LOT 201 £60/100 (01:16PM)

Glenfiddich Special Old Reserve Pure Malt Whisky, 70 cl (x1); Glenfarclas 105 cask strength Single Malt Whisky, 1 litre, with tube (x1); and The Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky aged 12 years in oak casks, 1.14 litres, with tube (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) (3) [G11]

LOT 203 £15/25 (01:16PM)

Miscellaneous, including Long John Scotch Whisky, 70 cl (x1), Varnelli L'Anice Secco Speciale, 70 cl (x1), Jean Gaulthier Poire Williams Eau de Vie Grande Reserve, 70 cl (x1); and 5 bottles of table wine (levels and conditions not stated) (8) [G11]

LOT 204 £25/40 (01:16PM)

A bottle styled as the Eiffel Tower containing Napoleon Brandy; another styled as a football and Eiffel Tower, containing Prestige Bordeaux Wine; a bottle of Bordeaux wine to celebrate the 1991 Rugby World Cup, (levels and conditions not stated); together with two Harrods two-bottle wine carriers; and a dome-topped wooden wine carrier with metal clasp and handle (6 items) [G8]

LOT 205 £40/50 (01:18PM)

Whisky: Laphroaig Single Islay Malt Scotch Whisky, 10 years old, 70 cl, with tube; and Glen Grant Single Malt Whisky, 1 litre, in original sealed tube (levels and conditions not stated) (2) [G8]

LOT 206 £15/20 (01:18PM)

A magnum of old Champagne, remnants of label showing end of name: …ossy, the foil with remnants of crown below a star; together with a magnum of Bardolino Classico Superiore (levels and conditions not stated) (2) [G8]

LOT 207 £25/40 (01:18PM)

Three Bell's Whisky bell decanters, two commemorating Princess Beatrice, in presentation cardboard barrels (75 cl x 3), and 3 Bell's Whisky miniatures (levels and conditions not stated) (6) [G5]

LOT 208 £250/300 (01:18PM)

A bottle of Krug & Co. Brut Reserve Private Cuvee Champagne purchased circa 1965, and Warre's 1975 Vintage Port (75 cl x 2) (levels and conditions not stated) [G5]

LOT 211 £30/40 (01:21PM)

Aberlour a'Bunadh Single Speyside Malt Whisky, from batch no. 10, bottled straight from the cask at 59.8% vol., 70 cl (levels and conditions not stated) [G5]

LOT 212 £60/90 (01:21PM)

Port and Sherry: Taylor's Vintage Port 1984 (x1); Graham's Malvidos Vintage Port 1979 (x1); Herancia Fine Ruby Port (x1); Osborne Pedro Ximenez Sweet Sherry )x1); Osborne Manzanilla (x1); and Osborne Fino Quinta (x1), 75 cl x 6; Jerez Fino Sherry, 1 litre (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) [G5]

LOT 213 £20/30 (01:23PM)

A bottle of G.H. Martell & Co. Prestige Champagne 2000, with tube; and two bottles of Coteaux du Layon Rochefort Domaine de La Motte 1985 and 1989; 75 cl x 3 (levels and conditions not stated) (3) [G5]

LOT 215 £15/20 (01:23PM)

Wines: Ch. Fongavan Puisseguin-Saint-Emilion 1995 (x1); Fleurie 2003 (x1); Bourgogne Rouge 1986 (x1); Nuits St Georges, Paul Dugenais 1993 (x1); Ch. St Germain Bordeaux Superieur 2004 (x1); Chandon Rose sparkling wine (x1); 75 cl x 6 (levels and conditions not stated) (6) [G2]

LOT 216 £50/70 (01:23PM)

Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Rose Champagne, with box (x1); Laytons Champagne (x1); Gordon's London Dry Gin, 1 litre (x1); Muirhead's Blended Scotch Whisky, 75 cl (x1); Courvoisier Luxe Cognac, 70 cl (x1); and 2 bottles of table wine (levels and conditions not stated) (7) [G2]

LOT 217 £45/70 (01:25PM)

Champagne: Moet & Chandon Premiere Cuvee (x1); Bollinger Extra Special Cuvee (x1); Freixenet Cordon Negro Cava (x1) (3 x 75 cl); Laurent Perrier (1 x 18.7 cl) (levels and conditions not stated) (4) [pine shelf]

