LOT 338 £40/60 (02:08PM)

An extensive collection of theatre bills for plays, exhibitions and performances to include: Plenty by David Hare at The National; Renata Scotto CBS Masterworks; Dickybuckle – Andy Warhol in London signed Dickybuckle; Marie Bell Compagnie by Jean Cocteau 1960, Savoy Theatre; Robert Chencing presents Steps, Notes and Squeaks by Maina Gielgud, Open Space Theatre featuring Wayne Sleep; Joint Stock Theatre Group "A Thought in Three Parts" by Wallace Shaw, ICA Theatre, The Mall, SW1; The Elephant Man, Hampstead Theatre; The Art of John Glashan at The Francis Kyle Gallery; Shirley Bassey New Album 'Thoughts of Love'; Jean Cocteau at The National Book League, London W.1., 1977; Waste of Time, Rico Royal, ICA Theatre; The French Connection, Underwear by HOM of France "Underwear that's fun to wear" Sunarama of London; Philip Castle New Airbrush Paintings, Francis Kyle Gallery 1979; Diaghilev & Chelsea, Chelsea Library 1979; Goose Pimples, Hampstead Theatre including Jim Broadbent and Antony Sher; Proms in the Park; Parade by Jason Robert Brown, London Theatre Workshop; Eva Peron and the Four Twins by Copi, New End Theatre, Hampstead; Bar Mitzvah Boy, Her Majesty's Theatre; Side By Side By Sondheim; Hello Dolly with Carol Channing; Theatre Royal, Stratford E15 "Beano '81"; Matthew O'Connell "600 Yards Later" Dublin 2; London Festival Ballet 1979, Royal Festival Hall; The Countess Cathleen by WB Yeats, The Peacock Theatre; The Gracious Victorians, The Orangery, Holland Park; Circus Lumiere; Sacred Cow with Reg Livermore, The Phoenix Theatre, Charing Cross Road; The Bevan Family Consort directed by Jeremy Summerly; Trade Tours by Stephen Sewell, Hampstead Theatre, signed by John Castle; La Grande Eugene at The Roundhouse NW1; The Body as a Medium of Expression, ICA House, The Mall, London; People's Show No. 86, Hampstead Theatre; Chicken Soup with Barley, Shaw Theatre; The London Cuckolds, Royal Court Theatre; Inadmissible Evidence by John Osborne with Nicol Williamson at The Royal Court Theatre; The Photographs of Eadweard Muybridge, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford; The Tribates at The Hampstead Theatre; Devil's Island by Tony Bicat at The Royal Court Theatre; Marlene Dietrich at The Queen's Theatre with full London Orchestra; For King and Country, Mermaid Theatre; Edward II and Richard II at The Piccadilly Theatre, 1970; What the Butler Saw by Joe Orton at The Royal Court Theatre; Arrivals and Departures by Janet Smith Dance Group, Edinburgh; Ballet Folklorico of Mexico, Royal Festival Hall; The Red Devil Battery Sign, Phoenix Theatre; Dean the Musical, London Casino Theatre; A Prayer for my Daughter by Thomas Babe at The Royal Court Theatre; Flying Blind at The Royal Court Theatre.

LOT 339 £20/40 (02:08PM)

Seven cartons of old magazines including Dandy and Beano, Disney Magazine, Beezer, Roy of the Rogers, Ghostbusters, Superman, Transformers, Garfield, and books: The Dandy Book, nine volumes, Cheeky, Whizzer, Dennis, Topper and Adventure Stories albums, and one box of Noddy, Rupert and Disney books.

LOT 340 £30/40 (02:08PM)

Four cartons of railway related magazines including The Model Railway News from 1945, Model Railway Constructor from the 1970s, etc. and Volume 1 of The Model Railway News covering January to December 1925 with dust cover and also for years 1927 and 1928, Vols. 3 & 4.

LOT 343 £10/20 (02:10PM)

An old metal-bound pine box containing old prints and a folder of pen drawings, facsimile collection of the first series by D W Crawford 1923, a small selection of tea and cigar cards and postcards.

LOT 344 £140/160 (02:10PM)

A Masonic lot comprising a carton of aprons, wallets of medals, various loose medals, a belt from the Zenobia Commandery with chains and two boxes of books relating to Masonic practice, history and rules, including a signature of the Faith Chapter No. 141, 1966 and The History of Freemasonary by R F Gould, vols 1.3.4 and 5

LOT 345 £20/30 (02:13PM)

A considerable quantity of Guinness memorabilia in two cardboard cartons comprising many good goblets loose and in their original boxes, commemorative bottles including the Silver Jubilee and the celebration of 50 Years in Park Royal, also ashtrays, place mats, playing cards, pens and pencils, a Christmas biscuit tin, bar towels, a paper-knife, pen and stand, wallets, tea towels, a cushion, bottle openers, trays, etc.

LOT 347 £10/15 (02:13PM)

Four ticket stubs for The Michael Jackson Show 1988, a signed portrait of Junior Walker (of The All Stars), an Anton Mosimann signature and an old Esso poster, etc.

