LOT 001 £20/30 (11:00AM)

Tito Pellicciotti, an oils on canvas laid to board of a donkey and a sheep in a manger, signed (30 x 38 cm), framed; together with George Paice, oils on panel, a Golden Retriever, signed, swept gilt frame (2)

LOT 007 £20/40 (11:02AM)

A mixed lot of framed and unframed prints, cut-outs, lithographs and etchings, etc., including a castle after John Piper, a print of a Native American by Bill Reid, clip frames, Japanese prints, etc. (quantity) [by cafe door and railings opposite]

LOT 008 £80/150 (11:02AM)

Soulie (19th century French), a pair of oils on canvas, a bridge and mountain pass and an Alpine river view, both signed, one dated 1856 (56 x 67 cm), gilt swept frames (2)

LOT 012 £20/25 (11:04AM)

A pair of early 20th century Continental School oils on panel of a coastal scene and fishing boats, each indistinctly signed (11 x 20 cm), both framed, and five other pictures (7)

LOT 014 £60/80 (11:07AM)

J. Lavery, a 19th century school oils on canvas portrait of a woman wearing a gold locket, indistinctly signed top left-hand corner (76 x 63 cm), unframed

LOT 015 £30/50 (11:07AM)

Nasmith, 20th century school, oils on canvas portrait of a woman wearing an off-the-shoulder gown, signed and dated (45 x 35 cm), parcel gilt swept frame

LOT 016 £30/50 (11:07AM)

A 19th century school oils on canvas portrait of a young woman with a silver locket and holding a Chinese feather fan, signed with monogram JES (?) and dated 1884 (31 x 23 cm), framed

LOT 017 £20/30 (11:09AM)

M. Goodman, a pastel of sheep grazing within a ring of standing stones, Cumbria, signed (29 x 40 cm), framed; together with a watercolour, 'Broomfield, Kent', signed and dated, framed (2)

LOT 018 £35/50 (11:09AM)

Lienkie Lombard, an oils on board, three girls picking wildflowers, signed (50 x 75 cm); and four other items, comprising a print on textile, 'Babes in the wood', a woodland scene by Anthony Speed, a limited edition signed print 'Park Pond', and a print after Norma Nelson, 'Yew Tree Farm', all framed (5) [by table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 020 £20/30 (11:09AM)

A pair of modern abstract prints in 'bronzed' frames, three further prints, comprising two of spaniels and one of polo players, and a laminated map of southern England (6) [by cafe door]

LOT 031 £60/80 (11:16AM)

J.W. Whymper, R.I., watercolour of Arundel Castle with cattle and a figure in the foreground (36 x 47 cm), framed, reverse with fragment of Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours exhibition

LOT 041 £20/40 (11:24AM)

After Meissonier, a steel engraving, 'The Tavern Sign Painter', signed in the block by the artist and in pencil in the margin by the engraver (60 x 47 cm), framed

LOT 047 £30/40 (11:26AM)

J.C. Moody, a view of Windsor Castle, an unframed oils on canvas of a windmill, signed Nina, three other framed pictures, and a set of 54 Aircraft 'cigarette cards' issued by Godfrey Philips Ltd, all in one mount and framed (6) [table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 048 £40/70 (11:26AM)

A selection of nine various framed items, comprising prints, a drawing, etc., and including two Picasso prints and an abstract 'The elephant rider' (9) [top of stairs]

LOT 050 £15/20 (11:28AM)

After Francis Bary, a coloured print, 'His Master's Voice', swept gilt frame, three framed prints comprising 'Cat on a cushion' and two in ebonised frames, and two framed needlework pictures of initials E and K (6) [end of silver shelves]

LOT 052 £40/70 (11:28AM)

A large and miscellaneous selection of various interesting collectable framed items, comprising prints, drawings, watercolours, and oils, and including a coloured print after Charles Robinson, 'Barcarolle', an artist's proof coloured etching by Paul Gilbert, 'Morning Sunlight', Joan A. Oliver, a 'Japanese' watercolour, an antique print of Greco-Roman ruins, an unframed oils of a peasant with a bundle on a track, and much more (quantity)

LOT 055 £25/45 (11:31AM)

A folder of 20th century prints, mainly nursery prints, including after Margaret W. Tarrant and including 'The Little Mother' after Willy Schermele (quantity) [silver shelves]

LOT 056 £30/50 (11:31AM)

Various framed watercolours and modern prints, including a view of Clifton Bridge, a sepia photograph of a locomotive, a traditional country scene watercolour, a contemporary print of a DNA strand on a TV screen before a relaxed viewer, etc., and four framed needlepoint pictures including of poppies, a landscape with sheep, etc. (11)

LOT 057 £50/80 (11:33AM)

A selection of 10 various framed items comprising prints, etching, a photograph, etc., including a Fred Farell etching, an antique engraving, a map, film foyer cards, etc. (10) [end collectors' shelves by cafe door]

LOT 059 £60/80 (11:33AM)

Amelia Stokes an oils on board "A Woodman's Cottage" signed, and an 18th century hand-coloured engraved map of Hertfordshire by Richard Blome, and a flower print (largest 32 x 40in) all framed (3) [floor at end of collectors' shelves by jewellery]

