LOT 301 £100/200 (02:15PM)

A wooden model river cruiser boat by Bing with the original transfer label early 20th century with electric motor (length 2ft) with the name "Empress of Britain 1". [s1]

LOT 302 £25/35 (02:15PM)

A shelf of mixed china including a Lladro figurine of a girl holding a hen, a Nao figurine of a girl holding a bunch of flowers, Oriental style vase, Ainsley Orchard Gold pots, vases and dishes, three decorative thimbles, two decorative trinket boxes decorated with leopards, an Arthur Wood Estoria pink dish decorated with flowers, photo frames, decorative part coffee service, two resin figures of Oriental gentlemen, two Royal Crown Derby trios and a similar plate etc. [s2]

LOT 305 £40/60 (02:17PM)

Two shelves of highly decorative glassware including two serving dishes decorated with poppies, paperweights, perfume bottles and stoppers, vases, trinket boxes, model dolphins, a lovely selection. [s4, s8 & part of s12]

LOT 306 £30/50 (02:17PM)

A pair of Continental figurines of classical maidens, a pair of recumbent cherubs with baskets of flowers and nine various decorative pictures mainly of Oriental scenes. [s5]

LOT 307 £40/60 (02:17PM)

A mixed lot of mainly glassware but also including a figurine of a seated brown racehorse entitled "Spirit of Peace", four glass swans, decorative paperweights including Caithness "Dawn", "Celebration" and "Dusk" plus others, a set of three graduated glass apple ornaments, four Danbury Mint wildlife crystal paperweights, a red glass bottle, vases and seven blue and pink decorative glass mushrooms. [s5 & s9]

LOT 308 £150/200 (02:17PM)

A suite of Waterford Lismore pattern glasses comprising a set of six red wine glasses, a set of six balloon wine glasses, two small liqueur glasses, five smaller wine glasses, three champagne flutes, five whisky tumblers plus decanter and stopper. [s6]

LOT 309 £40/60 (02:19PM)

A collection of art pottery including a large Owen Thorpe No. 173 pottery bowl, a pottery biscuit jar and cover with matching plate initialled C.P., a tureen, plate and matching jug, a Tiffany & Co. bowl entitled Herbs plus a wooden tortoise, a carved figurine of a man, two inkwells etc. [s7]

LOT 311 £30/50 (02:19PM)

Miscellaneous collectables, comprising: numerous antique and other keys, two antique locks, numerous clay pipes and fragments, a gilt-framed key, a vintage photograph album, spring balance, and four various gauges [s11]

LOT 312 £30/40 (02:19PM)

A Susie Cooper Crown Works Burslem coffee pot and lid, sugar bowl and lid, milk jug, salt, pepper and oval dish, a Bisto Rainbow Ware six piece sandwich set, a Sylvac green leaf dish with handle, Sylvac jug plus another similar, two Honiton pottery jugs, Cottageware cruet set, a black cat ornament, etc. [s10]

LOT 315 £30/50 (02:22PM)

A large white glazed pottery table lamp on hardwood base, a white pottery table lamp decorated with two dancing cherubs with shade, an antique glass oil lamp and shade painted with flowers, a Satsuma table lamp and shade decorated with figures, plus a modern Portuguese faience blue and white soup tureen with lid on stand [s13]

LOT 317 £20/30 (02:24PM)

Two shelves of mixed items including a Prattware unglazed teapot, milk jug and hot water jug decorated in the classical manner, a painted lacquer box and cover, a quantity of glassware including champagne saucers, art pottery vase and part coffee service, a small quantity of blue and white willow pattern china, etc. [s17 & s19]

LOT 318 £20/30 (02:24PM)

Two large Capodimonte figurines on wooden bases, one depicting a hunter with his spaniels and the second a fisherman having caught a fish. [s17]

LOT 321 £40/60 (02:27PM)

Three part tea services including Royal Albert in white with gold Greek key decoration, Aynsley floral decorated and a Czechoslovakian green and gilt decorated [s14]

LOT 322 £80/120 (02:27PM)

A Villeroy & Boch white Manoir pattern tea and dinner service including tureens and covers, a set of three graduated meat plates, gravy boat, soup bowls, egg cups, etc. [s20 & s16]

LOT 323 £20/30 (02:27PM)

A pair of vintage postal scales and weights, four small brass frames, an ashtray, a vintage wedding cake decoration, and a collection of small glass bottles including Miles Endorsing Ink and Iodine, two boxes of glass slides. [pine shelves next to s17]

LOT 323A £25/35 (02:27PM)

A bronze rams head ornament, a cast iron figurine of a scorpion, an iron on stand, a brass table lamp plus further decorative metalware [pine shelf next to s18]

LOT 324 £60/80 (02:29PM)

