LOT 002 £150/200 (11:00AM)

A good selection of 19th and 20th century oils and watercolour portraits by various hands including John Bratby, W Langley, Harold Knight, K. Molloney, most signed and dated (largest 45 x 36 cm), all framed but one (8)

LOT 003 £80/100 (11:00AM)

Charles McCall, an oils on canvas "The French Fencing Master" signed (46 x 33 cm), and the preparatory drawing, signed, both framed with 1995 retrospective exhibition labels on reverse (2)

LOT 004 £15/25 (11:00AM)

Sir William Nicholson, R.P. (1872-1949) two woodcuts, one a portrait of Rudyard Kipling (1897) signed in the block (89 x 22 cm) framed, and the other of Queen Victoria (1897) Diamond Jubilee portrait (30 x 20 cm), framed, and Peter Partington (b. 1950s), hand-coloured drypoint (103/250), 'Woodcock', signed in pencil in the margin, framed (3)

LOT 005 £30/50 (11:02AM)

An interesting miscellaneous selection of various oils, drawing and prints comprising after Paul Berthon an Art Nouveau print portrait of "Iris", Gwend Caros a textile applique "West Evening" and others by various hands (largest 50 x 60 cm), all framed but one (18) [end collectors' shelves by cafe door]

LOT 006 £40/60 (11:02AM)

E Galle, a still life on canvas, signed, a Van Hunt still life of fruit on canvas and a George Mosson pastel still life of apples on a plate, signed 1931 (largest 32 x 48 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 007 £300/500 (11:02AM)

Soulie (19th century French), a pair of oils on canvas, a bridge and mountain pass and an Alpine river view, both signed, one dated 1856 (56 x 67 cm), gilt swept frames (2)

LOT 008 £35/45 (11:02AM)

Natasha Lane (b. 1946), a pastel, view of Poacher's Pocket, Batson near Salcombe, signed, and an oils on canvas, 'Early morning, Poacher's Pocket, Batson Near Salcombe Devon 1987', signed (25 x 30 cm); Kate Wilson, a watercolour of an Irish lough, c.1920; P. Deuchars, oils on paper laid to board, thatched dwellings in the shade of an acacia, signed and dated 1935, and George Recketts, oils on canvas, 'A Beanfield in Sussex, circa 1962, all framed (5)

LOT 010 £40/60 (11:04AM)

Three framed watercolours by Arthur Knighton-Hammond (1875-1970): a continental town from a river, perhaps Avignon, signed, a view on the Isle of Skye, signed and a watercolour of an English town from the river (the largest 49 x 36 cm) (3)

LOT 011 £20/40 (11:04AM)

A 19th century Japanese coloured wood block print of travellers by paddy fields at the foot of Mount Fuji, signed and titled in the block (23 x 34 cm), framed

LOT 013 £100/200 (11:07AM)

A collection of five oils on canvas portraits by various hands, including Olga Lehmans, "Seated male nude figure", signed; after Modigliani, "Seated woman"; Sylvia Malloy, "The ceramic artist", signed; M Lance, "A Country Gentleman", signed; and after Dodd Procter, "Female nude figure" signed (largest 78 x 58 cm), all framed (5)

LOT 015 £40/60 (11:07AM)

A 19th century unframed oils on canvas view of St Marks from the lagoon, indistinctly signed, dated 1892 (31 x 51 cm), and another view of Venice by C. Brancaccia, signed and framed (2)

LOT 017 £40/60 (11:09AM)

J Wiligig, oils on canvas, an industrial river scene, signed and dated 1947 (41 x 51 cm), framed, and an oils on board, "The Embankment", by Taylor (2)

LOT 018 £50/80 (11:09AM)

Muriel Hunt, watercolour with body colour, "Beguiling", signed (24 x 24 cm), framed with Chris Beetles exhibition label on reverse, a moorland scene with red deer and grouse, and an equine portrait (3)

LOT 020 £40/60 (11:09AM)

H. White, a gouache of the tugboat 'Romsey', signed (21 x 52 cm), in an elm frame, and a 19th century marine watercolour of sailing ships in rough water by Charles Augustus Mornewick (1820-1875) (28 x 45 cm), framed (2)

LOT 021 £100/200 (11:12AM)

A 19th century oils on canvas, haymakers below a Scottish castle, indistinctly signed (50 x 75 cm), framed, and an oils on canvas by Parker, cattle in a ford, signed (43 x 64 cm), framed (2)

LOT 024 £200/400 (11:12AM)

Willem E. Roelofs junior, an oils on canvas, Dutch landscape with mother and child by a canal with swing bridge, signed and numbered 95 (41 x 55 cm), gilt swept frame

LOT 027 £40/70 (11:14AM)

Hubbard, an acrylic on canvas, 'A Day in the Life of a Snowman', signed (55 x 77 cm), hand-decorated bespoke frame; and Keith Burtonshaw, oils on board, a bridge over a Yorkshire river, signed, framed (2)

LOT 029 £50/80 (11:16AM)

W. Delwart, oils on canvas, a still life of lilac in a ceramic vase, signed (50 x 40 cm), framed, together with an unframed 19th century oils on canvas still life of chrysanthemums in a bronze vase, by Flora van Georg, signed, dated 1889, and another oils on canvas of water lilies beneath a chestnut tree, indistinctly signed, framed (3)

LOT 030 £80/150 (11:16AM)

