LOT 203 £15/25 (01:12PM)

A box of magazines and books, including Relief, a book of 3D glamour photographs by Joe Gaffney, another book, Sex Efficiency through Exercises, 1933, unusually including a selection of flicker cards for interesting viewing, Tricks for Everyone, The Decameron, The Art of Massage, 1893, Cheiro's Guide to the Hand, etc.

LOT 204 £15/20 (01:12PM)

A personal wedding scrapbook, 1953, including three photographs of women working on aeroplanes during the war years, part of the Air Transport Auxiliary, a silver rose bowl, fish knives and forks, a box of Siamese bronze table wares, and a wallet with old driving licences, National Savings certificates, etc.

LOT 205 £15/25 (01:12PM)

A blue plastic tray of mixed items including Masonic medals, an old £1 note, corkscrews, miniature model cars, a glass pen, costume jewellery, pendants, etc.

LOT 206 £25/30 (01:12PM)

An Art Deco silver-plated octagonal tray, a box of costume jewellery, including a micro mosaic bead with a scene of St Mark's Square, a penknife of many blades, etc.

LOT 207 £60/90 (01:15PM)

Decorative jewellery, including three fabric brooches by Chanel in a Chanel box, a very smart lady's gilt-metal wristwatch by Van der Bauwede en suite with two bangles, and an unused bracelet of mother-of-pearl twigs in a red Valentino box, and other glamorous necklaces

LOT 209 £80/120 (01:15PM)

A box of good quality designer bangles, including a gilt mesh bracelet signed Monet, an articulated gilt-metal bracelet stamped Swatch, a black and white bangle by Alexander McQueen, etc.

LOT 211 £50/70 (01:17PM)

A large quantity of good quality costume jewellery, including a diamante hair decoration by Clip of Paris, other diamante items including a good quality ring and matching pendant, a gilt-metal miniature microphone 'Born in Canada, Made in Italy', good quality earrings, Swarovski pieces, a Tiffany white metal photograph frame, a box of scissors, a quantity of spare buttons from Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, John Galliano, etc., and three decorative porcelain handbag mirrors with hardstone handles, dinner mask disguises in original box, etc.

LOT 212 £50/90 (01:17PM)

A large stamp lot, including four albums, including The Stand album and The Cardinal Stamp Album, a large carton of first-day covers, loose stamps filed in envelopes, a box of miscellaneous stamps and covers, and Mr Punch's Victorian Era, celebrating 50 years of Queen Victoria

LOT 215 £20/40 (01:19PM)

A box lid containing a silver-plated seal, carved salad servers, a small bowl, cigarette lighters, and brushes, a box of dominoes, two Parker fountain pens with gold nibs, another Parker pen, and a Parker ball pen, etc.

LOT 216 £20/30 (01:19PM)

Two boxes containing Marilyn Monroe boxes, a Lynx silver-plated scent bottle as a champagne bottle, a Waterford glass silver-plated paper knife, leather wallet, mother-of-pearl case, enamelled boxes, etc.

LOT 217 £15/25 (01:19PM)

A quantity of empty presentation boxes and bags by Louis Vuitton, Smythson, Cartier, Prada, and a large number of presentation jewellery bags in two boxes

LOT 218 £30/40 (01:19PM)

Three modern gentlemen's watches by Citizen, Anne Klein, and Gassan, an album of first-day covers, Great Britain 1980-2014 and USA 1946-1956, printed cartoons, and a small quantity of coinage including UK, in labelled envelopes

LOT 220 £25/35 (01:22PM)

Three wristwatches, one by Seiko with day and date aperture, with stainless steel bracelet, three old smoking pipes, a Kardan cigarette lighter, cufflinks, brandy flask, etc.

