LOT 103 £30/40 (12:02PM)

Seevey-Lester, a pastel of nude bathers, signed; an oils on canvas of a woodland pool, signed, and a coloured flower print of a camellia (largest 62 x 92 cm), all framed (3)

LOT 104 £40/70 (12:02PM)

Sheldon Burrowes Adams (1838-1866), watercolour of cattle in a riverside pasture, together with E. Souster, watercolour of a formal garden, signed, a watercolour of farm buildings at the crest of a hill, indistinctly signed, and three other items (largest 40 x 55 cm), all framed (6)

LOT 107 £30/50 (12:04PM)

N.F. Shaw, a 19th century watercolour of a shrimp fisherman on a beach, signed, and an oils on board of a mountain lake by J. Booth (largest 40 x 60 cm), both framed (2)

LOT 109 £40/70 (12:04PM)

David Brown, a limited edition print of David Bowie (4/50), 'Ziggy played Guitar', together with a David Ellis Print of a watermill, Jack Vettriano print, a modern oil of a Paris street, Hollywood photographs, posters, a Beryl Cook jigsaw, 'The Male Stripper', etc. (16)

LOT 110 £30/50 (12:04PM)

Zahonyi, oils on board, still life with a profusion of flowers in a vase, signed (59 x 80 cm), and A. Gunn, oils on canvas still life of autumn flowers in a Delft vase, signed, both framed (2)

LOT 112 £30/40 (12:07PM)

A selection of small watercolours, prints, etc., including watercolours of Venice by W.T. Morse and of a waterfall by H. Palmer, both signed, an etching after Edouard Manet, 'Le chat et les fleurs', with authentication label, a signed photograph of London, various old and modern prints, and a small vacant decorative frame, etc. (quantity)

LOT 114 £20/40 (12:07PM)

A carton of various framed items comprising prints, oils, watercolours, etc., and including Burnett grisaille views of Paris, Bridges, an Alpine town, mirrors etc. (quantity)

LOT 118 £25/35 (12:09PM)

A 20th century watercolour, 'Numerals', and a modern signed print, 'Artist's Colours', together with a framed South-East Asian picture of dancing girls (3)

LOT 122 £30/40 (12:12PM)

Rolf Harris, 'Bob, Many many thanks, Rolf', a painted profile on card, of Robert Jones (80 x 55 cm), verso inscribed and with possible date 1979; together with an invitation designed by Harris to a party at his house (2) (Bob Jones worked as an engineer on some of Harris' television programmes. Reverse of painting has Jones's BBC ID card and photograph.)

LOT 123 £40/70 (12:14PM)

G. Vernon Stokes, a limited edition coloured drypoint etching (37/75) of hounds and a terrier in a stream, signed and numbered in pencil in the margin (26 x 31 cm), and Pamela Davis, a watercolour of primulas, signed, gilt frames (2)

LOT 136 £50/80 (12:21PM)

A box of posters large and small format many to promote rock record releases, including Iron Maiden Seventh Son of Seventh Son new album poster, AC/DC That's The Way I Wanna Rock N' Roll new release poster, Guns N' Roses Live Like A Suicide promotion poster, Union Street Spring Festival Arts and Crafts Fair USA, a Ferrari Testarossa, others for Guns N' Roses, U2 Live at Wembley Stadium, The Sex Pistols photographed by Kevin Cummins 1977, an Ultravox poster for 1982 for three Chinese shows with signatures, Jimi Hendrix Anthrax State of Euphoria Warlock and many more, a pack of Star Wars playing cards and a Star Wars digital watch.

LOT 138 £80/12 (12:24PM)

Produced by Singapore Post Ltd 22 Volumes of Singapore stamps by year including 1990, 1991, 1993, 2001 – 2018 and 2020 some still unopened, each in its individual envelope.

LOT 139 £15/25 (12:24PM)

Eighteen modern crowns, including three 1980, three 1977 and eight Churchill crowns, eight other coins including two Liberty half dollars, an album of Christmas stamps of Great Britain 1966- 1980, complete, the Strand Stamp Album with a small quantity of stamps, seven copies of SG442 with Channel Islands cancellations including first day of use and a small quantity of other stamps.

