LOT 003 £30/40 (11:00AM)

A small pair of 19th century Spanish School oils on panel of the Arab quarter of a southern Spanish town, both indistinctly signed (each 21 x 7 cm), framed (2)

LOT 004 £30/40 (11:02AM)

After Winold Reiss, a series of 10 prints, portraits of people of the Pecunnie tribe (each 27.5 x 20 cm), and a pair of photographic prints of two Native Americans, all framed (12)

LOT 005 £30/50 (11:02AM)

A small selection of various framed items, comprising a limited edition landscape, botanical prints, a set of three prints by Pierre Jean Llado, each signed in pencil in the margin, and needlework panels (largest 54 x 36 cm), all framed (11)

LOT 010 £40/60 (11:07AM)

George Finch Mason, 'With the boys away, the girls make play', signed and inscribed, watercolour (26 x 36 cm), gilt wood frame; and a sketch of figures reclining on a beach with distant pier, possibly Brighton, signed illegibly and dated (19)79, crayon and ink, framed (2)

LOT 011 £25/35 (11:07AM)

After Giovanni Cassini, four coloured engravings of Roman landmarks, comprising Castel S. Angelo, Piazza Navona, St Peter's Square and Piazza del Campidoglio (each 14 x 25 cm), framed (4)

LOT 012 £20/30 (11:07AM)

Jack Ray, mid-20th century, a Lakeland landscape with moored rowing boat, signed, oil impasto on board (29 x 90 cm), and three 20th century Eastern oils of junks and other boats, including by A. Williams, all framed (4)

LOT 013 £25/40 (11:07AM)

After Guercino, an engraving of musicians, perhaps members of the Cornaro family; together with three old framed prints including of angelic children, and two unframed items, 'Firenze' and 'Beatrix Potter Ballet' by S.J. Copeland (6) (28 x 40 cm) (6)

LOT 014 £35/55 (11:09AM)

A collection of unframed posters and prints in an A5 'Valisette' case including loose prints signed Bowman (?), and framed limited edition photographs by Cat de Rham and Caroline Arber(quantity)

LOT 015 £60/100 (11:09AM)

Indian Miniatures: A group of three scenes from a Hindu epic, Pahari, North-Western India, first half 19th century, gouache with gold on paper, each depicting a ruler with attendants in a palace within a walled landscape, a fort in the distance, concentric black and mottled pink borders (each 16 x 26.5 cm, main image), framed separately (3)

LOT 016 £ (11:09AM)

David J. Perkins, a pair of acrylics on linen, one of an African elephant, the other of a reticulated giraffe with a crowned crane, both signed (50 x 55 cm), framed (2)

LOT 019 £35/55 (11:12AM)

B. Whiteside, an oils on board of Yorkshire terrier pups, signed on the reverse and dated 1989 (29 x 38 cm), gilt swept and pierced frame

LOT 020 £25/35 (11:12AM)

J.A. Loewenstein, watercolour and crayon still life, signed, Zafar Rizv, watercolour of a fruiting apple tree branch, and S. Taylor, oils on card of a North African town (largest 46 x 60 cm) (3)

LOT 022 £60/80 (11:14AM)

Drouet, oils on board, a view across a lake with water lilies in the foreground and a bridge in the background (48x 98 cm), parcel-gilt and white swept frame

LOT 023 £30/50 (11:14AM)

Gomes Martins, mid-20th century, a southern European hilltop village with figures on a path in the foreground, signed, oils on canvas (56 x 120 cm), gilt frame with stylised foliate border; and two Alpine landscapes, one with a traveller in a river valley, the other of a chalet by a lake, oils on canvas, gilt frames (3)

LOT 025 £80/150 (11:14AM)

Tomas Harris, oils on canvas, 'La Garaffa, near Andraity', dated 26/8/55 (?) (79 x 80 cm), framed (Note: Tomas Harris was a Spanish-speaking officer with MI5 during World War II who worked with Garbo, an important double agent for the British.)

