LOT 001 £50/80 (11:00AM)

A collection of prints, etc., comprising antique engravings, decorative prints, a map, a botanical study, a photograph, etc., including after L.F. Abbott, 'To the Society of Goffers, Blackheath' (largest 76 x 100 cm), most framed (quantity)

LOT 002 £30/50 (11:00AM)

Elisabeth Louise Rose, oil on canvas still life "Grapes and walnuts", signed (25 x 33 cm), and Edwin S. Grigg, a 19th century oils on canvas, an interior, 'The reading lesson', signed, both framed (2)

LOT 003 £50/70 (11:00AM)

A selection of eight modern watercolours and mixed-method coloured prints, some signed, various hands, including Lisa Muler, 'Liquorice Allsorts', signed and dated 78, Leonard Manasseh mixed method and varnish '…shepherd's delight…', signed with initials and dated (largest 45 x 31 cm) (8)

LOT 004 £20/30 (11:00AM)

A set of four framed limited edition coloured prints after the designs for 'The costumes for the Bolshoi Nutcracker 1919', and various other decorative prints (quantity)

LOT 005 £30/40 (11:02AM)

S.R. Brightwell, three framed etchings of animals, comprising 'Home with the Milk', 'Far from Home' and another of penguins, all signed in pencil and titled in the margin (largest 22 x 39 cm) (3)

LOT 008 £30/35 (11:02AM)

A selection of various prints comprising Vanity Fair 'Spy' prints of snooker players, a miniature coloured stipple engraving of a portrait of the Earl of Moira, all framed, and a framed signature of Victoria, Dowager Empress Frederick and Queen of Prussia, Bordighera, March 1899, etc. (8)

LOT 010 £50/70 (11:04AM)

W. Callow, a watercolour, 'On the Rhine', signed (22 x 34 cm), together with a 19th century watercolour heightened with white of 'The castle town of Almanga Valencia from the battlefield', inscribed and signed with initials C.S. and dated 1861, both framed (2)

LOT 011 £30/40 (11:04AM)

A mixed lot of framed an unframed pictures including F. Wheatley stipple engravings, a coloured print of a young seamstress, oils on canvas of a woodland stream, a watercolour of a Cotswold village, etc. (quantity)

LOT 013 £25/35 (11:07AM)

A miscellaneous selection of various prints, comprising Hogarth engravings, Le Blond prints, a watercolour portrait, and a framed tinted photograph of a baby, etc. (quantity)

LOT 014 £50/80 (11:07AM)

L. Roberts, a pair of oils on canvas landscapes, one of corn stooks on a cliff top, the other of a broad winding river, both indistinctly signed (each 49 x 29 cm), framed (2)

LOT 015 £25/40 (11:07AM)

Wallinger, oils on canvas, a Mediterranean port scene, signed, together with an oils on canvas of a coastal view, indistinctly signed (largest 48 x 70 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 018 £60/90 (11:09AM)

A good selection of 19th and 20th century portraits by various hands, including a portrait of Field Marshal Montgomery, in uniform, an unfinished portrait of a woman in Breton costume, etc. (largest 41 x 33 cm). (8)

LOT 019A £25/35 (11:09AM)

J. Dobie, a watercolour of a Continental church, signed, together with J.E. Kopecky, an etching of silver birch by a stream, signed and numbered in pencil in the margin, etc. (4)

LOT 021 £50/70 (11:12AM)

The 6th Earl of Essex, watercolour on grey paper, a view of the towers of Westminster Abbey from the Serpentine bridge (with provenance and information labels on reverse), and a collection of watercolours including an Alan Taylor of a bird and butterfly (9)

LOT 023 £30/40 (11:12AM)

After David Roberts, two lithographs of Middle Eastern landscapes, and a set of six coloured engravings of the Ottoman war (largest 30 x 50 cm), all framed (8)

LOT 027 £40/70 (11:14AM)

E.L., oils on board, a fly fisherman by a placid pool on a river, signed with initials (27 x 17 cm), swept frame, together with W.H. Britton, oils on board, an angler playing a fish, signed, framed (2)

LOT 028 £30/50 (11:16AM)

A collection of nine various framed items, comprising Japanese panels, modern prints and a watercolour, and including a Tamara de Lempicka poster, an Alpine school watercolour, etc. (largest 50 x 68 cm) (9)

LOT 031 £250/350 (11:16AM)

George B. Willcock, oils on canvas, rural landscape with faggot gatherers on a path beside a river with cattle watering, indistinctly signed (37 x 52 cm), swept gilt frame

LOT 034 £30/50 (11:19AM)

