LOT 001 £35/45 (11:00AM)

A pastel of an artist at her easel, signed Birtwhistle (49 x 32 cm), an early 19th century Norwich school watercolour of boatmen on a river between houses, an artist's proof print, 'The Etruscans', by Kaia Meyer, signed, a sampler dated 1918, all framed, and an unframed oil of a woman on a Mediterranean terrace (5)

LOT 002 £30/50 (11:00AM)

J. Kobell, an 18th century etching of characters in a tavern, c.1730, Francis Winter, a wood engraving, 'The Old Forge Bridge Street, Suffolk', signed in pencil in the margin, and a map of Durham, all framed (3)

LOT 003 £20/40 (11:00AM)

Six various framed items comprising prints, watercolours and oils and including Tom (?) Bestwick, oils on canvas, figures walking on a tree-lined path (6)

LOT 004 £40/60 (11:00AM)

Two late 18th century English school watercolours, of a fisherman on the shore, and figures on the steps of a cathedral (each 24 x 118 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 006 £35/45 (11:02AM)

Vasquez Del Rio (1908-1967) an oils on board of the Breton coast, 'Le Crotoy (La Manche)', signed (53 x 64 cm), framed, reverse signed and inscribed

LOT 009 £40/60 (11:04AM)

Oils on canvas, late 19th century, Italian school, figure on a lakeside path with a donkey (30 x 60 cm), and a watercolour of Venice by M. Terino, signed, both framed (2)

LOT 010 £25/40 (11:04AM)

Amelia Stokes, oils on board, "A Woodman's Cottage", signed, an 18th century hand-coloured engraved map of Hertfordshire by Richard Blome, and a flower print (largest 32 x 40 cm), all framed (3) [floor at end of collectors' shelves by jewellery]

LOT 017 £20/30 (11:09AM)

A selection of 10 various framed items comprising prints, etching, a photograph, including a Fred Farell etching, an antique engraving, a map, film foyer cards, 'Orlando Bloom 75/500 Limited Edition Film Call' with two film stills, etc. (10) [end collectors' shelves by cafe door]

LOT 018 £40/45 (11:09AM)

A pair of French coloured lithographs, topographic views of Barcelona after A. Guesdon (28 x 43 cm), framed, and other fine framed items including a drawing of a deer. (7) [by table]

LOT 019 £30/50 (11:09AM)

D.M.H. an oils on panel of snow-capped hills with church and cottages by a river, signed with initials and dated 2010, and a print view of Henley-on-Thames after Robert Davidson (largest 56 x 86 cm), both framed. (2)

LOT 020 £20/30 (11:09AM)

Walter F. Parker, watercolour, "Frosty Morning, Bassentwaite", signed and dated 1969 (39 x 50 cm), mounted but not framed. [table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 021 £20/30 (11:12AM)

After Capt. Ed. Handley-Ready, a portfolio, "The British Firing Line", 12 coloured prints (the folio is limited to 500 copies this being Number 17, signed by the artist, and including a photograph of the artist) 1917. [table opp. Collectors' shelves]

LOT 022 £60/80 (11:12AM)

An antique hand-coloured engraved map of "Ireland" for the German market, from 'Kichen, Jeffreu's and Beaufort, 1804'. (Once owned by Lt. Colonel Arthur Kennedy, 18th Hussars, pen inscription on reverse "taken at the Battle of Vittoria, 21st June 1813.) (57 x 47 cm), framed.

LOT 024 £600/800 (11:12AM)

Clifton Tomson (1775-1828), oils on canvas "Patriot", horse and jockey, signed ands inscribed 'Nottingham' lower right and on stretcher (55 x 70 cm), framed.

LOT 029 £50/80 (11:16AM)

An early 19th century oils on canvas portrait of the Revd George Bellasis (1730-1802), rector of Yattendon, vicar of Basildon and Ashampstead, Berkshire, after an earlier portrait (34 x 26 cm), framed.

LOT 034 £20/30 (11:19AM)

A pair of early 19th century coloured stipple engravings, from the series The Progress of Human Life, probably after Adam Buck (16 x 20 cm), in gilt frames. (2)

LOT 035 £20/30 (11:19AM)

A pair of early 19th century coloured stipple engravings, probably after Adam Buck, including "Mamma, don't make me beg in vain: pray read that pretty book again" (22 x 19 cm), framed. (2)

LOT 039 £150/200 (11:21AM)

An early 19th century reverse glass painting with portraits of the young Queen Victoria with Napoleon III and the Sultan of Turkey (38 x 46 cm). [jewellery cabinet]

LOT 041 £20/40 (11:24AM)

An early 20th century oils on canvas, a traveller in a snowstorm approaching a welcoming inn (40 x 31 cm), framed, together with two Heaton Cooper coloured prints of fjord scenes (3)

LOT 042 £20/30 (11:24AM)

A large miscellaneous collection of various framed items comprising prints, drawings, watercolours and oils that include landscapes, natural history subjects, a map, an equestrian portrait, etc. (quantity). [corner by table]

LOT 044 £30/40 (11:24AM)

A selection of four framed small antique prints including Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, and Princess Charlotte, and an early 19th century coloured stipple engraving of a young boy with his mother at a table, probably after Adam Buck, verre eglomise surround (4)

LOT 045 £40/50 (11:26AM)

Three early 19th century coloured prints including a pair of "Sketches by travellers", a military misunderstanding, and Royalty taking a coach ride. (4)

