LOT 099 £65/75 (12:00PM)

An autumnal woodland glade with a cottage beside a path, English School, 20th century, oil on canvas (60 x 120 cm), shaped gilt frame applied with foliate decoration

LOT 100 £25/35 (12:00PM)

A striking portrait of a lady in green and wearing a broad-brimmed hat signed Bertini, oil on canvas (61.5 x 51 cm), together with a comic French seaside print and four other prints including after Holbein (6)

LOT 102 £30/45 (12:00PM)

'St Brelades, Jersey' by Hugh A. Wood, signed and dated 1929, watercolour (14 x 26 cm), gilt frame; together with two other pictures, 'Baie de Somme' by Stephanie Barber, signed and dated (19)85, and of cyclamen in a pot (3)

LOT 103 £25/35 (12:02PM)

Two small oils, of a woodland river and of an Alpine lake, each signed (largest 28.5 x 38.5 cm), together with a small collection of mainly decorative pictures, including a pair of reproductions of 18th century portraits of Gabriel de Borbon and Maria Josefa de Lorena, 13 framed reproductions featuring various forms of vintage transport, a tapestry and petit point picture of the Laughing Cavalier, and a small watercolour of Jemima Puddleduck (19)

LOT 104 £35/45 (12:02PM)

A Mediterranean harbour at twilight by Vernon Henri, signed, mid-20th century, oil on canvas (44.5 x 122 cm), framed, together with a roll of posters, various framed prints, photograph, cartoon, etc. (quantity)

LOT 105 £800/1000 (12:02PM)

A fine portrait of a lady, German School, circa 1860, head and shoulders almost full face, wearing a gold necklace and earrings, a black lace veil and black dress over a white chemise (oval, 69 cm), turned gilt gessoed wood frame applied with swags of roses

LOT 106 £40/60 (12:02PM)

A large engraving of Rheims Cathedral, with choristers, clergy and congregation arriving, after Axel H. Haig, dated 1892 and signed with monogram in the picture, and signed in full in pencil in the margin (66.5 x 50 cm), gilt frame, together with a framed print of two girls after a Pre-Raphaelite original (2)

LOT 108 £450/600 (12:04PM)

'Rehearsal' by Edward Povey, signed and dated 2002-3, with various characters waiting in the wings, oil on canvas (105 x 151 cm), gilt wood frame [staircase]

LOT 109 £25/35 (12:04PM)

'Praying Woman' by Maeve Gilmore, signed, oil on canvas, verso with Woodstock Gallery label (60 x 49.5 cm), gilt frame, together with a framed limited edition print, 'A Penny for the Guy', 2/12, by Norah (?) Hawkins, signed, dated November '86, numbered and titled in pencil in the margin, and another framed picture of a donkey (3)

LOT 110 £80/150 (12:04PM)

'Portrait of my father William Weld in his 73rd year, painted 1834', English School, seated half-length to dexter, gaze directed at the spectator, wearing a black jacket and white stock, oil on canvas, verso with handwritten label by Sam Weld (73 x 62 cm), gilt gessoed wood frame

LOT 111 £40/60 (12:07PM)

'Pen Ponds, Richmond Park', by Terence Dalley, signed and dated September 98, watercolour (35 x 48 cm), framed; together with two other watercolours: 'Richmond Park' by Terence Dalley, signed, and 'Stac Pollaidh, Wester Ross' by K.A. Wylie, signed, and a pastel of a lake, all framed (4)

LOT 112 £40/60 (12:07PM)

A portrait of Mrs Euphemia Mayrie Henderson of Westerton, English School, circa 1810, wearing a black dress with a white fichu and a black and white bonnet, oil on canvas (24.5 x 19.5 cm), gilt wood frame with cross-over ribbon decoration, stretcher with inscription

LOT 113 £15/25 (12:07PM)

A quantity of prints and reproductions etc., including an old French theatre flyer for Le Theatre Libre, 1894-1895 season, a large reproduction after Monet of Venice, an old photograph, vacant frames, etc. (quantity) [top of stairs]

LOT 114 £30/50 (12:07PM)

