LOT 016A £20/40 (11:09AM)

A selection of various framed and unframed prints, drawings, watercolours and oils, including Richard Harrison, 'Ships on the Tyne', portraits by Barbara Firth, etc. (quantity)

LOT 017 £300/500 (11:09AM)

Archibald Thorburn (1860-1935), watercolour, 'Tawny Owl – Gray Race', inscribed on the reverse 'I certify this drawing is by my Father – P. Thorburn' (14 x 19 cm), framed. (Provenance: The Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Canada)

LOT 018 £300/400 (11:09AM)

Archibald Thorburn (1860-1935), pencil drawing, 'Cormorant', signed with initials and dated March 13, 1918 (18 x 12 cm), framed (the second version for plate 36 in 'A Naturalist's Sketch Book', 1919) (Provenance: The Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Canada)

LOT 021 £40/60 (11:12AM)

John Riley (b. 1909), three framed coloured etchings including an artist's proof of an angler at Richmond Bridge, all signed in pencil in the margin (largest 25 x 38 cm) (3)

LOT 023 £40/50 (11:12AM)

Robert Morden, a hand-coloured engraved map of 'The North Riding of Yorkshire', 17th century (36 x 40 cm), together with maps of river courses and prints, all unframed [silver shelves]

LOT 024 £15/25 (11:14AM)

Julia Bembaron (b. 1928?), two oils on board: 'Rooftops at Cadaques', signed, and 'Fishing boats, Anglesey', signed (largest 45 x 35 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 025 £15/25 (11:14AM)

Kate Isobel Wilson (1907-1984), oils on canvas, still life of onions, signed (36 x 41 cm), and Jonathan Lane, oils on canvas, a backwater, Venice, signed with initials and dated 02, both framed (2)

LOT 026 £20/30 (11:14AM)

Two coloured reproduction prints, 'Chichester Canal', by Turner, and 'The Goldfinch' by Fabritius, and a Chinese picture of water lilies, all framed (3) [by cafe door]

LOT 028 £65/95 (11:16AM)

H.J. Jackson, an oils on panel with embossed gilt gesso ground, 'The Annunciation', signed and dated '96 (42 x 27 cm) framed and a selection of 18 various framed prints, drawings, etc., and some watercolours (quantity). [by cafe door]

LOT 029 £20/25 (11:16AM)

H.P. Wilson, a watercolour, a back street in a fishing town, signed, together with a watercolour, 'The Spaniard's Inn', by E.L. Woolston, signed and dated 1944 (largest 22 x 29 cm), both framed, together with a large print of an old photograph of the Eiffel Tower, a French travel poster, a collection of old cricketing photographs, players in action, etc., a few other prints, all framed, and an unframed large modern abstract oils on canvas, '49 1/2' (quantity) [corner by table]

LOT 031 £20/30 (11:16AM)

Natasha Lane, a pastel, view of Poacher's Pocket, Batson near Salcombe, signed, together with Kate Wilson, watercolour of an Irish lough, c.1920, both framed (2)

LOT 032 £100/150 (11:19AM)

Henry B. Wimbush (1860-1910), three watercolours heightened with body colour, topographical views of New Zealand, comprising 'Steaming Cliffs, Rotomahana', 'Hoho Falls, Rotorua' and 'Wahangaroa', all signed (largest 22 x 29 cm), swept parcel gilt frames (3)

LOT 036 £60/80 (11:21AM)

L. Romirez (20th century), oils on copper, a shepherd and his dog in a country lane, signed, together with an oils on panel of picturesque ruins (largest 31 x 41 cm), both in parcel gilt ebonised frames (2)

LOT 043 £20/30 (11:24AM)

J. Frison (c.1947), an artist's monotype coloured print, still life of radishes, cheese, and a wine bottle, signed in the block and stamped with an owl seal (33 x 43 cm), parcel gilt swept frame

LOT 044 £20/30 (11:26AM)

Carlos Budy, four framed coloured Art Deco prints, 'La Journee de Mado', all signed in the block (each 21 x 15 cm), and cover, all framed except cover (5)

LOT 045 £40/60 (11:26AM)

A good selection of various framed prints, many relating to the Great Exhibition and including miniature Baxter prints, lithographs, etc., and a collection of loose prints of roses (quantity)

LOT 046 £30/40 (11:26AM)

A 20th century modern school pen and ink study of a woman and child, bespoke silver-leaf frame, a signed gouache of Sicilian fishermen, and a silkscreen on canvas of an overripe banana on a gold ground by L.A. (3)

LOT 048 £20/30 (11:28AM)

Mid-20th century English illustrative school pen and watercolour wash, church interior with stonemason and boy, indistinctly signed with initials J.G. (?) (40 x 54 cm), unframed [silver-plate shelves]

LOT 049 £20/30 (11:28AM)

