LOT 301 £30/40 (02:39PM)

A Waterford holiday heirloom being a Lismore Castle snow globe the base incorporating a musical box and a letter from Clarence House on behalf of the Queen Mother showing appreciation for birthday wishes, with original envelope with Buckingham Palace frank, and a letter from Dame Vera Lynn in her own handwriting sending congratulations on a 50th Wedding Anniversary in original handwritten envelope, along with a telegram sent by Vera Lynn and photographs of Vera Lynn.

LOT 302 £80/120 (02:41PM)

A good and large quantity of early postcards approximately 300 including south coast street scenes and topographical cards, a Zeppelin and a woman seated on a Harley Davidson.

LOT 303 £30/50 (02:41PM)

An interesting lot including two plastic boxes of matchboxes and book matches, a pretty silver-faced photograph frame, a box of large format glass natural history slides featuring birds, a Sheaffer biro, Waterman fountain pen and Parker biro in a leather wallet and a tin-faced box containing early copper coins including three crowns, two Chinese cash coins and four mint Vatican coins 1953.

LOT 305 £40/70 (02:41PM)

A modern jewel box including costume jewellery, a cigarette lighter, wrist watches, beads, cuff-links and three medals one featuring a football in a yellow enamelled frame engraved E.Y.F.L. A.Division 1953-54 Winners-St. Aidans A. Foyle and another medal engraved 2nd Div. & Cup 1951 A.J. Foyle, etc.

LOT 313 £30/50 (02:46PM)

A Royal Mail 2000 Time Capsule of nine mint coins including a £5 coin, three modern commemorative £5 coins, a 2008 Crown, a folder of the first decimal coins, a Belgian 1958 commemorative 50 franc coin and a gold-plated cigarette lighter stamped A Norman Hartnell Design made in England.

LOT 316 £30/40 (02:48PM)

A Lieblinge M Hohner double mouth organ in original box, two Ronson lighters, a golfer's whisky flask unused, a voice recorder and six jigsaw puzzles, all Royalty some unopened.

LOT 317 £100/150 (02:48PM)

Nine albums of World stamps to include GB with Penny Black, various Queen Victoria to 10/-, King George V to 10/- Seahorse, King George VI Silver Wedding £1 etc., World Cup issues, Guernsey, Isle of Man, etc. and coin covers.

LOT 318 £25/35 (02:51PM)

The Britannia Compendium of Games No. 3 with contents and original box, Pyramid Patience with remnants of box, a box of draughts, opera glasses, a Parker 17 in black and with original box and a Platignum Petite in brown marble effect and original box, and a reproduction map of old London.

LOT 320 £60/80 (02:51PM)

A decorative lot in three boxes of costume jewellery, interesting silver and other cuff-links, a Limoges heart-shaped porcelain miniature box including a heart-shaped pendant, decorative rings, a teddy bear head, diamante brooch, gilt-metal bangle, smart modern wrist watches including one by Paisley with diamante bezel, star brooches, a small purse on a gilt chain, loose beads, etc.

LOT 322 £40/60 (02:53PM)

Writing implements including a Lamy M30 Fibre Pen in a sterling silver case, a Tiffany biro in a white metal case with golf club clip, a Parker propelling pencil in gilt metal, a Ronson Fibe pen in gilt metal, tweezers in an aluminium tube, and old game Tate and State, a tin-plate model car, a 1914 grammar school sports medal from King Edward VI Grammar School Totnes, an Arnhem 50th Anniversary medal, a German police whistle by Philmer, corkscrew-cum-knife, etc.

LOT 323 £60/100 (02:53PM)

A spectacular collection of 32 full cigarette packets of cigarette cards many filed in original cigarette boxes for Player's Weights, Kensitas, Summit, cork-tipped, Four Aces by Wills, Wild Woodbine and Player's Medium Navy Cut each box full of cards, also including a part set of Henry cards by Kensitas, John Player Aviary and Caged Birds transfers, John Player's Tennis, Player's Cricketers 1934, Player's Poultry, Player's Do You Know?, and many more.

LOT 325 £50/70 (02:53PM)

In interesting lot including a selection of collector thimbles two in silver, a small quantity of currency, a Kodak Model B Autographic Vest Camera, crystal beads, two matching books in fitted box: Hymnal Companion and Common Prayer, two Trench art miniature brass and copper coal buckets, two good old tins one for Edwards' Desiccated Soup the other Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts, two volumes of British Battles on Land and Sea edited by Field Marshall Sir Evelyn Wood V.C. and a selection of paper currency including South Africa, Kenya, Turkey, and Africa, etc.

