LOT 001A £50/80 (11:00AM)

Indo-Persian school, a watercolour of a dignitary and attendants seated in a howdah upon a richly apparelled elephant, within a painted border, script above and below (22 x 14 cm overall), large ebonised frame

LOT 003 £30/40 (11:00AM)

English school, circa 1900, two watercolours, of a self-portrait of Mme Vigee-Lebrun, palette in hand (oval 27 cm), gilt gessoed frame with cross-over ribbon reeded border, and of a girl gathering blossom signed Hine, framed (2)

LOT 004 £25/35 (11:02AM)

Three Oriental prints, including of a Pekinese dog (38 x 25.5 cm), of a lady in traditional dress, seated on a throne, and of a blossoming branch, and a needlework picture of an Oriental man standing below arching wisteria, playing a flute to a lady with a fan, chickens at their feet, all framed (4)

LOT 005 £20/40 (11:02AM)

Walter A. Elliott, 'The Story Book', a pastel of a child reading, signed (38 x 26 cm), and eight other portraits including Keith Turley, oils on board, 'Terry and June', signed and dated '06, signed on the reverse June Whitfield, 'Jake', by Jenny Pearson, of a Second World War soldier by V. Lowenhoff, signed, on sacking, of Anthony Rye Esq. by Eve Harwood, signed, verso with Royal Society of Portrait Painters label, seven framed (9)

LOT 006 £50/80 (11:02AM)

Continental school, early 20th century, oils on canvas, probably depicting St Cecilia wearing blue robes and a crown of roses at a chamber organ surrounded by seated angels, the sea and hills seen through arcaded windows in the background (86 x 114 cm)

LOT 007 £40/70 (11:02AM)

Paul Dessau, oils on board, Cubist still life of pots and jugs on a table, verso with New English Art Club label 55 x 120 cm), and four 20th century oil abstracts in oils, two signed, including R.M. Warwick, four framed (5)

LOT 009 £35/45 (11:04AM)

Chennet, two oils on canvas, one of coastal pines, the other of a woodland pool, both signed (largest 59 x 115 cm), together with a Raoul Dufy coloured print of the Riviera, after Joan Bleau a map of Wales, a signed Margaret Sutton horizontal triptych ruin and another coloured print, all framed (6)

LOT 010 £25/40 (11:04AM)

Thomas Rowden (1842-1926), 'Ponies on the Moor', watercolour (28 x 49 cm), and C. Trevor, a watercolour of a Highland loch, signed, both framed (2)

LOT 012 £30/50 (11:07AM)

Mu Kumanee, a pair of watercolours of figures and stilt houses in a Far Eastern fishing village, each signed (54 x 73 cm), framed; together with another watercolour of figures with buffalo in paddy fields, and two oils on canvas by F. Okebiyi, each signed and dated '87, of African women and musicians (5)

LOT 013 £40/60 (11:07AM)

Indian school, gouache on silk, a depiction of Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu god of beginnings, within a gold-painted border (56 x 45 overall)

LOT 014 £60/80 (11:07AM)

Indian school, watercolour on paper, a depiction of Ramprasad Sen (c.1718/c.1723-c.1775), Hindu Shakta poet and saint of 19th century Bengal, with a trident (48 x 37 cm)

LOT 015 £70/100 (11:07AM)

Indian school, gouache of a bay stallion standing in green pasture above deaunagar script, Rajistan (27 x 21 cm), framed, and an old framed print, 'Calcutta, the Esplanade' (2)

LOT 018 £800/1200 (11:09AM)

Kenneth Newton, 20th century, oils on canvas, still life with grapes, garlic, wine glasses and documents on a draped surface (33 x 54 cm), gilt wood border within a plain wood frame

LOT 019 £80/150 (11:09AM)

A map: 'The Dominions of the Czar of Russia Alba or Great Duke of Moscovia…Described by Sanson, Corrected and Amended by William Berry, 1682' (57.5 x 88.5 cm), framed

LOT 020 £50/80 (11:12AM)

CFA (?), monogram, circa 1900, watercolour, a broad river landscape with a figure on a path, grazing cattle and sheep in the middle distance and distant hills with a village, signed (62 x 73 cm), and a signed oil river landscape with a cottage, gilt frames (2)

LOT 021 £40/70 (11:12AM)

R.A. Macgillivray, oils on board, shipping at sunset seen from the shoreline, signed (39 x 75 cm), and Stefferi, oils on canvas, breaking waves at sunset, signed, both framed (2)

LOT 023 £750/850 (11:14AM)

A. de Groote, oils on panel, a busy street scene with market stalls, figures, and children at play, signed (45 x 36 cm), pierced foliate gilt wood frame

LOT 024A £60/100 (11:14AM)