Elie Abrahami, a surreal double portrait, the image signed and dated 77; Alma Vorster, a soft ground etching (1/15), signed, dated 1990, and numbered in pencil in the margin, together with a gouache by Daniel Harford, 'Pool-side in shorts', signed, and a mixed method coloured print by Angela Lemane (1967), 'Man and Machine' (largest 60 x 50 cm), all framed (4)

LOT 035 £40/70 (11:19AM)

John Linfield, watercolour, 'The Vicarage Garden, Bradford-on-Avon', signed (31 x 46 cm), frame with Mall Gallery and New English Art Club exhibition labels on the reverse; together with 10 other framed watercolours, including Peter Fraser, S. Rowe, M. Morten, etc. (11)

LOT 036 £20/30 (11:21AM)

Alan Ingham, a limited edition coloured print, 'In the still of the morning', signed, titled and numbered in pencil in the margin (26 x 73 cm), framed, together with a quantity of framed decorative prints (quantity)

LOT 037 £30/50 (11:21AM)

A collection of decorative prints including nursery pictures after E.H. Shepard of Christopher Robin and Friends, naive coloured prints of Continental family life, flower pictures, landscapes, etc., all framed (quantity)

LOT 039 £30/50 (11:21AM)

Singa All….., a mixed method cut-out and applied images on hand-made paper heightened with wood and feathers of a Masai family, signed (78 x 98 cm), framed

LOT 041 £80/100 (11:24AM)

Hedi Schick an oils on canvas portrait of a blue-eyed Rabbi, signed (59 x 49 cm), gilt and pierced swept frame; together with a modern oils on board , view of a port, indistinctly signed. (2)

LOT 045 £25/30 (11:26AM)

G. Sparrow, a watercolour of a fox in a winter landscape "The old customer, Old Park Farm", with labels of provenance on reverse (24 x 34 cm) framed, sold together with a print and a photograph. (3)

LOT 048 £30/50 (11:28AM)

Tomay de Winter, a mixed method modern still life, a vase of flowers, heightened with "silver", signed, and another similar (largest measures 50 x 98 cm), and a hot-stamped and embossed "bejewelled" dancing girl, all framed. (3)

LOT 050 £60/90 (11:28AM)

Ouild Aquino, oils on canvas "O Casarao", signed, circa 1987 (18 x 24 cm), framed, together with M. Eversfield, oil on canvas, "The canal at 'Little Venice'" signed, an oil on board of an arched bridge over a stream, indistinctly signed, and an oils on canvas by N.J. Tees, a woodland path signed with initials, all framed. (4)

LOT 052 £20/30 (11:31AM)

B.A., oils on board, penguins and polar bears in a snowy landscape, signed with initials, together with a watercolour by Martin Henry, "Orca Dawn", signed (the largest 29 x 40 cm), both framed. (2)

LOT 054 £80/100 (11:31AM)

After G.G. Kilburne, watercolour, an interior with figures, two W.J. Leslie Simmonds rural narrative pictures, and three other framed watercolours (largest 38 x 52 cm), all framed. (6)

LOT 056 £80/150 (11:33AM)

F.Salutie, watercolour, an extensive Alpine landscape with grazing cattle in the foreground, indistinctly signed and dated 1814 (36 x 48 cm), period frame with remnants of gold leaf.

LOT 058 £30/40 (11:33AM)

Laura Tucker, a pair of oval pastels of summer flowers, each signed and dated 1869 and 1870 (each oval 33 cm high); a James Cole oil on canvas of a Continental lake scene; a watercolour of flowers and an oils on canvas of a vase of flowers, all framed (5)

LOT 059 £25/35 (11:33AM)

Oils on canvas, a still life of apples on a cloth, and a gouache still life of books, coffee pot and candlestick on a tray, indistinctly signed (largest 39 x 47 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 062 £30/40 (11:36AM)

Van Gill, a watercolour of a small fishing harbour, signed, a gouache still life of flowers, another watercolour "The Thames at Brentford", and an oils on canvas of a schooner (largest 37 x 51 cm), all framed. (4)

LOT 063 £40/50 (11:36AM)

An early 19th century pen and watercolour wash of a romantic rural idyll, together with a steel etching of a landscape, after Serrier (largest 30 x 48 cm), both framed. (2)

LOT 069 £40/70 (11:40AM)

C. Cortissos, oils on canvas, a figure on a woodland path, signed (25 x 17 cm), framed, together with Frank Martelmans, oil on panel, "Spring Blossom", signed on reverse, framed, and another oils on board of a snowy landscape. (3)

LOT 074 £25/30 (11:43AM)

Jane Scott, gouache, 'Early morning, St Ives', together with a modern abstract of a colourful motorbike, and a large coloured print, 'Morning Glory', after Carl Kenzler, a seascape (largest 58 x 89 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 075 £20/30 (11:43AM)

