LOT 001 £200/300 (11:00AM)

W.L. Wyllie, a pair of etchings of the Thames in London, at St Paul's and at the Tower of London, each signed in pencil in the margin (37 x 27 cm), framed (2)

LOT 002 £30/40 (11:00AM)

Indo-Persian school, a watercolour of a dignitary and attendants seated in a howdah upon a richly apparelled elephant, within a painted border, script above and below (22 x 14 cm overall), large ebonised frame

LOT 003 £25/35 (11:00AM)

Three Oriental prints, including of a Pekinese dog (38 x 25.5 cm), of a lady in traditional dress, seated on a throne, and of a blossoming branch, and a needlework picture of an Oriental man standing below arching wisteria, playing a flute to a lady with a fan, chickens at their feet; together with modern prints: Kenyatta Ray, limited edition print (11/125), 'Going Home', numbered, titled, signed and dated 7/94 in pencil in the margin; artist's proof, 'Moon over Morocco', titled, signed (illegible) and dated 98 in pencil in the margin; and K. Kisa, limited edition print (15/50), 'The Wise Ones', numbered, titled, signed and dated 97 in pencil in the margin, all framed (7)

LOT 005 £0 (11:02AM)

DePre (?), 20th century Spanish school, oils on canvas, portrait of a young woman with a rose in her hair, signed, a modern oil abstract, and a print (largest 63 x 93 cm) all framed; and a vacant glazed rectangular picture frame. (4)

LOT 007 £25/40 (11:02AM)

Continental school, oils on canvas, the Ile St Louis with Notre Dame, signed (illegible) (59 x 90 cm), gilt highlighted frame; and a framed impressionistic oils on board marine study (2)

LOT 010 £15/25 (11:04AM)

Jo Bamy, limited edition print (44/150), 'Flooded reflections', numbered, titled and signed in pencil in the margin (15 x 17 cm), modern limed wood frame; together with one large and two smaller Oriental stitched panels, an Oriental print of a squirrel in a pine tree, and a Common Stock certificate for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, all framed (6)

LOT 011 £40/60 (11:04AM)

J. May, oils on board, Romantic neoclassical harbour scene and another, also on board, of a similar scene, both signed and dated 1970 (largest 73 x 106 cm) framed. (2)

LOT 012 £40/60 (11:04AM)

J. Stewart, oils on canvas, waves breaking on rocks, signed, and S. Marla, oils on canvas, figure on a path by a river, signed (largest 61 x 92 cm) both framed. (2)

LOT 013 £30/50 (11:07AM)

A selection of seven various framed watercolours and prints, including two signed domestic cartoons by "Matt", a gouache of "Le Gacy" by J. Draft on a chart of San Diego Bay, etc. (7)

LOT 015 £50/80 (11:07AM)

An antique engraved and hand-coloured map of 'Cambridge shire', probably by Robert Morden, engraved by Sutton Nicholls, 'Sold by Abel Swal and Aunsham & John Churchill'; also a map of Connecticut and Rhode Island, Massachusetts and a 19th century map of Cornwall (largest 44 x 65 cm) all framed. (3)

LOT 016 £30/50 (11:07AM)

A 19th century Italian school oils on canvas, fishermen on an Alpine lake (40x 60 cm), and a late 19th century Continental school oils on canvas, the sun setting over a meandering woodland river, both framed (2)

LOT 017 £50/70 (11:09AM)

A late 19th/early 20th century English Provincial school oils on canvas of a Jack Russell terrier, and two pastel canine portraits of terriers by Diana Oliver, both signed, one dated 1996 (largest 42 x 48 cm), all framed. (3)

LOT 018 £30/50 (11:09AM)

A selection of 14 various framed items comprising prints, watercolours and oils, including a pair of 18th century narrative prints, 'Courtship' and 'Marriage', and another in verre eglomise surround, J. Goddard, watercolour of a harbour scene, C. Lemonalia, oil on board, a coastal landscape, a modern print of Lyme Regis harbour, etc. (14)

LOT 020 £25/40 (11:09AM)

E. Lewis, a pair of coastal watercolours, each signed and dated (19)00; H. Bellingham-Smith, watercolour, Buckingham Palace from the Gardens, signed (largest 16 x 34 cm) all framed. (3)

LOT 021 £320/350 (11:12AM)

