LOT 303 £320/350 (01:51PM)

800 silver, comprising an unusual Bauhaus influenced pastry server, octagonal coffee pot, set of 12 coffee spoons and a jam spoon, together with an 835 oval bowl, two sweetmeat forks, and a probably Frankfurt tablespoon, 32 ozt

LOT 304 £100/120 (01:51PM)

Seven various English silver condiments, including one with loaded base, an 1837 silver sugar tongs, and a foreign silver openwork salt, 8.6 ozt gross, together with a plated pepperette and a antler-handled carving set in case

LOT 306 £1000/1500 (01:51PM)

A good set of four Victorian silver dinner plates, 10 in diameter, comprising three No. 8832 London 1884, and one No. 2514 London 1904, the former by Hunt & Roskell, all stamped 'Hunt & Roskell late Storr & Mortimer", 72.8 ozt

LOT 308 £120/150 (01:53PM)

A late Victorian silver dressing table tray embossed and pierced with Union flowers and with vacant cartouche, 12.5 in, Birmingham 1900, 9.8 ozt

LOT 312 £200/250 (01:56PM)

Foreign silver, comprising a German 800 large oval bowl, pair of Maltese coin ashtrays and similar spoon, Maltese boat trophy, French 800 spoon, and two 800 enamelled souvenir spoons, 19.7 ozt of silver

LOT 315 £100/150 (01:58PM)

A foreign silver oval bowl on four hoof feet, possibly South American, with indistinct M.M, crowned T, and eagle (?) marks, to base, rim and feet, 14.5 cm long, 8.2 ozt

LOT 326 £30/50 (02:10PM)

A pretty pair of ruby overlaid glass vases, a set of six cranberry cut glass wine glasses, a ruby glass tumbler engraved with a ram in the forest and a red glass jug [s1]

LOT 328 £25/35 (02:10PM)

A shelf of glass ware including 1950s lemonade glasses decorated with swans plus others, a pair of pressed glass decanters and stoppers plus a smaller similar and two large matching wine glasses, and a set of six hock glasses [s2]

LOT 329 £25/35 (02:10PM)

A gold-coloured Royal Worcester part including coffee service including cream jug and sugar bowl, plus another similar and 11 Royal Tudor Ware gold decorated plates [s3]

LOT 331 £25/35 (02:12PM)

A collection of trinket and patch boxes, a pair of small champleve brass vases decorated with women in 19th century dress, two small Aynsley clocks and a further two in brass, a hammered pewter jewellery box, a pair of small Cauldon vases etc. [s5]

LOT 332 £40/50 (02:12PM)

Five Chinese partially glazed pottery figurines including tennis players, a fisherman and a warrior, a pottery figurine of a seated band on a bench, two carved wooden figures. an onyx box, a German figurine of a penguin and a polished geological sample [s6]

LOT 333 £25/40 (02:12PM)

A pair of Royal Doulton vases 5564, a Continental green glazed 12 piece tea service decorated with figures, a pair of carved wooden wall sconces, a soapstone vase, a cased set of butter knives, a wooden musical jewellery box, a 19th century lustre ware trio, a small pair of framed Japanese prints etc. [s7]

LOT 334 £30/50 (02:14PM)

A Paragon yellow ground tea and dinner service decorated with roses, a Royal Crown Derby part tea service decorated with green scrolling leaves, a Continental gold coloured part tea service after Anjelica Kauffman, plus further part tea services etc. [s8]

LOT 335 £30/50 (02:14PM)

An Oriental blue and white stick stand, a large Oriental vase, a large stylish modern table lamp, a pair of circular glass table lamps with matching shades, a Gurkha's knife in sheath, a replica 18th century gun and a figurine of a girl [s9]

LOT 337 £150/250 (02:14PM)

A large quantity of Coalport Country Ware tea and dinner wares including meat plates, tureens, avocado dishes, vinegar jars etc. approximately 128 pieces [s11]

LOT 338 £30/50 (02:17PM)

A shelf of glass ware including a pair of large cut glass vases, plus two further similar, two glass decanters and stoppers, Murano glass bowls, a purple art glass vase, a Jerpoint glass jug, a six piece Bohemian glass liqueur set, further drinking glasses, plus a quantity of china including a large Portuguese two-handled vase decorated with birds, a pair of Aynsley posy vases, a large Royal Worcester pot and cover and tureen and cover, vases, clocks etc. [s12 & part of s16]

LOT 339 £30/40 (02:17PM)

A mixed lot including a Royal Doulton figurine of a boy HN 2128, a Royal Worcester monk candle snuffer, two Continental figure groups, a mahogany tea caddy, a brass table gong with ship surmount, a wooden jewellery box, two pairs of brass candlesticks plus another, etc. [s13]

