LOT 201 £100/150 (01:30PM)

A 9 ct gold and blue enamel Masonic secret ring, with reversible panel depicting compass and square to one side and engraved monogram to the other, Birmingham 1995, 8.6 gm, size U 1/2

LOT 206 £1200/1800 (01:32PM)

A rare large Van Cleef & Arpels Zodiac Libra medallion pendant in 18 ct gold, designed by Georges Lenfant, struck with hallmarks, GL maker's mark and presumed date (19)71, and also with engraved inscription to edge "VCA 117945", 41 mm diameter, 41.8 gm

LOT 208 £200/300 (01:32PM)

An unusual convertible eternity ring in white gold, set with square rubies to one half, the other with square sapphires, between flip-over sections set with graduated diamonds, 6.4 gm

LOT 210 £200/300 (01:34PM)

A 19th century Swiss 18 ct gold pocket watch, key-wound, the florally-engraved dial signed "Thury Geneve" in black, the back richly engraved, 38 mm diameter, 36.1 gm gross

LOT 211 £500/600 (01:34PM)

A good late Victorian 18 ct gold half-hunter pocket watch, with lever movement no. 28528, the case with enamel numerals and richly engraved, 43 mm diameter, Chester 1887, 71.6 gm gross

LOT 212 £600/800 (01:34PM)

A Victorian 18 ct gold key-wound pocket watch, the lever movement no. 56126, with cream dial and centre seconds, 51 mm diameter, Chester 1871, 101.8 gm gross

LOT 214 £100/120 (01:37PM)

A vintage Cyma 9 ct gold gentleman's wrist watch, of rounded square form, with subsidiary seconds, Birmingham 1945, weight of back 3.5 gm, on black leather strap

LOT 231 £120/150 (01:46PM)

A 9 ct gold ring claw-set with a jadeite cabochon; a Chinese gold and jadeite bar brooch; a diamond bar brooch (tests as 18 ct) with metal pin; and a 9 ct Mizpah brooch with metal pin

LOT 233 £200/250 (01:49PM)

Three 18 ct gold rings comprising: one gypsy-set with a diamond between two rubies, Birmingham 1888; another with a small diamond, London 1896; solitaire ring collet-set with a diamond, 8.4 gm

LOT 234 £120/150 (01:49PM)

A Victorian 22 ct gold ring set with three small rubies and two tiny rose diamonds, Birmingham 1874, together with a 9 ct garnet hoop ring and a modern 9 ct emerald cluster ring; 71 gm

LOT 237 £120/150 (01:51PM)

Four opal rings, comprising one in 10 ct gold of cluster design with a surround of red stones, the remainder hallmarked for 9 ct, testing as 9 ct, and testing as 18 ct, 8.3 gm

LOT 238 £80/100 (01:51PM)

A Victorian memorial ring in 18 ct gold, black enamel and split pearls, Birmingham 1865; a later 9 ct gold memorial ring; and a Victorian decorative ring, tests as 18 ct, and set with probably pale aquamarines and tiny rubies

LOT 242 £180/220 (01:54PM)

A 9 ct gold lady's wrist watch by Rotary, on 9 ct bracelet; a vintage 9 ct wrist watch with enamel dial, Glasgow import marks for 1923; a small 9 ct St Christopher medallion; and a 15 ct stud

LOT 243 £80/120 (01:54PM)

A French 18 ct gold ring set with a pearl and minuscule sapphires; an Edwardian 9 ct and blue stone floral pendant; and a modern 9 ct and shell cameo brooch/pendant

LOT 246 £650/750 (01:56PM)

A quantity of 9 ct gold, comprising: a charm bracelet, a gate bracelet, a lady's wrist watch on gold bracelet, another wrist watch (on metal bracelet), a modern stone-set pendant on chain necklet, a watch case, locket mount, odd links, and a part-gold locket, estimated weight of gold 58 gm

LOT 247 £180/220 (01:56PM)

A 9 ct gold key ring on snake chain, a gold and rose diamond stick pin, and a stick pin with initial P in square sapphires, probably in platinum and 14 ct gold, 15.7 gm

LOT 251 £90/110 (01:58PM)

Dainty antique jewellery, comprising a clover leaf stick pin in opals and ruby mounted in 15 ct gold on a 9 ct pin; a 9 ct garnet and seed pearl brooch with metal pin; a gold, turquoise and pearl clasp; a 9 ct and split pearl pendant frame; two 9 ct and pearl earrings; and a cultured pearl necklet with diamond snap; in a Garrard box

LOT 252 £40/60 (01:58PM)

A 9 ct gold fancy eternity ring; a 9 ct and pearl pendant on chain necklet; an Art Nouveau silver and blue stone brooch by Charles Horner; a silver bar brooch; and a Kienzle automatic wrist watch

LOT 255 £50/70 (02:01PM)