Kenneth Newton, 20th century, oils on canvas, still life with grapes, garlic, wine glasses and documents on a draped surface (33 x 54 cm), gilt wood border within a plain wood frame

LOT 023 £80/150 (11:12AM)

R.G. Coslett, pastel and charcoal, of a man in a turban with a sword, after Rubens, signed and dated 1833 (59 x 48.5 cm), shaped gilt frame with foliate decoration

LOT 024 £8000/1200 (11:12AM)

Charles Joseph Grips, oils on panel, a Continental interior with a woman at an open window, signed and dated 1876 (43.5 x 34.5 cm), shaped and pierced foliate gilt wood frame, reverse with Cooling Galleries, New Bond Street, London label

LOT 026 £35/45 (11:14AM)

A 19th century Provincial school pastel portrait of a seated woman with an elaborate lace and satin headdress, indistinctly signed and dated 1828 (31 x 26 cm), gilt frame.

LOT 029 £30/50 (11:16AM)

Leo Gibbons Smith, watercolour of a harbour scene, Fife, signed with device; a watercolour by John Darlison "A quiet corner, St Romain", signed; and an oils on board of a cottage with duck pond (largest 50 x 40 cm) all framed. (3)

LOT 030 £200/400 (11:16AM)

After Gainsborough, oils on canvas, a portrait of the actress Mrs Siddons (1755-1831), in fashionable contemporary dress (126 x 100 cm), late 19th century gilt frame (The original portrait by Gainsborough is in the Nation Gallery.)

LOT 033 £50/70 (11:19AM)

A miscellaneous selection of various framed and unframed items comprising prints, watercolours, textile pictures, maps, etc. and includes an M. Page textiles landscape. (Qty contained in three cartons, and a few loose)

LOT 033A £60/80 (11:19AM)

An antique sampler, a Chinese silk embroidered panel and a John Canning watercolour "Fox in a snowy landscape", signed (largest 34 x 50 cm) all framed. (3)

LOT 034 £25/35 (11:19AM)

Pauline Clark, oils on canvas, portrait of the Duke of Wellington, signed and dated 1974, and Marie Charlot, Edwardian ladies on a bench, oils on canvas, signed (largest 60 x 50 cm) both framed. (2)

LOT 035 £40/60 (11:19AM)

Two framed modern prints including John Brunsden, artist proof coloured print of Lambeth Palace from the Thames, signed, titled and numbered in pencil in the margin, and an oil of a courtyard with fountain by Folland, signed (largest 60 x 80 cm) all framed (3)

LOT 036 £20/30 (11:21AM)

A small mixed lot comprising a Continental school watercolour of a lake scene, a coloured print study of fruit of the plum tree and a facsimile map all framed. (3)

LOT 039 £70/120 (11:21AM)

Ramsay Richard Reinagle (R.A. 1814), watercolour, Staines Church on the Thames (54 x 85 cm), framed, with many labels on reverse pertaining to provenance and Christies sale.

LOT 040 £30/40 (11:24AM)

A framed coloured abstract indistinctly signed Reg Barderid (?); J.B. Schumann, oils on canvas, an Alpine landscape with a river, signed; and two photographs in one frame (largest 60 x 90 cm). (3)

LOT 041 £35/45 (11:24AM)

Christa Gaq, "Still life at Sampford Spiney", watercolour and gouache, signed (exhibited at the New Grafton Gallery in 1984) and a sepia print artist proof "Sepia Surrender" (largest 20 x 21 cm), both framed. (2)

LOT 042 £50/90 (11:24AM)

An early 19th century school narrative, oils on metal laid to panel, an elderly harpist and a classical maiden seated on a rock by the sea, indistinctly signed P. Coth (?)(25 x 21 cm)

LOT 043 £25/40 (11:26AM)

Hubbard, acrylics, figures on a beach, signed, and three modern works including J. Rogers abstract heightened with gold leaf (largest 57 x 57 cm), all framed. (4)

LOT 046 £60/100 (11:26AM)

Six various watercolours comprising landscapes, including an Alpine scene, a beach scene by Dalglish, a marine scene by Fallow, etc. (largest 30 x 43 cm), all framed. (6)

LOT 050 £30/50 (11:28AM)