LOT 326 £150/250 (02:55PM)

A very large quantity of cinema lobby cards in three cartons mostly mid-20th century in black and white including Goliath and the Sins of Babylon, Kingdom in the Sand, Desert Battle, The Desperados are in Town, Frontier Woman, Saint of Devil's Island with Eartha Kitt, The Desert Hawk, The Red Inn, Fury at Showdown, Fugitive in Saigon, The Killer, Up Pompeii, Follow that Camel, Rocky, The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun, Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter, Tarza son of Cochise, First Love, Man Friday, March or Die, Pearl of the South Pacific. There are well over 1,000 cards all 8 x 10 in including a small selection on ballet, also a special feature publications for The Heroes of Telemark, Tarzan and the Slave Girl, and a small poster for Judgement Day between Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank, etc.

LOT 327 £25/40 (02:55PM)

Two well-framed and presented displays of cigarette cards one of Nelson Series 1905 by Wills, the other Notable MPs 1929 by Carreras, and two prints of Tower Bridge and The Tower of London.

LOT 328 £60/100 (02:55PM)

Three pink plastic crates containing a large number of albums and files of modern mint stamps to include First Day Covers, miniature sheets and Royalty Flight covers, etc.

LOT 331 £40/60 (02:58PM)

Costume jewellery, including: a pair of Orkney silver and enamel ear studs and pendant by Sheila Fleet, two silver and stone pendants on necklets, ear studs, silver dragon brooch, freshwater and simulated pearl necklaces, two other necklaces, etc.

LOT 332 £40/60 (02:58PM)

An altered Victorian box containing a two-row cultured pearl necklace with 9 ct gold snap, a pearl necklace with 9 ct snap, sundry costume jewellery, some in silver, a Ronson Pencilighter, a Mats Jonasson glass sculpture of a seal pup, etc.

LOT 333 £30/40 (03:00PM)

A wooden box containing a Swiss 935 silver hunter-cased pocket watch, a key-wound silver fob watch, several wrist watches, silver propelling pencil, part-gold and diamond small AM badge, etc.

LOT 353 £80/120 (03:15PM)

A good mid-20th century Asprey mahogany canteen of EPNS cutlery in Grecian pattern for six, of seven-piece place settings, complete with carving set and four serving spoons

LOT 356 £50/80 (03:17PM)

EPNS cutlery, comprising a King's service for six in a mahogany canteen, of seven-piece place settings, and a carton of Community Plate in Hampton Court pattern, etc.

LOT 357 £40/60 (03:17PM)

A cased set of six silver coffee spoons with tongs and a napkin ring, together with silver-handled dessert eaters and also EPNS items, including a cased set of six lobster picks, a pepper mill, caster, condiments, napkin rings, etc.

LOT 358 £80/100 (03:17PM)

A 19th century French vanity case in dark green leather, retaining five items with 950 standard silver lids, together with two German 800 small dishes, an English silver teaspoon, and eight silver-handled implements

LOT 360 £50/70 (03:19PM)

An Edwardian cut-glass oval box, the embossed silver lid with vacant cartouche, Birmingham 1902; a rectangular box with silver lid, Birmingham 1910; and a small Dutch silver-overlaid photograph frame

LOT 362 £100/150 (03:19PM)

Eight small silver dishes, comprising: Egyptian 900 standard; four small Middle Eastern engraved; two larger inset with Ottoman copper coins; and English inset with a penny; 12.3 ozt gross

LOT 363 £60/80 (03:22PM)

A late Victorian silver vesta case; another, 1911; a Victorian glass jarlet with silver screw lid; a silver-mounted glass flask, London 1866; and a preserve jar with associated silver lid

LOT 364 £40/60 (03:22PM)

An Italian 800 silver model of a Christmas tree, 7.4 cm; another, smaller; a foreign pill box in the form of a house; and a modern silver magnifying glass with London import marks

LOT 365 £70/90 (03:22PM)

A pair of Edwardian salad servers in silver and glass; a George V cased manicure set (lacking scissors); an oval silver-faced photograph frame; a silver napkin ring; and a small foreign silver-overlaid photograph frame

LOT 366 £120/150 (03:22PM)

A silver mesh handbag, London import mark for 1912, 7.3 ozt; a reproduction silver decanter stand with wood base; and a pair of Italian 800 salts with spoons, 2.5 ozt

LOT 367 £60/80 (03:24PM)

A carton of sundry items, including: a 19th century French carving knife and fork with ornate 950 silver handles; modern Davidoff steel cigar cutter in case; plated warming dish; wine cooler; grape scissors, etc.

LOT 371 £280/320 (03:27PM)

A charming silver sweetmeat basket as a rococo sleigh with gilt interior pulled by a reindeer, complete with traces, 10.8 in overall, London import marks, 11.9 ozt

LOT 374 £40/60 (03:27PM)

A modern John Lewis silver-faced rectangular photograph frame, 10 x 8 in aperture, 11.5 x 9.5 in overall, in original packaging; together with a reproduction silver decanter stand with wood base