LOT 140 £40/60 (12:24PM)

A blue covered fabric Helva stamp album, very well-presented, of world stamps, the collection of 1986 Australian stamps in a presentation album, a picture postcard album of mainly topographical cards but including birthday and greetings cards and a box full of Royal Mail stamp folders, mainly empty, a copy of Inside the Atom comic, etc.

LOT 142 £30/40 (12:26PM)

A carton of decorative jewellery including Celtic earrings, a pair of earrings styled as recorders, a diamante bracelet with matching earrings, a parrot brooch with multi-coloured stones, modern necklaces including a double heart locket etc.

LOT 143 £40/70 (12:26PM)

Three good quality pipes, two in boxes, one a Meerschaum with silver mounts, a smokers pouch and a collection of 20th century postcards, mainly topographical.

LOT 144 £25/30 (12:26PM)

A tin box containing currency including 21 crowns, a quantity of paper money, a small quantity of costume jewellery including silver, bangles, a watch chain, medallion, a thimble and a small quantity of stamps and First Day Covers and a newspaper on the day John Lenon died

LOT 146 £50/80 (12:28PM)

Two Dunhill pipes, each with a gilt ring stamped Dunhill Classic Series, two other pipes, a mother-of-pearl and silver fruit knife, 11 modern crowns and other coins, a pipe smoker's penknife and a matching Dunhill fountain pen with 14 ct gold nib and biro.

LOT 147 £30/40 (12:28PM)

An old autograph album with a cartoon picture of Hitler dated '39, various signatures and sentiments including William Hickey, a quantity of modern wrist watches and a quantity of paper currency etc.

LOT 148 £30/50 (12:28PM)

A collection of crowns in a fitted box by Harrington & Byrne along with five modern £5 coins and a Royal gilt metal medallion, an uncirculated silver sovereign and a mint silver convex one dollar coin commemorating the moon landing, also a three-piece Parker pen set in stainless steel, boxed.

LOT 149 £25/40 (12:31PM)

An interesting folder of ephemera covering part of the life of Annie Goddard nee Jackson, who was a member of the Land Army and this collection includes her armbands, tie, star, various books, record of honour along with personal letters and period cuttings, her two teddy bears and nine volumes of the 100 Best Pictures.

LOT 150 £15/25 (12:31PM)

A Bakelite ashtray containing playing cards for Bridge, two letters signed Dennis Wheatley from 1950 and 1954 each typed on his personal letter headed paper, both thanking a fan for their encouragement, a caddy spoon stamped Old Mother Hubbard and a 1901 silver dollar.

LOT 151 £25/40 (12:31PM)

A cardboard box containing two albums of postcards, some early 20th century including churches, another album similar but including royalty, an album of mini sheets of stamps from Guyana, Cuba, mostly with cancellations, a quantity of Royal Mail postcards, a tin of old cigarette cards etc.

LOT 153 £20/30 (12:33PM)

A 'Sam Bartram by Himself' first edition copy 1956, with dust jacket, signed by Sam Bartram on page 64, two Chelsea pendants 29th February 2000, four copies of Football League Review including December 9th 1967 and 'The Rules of the Game'.

LOT 160 £15/20 (12:36PM)

A small number of postcards from Communist East Berlin prior to the fall of the wall, a card showing Auschwitz prisoner of war camp, two cards from Expo '67 and a quantity of old German newspapers and the Evening Standard for Thatcher's resignation, four copies of Dandy from comic library including no.2, a Delft vase, skipping rope, a figure of Buddha etc.

LOT 164 £30/40 (12:38PM)

A large box containing a number of cigarette lighters, one with musical action, costume jewellery, a quantity of gents aftershave and lotions, an office stamp, dressing table items etc.

LOT 165 £10/20 (12:40PM)

Two cartons containing interesting old ephemera, underground maps, road maps, volumes of The Gambols, brochures from tourist attractions, old papers including Daily Graphic, bus route maps, newspapers etc.

LOT 166 £25/40 (12:40PM)

An interesting lot including a red plastic box of ephemera including scrap album cut-outs, cartes de visite, old photographs, cigarette cards, greetings cards, a box of mainly bronze UK currency sorted into denominations, an 1880 Crown, a Nero from 54-68 AD, stamps mainly on paper but some mint and postcards including London, Royalty, greetings, etc.

