LOT 001 – 656

Lots 1 to 656 not allocated. Successful bidders will need to pay by bank transfer, or by debit card over the telephone if they will be using a trackable courier to collect for them. Please remember that clearance of lots is by appointment. You will need to provide an extra pair of hands if you are buying large furniture lots.

LOT 657 £25/40 (11:00AM)

A small cabinet of drawers containing ephemera including 1815 cheques, various antique prints, greetings cards, telescope publicity, pencils, paints, tools, etc., together with a carved wood tray and seven framed items including badges, reproduction posters, etc.

LOT 658 £60/90 (11:00AM)

An interesting collection of costume jewellery including two decorative late 19th century buckles, modern glass and other necklaces, Kenneth Lane simulated pearl ring, other rings, earrings, bangles Omega and Tissot wristwatches, etc., and a silver Yard-O-Lead propelling pencil in case

LOT 659 £30/50 (11:00AM)

A postcard lot including Mabel Lucy Attwell, Agnes Richardson, early birthday cards, early film stars, some with coloured highlights, Royalty and a 50p copy of The Royal Wedding programme 1981

LOT 661 £50/80 (11:02AM)

Small silver and other items comprising a set of three buttons embossed with a lady harpist, Birmingham 1903, a set of three buttons with a bust portrait of a beauty, two enamelled buttons, a silver folding button hook, metal trowel bookmark with blue john handle, 800 bell rattle, three napkin rings, a childs feeder spoon and seven other items

LOT 662 £20/30 (11:02AM)

A small collection of Oriental and other hardstones including a Chinese buckle inset with pale jade incised with lingzhi a small jade arched carving, coral fragment and other pieces in a black leather box

LOT 663 £40/60 (11:02AM)

A modern white label Steiff musical bear in champagne mohair with winder in his back, retaining cardboard label, wearing a scarf and heart pin, 32 cm, together with a quantity of costume jewellery including simulated pearls, other necklaces, etc., and a wooden box

LOT 664 £60/80 (11:02AM)

A good collection of modern silver and costume jewellery in a carton and two plastic boxes including a Mexican modernist brooch and other items, Norwegian enamelled butterfly brooch, various beds, bangles, etc.

LOT 665 £30/40 (11:04AM)

Two cartons of costume jewellery early 20th century and later including beads and other necklaces, etc., also a quantity of marbles, spectacles, shells, etc.

LOT 666 £15/25 (11:04AM)

A carton of costume jewellery, etc., also including a long graduated cultured pearl necklace, a 9 ct gold pearl ear stud, alarm clock, sundry buttons, etc.

LOT 667 £40/60 (11:04AM)

Two cartons of modern philatelic items including an incomplete album of 1978 Coronation Silver Jubilee mint stamps, mint sheets of Royal Wedding stamps, stock books, various Israeli and foreign stamps and various covers

LOT 669 £60/80 (11:07AM)

An Asprey carton containing sundry costume jewellery and other items including Butler and Wilson brooches, malachite, agate and other beads, Italian enamelled cigarette case, American belts, pens, spectacle cases, etc.

LOT 670 £50/80 (11:07AM)

A carton of sundry interesting small and miniature items , 19th century and later, including sundry sewing equipment, a shot measure, steel shot flask, starting pistol, creamware mould, Britains lead palm trees and other models, compacts, matches, etc.

LOT 671 £30/40 (11:07AM)

A quantity of coins and medals including a 1989 specimen set with two Royal Mint cases, a silver reproduction Charles I Oxford crown, two silver Kodak medals, a Kodak bronze medal, a Mexican silver coin money clip, etc.