LOT 218 £40/60 (01:25PM)

Dow's 1962 Vintage Port, bottled 1966 (x1); Noval LB Port (x1); Harrods Malmsey Fine Old Madeira (x1); Croft Distinction Tawny Port (x1) (4 x 75 cl); and Williams & Humbert Dry Sack Sherry, 1 litre (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) (5) [pine shelves]

LOT 219 £30/50 (01:25PM)

Bell's Extra Special 8 years old Scotch Whisky, 1 litre (x1); Dimple Old Blended Scotch Whisky (x1); Gordon's London Dry Gin, 1 litre (x1); Glayva Scotch Liqueur, 33.7 cl (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) (4) [pine shelves]

LOT 220 £60/100 (01:25PM)

Martini Rosso, 1 litre (x1); Ricard Pastis, 1 litre (x1); Fine Old Jamaica Rum, 1.25 litres (x1); Blandy's Madeira,75 cl (x1); Creme de Cassis, 70 cl (x1); Harveys Club Amontillado, 70 cl (x1); Columba Cream Whisky Liqueur, 75 cl (x1); Pimm's No. 1 Cup, 1 litre, with box, sealed (x1); and Moet & Chandon Petite Liquorelle, 200 ml, with box (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) (9) [pine shelves]

LOT 221 £80/100 (01:28PM)

Brandy, etc.: Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac, 1 litre, with box (x1); Marquis de Montesquiou Napoleon Armagnac,70 cl(x1); Courvoisier 3 star Cognac, 1 litre (x1); Dom Benedictine, 26.6 fl oz, foil wrapped (x1); Bols Cherry Brandy, 35.2 fl. oz (x1); Bols Creme de Menthe, 1 litre (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) (6) [pine shelf]

LOT 222 £60/90 (01:28PM)

Prince Hubert de Polignac Fine Champagne Cognac, 24 fl. oz, with box (x1); Delamain Cognac, 24 fl. oz, with box (x1); Salignac Fine Champagne Cognac, with box (x1); Courvoisier 3 star Cognac, 24 fl. oz (x1); Dillon Martinique Old Nick Tres Vieux Rhum, 70 cl (x1); Ferreira Late Bottled Vintage Port 1982, 70 cl (x1); and a bottle of Mateus Rose (levels and conditions not stated) (7) [pine shelves]

LOT 223 £100/150 (01:28PM)

Glorious 12th Fine Old Blended Scotch Whisky by John Buckmaster & Sons, Scotland, selected by Roberto Gucci, label with Gucci red and green stripes, with tube, 75 cl. (levels and conditions not stated) (Provenance: This bottle is offered for sale by a former PA of Roberto Gucci, who was present when he selected this whisky as gifts. This bottle was a present to the owner from Roberto Gucci.) [G3]

LOT 226 £200/300 (01:30PM)

Ch. Ausone Saint-Emilion 1er Grand Cru Classe 1982 (x1); and Grand Vin de Leoville Saint-Julien, Recolte 1984 (x1), both 75 cl (levels and conditions not stated) (2) [G3]

LOT 227 £30/40 (01:30PM)

Talisker 10 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the Isle of Skye, 70 cl (x1); and Aberlour Single Malt Scotch Whisky aged 10 years, 70 cl, with tube (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) (2) [G3]

LOT 238 £25/40 (01:37PM)

Martell VS Cognac, 1 litre (x1); Hine Vieux Cognac, 24 fl. oz (x1); Captain Morgan Black Label Jamaica Rum, 26 fl. oz (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) (3) [G9]

LOT 239 £25/35 (01:37PM)

Weingut Schloss Sommerhausen 2005 Sommerhauser Steinbach Silvaner Spatlese trocken, 75 cl (x5); and Gewurztraminer Auslese Pfalz 2005, 37.5 cl (x6) (levels and conditions not stated) (11) [G12]

LOT 240 £30/40 (01:37PM)

Schloss Saarstein 2004 Riesling Kabinett Serriger Schloss Saarsteiner, 75 cl (x6); Peter Jakob Kuehn Riesling Spaetlese, 75 cl (x4); Schloss Vollrads 2002 Spaetlese Rheingau Riesling, 75 cl (x3) (levels and conditions not stated) (13) [G12]

LOT 242 £25/35 (01:40PM)