Jak (Raymond Allen Jackson, 1927-1997), two original cartoons, drawn in pen and wash, one featuring the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh: 'It's Rothschilds, begging for financial advice again!' and the other N.M. Rothschild & Sons, Merchant Bankers, with the bank shown next door to a Kentucky take-away shop, 'Fred Rothschild', each with caption in pencil, the first with date Tuesday 5 February 1991 and instructions for setting (each approx. 51 x 59 cm overall); together with an oil on canvas of a Greek landscape by Andreas Pappous, signed and dated 2001 (?), all framed (3)

LOT 025 £30/50 (11:14AM)

G. Schmitt, pencil on paper, a sketch of low trees beside a pool, signed (20 x 26 cm), and another by G. Schmitt of a cottage, signed; together with a pencil sketch of cottages, unsigned, two small engravings of a child's head and of two figures on an empty road, and three French prints after original works in the Louvre (8)

LOT 028 £60/90 (11:16AM)

Peter de Wint, RWS, watercolour, 'Lower Hope, Windsor' (29 x 42 cm), reverse of frame with inscribed Fine Art Society label; together with five other watercolours and wash paintings including by W. Berman, signed, all framed (6)

LOT 030 £40/60 (11:19AM)

Roca, an oils of an Alpine chalet, signed (47 x 38 cm), another Alpine landscape with lake, oils on canvas, and two woodland and lake landscapes, oils by David James and Ray Jesmond (?), both signed, all framed (4)

LOT 031 £35/45 (11:19AM)

Ernest Fedarb, watercolour, 'Cornflowers', signed, 1986 (48.5 x 40 cm), reverse of frame with Sally Hunter Fine Art Ltd label; and three other paintings of flowers, various media, and a large gouache of a bright interior with French windows and flowers by Elaine Fine, signed and dated 89, all framed (5)

LOT 032 £30/50 (11:19AM)

Indo-Persian school, a gouache on fine cotton of a maharajah holding court (85 x 56 cm), framed, together with two pairs of multi-media works on canvas by Patricia Barat, each signed and dated verso, featuring classical masks; and five other items including pictures of Thai dancers and hunters, an Eastern lion, a full-length image of an Egyptian mummy, etc. (10)

LOT 033 £30/40 (11:19AM)

12 old framed prints and one unframed, including of children on the shore, 'What are the wild waves saying?' (46 x 59 cm), an old golfing print, 'The Royal St George's Sandwich' after I. Bromley-Davenport, signed by the artist in pencil in the margin, a lady after Gainsborough, 'The trial of Thomas Earl of Strafford' after Fisk, etc. (13)

LOT 034 £2000/3000 (11:21AM)

Charles Joseph Grips, oils on panel, a Continental interior with a woman at an open window, signed and dated 1876 (43.5 x 34.5 cm), shaped and pierced foliate gilt wood frame, reverse with Cooling Galleries, New Bond Street, London label

LOT 036 £0 (11:21AM)

Follower of Copley Fielding, watercolour, 'Loch Achray 1845', with figures on a path, bearing signature and date 1845 (52.5 x 81.5 cm), gilt frame

LOT 037 £25/40 (11:21AM)

Oils on canvas, a Greek island fishing village, signed (in Greek) and dated 93 and signed and inscribed verso (47.5 x 67 cm), together with an oils on canvas of a Spanish village signed Philo and dated 56, both framed, and a signed oil on canvas of a Mediterranean village with a palm tree (3)

LOT 038 £200/300 (11:24AM)

R.G. Coslett, pastel and charcoal, of a man in a turban with a sword, after Rubens, signed and dated 1833 (59 x 48.5 cm), shaped gilt frame with foliate decoration

LOT 040 £30/40 (11:24AM)

Oils on canvas, 'Pulp Fiction', signed with initials, inscribed and dated 6.4.2006 verso (60 x 80 cm), and an oil portrait of a reclining dark-haired siren, signed with initials KW and dated '98, gilt frame (2)

LOT 041 £800/1500 (11:24AM)

Sir Gerald Kelly PRA, oils on board, 'Landing-place: Minbu No. II', a Burmese scene with figures, 1908 (20 x 26 cm), gilt frame, reverse with inscription and Art Exhibitions Bureau label

LOT 042 £30/45 (11:26AM)

Edwin F. Try, oils on canvas, a village wedding, signed and dated 1958 (49.5 x 59 cm), and an oils on canvas English summer landscape, both framed (2)

LOT 043 £25/35 (11:26AM)

Chad Clay (?), oils on canvas, a rushing river in a rocky gorge with silver birches, signed (61.5 x 75.5 cm), framed, Roberts Gallery, Islington label, and an oils on canvas of a woodland cottage by a river, signed Remda (2)