LOT 170 £40/60 (12:43PM)

Ten folding knives for a fisherman including an American Buck with pouch, a cougar lock knife, a Comanche pruner, a Saynor made in Sheffield and another with horn handle, along with two torches and other bits.

LOT 171 £20/30 (12:43PM)

A silver cigarette case with floral etched decoration, wrist watches, a diamante butterfly brooch, cigarette lighter, porcelain cup and saucer, etc.

LOT 172 £40/60 (12:43PM)

Two wallets with 9 ct gold mounts, another stamped Rolex, a Gucci credit card wallet, a drink flask, a quantity of paper money and loose coinage, an old Bic wrist watch in a gilt metal and enamelled case, a glass pin box with silver lid, etc.

LOT 174 £40/50 (12:45PM)

A quantity of football ephemera including an empty bottle of Watney Mann World Cup Ale 1966, a group of cards presented with The Hornet of International Cup Teams, a Brentford Football Club postcard 1929-30 Season, ticket stubs including Chelsea v Spurs Final 2015, a Wembley 1966 World Cup Final programme with ticket, a football scrap album, a Brentford Euro '96 plastic banner, a large format book Coaching Days of England, and a small number of vintage film posters, foolscap size, and two magazines including Batman, etc.

LOT 176 £0 (12:45PM)

A carton full of Football ephemera including 19 copies of Charles Buchans Football Monthly 1966-1970 including World Cup issue, Goal magazine for 1969 including No.1, 1971 and following years.

LOT 177 £30/50 (12:48PM)

A carton of Football books including 'Bobby Moore' by Jeff Powell, 'Ken Bates: My Chelsea Dream', 'World Cup 1958' by John Camkin, 'World Cup' by Glanville & Weinstein, and other books including 'The Little Red Engine', Soccer Gift Book, Seafights & Battles, The Giant Alexander by Frank Herrmann, etc. also a carton of newspapers football related including Evening News and a carton of Matchday magazines for Chelsea post 2000.

LOT 178 £40/60 (12:48PM)

Papers and ephemera relating to Robert Fenemore Jones to include his photograph in a silver frame, letters written to him whilst on Service in the Royal Air Force, an ashtray presented to him possibly part of a propeller, his old school cap, his silver napkin ring in its fitted box, prayer book, school reports from University College School Hampstead, a pewter tankard presented in Singapore 1948 and an album of his photographs mainly during Service including aeroplanes, a cash tin, etc.

LOT 179 £30/40 (12:48PM)

A large plastic crate containing film studio photographs from mid 20th century including Charlton Heston and The Planet of the Apes, Samson and Delilah, Hang 'em High with Clint Eastwood, The Looters, The Tartars, Say One for Me, Forever Darling and many more.

LOT 180 £40/60 (12:48PM)

Two cartons full of spectacular photographs, large format, mainly steam trains and ships, including negatives and a photograph album including war gun-boats, liners, a London bus, aeroplanes, etc.

LOT 181 £30/40 (12:50PM)

Two cartons of ephemera well-presented including a large number of The Daily Sketch from circa 1915, an Olympiade 1960 programme in French, copies of The Daily Graphic, The Apollo Story, The Coronation Souvenir and Guide 1937, etc.

LOT 182 £60/80 (12:50PM)

Six stamp albums to include three albums of QE2 used stamps from 1971-1999, definitive and commemorative, an album of QE2 First Day covers, an album of Royal Mail Stamp Cards series and an album of World stamps.

LOT 184 £800/1500 (12:50PM)

A Great Britain Windsor Stamp album mainly mint to include Queen Victoria various Jubilee issues, King Edward VII two shillings and sixpence mint, King George V £PUC, King George VI complete set, mint, Queen Elizabeth II complete to 1970 plus regionals and Postage Dues stamps with a few official stamps.

