LOT 001 £30/50 (11:00AM)

A good selection of late 19th/early 20th century watercolours, including of a North African oasis, Venice, and RMS 'Narkunda' by G. Allcot, signed and dated 1914, also two oils and a print of a hunt after Holiday (quantity)

LOT 003 £30/40 (11:00AM)

'Lamorne Cove, Cornwall' by R. G. Roe, c.1920, oil on canvas, signed with initials verso (24.5 x 34 cm), wood frame, and a small collection of various other oils, a watercolour, prints, etc. (quantity)

LOT 004 £30/40 (11:00AM)

An Alpine chalet in the snow by H. Kohler, signed, watercolour (23 x 28 cm), another watercolour of a town house with church, and a print after Monet, all framed (3)

LOT 005 £25/35 (11:02AM)

A still life of fruit and foliage in a jar, mid-20th century, oil on canvas (59 x 48 cm), and 'Copse Wood', oil on board, with torn artist's label to reverse, both framed (2)

LOT 008 £30/40 (11:02AM)

'View from Beacon Hotel, Hindhead', in the manner of J.W.M. Turner, oils (16 x 24 cm), gilt wood frame, reverse with pencil inscription and label for Francis Draper, 110 Albany Street, N.W.,and old auction cataloguing as 'Turner'

LOT 011 £30/40 (11:04AM)

English School, first half of the 20th century, a portrait of a young boy with fair hair and blue eyes, wearing a grey jersey, oil on metal (34 x 23.5 cm), gilt wood frame

LOT 012 £35/50 (11:04AM)

'Ruins of Bannachra Castle, near Loch Lomond, the seat of Mr Lachlan' by J. Prentice, signed and dated 22 June 1872 and inscribed, watercolour (12.5 x 30 cm), reverse of frame with inscribed label, and a larger watercolour of a mountainous landscape with waterfall, late 19th century, gilt frames (2)

LOT 013 £30/50 (11:07AM)

Two oils of Continental landscapes, one a wintry scene with skaters, signed Huisman, the other a broad river landscape (each 19 x 24 cm), gilt frames, the corners with foliate scrolling (2)

LOT 014 £40/70 (11:07AM)

'A Dutch Galiot Leaving the Tyne' by Robert Watson, signed and dated 1870, oils (21 x 29 cm), ebonised frame with reeded border, reverse with inscribed label: 'Reframed Aug. 1911 by Adam M. Gott'

LOT 015 £35/55 (11:07AM)

The Spanish Steps, Rome, by A. de Rosa, signed, watercolour (20 x 30.5 cm), and two watercolours by Zillah Pettit, both signed and dated 1982 and inscribed 'Back Street, Amorgos, Greece' and 'Roughlees Farm, with Cheviots in the distance (Rothbury – Scots Gap road) Northumberland', all framed (3)

LOT 016 £25/40 (11:07AM)

'On the Dove, near Mappleton, Derbyshire' by Dixon Clark, 1880, signed with monogram, oils (30 x 26.5 cm), ebonised frame, reverse with inscription and date

LOT 019 £30/40 (11:09AM)

A pair of prints of Barbizon, France, after Fasano: 'Maison de Millet en 1880' and 'Maison de Rousseau', each inscribed and signed in pencil in the margin by the artist, together with a small sepia watercolour of fishermen by clapboard houses, and seven other various watercolours and oils (10)

LOT 020 £25/35 (11:09AM)

Abstract by Max Rummel, signed and dated (19)61, watercolour (63.5 x 52 cm), clip frame, and a folder of loose similar pieces of art in watercolour and ink, some signed, dates 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, the folder inscribed 'Max Rummelsburg' [T]

LOT 024 £30/60 (11:12AM)

Three watercolours of North African landscapes by Frank C. Holme, two signed, comprising two camel riders with pyramids in the background (28.5 x 14 cm), a camel train near an oasis, and a camel train near pyramids, all framed (3)

