LOT 227 £40/70 (01:10PM)

An interesting lot of diaries c.1948, theatre programmes, records, etc. including David Bowie The Glass Spider Tour programme, Monkeys tour programme 1989-90, Pet Shop Boys “Performance”, Lawrence of Arabia Special Screening programme, Can-Can programme with Frank Sinatra, Paramount Pictures Press Info pack for Addams Family Values, Finchley & Frien Barnet Conservative Party Annual Dinner programme 1992 with Margaret Thatcher and a letter from Downing Street signed by Margaret Thatcher, Star Trek II Writers’/Directors’ Guide 1977, Leicester v South Africa programme December 29th 1951, A Gala-filled Premier of Ten North Frederick 22nd June 1958 with Jayne Mansfield souvenir programme signed by Jayne Mansfield, other programmes including Henry Wood Promenade Concert 1951, six LPs, etcand two cartons containing London theatre programmes, Chichester Festival theatre programmes, etc.

LOT 228 £50/70 (01:10PM)

Three cartons of old postcards: topographical, Hollywood stars, Christmas greetings, and a quantity of costume postcards including real fabric, a box of First Day Covers and loose stamps and a box containing greeting cards.

LOT 233 £25/40 (01:14PM)

A shoebox full of tea cards in albums, a small number of loose cards and 15 Player's Weights Cigarette packets containing cigarette cards, a miniature book, two wrist watches and a small quantity of costume jewellery.

LOT 236 £100/150 (01:14PM)

A very well-presented and comprehensive collection of stamps mainly in albums but also loose including 1930s Germany, Jersey, Guernsey, St Helena, including many interesting early 20th century stamps and later.

LOT 243 £80/120 (01:19PM)

A part pack of 18th century playing cards and another early 19th century and a presentation box produced to celebrate The Right Honourable Sir G W Truscott, Lord Mayor of London, at the Guildhall July 21st 1909 containing two cigars, a pipe, cigarettes and matches, mostly still present.

LOT 244 £50/80 (01:19PM)

A collection of posters to include Rob Con's funeral of Adrian Henry 28.4.79 in Liverpool with Roger McGough, Proka Jazz 1981 with Ian Hinchliffe, Festival of Performance Bracknell 11 June 1983, Western Front Fall 1981, a Canadian Performance Event and more posters on art and theatre performances UK and abroad, and a quantity of original artworks, etc.

LOT 245 £60/90 (01:22PM)

Two boxes of fascinating curiosities including Georgian spectacles, a revolving film disc of still photographs, churchwarden pipes, a quill cutter, corkscrew, powder flask measure, old inkwells, Victorian ivory sewing cotton bobbins, Sovereign scales, old match-boxes, dip-pen brush, reels of old film, Victorina spy-glass, a small quantity of mainly bronze coinage, etc.

LOT 250 £20/30 (01:24PM)

A collection of English and continental currency mainly 20th century, a very smart modern bracelet comprising large blue stones, a leaf brooch by Alexis Bittar, a belt and buckle, four plated napkin rings, a measuring spoon with Scales of Justice finial, three enamelled straw spoons, other costume jewellery, etc and a small carton of modern ordnance maps and ordnance and national trail guides for walks.

LOT 253 £50/90 (01:26PM)

A good and extensive lot of costume jewellery, much in original boxes, including beads, brooches, earrings, a mesh chain bracelet, a Tissot gilt metal lady's wrist watch and a turquoise leather covered jewel box.

LOT 256 £30/50 (01:26PM)

A carton of ephemera including programmes, transport details, magazines on Princess Diana, a selection of massage parlour advertising cards, a box of aluminium stamps of snow babies and snowmen and a box of glass lantern slides with various storylines.

LOT 258 £80/120 (01:29PM)

A superb Victorian album full of portraits from the stage, music hall and theatre, and a second album of greetings cards, topographical cards, including a series of eight painted by Jennie Harbour.

LOT 260 £50/90 (01:29PM)

An extensive lot of ephemera from the 18th century including many curious items including eight copies of The Penny Satirist c.1841, volumes of The Illustrated London News, a copy of Petit Musee de la Curiosite Photographique, a small collection of copper and carved wood printing plates and a box of photographic slides.

LOT 261 £30/40 (01:31PM)

A French album of collector cards covering topics of general interest, early 20th century, old language books to aid conversation, an oil painting of Kilimanjaro signed V Bernethy, a copy of an 18th century engraving and a small quantity of old copper pennies.

LOT 265 £25/40 (01:34PM)

An interesting lot that includes a quantity of costume jewellery in an old wooden box, two old fishing reels one in wood the other aluminium by Seldex of Birmingham, a quantity of coins including 1921 and 1922 dollars, modern crowns, a spirit level, etc.

