LOT 101 £50/80 (12:02PM)

An antique coloured map: 'The Road from London to Rye in Com. Sussex. By John Ogilby. Esqr.His Ma.ties Cosmographer. Containing 64 miles vizt.' (42.5 x 50 cm), gilt frame

LOT 103 £60/90 (12:02PM)

An antique coloured map of Europe by Abraham Ortelius, 'Europam, sive Celticam Veterem. Sic describere conabar Abrahamus Ortelius' (37 x 49 cm), gilt wood frame

LOT 104 £30/50 (12:04PM)

Three antique French coloured maps of Great Britain, comprising: 'Le Royaume d'Ecosse', 'Les Iles Britanniques' and 'L'Angleterre', the latter two 'A Paris Chez/s le Sr. le Rouge' (each map 33 x 22.5 cm), mounted together in a 'Hogarth' frame

LOT 105 £60/80 (12:04PM)

An antique coloured map of London: 'A View of London about the Year 1560', listing 'The Remarkable Places in this Antient View…', 'Reduced to this Size from a Large Print in in the Collection of Sr. Hans Sloane Bart. Anno 1738' (31.5 x 49 cm), gilt wood frame

LOT 107 £30/40 (12:04PM)

English School, probably late 19th century, landscape with lake and distant mountains, watercolour (12.5 x 16.5 cm), gilt frame; together with two wood engravings by Barry Woodcock, 'West Lodge, Wivenhoe Park' and 'Mute Swans', the latter limited edition (23/75), each signed and titled in pencil in the margin and mounted as a pair in limed wood frames, prints including of Lulworth Castle, watercolours, a painting of a peacock and peahen, etc. (9)

LOT 110 £40/60 (12:07PM)

After Winold Reiss, a series of 10 prints, portraits of people of the Pecunnie tribe (each 27.5 x 20 cm), and a pair of photographic prints of two Native Americans, all framed (12)

LOT 111A £60-100

A pair of limited edition lithographs by Trevor Grimshaw, ‘Reflected Fence’ and ‘Approaching Monoliths’, each signed and numbered in pencil in the margin (87/150 and 127/150), metal frames, each with Christie’s Contemporary Art certificate (2)

LOT 114 £25/35 (12:09PM)

A portrait of a young girl, perhaps in Breton costume, circa 1900, watercolour (222 x 16 cm), gilt frame, other watercolours including of a fishing village by W.E. Croxford, signed and dated (19)05, another of Ermington, Ivybridge, Devon by Chas. Masters, etc. (quantity)

LOT 115 £40/60 (12:09PM)

James Curtin Lentz, 'Lake Wawasee, Indiana, Boat Houses', signed, circa 1970, watercolour (46 x 33.5 cm), and Ernest Fredericks, 'The Blue Ridge Mountain', oils on canvas, reverse with inscribed paper signed by the artist, both framed (2)

LOT 116 £30/60 (12:12PM)

Andrew Ingamells, 'St Paul's Cathedral -London', a print painted in colours, signed, dated 1992, and numbered 43/100 in pencil in the margin (64 x 57 cm), gilt wood frame

LOT 117 £10/15 (12:12PM)

A small group of prints, etc., including a pair of fishing boats after van Hier, a set of three striking profile portraits of African women in elaborate headdresses, etc., all framed (quantity)

LOT 118 £30/50 (12:12PM)

A. Vituli, a rocky coat with fishing boats, signed, oils on board (31.5 x 58.5 cm), gilt gessoed wood frame, and Lorgersen, fighting ships engaged in battle, signed, oils on board, framed (2)

LOT 119 £30/50 (12:12PM)

Two watercolours by the same hand, early 20th century, of a grand Alpine chalet in snow and of a Continental city street (each 34.5 x 24 cm), and a mid-20th century English watercolour of a farmhouse with chickens, all framed (3)

LOT 120 £30/50 (12:14PM)

J. Day, a coastal landscape with a cottage amid trees on the shore, signed, oils on canvas (16 x 22 cm), glazed gilt gessoed wood frame with foliate border

LOT 121 £30/40 (12:14PM)

R. Cocheril, a pair of pastel portraits of a Breton man and woman in traditional dress, each signed, one dated (19)33 (each 22 x 13.5 cm), a gouache of French girls in traditional local dress at a religious festival by S. Gueguen, signed, a pair of watercolours of songbirds amid foliage, and a quantity of prints, etc., including of Second World War aircraft in flight after Keith Aspinall, all framed (a quantity)

LOT 123 £50/70 (12:14PM)

English School, figures outside a cottage on a river, oils on board (23 x 18 cm); M. Pirioli, a coastal landscape at dusk, signed, oils on board; and a 20th century oil of a stream by silver birches, all in gilt frames (3)