LOT 222 £40/60 (01:22PM)

A wooden bowl containing a pocket watch and wristwatches, St Christopher medals, a snuffbox, two small lids of diamante and gilt jewellery, a collection of old enamelled buttons, shirt studs, miscellaneous loose beads, a metal mesh purse and a tapestry purse, two small boxes containing costume jewellery and coins etc

LOT 225 £30/50 (01:24PM)

Two original Wills's cigarette card albums, full of cards in sets, The Strand stamp album and contents of world stamps, including a page of penny reds and a quantity of half-penny reds

LOT 227 £40/70 (01:27PM)

A Smythson of Bond Street jewellery box in blue leather, most drawers with a small quantity of costume jewellery, including an Emporio Armani leather braided necklace and matching bracelet, and a circular brown leather box containing interesting necklaces, some chunky and a stamp book

LOT 228 £25/35 (01:27PM)

An collection of costume jewellery in boxes, including a number of filigree pieces, an enamelled floral brooch, decorative shirt studs, marcasite rings, etc.

LOT 229 £15/25 (01:27PM)

A box lid containing a tortoiseshell-style box of costume jewellery, including thimbles and other silver items, crystal necklace, brooches, a small amount of currency, a light meter, etc.

LOT 230 £15/25 (01:27PM)

15 modern crowns, ten half-crowns two of them Victorian, a Canadian dollar, a tray of sixpences and shillings and three trays of bronze pennies, half-pennies and threepences.

LOT 232 £30/50 (01:29PM)

UK coinage including a large quantity of pre 1947 one shilling pieces, sixpences and two shilling pieces and a large number of bronze currency in plastic bags also a gold-plated hunter pocket watch by Elgin.

LOT 234 £60/90 (01:29PM)

The Diplomat Stamp Album and other albums and stock books of stamps including an album dedicated to the Middle East and a quantity of loose stock sheets, all well-presented, including an envelope of mint and other stamps.

LOT 235 £30/40 (01:31PM)

Mainly children's books in four boxes and loose, hardback and paperback, many illustrated by Barbara Firth and including 'Little Bear' stories (many duplicates), also promotional posters for 'Little Bear' books, etc…,'Tale Pallets', and a hand-painted 'Treasure Island' map; together with a 1937 Coronation handkerchief, three old Cunard liner menus, and a box file and albums of family photographs. (quantity)

LOT 238 £10/20 (01:31PM)

An antique print of horses drinking at a stream, possibly after Morland, and four parts of Rembrandt A Memorial 1606-1906 produced by the Fine Arts Publishing Co Ltd, each featuring a small number of his works, and a print of Canterbury Cathedral.

LOT 240 £40/70 (01:34PM)

A folder of Chinese First Day covers, a ring binder of over 160 prostitutes calling cards from the 1980s and a small collection of photographic glamour negatives.

LOT 241 £30/40 (01:34PM)

A group of very interesting personal photograph albums of a sailor on manoeuvers including a photograph of HMS Arrow 1979, a copy telegraph to Queen Elizabeth from the men and women of the Island of Hallaniyah 1967, photographs of his time in Aden, of foreign floods, a great photograph of HMS Eagle 1966 at full power the decks covered with aircraft, dramatic photographs of the crew ejecting from a Buccaneer 106 which then crashed into the sea during the period when Ian Smith declared U.D.I., photographs of his time in Somaliland and deep-sea fishing in Malindi over Christmastime. He was at sea for 71 days.

LOT 242 £15/25 (01:34PM)

A "Sea Rover" Ocean Racing Yacht by Scalex, Triang in its original box, Thomas The Tank Engine Real Sounds play set in its box and a carton of LPs mainly easy-listening pop including Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlett.

LOT 243 £30/50 (01:36PM)

A QPR lot including a copy of The Evening News March 3 1967 "QPR at Wembley", two QPR shirts and a scarf and a shoebox of programmes from the 1960s, seat tickets, etc.

LOT 246 £25/35 (01:36PM)

Five stylish prints of ladies by G Barbier 1964, framed, Star Trek Fan Club magazines and calendars, 25-year anniversary book and a Star Trek peel-off graphics book.