LOT 348 £15/25 (02:13PM)

A leather and fur sporran, an embroidered evening bag, an embroidered bell-pull, a pair of 19th century-style buckles, kilt pins, a diamante belt, etc.

LOT 349 £20/25 (02:15PM)

Two cartons of ephemera, one containing a large quantity of old photographs mainly domestic but including a portrait of an important military gentleman, two newspapers The Daily Mail July 21st 1969 commemorating The Man on the Moon and The Evening Standard of the same date, a small quantity of coinage and paper money, an album of New Zealand stamps, other stamps, etc.

LOT 352 £30/40 (02:15PM)

Four 9ct gold shirt studs (3.5gm), two Ronson and another lighter, a Royal Army Ordinance Corps belt, costume jewellery, bronze medallion, a flask, etc.

LOT 354 £15/25 (02:18PM)

A Bentley handbook for a 4.25 litre Mark VI; a London & South Western Railway timetable for June to September 1914; a Wembley, England v Ireland football programme for 18th November 1959; and a Guinness recipe book circa 1953.

LOT 355 £20/30 (02:18PM)

A large cardboard tray containing a quantity of Byzantium costume jewellery in boxes, a large number of decorative watches, other costume jewellery including beads, bangles and two old crumb brushes styled as Scottish ladies, etc.

LOT 356 £20/30 (02:18PM)

A Mason's leather suitcase, blue lined, and contents including a Masonic apron, a London lodge jewel and badge and various books including "Freemason's Guide and Compendium" and "A Hundred Years of Freemasonry in Sri Lanka", etc.

LOT 357 £30/50 (02:20PM)

A carton and box lid full of mid-20th century gay magazines, mainly American, to include: Gay Studs, Man to Man Quorum, Mandate, Spurs, Gay News, Men of the World, QX Classified, Men of Action in Bondage, New Scan, In Touch, Q International, Him, Play Guy, Cult Men, Quorum, Zipper, Health & Efficiency and fashion magazines; a copy of "Andy Warhol's Interview" magazine No. 27, two 1975 copies of Time Out advertising Tommy and the Ballet Star and an old presentation tobacco tin and two brass tins of cards, stamps and gay cuttings.

LOT 358 £50/70 (02:20PM)

Four boxes of costume jewellery including a Victorian memorial brooch set with hair, an enamelled brooch filigree silver, a quantity of old wrist watches, brooch frames in silver and gilt, beads, diamante and other buckles, etc.

LOT 360 £40/60 (02:20PM)

Three Royal Mail stamp albums each in its storage box, designed to house a basic collection of British decimal stamps issued since June 1970, one 95% full the others under half full, and an empty album Great Britain album by Stanley Gibbons also in its storage box.

LOT 361 £30/50 (02:22PM)

A carton containing a quantity of First Day Covers, Royal Mail postcards, mint stamps, including a number of RAF covers, a 1989 Royal Tournament First Day Cover signed by Ian Fergusen and seven albums and stock books of mixed stamps.

LOT 363 £30/40 (02:22PM)

An interesting lot of ephemera including The London Kalandar 1808, by John Stockdale with new Companion section, historical records of the British Army, Royal 1st Warwickshire Regiment of Foot 1836, an ex Magdalene College Library report To examine and consider the evidence relating to the tactics employed by Nelson at The Battle of Trafalgar dated 1913, a bronze war death plaque for Arthur James Parchment, a set of Happy Family cards issued by Carreras Ltd., a coin First Day Cover for The Battle of Trafalgar produced by Westminster, a Nelson victory fact file compiled by Cliff Watts and four Corgi Whizz Wheels racing cars from the era of John Surtees, etc.

LOT 364 £80/150 (02:22PM)

An interesting and extensive well-ordered stamp collection comprising a stock book filed by country, the British entry including 11 bill stamps 1875-81, a First Day GPO Commemorative cover for Robert Burns dated 25th January 1966 addressed to Lord Murray of Newhaven and a collection of covers filed by date and envelopes of loose stamps including many in blocks.

LOT 365 £30/40 (02:25PM)

A silver compact, a set of hardstone buttons and studs in original box, a Chinese miniature pot probably silver, two old compacts, various decorative fans, flasks, a wrist watch, beads, etc.

LOT 366 £30/50 (02:25PM)

A collection of Edwardian 3D photographic cards including a set on yellow card "Paris et ses environs" by B K Edit, Paris, World Town Scenes by RW Kilburn on pink card, Fantaisies Parisiennes on cream card depicting two argumentative men, another set similar in original box showing domestic scenes with humour, another showing a child at the seaside, Danses Espagnoles, seven boxes in all and four wooden viewers.

LOT 367 £20/30 (02:25PM)

A box of interesting items including two matchbox holders both enamelled one with the face of President Roosevelt the other Mr Winston Churchill, a quill cutter, a spinning top, corkscrew, penknife, nut-crackers, scales, two sewing items one as an acorn, a Poole vase, two old pot lids, etc. and a tin including four crowns, one 1890, 1935, 1951 and a JS Fforde signed ten shilling note.