A 19th century oils on canvas laid to board, a Southern European balcony overlooking the sea (35 x 25 cm), unframed, and an early 19th century Norwich School watercolour, 'Bucks by the Creek', framed (2)

LOT 050 £15/25 (11:28AM)

Margaret Russell, an oils on board, 'Cabbage Harvest – Belgium', signed (51 x 61 cm); and Sara Pantelias, oils on board, grass, poppies and other hedgerow plants, signed (47 x 39 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 051 £30/40 (11:28AM)

Mainly children's books in four boxes and loose, hardback and paperback, many illustrated by Barbara Firth and including 'Little Bear' stories (many duplicates), also promotional posters for 'Little Bear' books, etc..,'Tale Pallets', and a hand-painted 'Treasure Island' map; together with a 1937 Coronation handkerchief, three old Cunard liner menus, and a box file and albums of family photographs (quantity) [middle and lower silver-plate shelves]

LOT 052 £300/400 (11:31AM)

Watercolour artwork, proofs, layout, manuscripts, etc., in two boxes and folders, for various Walker Books publications illustrated by Barbara Firth, also a quantity of unused drawing paper, etc.; sketches and watercolours by Barbara Firth include of Jack the Dog (one in pencil titled and signed), also in envelopes inscribed for 'Waldo', 'Lady L', 'Grump', 'Escapes', two signed illustrations including in watercolour and pencil, a girl with a dog, and in pencil, a family with a toboggan and dog ('We Love Them'), and a signed cover illustration of animals (a dog, parrots, rabbit, tortoise, mouse), dated 1984 (approximately 35 loose sheets of drawings/watercolours) [lower and middle silver-plate shelves]

LOT 053 £300/400 (11:31AM)

Barbara Firth. Watercolour and pencil artwork for various children's books, including 'A Song for Little Toad', 'Waldo the Tortoise', etc., and including two signed watercolours, 'Dancing Dogs' and another (approximately 35 loose sheets) [silver-plate shelves]

LOT 054 £250/350 (11:31AM)

Barbara Firth. Watercolour and pencil sketches, mostly artwork for Walker Books children's books in the Little Bear series (approximately 24 loose sheets) [silver-plate shelves]

LOT 055 £200/300 (11:31AM)

Barbara Firth. Folios of watercolour artwork, much stamped for Walker Books, including 'A Walk through the Seasons', 'Geology', 'The Herb Book', 'The Spiders', 'Coyote', 'At the Edge of the Forest', etc., a collection of exquisite small artwork and apparently related larger watercolours, and a framed watercolour of moths and butterflies in a meadow (quantity) [table opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 056 £150/250 (11:33AM)

Barbara Firth. Original published watercolour artwork for 'Well Done, Little Bear' (Walker Books, 1999), comprising: front and back cover illustrations; pp. 4-5; pp. 10-11; pp. 14-15; pp. 20-21; pp. 22-23; pp. 24-25; pp. 30-31 (largest 35 x 51 cm) (9 sheets), and a signed letter of authenticity from the publishers [silver-plate shelves]

LOT 057 £250/350 (11:33AM)

Barbara Firth. Original published watercolour artwork for 'Sleep Tight, Little Bear' (Walker Books, 2005), comprising: cover illustration; p. 1; p. 3; pp. 4-5; pp. 6-7; pp. 10-11; pp. 12-13; pp. 14-15; pp. 16-17; pp. 18-19; pp. 20-21; pp. 22-23; pp. 24-25; pp. 26-27; pp. 30-31; p. 32 (smallest 23 x 20 cm, largest 35 x 52 cm) (16 sheets), and a signed letter of authenticity from the publishers [silver-plate shelves]

LOT 058 £80/150 (11:33AM)

Barbara Firth. Two 'signed babies' original watercolour artwork, each signed, including from 'You and Me, Little Bear' (final added text reads: "Big Bear thought for a bit, then he said, 'Let's play hide-and-seek, Little Bear'. 'I'll hide and you seek,' Little Bear said, and he ran off to hide.") (largest 38 x 72 cm) (2), with handwritten note to gallery owner [silver-plate shelves]

LOT 060 £20/30 (11:36AM)

A mixed lot, including an unframed watercolour of a sailing boat, signed Homer (?), a framed print of Loch Laggan, interior of a girl at a piano by H.H. Warner, signed and dated 1927, 'The Legend of Hill House' by Charlotte Bird, an unframed oils of woodland c.1900, an inlaid wood picture of elephants, etc. (quantity) [silver shelves]

LOT 061 £50/80 (11:36AM)

Basil Bradley, pencil and watercolour, 'Three Haymakers Working', signed (14 x 24 cm), unframed; and three pages of figure sketches in pencil, each signed LK, mounted together in one frame (2) [silver shelves]

LOT 062 £35/45 (11:36AM)

An oil portrait of a girl seated with a dog (24 x 19 cm), pierced foliate gilt frame; together with a more modern oil, 'Children at Play', by G.M. Woolhouse, signed, framed, and a pair of gilt-framed oils of female nudes (4) [silver shelves]