LOT 025 £25/35 (11:14AM)

A set of four flower prints after Franz Andreas Bauer, a set of six prints of fruit, a further three flower prints, and a print of tropical birds, all framed (14)

LOT 026 £30/50 (11:14AM)

A Highland torrent in full spate in a wooded ravine, signed (illegible), early 19th century, oil on board (44 x 33 cm), gilt wood frame applied with scrolling decoration, and a smaller Highland landscape with a cottage beside a loch, oil on board, gilt frame (2)

LOT 027 £30/50 (11:14AM)

Summer flowers in a vase set on a plinth by F. Hartman, signed, oil on panel (19 x 24 cm), and a smaller oil of two kittens, foliate gilt frames (2)

LOT 029 £25/40 (11:16AM)

A macaw, perched on tropical foliage above a river, by R. Restiou (?), signed, oil on canvas (49 x 39 cm), gilt wood frame; together with a portrait of a Chinese woman seated in an interior, smoking, signed Ky… Soe and dated 90, framed (2)

LOT 030 £15/25 (11:16AM)

'A Sussex Barn, Alfriston' by K. Ellebeck, signed, oil on board (20 x 28.5 cm), gilt frame, together with other small oils, an icon, decorative portrait miniature, prints, etc. (quantity)

LOT 031 £25/40 (11:16AM)

A pair of watercolours of tall-masted ships tossed on stormy seas, English School, circa 1900 (each 30.5 x 53 cm), framed, reverse with label for Boydell Galleries, Liverpool (2)

LOT 032 £15/30 (11:16AM)

Two 19th century maritime scenes: 'Hauling Out', pencil and white bodycolour on paper (22 x 29 cm), and 'The Ellora', dated June 10, 61, showing passengers on deck, watercolour, both framed (2)

LOT 033 £15/25 (11:19AM)

A miscellaneous lot of pictures, including a framed French poster, 'La Valse des Lapins', framed, framed reproductions, etc., and a set of three Cash machine-woven small pictures of butterflies on summer flowers (quantity)

LOT 034 £15/30 (11:19AM)

'Configuration' by Howard D. Adams, signed, an abstract in shades of yellow, orange and brown, oil on board (60 x 86 cm), gilt frame, reverse with typed label (originally sold for 75 guineas)

LOT 035 £15/25 (11:19AM)

A miscellaneous lot of posters, prints, etc., including a framed David Hockney exhibition poster, Leslie Sacks, Johannesburg, a framed 'Balloon View of London', set of three small framed theatrical prints of actors in Shakespearean roles, etc. (quantity)

LOT 036 £25/40 (11:19AM)

A view of Tower Bridge from bombed buildings, with children playing in the ruins, signed Byrd and dated (19)50, watercolour (40 x 47 cm), and an abstract sketch of three figures entwined by Geoff Sanderson, signed and dated 1967, both framed (2)

LOT 037 £30/45 (11:21AM)

'"Scotland for Ever!" The charge of the Scots Greys at Waterloo', a print after a painting by Lady Butler (47 x 75 cm), wood frame; and a large petit point picture of a cardinal with attendants bearing gifts, gilt gessoed wood frame with foliate decoration (2)

LOT 039 £30/45 (11:21AM)

Three paintings on glass, including two framed as a pair, of mountain and lake landscapes with figures and ruins (each approx. 39 x 60 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 041 £60/100 (11:24AM)

'Jenny's peonies', an interior, with peonies in a Chinese vase and fruit, by John Martin, signed, oil on canvas (44.5 x 49 cm), painted and gilt frame; and 'Sunlight in the Barn' by Peter John Garrard, reverse of frame with label (2)

LOT 042 £25/35 (11:24AM)

A framed print in green and yellow of a plant in a jar signed G. Braque (40 x 30 cm), various flower pictures including one of foxgloves by Jill Jones, signed, framed, and a pair of watercolour landscapes by L.M. Dufty, signed, framed (7)

