 £80/100 (11:33AM)

Ralph Steadman, a soft ground etching, 'The Beaver's Lesson', signed and numbered (22/150) in pencil in the margin (23 x 20 cm), framed, used on page 41 of the 1975 edition of 'The Hunting of the Snark', illustrated by Ralph Steadman; together with a copy of this book (2)

LOT 058 £40/60 (11:33AM)

Alice Greenhill, watercolour, fishing boats at Ostend, signed; James Priddey, a mixed method coloured print, 'The Harbour, Mevagissey', signed and titled in pencil in the margin; and L. Hartland, watercolour heightened with white, a shipwreck scene, signed (largest 18 x 50 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 059A £250/500 (11:36AM)

J.Celestre, an oils on canvas, a still life spray of flowers in a pottery jug, signed 70 cm x 59 cm framed sold together with an oils on board entitles 'La Madeleine, Paris' framed.

LOT 062 £30/50 (11:38AM)

Camille Fonce (?), a coloured etching on 'vellum paper' of a bridge over a river with church in the background, signed and with numbers 9.88 in pencil in the margin (45 x 60 cm), decorative gilt frame

LOT 064 £25/40 (11:38AM)

V. Lavau (?), a coloured limited edition print of a corner of the Place du Tertre, Montmartre, signed in pencil in the margin and numbered 143/875 (55 x 75 cm), together with a pair of small prints of the Seine by Notre Dame and of Montmartre, both signed in the margin, 1950s, and a print of a French street, all framed (4)

LOT 065 £40/60 (11:38AM)

Modern limited edition prints, comprising: Beaume (?), a small pair 'Carnival II' (artist's proof) and 'Circus' (5/100), both signed and titled in the margin in pencil (each 23 x 21.5 cm); Arthur Lewis, 'White Sands, St David's' (1/100), signed, titled and numbered in pencil in the margin; Annette Johnson, 'Snowdrops', signed, titled and numbered (103/150) in pencil in the margin, all framed; and four other items (8)

LOT 066 £50/70 (11:40AM)

Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827), pen and ink, with watercolour wash, figures by a bridge, recto pen and ink figures by a manor house (11 x 18 cm); together with John Massey Wright (1777-1866), sepia wash, 'Shylock', signed with initials, framed (2)

LOT 067 £70/120 (11:40AM)

Three 19th century English school watercolours, comprising: W. Atkinson, a river scene with figures and boats, signed and dated 97 (27.5 x 22.5 cm), V.J. Willcox,'Near Dorking, Surrey', with figures on a bridge, and another of a girl with geese on a country lane beside cottages; together with two pencil and wash sketches of landscapes attributed to C.F. Sinot, circa 1815, all in gilt frames (5)

LOT 068 £40/60 (11:40AM)

A late 20th century limited edition etching and aquatint, sheep in a pasture by a farm track, numbered and signed in pencil in the margin and dated '88, a set of Tolkien 'Lord of the Rings' stamps, a bas relief frieze of a medieval scene, watercolours and drawings (7)

LOT 071 £80/120 (11:43AM)

Sir William Russell Flint, two signed coloured prints, 'The Interlude' and 'The Shower', each signed in pencil in the margin, blind stamped (largest 42 x 55 cm), framed (2)

LOT 072 £50/80 (11:43AM)

Sir William Russell Flint, a limited edition coloured print, 'Casilda's (Griselda's) White Petticoat', signed in pencil in the margin, blind stamped (40 x 60 cm), framed

LOT 073 £40/60 (11:43AM)

Sir William Russell Flint, a limited edition coloured print, 'Eve, the girl with the bobbed hair', signed in pencil in the margin, blind stamped (30 x 23 cm), framed

LOT 074 £50/80 (11:45AM)

Sir William Russell Flint, a signed proof limited edition print, 'The Pendant', signed in pencil in the margin, blind stamped (51 x 70 cm), framed

LOT 075 £40/60 (11:45AM)

Sir William Russell Flint, a limited edition coloured print, 'Variations IV', signed in pencil in the margin, blind stamped (45 x 60 cm), framed

LOT 076 £40/60 (11:45AM)

Sir William Russell Flint, a limited edition coloured print, 'Balance', signed in pencil in the margin, blind stamped (40 x 55 cm), framed

LOT 077 £100/150 (11:45AM)