LOT 340 £25/35 (02:17PM)

A mixed china lot including a pair of Naples figurines of birds, two lace figurines of ballerinas and another, flower ornaments including Royal Adderley, trinket boxes, a Maling lustre jug, plus further decorative vases and ornaments [s14]

LOT 341 £80/120 (02:17PM)

A collection of Oriental items, including modern Korean celadon wares, a 15th century Vietnamese box with cover and similar box base, a pair of Chinese 18th century blue and white supper dishes and other Chinese ceramics, two Japanese sake bottles, a woven bamboo basket, glass painting, wooden and metal items, etc. [S15]

LOT 342 £40/60 (02:19PM)

A large vintage painted plaster figure of the Madonna and child, an Aynsley part tea service, a cased set of silver plated fish servers, a glass fruit bowl and glass vase both with HM silver rim, a large glass basket, a small Royal Worcester mug and a small quantity of coins [s17]

LOT 344 £30/40 (02:19PM)

A mixed shelf including a large lacquer charger decorated with a girl, two large Oriental chargers, a Chinese model of a horse, two Costa Rican vases, a Guatemalan face mask, a glass bowl and jug, a decorative brass Rhythm clock, a glass jar with blue enamel lid, etc. [s19]

LOT 345 £30/40 (02:19PM)

A quantity of tea and dinner wares including a Mayfair part tea services decorated with roses, ten Royal Cauldon Victoria pattern bowls, a Duchess Helena pattern part tea service, a Soho pottery blue and gilt eight piece dessert service, a Coalport blue and white tea for two service, a Crown Devon Ivorine figurine etc. [s20 & part s16]

LOT 346 £30/40 (02:22PM)

Two shelves of mixed china and glass including two large Oriental table lamps, a large white table lamp encrusted with cherubs and fruit, plus a metal table lamp and shade, decorative blue and white china ornaments, candlestick and planter, a Rogashka crystal bowl, a large glass jar and lid, a Lladro vase modelled as a female head plus further decorative wares [s21 & s25]

LOT 347 £25/40 (02:22PM)

A shelf and a half of mixed glass comprising two large cut glass vases, a set of six cut glass champagne saucers plus further wine and sherry glasses, a five piece dessert set, candlesticks, a pair of swan ornaments, a red glass basket and posy vase, plus further vases, dishes etc. [s22 & part s26]

LOT 348 £20/30 (02:22PM)

A collection of cabinet plates including Franklin Mint 'A Break in the Game', The Collectors Studio 'The Forest Year', decorative part tea services including Royal Doulton White Nile, Elizabethan Calypso, a Carlton Ware leaf straining dish and stand etc. [s23 & part of s27]

LOT 349 £30/40 (02:22PM)

Part tea and dinner services comprising Standard China Pagoda pattern, Harroby floral decorated, Imperial Porcelain Vincent pattern and red and white Gladstone china dinner plates and sauce boat. [s24]

LOT 350 £30/40 (02:24PM)

A Naples figurines comprising a bust of an old man on plinth, a pair of figurines of a boy and girl and a seated lady, a pair of blue fo dogs, an Oriental yellow ground enamel teapot and similar small basket [s26]

LOT 351 £30/40 (02:24PM)

A pair of opaline glass vases decorated with flowers, a pair of Capodimonte figurines of a boy and girl, a Continental pierced pot with flower encrusted lid and a decorative jug [s27]

LOT 352 £40/60 (02:24PM)

A mixed lot including a pair of African carved wooden busts and figurines, blue Venetian glass dishes, a circular mirror, linen table cloth, two blue glass perfume bottles and matching pot and cover, figurines, ornaments, a gilt metal comport, a Carol Boyes dish, a brass clock, a Junghans clock, vases, planters etc. [s28 and part s32]

LOT 353 £30/40 (02:24PM)

A mixed lot including a collection of elephant figurines including incense burners, four hedgehog figurines, four small hardwood stands, a metal seated Buddha, a small lacquered tray, a quantity of 1930s china including Carlton Ware green leaf dishes and jug and Shorters jug, etc. [s29 & part s33]

LOT 354 £20/30 (02:26PM)

A Royal Doulton Larchmont pattern part tea service and gravy boat, two Royal Doulton Expressions part tea services, flower ornaments including Aynsley and Capodimonte, an Ickenham plate, a silver plated bon bon dish, a cut glass rose bowl, a Sadler Romeo & Juliet teapot, glass paperweights, a perfume atomiser, a Limoges plate, Wedgwood posy vases and dishes etc. [s30]

LOT 355 £30/50 (02:26PM)

