LOT 103 £150/200 (12:00PM)

Rudolph Helmut Sauter, oils on canvas, a portrait of a woman in a Kashmir shawl and holding a flower, signed and dated 1923, period frame, and a framed oil on canvas portrait of Alexander Pope, signed with initials C.M. (largest 67 x 53 cm) (2)

LOT 104 £60/100 (12:02PM)

Late 20th century Modern school works comprising a pencil and acrylic on linen semi-abstract nude study, two contemporary coloured prints including a trial proof by Jeffery Edwards, signed, and a watercolour, view through a studio window (largest 75 x 90 cm), all framed (4)

LOT 106 £80/120 (12:02PM)

A selection of 13 framed maps comprising antique and Victorian examples, etc., and including an antique engraved and hand-coloured map of Wales, one of ‘Somersetshire’, a C & J Greenwood map of Bedfordshire, a small map of the world, etc. (largest 57 x 68 cm) (13)

LOT 111 £25/40 (12:04PM)

Kathleen Varley, watercolour, 'Fishing at Croxley', signed and titled in pencil on the mount (27 x 34 cm), framed; and a quantity of prints, etc., loose and framed, including limited edition prints: 'Peregrine Falcon' and 'Kestrel' after G. Benningfield, 'Hot House' after Ken Fleming, etc., all signed and numbered in pencil in the margin, etc. (quantity)

LOT 112 £30/45 (12:07PM)

Stewart Hine, oils on unpainted board, two panels with gulls and terns, each signed and dated 10/71 and 9/72 (largest 86 x 37 cm), both framed, together with other works by Stewart Hine including an unframed oil of a soldier holding a falcon, two small framed oils of dolphins, and framed prints and pastels by other artists of birds, cats, seals, leopards, etc. (quantity)

LOT 113 £30/60 (12:07PM)

Stewart Hine, oils on board, ‘Stained Glass with Girl’, signed and dated 10/80 (48 x 59 cm), reverse of frame with Mall Galleries exhibition label, and a quantity of other figure studies, some in landscapes, by Stewart Hine, many signed and dated, oils and watercolour, and including a study of a fireman at work, some loose; together with S.M. Robertson, oils, three choristers by candlelight, signed, framed (quantity)

LOT 114 £30/60 (12:07PM)

Stewart Hine, watercolour, 'Kew Green', signed and dated 8/01 (28 x 38 cm), other watercolours by Stewart Hine, including of Parham House, Amberley Museum, etc., also three oils including two cityscapes, all signed and dated, and a Cornish watercolour by Sonia Robinson, all framed (9)

LOT 115 £40/60 (12:07PM)

Stewart Hine, oils on board, 'Still life with almanac', signed and dated 10/81 (23.5 x 34 cm), framed, two other framed oils including one by J. Thompson, signed and dated 1981, three unframed watercolour still lifes and a pencil sketch of an old car; and 10 unframed oils by Stewart Hine, most signed and dated, including many marine landscapes and views of Snettisham Beach, Norfolk, the River Fal, and 'Houseboats, Bembridge' (16)

LOT 116 £30/40 (12:09PM)

C. Fawcett, watercolour, cats and dogs in a conservatory, signed and dated '94 (34.5 x 44.5 cm), gilt frame; a pastel still life by Stewart Hine of a white azalea and oranges, signed and dated 1/00, other studies of flowers, landscapes including the Exe estuary, Rustington, Amberley, Hayling Island, etc., by Hine and other hands (14)

LOT 117 £30/50 (12:09PM)

Pamela Derry, oils on board, 'Visiting Wales', signed (21 x 34 cm); Constance Lee, oils, 'Near Monterey', signed; a small oil of sailing boats at sunset, circa 1900; and Dorothy Watkins, gouache, 'Welsh mountains near Machynlleth', signed, all framed; together with a quantity of loose watercolours by Stewart Hine, some signed (quantity)

LOT 118 £40/70 (12:09PM)

Dorothy Watkins, line and wash, 'Tenby Harbour', signed (29 x 36 cm), Stewart Hine, watercolours, some signed, aerial and coastal landscapes with aircraft, hot air balloon, sailing boats, etc., all loose; together with Stewart Hine, a quantity of unframed oils on board, most signed and dated, of a variety of aircraft including a rocket, and three white line drawings of sailing vessels (quantity)

LOT 119 £35/55 (12:09PM)

Albert Taylor, watercolour, 'South Sands, Salcombe', signed, figures with dinghies drawn up on the beach (36 x 46 cm), other watercolours by Kenneth Brookes, harbour at low tide, signed, Stewart Hine, 'Tangalooma, Queensland', signed and dated, and other signed watercolours of nautical subjects and two of aircraft, one with parachute drop, by the same hand, all framed (9)

LOT 120 £60/80 (12:12PM)

Stewart Hine, oils on board, ‘Dartmouth’, signed and dated 1/75 (39 x 59 cm), reverse of frame with Mall Galleries exhibition label; and three framed oils of harbour scenes by the same hand, all signed and dated, including ‘Low Tide, St Ives’ and ‘Inner Harbour, Alderney’ (4)