An extensive lot of interesting posters, photographs, prints, etc., including an old framed poster for The Doors, advertising for Rudolf Nureyev, 'I am a Dancer', Royal Gala Premiere, Luciano Pavarotti for Decca, blown-up Time Out front covers including 'Law and Damon' advertising 'The Talented Mr Ripley', also black and white art photographs, etc. (quantity) [top of stairs]

LOT 115 £15/25 (12:09PM)

A pencil sketch of a recumbent female nude by T. Gericke, signed (23.5 x 34 cm), another female nude by the same hand, signed, in sepia chalks, both framed, and a decorative small mirror (3)

LOT 116 £30/50 (12:09PM)

A shaped oval gilt wood frame with foliate decoration, inset with nine decorative late 19th century portrait miniatures of ladies, including Emma, Lady Hamilton, and mistresses of King Charles II, all after earlier portraits (the frame 84 cm high); together with an Italian print, 'The Ponte Vecchio' (original 1883), signed Joseph Parnell in pencil in the margin and stamped 'Firenze' (2)

LOT 118 £25/35 (12:09PM)

Small pictures, comprising of Venice, in sepia of a band of travellers on the road, a picture in wood, signed engraving of barges on the Seine, a frame of three botanical prints by Lesley Anne Ivory, framed portrait, and an Italian photograph frame (7)

LOT 119 £25/40 (12:12PM)

A miniature oil still life of fruit and a decorative small portrait of a lady, both within foliate gilt frames, and two small signed Dutch landscapes, framed as a pair (4)

LOT 120 £15/30 (12:12PM)

A portrait of Sir David Webster by W. Kaufmann, signed with initials and dated 1929, oil on board, verso with inscribed label giving the artist's Liverpool address (43.5 x 35 cm), unframed, together with two further male portraits by the same hand, both oil on board, unframed (3)

LOT 121 £60/80 (12:12PM)

'Royal Opera, Covent Garden, Thursday March 9th 1950', the title around a cartouche of foliage and flowers, possibly photographic with hand colouring, GR crowned above, a crown resting on a cushion and RF within a laurel wreath and two ceremonial spears below, a preparatory programme design for the French State Visit to Britain on that date by Oliver Messel, monogram signature (40.5 x 29.5 cm); together with three framed ballet designs including one by Sophie Fedorovitch (4)

LOT 122 £40/70 (12:12PM)

Antique prints comprising an Italian print of a recumbent tiger after Stubbs, published by Litografia Veneta (43.5 x 59cm) and of the Madonna and Child among animals after Durer, a print of a parkland vista, also a comical sketch of a fox, and a print 'Ode on a distant prospect of Eton College' by Thomas Gray set within an illustration by William Blake, framed (5)

LOT 123 £30/40 (12:14PM)

'Burnham Beeches' by W. Payne, oil on canvas (75 x 63 cm), gilt frame, reverse with label, and a smaller framed oil on canvas, signed Mantos, mid-20th century, of blue flowers in a red vase (2)

LOT 124 £35/45 (12:14PM)

'Trafalgar Square' by W. John Moore, oil on board (61 x 75 cm), reverse of frame with label, two further oils by the same hand: 'Hallstatt', a lakeside village, and a herd of wild horses being rounded up by cowboys, both signed with initials, oil on board, reverse of one frame with label, together with two watercolours, one by W. John Moore of a lakeside village, and another of a small port, a watercolour abstract in blues and greens, and a reproduction after Constable, all framed (7)

LOT 125 £35/45 (12:14PM)

A traveller and his dog on a footpath across a summer landscape by C.V. Bogaerde, 20th century, signed, oil on board (48 x 59 cm), substantial shaped foliate gilt frame; together with an unframed modern oil on canvas with depictions of a human face, foot and foetus (2) [railings]

LOT 126 £50/90 (12:14PM)

A quantity of late 20th century photographic prints by Simon Cesarani, some signed, some framed, some mounted on stretchers, on various media, featuring especially trees and bark (quantity)

LOT 128 £25/40 (12:16PM)

Two prints after Hogarth, 'Chairing the Members' and 'The Polling', originally published 1758 (each 45 x 56.5 cm), framed as a pair (2) [near kitchen]

LOT 133 £60/80 (12:45PM)

A large quantity of silver-plated items, including an Old Sheffield engraved entree dish, a later entree dish, massive American insulated jug, a large quantity of King's pattern and other cutlery, some in an oak canteen, etc.