LOT 043 £30/50 (11:24AM)

'Autumn fields' by Mark Bradshaw, signed with initials, oil on paper (34.5 x 48 cm), painted frame, reverse with inscribed label; and a North African street of white houses, signed (illegible), oil on board, framed (2)

LOT 044 £40/60 (11:26AM)

'Set for: "A Perfect Analysis Given by a Parrot" by Tennessee Williams' by Patrick Stackhouse, inscribed, signed and dated 1960, gouache (27 x 33.5 cm), and a dedicated Christmas greeting for 1969, showing an interior with Christmas tree, signed DL, chalks on paper, both framed (2)

LOT 045 £30/45 (11:26AM)

'Cloigteach Eaglais, Lusca (Round Tower & Church, Lusk, Co. Dublin)' by Fred McElwee, signed, 1966, oil on canvas (39 x 49 cm), framed, with typed label; together with an oil of two cats signed MH and dated 2001 (2)

LOT 048 £30/45 (11:28AM)

A steamship, 'Hugh Taylor', with pennants flying in the Bay of Naples by De Sanvino, signed and dated July 1971, watercolour (40 x 64 cm), and a watercolour sketch of boats at anchor, both framed (2)

LOT 054 £30/50 (11:31AM)

Four unframed oils by Alex MacInnes, comprising 'Houses in a Lothian landscape, Scotland', signed and dated 2003 verso (30 x 42.5 cm), two signed and dated 2002 verso, including 'Composition in blue and red', and another abstract (4)

LOT 055 £30/50 (11:31AM)

An unframed mixed media painting of a Byzantine church signed Wenezka, on canvas (60 x 86 cm), a colourful geometric painting by P. Grange, signed and dated (19)76, oil on canvas, unframed, another mixed media abstract, and three oils comprising two of tropical subjects and another of an English river landscape (6)

LOT 056 £0 (11:33AM)

A kitchen scene, with pots and pans, by John Martin, signed with initials and dated (19)88, gouache (23 x 32 cm), and two small watercolours: an abstract and a still-life of a jug of roses signed Dorf and dated (19)86, all framed (3)

LOT 057 £30/50 (11:33AM)

'East Coast (Kent, England)' by G. Spence, signed, (19)86, with sailing boats in a calm bay, gouache (20.5 x 14.5 cm), reverse of frame with inscription, and a framed watercolour, 'Meadows' by Dorothy Hepworth, circa 1950 (2)

LOT 059 £40/70 (11:36AM)

Figures on the shoreline by Robert G.D. Alexander, watercolour and pencil (23 x 34.5 cm), gilt frame, reverse inscribed; and a beach scene with figures and parasols, signed JOM and dated (19)85, bleached wood frame (2)

LOT 060 £30/50 (11:36AM)

'Rocquaine Bay, Guernsey' by George William Collins, inscribed and signed with initials, oil on paper (17 x 20), gilt frame, reverse with inscription

LOT 061 £25/40 (11:36AM)

'The Valley near Aigaliers' by Peter John Garrard, signed with initials, inscribed label verso, oil on board (14.5 x 24.5 cm), two other oils including 'Captain Cook's Cottage' by Laurel Bartlett, signed and dated (19)88, and a pair of small watercolours of barn interiors by T.R. Ablett, all framed (5)

LOT 062 £25/40 (11:36AM)

Beached boats with seagulls signed Samar, watercolour (266.5 x 37 cm), and a watercolour of an estuary at low tide by J. Bryans, signed, both framed (2)

LOT 063 £25/35 (11:38AM)

'Balcony & Oranges', a limited edition print (42/195) by Ilana Richmond (?), signed and inscribed in pencil in the margin (47 x 63 cm), gilt frame; together two framed oils: an abstract and a boat on an Eastern river by Ronald Wong, signed (3)

LOT 066 £400/600 (11:38AM)