Campari, 1 litre (x1); Ricard Pastis, 1 litre (x1); Pernod, 1 litre (x1); Amarino, 1 litre (x1); Porto Cristo, 1 litre (x1); Averna Amaro Siciliano, 75 cl (x1); Cockburn's Special Reserve Port, 70 cl (x2) (levels and conditions not stated) (8) [G13]

LOT 243 £60/100 (01:40PM)

Port: Grants of St James's Quinta do Noval 1963 Vintage Port (x1); Martinez 1967 Vintage Port (x2); Cockburn's 1970 Vintage Port (x1); and Sercial 1950 Madeira Rutherford & Miles (x1), all 70 cl (levels and conditions not stated) (5) [G13]

LOT 244 £40/70 (01:40PM)

Brandy, etc.: Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac, 1 litre (x1); Armagnac Hors d'Age Napoleon by J. Dupeyron, Condom, 100 cl (x1); Vecchia Romana Etichetta Nera Brandy 1820, dimple bottle embossed Buton/Bologna, 70 cl (x1); Martell VS Cognac, 34 cl (x1); Centenario Brandy by Terry, 1 litre (x1); and Magno Brandy by Osborne, 1 litre (x2) (levels and conditions not stated) (7) [G13]

LOT 245 £40/70 (01:42PM)

Sao Domingos Bagaceira, 1 litre (x1); Molinari Sambuca Extra (x1); Moninette Liqueur Anisee, 70 cl (x1); Liqueur de la Vieille Cure, 70 cl (x1); Liquore Elixir China, 75 cl (x1); Bols Blue Curacao, 70 cl (x1); Izarra Liqueur, one green, one yellow, each 75 cl (x2); Creme de Banane (x1); Kirsch Pur (x1); Liquore Galliano, 35 cl (x1); Quila Morey, 37 cl (x1); and a Spanish liqueur (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) (13) [G13]

LOT 251 £15/25 (01:45PM)

Chanson Beaune 1er Cru 1980, 75 cl (x1); Special Christmas Mead, 375 ml (x1); William Penn Special Ale by Paine & Co. (x5); and 4 other bottles (level [G10]s and condition not stated) (11)

LOT 253 £50/90 (01:47PM)

Whisky: Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 year old Extra Special Whisky, 1 litre (x1) and 70 cl (x1), each with box; Chivas Regal 12 year old Premium Scotch Whisky, 70 cl, with box (x1); and Johnnie Walker Red Label, 70 cl (x1) (levels and condition not stated) (4) [G7]

LOT 254 £40/70 (01:47PM)

Single malt whiskies: Cardhu matured 12 years, 75cl (x1); The Singleton of Auchroisk 1976, 75 cl (x1); and Glenmorangie 10 years old, 70 cl, with tube (x1) (levels and condition not stated) (3) [G7]

LOT 260 £10/15 (01:49PM)

Sabra, the Liqueur of Israel, 70 cl (x1); Filfar orange liqueur, 50 cl, with box (x1); and a small bottle of French wine (levels and conditions not stated) (3) [G4]

LOT 261 £25/40 (01:52PM)

Beefeater Dry London Gin, 1 litre (x2); Gordon's Special Dry London Gin, 75.7 cl (x1); Bommerlunder, 70 cl (x1); Marquis de Montesquiou Armagnac, 37 cl (x1); and a miniature bottle of wine (levels and conditions not stated) (6) [G4]

LOT 262 £140/160 (02:15PM)

A modern Chinese 14 ct gold dress ring set with a carved agate, with import marks; a turquoise ring, tests as 14 ct; and a red and white stone pendant, also tests as 14 ct; 10.6 gm gross

LOT 270 £160/180 (02:19PM)

An 18 ct gold chain necklet, a 9 ct twisted fancy chain necklet, a pair of 9 ct twisted ear hoops, a pair of 10 ct two-colour ear hoops, and two and a half pairs of gold and stone-set ear studs, the 18 ct 2.3 gm, the remainder 8.6 gm

LOT 270A £200/250 (02:19PM)

A 9ct gold neckchain, broken, a 9ct gold pierced buckle ring (15.1gm), a pendant of coral and possibly peridot in 9ct gold (3.6gm gross), a silver mounted pendant, a gilt metal horseshoe scarf pin, a pearl tie pin, three decorative rings, a pretty green stone articulated bracelet and a collection of costume jewellery including a number of loose gem stones, and three bangles

