LOT 301 £60/80 (02:15PM)

A large lot of mainly antique silver-plated and other items, partly in a wicker tray, comprising an oval meat dome, three wooden cases of fish and fruit eaters, an EPNS salver, entree dish, bread dish, etc., and a quantity of modern steel cutlery in an antique decorative wooden box

LOT 302 £30/40 (02:15PM)

A carton containing a set of EPNS Bead pattern fish eaters for 12, a modern metal and glass bowl, a pair of French Algorithme shakers on wood stand, reproduction condiment set, stag horn-handled cutlery, etc.

LOT 303 £50/70 (02:15PM)

A large silver-overlaid cigarette box, contained in a carton together with a quantity of silver-plated items, including an Indian ice bucket, cups, cased cutlery, etc.

LOT 304 £40/60 (02:15PM)

A large ornate EPNS oval tea tray and a carton of sundry other plated items, including an unusual hammered five-piece tea and coffee service with three similar plates, also an inscribed salver, entree dishes, etc.

LOT 305 £30/40 (02:17PM)

A small oak canteen containing an EPNS Old English pattern service for six including carvers, together with sundry loose cutlery and three cased sets of tea and coffee spoons

LOT 306 £30/40 (02:17PM)

Two cartons, large and small, containing a variety of silver-plated items and other metalware, including a pair of Danish low candelabra by Berg, goblets, a vase, sundry cutlery, etc.

LOT 307 £20/30 (02:17PM)

A carton containing a Tiffany silver-plated paperknife, with original packaging, also sundry plated cutlery, some in cases, decanter stands, condiment set, etc.

LOT 308 £60/80 (02:17PM)

A carton of silver-plated items, including an antique scissor snuffers on stand, an ornate salver on feet, entree dishes, mugs, cocktail shaker, etc., and three empty cases

LOT 310 £30/40 (02:19PM)

Plated items and other metalware, comprising a small carton of mugs and other pieces, an oak canteen of mixed cutlery, and two sets of antique fruit eaters, each for 12 and in a fitted case

LOT 311 £40/60 (02:19PM)

An unusual mid-20th century canteen enclosing an articulated tier and containing EPNS and steel cutlery in Jesmond pattern, together with a small carton of plated items and other metalware, including a coffee pot and oddments of cutlery

LOT 312 £30/40 (02:19PM)

A reproduction Canadian silver-plated tea and coffee service, of five pieces on a tray, by Marlboro, together with two cases of small cutlery, a sifter ladle and a pair of salad servers

LOT 313 £40/60 (02:22PM)

A 1950s canteen containing a quantity of EPNS King's pattern cutlery including knives, together with sundry older plated cutlery and a silver sugar tongs

LOT 314 £70/100 (02:22PM)

A carton of silver-plated wares, mainly including a good pair of late Victorian pierced deep decanter stands, also a tray, salvers, dishes, etc., and oddments of cutlery; together with a late Victorian silver and ebony toasting fork, a silver-handled fork, and an 835 souvenir spoon

LOT 315 £60/80 (02:22PM)

A vintage hunting flask in glass with crocodile shoulders and plated top and cup; together with: three other flasks; an unusual late Victorian Orr Electro plated double spirit measure, initialled Y, in fitted case; and a small plated caddy

LOT 316 £50/80 (02:22PM)

A vintage oak canteen, retaining most of an EPNS service for 12, in Old English pattern, together with a cased set of plated fruit spoons and a carton of mixed cutlery

LOT 317 £40/60 (02:24PM)

A brass-bound oak canteen retailed by the Army & Navy, containing a monogrammed Fiddle pattern EPNS service for 12 (lacking one teaspoon), the knives associated, together with oddments of other cutlery

LOT 319 £120/150 (02:24PM)

Late Victorian and vintage English silver, comprising: a glass and silver globular scent bottle, glass and silver salt, similar small jar and match ball, silver sugar caster (lacking liner), cigarette case and pin tray; 8.6 ozt weighable; together with a good Victorian mussel-shell snuff box mounted in nickel-plated metal

LOT 320 £170/200 (02:24PM)

Early 20th century English silver, comprising: an inscribed child's mug, reproduction cream jug, three napkin rings, four small spoons, child's fork, comb mount, lid, photograph frame and silver-handled tea knife, 13.5 ozt weighable

