LOT 160 £120/150 (12:48PM)

A Garrard lady's 9 ct gold wristwatch on integral bracelet, dated 1982, and a 9 ct and diamond Esso Long Service medal, 18 gm gross; together with a few coins, silver charms, etc.

LOT 162 £40/60 (12:51PM)

Coins, comprising: a 1953 British specimen set in case, 1935 silver crown, two Mexican 1968 silver 25 pesos, four metal crowns, and two silver Churchill medals

LOT 163 £80/120 (12:51PM)

An interesting collection of Middle Eastern and other silver jewellery, including six marcasite animal or floral brooches, a nugget necklace, various Islamic and other pendants, etc., together with a silver-mounted flashlight and a part spyglass

LOT 173 £150/200 (12:58PM)

A very decorative mantel timepiece of Cartier Art Deco inspiration, in silver-gilt, flanked by malachite pillars and set with coral cabochons, P&P maker's mark, London 2001

LOT 176 £150/200 (12:58PM)

A set of six late 17th century English silver teaspoons, Rat-tail with trefid ends, engraved with foliage and with vacant ovals, indistinct maker's marks, 79 gm

LOT 177 £60/80 (01:00PM)

Sundry small silver, late Victorian and later, comprising: a toy windmill and toy ship with import marks, two pill boxes, a small wirework dish, hairpin, two spoons, two knives, pencil and scent bottle

LOT 179 £100/200 (01:00PM)

Medals and military documents relating to Gunther Nothmann, German Jewish, born 11 September 1893 in Rawitsch, Prussia, comprising: his military pass book and a duplicate, tracing his time in the German army from 1914 to 1919; Iron Cross 2nd class, with miniature; black grade Wound Badge; Field Honour Badge; Honour Cross; Hungarian silver-plated Pro Deo et Patria medal, with "Bronz" stamp to rim; and other oddments, including a Meissen red stoneware 1921 5 mark coin; together with various items received and acquired after his escape to Britain, including the 1939-45 Star and the War Medal for his service in the Royal Pioneer Corps; also those awarded to his brother-in-law, K. Schindler; Royal Pioneer Corps cap badges and 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars cap badge; four crown coins; various packaging; etc.

LOT 182 £30/40 (01:03PM)

Sundry items, comprising: a multi-function Caterpillar CAT stainless steel man's wristwatch with original strap, three other watches, a Sheaffer fountain pen, two ballpoint pens, three Star Wars models, and a Rabone steel tape measure

LOT 185 £40/60 (01:05PM)

Two glamorous Chanel necklaces in large simulated pearls, gilt-metal and various glass stones, with a fabric bag and box, and a gilt-metal chain necklace with skull and articulated leaf by Alexander McQueen

LOT 188 £20/30 (01:05PM)

A Cunard White Star brochure descriptive of RMS Queen Mary, richly illustrated, with maiden voyage welcome document to Mr Herbert Finney, dated 27th May 1936

LOT 198 £25/40 (01:07PM)

Two 20 Schilling notes, another for 1000 lire, and a quantity of British coinage, mainly bronze but including 2 shilling pieces, a carton of ephemera including a display of lapel badges, a folder of matchbox fronts, a folder of miscellaneous stamps, another of miscellaneous vintage ephemera, etc., a box of telephone cards, and an old set of Salter scales

LOT 199 £20/30 (01:10PM)

The Queen's Golden Jubilee 2002 presentation coin set in a case containing eight special edition mint coins, including three £5 coins, a $5 and a $10 coins, and three 50 pence pieces, each with enamelled flag decoration