LOT 673 £25/30 (11:09AM)

Costume jewellery and miscellaneous items including a safety pin belt, various quartz and other wristwatches, Ronson and other lighters, Octra binoculars, pipes, etc., and a Sterolist 3-D slide viewer with slides in a fitted case

LOT 674 £40/60 (11:09AM)

A Victorian daguerreotype of a seated officer the original frame signed R. Lowe, Promenade Cheltenham, five Victorian portrait photographs, some with colouring and in Humphreys and Halliwell cases, a portrait miniature and an oval print; and a small late 19th century oil on canvas painting of a Continental river landscape, gilt wood frame

LOT 676 £30/40 (11:09AM)

Costume jewellery and miscellaneous items in two cartons and a sewing box, including simulated pearl and other necklaces, modern wristwatches, a beaded belt, table lighter, sunglasses, etc.

LOT 677 £30/40 (11:12AM)

A carton of sundry items including Mulberry and other wallets, Spanish silver-faced photo frame, dressing table set, playing cards, first VCA unopened eau de toilette, and a full sheet of 16p mail coach stamps, face value £16

LOT 678 £100/150 (11:12AM)

A large quantity of costume jewellery in two cartons, a jewellery box and loose, mainly mid- to late 20th century including bead, gilt metal and other necklaces, brooches, earrings in pottery and other materials, etc., a few items in silver including a bracelet, and several quartz wristwatches

LOT 679 £60/80 (11:12AM)

A collection of coins comprising a 1970 proof specimen set, a cased Isle of Man Queen Mother crown and an album of miscellaneous coins, mainly GB, mostly early to mid-20th century, but some earlier, some silver including four Victorian to George V rupee coins, GB, Scandinavia, Switzerland, etc., together with a small quantity of bank notes

LOT 681 £40/60 (11:14AM)

An unusual Victorian 'Antique Lace Album' for photographs, illustrating a variety of lace as a surround to the photograph aperture, in tooled black leather binding, retaining a number of period portrait and other photographs

LOT 682 £30/50 (11:14AM)

A carton containing a charming variety of vintage and later tribal and other items including wallets, combs, boxes, opera glasses, a Luxor travel alarm, figures, etc., together with a 1930s/40s album of postage stamps

LOT 683 £100/200 (11:14AM)

An interesting and extensive collection of postage stamps, generally mid-19th to mid-20th century, in albums, loose and on paper, including first day and other covers, some in vintage cigarette tins, etc.

LOT 684 £10/15 (11:14AM)

A large collection of vintage sports car bulletins, we have been told includes editions 97-250 (excluding 124 and 127), together with a members' year books etc. and a quantity of guide books

LOT 686 £30/40 (11:16AM)

Four Stanley Gibbons albums of The Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer each either full or well-represented with mint stamps of the Commonwealth, a stock book containing a small quantity of mint stamps and a Royal Events album of a gutter pair collection of Commonwealth countries, partially complete.

LOT 688 £40/60 (11:16AM)

A fascinating collection of photographs relating to the Burman removals company of London E1, in three frames, depicting their various vehicles including a horse drawn wagon, together with a antique poster advertising pantechnicon vans, in black with hand colouring printed by S Reeves of 13 Caledonian Road, London

LOT 689 £15/25 (11:19AM)

A selection of Gucci items comprising a magnifying glass, Kilo Gold pen knife, two ashtray boxes, a lighter holder and a gas lighter with sundry packaging, plus a signed book Beyond Beauty by Arlene Dahl made out to Aldo Gucci, and a Berchman engraving [next to jewellery cabinet]

LOT 690 £100/150 (11:19AM)

A collection of nine proof silver coins celebrating the 1972 Royal Silver Wedding anniversary comprising Cayman Islands 25 dollars, Bermuda dollar (x3), Guernsey 25p (x2), Gibraltar 25p (x2) and Isle of Man 25p, in original boxes, together with a Mexican silver 1968 Olympic 25 pesos, a 1964 Kennedy half dollar, 23 Guernsey 1966 10 shilling coins, a 1970 UK proof specimen set, four UK decimal coin wallets, together with several other coins [next to jewellery cabinet]

