LOT 201 £50/80 (01:18PM)

Two modern jewellery boxes containing a variety of costume items, including silver-mounted amber, Grosse necklace and bracelet, other gilt metal items, earrings, bead necklaces, etc.

LOT 202 £750/850 (01:21PM)

An 18 ct gold lady's wristwatch by Gubelin, with Doxa movement, in rectangular case on integral brick-pattern bracelet, approximately 32.5 gm of gold

LOT 205 £350/400 (01:21PM)

Sundry gold, comprising: a ruby cluster ring testing as 18 ct, 3.1 gm; a gate bracelet, fancy link bracelet, and sapphire cluster ring, all 9 ct, 24.2 gm; together with a coral necklet with 9 ct fittings, and costume items including bead necklace, a compact, etc.

LOT 206 £100/120 (01:23PM)

Gold, comprising: a pearl ring stamped 585; a pair of 750 pearl ear studs with gilt butterflies; a pair of crystal drop earrings mounted in 9 ct gold; and 6 gm of 9 ct in three necklets, a bracelet, and E and M initials

LOT 210 £40/60 (01:26PM)

A variety of small silver jewellery including bracelets, pendants, rings, ear studs, etc., and an antique Swiss lady's fob watch; together with sundry costume items

LOT 214 £480/550 (01:28PM)

Four commemorative coins for the Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II including two from Turks & Caicos Islands one a gold 50 crown piece the other a silver 25 crowns and two from the Cayman Islands one a 100 dollars gold coin the other a 25 dollars silver coin.

LOT 216 £50/90 (01:28PM)

Two cartons of costume jewellery including a glamorous enamelled bird brooch, a silver-plated nurse's belt, earrings, beads, pendants, wrist watches and a gilt metal box, etc.

LOT 217 £40/60 (01:28PM)

Antique and later Dresden and other porcelain boxes, a candlestick, a Halcyon Days music box and a gilt and mother-of-pearl opera glasses stamped Gualdoni, Paris.

LOT 220 £30/40 (01:30PM)

A Seiko Quartz gent's wrist watch with month on a steel bracelet, an early Casio alarm chronograph, a Schaeffer fountain pen and a Parker propelling pencil.

LOT 221 £30/40 (01:30PM)

A card lid of costume jewellery, a large Swiss Army knife, a Stratton gilt metal compact cum lipstick, folding glasses in gilt metal, filigree work bracelet and a brooch, a money clip, a GR badge, earrings, faux pearls, etc.

LOT 222 £30/40 (01:33PM)

Two Meerschaum cheroot holders one carved as a German officer the other a bowl within a claw, a collection of bar accessories, compact, etc.

LOT 223 £30/40 (01:33PM)

A lot of wrist watches including three radio controlled, an early Timex digital watch, other watches, a silver-plated paper knife, a blown glass vase, etc.

LOT 224 £30/50 (01:33PM)

A pen lot including seven Parker pens, four other Parker writing implements, a Swan pen in its box, other pens and pencils two in sterling silver.

LOT 225 £30/40 (01:33PM)

A Coincidence stopwatch in chromed case, and 14 other stopwatches, by Excelsior Park, Favre-Leuba, Hanhart, Mentor, Omega, Seiko, Junghans, Stadion, Rocar and Sportex

LOT 226 £30/40 (01:35PM)

15 various dress and other pocket watches, antique and vintage, including La Terra, Elgin, Coursier, etc., together with two 8-day desk timepieces and a Wakmann Watch Co. 8-day aircraft timepiece dated April 12 1966

LOT 227 £30/40 (01:35PM)

Eight various stopwatches, including two Smith's military examples, three others by Smith's, a black Heuer IFR, and three Heuer Trackmasters on lanyards

LOT 228 £30/40 (01:35PM)

15 antique or vintage pocket watches, including two Moeris military examples, three railway watches, and others by Westclox, Waltham, Roskopf Patent, etc.

LOT 229 £30/40 (01:35PM)

15 various pocket watches, antique and vintage, varying in size from lady's fob to goliath, including examples for the Indian market retailed by the West End Watch Co., another with Islamic inscription to the dial, etc.

