LOT 229 £40/60 (01:09PM)

Books: 'The Print Collections of Ferdinand Columbus 1488-1539' Mark P McDonald, published by The British Museum Press 2004, in two volumes and with CD-Rom in original slip case

LOT 232 £800/1200 (01:09PM)

Books: a large collection of 'The Illustrated Bartsch' published by Abaris Books on German and Netherlandish artists, including German 16th Century, Early German Artists, German Book Illustration, Netherlandish Artists and commentaries (41)

LOT 249 £40/60 (01:30PM)

A group of British Raj EPNS wares, all stamped with the badge of the Army Canteen Board of India, comprising: teapot, coffee pot and sauceboat by Hutton of Sheffield, and a milk jug and sugar basin by H.F. & Co. of Sheffield

LOT 250 £60/80 (01:30PM)

A 1920s Mappin & Webb table canteen veneered and grained in walnut, of three drawers, containing most of an EPNS service for 12 in a simple pattern with arched terminal, together with a few extras including steel lobster picks

LOT 251 £10/15 (01:30PM)

A carton containing a cased carving set with ivorene handles, a little Mappin & Webb and other EPNS and stainless cutlery, a metal gallery tray, a stainless toast rack, and a vase

LOT 252 £30/40 (01:30PM)

A carton containing an unusual pair of EPNS deep oval covered dishes by Hukin & Heath, two entree dishes, a brass gallery tray, Arctic spring-loaded candle-holders, etc.

LOT 253 £40/60 (01:32PM)

Three cartons containing American and British EPNS and other plated items, including a Deco entree dish, candelabra, tea wares, tea tray, water jug, mixed cutlery, etc.

LOT 255 £80/120 (01:32PM)

A large quantity of EPNS and other metalware, in two cartons and loose, including twin serving dish with glass containers, an ice pail, two tea and coffee services, two tea trays, set of goblets, Elkington 'Rochester' pattern soup and tea spoons, etc.

LOT 257 £20/30 (01:34PM)

A quantity of mixed EPNS cutlery in a small carton, together with an oval EPNS serving dish, four smaller dishes, and a pair of Continental silver-handled salad servers

LOT 258 £25/35 (01:34PM)


LOT 259 £80/120 (01:34PM)

A very large quantity of cutlery, in five boxes, comprising a Mappin & Webb EPNS service in a plain modernist design monogrammed KP, a Cooper Bros & Sons service in a decorative reeded and scroll pattern, a Lee & Wigfull service with Tudor rose motif and including a carving knife and fork, sundry other EPNS cutlery including cake slices, and a quantity of mixed stainless cutlery

LOT 260 £60/80 (01:34PM)

A large quantity of EPNS and other plated items, in four cartons and an oak canteen, including a coffee percolator on warming stand, tea wares, dishes, baskets, goblets, etc., and sundry cutlery

LOT 261 £100/150 (01:37PM)

Selected plated items, comprising a Victorian EPBM nautilus shell spoon warmer, an F.B. Rogers EPNS two-tier cake stand, a modern Sheridan wine cooler with ring handles, a Reed & Barton Deco circular tray, and a late Victorian egg stand with six cups and six sterling silver spoons

LOT 263 £100/150 (01:37PM)

An elaborate late Victorian EPNS centrepiece by Walker & Hall, no. 51349, on griffin supports, complete with four fern-engraved glass trumpets, 20.5 in, together with a modern candle-holder with deep glass storm shade

LOT 264 £50/80 (01:37PM)

Plated items, comprising a rare William IV Sheffield plate scissor-action box candle snuffers, the articulated guard stamped 'W R patent lever without springs', a snuffer's tray in keeping with the preceding, a later Victorian EPNS bachelor tea set, a sardine dish in cut-glass with ornate stand and lid, an EPNS belt buckle and three modern 'Posh Club' servers

LOT 266 £400/450 (01:39PM)

A quantity of English silver cutlery, comprising: a set of six Fiddle pattern dessert forks, London 1847; a ditto set of dessert spoons, London 1834, by J. & A. Savory; a ditto set of teaspoons; two tablespoons; 12 coffee spoons; and a salt spoon; 33.3 ozt

LOT 267 £70/90 (01:39PM)

English silver, comprising: a pierced hexagonal bowl, London 1956; a child's fork; a silver-overlaid circular photograph frame, 6 in, Birmingham 1905; a modern silver-faced mantel timepiece; and four modern silver-handled implements; 4.2 ozt weighable

LOT 268 £40/60 (01:39PM)

Silver implements, comprising: a Georgian Dublin teaspoon, sterling sugar tongs, 800 sugar tongs, 800 pastry slice, and a modern Polish 925 decorative sugar spoon with amber terminal, 4 ozt gross

LOT 269 £300/320 (01:42PM)

A quantity of Austro-Hungarian Prague silver cutlery, including a small ladle with 1866 hallmark in 13 standard, the remainder in 800 standard comprising: ladle, five teaspoons, six table forks, six dessert forks, two serving forks, and three silver-handled serving pieces; together with a set of English fish eaters for six in EPNS with silver mounts; 27.2 ozt weighable

LOT 270 £35/45 (01:42PM)

Five small silver spoons, comprising: two Georgian teaspoons, a child's spoon, a caddy spoon, and an 800 sugar spoon; together with a silver-handled pie server and cheese knife, and an unusual EPNS set of six coffee spoons and sugar tongs with owl terminals; 2.7 ozt of weighable silver