LOT 321 £200/250 (02:27PM)

Silver smallwork, late Victorian and later, mainly English, comprising: a substantial vesta case, matchbox cover, small box, teether with bell, unusual dumbbell teether with rattle ends, possibly Indian, fancy sugar spoon, seven various small spoons, penknife, pair of leaf dishes, and a Middle Eastern cigarette case inset with a Maria Theresia thaler, 16 ozt gross

LOT 322 £250/300 (02:27PM)

A collection of 13 Danish Christmas spoons by Michelsen, in sterling silver-gilt and enamel, for the years 1955 to 1967, together with a ditto 1968 fork and a 1949 commemorative spoon with anchor motif, 22.2 ozt

LOT 323 £70/90 (02:27PM)

English small silver, late Victorian and later comprising: four napkin rings, a nut bowl, adapted pincushion and a small sugar tongs, together with a modern reproduction shoe pincushion and a plated grape scissors, 4.6 ozt weighable

LOT 325 £55/65 (02:29PM)

A set of six late Victorian silver teaspoons in an Elizabethan-type pattern, Sheffield 1901, in fitted case, together with a cased pair of small modern silver shakers, 4.9 ozt

LOT 326 £110/130 (02:29PM)

Vintage small English silver, comprising: a kiddush goblet, London 1921, a pair of shakers, two napkin rings, two sugar tongs, and a set of six Modernist teaspoons by Viners, in case; 10.6 ozt

LOT 327 £80/120 (02:29PM)

A good heavy 19th century Russian silver ladle with niello decoration including a JLM monogram, the interior of the bowl gilt, 17.4 cm long, Moscow hallmark with mis-struck date, 90 gm

LOT 329 £320/350 (02:31PM)

Antique English silver, comprising: a George III oval teapot stand, London 1796, a good pair of later-berried and crested tablespoons, five other tablespoons, an oval vinaigrette (lacking grille), Birmingham 1802, a small plain box, and an ovoid tea infuser, 24 ozt; together with a crested EPNS skewer by Elkington and a Victorian crested skean dhu with metal mounts

LOT 330 £150/180 (02:31PM)

An Edwardian Art Nouveau silver vase by Walker & Hall, on loaded foot, Sheffield 1908; together with 11 silver teaspoons in fitted case, two silver sugar tongs, an Egyptian 900 chamber candlestick and ditto small dish; 19 ozt gross

LOT 331 £160/180 (02:31PM)

An interesting mixed lot, comprising: a pair of Georgian silver tablespoons; 10 later small silver spoons and a sugar tongs; a filled silver candelabrum; a silver-mounted whisky noggin; a humorous Modernistic dog corkscrew in silver plate and steel; and a good pair of late Victorian plated fish servers in fitted case

LOT 332 £120/150 (02:31PM)

Silver, comprising: a small hot-water pot with black handle, London 1886, and a modern small dish with Celtic rim, 8.5 ozt gross, together with a German 800 inscribed child's mug and a ditto cased set of egg cup, spoon and napkin ring, 4.8 ozt

LOT 333 £300/320 (02:34PM)

15 pieces of German 800 silver cutlery including three knives, 27.6 ozt weighable, together with four knives with plated handles and a cased set of plated bean-end spoons

LOT 334 £120/150 (02:34PM)

A Victorian silver child's bowl with spoon, London 1865/66, and a bead pattern child's set of knife, spoon and fork, London 1895, each in good fitted case, 10 ozt gross

LOT 339 £250/300 (02:36PM)

A George V silver candelabrum by Walker & Hall, the filled stem supporting detachable branches for two lights, 12.75 in high, Sheffield 1919, 34.7 ozt gross (including branches at 16.8 ozt)

LOT 343 £310/340 (02:39PM)

An Indian silver salver by Cooke & Kelvey, with Chippendale rim, inscribed and dated 1945, 12.2 in, together with a small silver box with lion lid, 26.6 ozt

LOT 344 £80/120 (02:39PM)

A silver-overlaid engine-turned cigarette box, with original vacant medallion, 4.75 in long, London 1925, together with a Japanese 950 silver-overlaid box dated 1955