LOT 247 £25/35 (01:39PM)

A Corgi model of a 1902 State Landau including a corgi, and box, a signed letter of thanks from Bob Monkhouse and a folder of papers relating to The World Cup Collectors' Club, an old pressing iron and a print, a portrait of the Queen signed Terence Cuneo. Her Majesty was painted as The Patron of The Kennel Club.

LOT 248 £80/150 (01:39PM)

A comprehensive philatelic lot: two plastic boxes containing numerous albums of well-presented stamps, many mint, First Day covers and loose stamps, along with an Aynsley cake plate with knife, unused, and two boxes each of six silver-plated teaspoons.

LOT 249 £20/30 (01:39PM)

An extensive lot including a box of commemorative newspapers, mainly Royalty, a box of Royal commemorative mugs, books, and a carton of costume jewellery mainly bangles and beads.

LOT 252 £60/80 (02:00PM)

A carton of EPNS and other items, including a Victorian coffee pot, oval tray, ice bucket, condiments, etc., and a Viners Stuart Devlin goblet, together with a late Victorian set of dessert eaters for 12 in an oak case for 18

LOT 255 £30/40 (02:02PM)

Two cartons of EPNS and other items, including a Mappin & Webb Old English pattern cutlery service for eight of 46 pieces, sundry other cutlery, an egg stand, various teawares, tray, etc.

LOT 261 £60/80 (02:04PM)

A large quantity of EPNS cutlery in Jesmond pattern, together with other cutlery oddments, including Art Deco Elkington, and also several cutlery rolls

LOT 262 £30/40 (02:04PM)

A large canework shallow tray containing sundry silver-plated and other items, including bottle cradle, Pyrex dishes in stands, cutlery, binoculars, etc.

LOT 263 £50/80 (02:07PM)

A shallow carton and a plastic cutlery tray, containing Mappin & Webb fish eaters for six in oak case, sundry other cutlery, an entree dish, etc., together with a nickel-plated bird call, an Acme Siren, and a small ornately embossed 800 silver pin tray

LOT 266 £30/40 (02:07PM)

A shallow carton containing an EPNS circular tray, sundry cutlery, etc., together with a cased set of six silver-handled tea knives, a Georgian silver tablespoon and two silver teaspoons, 3.5 ozt weighable

LOT 267 £20/30 (02:09PM)

A carton of EPNS cutlery, including 24 pieces of Butler Gadroon pattern, as new in original boxes, also other items including fish eaters, and a set of five silver-handled tea knives in case

LOT 268 £40/60 (02:09PM)

A carton of interesting silver-plated items, including an inscribed Middle Eastern bowl, ornate Indian tea set, plaited small baskets, capstan grinders, cafe au lait set, etc.

LOT 269 £40/60 (02:09PM)

A Butler canteen containing an EPNS Cavendish Collection cutlery service for eight in Dubarry pattern, of seven-piece place settings, with two serving spoons

LOT 272 £200/300 (02:12PM)

A very impressive Victorian EPNS tea service, with stamped decoration and engraved monogram, comprising a hot water urn on fixed stand with lamp, two teapots, a covered sugar bowl, slop bowl and milk jug, together with a canted rectangular gallery tray with central elephant-head crest

LOT 278 £80/120 (02:14PM)

A good George V set of fruit eaters for eight by the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co., in silver and mother-of-pearl, Sheffield 1928, in oak case, together with a cased set of EPNS fruit spoons and a quantity of fish eaters

LOT 280 £180/200 (02:16PM)

English silver, comprising: an Art Nouveau photograph frame, London 1904; pair of flower vases on loaded bases, Chester 1906; Edwardian cased set of teaspoons and tongs; cased spoon and fork; modern cased child's spoon; tea strainer; and cigarette case; together with an 800 decorative circular box; 20.6 ozt gross excluding frame

LOT 281 £80/100 (02:16PM)