LOT 271 £60/80 (01:42PM)

An Art Deco silver three-piece condiment set, Birmingham 1933, with matching salt spoon, Birmingham 1939, and a cased set of bean-end coffee spoons, Birmingham 1937, 4.7 ozt gross

LOT 272 £130/150 (01:42PM)

English silver, comprising: a pair of light gauge goblets, London 1980; an asparagus tongs; jam spoon by Roberts & Belk; napkin ring; silver-handled button hook; hair brush; and pair of clothes brushes; together with an EPNS entree dish with associated handle; 9.9 ozt weighable

LOT 273 £450/500 (01:44PM)

English silver, comprising: toast rack, Sheffield 1936; late Victorian goblet with later inscription; pepperette; and a modern spoon and two forks; and American sterling, comprising: a cased set of 12 ice cream spoons with serving spoon initialled G, retailed by Morck & Kirberger of Warren PA, circa 1900; large bowl and pair of pepperettes by Wallace; circular basket; two souvenir spoons; pair of small shakers; and a star pendant by Gorham; together with a German 800 sugar basin with cover and porcelain liner; 37.1 ozt

LOT 276 £170/200 (01:44PM)

Silver, comprising: a lighthouse sugar caster, London 1930; set of six engraved teaspoons in associated case, London 1899; pair of Georgian teaspoons; 800 sugar spoon; and plain Indian bowl marked GRT; 14.9 ozt

LOT 277 £160/180 (01:46PM)

English silver, comprising: an Edwardian double-ended spirit measure, Sheffield 1908; cream jug, Chester 1919; toast rack, Birmingham 1898; pair of stamped dishes and four similar heart-shaped dishes, Birmingham 1909/12/13; napkin ring; and unusual King's pattern sugar tongs with natural pink-tinged seashell grips, Sheffield 1907; 11.7 ozt gross

LOT 278 £70/90 (01:46PM)

Interesting small silver, comprising: two French silver-gilt teaspoons of circa 1830, one in 950 standard, the other 800; a probably Dutch silver-gilt decorative spoon with figural terminal; a Georgian Fiddle pattern snuff spoon, London 1809; two American souvenir spoons; a George V crested compact with unusual gilt metal powder dispenser; pair of cut glass silver-mounted salts with spoons; and a silver-handled cheese knife; 5.5.ozt gross excluding salts and knife

LOT 279 £160/180 (01:46PM)

English silver, comprising: an oval trinket box with solid base, with inscription dated 1914, 4.4 in long, Birmingham 1913; pair of late Victorian small vases; pierced mustard pot with spoon; pepperette; napkin ring; Georgian sugar tongs; and pair of filled dwarf candlesticks; estimated 13.3 ozt of silver

LOT 280 £200/220 (01:46PM)

English silver, comprising: a set of six pierced grapefruit spoons, Sheffield 1947, a Georgian Fiddle pattern tablespoon, six ornate teaspoons in a case, 10 various small spoons, two trophy cups, a salt spoon, and a cigarette box; together with a Dutch dessert spoon; 14.3 ozt excluding cigarette box

LOT 281 £250/300 (01:49PM)

An extensive collection of American filled and loaded sterling items, comprising: three tazzae, a vase, candlestick, two pairs of dwarf candlesticks, pair of shakers, six glass dishes, box on chain, and five various implements; together with an English clothes brush and pair of filled dwarf candlesticks

LOT 286 £25/35 (01:51PM)

A paper knife by Stuart Devlin with Queen's Silver Jubilee medal forming the terminal, made for the De la Rue Company Ltd, 6.8 in long, London 1977, 66 gm, in fitted case

LOT 288 £60/80 (01:51PM)

Small silver, comprising: an ornate small heart-shaped box and a vesta case in similar style, Birmingham 1900 and 1895; a George V oval napkin ring; sterling souvenir spoon with enamelled palm tree armorial and plantation worker stamped to the bowl; and an 800 napkin ring

LOT 291 £180/220 (01:54PM)

A pair of thistle-shaped silver vases on loaded foot by W. Comyns, 9 in, London 1912, 19.8 ozt gross; together with a large cut-glass sugar caster with silver top, Birmingham 1912

LOT 293 £60/80 (01:56PM)

A pair of Chinese trade silver hexagonal salts by Wang Hing, embossed with panels of prunus, bamboo and auspicious characters, WH90 and Chinese character marks, clear glass liners, with a single ring-ended spoon, 60 gm of silver

LOT 295 £220/250 (01:56PM)

A pair of Elizabeth II silver candelabra, each with three-light detachable branches complete with separate nozzles, the filled base 4.25 in high, 8.4 in high overall, Birmingham 1969, weight of branches 15.7 ozt; together with a silver-faced reproduction photograph frame, 8.5 in

LOT 299 £100/150 (01:58PM)

Four fitted cases, containing: a silver-mounted bead-edged manicure set of seven pieces, Birmingham 1911; an Art Nouveau set of silver-mounted glove stretcher, shoe horn and button hook, Birmingham 1910; a set of bead-edged silver-mounted button hook and shoe horn, Birmingham 1907; and a set of six silver pastry forks, Sheffield 1946

LOT 300 £120/150 (01:58PM)

Continental silver of circa 1900, comprising: an Austrian Vienna 800 teacup and saucer by Eduard Friedman, embossed with cherries; a French 950 teacup; and a ditto fluted beaker; together with a modern 925 heart-motif brooch; 11.5 ozt