An Allcock's "Black Knight" fly reel, a Modarcom "Snapham" long trotting centre pin reel, three telescopic rods (two with reels), landing nets, hooks, floats, line, lures, a keep net, rod rests (much as new on stock cards). (Qty) [pine shelves]

LOT 324A £25/35 (02:29PM)

A quantity of horse brasses on leather straps, two copper jardineres, a quantity of brassware including a chestnut roaster, chamberstick, candlestick, jelly mould, a wall light etc. [pine shelves next to s18]

LOT 326 £20/30 (02:29PM)

A Royal Doulton Nankin pattern part tea service, a small quantity of Susie Cooper "Venetia" C2039 tea wares, plus other tea wares and a porcelain chamber stick decorated with flowers. [s22]

LOT 327 £40/60 (02:31PM)

A Masons Denmark pattern part tea and dinner service (approx. 47 pieces) plus further blue and white wares, a Cerabl part-dinner service, etc. [s23 & s27]

LOT 328 £30/50 (02:31PM)

A mixed lot of mainly chinaware including a large pottery lamp, a decorative vase, pottery bowl decorated with running rabbits and mahogany cutlery box, a large art pottery bowl, a B. Brayshaw art pottery vase, stoneware jug, plus further art pottery bowls and a blue glass bowl. [s24 & s28]

LOT 329 £30/50 (02:31PM)

A collection of good cut glass crystal including a set of six brandy balloons, further set of five, a crystal table lamp, decanter and stopper, boxes and covers, water jug, vase, plus two brass column table lamps and shades and a cherub table lamp. [part s21, s25]

LOT 330 £25/40 (02:31PM)

An Oriental eggshell china tea service decorated with a dragon chasing the flaming pearl (approx. 40 pieces), plus seven pottery Steins one with a pewter lid. [s26 & part s22]

LOT 331 £25/40 (02:34PM)

Two Lladro figurines of children, a Nao figurine of a clown, plus another of a child sat on a branch, three crystal glass baskets, a pair of crystal shoes and a small Waterford clock and an egg paperweight in glass. [s26 & part s30]

LOT 332 £30/40 (02:34PM)

A mixed lot including two large glass vases, two decanters and stoppers, a cut glass bowl, a Royal Worcester tureen and cover, Royal Doulton basalt bust of Prince Charles, an oil on canvas of a street scene, a small cloisonne vase, two decorative marquetry pictures, two Caspari bridge sets in boxes, photo frames, two Royal Worcester dishes, etc. [s33 & s29]

LOT 333 £30/50 (02:34PM)

Two shelves of ceramic and other ornaments, including an Oriental style and other planters, pair of Dresden flower ornaments, decorative shells and stones, pair of cat money boxes, glass animals, barometer, glass vase, doll's tea service on tray, etc. [s30 & s34]

LOT 334 £30/50 (02:36PM)

A shelf of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern tea and dinner wares including tureens and covers, cereal bowls, serving dishes, gravy boat, ramekins, etc. (approximately 66 pieces). [s31]

LOT 335 £30/40 (02:36PM)

A mixed lot including two Lladro figurines one of a bunny, the second of a goose, a Nao figurine of a goose, further Lladro style figurines, wooden elephants, national dolls, a small Le Creuset pumpkin style dish and cover, a small quantity of books, a Royal Crown Derby "Treasures of Childhood" Rag Doll figurine, plus further decorative bowls, dishes, etc. [s32 & part s28]

LOT 337 £20/30 (02:36PM)

A mixed lot, including three wooden model ships, Tiffany style table lamp, five cat ornaments, brass Kundo barometer, cutlery, books including Khmer bronzes and Jazz, etc. [s36]

LOT 339 £20/30 (02:39PM)

A Bayard carriage clock, two metal figurines of soldiers, the Parachute Regiment and the Grenadier Guards, and a large brass figurine of a warrior on a stand. [s37]

LOT 340A £40/60 (02:39PM)

An extensive Bavarian Tirschenreuth tea and dinner service, decorated with flowers on a cream ground, including tureen, serving dishes, soup bowls, etc, approximately 117 pieces [s38 & s39]

LOT 345 £80/120 (02:43PM)

Three large Royal Selangor "Lord of the Rings" goblets, and three Royal Selangor "Lord of the Rings" shot glasses and a figurine of Gollum. [s42]

LOT 346 £15/20 (02:43PM)

A Queen Anne part tea service decorated with pink roses (21 pieces) plus a 19th century Moore posy vase, a quantity of boxed cufflinks and a Capodimonte frame picture of flowers. [s42]

LOT 349 £50/80 (02:46PM)