LOT 125 £30/40 (12:16PM)

A small watercolour of lobster fishermen by chalk cliffs, and a quantity of prints etc., including of Emma Hamilton after Romney, signed Francis S. Walker in pencil in the margin, an old print commemorating Napoleon's stay on Elba, a group of three old coloured prints of Mme Vigee le Brun, Mme de Pompadour, and of Emma Hamilton, each with a curious device in the margin: a lorgnette, the Eiffel Tower, and a scorpion respectively, an engraving, 'Eton College – Chapel from Fellow's Eyot', signed Ferd. Giele and inscribed in pencil in the margin, etc., and a few vacant frames (quantity)

LOT 126 £30/40 (12:16PM)

Two Mediterranean town scenes after Dedic, gilt frames, framed watercolours of fruit and flowers, and various prints and reproduction including 'La paille doree' after Andre Bourrie, all framed (quantity)

LOT 127 £35/45 (12:16PM)

B.P. Kendall, beached boats at low tide, signed, watercolour (36 x 47 cm), another watercolour of sailing boats in a good wind by Tufta Davis, signed, and 'Norfolk landscape, nr St Bennets Abbey' by T. Moore, signed, watercolour, all framed (3)

LOT 129 £20/30 (12:19PM)

Henning Waterston: 'Andrea Palladio Architetto', a mixed media picture with foil collage below a print of a Palladian building, signed (36 x 27 cm); together with a large circa 1970s gouache of figures, a large Eastern embroidery with indistinct signature, and a small Indian reverse glass picture of a deity, all framed; (4)

LOT 130 £25/40 (12:19PM)

Gregory Wells, yellow and white daisies with grasses, signed, oils on canvas (76 x 101 cm), white-painted frame, together with three large reproductions including a pair after Lowry (4)

LOT 132 £60/100 (12:21PM)

Five Japanese woodblock prints by Toyokuni III/Kunisada (1786-1864) comprising: two from a triptych of figures under a pine tree, two other figure groups, and one of a samurai; together with a thick file of documentation relating to Kunisada and other ukiyo-e artists

LOT 133 £30/60 (12:21PM)

Chinese calligraphy on paper laid down, in pen and ink, of four bold characters, with grass script to the side and three red seals, 29 cm x 83.5 cm, framed

LOT 135 £30/50 (12:21PM)

'Loch Sunart, Argyleshire', British School, probably circa 1900, oils on canvas, inscribed verso (39 x 74 cm), gilt frame with stylised foliate border; together with a large pair of prints of jovial monks after Pietro Torrini, gilt gessoed wood frames (3)

LOT 136 £100/200 (12:24PM)

J. Williams, a pair of Welsh landscapes: 'Bettws-y-Coed' and 'On the Glasslyn, N. Wales', each signed, oils on canvas (each 52 x 42 cm), gilt gessoed wood frames with stylised foliate borders (2)

LOT 138 £30/50 (12:24PM)

Three oil landscapes: a snowy landscape with lake, reverse of frame labelled 'Wakehurst', English School, mid-20th century (33.5 x 44 cm), a parkland landscape with an artist by a lake by Lia Hamill, both on board, and a larger lake landscape at sunset with hills and trees, on canvas, all framed (3)

LOT 139 £30/50 (12:24PM)

Three woodland landscapes by Nicholls, comprising of beechwoods in autumn, possibly signed, oils on canvas (75 x 100 cm), and two smaller, each signed and dated 1927 (?), gilt wood frames (3)

LOT 140 £30/50 (12:26PM)

Sunflowers, oils on canvas (91 x 122 cm), and four framed oils, including of a Japanese garden, a summer landscape by Joan Robinson, signed and dated 1934 and a snowy landscape, 'Trabelai, Norway' by Karl Wimmett, signed (5)

LOT 141 £15/25 (12:26PM)

12 various framed prints, including modern coloured etchings, an oil of a flowering herbaceous border, a pair of 19th century chromolithographs in Oxford frames, etc. (12)

LOT 143 £30/40 (12:26PM)

A large and miscellaneous lot, including vacant frames, prints, including an antique print of Sir Isaac Newton after Kneller, ebonised and gilt frame, oils including of a parkland landscape, maps, and a book, Antonin Becvar, 'Atlas Coeli 1950.0 (quantity)

LOT 144 £15/25 (12:28PM)

A circular sepia portrait print, probably photographic, of a gentleman, Continental School, mid-19th century (37 cm diameter), 19th century square gilt gessoed wood frame

LOT 146 £700/900 (12:28PM)

Indian Miniature: A Portrait of a Ruler seated on a Terrace, Rajasthan, India, circa 1800, gouache with gold on paper, smoking a huqqa under a canopy, an attendant at his side, concentric yellow, green and red borders, framed, 26 x 17.7 cm (main image)

