LOT 202 £30/50 (01:18PM)

A carton containing two silver christening bracelet, a set of cloisonne teaspoons and forks, decorative bangles, opera glasses, an Egyptian-style metal necklace and four coin sets in presentation cases for 1970 and a 900 silver and enamelled cigarette case dated 1912.

LOT 204 £20/30 (01:18PM)

A decorative wooden jewel containing a small quantity of decorative jewellery, a Victorian memorial brooch, two old fountain pens one with a 14 ct gold nib, a small pot of kiss-proof rouge.

LOT 205 £25/30 (01:18PM)

A fruit box containing an extensive number of cigarette lighters including Ronson and Zippo, an old mahogany box containing Victorian brass and steel geometry equipment, a colourful pottery pot decorated with eels and squid and two glass pint pots.

LOT 207 £40/70 (01:20PM)

A coin lot including a large quantity of commemorative crowns from the Festival of Britain 1951, mint coin sets, UK coin sets, a collection of bronze coins bagged and well-presented by the vendor, a small quantity of bank notes and a tobacco tin of miscellaneous American and foreign coins including a list.

LOT 208 £140/180 (01:20PM)

The Illustrated London News Winston Churchill Edition, a letter of thanks on House of Commons Paper from Winston Churchill November 30th 1949, an edition of Kampf um's Dritte Reich (Struggles for the Third Reich) and a signed photograph of the burlesque artist Dita von Teese.

LOT 209 £40/70 (01:20PM)

Ephemera concerning First World War German prisoners of war interned on the Isle of Man and including two photograph albums, and a large quantity of loose family photographs of that period, together with a small collection of English and foreign coins including a Victorian 1890 crown, old stamps, a silver vesta case engraved 'Beattie Billy Christmas 1912' with engraved decoration, gold-plated cuff-links, studs, etc.

LOT 210 £30/50 (01:22PM)

A box of pipes including briar, some unused, one in a carry box, a carton of old briar pipes one unused by Falcon, foreign coins, an original box of cowry shell counters for games, a button-hook and shoe-horn with silver handles, a dagger paper-knife and a collection of old cut-throat razors in a velvet pouch, old scissors, wrist watches, a scout dagger, etc.

LOT 212 £50/80 (01:22PM)

A carton full of coins mainly modern coins in sets of presentation packs but including a 1797 Britannia Cartwheel, various crowns including a 1951 Festival of Britain crown, commemorative crowns, an Isle of Man proof crown 1970, two Jersey crowns 1966, a XIII Commonwealth Games 1986 proof silver £2 coin, a Maria Theresa 1780, a Gypsy Moth IV 1966-67 medallion, sealed coin sets for Eire, Australia, Canada and Great Britain, Winston Churchill crowns and two Royal Mint United Kingdom proof coin sets for 1989 and 1990 in original boxes, etc.

LOT 214 £30/40 (01:25PM)

A fruit box full of items to include decorative evening bags, powder compacts, a silver-framed bedside watch, dressing table items, opera glasses, place mats, fountain pens including two Parkers, a silver-bladed and mother-of-pearl fruit knife, etc.

LOT 215 £40/70 (01:25PM)

52 early 20th century German banknotes: 1906, 1910, 1914, 1917, 1919, 1920, 1922, 1923, values ranging from 1 Mark to 100,000 Mark; and a receipt from Thos. Cook & Son Foreign Banking and Exchange Offices, London, for 1400 Mark, dated 1/7/1920; together with a small collection of unused early 20th century sentimental German sepia postcards

LOT 219 £30/50 (01:27PM)

Two jewel boxes containing decorative jewellery, beads, bangles, etc. and a pink jewel box containing rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, etc. and a green leather bag stamped Tusting.

LOT 220 £20/30 (01:27PM)

A stock-book of British stamps some mint and in blocks and a folding box containing stamp books and loose stamps, minted displays, First Day Covers, etc.

LOT 221 £25/35 (01:27PM)

An old leather-covered jewel box containing interesting costume jewellery including a metal brooch depicting a cherub and a bat, a mother-of-pearl portrait head, necklaces, other brooches and a small leather-covered box of beads.

LOT 222 £10/15 (01:30PM)

An album of cigarette cards including tennis strokes, fish and birds, a small quantity of postcards, a cigarette box containing cigarette cards and a quantity of books including a BSA Maintenance manual and the ABC Guide to London 1901.