'Love's Labours Lost: The Set' by Cecil Beaton, signed, watercolour, for The Old Vic, London, 1954 (46,5 x 52 cm), gilt frame, reverse with labels for The Arts Council of Great Britain exhibition and catalogue (this item was no. 9 in the catalogue)

LOT 067 £60/80 (11:40AM)

An entertaining portrait, 'Chelsea Man' by Heinz Schumi, signed and inscribed 'Chelsea/October/No 1st Pencil on Oil/No 55/2006', showing a full-length suited figure in silver, bronze and gold oils on pencil, on canvas, mounted on a stretcher, the stretcher and reverse sides of the canvas being covered with a narrative inscription, addresses, dates, etc. (60 x 20 cm); together with a full-length portrait of a nude male figure, white gouache and hatched ink, signed or inscribed Harry Brockway Dec. 81, framed (2)

LOT 069 £40/60 (11:40AM)

An abstract study of three nude figures signed Hearnden and dated (19)66, oil with ballpoint delineation (39.5 x 32 cm), and a large watercolour portrait of a lady in a broad-brimmed hat by Ken Stout (?), signed and dated 1961, both framed (2)

LOT 070 £30/40 (11:40AM)

A pen and ink drawing of a couple jiving by Sheila Camera, signed, probably 1960s (19 x 12 cm), together with a full-length nude figure, black and grey wash on paper, inscribed 'Happy Birthday Mina! Love Nick' and signed with initials NH, and a small photograph of a male nude sketch, all framed (3)

LOT 071 £20/30 (11:43AM)

'Venice', artist's proof, signed Marcella and titled in pencil in the margin (18.5 x 19.5 cm), framed, an unframed limited edition print (4.20), 'Siren', by Marcella, signed, titled and numbered in pencil on the mount, a limited edition print (10/75), 'The Great Barn' by Simon Latimer, signed, numbered and titled in pencil in the margin, framed; and three other items (6)

LOT 072 £40/60 (11:43AM)

An abstract pencil and wash design in lime green by Sagh, signed and dated 51 (40.5 x 32.5 cm), maple frame with gilt slip; together with a drawing of a plant in black chalk, an industrial scene with railway in charcoal, and a gouache of a lighthouse atop chalk cliffs by M. Racklif (?), signed, all framed (4)

LOT 073 £40/70 (11:43AM)

An abstract still life of a bowl of fruit signed Major, oil on canvas (45 x 55 cm), painted wood frame; and two other still lifes of fruit, one framed (3)

LOT 074 £100/120 (11:43AM)

A snow-covered landscape at sunset, cottages beyond a river, by V. Emanuelov, signed, oil on canvas (41.5 x 51.5 cm), painted wood frame with gilt highlights to the foliate decoration

LOT 075 £15/30 (11:45AM)

'Floral Tribute, Westminster', a limited edition coloured print by Hermione Thornton Lofthouse, 25/200, signed, titled and numbered in pencil in the margin (35.5 x 51 cm), gilt wood frame

LOT 078 £35/45 (11:45AM)

'The Last Journey of "Victory", 1922', a coloured print after Wyllie (49 x 40 cm), gilt frame, together with five small prints of naval officers, a pair of old boxing prints, other prints, a decorative picture of jockeys racing, an oil of a sailing ship, and a print of the statue of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens signed Rowland Langmaid in the margin, etc., together with a frame of 50 Player's cigarette cards featuring the Navy (quantity)

LOT 079 £30/40 (11:48AM)

An oil of a parakeet perched on a branch eating fruit, by Gerald Hulme, signed, oil on board (33 x 23 cm), together with an oil of a kingfisher and a watercolour of exotic songbirds on a blossoming branch both by Gerald Hulme, signed; together with a small watercolour landscape dated 1869, all framed (4)

LOT 080 £50/60 (11:48AM)

An Alpine landscape from the lowlands, a river through woodland with meadows and mountains beyond, signed Dixon, oil on board (51 x 58 cm), gilt frame