LOT 270 £15/25 (01:36PM)

A collection of unused watch straps and bracelets from Technomarine and a quantity of their leather wallets for displaying the straps in a Louis Vuitton cardboard box.

LOT 271 £25/30 (01:36PM)

An old tortoiseshell necessaire box, a pair of moulded photograph frames with Viking head surmounts moulded with scrolling oak leaves, swords and guns and produced in antimony each stamped Depose, old glass match-strikes, etc.

LOT 274 £100/150 (01:38PM)

A good autograph lot including a superb album formed in the 1940s mainly with stars of the theatre to include Les Allen, Howard De Courcy, Harry Welchman, Derek Roy, Carroll Gibbons, Henry Hall, Sybil Thorndike, Peter Brough, Stewart MacPherson, Arthur Lucan, Dick James, the original Just William cast, Billy Cotton, Vic Oliver (sometime husband of Sarah Churchill), Yma Sumac, Jimmy Miller, Margaret Lockwood, members of the Middlesex Cricket Team 1947 including Dennis and Leslie Compton, and of Leonard Bernstein in 1946 when he was unknown with a cutting from the Leicester Mercury following his conducting of the London Philharmonic Orchestra "Bernstein conducts without baton but makes up for this by using both feet, both hands, a vertebral undulation, a questing nose and a recalcitrant forelock."; also a signed photograph of William Shatner, a First Day Elvis Cover envelope signed by William Campbell who starred with Elvis in 'Love Me Tender', two folders of First Day Covers and a stamp album containing a few stamps. Also a Leicester v Barbarians programme Tuesday 27th December 1949, a programme for England v Scotland Women's Hockey 16th March 1946 at Trent Bridge and an England v Ireland programme, Twickenham 30th February 1960, Leicester v South Africa Saturday 5th November 1960, a 1951 Leicester v South Africa member's ticket, three Lord's score-cards 1951 and 1952 and other interesting ephemera.

LOT 276 £80/120 (01:38PM)

A very unusual mid-20th century EPNS and enamel cocktail set, comprising six goblets with removable coats of arms of London and other towns and cities, with matching armorial cocktail sticks, and a cocktail-stick stand modelled as an old pub sign inscribed 'The Old House at Home', all in a Harrods London presentation case

LOT 278 £30/40 (01:41PM)

Three pretty white metal pill-boxes one worked with animals and foliage and a gilt metal rouge pot the mirrored lid decorated with floral guilloche enamel.

LOT 280 £25/30 (01:41PM)

A large silver-plated folding fruit knife, another in mother-of-pearl with silver blade, and seven watch fobs mainly in silver and a badge stamped England Czechoslovak Field Ambulance.

LOT 281 £30/40 (01:43PM)

Silver costume jewellery including a fancy bracelet set with hardstones, a silver cross, signet ring and chains, a mother brooch and a pair of 925 silver collar bones.

LOT 282 £40/60 (01:43PM)

A lady's gilt metal wrist watch by Omega, a lady's watch by Next, a large silver buckle, a sheathed pencil, a man-in-the-moon baby rattle, a sterling silver parrot brooch set with green stones and glass eye, a silver Scottie dog head brooch, etc.

LOT 284 £30/50 (01:43PM)

A lady's gilt metal quartz watch by Longines, three silver dog and cat brooches, two horse-shoe bar brooches, a silver quizzing glass with fox-head handle with amethyst eyes, a sterling silver parrot-head brooch with a collar of red stones and glass eye, a racing car brooch, two silver fob prize medallions, etc.

LOT 286 £60/80 (01:46PM)

A hallmarked silver child's spoon with stork handle, a mother-of-pearl and silver fruit knife and trowel, a bookmark, a miniature hand-mirror in silver with engine-turned decoration, a 1910-35 Commemorative silver bookmark, a miniature octagonal powder box and a silver scent bottle embossed with flower heads.

LOT 291 £40/60 (01:48PM)

A hardstone brooch in a 9 ct gold mount, a gold-plated Hunter pocket-watch by Newera USA with engine-turned case, a gold-plated pocket-watch by Limit, diamante bracelet and brooch, other brooches, dress-rings, chains, etc.

LOT 292 £30/50 (01:48PM)

A box of mainly UK bronze and nickel coinage including nine crowns, one for the Festival of Britain 1951, a small amount of paper money, a 2002 £5 coin, four silver crowns, a sterling silver Royal Birthday medal 1986, etc.

LOT 294 £50/90 (01:50PM)

Seven watches possibly unused, including a Rotary Aquaspeed, a Casio Edifice, and three by Seiko one with alarm, and a small quantity of costume jewellery including an old 9 ct gold ring, etc.

LOT 295 £30/50 (01:50PM)

A collection of old corkscrews and bottle openers including a bone and steel corkscrew with original brush, and an Ensign-Selfix 20 folding camera in its leather case.