LOT 047 £150/200 (11:26AM)

Five framed late 18th century hand-coloured Italian engravings by Campanella after Mengs or Maron, of the frescoed interiors of the recently excavated ancient Villa Negroni at Rome, (largest 50 x 80 cm). (5) [end wall by silver-plate shelves]

LOT 048 £300/400 (11:26AM)

D Cavelli, an oils on panel full length portrait of an English Royal Ambassador to Rome, signed and dated 1824 (63 x 49 cm), unframed. [jewellery cabinet]

LOT 050 £300/400 (11:28AM)

A pair of early 19th century oval reverse glass paintings, the one of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the other of Napoleon III and the Empress Eugenie (45 x 53 cm), both in gilt frames. (2)

LOT 056 £25/40 (11:31AM)

A mixed lot of framed decorative pictures that include oils on canvas woodland scenes, a harbour scene and hunting prints, etc. (quantity). [end collectors' shelves by jewellery]

LOT 057 £50/80 (11:33AM)

A Chinese painting and needlework landscape on silk, signed and stamped with seal (65 x 65 cm), framed; a silk picture of a peacock and an oil on canvas of a Chinese junk. (3)

LOT 058 £40/50 (11:33AM)

A large collection of various framed items comprising prints, drawings, watercolours and oils that include landscapes, modern abstracts, natural history prints, needlework pictures, etc. (quantity)

LOT 059 £20/40 (11:33AM)

Jo Smith, a watercolour "Spring Harmony II" signed, and four oak framed 1950s coloured prints of still life with flowers. (5) [end of silver-plate shelves]

LOT 063 £25/35 (11:36AM)

M.W., a watercolour, "A carter's lane near Beer, Devon", signed with initials and dated 1891, W.H. Hinley, a watercolour, "A young angler by a lock gate", signed and dated 1886, and three "Spy" coloured lithographic caricatures. (5)

LOT 064 £20/30 (11:36AM)

A pair of framed chromolithographs after G.W. Oswald, of Highland cattle in a landscape in summer and winter, both in gilt frames, together with an oils on board, Hussars and a gun carriage, unframed (3)

LOT 071 £15/25 (11:40AM)

A selection of nine various framed items, comprising prints, a drawing, etc., and including two Picasso prints and an abstract 'The elephant rider' (9) [top of stairs]

LOT 073 £30/40 (11:43AM)

A mixed lot, comprising oils and prints and including an oils on board, a winter's walk, M. Bally, sunset and a farm track, signed and dated '15, etc. (7)

LOT 074 £40/60 (11:43AM)

A collection of eight various pictures, comprising limited edition prints, oils, etc., and including Lafitte, a signed and numbered print, small craft in an estuary with blind stamp from Paris publishers (39 x 30 cm), framed (8)

LOT 075A £60/80 (11:43AM)

Continental school, 19th century, oils on canvas, a busy North European market square, the sea visible beyond an archway (33 x 41 cm), foliate gilt frame

LOT 077 £0 (11:45AM)

A mixed lot of 12 framed items comprising prints, watercolours and oils, etc., and including a pair of watercolours signed Sali, etc. [12]

LOT 078 £15/20 (11:45AM)

A pair of late 20th century school, framed, oils on board of Alpine river landscapes and an etched on metal "The Old House, Hereford", framed. (3)

LOT 081 £60/90 (11:48AM)

J. Cluny (?), a pair of 19th century oils on canvas, study of a bird's nest amid blossom, and a still life of basket of strawberries, both signed, both framed, and a portrait of a medieval merchant, framed. (3)

LOT 082 £30/50 (11:48AM)

A pair of wool embroidered pictures, one of an English village street, the other of an Alpine village street, together with a tapestry of Paris (largest 47 x 139 cm) all framed. (3)

LOT 083 £40/70 (11:48AM)

After Cezanne a print of the Montagne Ste Victoire, after Vlaminck a pen and wash dining table still life, a coloured lithograph by Henry Mathews of The Royal East India Volunteers, 1797, and two others (largest 36 x 56 cm) all framed. (5)

LOT 084 £60/90 (11:50AM)

David Shepherd, a limited edition coloured print "African evening – Zambezi waterhole", signed and numbered in pencil in the margin, and a Dennis Palmer oils on canvas of a Lancaster bomber, signed and dated 1979, and two other signed limited edition prints of wartime aeroplanes (with certificates) (largest 50 x 76 cm), all framed. (4)

LOT 085 £30/40 (11:50AM)

Peter Fleming, pencil and wash sketch of summer flowers in a white jug, signed and dated 87 (76 x 56 cm), H. Cunningham, a watercolour, 'The Chinese Garden', signed, a signed limited edition print of harvest time, and a large Victorian chromolithograph of a child all framed; together with a vacant gilt gessoed picture frame (5),

LOT 087 £70/90 (11:50AM)

Late 20th/early 21st century modern white on black picture on canvas, "The Bronco Buster" (224 x 138 cm), unframed. [back of room by staircase]

LOT 092 £50/90 (11:55AM)

An early Georgian-style wall mirror in mahogany and gilt with exotic carved bird surmount and swan necks, the rectangular plate within a moulded frame.

LOT 098 £80/150 (11:57AM)

An impressive Victorian overmantel mirror in gilt of Adams style with ribbons and fronds of harebells, the rectangular bevel plate flanked by fluted columns (58 in wide x 39 in tall approx.)