LOT 082 £30/60 (11:48AM)

Figures on a riverside path, a bridge in the distance, probably by John Moore, circa 2000, oil on board (19 x 32 cm), and another small oil of a coastal landscape with woodland by John Moore, 2013, both in painted and gilt-highlighted wood frames (2)

LOT 083 £15/25 (11:50AM)

A street in a southern town, signed Peter, oil on board (60 x 45 cm), and three other pictures including a pastel of a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean by M. Marti, signed and dated (19)81, a watercolour by the same hand, and an oil of an Eastern river with boats at sunset, all framed (4)

LOT 084 £15/25 (11:50AM)

A panorama of a subtropical landscape, perhaps Australia, circa 2000, oil on canvas (75 x 95 cm), and an oil on board of the Parthenon, both unframed (2)

LOT 085 £50/90 (11:50AM)

'The Trossachs' by W. Collins, signed and inscribed, showing a wooded river valley with mountains beyond, oils (37 x 75 cm), shaped gilt frame with foliate decoration

LOT 086 £25/35 (11:50AM)

A collection of old prints, including of Sarah, duchess of Marlborough, after Kneller, 'Hogarth' frame, and a later print, 'A Chip of the Old Block', and photographs, etc.

LOT 087 £60/100 (11:52AM)

Sheep foraging in snow-covered fields by Frank Hider, signed and dated 1904, watercolour (34 x 51 cm), gilt gessoed wood frame with beaded border and ivy leaf decoration

LOT 088 £25/35 (11:52AM)

'Lysander' by Mike Gaber, signed, showing the World War II aircraft in flight, oil on canvas (38 x 50 cm), framed, together with a framed print of a grounded aircraft and crew after Coulson (2)

LOT 089 £80/120 (11:52AM)

Scottish soldiers in the hills above a Highland loch, Scottish School, probably late 19th century, oil on canvas (45 x 57.5 cm), substantial gilt wood frame applied with shell and scrolling acanthus decoration

LOT 090 £25/35 (11:52AM)

A miscellaneous lot including a wash sketch of a young woman reclining, framed, an oil of a clown signed Wooldridge, old prints, small Chinese pictures on rice paper including of a man under torture, etc. (quantity)

LOT 092 £15/25 (11:55AM)

An early 20th century pencil portrait of a young woman, 'Grace', by Maggie Dales, early 20th century, gilt frame, and a quantity of old prints including a large framed print of Highland cattle, old photographs, etc., also an Oriental embroidered panel with a peacock and a tray with a glass-painted picture of a peacock (quantity)

LOT 093 £20/30 (11:55AM)

A collection of framed prints and reproductions including a signed limited edition print of a tiger after Steven Townsend, topographical prints including of Torquay, an engraving of a church signed Henry Daniel in the margin, etc., and a small watercolour of a southern harbour (quantity) [facing top of stairs]

LOT 096 £60/80 (11:57AM)

'Chateau Correze', a limited edition etching by Anthony Gross, 277/500, numbered in pencil in the margin (16.5 x 23.5 cm), wood frame (probably one of an edition of 500 printed by the artist's daughter Mary West at the artist's studio circa 1984 and printed by Merivale Editions)

LOT 097 £35/55 (11:57AM)

An extensive collection of old prints, photographs, engravings, etc., including 'Cupid playing at trap ball!!' after Cruikshank, a map of 'The Sommer Ilands once called the Bermudas', a set of steeplechase prints, a print of Henry VI, a Spy print of an academic, etc., and a charming old photograph of two children with a toy yacht (quantity)

LOT 098 £30/50 (11:57AM)

A small sepia sketch, French School, probably early 19th century, showing figures in an interior, perhaps a stage-set, one dressed as an ass, the other as a dog, stamped (11 x 16 cm), the mount inscribed Grandville, gilt frame; and a small portrait of a lady of circa 1770, turned ebonised frame (2)