LOT 026 £20/40 (11:16AM)

A comprehensive collection of framed items, comprising prints, photographs, bas relief, a hand-tinted laser print, vacant picture frames, etc. (quantity)

LOT 027 £70/100 (11:16AM)

E.A. Waterlow, a young girl gathering kindling by a stream, two children waiting on the bank and a cottage with geese in the background, signed and dated 1880, watercolour (74 x 49 cm), framed

LOT 029A £40/60 (11:19AM)

A pair of Flemish-style oils on canvas laid to board, still lifes of flowers in a vase, bearing signature Rosetta (each 50 x 40 cm), oval parcel-gilt frames (2)

LOT 031 £30/50 (11:19AM)

A 20th century oils on canvas, a reclining nude, indistinctly signed (40 x 55 cm), parcel-gilt swept frame; together with a sheet of prints after Banussi on plasticised canvas and an unframed oils on canvas portrait of a woman in a muslin cap and white collar (3)

LOT 032 £50/80 (11:19AM)

James Wood, a large oils on board, geometric abstract portrait of a boy in an arrangement of coloured rectangles, initialled verso (120 x 170 cm)

LOT 033 £80/150 (11:21AM)

Jeffrey Robb, a holographic image on black glass, 'Unveiled No. 9' (100 x 100 cm), framed, reverse with signed certificate; and a framed 'Alexandra Jardin Wild World', signed in pencil and numbered 18/115 in the margin (2)

LOT 035 £45/65 (11:21AM)

P.H. Bonney, watercolour, a view across an Alpine lake, signed and dated 1893 (29 x 45 cm), framed, and two other framed watercolours (3)

LOT 038 £30/50 (11:24AM)

A print in colours and gold by Erte, 'L'Orientale', signed in pencil and numbered 33/300 (paper size 76 x 57 cm), framed; together with seven framed reproductions after Erte and Bakst

LOT 038A £200/300 (11:24AM)

Two costume designs by Erte in pencil, gouache and metallic paint, both signed in ink, one of an exotic lady chained to a dragon, verso stamped 'Composition Originale' and numbered 1961 272 250 in pencil, the other of a lady gondolier, verso stamped 'Erte Romain de Tirtoff" and 'Composition Originale', inscribed by Erte 'No. 6217/Le Point de Venise/Le Gondolier' in brown ink, also inscribed indistinctly in pencil 'Riollaud' (?)/ 250' and 'Chanteur' (paper 37 x 24 cm), unframed (2) (with one loose frame)

LOT 039 £30/50 (11:26AM)

Adrian Allison (1890-1959), a chalk drawing, 'Reclining Nude' (32 x 54 cm), framed; and 16 framed items including figure studies, landscapes, etc. (17)

LOT 040 £30/40 (11:26AM)

Manfred von Diepold, a crouching female nude with a patterned shawl, signed with initials, pencil (69 x 99 cm), and two further nude studies: 'Sonia' by Jonathan Sanders (Sanderson?), signed and dated 10.11.83, pencil and wash, and Maley, 'Girl on Hawkshill Beach', signed, pastels, two only framed; together with a large framed print of a horse (4)

LOT 041 £70/120 (11:26AM)

A collection of antique and vintage vacant picture frames, including gilt ovals with scrolling acanthus leaves, parcel-gilt swept frames, Dutch ripple-moulded frames, etc., also antique bucking boards (quantity)

LOT 042 £25/35 (11:26AM)

Six various framed items, comprising three old prints, portraits of Miss Montagu after J.R. Smith and of a girl inscribed Leon Salles in pencil, and a French print of Edinburgh, a needlepoint picture and two photographs, one circa 1900 of a girl, the other a modern photograph of a ballerina, all framed (6)

LOT 043 £20/30 (11:28AM)

A soft ground etching of San Vigilis by W.E. Montgomerie, another etching probably by Walcote of 'New York Stock Exchange Inc.', and two other small etchings (largest 30 x 25 cm), all framed (4)

LOT 045 £40/60 (11:28AM)

An oils on panel of a picturesque view by a lake (26 x 34 cm), swept gilt frame, and two other oils including a moonlit coastal scene (3)

LOT 047 £80/120 (11:31AM)

A pair of Spanish School oils on panel of Mediterranean town scenes, signed, probably by Miguel Pradilla y Gonzalez (1884-1965); a watercolour by Enrique Marin, heightened with white, of a villa in Granada, signed; and two prints (largest 36 x 25 cm), all framed (5)

LOT 048 £40/60 (11:31AM)

Aizpiri, an oils on canvas of a clown holding a bouquet of flowers, signed (61 x 48 cm), parcel-gilt frame, and a framed acrylic on canvas, 'Masks', signed D. Lobo (2)