LOT 134 £60/80 (12:45PM)

A large quantity of EPNS cutlery, including a modern canteen of Dubarry pattern for six, another of Bead pattern and sundry items in a vintage oak canteen, and also a cutlery tray of various knives

LOT 135 £60/80 (12:47PM)

Two cartons containing a Mappin & Webb EPNS cutlery service for six in Shell and Husk pattern and other plated wares and cutlery, including a tea set

LOT 136 £80/120 (12:47PM)

Two antique wooden cases of cutlery, one containing an EPNS set of fish knives and forks for 18, the other a mother-of-pearl-handled set of fruit eaters for 12

LOT 142 £80/120 (12:49PM)

An impressive Continental silver-plated four-piece tea and coffee service in Empire style, on tray, together with a 19th century French plated dish cover, and five other items

LOT 146 £30/40 (12:52PM)

A fine 19th century silver-plated handle from a meat dome cast in the form of a man holding a sword and key, being the crest of Murray of Atholl, mounted on a black base, together with a set of 12 Bead pattern fish knives

LOT 148 £60/80 (12:54PM)

Two reproduction lady's dressing table sets by Broadway & Co., in ornate silver overlay, one of three pieces, the other of four pieces, in fitted cases, Birmingham 1980/1982

LOT 149 £4200/4800 (12:54PM)

An impressive Edwardian Scottish canteen by Mackay & Chisholm, in mahogany, of three drawers, containing a Rat-tail pattern silver service bearing the crest of Murray of Atholl, of 36 tablespoons, 24 dessert spoons, 60 table forks, 48 dessert forks, one later replacement dessert fork, and 48 coffee spoons, Edinburgh 1910, 380 ozt

LOT 150 £80/120 (12:54PM)

A silver Fiddle pattern fish slice, with beaver crest, London 1837, together with three (of a set of six) unusual silver-gilt Isle of Wight Golf Club spoons, London 1905, in fitted case, 7.2 ozt

LOT 151 £150/180 (12:57PM)

A German 800 silver oblong dish, together with an English silver cigarette case, book-match case, and hand mirror, the last inscribed 'Dorothy', and also an EPNS entree dish, 11.2 ozt weighable

LOT 153 £150/180 (12:57PM)

Antique Indian silver, comprising: an ornate bowl on three feet, two small dishes, and a pair of napkin rings, together with an Edwardian napkin ring, 14.1 ozt

LOT 154 £150/180 (12:57PM)

Antique and later Indian silver, comprising: two ornate plates, a leaf dish, and a covered pot, the last with presentation inscription dated 19-12-37; together with a set of six coffee spoons and three ornate low-grade Continental small spoons; 15.9 ozt

LOT 156 £90/110 (12:59PM)

An unusual Indian silver cigarette case, parcel-gilt, engraved with a village scene, the reverse with a map of India and adjacent Eastern countries, together with a Concorde silver-faced photograph frame, and a 925 bangle, 7 ozt weighable

LOT 157 £45/55 (12:59PM)

English silver, comprising: a late Victorian sugar bowl, Sheffield 1893; a vase on loaded base; and a cased set of silver-handled King's pattern tea knives; 2.6 ozt weighable

LOT 158 £60/80 (12:59PM)

A cased silver dressing table set, probably Indian, of mirror, brush, and comb, together with an English silver compact, a French steel cake slice and two knives

LOT 159 £100/150 (01:01PM)

A George V part vanity set in silver and green enamel, of seven pieces, London 1933; a five-piece engine-turned silver dressing table set; a glass and silver Hair Tidy jar; and a silver-handled button hook

LOT 160 £80/100 (01:01PM)

English silver, comprising: an Art Deco condiment set, Birmingham 1933, with 1939 matching salt spoon, and an EPNS spoon; an Edwardian cased set of six coffee spoons; a later cased set of six teaspoons; and a silver-handled serving fork; 7 ozt weighable

LOT 161 £60/80 (01:01PM)

Small English silver, comprising: a George V condiment set with two spoons, a napkin ring, fruit knife, and silver-mounted jug, and also three Edwardian decanter labels, 4.5 ozt weighable

LOT 162 £750/850 (01:01PM)

