LOT 211 £40/60 (01:26PM)

Four pens, comprising: a Dunhill gilt-metal fountain pen with 750 nib, in original box; a Messenger gilt-metal ballpoint pen; a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck ballpoint with advertising inscription; and a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Pix ballpoint pen

LOT 216 £40/60 (01:29PM)

An interesting box lid containing a pair of Satsuma porcelain buckles, watch chains, wrist watches, old pen knives and fruit knives, other costume jewellery, hat pins, Scottish brooch, a silver pencil, etc.

LOT 217 £50/80 (01:31PM)

A hall-marked silver tea-caddy spoon embossed with fruit the handle as entwined vines, a Cerebos Table Salt metal matchbox, a silver-plated pill-box with two-hinged lids, a small model of a man panning for gold on a piece of pyrite, a folding hair-comb, a silver-topped glass scent bottle, a tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl card case, miniature boxes, etc.

LOT 219 £50/80 (01:31PM)

A blue enamelled and gold-plated Dupont lighter in its original box, a Mercedes bonnet three-star emblem, a plastic model of Concorde and a stylish polished aluminium cigarette box by Kaymet “Anodised Ware made in England”.

LOT 220 £40/60 (01:31PM)

A silver dog whistle styled as a horn, a pretty silver and mother-of-pearl fruit knife, a silver menu-holder styled as an eagle with a alpine horn and a metal horse dog whistle with screw adjustment for tone.

LOT 222 £50/70 (01:34PM)

A Continental silver box of oval form the lid embossed with a basket of flowers, the sides embossed with musical trophies, a silver carriage and pair with driver and attendant, and a small worked white metal box and lid.

LOT 224 £40/70 (01:34PM)

An interesting lot including a boxed pair of Sheaffer pen and pencil and a Cross fountain pen with a large 14 ct gold nib in a gold-plated case and an interesting lot of ladies’ decorative wrist watches including one by Eternity made of genuine Swarovski crystals.

LOT 225 £50/70 (01:36PM)

A very decorative lot of costume jewellery including bangles, including a pair in 925 silver, modern Perspex, one in hardstone, and necklaces one by Monet with black enamelling, and four in silver plate.

LOT 251 £30/40 (01:47PM)

A foreign canteen of metal cutlery for 12, a Walker & Hall plated tea set and a hot water jug, together with a silver hand mirror and hairbrush

LOT 253 £30/50 (01:47PM)

Two cartons of decorative silver-plated items, including warming dish with Pyrex liner, hors d'oeuvre dishes, cake stand, baskets, coffee set, etc.

LOT 254 £30/40 (01:47PM)

Two cartons of sundry metalware, including some silver-plated, comprising prize and other mugs, tea and coffee service, etc., and a case of sundry cutlery, together with a pair of 19th century German Kassel silver teaspoons and a Georgian salt shovel

LOT 257 £30/40 (01:49PM)

A good Elkington EPNS cutlery service for eight, in Westminster pattern, of nine-piece place settings including cake forks and fish eaters, together with four serving spoons, five extra knives and five extra soup spoons, in original rolls and cardboard tubes

LOT 258 £30/40 (01:49PM)

A quantity of silver-plated items, including a set of EPNS Art Deco cutlery for six, other foreign and English cutlery, baskets, a tea and coffee service, oval gallery tray, etc., and an Indian brass ewer

LOT 268 £160/180 (01:56PM)

Four silver fish servers, comprising: a slice in King's pattern, Glasgow 1833; a serving fork crested to match the former, also in King's pattern, by George Adams, London 1854; and an ornate knife and fork with filled handles, Birmingham 1854/60/64/65; 20.5 ozt gross

LOT 269 £70/90 (01:56PM)

English silver, comprising: a cased set of six golfing teaspoons, three other golfing teaspoons, a Fiddle teaspoon, six tea knives with filled handles, and two silver-handled implements, together with a sterling souvenir spoon and an 800-handled knife and fork

LOT 270 £100/120 (01:56PM)