Heather Libson, oils, untitled abstract in blues and greens (28 x 38 cm), the reverse inscribed 'Heather Libson Autumn 2002'; Erica Macdonald, pastels, 'Courtyard', signed with initials and dated 93 (30 x 42 cm), reverse with submission label for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 1994; and Jill van Hoorn, pastels, 'Morning Walk on Box Hill', signed (36 x 27 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 052 £60/100 (11:31AM)

A rare antique painted cotton mounted on a panel of an Indian infant princess; the paint is highly modelled and set with coloured glass "gemstones" (94 x 71 cm)

LOT 056 £25/35 (11:33AM)

Maia, oils on canvas abstract seascape, signed (60.5 x 92 cm), and a selection of six framed modern prints including of locomotives and vintage cars. (7)

LOT 057 £30/35 (11:33AM)

Three various framed watercolours and pastels including sunrise over the sea, a working Asian elephant and a late 19th century watercolour of a country girl at rest, all indistinctly signed (3)

LOT 060 £40/45 (11:36AM)

Various unframed watercolours, including H.H. Richardson, "Harlech Castle", W. Foster, "The Young Anglers", an extensive winter landscape with cottages and village pond, a nude study by Hubbard, a print, etc. (largest 30 x 50 cm) (6)

LOT 061 £40/70 (11:36AM)

S. Ishida, watercolour of Japanese cherry blossom in a park, signed, F.G. Colorides, pastures by an estuary, signed, a 19th century French street scene, and two other items (largest 50 x 32 cm), all framed (5)

LOT 062 £35/40 (11:36AM)

Reginald C Doherty, oil on board, "Chevas Del Drach" (the caves of Drach, Majorca) signed and dated 1968 (55 x 81 cm); Peter Oliver, oils on board, "Fishing the River Test", signed; and an oils on canvas, "Dusk over the Fens", signed Noran. (3)

LOT 068 £20/40 (11:40AM)

An oval coloured mezzotint portrait of a young woman, in a highly decorative gilt frame and a coloured print “The Mirror” by E.R. Sturgeon, signed in pencil in the margin, two Chinese wood block pictures, a Donald Green drawing of Flora Robson at the Tatler theatre and another framed picture (largest 37 x 51 cm), all framed. (6)

LOT 069 £25/35 (11:40AM)

Leo Gibbons Smith, watercolour, Bayford Lake with Swan, signed with monogram, and a signed pastel of a lane between back gardens (largest 50 x 34 cm) both framed. (2)

LOT 075 £25/30 (11:45AM)

Alan Taylor, a gouache of a stylised landscape signed, an early 19th century watercolour of a barge by a cottage, an oil of a village street by Lamb, a portrait of a 19th century "Master of the Hunt", a French print of various antique short tennis rackets and a court, and a 19th century watercolour of a family on a beach (largest 30 x 33 cm) (6)

LOT 078 £50/70 (11:45AM)

After Rubens, a coloured print of a portrait drawing of a girl with necklace; a coloured print after Turner; a watercolour by Leo Gibbons Smith of Lanberis Pass, Wales, signed with monogram; Sir Ernest George, watercolour of Camogli, Italy, signed with initials; and another watercolour of an old watermill (largest 31 x 46 cm) all framed. (6)

LOT 089 £25/35 (11:52AM)

Jack Boweyman, oils on board, sunset over an estuary, signed and dated 1910; together with three framed prints (largest 16 x 40 cm), all framed (4)

LOT 090 £25/35 (11:52AM)

Robin Muller, a pair of coloured limited edition prints of landscapes, signed, together with some unframed watercolours, David Roberts prints, etc. (largest 47 x 47 cm) (quantity)

LOT 092 £30/50 (11:55AM)

Gwen Wagor, an ink and watercolour wash of a rocky shoreline, signed, together with a 19th century coloured print of a flower girl and a print after Teniers, 'The Card Players' (largest 40 x 58 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 095 £25/45 (11:57AM)

An early 20th century oils on canvas, figures on a track, possibly Ceylon, indistinctly signed, and indistinctly titled on the reverse (17 x 24 cm), framed

LOT 098 £30/50 (11:57AM)

Gloenga Offo, an oils on board portrait of two 'giraffe'-necked women, signed and dated 2000 (54 x 46 cm), framed, and a framed pencil drawing portrait (2)