LOT 304 £60/80 (01:50PM)

A good collection of late Victorian and other EPNS skewers, some crested, together with a variety of cutlery, including fish eaters with mother-of-pearl handles, and also a small circular gallery tray and a regimental dish cover

LOT 306 £80/120 (01:52PM)

A carton of interesting silver-plated items, antique and later, including a George III Old Sheffield waiter with beaded rim, a later Old Sheffield salver with crest, other dishes, coffee pot, candlestick, biscuit barrel, etc.

LOT 314 £80/100 (01:57PM)

Silver, comprising: two sets of teaspoons in cases, a loaded vase, a pair of filled candlesticks, three silver-handled implements, and a part-silver child's cutlery set with napkin ring in case

LOT 315 £80/100 (01:57PM)

Antique dressing table items, comprising: an embossed cylindrical covered box, Chester 1894, 3.1 ozt, a silver-topped large globular scent bottle, a jar and a box with cherub-head silver lids, and a cherub-head silver-backed clothes brush

LOT 316 £40/60 (01:57PM)

Miscellaneous silver, comprising: a George V glass flask with twist top, two photograph frames, dwarf candlestick, match ball, nail buffer, and a Bakelite and silver bowl and similar covered box, together with an 830 spoon and a plated mesh purse

LOT 320 £80/120 (01:59PM)

Five attractive items in glass and enamelled silver, comprising: a large globular scent bottle with blue top, London 1927; two cylindrical bottles with green and with florally decorated tops, Birmingham 1908 and 1913; a box with green top; and a bottle with blue top

LOT 321 £120/150 (02:02PM)

English small silver, comprising: a toast rack, caster, glass-holder, cream jug, tea strainer, salt, pepperette, two small spoons, and three silver-mounted glass items, together with an 800 small vase, 13.1 ozt weighable

LOT 322 £50/80 (02:02PM)

A collection of six antique silver-mounted glass bottles and jars, comprising: a square example with fine silver-gilt screw top, London 1848; a globular scent bottle with tortoiseshell top, Chester 1914; and four others

LOT 323 £160/180 (02:02PM)

Decorative English antique silver, comprising: a heavy shell butter dish, Sheffield 1893; a centrepiece fitting (lacking glass), Birmingham 1874; an embossed sugar bowl and similar pepperette; a pierced sweetmeat dish; and a miniature kitchen pepper; 15.8 ozt

LOT 324 £80/120 (02:02PM)

Interesting small silver, comprising: an oval purse on chain, Birmingham 1915, two miniature mirrors, nail buffer, small frame, rattle, three napkin rings, six small implements, glass salt and jarlet, also a Chinese teaspoon and a pair of 800 tot-holders

LOT 325 £150/180 (02:04PM)

Small silver, comprising: an English circular stand with ornate border, a footed bowl, a late 19th century French 950 cup and saucer, two probably Indian ornately pierced sweetmeat dishes, and a Maltese model of a sailing ship on ebonised stand, 14 ozt excluding ship

LOT 326 £60/80 (02:04PM)

Small English silver, comprising: three pepperettes, 1888-1912, an ashtray, filled candlestick, vesta case, three small spoons, five silver-handled implements, together with a pair of Dublin mustard spoons, a modern small spoon, a Maltese 800 model boat on ebonised stand, and four metal oddments

LOT 327 £200/250 (02:04PM)

Decorative English silver, comprising: an elegant boat-shaped sweetmeat dish on foot, London 1924; a pierced and chased shallow bowl and similar smaller bowl, both Sheffield 1898; a low stand, London 1901; and a sweetmeat bowl, Sheffield 1910; 20.1 ozt

LOT 328 £150/180 (02:04PM)

Silver cutlery, comprising: a Fiddle pattern serving spoon, London 1853; and the following Georgian items: a fish slice, two Dublin engraved teaspoons, Hester Bateman sugar tongs, another sugar tongs [unusually with duplicated hallmarks], pair of tablespoons, sauce ladle, teaspoon and salt spoon, 16.6 ozt

LOT 331 £80/120 (02:06PM)

An unusual mid-19th century Indian colonial silver Christening mug by Pittar & Co., Calcutta, of octagonal baluster form, engraved with angels and scrolls and with vacant shield, 'P&Co' mark, 141 gm, and a plain George VI English silver child's mug, 6.2 ozt in all

LOT 332 £80/120 (02:06PM)

Judaica, comprising: a Russian silver beaker engraved with alternate panels of flowers and buildings, Moscow 1882; and five English silver Kiddush goblets, in sizes, engraved with Stars of David, various dates between 1917 and 1923; 6.3 ozt

LOT 333 £100/150 (02:09PM)

Judaica: a German 19th century silver spice tower, in two parts, in filigree with stamped borders, Berlin 1842-47, with maker's 'Eis' script mark, height 25 cm, 102 gm

LOT 336 £40/60 (02:09PM)

An unusual silver taper stick as a nesting bird, probably early 19th century Turin with alterations, with crowned shield mark and partial, probably assayer's, mark within a dotted surround, 3.6 ozt

LOT 338 £80/120 (02:11PM)

A set of six German Augsburg silver dessert knives, mid-18th century, with scimitar silver blades and cast handles, engraved with initials 'A&M' and armorial, maker ICD, 10.4 ozt

LOT 342 £200/300 (02:14PM)

A good 19th century Continental oval silver basket, probably German, with woven strip and textured wire sides on pierced low foot and with similar border, pierced leaf-scroll swing handle with vacant shield, 27 cm long, stamped 12 and struck with oval script FM mark, 19.6 ozt