LOT 226 £40/60 (01:32PM)

A collection of coins comprising a set of three cased Pobjoy Mint Anniversary silver crowns – Penny Blue, Red and Black, a Bradford Exchange boxed King Edward VIII Maundy Pattern four piece silver coin set, a Boxed Elvis Presley two silver coin set, a 1947 Platinum Wedding Prestige coin set with nine coins, a Queen Elizabeth II Royal Maundy Money set with four coins

LOT 227 £50/70 (01:32PM)

Four sets of Bradford Mint coins comprising The HRH Prince George Five Crown coin, The House of Windsor Coinage Portraits Penney Set with eleven coins,a Sapphire Coronation Jubillee silver coin set , Elvis life and Times 40th Anniversary Set with seven US half dollars, The London Mint Office 70th Wedding Anniversary Photographic coin collection with nine coins, a cased Bradford Exchange Orb and an 1840 Penny Black stamp

LOT 229 £50/70 (01:32PM)

An old leather jewel case containing an antique silver wristwatch, tortoiseshell and gilt-metal pince-nez, a monocle, a pair of antique gilt-metal shoe buckles, a child's rattle, and an antique seal

LOT 233 £30/40 (01:34PM)

A Court and Livery dinner for the Worshipful Company of Fletchers, with menu and seating plan, Tuesday 21st January 1947, signed by Montgomery of Alamein

LOT 235 £15/20 (01:37PM)

An old brass four-draw telescope, a quantity of brass weights, wristwatches, and a small quantity of costume jewellery, including a diamante and faux pearl necklace

LOT 236 £20/30 (01:37PM)

A small quantity of costume jewellery, including a micro mosaic floral brooch, together with a skin handbag, a leather glove wallet, paper knives, etc.

LOT 237 £40/70 (01:37PM)

A box containing a 9 ct gold christening bracelet, silver jewellery including rings, earrings, a bangle, two necklaces including one diamante, and a quartz wristwatch marked Tag Heuer

LOT 240 £30/50 (01:39PM)

A box lid of costume jewellery, some with butterfly wings, silver necklace and brooches, silver and enamelled company year badges, silver and enamelled medals, a thimble in its case, enamelled and silver perfume bottle, etc.

LOT 241 £30/40 (01:39PM)

A modern jewellery box in high lacquered zebra wood, a Gucci key ring, Sell and Buy cufflinks, silver cricket bat and ball cufflinks, a Dunhill lighter, silver yo-yo, etc., and a modern leather-covered jewel box of three drawers

LOT 242 £30/40 (01:42PM)

A shoebox containing gold pocket watches, one engraved with a train, a silver fob watch with heart-shaped face, penknives, wristwatches, medallions, writing implements, etc.

LOT 249 £500/600 (01:44PM)

Five presentation sets from Westminster (Distributors for the British Royal Mint) to include a set of "The Historic Coins of Great Britain" in silver in 14 items, additionally an art enamelled Golden Jubilee crown, a Commemorative Suspension Bridge £1 and an RAF £5 coin, with detailed cards in a fitted box, a set of 26 Trafalgar Bi-centenary silver coins in a fitted box along with two additional £5 coins and a $1 coin with enamelled highlight, a set of History of the Royal Family Coloured Portrait Coin collection comprising 19 items in a fitted case and seven Battle of Britain crowns with enamel decoration, a Douglas Bader crown, three Jubilee crowns with enamel and two Churchill crowns with enamelling, a 1945-2005 £2 coin, a Restoration of the Monarchy £5 coin, five modern crowns, a bronze Great Exhibition medallion, etc. all in a presentation box, The Changing Face of Britain's Coinage Golden Edition with enamelled highlights comprising 17 coins in a wooden presentation box and a 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Flown silver coin cover £5 piece.

LOT 253 £15/20 (01:46PM)

A wooden box containing a collection of call girl telephone cards and a child's crocheted matinee jacket, socks and slippers and a silver-plated and mother-of-pearl baby rattle.

LOT 257 £40/70 (01:49PM)

An English bronze medallion dated 1897 in its original commemorative box dated 1837-1897, a J B Page £10 note, three £1 notes, a G M Gill £5 note and a J S Fforde 10 shilling note, a small collection of antique coins including George III, a Royal Mint Five Pound set, a presentation pack of " A Century of British Coinage" 1900-1999, a silver-gilt presentation medallion "The Changing Face of Britain's Coinage", a Bobby Moore silver ten francs presentation coin produced by Westminster, other minor coinage, etc.

LOT 262 £50/80 (01:54PM)

A fruit box containing a folder of mint stamps in blocks, another containing used stamps in stock book form including a Penny Black, the Grosvenor Stamp Album containing a few sheets of American stamps and an album of First Day Covers mainly 1970s and a second fruit box containing a pink folder of mixed mint definitive stamps including books, a folder of Malta stamps, another of Russia stamps, a blue folder of Eire used, mint and First Day Covers and general albums.

LOT 264 £50/80 (01:54PM)

A large carton full of postcards, mainly topographical, many with stamps, and a good early 20h century cigarette card album, almost full, share certificates for the Black Sea Amalgamated Oilfields, 1915, Ceylon Pearl Fishers, Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, a picture book on Hamburg, etc.