LOT 147 £1200/1500 (12:28PM)

Indian Miniature: Scenes from the Life of Krishna, Datia, Central India, 18th century, gouache with silver and gold on paper, depicting events in Vrindavan, each labelled in devanagari script, the river Yamuna in the foreground, scrolling floral and plain red borders, numeral inscribed in white on upper margin, framed, 22 x 30.5 cm

LOT 148 £700/900 (12:31PM)

Indian Miniature: A Prince lying on a couch awaiting his lover, Probably Hyderabad, India, 18th century, gouache with silver and gold on paper, the maiden ushered in by two elderly female attendants, framed, 17.5 x 20.5 cm

LOT 149 £100/150 (12:31PM)

Indian Miniatures: Two folios from a Jain religious manual, Western India, 19th/early 20th century, watercolour and ink on paper, depicting a peacock and a yantra, each inscribed in devanagari, framed separately, 16 x 14 and 17 x 14 cm inside mount, (2)

LOT 150 £100/150 (12:31PM)

Indian Miniature: A Maiden pining for her lover in the wilderness, Pahari, India, 19th century, gouache on paper, resting on a tree, four female attendants by her side, a peacock at her feet, framed, 18.5 x 12 cm; together with a framed print of an Indian miniature; (2)

LOT 151 £250/350 (12:31PM)

Indian Miniature: Krishna and Balarama leading worshippers, Rajasthan, India, 19th century, gouache with gold on paper, the two figures under a canopy in front of an empty throne, surrounded by rows of princely figures, surrounded by orange border with yellow leaf design, framed, 29 x 18.8 cm (main image)

LOT 152 £80/120 (12:33PM)

A chart depicting the twenty-four Jain tirthankaras, Western India, 19th century, ink with watercolour on paper, each with devanagari identifying inscription, framed. 16.5 x 22 cm.

LOT 153 £250/350 (12:33PM)

Indian Miniature: A maiden calls up to her lover from a palace terrace, Rajasthan, probably Kishangarh, late 18th century, gouache with silver and gold on paper, gold inscription in devanagari script in upper margin. 28.5 x 19 cm.

LOT 154 £250/350 (12:33PM)

Indian Miniature: Scenes from the childhood of Krishna, Rajasthan, probably Bundi, gouache with gold on paper, the three scenes depicting the infant with his mother, Yashoda, meeting a priest, with his mother in the kitchen and meeting the king, scrolling floral border, 28.3 x 18.5 cm

LOT 155 £150/200 (12:33PM)

Indian Miniature: Lovers on a terrace, Pahari, North-Western India, ink with watercolour on paper, further sketches on the lower margin, devanagari inscription on the reverse, framed, 27 x 20 cm (folio)

LOT 156 £1200/1500 (12:36PM)

Indian Miniatures: A group of three scenes from a Hindu epic, Pahari, North-Western India, first half 19th century, gouache with gold on paper, each depicting a ruler with attendants in a palace within a walled landscape, a fort in the distance, concentric black and mottled pink borders, framed separately, each 16 x 26.5 cm (main image), (3)

LOT 157 £120/150 (12:36PM)

Indian Miniature: A large painting depicting scenes from the childhood of Krishna, Deccan, Southern India, 20th century, pigment on cloth, the episodes arranged in two tiers, most including his mother Yashoda and two with his brother, Balarama, framed, 38 x 89 cm

LOT 158 £500/700 (12:36PM)

Indian Miniature: Chandiki fights Chamara in his different forms. Probably Guler, Punjab Hills, Northern India, 19 x 25.5 cm. Note, the miniature with the same scene in Lahore museum (E.157).

LOT 160 £30/50 (12:38PM)

A diorama by David Swift "Punk Junk", verso with artist's address label and numbered DS201, in glazed case, 9 in x 15 in; and a papier mache sculpture by Julie Arkell "there's a strange woman in my boat with all her things", signed and dated 1993, 13.5 in high; (2)

LOT 161 £30/50 (12:38PM)

A fabric picture in grey frame by Caroll Bertin "il etait un petit navire", verso signed, dated 1997 and inscribed with title, 16 in high; a larger fabric sculpture by the same, of a couple on a boat, apparently unsigned, 23 in high; and a large framed Sailor collage, with embroidery, plastic figures, central tea cosy, etc., apparently unsigned, late 20th Century, size 35 in x 24.5 in overall; (3)

LOT 163 £30/40 (12:38PM)

A diorama by Valerie Pragnell "Pygmalion", verso with inscribed Portal Gallery label, in gilt glazed case, 17.7 in x 15.3 in overall; and an embroidery of a Royal frog, apparently unsigned, in glazed frame; (2)