Sir William Russell Flint, two limited edition coloured prints, each titled 'Reclining Nude' and signed in pencil in the margin, both blind stamped (largest 31 x 57 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 078 £50/90 (11:48AM)

Sir William Russell Flint, two limited edition coloured prints, 'Two Models' and 'Carmelita', each signed in pencil in the margin and blind stamped (largest 37 x 28 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 079 £40/60 (11:48AM)

Sir William Russell Flint, a limited edition coloured print, 'Dance Montana', signed in pencil in the margin, blind stamped (47 x 63 cm), framed

LOT 080 £40/60 (11:48AM)

Sir William Russell Flint, a limited edition coloured print, 'Casual Assembly', signed in pencil in the margin and blind stamped (46 x 62 cm), framed

LOT 081 £60/100 (11:48AM)

Sir William Russell Flint, two limited edition coloured prints, 'Silver Frock' and 'Prime-of-Vera (Primavera)', one signed in the margin and blind stamped, the other signed in the image (largest 23 x 28 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 082 £25/35 (11:50AM)

A selection of various framed items, including a pair of ballooning prints and other decorative prints, a mirror, photographs, a map, an old theatre poster for the Victoria Palace for 'Windy City' starring Dennis Waterman and Anton Rodgers, etc. (quantity)

LOT 084 £100/200 (11:50AM)

Robin Mason, compressed charcoal on paper, a flower in a decorative vase (75 x 75 cm), framed with Contemporary Art Society Market exhibition label to reverse, together with a framed sanguine chalk landscape drawing and another framed charcoal drawing of a crooked tree in a dell (3)

LOT 085 £40/60 (11:50AM)

Jonathan Webber, scraperboard with added colour, a portrait of a clown, together with Carlos Diaz, a gouache portrait of a clown, 'Coco', and a signed coloured print of a clown in a bowler hat (largest 50 x 30 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 086 £60/80 (11:52AM)

Andrea Gastaldi (1826-1889), oils on board, Cupid chained in roses, being led by young girls, signed and dated 1864 (15 x18 cm), gilt frame; together with a framed sepia wash drawing of cavorting putti (2)

LOT 087 £50/80 (11:52AM)

Van Ewyk, three pastels on paper, winter landscapes including 'Sturmer Lake' and 'Misty River', all signed (largest 54 x 44 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 089 £80/150 (11:52AM)

Dereck Harris, oil and tempera on canvas and flax, four studies of nude figures in landscapes, all signed, dated 1988 and 1989 and inscribed verso, including 'Fricka (Modern Woman)' and 'Bacchus' (largest 150 x 85 cm) (4)

LOT 091 £40/70 (11:55AM)

J. Knowles, after Gustav Klimt, 'Adele Bloch-Bauer (1907)', signed; together with a print after Henner and an oils on canvas, a kitchen scene with a grandmother making pancakes, by Mark Williams Langlois, signed (largest 60 x 50 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 092 £30/40 (11:55AM)

Leo Gibbons Smith, acrylic on paper, 'The Tree of Life' (45 x 72 cm), framed; together with an abstract, acrylic on board, signed Morini and dated 1956, and three other framed modern pictures (5)

LOT 093 £50/80 (11:55AM)

Three 19th century English school topographic landscapes, Ireland and Scotland, one inscribed 'Ben More 1855' and another 'Ballachulish' (largest 20 x 26cm), all framed (3)

LOT 094 £30/40 (11:57AM)

Seven framed items comprising Robert Houston, an original coloured aquatint, 'Loch Lomond', signed in pencil in the margin, an Asiatic picture on textile of mallard, and five other prints (7)

LOT 095 £40/70 (11:57AM)

A large collection of framed prints including fashion plates, a Pears print, Baxter prints, a modern British soft ground etching of an angler on the riverbank, indistinctly signed in pencil in the margin, etc. (quantity)

LOT 096 £30/50 (11:57AM)

'An Historical Map & Plan of the Campaign in Belgium AD 1815…and of the Battle of Waterloo…' (72 x 58 cm), framed; together with a framed coloured print of ballerinas after Degas (2)

LOT 097 £100/150 (11:57AM)

A large collection of old master and antique prints and engravings, including biblical illustrations, portraits, topographic and fashion plates, etc., dating from circa 1649 onwards (quantity)