A mixed lot including a heavy cast iron swan door stop, Victorian Aesthetic Movement copper spirit kettle on a stand, painted bin, metal oval table mirror on stand, rectangular silvered table mirror with scrolling frame, and a large copper jug [s45 & s49]

LOT 350 £20/30 (02:46PM)

A pair of Mintons white glazed botanical plates decorated with butterflies, an Oriental plate, a set of five botanical plates, a large onyx dish, a John De Warrenne 1286-1347 Earl of Surrey & Sussex model of a Knight on a hardwood base, a boot ornament, a pair of pewter goblets and a glass bowl [s50]

LOT 352 £60/80 (02:46PM)

A large quantity of Aynsley Cottage Garden tea and dinner ware including part-dinner service and tea service, vases, pasta bowls, cheese knives, sandwich plate, gravy boat, etc. (approximately 55 pieces) and a St Michael "Lumiere" part-tea service and a further Johnson Bros Neapolitan set of bowls, etc. [s50, s54 & part s58]

LOT 353 £40/60 (02:48PM)

A metalware lot comprising a quantity of copper including serving dishes and covers, a circular dish, a pair of Eastern jugs and covers, a vase, kettle, a large tray plus a brass chamberstick, a tankard, a candlestick and a circular tray, three large hanging dishes, a two-handled metal planter etc. [s51]

LOT 354 £40/60 (02:48PM)

A pair of War Department brass candlesticks dated (19)51, converted to electricity; two other candlestick lamps; an antique spelter table lamp with griffin handles; a spelter oil lamp with glass shade converted to electricity; three brass oil lamps; and a decorative modern table lamp [s53]

LOT 355 £20/30 (02:48PM)

A mixed lot including two Nao figurines of girls, alabaster figurine of The Last Supper, wooden place mats and coasters, stone Egyptian bust, eight silver-plated napkin holders and a pair of matching silver-plated candlesticks, a pair of glass tankards, a Gloria porcelain bowl and a stoneware mask ornament, etc. [s55]

LOT 356 £20/30 (02:51PM)

A quantity of tea and dinner wares including a green/blue glazed part dinner service including tureens and serving plate, two Dolly Varden Art Deco plates and matching bowl, Oriental part tea services plus further cabinet cups and saucers including Limoges. [s56]

LOT 357 £30/50 (02:51PM)

A Johnson's Bros "Eternal Beau" part tea and dinner service including teapot, tureen, gravy boats, etc. and a table lamp (approximately 51 pieces). [s57]

LOT 358 £25/40 (02:51PM)

A Spaniel table lighter, a spelter figurine of an Arab painted in national costume, a glass seven-piece lemonade set and three framed miniatures by London Wood. [s58]

LOT 359 £40/60 (02:51PM)

A Royal Doulton "Diana" part dinner service (approximately 42 pieces) and a Wedgwood "Ice Flower" part tea and dinner service (approximately 36 pieces). [s59]

LOT 360 £20/30 (02:53PM)

A brass spirit kettle and stand, two brass goblets plus further brass ornaments including ducks, a Royal Worcester egg coddler, six Spode Archive Collection Georgian Series plates, two glass decanters and stoppers, two decorative Oriental plates, trinket box and cover decorated with the Winton Car, etc. [s60]

LOT 361 £30/50 (02:53PM)

A 19th century yellow Atomic Age Design pedal bin and similar electric kettle plus a Dualit toaster and a cane coat hanging rack. [s61]

LOT 363 £15/25 (02:53PM)

A mixed mainly wooden lot, including two miniature pairs of shoes, a pair of rush adult shoes, bird ornaments, four small hardwood stands, figurine of a cow, an old iron, brass chamberstick, gros point frame, etc. [s63]

LOT 364 £20/30 (02:55PM)

A modern chandelier in the form of white leaves with crystal drops and a matching pair of light shades for side lights, four green leaf similar crystal drop wall lights and four brass candle wall-sconces. [under s63]

LOT 365 £30/40 (02:55PM)

A black Bakelite phone, brown Bakelite Smith's electric clock, a vintage Robert's transistor radio, a Sky HD box, decorative table lamp, brass jug, brass sprayer, etc. [s64]

LOT 366 £25/35 (02:55PM)

A Middlesex Masonic glass decanter and stopper, a tall cut glass vase, water jug, cut-glass tray, and a large glass decanter stopper. [s65]

LOT 367 £40/60 (02:55PM)

A Coalport dish decorated with peacocks, a Minton bowl, a boxed set of Coalport cups and saucers, a Wedgwood "Clementine" part coffee service, a boxed set of Royal Crown Derby cheese knives, a Wedgwood plate, a small quantity of Diana stamps, a Spodes' Italian long dish, a glass rose bowl, a pretty glass vase decorated with a Frank Lloyd Wright design. [s66]

LOT 368 £20/30 (02:58PM)