LOT 063 £150/250 (11:36AM)

Scottish School, late 19th century, oils on canvas, a pair of rural scenes, of a boy and a younger child fishing in a stream and of their parents, resting from work (35.5 cm x 46 cm each), unframed (2) [next to lot 49, opposite collectors' shelves]

LOT 064 £35/45 (11:38AM)

Ed. Addam, oil on canvas, 'Vestra', a steamship on a stormy sea, signed and dated 1912, Havre (?) (60 x 93 cm), unframed [opposite silver-plate shelves]

LOT 071 £40/60 (11:40AM)

Dagmar Rucker, two late 20th century modern school abstract limited edition coloured prints, variations on a geometric theme, signed in pencil in the margin (70 x 50 cm), framed, and a Dagmar Rucker 'jigsaw' abstract (4) [top of stairs, end of toy shelves]

LOT 077 £60/80 (11:45AM)

H. Yeru, oils on canvas abstract, 'Le bon bleu Bastille', signed and dated 1995, together with another oils on canvas by Yeru, 'Africa', signed, c.1995 (largest 85 x 54 cm), both framed [behind jewellery]

LOT 080 £30/40 (11:48AM)

I. Koch, oils and acrylic on board, abstract composition, signed and dated 2006 (42 x 120 cm), unframed; together with framed two pop art exhibition posters (1991), Sammlung Beck, Wilhelm Hack Museum (3)

LOT 082 £50/80 (11:48AM)

Four various framed modern pictures, including an oils on canvas photo-realistic composition with neck scarf and earphones, an oils on canvas, Helen Humphrey, 'Cap d'Antibes', signed, an oils on board, B. Byron, naive depiction of an African village, etc. (4) [end collectors' shelves by cafe door]

LOT 083 £50/80 (11:48AM)

Eight various framed items comprising William McConnell, pen and wash, 'Twice round the clock', a maple-framed Baxter print, J. Williams, landing at Rurutonca, a maple-framed coloured print King George IV in Hyde Park, other antique prints, The Royal Mews, 'The Post Office', and a maple-framed portrait of John Jackson RA, etc. (8)

LOT 084 £40/60 (11:50AM)

A small selection of framed and unframed pictures including a Japanese coloured woodblock print of a Sumo wrestling contest, an oils on canvas of a sandy beach, indistinctly signed, a watercolour, a photograph and a pen and ink (5)

LOT 085 £20/30 (11:50AM)

Colin Fearns, a pen and wash of Lake Como, a crayon of a car in a landscape, together with a box-framed silkscreen print of a Penguin book cover, 'Modern Shakespeare', all three framed (3)

LOT 086 £30/40 (11:50AM)

Charles Dear, an oils on board, 'Farm Track in Rural Essex', signed (26 x 36 cm), together with R.O.B., an oils on board of a mother and child by a duck pond, signed with initials, both framed (2)

LOT 088 £40/70 (11:52AM)

A large and interesting collection of various framed and unframed items, comprising prints after L.S. Lowry, David Shepherd, etc., an oils on canvas, etching, etc., etc. (quantity) [end collectors' shelves by silver]

LOT 089 £40/50 (11:52AM)

Late 19th/early 20th century oils on canvas, folk dancers in the grounds of a Southern European villa (82 x 100 cm), set into an oak wall panel with mirrored section (167 x 125 cm overall) [half-landing]

LOT 090 £40/60 (11:52AM)

A good selection of framed items, including original artwork for Waring & Gillow and Catesbys by Orlando Greenwood, a Frank Brangwyn etching, decorative prints, other etchings, etc. (17)

LOT 091 £20/40 (11:52AM)

A set of seven German chromolithographs printed on tissue paper for viewing, with back lighting, depicting a medieval narrative of a knight, c.1880 (each 25 x 20 cm), each framed and glazed on both sides (7)

LOT 092 £20/30 (11:55AM)

Four framed pictures, including a coloured print after Stubbs, an oils on canvas of picturesque ruins, etc., and a set of four gilt-framed pictures of Venice (largest 82 x 36 cm) (8) [end silver shelves]

LOT 093 £30/40 (11:55AM)

A good mixed lot of various framed and unframed pictures, including posters, photographs, oils, prints, etc. (largest 73 x 80cm) (quantity) [corner by jewellery]

LOT 094 £40/60 (11:55AM)

A large collection of old photographs relating to the history of the steam railway in Britain and including personalities, topographic images, etc., all mounted for museum exhibition display; together with facsimiles of engravings also related to steam railways (quantity) [by jewellery]

LOT 095 £30/50 (11:55AM)

Mary Fedden, a limited edition coloured print, 'The Elements of Life', signed and numbered in the margin, together with Kim Lewis, a coloured pencil of lambs gambolling in a pasture, signed (largest 30 x 46 cm), both framed (2)