LOT 265 £15/20 (01:54PM)

A carton including a number of Beryl Cook calendars, a quantity of legal documents, a postcard book Vues d'Ypres, a quantity of unused gilt metal buttons some of them Naval others with enamelled Scales of Justice, an original Tiddlywinks box and contents, a silver -plated copper coffee pot, an old Williams Deacon's Bank savings box, office stamps, a pipe, 19th century corkscrew, etc.

LOT 267 £40/70 (01:56PM)

The Triumph Stamp Album with a well-presented stamp collection c.1950 including two full pages of China, the Wanderer Stamp Album dated 1939 with various contents including two pages of Chinese stamps, a heavy folder of coins mainly bronze and a few loose stamps, etc.

LOT 270 £50/70 (01:58PM)

A postcard album in a green folder including a large number of signed photographs of early and mid 20th century celebrities, humour, topographical, railway, etc.

LOT 271 £30/50 (01:58PM)

Four glazed displays of fetishist photographs, a display of erotic postcards, two other framed posters and two cartons of artists catalogues, one signed by the artist Dina Larot, a collection of photographic calendars many of them unopened including fetishist calendars for Dita von Teese and for Rosa-Maria Dudzinski, pin-ups, erotica, and traditional calendars the works of Erte, the royal wedding of Prince William of Wales, the Queen's residences, etc. (lists included).

LOT 272 £40/70 (01:58PM)

A large quantity of UK currency in eight containers mainly two shilling, one shilling, 50p pieces and a large quantity of bronze pennies and ha'pennies.

LOT 273 £30/40 (01:58PM)

Two large cartons containing hundreds of mounted Punch Cartoons c.1910 onwards each in a plastic sleeve and in mint condition mainly black and white and copies of The Great War, The War Budget, The War Illustrated, Punch, etc.

LOT 274 £30/40 (02:01PM)

Four cartons, two containing Eagle Magazines, two containing a large quantity of Eagle Comics and related matter, annuals, etc. (list included), a carton of newspapers for important commemorative occasions – funeral of Princess Diana, The Queen Mother's Century, including the last edition of Today, Friday November 17th 1995 some still unopened, and The Great War Magazine by Winston Churchill in 26 parts 1933.

LOT 275 £40/60 (02:01PM)

A box of 78 rpm records including Nelson Eddy, Stan Kenton and his Orchestra, Harry James and his Orchestra, Red Ingle and the Natural Seven, Slim Whitman on London American Recordings, Mantovani and his Orchestra, Dinah Shore & Buddy Clark, Frankie Laine, Al Jolson and The Goodson Record in foldable white plastic, six volumes of Fortune Magazine 1938, three volumes of The Illustrated London News including Coronation issue 1937 and Silver Jubilee issue 1910-1935, Poster Books and books illustrating the art of Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta, etc.

LOT 276 £25/40 (02:01PM)

A plastic carton of ephemera including a Cup Final Programme between Brighton & Hove Albion and Manchester United, Saturday, 21st May, 1983; an embroidered arm-band for the FA Cup Final Tie 1959, Membering Guest Badges including the Royal Show 1978, a Savoy menu card for 1962 New Year's Eve Party, letters from The Lord Chamberlain's Office to Mrs D Brennan of the Postcard Club of Great Britain, The Coronation Issue of Punch April 28 1937, old town brochures and guide books including Paris, a shoebox of postcards including silk and a tin of old coins including three x five pesetas coins 1870, 1871 and 1837, prints, etc.

LOT 277 £30/40 (02:01PM)

Three lever-arch files containing a fascinating archive of mainly love letters between "My Dearest Sid" (Tpr W S Lewis (Fitter) 6745885) and "My Darling Ena" (nee Olivia Friend) who wrote weekly throughout there courtship, marriage and up to his return to Civvy Street whilst living at 4 Dulverton Road, Ruislip, and their planning for a family, her various disappointments in that department, and a move to Sharps Lane, dated from 1939. Also included are various documents: Ration Cards, Permit Books, photographs along with a poignant letter written up in the paper, possibly from Sid, as a casualty of the War discussing with his fellow patients "some encased in plaster, some swathed in bandages, some have shattered limbs suspended at a variety of angles" whilst they discussed the strikes "We felt it was a pity if strikers imagined they were looking after the interests of the lads at The Front. Dead mean have so little need of paltry wage increases, and living men feel the price is too high to pay."

LOT 279 £60/100 (02:03PM)

Six well-presented blue and black folders of First Day Covers: War and Anniversary themes, Battle of Britain including Medals, One Hundred Years of Flight including Medals, Nelson/Trafalgar, The Queen's Jubilee including £5 and other coins, and The Queen's Golden Jubilee 2002 including £5 and other coins some American.