LOT 045 £80/150 (11:26AM)

A pair of watercolour portraits of a Japanese man and woman in traditional dress, she holding a parasol, he with a fan and a sword at his belt (each 68 x 30.5 cm), framed (2)

LOT 046 £50/70 (11:28AM)

A group of framed pencil portrait and figure studies, comprising four of women and one of a man in late 19th century costume (largest 33 x 22.5 cm) (5)

LOT 047 £30/40 (11:28AM)

Ray J. Brown, mixed media, 'Sonata IV', signed (52 x 38 cm); Peter Jacques, a limited edition print (9/35) 'High Street Circe', numbered, titled, signed and dated 1982 in pencil in the margin; an abstract of musicians; and an abstract print, all framed (4)

LOT 048 £40/70 (11:28AM)

Kenyatta Ray, limited edition print (11/125), 'Going Home', numbered, titled, signed and dated 7/94 in pencil in the margin (29 x 43 cm); artist's proof, 'Moon over Morocco', titled, signed (illegible) and dated 98 in pencil in the margin; and K. Kisa, limited edition print (15/50), 'The Wise Ones', numbered, titled, signed and dated 97 in pencil in the margin, all framed (3)

LOT 053 £30/40 (11:31AM)

Italian school, oils, a small portrait of a young girl in a white blouse and yellow shawl (oval 17 cm), shaped foliate gilt wood frame, and a framed print of a girl in a red scarf (2)

LOT 055 £40/60 (11:33AM)

John Nelson Pearce, oils on canvas, seated female nude, signed or inscribed verso (64 x 49 cm), together with six other nude studies, including an abstract and a pair, various media, six framed (7)

LOT 058 £30/50 (11:36AM)

Mary Hamilton-Mack, watercolour and pastel, a tug boat in a city river (40 X 52 cm), and another by the same hand, watercolour and pastel, busy shipping in a city port, both framed, reverse of one with label for Kensington & Chelsea Artists' Annual Exhibition 196… (2)

LOT 060 £30/40 (11:36AM)

Erica Macdonald, pastels, 'Courtyard', signed with initials and dated 93 (30 x 42 cm), framed, reverse with submission label for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 1994

LOT 061 £30/50 (11:36AM)

H. Kruger, after Rembrandt, oils on canvas, Samson and Delilah, signed and dated 'cop.' 1929, inscribed verso (60 x 50 cm), and another large oil of a lady with a cavalier, signed (illegible), both framed (2)

LOT 064 £30/50 (11:38AM)

Gao Made, 1992, a large Chinese watercolour showing Zhong Kui viewing the plum blossom, with Chinese script poem describing the purity and beauty of plum blossom and snow, seal mark (65 cm square), framed

LOT 065 £30/40 (11:38AM)

A mixed lot, comprising: S. Rosen, watercolour, Jewish scholars in a Jerusalem street, signed and dated 5/7/68 (48.5 x 17 cm), together with a cartoon by Vicky, 'For this relief, much thanks…', a comment on funding for a national theatre and defence spending, accompanied by a book on the cartoonist, and two Oriental pictures, one stitched on silk, the other depicting a floating market, all framed (4)

LOT 066 £30/60 (11:40AM)

Continental school, oils, a pair of rural landscapes with figures and windmills (each oval 37 x 44 cm), turned gilt wood frames applied with garlands of flowers (2)

LOT 068 £40/60 (11:40AM)

Scott Burns, watercolour, 'The Market at La [sic] Lavandou', signed (27.5 x 38 cm), reverse of frame with Mall Galleries and King Street Galleries labels; together with C. Dick, watercolour of a Southern landscape with hilltop village, signed and dated 1909, moulded gilt frame; and a large framed watercolour of a Far Eastern street scene (3)

LOT 069 £25/35 (11:40AM)

A collection of old prints mainly of Harrow and Harrow School, including an engraving signed E. Piper, also a print, 'The Towns-End' after Dighton, and a print of a drawing of Napoleon, signed, a small pair of gilt-framed Oriental pictures, and two small watercolours, one 'Conspirators' and the other of herbaceous borders in a summer garden (quantity)

LOT 073 £30/50 (11:43AM)

Birket, RWS, oils on canvas, crowds in a summer pleasure garden, signed and dated 1856 (70 x 100 cm), a large oils on canvas depicting the execution of a young queen, and a large framed tapestry picture of ladies with their gallants in a garden (3)

LOT 075 £30/40 (11:45AM)

C. Grant, black and white chalk, possibly the Seine in Paris at dusk, signed and dated 97 (48 x 72 cm), gilt wood frame with pierced foliate border

LOT 076 £30/50 (11:45AM)