A late Victorian cased set of six Rat-tail silver teaspoons with tongs, London 1886/88; a cased set of six modern lace-back silver teaspoons; two cased sets of silver-handled tea knives; a silver-handled pie server; and an elaborate Victorian EPNS set of fish eaters for six; 5.9 ozt weighable

LOT 282 £60/80 (02:16PM)

Three silver-faced photograph frames, comprising: a very decorative modern example embossed with cherubs; a smaller modern example in Art Nouveau style; the third plain, with added cabochon amethysts, Birmingham 1901; 10.5 in and smaller

LOT 283 £240/280 (02:19PM)

Five modern 800 heart-shaped boxes by Armagan, including two with pierced lids, all ornately cast with floral scrolls and lined with thin velvet, 33.2 ozt gross

LOT 286 £750/850 (02:19PM)

A splendid pair of large modern 900 bun-shaped boxes, probably Indian, parcel-gilt, embossed with floral arcading and with pomegranate knops, 9 in diameter, 88.5 ozt

LOT 287 £150/180 (02:21PM)

Decorative English antique silver, comprising: a heavy shell butter dish, Sheffield 1893; a centrepiece fitting (lacking glass), Birmingham 1874; an embossed sugar bowl and similar pepperette; a pierced sweetmeat dish; and a miniature kitchen pepper; 15.8 ozt

LOT 288 £80/100 (02:21PM)

Foreign silver, mainly 800, comprising: a cup-holder, two napkin rings, three stoppers, pastry tongs and knife with steel blade, all German; a Dutch stand; and a pair of unmarked flame pieces; 18.5 ozt gross, excluding knife

LOT 289 £70/90 (02:21PM)

A fine Portuguese silver sugar tongs with bead edge, Porto circa 1800, 47 gm; a late 19th century Russian Kiev Jewish-style goblet engraved with panels of flowers and cottages, 40 gm; and a pair of later berried Georgian tablespoons, 6.2 ozt

LOT 290 £160/180 (02:21PM)

English silver cutlery, comprising: a pair of tablespoons, London 1807; a set of four Fiddle pattern tablespoons, London 1825; six later teaspoons; two jam spoons; and a butter knife; 19.2 ozt

LOT 291 £180/200 (02:24PM)

English silver, comprising: a good reproduction baluster milk jug, London 1904; a pair of pierced napkin rings; a heavy Elizabeth II cream jug; an Elizabeth II sugar basin and tea strainer with stand; 20.3 ozt

LOT 292 £45/55 (02:24PM)

Silver, comprising: a good George III sugar tongs by Hester Bateman, bright-cut engraved; a set of six George III teaspoons initialled L; three other Georgian teaspoons and a caddy spoon; together with a Maltese sugar scoop; 4.9 ozt gross

LOT 293 £60/80 (02:24PM)

Small English silver, late 19th/early 20th century, comprising: a good jam spoon with mother-of-pearl handle, Sheffield 1896; a pair of shakers, cigarette case, vase, napkin ring, teaspoon, three silver-mounted items and scissors with sheath; 6.7 ozt gross excluding inkwell

LOT 296 £80/120 (02:26PM)

A set of six German Augsburg silver dessert knives, mid-18th century, with scimitar silver blades and cast handles, engraved with initials 'A&M' and armorial, maker ICD, 10.4 ozt

LOT 298 £30/40 (02:26PM)

A modern cut-glass specimen vase on loaded silver foot, a silver vase on loaded foot, a silver handle to a paper knife, a pair of 925 bookmarks, and a small coin spoon, together with a Victorian cased set of plated salts

LOT 299 £60/80 (02:28PM)

Novelty items, comprising: a reproduction silver-plated and glass fly jam pot; 835 and glass swan salt; 925 and glass fruit dish with fork; two 900 small mirrors; and an 800 paper knife

LOT 300 £60/80 (02:28PM)

Small silver, comprising: a Norwegian gilt and blue enamel salt dish by David-Andersen with associated spoon; reproduction English pill box; pierced bottle stand; three antique silver-topped scent bottles, and three similar jars.