LOT 185 £2000/3000 (12:52PM)

A green Windsor Album: Great Britain from Queen Victoria through to Queen Elizabeth II to include two 1d black, two 2d blue, three 1/- embossed issues, Penny Red plates to plate 225, surface printed issues from 4D Carmine to Jubilee issues. King Edward VII to £1 green, King George V to £PUC. King George VI complete. Queen Elizabeth II complete to 1970, and various officials Queen Victoria to King Edward VII. Postage Dues 1914-1963 and Channel Islands and regional stamps.

LOT 186 £40/60 (12:52PM)

A wooden box containing three amateur stamp albums of world stamps and a small collection of First Day Covers including one addressed to the current Lord Shackleton, ten modern wrist watches one by Seiko, a number of lighters, a tortoiseshell box, a pair of Danish silver cuff-links and an interesting copy of Goldsmith 1679 Almanac printed in London by Mary Clark in its original binding.

LOT 187 £15/25 (12:52PM)

67 Crowns mainly Elizabeth II, a 1990 commemorative £5 coin, a quantity of pre-1947 silver currency, bronze pennies, foreign currency, a D-Day £5 presentation coin, paper money, etc.

LOT 188 £60/90 (12:52PM)

A medal lot including a group comprising 'For Long Service and Good Conduct', and a 1914-18 medal presented to K.29039 W.A. Lethbridge STO1.RN and S.P.O. H.M.S. Lucia, The Great War medal 1914-1919 awarded to 039 W.A. Lethbridge STO.1.R.N.; the 1939-45 medal and Defence medal both unnamed, the Africa Star with First Army bar and the Italy Star, an RAF cap badge, a Sovereign case, etc.

LOT 191 £130/150 (12:55PM)

A 9 ct gold chain 10 g gross, a quantity of bronze pennies and a small quantity of costume jewellery including a cross, and a star pendant and three pairs of glamorous fashion sunglasses.

LOT 192 £25/35 (12:55PM)

A 1977 silver proof crown coin, in case of issue, a 1900 silver crown coin, a Seiko SQ100 quartz wrist watch, in case, an Ingersoll Triumph pocket watch, and six pieces of EPNS cutlery

LOT 193 £50/80 (12:57PM)

Autographs collected by a Chelsea Football Club fanatic including Tony Coton, Ken Monkou, Graeme Lesaux, Niall Quinn, Kevin Hitchcock, Dmitri Kharine, Dennis Tueart, Nigel Spackman, Peter Osgood, Anthony Barness, Jan Molby, David James, Erland Johnsen, Paul Elliott, Frank Sinclair, Mark Hughes, Michael Duberry, David Lee, Tony Roberts, Rufus Brevett, Danny Dichio, Kevin Gallen, Chris Coleman, Andy Myers, David Ginola, Darren Peacock, Keith Gillespie, David Batty, Gary Neville, Gus Poyet, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Henning Berg, Martin Edwards, Michael Clegg, Alex Ferguson, Brian McClair, Ronny Johnsen, Tore Andre Flo, David Beckham, Frank Leboeuf, Bernard, Dennis Wise, Ed De Houy, Steve Clarke, Eddie Newton, Graham Rix, and another autograph book containing Joe Bonson, Bobby Smith, Pat Terry, Mark Lazarus, A Jones, Tommy Higginson, Billy Cobb, Ian Lawther, Tom Anthony, Peter Gelson, Bobby Moore, Ray Wilson, Ron Springett, Workington Players, along with loose autograph sheets for Anthony Barness, Ruud Gullit, Gavin Peacock, Erland Johnsen, Dmitri Kharine, Craig Burley, Andy Dow, Glenn Hoddle, Frank Sinclair, Dennis Wise, Jan Molby, Peter Osgood, David James, Terry Pheian, David Rocastle and Paul Elliott.

LOT 194 £30/50 (12:57PM)

A currency lot including a sterling silver Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee medallion 1977, an 1899 crown and seven modern crowns, sets of coinage of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 1972-77 and a bag of mixed coinage mainly foreign.

LOT 195 £200/300 (12:57PM)

A World War One Military Cross in original case, a Victorian medal for long service in the Volunteer Force, an appointment of Harold Fenemore Jones to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant dated 1st November 1917, his photograph, his marriage certificate dated 1918 and the Cynic's Autograph book 1910, the property of his wife.