LOT 061 £20/40 (11:36AM)

Billie Waters (b. 1896), watercolour, gouache and pencil, 'The Green House', signed (20 x 16 cm), and Dennis Higgins (1912-1978) etching, 'The Critic', signed dated 1967, and titled in pencil in the margin, both framed (2)

LOT 065 £20/25 (11:38AM)

Four various framed items comprising a pencil and wash canine portrait, a gouache miniature flower study, a sanguine study of Christ carrying the cross, and a miniature pencil drawing of a "Gothic" cottage in a wood (largest 22 x 17 cm) (4) [floor opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 066 £50/70 (11:38AM)

An antique Indo-Persian miniature "A repast under a canopy" and another Persian miniature of a Prince on a throne holding court (largest 18 x 12 cm), both framed [jewellery cabinet] (2)

LOT 068 £40/70 (11:38AM)

Various watercolours, including Jose Moia, a pen and wash courtyard scene, G.L. Hall, river scene, Robert De Quin, 'On the River Sambre (Namur)', and a 19th century watercolour of cattle in a Romantic landscape, all but the last signed (largest 30 x 43 cm), E. Ashton, watercolour, "Scene in Aldeburgh, Suffolk", signed, and a 20th century English school watercolour of Newcastle Quayside with bridge and buildings, all framed (6)

LOT 069 £40/60 (11:40AM)

Three pages from a sketch book of figures, mounted in one frame, a B. Bradley watercolour figure studies for fieldworkers, and a framed F. Henry Martin Pope watercolour, figure outside a cottage, signed (3)

LOT 072 £35/50 (11:40AM)

Early 20th century Irish school oils on canvas, figure and cottages at sunset, indistinctly signed bottom right corner (38 x 48 cm), framed, and an unframed oil on canvas of a mother and a child carrying sticks through woodland, by J. Mellor, signed, late 19th century (2)

LOT 076 £20/25 (11:43AM)

A selection of various framed and unframed prints relating to steam railway history including prints after David Shepherd, Terence Cuneo, etc. (quantity)

LOT 079 £10/20 (11:45AM)

Three various framed items comprising an Antibes holiday poster, an oils on board coastal scene, and a LanOptics advertising sheet, all framed plus a large modern picture (4) [end silver-plate shelves]

LOT 084 £10,000/15,000 (11:48AM)

Lee Man Fong (Chinese-born Indonesian, 1913-1988), Two doves on a rock, signed in Chinese script and with red seal lower right, oil on board (sight size approx. 103 x 49.5 cm), framed (PROVENANCE: This lot, and lots 85, 86, and 87, are part of a private London collection, which passed by descent to our vendor. They were acquired in Singapore, this lot in 1972, already framed.)

LOT 085 £20,000/30,000 (11:50AM)

Kusuma Affandi (Indonesian, 1907-1990), 'Ikan 2 [Fish 2]', signed and dated (19)61 upper left, verso inscribed by artist in yellow paint, with: his surname; title of the work; place: 'Semarang' [capital of Central Java province]; and date: '5-9-61'; also, in brackets 'Sebelum ke America [Before going to America] 26-9-61', and with the size '?? X 96 1/2', oil on canvas (sight size approx. 95 x 77 cm), framed (PROVENANCE:This lot, and lots 84, 86, and 87, are part of a private London collection, which passed by descent to our vendor. They were acquired in Singapore, this lot in 1972 or 1973, as a rolled-up canvas.)

LOT 086 £40/70 (11:50AM)

Oils on canvas, 20th century Indonesian school, mountainous lake view with flame tree, indistinct signature (66 x 133 cm), gilt and plain wood frame (PROVENANCE: This lot and lots 84, 85, and 87 are part of a private London collection originally acquired in Singapore circa 1970, which passed by descent to our vendor.)

LOT 087 £40/60 (11:50AM)

Oils on canvas, 20th century Indonesian school, a young woman, semi-naked, wearing a white turban and a sarong, indistinct signature (72 x 58 cm), gilt frame (PROVENANCE: This lot and lots 84, 85, and 86 are part of a private London collection originally acquired in Singapore circa 1970, which passed by descent to our vendor.)

LOT 090 £60/80 (11:52AM)

A good selection of various framed items, comprising oils, a print, an icon, etc., including Herbert, a framed oils on canvas, 'Fulling Mill Lane', signed, an Alpine school oils on panel, etc. (9)

LOT 091 £20/40 (11:52AM)

A mixed lot of various unframed oil sketches, photographs, a Barbara Firth illustrated book, and more, most in a travel folio (quantity) [silver-plate shelves]

LOT 094 £30/50 (11:55AM)

Gada King, a pair of limited edition coloured prints, 'Young women and their cats', signed and numbered in pencil in the margin, together with a Winslow Homer coloured print, 'Sailing at Key West' (largest 51 x 32 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 095 £70/90 (11:55AM)

A Victorian watercolour of a Scottish lad with his dog and goat, together with a coloured print after W. Margeston and a watercolour of a scholar (largest 48 x 60 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 098 £80/120 (11:57AM)

George Chambers, a watercolour heightened with body colour, of a busy summer's day on the Thames by Richmond Bridge, signed and dated '71 (35 x 55 cm), framed