LOT 691 £30/40 (11:19AM)

A collection of medallions including a Lusitania 1915 cast iron medallion British propaganda type Keine Bann Ware, a King Edward VII Coronation medallion, nine Astor County Championships medallions, eleven County Rifle Club medallions including one in silver, two gilt metal pill boxes, a folding angler's pocket knife, a cartwheel penny, two small crucifixes, etc. [next to jewellery cabinet]

LOT 692 £40/60 (11:19AM)

A turn-of-the-century boxwood parasol handle in the form of a tiger with glass eyes, and a wooden Tibetan prayer wheel [next to jewellery cabinet]

LOT 693 £15/20 (11:21AM)

Five Lacemaker's Silver Bobbin cards to commemorate Royal events, including Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee and Prince Charles and Princess Anne's weddings [next to jewellery cabinet]

LOT 694 £100/150 (11:40AM)

A fine 19th century portrait miniature on ivory of a gentleman half length, against a sunset, in original ormolu mount and ebonised frame 8.9 in x 6.8 in overall, and a Georgian plaster portrait medallion of a gentleman, indistinctly inscribed in a gilt frame [next to jewellery cabinet]

LOT 695 £60/80 (11:40AM)

A Must De Cartier ballpoint pen no. 619666 with brushed silvery body and gilt mounts, together with three Sheaffer ballpoints and a Caran D'Ache ballpoint inscribed Banca del Gottardo [next to jewellery cabinet]

LOT 696 £20/30 (11:40AM)

A box of vintage men's and ladies' watches and watch parts, many on leather straps, including Bedford, Lorus, Meda, Mentor etc. [next to jewellery cabinet]

LOT 698 £50/70 (11:42AM)

A Victorian card case, in tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl and silver, and a tartanware snuffbox with vacant gilt metal escutcheon, 10.8 cm long and smaller

LOT 699 £150/200 (11:42AM)

A tortoiseshell circular snuffbox, circa 1800, probably French, the pull-off lid with a painting of a lady lyre player under glass within a gold border, 6.5 cm diameter

LOT 700 £40/60 (11:42AM)

Small items of vertu, comprising two boxes, a Swiss souvenir spoon and an elephant pepperette, all in silver and enamel, a Georgian tortoiseshell and silver etui, a snuffbox with portrait lid and a bone Japanese earring

LOT 701 £200/300 (11:42AM)

An interesting oval snuff box, the probably European 18th century silver hinged mount inset with two panels of mother-of-pearl, probably Chinese, 17th or 18th century, the lid carved with a bird holding a crayfish, the base with a Kylin, 7.6 cm long

LOT 702 £100/150 (11:44AM)

A pretty 1920s Continental handbag mirror in silver and enamel, painted with cattle in a river landscape, with leafy handle, 7.9 cm, London import mark for 1928; and a compact of similar form, apparently unmarked but tests as silver, painted with roses on a blue ground

LOT 706 £80/120 (11:47AM)

Two stylish silver and enamel compacts, one in royal blue, lacking mirror, the other applied with marcasite motif, maker's mark C&C, London import marks for 1926 and 1929, 6.1 cm and smaller, 122 gm

LOT 707 £80/120 (11:47AM)

Two pretty silver and enamel circular boxes in green and clear and blue and clear enamels, 4.2 cm and smaller, Birmingham 1912, together with a child's thimble case in silver and painted blue enamel on suspension ring, 37 gm

LOT 708 £120/150 (11:47AM)

Three silver and enamel boxes, comprising: a circular example with pull-off lid with a striped white pattern, Birmingham 1913; an oval ditto in pale blue, Birmingham 1911; and a Norwegian heavy gauge example by E.C.K. with hinged lid painted with pink rose garlands, Birmingham import mark for 1908, 6.3 cm long and smaller, 148 gm

LOT 709 £70/100 (11:47AM)