LOT 049 £40/60 (11:31AM)

T. Cordero, Spanish Scool oils on canvas, a view of a Mediterranean riverside town, signed and dated 1903 (79 x 39 cm), parcel-gilt swept frame

LOT 050 £40/60 (11:31AM)

W. Appleton, watercolour landscape, 'Pont Sledr', signed, a Lakeland watercolour by A. Betts, signed, and another of a woodland river, signed (largest 32 x 46 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 052 £40/60 (11:33AM)

An interesting selection of oils of still lifes of flowers, prints and photographs, and including a still life of a potted plant, oils on canvas, in a swept and pierced gilt frame

LOT 054 £70/100 (11:33AM)

A neo-classical style oils on canvas portrait of a child facing sinister and looking over her shoulder (49 x 37 cm), carved gilt frame with scrolling pierced acanthus leaf decoration

LOT 058 £30/50 (11:36AM)

After Magritte, a mixed method surrealist image of a man in a pointed hat, together with figure studies (largest 45 x 60 cm), both framed

LOT 058A £25/40 (11:38AM)

A collection of framed old topographical prints, including Winchester, Harrow, Cambridge, Hendon, Eton, Windsor, Hatfield, Finchley, etc. (quantity)

LOT 060 £25/45 (11:38AM)

An oils on canvas portrait of a young woman (44 x 33 cm), indistinctly signed, gilt frame, together with a studio portrait of a young woman in a red sweater, unframed (2)

LOT 061 £30/50 (11:38AM)

An early 19th century English School watercolour of a village by a river and canal, together with a watercolour of a Rouen street scene, signed, and an H.B. Simpson watercolour of sheep in winter pastures on the edge of a town, signed and dated 1906 (largest 32 x 47 cm) (3)

LOT 065A £70/90 (11:43AM)

Karolina Larusdottir, a mixed media method coloured print, 'Evening', signed, titled and numbered 19/100 in pencil in the margin (11.5 x 14.5 cm), framed

LOT 066 £40/70 (11:43AM)

A large mixed lot of framed woodcuts, prints, and photographs, a chromolithograph of Notre-Dame, and a saucy and amusing depiction of a vicar and his visitor, 'Amazing Grace' (quantity)

LOT 069 £40/70 (11:45AM)

Edwin Harris, a watercolour of a drain stream on the Fens, signed, together with a watercolour by Gordon Beningfield, 'Road to Shaftesbury', signed, and another watercolour, 'Hong Kong from the Sea' (largest 36 x 52 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 071 £80/120 (11:45AM)

Angel Lizcano,Spanish School oils on canvas, a portrait of a girl with a guitar, signed, together with five other items including an oils on canvas of a ballerina by J. Valois, signed (largest 63 x 48 cm), all framed (6)

LOT 081 £25/35 (11:52AM)

An abstract limited edition coloured print, 'Ferry Road', numbered 37/150, titled and signed with monogram HH in pencil in the margin (53 x 79 cm), framed

LOT 082 £30/50 (11:52AM)

A watercolour of the Embankment, busy on road and river, with St Paul's Cathedral, bearing signature David Roberts and date 1856 (52 x 98 cm), framed

LOT 084 £40/70 (11:55AM)

Five framed prints, including Anthony Green, RA, a limited edition coloured print, 'The Flower Painter', numbered 22/70, signed and dated '06 in pencil in the margin, with original receipt recording showing at RA Summer Exhibition, and a collage, 'The Bird Cage' (largest 70 x 50 cm) (5)

LOT 085 £30/40 (11:55AM)

Two 20th century oils on canvas of south-east European landscapes by Kay Robson, a needlework still life of objects on a table by candlelight, and a study of a golf swing (largest 70 x 99 cm), all framed (4)

LOT 086 £80/150 (11:55AM)

A collection of antique and vintage vacant picture frames comprising rectangular gilt and parcel-gilt swept frames and an antique stretcher (quantity)

LOT 087 £60/90 (11:55AM)

An antique coloured engraved map of Middlesex flanked by various coats of arms of all the free companies of London, circa 1730 (50 x 73 cm), framed

LOT 089 £70/120 (11:57AM)

Yolanda Mack, two oils on board of regattas, each signed Yolanda (largest 44 x 59 cm), both framed, and a pencil and watercolour by F. Whicker, signed, of beached boats in an estuary (3)