English silver, comprising: a pretty set of six Edwardian coffee spoons, in case; a cased set of six teaspoons with tongs; a cased three-piece christening set, inscribed 'Elizabeth'; a five-piece condiment set; two mustard spoons; and two napkin rings; together with two cased sets of six silver-handled tea knives, and a pair of Guatemalan silver napkin rings; 12.5 ozt weighable

LOT 271 £60/80 (01:59PM)

A good Edwardian large hand mirror in cherub-embossed silver, and a matching hairbrush, Chester 1907/08, together with two silver-mounted combs and a hand mirror, and a three-piece dressing table set in silver and blue enamel

LOT 272 £200/250 (01:59PM)

A fine Elizabeth II silver and enamel dressing table service, painted with pink roses on a guilloche pearl ground, comprising: hand mirror, pair of hairbrushes, pair of clothes brushes, glass scent spray, and glass powder jar, London 1959/60

LOT 273 £45/55 (01:59PM)

English silver, comprising: six teaspoons with tongs, in a case; five Albany coffee spoons; napkin ring; and 11 silver-handled tea knives; 5.5 ozt weighable

LOT 274 £10/15 (01:59PM)

A probably Norwegian small plique-a-jour enamel bowl, an EPNS skewer, EPNS matchbox-cum-ashtray (probably from the Dorchester), and a plated grape scissors

LOT 276 £80/120 (02:01PM)

A small German Nuremberg silver beaker chased with fish-scale pattern, probably late 18th century, WS maker's mark, 6.4 cm high, 54 gm; together with a 19th century Continental silver snuff box, engraved with initials, apparently unmarked, 97 gm

LOT 278 £150/180 (02:01PM)

Judaica and other silver, comprising: a probably Israeli 84 standard Hannukah candelabrum; an Israeli sterling kiddush beaker by Dugma; a pair of candlesticks in 925 with metal bases and 800 nozzles; a vintage filigree cigarette case; an English P&O Arcadia souvenir teaspoon; and a Bezalel-decorated ballpoint pen; 19.3 ozt gross excluding pen

LOT 279 £40/50 (02:03PM)

An English silver ashtray with a map of Kuwait to the centre, a silver overlaid cigarette box inscribed "Drayton Montagu", and a glass and sterling ashtray

LOT 281 £60/80 (02:03PM)

Small English silver, comprising: a pair of Edwardian filled dwarf candlesticks, hammered pin tray, oblong trinket box, oval pill box, and a cigar-holder case, 5.4 ozt weighable

LOT 282 £1200/1500 (02:03PM)

An Elizabeth II part service of silver cutlery in Fiddle, Thread and Shell pattern, by Cooper Bros., Sheffield 1978/79, comprising: four tablespoons, and 12 each of: dessert spoons and forks, fish knives and forks, teaspoons, and steel-bladed cheese knives with hollow handles, 123 ozt weighable

LOT 283 £65/75 (02:06PM)

800 silver, comprising: an elegant German serving spoon and fork, parcel-gilt, in associated case; six teaspoons, in case; a shallow oval bowl; and a rose-motif sugar spoon; 9.5 ozt

LOT 288 £80/120 (02:08PM)

Judaica: a George V silver spice tower fitted with four small birds and four bells, and with revolving flag, maker JZ, 9.6 in high, London 1919, 3.8 ozt

LOT 289 £250/300 (02:08PM)

A large William IV silver cruet, with central handle and scroll feet, complete with six cut-glass bottles with stoppers, and two with silver mounts, by the Barnards, London 1835, one of the bottles with replacement mount and lid by George Fox, London 1870, 26.3 ozt weighable

LOT 290 £200/300 (02:08PM)

A smaller George IV silver cruet by the Barnards, of related design to the preceding lot, complete with six cut-glass bottles with stoppers, and two with silver mounts, London 1829, 20.4 ozt weighable

LOT 292 £800/1000 (02:11PM)

A George IV silver oblong entree dish with gadroon rims, the cover with ornate handle, with original armorial engraving, together with a matching cover and handle, by Emes & Barnard, London 1823, 93.7 ozt