LOT 270B £25/40 (02:19PM)

Six pretty sterling silver condiment spoons with pierced decoration, a silver teaspoon with enamelled decoration, a silver and enamelled Middlesex spoon and three other silver spoons ands a fork and seven plated spoons

LOT 271 £120/150 (02:19PM)

A modern 18 ct white gold necklet hung with a single stone tanzanite pendant, and a pair of matching tanzanite ear studs, 4.9 gm gross, with original South African documentation

LOT 272 £300/400 (02:22PM)

A pair of modern 'Canadian Ice' diamond ear studs, each of 15 points in 18 ct white gold, together with a 25 point matching pendant on 18 ct white gold chain necklet, 2.8 gm gross together, in original boxes, with GGI certificates, as retailed by Goldsmiths

LOT 273 £500/700 (02:22PM)

A Canadian 'Glacier Fire' diamond ring of modern design, in 18 ct white gold, set with a brilliant-cut stone of 42 points, together with a matching part-eternity ring set with tiny stones, 7.5 gm gross together, with original certificates dated 2003

LOT 276 £60/80 (02:24PM)

Two 19th century Continental porcelain 'Wickelkind': one Copenhagen with blue wave mark, fitted with a silver screw end with crowned M hallmark, 9.8 cm; the other smaller, with gilt brass hinged end

LOT 277 £60/80 (02:24PM)

An early 20th century Norwegian silver-gilt and enamel circular box, the hinged lid with a silhouette scene of a shepherd flautist under a tree, 4.8 cm diameter, with mis-struck maker's mark and 935

LOT 278 £60/80 (02:24PM)

Small items, comprising: a Russian Moscow silver-gilt powder box, circa 1910, with brown stone top, 3.6 cm diameter; a Georgian Masonic locket; set of four silver and enamel dress buttons; an enamel box; and a papier-mache snuff box

LOT 280 £60/80 (02:27PM)

A collection of six gas cigarette lighters, comprising: Cartier in a tortoiseshell lacquer finish, Dunhill gilt engine-turned, Dunhill gilt reeded, Dupont gilt hobnail, Dupont black and gilt, and Sarome gilt; together with a cigar cutter and other oddments

LOT 284 £400/450 (02:29PM)

9 ct gold, comprising: two pairs of cufflinks, a tie bar, two chain necklets, and a broken opal child's ring, 30.6 gm gross; together with a lady's wrist watch in thin gauge 18 ct gold

LOT 286A £25/40 (02:29PM)

A silver and enamelled fob chain medallion for King's Lynn Hospital and an enamel badge for Queen Mary's Hospital for East End London and a large enamelled patriotic Canadian brooch the central shield framed in a border of maple leaves.

LOT 288 £350/400 (02:31PM)

9 ct gold, comprising: a five-stone amethyst ring, a blue zircon ring, a pair of cufflinks, chain bracelet, necklet with pearl drop, and two badges, 24.4 gm gross; together with a 9 ct lady's wristwatch and a bangle in 9 ct gold with metal core

LOT 292 £30/40 (02:34PM)

An Omega gentleman's quartz wrist watch, cal. 1365, with frosted gold dial in a square gilt case (lacking winder), with original strap, with documentation dated 1979, in original box

LOT 293 £100/150 (02:34PM)

A 1990s Gucci man's quartz wrist watch, model 3400M, with black dial in bright gilt case on integral brick-pattern bracelet, with extra links, documentation dated 1995, in original case

LOT 294 £25/35 (02:34PM)

Five gents' wrist watches including a Citizen Eco-Drive WR100 with day, date and sweeping second hand on stainless steel bracelet, other makes including Sekonda, Accurist and Rotary.

LOT 294A £30/40 (02:36PM)

A large number of First World War silks mainly standards and personalities some in original tissue, by Kensitas and others and seven large format silks three of flags, the Duchess of Devonshire, Prince of Wales and Mr Bonar Law by B.D.V. Cigarettes.

LOT 295 £25/40 (02:36PM)

The 1914-1918 War Medal and The Great War Civilization Medal 1914-1919 both presented to G-84476 Pte. A.E. Faller Midd'x R. along with studio photographs, a posed photograph with other officers, two silk postcards: Souvenir de France and A Kiss from France, an Arabic phrase book, etc.