A.B. a pen and ink of a female nude reading a book in a four-poster bed, signed with initials and dated 1978, sold with Peter Miller, a pencil drawing story board of a soldier at the front, signed and dated 1967, and a pastel of a traditional landscape. (3)

LOT 077 £20/30 (11:45AM)

J. Sumpter, a pair of gouache views of Dartmoor, both signed (17 x 35 cm) and framed, together with a watercolour heightened with white, view of a broad river, signed. (3)

LOT 078 £110/150 (11:45AM)

C. Costa, oils on canvas, 16th century soldiers playing dice, signed (60 x 49 cm), parcel gilt swept frame, and J. Meissonier, oils on canvas, "The Connosieurs", signed. (2)

LOT 079 £60/70 (11:45AM)

Two early 20th century watercolour landscapes and a mixed media by Hal Hurst RI, RBA "Lovers' Secrets at the Lake" signed (the largest 37 x 50 cm) all framed. (3)

LOT 082 £20/30 (11:48AM)

Robert Nicolson, a pair of limited edition coloured prints of historic rugby and cricket events at Rugby School, signed and numbered in pencil in the margin (32 x 42 cm) both framed. (2)

LOT 084 £60/80 (11:50AM)

Paulicevic Ante (?), oils on canvas, "The Old Port, Dubrovnik 1975" signed (46 x 66 cm), framed, together with a Continental oil on canvas landscape with a river and hillside, and a large watercolour. (3)

LOT 086 £30/40 (11:50AM)

A mixed lot of framed items comprising gouaches, watercolours and prints, etc., including Emile Bernard, sepia watercolour of an ancient forest tree, signed and dated 1913, etc. (the largest 44 x 56 cm) (9)

LOT 087 £40/70 (11:50AM)

A collection of six various flower pictures including a watercolour by Penny Ward, an oil on canvas "Tulips in a jug" signed, E. Cuther watercolour of a sunflower, signed, another by Cuther of hedgerow berries, and a botanical study of daffodils, poppies and violets (largest 59 x 45 cm), all framed. (6)

LOT 088 £60/90 (11:52AM)

A collection of nine pictures, Scheila Keyaru a framed oils on board abstract forest design, signed, Wilson an oils on canvas "Farmland", V. Gleave abstract composition in oils on board, V. Bud oils on paper colourful abstract image, signed, etc. (largest 100 x 81 cm). (9)

LOT 089 £40/60 (11:52AM)

A large framed photographic image of Ray Charles at the piano (100 x 65 cm), framed, and a framed 67th Academy "Oscar" awards poster (March 1997) dedicated and signed by Arnold Schwartzman (2)

LOT 090 £50/80 (11:52AM)

Ant. De Vaere, oils on board, back street of a Continental town, signed, an oils on canvas of an ancient city arched gate, indistinctly signed, and J.M. Person, oils on paper laid to board, a back street in an old French town, signed (the largest 49 x 43 cm) all framed. (3)

LOT 092 £25/35 (11:55AM)

After Sturgeon, a coloured print "Cricket on the village green", another cricket print and a golfing print, a print of a Cumberland landscape and a picture of a Middle Eastern walled town indistinctly signed (largest 40 x 69 cm), all framed. (5)

LOT 093 £60/120 (11:55AM)

T.H. Lambright, oils on board, a lane behind cottages, signed (47 x 66 cm), gilt swept frame, together with a late 19th/early 20th century oils on canvas, a narrow street in a provincial town, indistinctly signed, framed (2)

LOT 096 £80/100 (11:57AM)

Continental school, 19th century, oils on canvas, stormy skies over an extensive landscape with farm buildings, indistinctly signed bottom left (98 x 132 cm), framed

LOT 097 £80/120 (11:57AM)

A pair of 19th century over-painted photographs of high-ranking officers, posing in full dress uniforms, with sashes and medals, each within a highly decorative gilt frame inset within velvet-lined rosewood box frames (image 28 x 18 cm, overall 40 x 35 cm) (2)

LOT 098 £50/80 (11:57AM)

An interesting selection of five framed items, including a lithograph after H. Matiso "A figure study", a pencil and watercolour of a fashionable woman, a map of Moscow, watercolour landscape and a military print. (5)

LOT 099 £60/90 (11:57AM)

A collection of seven various framed pictures, including: Lacy Dunt a pastel study of "Sunflowers", Jenny Michalson an artist's proof "Mussel Beds at Granville" signed, Hugh Hallett, a pastel portrait of a sleeping youth, signed, and a Lucy Crewdson watercolour "Summer in the Dordogne" signed with initials (with Mall Gallery 1995 exhibition label on the reverse) etc. (the largest 32 x 41 cm) all framed. (7)