Jennifer Carla Percival, oils on board, 'Still Life with Autumn Leaves', signed with initials (23 x 24 cm), modern plain wood frame, reverse with submission label for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 1993

LOT 077 £50/80 (11:45AM)

Roger Dellar, oils, 'Umbrellas', showing a street cafe (22.5 x 29.5 cm), modern wood frame, reverse with submission label for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 1997 and label for Llewellyn Alexander Ltd

LOT 078 £50/80 (11:48AM)

Patrick Shaw, oils, 'Canal Scene, Bruges', signed (23 x 18.5 cm), gilt frame, reverse with submission label for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 1997; and Andrew King, oil on board, 'Winter Sun, Wickmere, signed and dated 97, modern 'marbled' frame; both with labels for Llewellyn Alexander Ltd (2)

LOT 082 £25/35 (11:50AM)

Meyer, oils, abstract in oranges, signed (75 x 59cm), framed, and three other modern oils including of a seabird diving for fish and B.J. Fenwick, '…auf meinem Stuhl II', 1986 (4)

LOT 083 £60/100 (11:50AM)

Attributed to Henry John Sylvester Stannard, a watercolour, "Water Meadows beside the River Ouse", indistinctly signed (34 x 39 cm); and Steffens, oils on board, a fenland landscape with willows and a windmill, signed, both framed (2)

LOT 084 £40/70 (11:50AM)

A pair of fabric, metal thread and sequinned 3D pictures of richly apparelled elephants and their riders, each scene within a worked border (each 49 cm square), gilt frames (2)

LOT 085 £50/80 (11:50AM)

After Hogarth, a group of six 20th century reprints of scenes from 'Marriage a la Mode' (each 60 x 46 cm), ebonised frames with formal flowerhead borders (6)

LOT 086 £50/80 (11:52AM)

Clara Burton, oils on canvas, a portrait of an elderly man in a scarlet and black uniform, signed and dated 1897, French canvas (44.5 x 37 cm), gilt frame with laurel leaf border

LOT 087 £25/40 (11:52AM)

Three framed sanguine prints after old masters, including after Guercino, and a 20th century pencil drawing of a leaning figure (largest 21 x 29 cm) (4)

LOT 088 £15=25 (11:52AM)

Doris Hisgap (?), oils on board, scarlet amaryllis blooms in a black vase, signed and dated 1961 (64 x 46 cm), and a print of dahlias in a Chinese vase after Tretchikoff, both framed

LOT 089 £30/50 (11:52AM)

Witold Popiel, oils on canvas, a surrealist depiction of a table ball game against a cloudy sky background, signed, and signed and dated 1985 verso (64.5 x 64.5 cm), green-painted wood frame

LOT 090 £80/120 (11:55AM)

G. Cilen (?), circa 1920, oils on canvas, a three-quarter-length portrait of a young woman seated in a gilt-framed chair, wearing a white dress and red shawl, signed (90 x 70 cm), gilt wood frame

LOT 091 £10/15 (11:55AM)

A small collection of old prints, including 'Hall of the Skinners' Company', the mount with signatures and date 11 January 1991, various prints of Harrow and Pinner, and of Winchester and Durham cathedrals, etc. (7)

LOT 092 £30/40 (11:55AM)

Frances St. Clair Miller, a limited edition (70/90) print of Venice, 'The Fruit Barge', numbered, titled and signed in pencil in the margin (56 x 37 cm), gilt frame; together with seven other various prints and a photograph of a city canal (8)

LOT 093 £30/40 (11:55AM)

After Marc Chagall, limited edition print (346/500), 'Les amoureux de la Tour Eiffel', printed signature and numbered in pencil in the margin (75 x 52 cm), silver-painted frame

LOT 094 £30/40 (11:57AM)

Dietz Enzard, oils on board, a Southern lakeside village, signed (15 x 29 cm), gilt and black frame, reverse inscribed 'Dietz Enzard 55', two further oils including of Death seated beside a stooped figure on a lakeside wall, signed DNR, a small watercolour of Burton End, Melton Mowbray, and three prints, all framed (7)

LOT 095 £30/40 (11:57AM)

David Birtwhistle, limited edition print (39/250), 'The Guildhall, Worcester', numbered, signed and dated '75 in pencil in the margin (cm); Michael Westby, watercolour, 'Worcester', signed, and a print of Worcester Cathedral, all framed; and six various watercolours and oils including of a snow-covered landscape, signed (signature obscured by mount) (9)

LOT 096 £30/40 (11:57AM)

Liz Stewart-Liberty, watercolour, summer flowers spilling out from a conch shell, signed and dated '84 (49 x 62 cm), and Jacqueline Ohanian, watercolour, 'Spring Messenger', signed, gilt frames (2)