LOT 231 £60/80 (01:38PM)

Three Dunhill cigarette lighters, comprising: a probably pre-war silver-plated petrol example, in apparently unused condition, 2 in high; a rectangular gilt gas example, Swiss-made, little used; and a gas Tallboy in gilt engine-turning

LOT 232 £40/60 (01:38PM)

A collection of cigarette lighters, mid- and later 20th century, almost all for gas, including examples by Braun, Flaminaire, Permalon, Hadson Mini, Starlon Jack, Penguin, Colibri (x2), Zaima (x4), and Ronson (x12), together with a Braun table lighter and a silver-plated cigarette case

LOT 251 £250/300 (01:50PM)

The Cayman Islands Silver Kings Collection 1980 comprising ten silver $25 coins and each in a presentation box and sleeve, a collection of seven silver Crowns commemorating HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother 1980 in presentation box, a silver $10 coin commemorating the Duke of Edinburgh's Award 1936-1981 and a Turks and Caicos 1979 silver ten Crowns each in a presentation box along with two sets of Isle of Man proof coinage, a proof set of coinage of Belize, a mint set of 1977 Russian coins and four gilt nickel silver commemorative medallions produced at The Tower Mint, and a 1980 proof set of the coinage of Malaysia three of the coins in sterling silver.

LOT 252 £30/50 (01:50PM)

Medals including a bar of six medals including the 1914-18 Star awarded to 2590 Pte R. Gilbert, 13 Lond.R., the remainder unnamed the 1939-45 Star, the France and Germany Star, and the 14-18 Defence Medal presented to 42185 Cpl. A.J. Gilbert Bedf.R., and two Defence Medals 1939-1945 along with a Cadet Forces Medal and various ribbons and a Parker pen set in green and silver including a pencil and a separate Parker biro.

LOT 259 £50/80 (01:54PM)

Ephemera and memories from a dancer and stage performer including her autograph album, studio photographs signed by Nadia Gray, her film scrapbook and an original Mills Circus poster, a collection of sheet music from famous theatrical shows such as 'Heatweave', 'Haven't got a Worry', 'Bring on the wonderful men', 'Hold me, thrill me, kiss me', 'Such a night', 'Secret love', 'Mambo Italiano' and handwritten scores along with a photograph and scrap album detailing the tours undertaken by Frankie Paige a leading member of the theatre chorus line from the '50s, along with record sleeves, mobiles, a Chinese lantern, cards advertising Bristol cigarettes, etc.

LOT 260 £10/20 (01:54PM)

A small collection of old borough maps including mainly Acton also Ealing, five from a series of Foulsham's Outdoor Library with instruction of Lawn Tennis, Swimming, Hockey, Squash and Table Tennis, 12 copies from The Sports Trader series of miniature books, etc.

LOT 261 £30/50 (01:54PM)

A 1927 edition of The Compleat Angler, a copy of The Black and White Minstrels' Songbook, six books including The Practical Answers to Everyday Bakehouse Questions and Baker's Calculations, etc., two military prints and a quantity of real and later copies of important newspaper editions from the early 20th century.

LOT 262 £15/25 (01:54PM)

A Victorian postcard album with some contents and a small quantity of loose and interesting cards including topographical, Royalty, Christmas, stage stars, humour, etc.

LOT 263 £30/40 (01:57PM)

A coin lot including a good example of an 1889 Crown, two Victorian florins for 1887, 1889, modern Crowns and a £5 coin, three £2 coins, a collection of Victorian silver 3ds, a stack of coin trays, etc.

LOT 264 £40/60 (01:57PM)

A Scotland v England Football programme April 25th 1970 with various signatures along with other programmes including 1966 World Championship Arsenal v Liverpool 8th May 1971, Cup Final 12th May 1979, FA Cup Final '93 including two tickets, etc. and a collection of The Golden Games Ingot collection featuring Arsenal in 25 photographic ingots each 24 carat gold plated and a fitted glazed box.

LOT 265 £35/45 (01:57PM)

Coins, comprising: an 1891 silver crown; worn silver shilling; 1921 D silver dollar; three £5 crowns; four 1986/89 x £2 ; 21 x 5 shilling crowns, 1951 and later; two decimal sets; five Martins Bank pre-decimal sets; and a Manx 1977 crown

LOT 266 £15/20 (01:57PM)

A mixed lot in a carton to include a pair of Mirandd 10×50 binoculars, a boxed propelling pencil, a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, a Europa Travel Alarm, and a 1992 Albertville Winter Olympics commemorative knife, etc.

LOT 267 £35/55 (01:59PM)

A collection of humorous and different cigarette lighters some styled as guns, a donkey cigarette dispenser, a quantity of foreign currency including notes, etc.

LOT 268 £25/30 (01:59PM)

An early five-sided AA badge in chrome No. V244538, a later AA badge, two Wales car badges, two Coach's fishing rods and a collection of old cigarettes in sealed packets including Players', Gauloises, Seven Stars, etc.