Antique and vintage jewellery including three 9 ct gold fancy bar brooches with metal pins; a lady's silver key-wound pocket watch, Birmingham 1882; an 830 silver and enamel brooch; a fob seal and other oddments

LOT 257 £15/25 (02:03PM)

An Omega Automatic De Ville man's wrist watch in steel, with day and date aperture, on Omega bracelet, the back stamped "Tool 106", circa 1967; and a Geneva automatic wrist watch, circa 1961

LOT 259 £40/60 (02:03PM)

A silver pocket watch in plain case, London import mark for 1919, a silver watch Albert, and a Swiss silver lady's fob watch, key-wound, richly engraved case and dial

LOT 260 £60/80 (02:03PM)

Four silver pocket watches, comprising: in plain case by Hy Banister London No. 5349, London 1832; Swiss with key-wound cylinder movement by Hy Nathan Geneve; ditto, unsigned; and ditto, the case hallmarked for Birmingham 1884, and with painted dial; together with a metre watch guard

LOT 263 £250/300 (02:06PM)

An American 2019 Apollo 11 proof 5 dollar coin, in 900 gold, 8.359 grams, in original capsule and case with certificate; together with a late Victorian diamond stick pin in 15 ct gold and metal, in original case

LOT 265 £60/80 (02:08PM)

An Elizabeth I hammered silver shilling coin, with scallop shell mark, "Elizab" inscription, 31 mm, 5.8 gm; a William & Mary 1689 Maundy threepence coin; a 1939 Iron Cross; two silver prize shields; and two military name tags

LOT 268 £40/60 (02:08PM)

A French Waterman fountain pen, with 18 ct gold nib, in mottled brown lacquer case; a slim Sheaffer fountain pen in a similar finish, with 14 ct nib; another fountain pen; a Pierre Cardin ballpoint; and a black leather pouch for Sheaffer

LOT 269 £80/120 (02:10PM)

A collection of cut and polished gemstones, including ruby, emerald, sapphire, etc., with 12 certificates, mainly from The Gemological Laboratory of India

LOT 270 £40/60 (02:10PM)

Three modern men's wrist watches, comprising: Gizbo Tainer, Wolman, and Beverly Hills Polo Club, all apparently unused, in original pieces, with documentation; together with four novelty brooches

LOT 272 £30/50 (02:10PM)

Sundry jewellery, including a pair of 9 ct gold opal earrings with screw fittings, silver and other cufflinks, silver part buckle, etc., and a modern silver-faced oval photograph frame

LOT 275 £30/50 (02:13PM)

Sundry small items, including a late Victorian silver vesta case, florally stamped, Birmingham 1898; silver locket; a large meerschaum pipe in a Dunhill case, three other pipes; a champagne tap; porcelain flower brooches, etc.

LOT 277 £30/40 (02:15PM)

Sewing items, comprising: a Victorian souvenir thimble in unmarked silver, depicting probably Brighton Pavilion; a folding scissors in silver case, Birmingham 1912; a needle roll in simulated tortoiseshell case; and a sewing compendium in metal tube

LOT 278 £40/60 (02:15PM)

A box of costume jewellery including an impressive 1971 Christian Dior gilt-metal snake necklace, two pairs of Dior ear clips, 1965 Grosse bow brooch, etc.

LOT 279 £30/50 (02:15PM)

Sundry items including costume jewellery, Norwegian enamel butterfly brooch, two cased pipes, miniature silver frame, Quemex quartz wrist watch, City of London police whistle, etc.

LOT 280 £40/60 (02:15PM)

A jewel box containing antique and later costume jewellery, including paste and marcasite pieces, enamel, gilt metal, an unmarked silver open cuff bracelet, probably 1940s, a few coins, etc.

LOT 281 £80/120 (02:18PM)

A tray of decorative costume jewellery, all probably late 20th century, including bead and other necklaces, a marcasite cuff, etc.; also some silver, including amber and turquoise bracelets, rings and ear studs, a turquoise matrix necklace, unmarked collar, etc.; a Tiffany & Co. sterling money clip with pouch; and a wrist watch

LOT 282 £100/150 (02:18PM)

An extensive and interesting collection of antique and later costume jewellery, in two boxes, including: a necklace made up from ancient Egyptian blue faience beads; Victorian brooches in jet, agate and enamel; numerous bead necklaces; sundry silver items, including a heavy charm bracelet, a cameo brooch and ring, owl and other brooches, etc.; also a Tissot wrist watch, part-gold locket, small boxes, fruit knife, etc.

LOT 283 £100/150 (02:18PM)

An attractive selection of small items, including: silver cigarette case, modern jockey cap caddy spoon, oval pill box, 800 mango-shape box and 835 novelty bottle spout; Tunbridge Ware compass; silver-gilt and paste Masonic Diamond Jubilee badge; Mary Gregory blue glass box; sadeli work small box; plated grape scissors, nutcrackers; etc.; approx. 7 ozt of silver