LOT 121 £40/70 (12:12PM)

John Lawrence, oils on board, ‘A Suffolk Boatyard’, signed (30 x 44 cm), gilt frame, and Sheila MacLeod Robertson, smaller oils on board, ‘Sea-pool, Iona, Hills of Mull in distance’ and ‘Summer Evening, Porthcothan, Cornwall’, mounted as a pair in gilt frames (3)

LOT 124 £50/70 (12:14PM)

Stewart Hine, oils on board, ‘Go, Bird, Go!’, showing Concorde at lift-off, signed and dated 5/91 (39 x 49 cm), and four further oil studies of aircraft by the same hand, all signed and dated, including ‘Fantasy after Nevil Shute (De Havilland 316 “Ceres” of the Queen’s Flight’, all framed (5)

LOT 125 £30/50 (12:14PM)

Stewart Hine, oils on board, ‘Windsurfers, Angmering’, signed and dated 9/94 (16 x 24 cm), and eight other oils by the same hand, including ‘Raz Island, Alderney’, and a watercolour by Stewart Hine, ‘Clearing over Selsey’, signed and dated 7/93, all framed (10)

LOT 127 £40/60 (12:14PM)

Stewart Hine, oils on board, ‘Woodbridge’, showing boats in the river at low tide, signed and dated 10/94 (38.5 x 49 cm), framed, and five further oils of marine and nautical subjects by the same hand, all signed and dated, including ‘The Ferry Boat Inn, Hayling Island’, ‘Cap de la Hague’, and ‘Quarter Flood, St Helen’s’, four framed (6)

LOT 128 £35/50 (12:16PM)

Stewart Hine, oils on board, ‘Cadets at Keyhaven’, signed and dated 9/84 (39 x 49 cm), and four further oils of marine and nautical subjects by the same hand, all signed and dated, including ‘Windsurfers, Keyhaven’, with Mall Galleries exhibition label, all framed (5)

LOT 132 £40/60 (12:19PM)

Stewart Hine, oils on board, ‘Bareback, signed and dated 3/00 (29 x 39 cm), and 12 further studies by Stewart Hine, all signed and dated, including two further equestrian subjects and coastal landscapes with female figures, comprising 11 in oils and one watercolour, all well framed, some with Mall Galleries exhibition labels (13)

LOT 133 £30/50 (12:19PM)

Stewart Hine, oils on board, ‘The Kite, East Head’, signed and dated 9/96 (43 x 59 cm), and four more oils by Stewart Hine, all signed and dated, including coastal landscapes of Winchelsea, all well framed, some with Mall Galleries exhibition labels, and a summer landscape with cyclists and pylons (5)

LOT 136 £150/250 (12:21PM)

Denys G. Wells, watercolour, showing restoration work on a Wren church, signed, together with other watercolours including an East European depiction of peasants with an ox cart stuck in the mud, and some 19th century watercolour landscapes (largest 50 x 72 cm) (12)

LOT 139 £30/50 (12:21PM)

An interesting collection of vintage cinema posters including three for ‘Casino Royale’, Sean Connery ‘Thunderball’ and ‘Come September’ Gina Lollobrigida posters, etc., together with a collection of antique broad sheets, etc. (quantity)

LOT 143 £60/80 (12:24PM)

A selection of watercolours by J. Lawrence Hart, Harold Stone, etc., including a 19th century watercolour of a Hindu temple near Bhooj, indistinctly signed, original artwork for a cartoon, and three watercolours by K. White including of the mail steamboat entering Marseilles (largest 34 x 43 cm) (10)

LOT 154 £80/150 (12:30PM)

W. Sawry Gilpin, a watercolour en grisaille, figures by a lake, together with five other late 18th-century pen and wash en grisaille watercolours including with a Welsh theme, ‘Tal y Llyn Vale, from the Llyn tri graienyn…miles from Dolgelli’, ‘The fall of the Lwgwg’, etc. (largest 29 x 42 cm) (6)

LOT 159 £80/120 (12:34PM)

A folio containing a comprehensive selection of late 18th and 19th century engravings, lithographs, etc., British and Continental, with many topographical scenes, Hogarth narratives including after D.H. Fristan, ‘The Doctor’s Spell’, engraved by Edmund Evans (quantity)

LOT 161 £90/160 (12:34PM)

A collection of 18th and 19th century prints in sanguine and sepia tones, including ‘Carnarvon Castle’ and another of ‘Cardiff Castle’ after Paul Sandby, after J.M.W. Turner ‘Clyde’, and a portrait of a moustachioed Turk by Francesco Bartolozzi, etc. (16)

LOT 162 £100/200 (12:34PM)

After P.P. Rubens, an engraving by W. Hollar, putti with leopards, together with many other antique prints including after Raphael, ‘The Judgement of Paris’, an extensive landscape by Perelle, also after F. Parmigiano, I.W. Baus, and others (22)

LOT 163 £80/100 (12:37PM)

An interesting miscellaneous collection of drawings and prints including pencil drawings from a Boer War artist’s sketch book, E. Prust pencil nude studies (circa 1942), coloured print in the oval, portrait of Horatio, Lord Nelson, engraved coats of arms, postcards, etc. (quantity)