English silver cutlery, Victorian and later, comprising: a mixed Old English pattern service initialled L, of two tablespoons, eight table forks, twelve dessert spoons, six dessert forks, and five teaspoons; also 14 other teaspoons, seven other small implements, and a sugar tongs; 68.1 ozt

LOT 163 £250/300 (01:04PM)

Georgian silver cutlery, comprising: an Old English basting spoon, London 1817; two bottom-struck tablespoons with matching original initials, probably by Stephen Adams, London 1780 and 1781; four other tablespoons; set of five teaspoons; a mustard spoon; and Fiddle pattern dessert fork; together with a pair of Victorian sauce ladles; 22.8 ozt

LOT 164 £130/150 (01:04PM)

Small silver, comprising: an import-marked mesh handbag dated 1909, containing an 800 mesh purse; a ditto key ring and pill box; an antique English notepad holder, salt and pill box; a Siamese wood-lined niello box and Indian 800 pill box; and an unmarked cup fragment; 17 ozt gross

LOT 165 £60/80 (01:04PM)

Four English antique silver-mounted scent bottles, comprising: an unusually-cut globular example, with stopper; a tapering pair with stoppers; and a reeded silver-overlaid example, Birmingham 1890

LOT 166 £200/250 (01:04PM)

Georgian silver cutlery, comprising: an Edinburgh toddy ladle by John Ziegler; a Hanoverian dessert spoon; a set of four Old English dessert spoons by Peter and Ann Bateman; two other dessert spoons; a teaspoon, mustard spoon and sugar tongs; together with seven later Fiddle pattern teaspoons, an egg spoon, and a paper knife now with 1953 inscription; 17.7 ozt

LOT 167 £200/250 (01:06PM)

English silver, comprising: a George III miniature Fiddle pattern spoon, 3.8 in, London 1809; a reproduction baluster caster by C.J. Vander, Sheffield 2012; two George VI sauceboats; an oval pin tray; a butter knife; and a silver-handled snuffer and cheese knife; together with a plated mustard pot and condiment set; 18 ozt weighable

LOT 168 £250/280 (01:06PM)

English silver, comprising: milk jug, cigarette case, pair of napkin rings, pair of mustard pots with two spoons, pin tray, pepperette, four small spoons, child's pusher and an ornate hairbrush; together with an unmarked silver-mounted glass pot, coaster and napkin ring; and a Scottish silver-mounted crumb brush with Murray of Atholl crest; 20.9 ozt weighable

LOT 169 £100/120 (01:06PM)

Foreign silver, comprising: two French silver-gilt teaspoons, circa 1830, one 950, the other 800 standard; an unmarked decorative low-grade gilt spoon; pair of 800 cup-holders; two American souvenir spoons; and an import-marked stopper mount; 10.5 ozt

LOT 171 £140/160 (01:09PM)

English silver, comprising: a late Victorian small mug, napkin ring, unmarked vase, George VI cased set of bean-end spoons, and pair of silver-mounted salts with spoons; together with a German 800 Art Nouveau beaker; 12.3 gross excluding salts

LOT 172 £150/180 (01:09PM)

English silver, comprising: a late Victorian mustard pot, sugar caster, egg cup, shell caddy spoon, pair of shakers, and five napkin rings; together with an 800 German napkin ring; 13.6 ozt

LOT 173 £100/150 (01:09PM)

German 800 silver, comprising: five oblong ornate dishes with pierced borders, 20 cm and smaller, a mustard spoon, sugar tongs, and pair of silver-mounted circular salts, 10.4 ozt weighable

LOT 179 £120/150 (01:13PM)

A large Danish 826 silver reproduction sugar caster, probably early 20th century, by Christophersen of Odense, 21 cm high, and a similar pepperette by a different maker, 12.7 ozt

LOT 181 £400/600 (01:13PM)

A fine 19th century Russian 84 silver covered bowl on foot, by Sazikov, Moscow 1869, the foot on screw fixing, with gilt interior, and engraved with CO mirror monogram below a count's coronet, 20cm high, 26.7 ozt

LOT 188 £100/150 (01:18PM)

An Art Nouveau hammered silver vase by the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co., 5.75 in high, London 1906; an ornate oval cream jug, London 1899; and an unmarked pig bookmark, 9 ozt