A collection of nine modern pictures, comprising oils, watercolours and a pen drawing and including Robert Hardy, acrylic on board of three ships, signed and framed with England & Co. 1995 exhibition label on reverse, Boris Berzinsit, a pen and ink, 'Salaegrava', framed, Petrusha Lawlor, etc. (largest 65 x 91 cm) (9)

LOT 031 £40/60 (11:16AM)

After David Shepherd, an oils on canvas of a tiger, a large Persian gouache, heraldic lions, and a framed tiger (4) [end of collectors' shelves by jewellery]

LOT 035 £80/120 (11:19AM)

Troy Denton, oils on canvas, an early American 'Mountain Man', signed (60 x 90 cm), framed, and a framed oils on canvas by Weston of an encounter between the steam train 'Chevallier' and rhinoceros on the Great Whipsnade Railway, signed and dated '70, signed (2)

LOT 037 £70/90 (11:21AM)

A late 19th/early 20th century provincial school oils on canvas, a portrait of a man, possibly Lenin (74 x 60 cm), swept frame and a British oils on canvas portrait of a brother and sister, signed Earl and dated 1950 (2)

LOT 038 £30/50 (11:21AM)

H. Pope, 'Frankley', watercolour of a cottager carrying a pail by twilight, signed (13 x 19 cm), framed; together with Basil Bradley, pencil and watercolour, 'Three Haymakers Working', signed, unframed; and three pages of figure sketches in pencil, each signed LK, mounted together in one frame (3)

LOT 039 £30/40 (11:21AM)

C.P. Shilton, an oils on board, 'Autumn in Hyde Park, Rotten Row', signed, dated on reverse 1961 (30 x 40 cm), framed; and a 19th century oils on canvas of poachers on a salmon stream, indistinctly signed (2)

LOT 042 £40/70 (11:24AM)

Four various framed watercolours, including Jose Moia, a pen and wash courtyard scene, G.L. Hall, river scene, Robert De Quin, 'On the River Sambre (Namur)', and a 19th century watercolour of cattle in a Romantic landscape, all signed but the last (largest 30 x 43 cm), all framed (4)

LOT 043 £20/30 (11:24AM)

A large and miscellaneous selection of various framed items comprising oils, watercolours, drawings and prints and including flower pictures, a wood engraving of a snowdrop, etc. (quantity)

LOT 045 £100/150 (11:26AM)

David Bates, an oils on canvas, river landscape, signed (40 x 67 cm), swept frame, and an oils on panel by J. McIntyre, "Hampstead in May", signed with initials, framed (2)

LOT 049 £20/40 (11:28AM)

Three various framed items comprising an Antibes holiday poster, an oils on board coastal scene, and a LanOptics advertising sheet, all framed plus a large modern picture (4)

LOT 053 £20/30 (11:31AM)

George Mead, oils portrait of a young woman, and two other oils including a still life of flowers, and a 19th century coloured print of schoolboys at Harrow, signed (largest 36 x 50 cm), all framed (4) [end of silver shelves]

LOT 055 £80/100 (11:31AM)

Kathleen Middleton, an oils on board still life of flowers, signed (50 x 60 cm) in a combed and gilt gesso frame with 20th century gallery exhibition label on reverse

LOT 058 £50/90 (11:33AM)

Vivien Forbes (1891-1937) a watercolour "Trees by night", details of the Fine Art Society Exhibition on reverse, a Joseph Kirkpatrick etching, a watercolour and another etching, all framed (4)

LOT 062 £50/80 (11:36AM)

A.F. Snell, oils on canvas, fishing boats and dinghies by a quayside, signed and dated 1967 (50 x 60 cm), swept frame, and G. Todd, oils on canvas, boats and fishermen at the quayside, framed (2)

LOT 063 £70/100 (11:38AM)

S.S. Szikova, an acrylic on board, 'Rush Hour', signed and dated 2000 (50 x 75 cm), framed; together with a folio of unframed drawings and designs and an Anton Wishaw oils on board with applied details abstract, framed (quantity)

LOT 065 £80/100 (11:38AM)

A good collection of various framed items, comprising prints, drawings and Chinese embroideries, and including 'Kaby', an Art Deco coloured etching, 14 silver-leafed framed silk embroideries, and much more (quantity)

LOT 066 £40/70 (11:38AM)

Four oils on canvas including E. Ferrati, Parisian flower-sellers, signed, F. Roylet, a bawdy historical narrative, signed Rima, a 19th century Flemish style still life of flowers, signed, and figures in a landscape, signed (largest 60 x 90 cm), swept frames (4) [top of stairs]

LOT 069 £40/70 (11:40AM)

R. Walker, an unframed oils on canvas, fishing boats in rough waters, signed (62 x 80 cm), and a watercolour and bodycolour, 'The Cutty Sark', signed and framed (2)

LOT 070 £70/100 (11:40AM)

Billie Waters (b. 1896), watercolour, gouache and pencil, 'The Green House', signed (20 x 16 cm), and Dennis Higgins (1912-1978) etching, 'The Critic', signed dated 1967, and titled in pencil in the margin, both framed (2)

LOT 076 £35/45 (11:45AM)

L. Pargini, oils on canvas, winter landscape, signed (45 x 54 cm), together with a Far Eastern river scene and a needlework panel with African wildlife, all framed (3)

LOT 078 £40/60 (11:45AM)

Continental School, 19th century, oil on panel, St Mary Magdalene, shown full-length, dressed in blue and brown robes and holding a pot of ointment, fruiting tree and sky background (46 x 24 cm), unframed