LOT 368 £30/40 (02:25PM)

An interesting lot of ephemera including six photographs of World War One tanks being viewed by officers and soldiers, a box of military buttons, a personal letter written in 1902 enclosing a £5 Gouvernements Noot Vijfpond, a 1918 Royal Engineers Signal Service magazine, 8th Royal Sussex Pioneers Christmas card 1917, The IV Corps Christmas Card from France, a letter dated 1887 written in Afrikaans sent from Bloemfontein, a Gibraltar Garrison Signals and Man-of-War Flags of Nations in ink and watercolour, a box of marbles some possibly Victorian and four folders of cigarette cards including cricketers and politicians.

LOT 370 £30/50 (02:27PM)

A Harrods biscuit tin full of continental currency, a Chubb security box containing 38 crowns, a tin of world currencies in bags and an envelope of paper money from around the world, including a £1 George V Treasury note in green and brown

LOT 372 £20/30 (02:27PM)

Two Edwardian sets of construments "The hobby of 10,000 thrills" set No. 10 and set "20 Outfit into the hundred outfit" which cost 21/- along with a box of playing cards and a set of Bezique.

LOT 373 £40/70 (02:30PM)

38 Ronson gas lighters, unused and in their presentation boxes, eight Zippo-style lighters by Star Set in presentation boxes, and a tray of lighters by Ronson and others, two cigarette cases incorporating lighters, and three table lighters.

LOT 375 £40/60 (02:30PM)

21 crowns including three Churchill crowns, and three Festival of Britain 1951 crowns, three Festival of Britain bus tickets, three Isle of Man £1 coins mint, four 1986 £2 coins, two £1 notes, a £5 commemorative coin 2002, various commemorative issues in boxes, an Australian Two-up game, a 1937 coronation medallion produced by Hotel Metropol Brighton, a ring-binder of coins, First Day Covers, a sheet of 30 first class stamps for the 2012 Olympiad, faux pearls, etc.

LOT 376 £20/30 (02:30PM)

A German Nazi Third Reich pennant or bunting, printed on cotton; a vintage photograph of Churchill riding a horse, verso stamped Sunday Dispatch; and a 1975 West German forage cap.

LOT 377 £30/40 (02:32PM)

Two shoeboxes containing a collection of coins each mostly in individual envelopes, two copies of Coronation Souvenir book 1937, Tiny Tots Annual 1942 and a small collection of stamps in a ring-binder and two albums of cigarette cards.

LOT 378 £300/320 (02:32PM)

Two 18ct gold cufflinks (8.8gm) a 9ct gold cufflink (0.8gm) and a 9ct gold poodle brooch (7.2gm) [all in the jewellery cabinet] and a Stratton compact decorated with dragons and a small quantity of costume jewellery.

LOT 379 £30/40 (02:32PM)

An Edwardian Stamp Album by Richard Senf with selected stamps, some mint, a World-Wide Stamp Album and limited contents and a Netto folder full of First Day Covers from 1964.

LOT 380 £15/25 (02:32PM)

A card lid containing a vintage Lockwood pocket knife, three UK crowns and four half-crowns, a 1930s Oxo Cube tin, a Players Tobacco tin, a pocket watch and a 1950s travel iron in its original tin.

LOT 385 £25/35 (03:32PM)

Two shelves of mixed items including three wooden cased wall clocks, two barometers, glass sangria decanters, a pair of brass candlesticks, decorative cabinet plates, ornaments etc. [s8 & s4]

LOT 390 £30/40 (03:34PM)

A large 19th century Imari soup tureen and cover on stand, a bull's head stand and cover, a classical decorated planter, a lustre ware mug and saucer plus similar cup and saucer, a Murano glass perfume bottle and stopper and similar egg etc. [s7 & s11]

LOT 393 £30/50 (03:37PM)

A mixed lot including a cast iron recumbent lion doorstop, a quantity of wooden and other a owls, a four piece piquot ware tea set, a silver plated toast rack and chamber stick, a vintage fishing reel, a Smiths wooden cased mantel clock, figurines etc. [s11 & s15]

LOT 394 £25/35 (03:37PM)

A shelf of glass ware including an amber Dartington glass bowl, a cranberry basket, a Caithness flower paperweight plus another, a fern-engraved celery vase, a pair of tangerine vases, a red glass bottle and lid in vine-decorated metal holder, vases, bowls and dishes [s12]

LOT 396 £40/70 (03:37PM)

Two shelves of glassware including a pair of 19th century decanters and stoppers plus a more modern pair, fruit bowls, vases and jugs, a suite of cut glass red and white wine glasses, brandy balloons, sherry and cocktail glasses etc. [s14 & s18]

LOT 399 £30/50 (03:39PM)

Nine Oriental vases including a large 19th century vase decorated with warriors, a pair of Satsuma vases, a pair of blue and white vases etc. [s13 &s17]

LOT 400 £30/40 (03:39PM)

A shelf of wooden wares including a carved pricket candle stand, brass-bound boxes, fruit bowls and dishes, trays, figurines, wooden cased domino set, 13 19th century green leaf plates etc. [s19]