A mixed lot including photograph frames, a pair of vintage table lights, a quantity of candlesticks including pewter, brass, etc., a Derby dish, glass dish, decorative Indonesian wall mask, etc. [under s66]

LOT 369 £25/35 (02:58PM)

A vintage iridescent porcelain coffee set for six, a blue glass liqueur set with enamelled flower decoration, two Continental teacups on tray, pair of Continental soup cups and saucers, etc. [s65 & part s62]

LOT 371 £40/60 (02:58PM)

18 large decorative teapots including 'Treepot' by Bob Hersey, Sadler 'Old Pottery', Tea Pot Collectables 'The Village' and 'Jumbo Pot' by Bob Hersey, plus nine smaller Leonardo Collection teapots. [s68]

LOT 372 £20/30 (03:00PM)

A Poole Pottery brown-glazed part tea and dinner service including serving plates, cereal bowls, cups, saucers, etc. and a quantity of coins. [s69]

LOT 375 £25/40 (03:00PM)

Two wooden battery boxes from World War II, two Crown Devon jugs, a wooden storage box with tapestry lid, a vintage Singer sewing machine plus a further wooden storage box. [under s69]

LOT 377 £20/30 (03:03PM)

A mixed lot including an oil on canvas of a Highland landscape, a boxed featherweight Singer sewing machine, a decorative ladies handbag, an oak barometer, a pair of Oriental vases on hardwood stands, a decorative Wedgwood bowl, a cased set of vintage dominoes, a Capodimonte flower wall plaque etc. [under s72]

LOT 378 £25/40 (03:03PM)

Three glass fruit bowls, four Hummel figurines of children, a Poole pottery figurine of an otter, a Newtown part tea service decorated with romantic couples, boxed cutlery including silver coffee bean spoons, a brass ornament and a decorative egg [sW9]

LOT 380 £25/40 (03:05PM)

Five decorative prints, two in elaborate gilt frames, a set of brass reproduction scales and a large Masons soup tureen with ladle on stand [s74 and s77]

LOT 381 £20/30 (03:05PM)

A mixed lot including a vintage wooden mould, a pair of wooden barleytwist candlesticks, a brass chamberstick, decorative trays, an oblong blue and white three-section dish, a picture of a ship on stormy seas in a decorative gilt frame, a brass and enamel pot, a metal teapot, two circular framed miniatures etc. [s78]

LOT 382 £60/90 (03:05PM)

A very good glassware lot comprising a large John Rocha Waterford crystal glass bowl, a boxed Royal Doulton gift set comprising a decanter and stopper and four whisky tumblers, a John Jenkins decanter and stopper, a set of six boxed Stuart crystal whisky tumblers, a Marquis Waterford bowl, a pair of boxed Edinburgh crystal brandy balloons, a further set of six brandy balloons, a pair of Royal Doulton champagne flutes plus a further bowl and vase [s76]

LOT 383 £40/70 (03:05PM)

A vintage wind-up gramophone (on furniture for display), a table globe, a pretty 19th century glass oil lamp and ship's starboard light [under s76]

LOT 384 £30/40 (03:07PM)

Services comprising: German cream and gold tea and coffee wares, approx 57 pieces; 13 pieces of Porcelaine de Paris teaware in pink roses; 6 coffee cups and saucers by Haviland; and 38 pieces of Royal Doulton in Clarendon pattern. [s74 and 75]

LOT 386 £20/30 (03:07PM)

A set of 28 Banbury Mint Lovely Ladies from Many Lands set of figurines on mahogany hanging wall shelf and a small quantity of theatre programmes. [next to s77]

LOT 387 £30/50 (03:10PM)

A mixed lot including a glass dome on hardwood stand, a carved wall shelf, a milk glass lamp, a white metal opium pipe and a pair of storm lantern glass shades, a wooden jar and cover, an antique wood and brass fire screen with embroidered panel, an Eastern bowl, a china bowl and lid [next to s79]

LOT 388 £40/60 (03:10PM)

A cowboy lot including three various cowboy hats, four shirts, belts with ornate buckles including USA, a suede waistcoat, a Premier Ever Play drum cover, a belt with gun holster, etc. [s80, s54 s82]

LOT 392 £25/40 (03:12PM)

Two wooden boxes, a Boots 150 slide projector with slide magazines, a Huawei band 4 pro fitness tracker and a selection of mainly Hornby model radio books and documents to include track plans and instructions [s83]

LOT 393 £30/40 (03:12PM)

A mixed lot to include a large glass bowl decorated with leaves, a further crystal D'Arques bowl, a set of six cased mother of pearl spoons, an amethyst glass bowl, four cranberry glass and another in green, a Waltham Und Sohn cased knife set [s83]