LOT 269 £40/60 (01:59PM)

A large stamp lot including The Strand Stamp Album and contents, six other binders of stamps, many loose stamps and covers and a quantity of mint GB stamps.

LOT 273 £25/35 (02:02PM)

An early pedometer cum pocket watch the white porcelain dial marked Dorry Lester & Co., Kilburn, London, England with tension and seconds dial in a 925 stamped silver case, a pair of silver-backed gentleman's hairbrushes, a Festival of Britain Crown and a Daily Mail commemorative King's shilling.

LOT 274 £15/20 (02:02PM)

Ephemera lot comprising a number of important newspaper issues over the early to mid 20th century including a copy of The Daily Mirror 1926 during the General Strike.

LOT 275 £30/40 (02:04PM)

A Vixen monocular with zoom facility, a pair of Chinon 10 x 50 wide angle binoculars sand a pair of Pentax 8 x 30 field binoculars each with carry case.

LOT 276 £50/70 (02:04PM)

An interesting small lot including a pair of hardstone knife rests with silver mounts, a guillocheenamel silver salt decorated with swags of flowers, enamelled brooches and pendants, a 9 carat gold framed quizzing glass, a pretty pair of fan earrings, a silver-topped comb, a model boat, four figures – three on stands, a crystal-style necklace, etc.

LOT 277 £15/25 (02:04PM)

Three ring binders two of them with stamp stock sheets neatly presented of mainly Europe including GB and a folder of Post Office postcards.

LOT 278 £50/80 (02:04PM)

A three-drawered jewel box full of modern costume jewellery, some silver including a pretty amethyst cross, wrist watches, brooches, necklaces, earrings, etc.

LOT 280 £15/25 (02:06PM)

A large plastic box containing interesting pre 1960s ephemera including many town and country brochures, and a quantity of postcards and old photographs.

LOT 282 £40/60 (02:06PM)

Eight volumes of erotic photography including At 12 by Sally Mann, Coming of Age by Will McBride, Radiant Identities by Jock Sturges, The Last Day of Summer by Jock Sturges, Sally Mann Immediate Family, Helmut Newton Special Collection and Anthony Goicolea 2007 including CD, also Coming of Age a movie and video guide, Desertion a study of homoerotica, The Book of Nude Photography and 20 Silver Ghosts details of pre World War One Rolls Royce by Melbourne Brindle, and three other books on Rolls Royce and Bentley.

LOT 286 £30/50 (02:09PM)

Five albums two containing first day covers and mint stamps, a well-presented album of GB stamps, another of foreign stamps and a small number of commemorative first day covers including coins, two Scottish pound notes and a Bank of England one pound note, etc.

LOT 287 £30/40 (02:11PM)

The Queen's Medal and Scroll presented to The Family of Commissioned Pilot T W Sparke, Royal Navy who died on 18th July 1951, his plane having been hit by flak and crashed into the ground and exploded.

LOT 289 £30/50 (02:11PM)

An interesting collection of ephemera including two adverts for London Pride, a single malt whisky flavour map, a map of Brecon Beacons, a Black and White Whisky mirror, large format photographs of aeroplanes, The Battle of Britain by Derek Wood in blue calf binding, books on aeroplanes and flight, a Concorde certificate, a lifetime lease on a square foot of Islay, a certificate of Lunar Mineral rites, etc.

LOT 290 £100/150 (02:11PM)

A good and interesting lot of early 20th century theatrical memorabilia, the collection of the late Frankie Paige, a leading theatrical member of the chorus line, to include photograph albums of the stars many signed including Jean Kent, Anne Crawford, Phyllis Calvert, Patricia Roc, Marta Toren, Stewart Granger, Betty Hutton, Judy Garland, Dennis Price, two further albums each including a large number of photographs of Jean Kent along with a wedding invitation to the wedding of Jean Kent and Mr Ramart 1946, a Christmas card from Jean Kent, a small scrap album dedicated to Martha Raye with a personal thank you from Martha Raye to Frances (aka Frankie Paige), two smaller snapshot books frequently signed by the stars, one with personal snapshots following her own career again with signatures and an autographs book including many stars of the time including Jane Russell.

LOT 294 £30/40 (02:14PM)

An extensive collection of old cigarette cards all loose mainly WD & HO Wills, John Player & Sons, WA & AC Churchman, also Godfrey Phillips Ltd.

LOT 300 £150/200 (02:20PM)

An Art Deco three-drawer walnut table canteen, containing a cutlery service for 12 by Harrison Bros. & Howson, of 11-piece place settings (one dessert fork lacking), including fish servers, also carvers and serving pieces, together with sundry additional items, including a set of fruit eaters