LOT 167 £80/120 (12:39PM)

Frank Brangwyn, a large etching, ‘Bootmakers’, signed with initials in the block and in pencil in the margin in full (45 x 54 cm), together with a lithograph, a goatherd playing the flute (published by ‘The Studio’ magazine) (2)

LOT 168 £20/40 (12:39PM)

A selection of 10 Norman Howard coloured prints of industrial and agricultural scenes from around the world and a Carl Larson print, together with a Michael English ‘Ice Lolly’ poster circa 1972 (largest 62 x 90 cm) (12)

LOT 169 £80/120 (12:39PM)

A large miscellaneous but comprehensive collection of mainly etchings, late 19th century to modern, including a William Nicholson woodcut of a lady archer, M. D’Oyly views of the Thames, J.W. Wiley, ‘Eros, Piccadilly’, Grace Myles, ‘Kingston Bridge’, David Suff flower studies, and many more (quantity)

LOT 170 £60/80 (12:39PM)

John Lewis, acrylic on card, 'Globular Star Cluster NGC2419 as seen from an imaginary moon of Jupiter-type planet in the outer reaches of the Cluster' (published 1992), signed and dated 1991 (40 x 57 cm)

LOT 172 £50/80 (12:42PM)

A folder of antique engravings comprising allegory, anthropology, portraits, etc., and including Old Testament scenes, a pair, ‘Aestas’ and ‘Ver’, an aquatint ‘The Premium Landscape’, a large engraving after Lancret ‘Le Maitre Gallant’, etc. (largest 38 x 44 cm) (28)

LOT 173 £60/90 (12:42PM)

A collection of various antique prints and engravings including Piranesi ‘Veduta dell’Arco di Costantino, e dell’Anfiteatro Flavio detto il Colosseo’, Thomas Shotter Boys lithographs of London, a series of coloured prints after Pugin and Rowlandson, A.B. Rudge lithograph in colour of a coaching scene, etc. (largest 40 x 56 cm), all mounted (18)

LOT 174 £80/100 (12:42PM)

A large selection of antique engravings, comprising four Rossini early 19th century views of ruins in Rome, a fine Italian copperplate 'Concert de Musique', sporting prints, naval battles, and much more (quantity)

LOT 175 £20/40 (12:44PM)

A coloured mezzotint by P. Hampton Hart, 'The Connoisseurs', and another after Meissonier, 'The Letter Writer', both signed in pencil in the margin (largest 36 x 28 cm) (2)

LOT 176 £80/150 (12:44PM)

A large mixed lot of 19th and early 20th century prints, drawings, watercolours and oils, including a Florence Wilson landscape, signed, topographical subjects, including rural Welsh landscapes, a sanguine chalk nude figure study, a lithograph of Augustus John by ‘Low’, and much more (quantity)

LOT 178 £100/180 (12:44PM)

After Aumonier, a sepia print, ‘Returning from Church’, signed in pencil in the margin, together with a larger sepia engraving after B.W. Leader, ‘A Wet Roadside’, a large print after W.L. Wylie, ‘Proclaiming Our Sailor King 1910’, two prints by Henry W. Batley, etc. (8)

LOT 179 £60/90 (12:46PM)

After George Frederick Watts, a large steel engraving on vellum paper, 'Dwellers of the Ocean', signed in pencil in margin by the artist and engraver (37 x 51 cm)

LOT 180 £100/200 (12:46PM)

A selection of comic book artwork, including Dr Who ‘The Cybermen’, ‘The Final Genesis’ and other storylines, together with a boxed set of limited edition artworks by Dong Chiang for ‘Star Wars episode 1, The Phantom Menace’, and a folio of various other commercial artwork sheets, etc. (quantity)

LOT 183 £60/90 (12:49PM)

A large and comprehensive collection of 18th and 19th century prints, drawings and watercolours, including Victorian cottages and rural landscapes, small Middle Eastern views after David Roberts, figure studies, etc. (quantity)

LOT 186 £150/200 (12:49PM)

A comprehensive and miscellaneous selection of 18th, 19th and early 20th century prints, drawings, watercolours, etc., including Victorian theatrical tinsel pictures, Edwardian advertising material, 18th century engravings, Baxter and Le Blond prints, many chromolithographical scraps for collectors’ albums, etc., etc., together with empty albums and scrapbooks, antique paper and an empty leather-bound presentation book, etc. (quantity)

LOT 187 £50/80 (12:51PM)

‘Days in Catland with Louis Wain’, a Father Tuck’s Panorama card with Louis Wain cats and nannies, together with the cover of a Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd ‘Pa Cats and Ma Cats and their Kittens’, containing a few damaged Louis Wain illustrations, etc.

LOT 195 £40/60 (12:56PM)

An interesting mixed lot of prints, pencil drawings, pen and ink, and watercolours, including a selection of modern British gouache scenes in north-west London by Pat Davies, a 19th century rural landscape by E.T. Sturt, works by A. Bonheur, etc. (quantity)