Four George V silver and enamel small items, comprising two pale blue circular compacts, a pink compact, 6.1 cm wide and smaller, with import marks, and a green book match case, 141 gm

LOT 711 £80/120 (11:49AM)

An unusual Edwardian inkwell in cut glass, the silver articulated cover fitted for a lady's fob watch and with Swiss fob watch in 935 silver case with later painted dial, Birmingham 1905, 6.6 cm high

LOT 712 £80/120 (11:49AM)

Three items of small silver, comprising: a good sovereign case engraved with scrolls and vacant panel, Birmingham 1907; a heart-shaped box stamped with an Art Nouveau female head and rococo scrolls, Birmingham 1901, 5.7 cm long and smaller; and an American circular box with pull-off lid initialled R, 96 gm

LOT 713 £120/150 (11:49AM)

A good mid-Victorian silver snuff box engraved with a vacant cartouche on a chequered engine-turned ground, 7.6 cm long, Birmingham 1860, maker's mark A.T, 91 gm

LOT 717 £0 (11:52AM)

A small 19th century Russian silver vodka cup with acid-etched glass liner, chased to simulate woven bark, St Petersburg maker PO in Cyrillic, 4.8 cm high overall, 26 gm of silver

LOT 718 £60/80 (11:54AM)

English silver, comprising an embossed watch stand, Birmingham 1903, with Goliath timepiece stamped Argentan; a child's mug; a mother-of-pearl salt on silver base; and a small Kiddush goblet in traditional style

LOT 720 £600/800 (12:10PM)

An impressive 'Tapered Templar' ring by Elizabeth Gage, in 18 ct white and yellow gold, collet-set with a large oval cabochon chrysophase and with 11 lapis, London 1972, approx. 16.7 gm gross

LOT 721 £300/400 (12:10PM)

A decorative ring of wide band form, unmarked but tests as 18 ct, collet-set in a floret motif with five diamonds and four emeralds, approx. 8 gm gross

LOT 726 £100/120 (12:12PM)

A 12 ct citrine five-stone ring, Birmingham 1922, a 9 ct bar brooch with metal pin and red stone, and knot motif pendant and short chain, both test as 9 ct, approx. 8.2 gm gross

LOT 728 £20/30 (12:14PM)

Small items, including a late Victorian 9 ct gold stick pin in case, meerschaum cheroot holder in case, gilt metal Beatrice patent case, three enamel buttons, silver stamp case, purse, medallion, etc.

LOT 730 £50/80 (12:14PM)

Three large 19th century shell cameos, carved with a quadriga and with classical heads, and three small examples with classical heads, 5.7 cm and smaller; together with a small carved agate cameo in black and white and various stone plaques, etc.

LOT 739 £200/300 (12:19PM)

A charming 19th century Swiss lady's fob watch, in silver-gilt (unmarked) and enamel, the back painted with a portrait of a young lady on a black ground, split pearl borders, key-wound movement

LOT 747 £800/1200 (12:24PM)

A attractive three-stone ring in 18 ct gold and platinum, claw-set with a round sapphire between two old mine-cut diamonds, estimated 85 points each, I colour, and V52 clarity

LOT 751 £350/450 (12:26PM)

A 1930s Rolex man's wristwatch in 9 ct gold, with 24 mm silvered dial, subsidiary seconds, 15 rubies, in tonneau cushion case, the case by RWC Ltd, Glasgow 1935, on later gilt-metal bracelet

LOT 753 £40/60 (12:29PM)

An antique pocket barometer signed 'Lennie Edinburgh', with silvered dial in gilt case; and another, signed 'Aitchison London', with outer case

LOT 755 £50/80 (12:29PM)

Jewellery, comprising: a late Victorian leaf and flower brooch in silver and gold set with rose diamonds and a pearl, in fitted case; a Bohemian garnet brooch with glazed locket back; a Mexican silver and amethyst poison ring; and sundry costume items, including pendants and chains