Two heavy pieces of amethyst art glass, a red art glass starfish bowl, a pineapple shaped glass vase, a 19th century glass decanter and a Georgian glass [s31]

LOT 356 £20/30 (02:26PM)

Collectors plates including Bradex Exchange 'Diana', The Hamilton Collection 'Bundles of Joy', commemorative mugs including Sadler, a Royal Doulton 'Summer' part tea service, a small box of souvenir wares etc. [s31 & s35]

LOT 357 £30/40 (02:26PM)

A quantity of cabbage ware dinner and tea wares including plates, serving dishes and bowls, two large stoneware jugs, three white glazed serving platters, a large white glazed soup tureen on stand with ladle, various coloured pottery bowls, plus further planters, dishes and bowls [s36, s40 and part s32]

LOT 358 £30/40 (02:29PM)

A collection of Capodimonte flower ornaments approximately 13 in total, a Franklin Mint 'Precious Playmates' cat ornament, various animal ornaments, a Cozy Glen cottage ornament, Leonardo Collection 'The Flower Cart', a Franklin Mint clock, a set of six owl ornaments on stand, a cased set of 12 flower ornaments plus other collectable figurines and ornaments [s38 & s34]

LOT 359 £25/35 (02:29PM)

A good shelf of glass ware including a cut glass decanter and stopper plus another, fruit bowls, condiment sets, RCR perfume bottle and others, cream jugs, vases etc. [s37]

LOT 360 £25/35 (02:29PM)

A quantity of Italian Orvieto dinner and tea wares including soup bowls, egg cups, serving dishes, jugs etc., a large majolica style planter and an Oriental vase [s39]

LOT 361 £30/40 (02:29PM)

A Royal Albert Lavender Rose pattern part tea service and a German Hutschenreuther Tirschenreuth part tea service decorated with birds, an Imari pattern plate, a small glass bowl etc. [s39]

LOT 362 £40/60 (02:31PM)

A quantity of glassware including a cut glass decanter and stopper with etched star decoration, a large substantial waisted cut glass vase, a set of six cut glass sherry glasses, a cut glass table lamp, two brandy balloons, dishes etc. [s41]

LOT 364 £30/50 (02:31PM)

A Portuguese asparagus dish on stand, a quantity of Wedgwood green leaf plates, a quantity of Bradex French scene plates, a green ground floral decorated 14 piece dessert service, a 19th century Royal Crown Derby two-handled sugar bowl and cover, a pair of Shelley jelly moulds, a cloisonne bowl, a Royal Doulton Sir Toby Belch jug etc. [s42 & s46]

LOT 365 £30/50 (02:31PM)

A pair of silver-plated three-branch candelabra, a pair of table lustres, a silver-plated swing handled basket, two carriage clocks, a pair of pewter salts and a small quantity of pottery bowls and dishes [s43]

LOT 366 £40/60 (02:34PM)

Two shelves of mixed items including a graduated set of four ebony elephants, a pair of Staffordshire fireside dogs, two vintage handbags, a pair of cased binoculars, a Waterford crystal paperknife, a small Murano glass vase, a cranberry glass jug, a quantity of blue and white dinner wares including a meat plate and tureen and ladle, four 19th century pot lids, a Guernsey Pottery fish dish, a Royal Winton chintz tennis set, 1930s sandwich set, 19th century jugs, part tea services etc. [s44 & s48]

LOT 368 £25/35 (02:34PM)

A set of 12 harlequin coloured white and red wine glasses, a large art glass vase, an amber art glass bowl and a glass teapot paperweight [s45]

LOT 369 £20/30 (02:34PM)

A shelf of glass ware including a matching set of 12 cut glass red and white wine glasses, two rose bowls, vases, fruit bowls, jugs, clocks and bells [s47]

LOT 370, £30/50 (02:36PM)

A good shelf of glass ware including a matching set of cut and etched red and white wine glasses plus brandy balloons and a similar jug, an RCR jug with silver-plated lid, a cut glass bon bon dish, three jugs and stoppers, an ice bucket, etc. [s49]

LOT 372 £25/40 (02:36PM)

A shelf and a half of mixed items including commemorative mugs, 19th century lustre ware teapot, four 19th century tiles, Oriental rice bowls and spoons, a faience pottery plate, miniature character jugs, a turn of the century Crosse & Blackwell pot and lid, serving dishes, etc. [s54 & part of s50]

LOT 373 £20/30 (02:36PM)

A collection of pottery jugs and mugs, a pair of white glazed candlesticks, two pottery planters, a novelty teapot, a Booths 'Netherlands' pattern bowl etc. [s51]

LOT 374 £20/30 (02:38PM)

A small collection of glass ware comprising of seven fruit bowls, including cut glass, three further glass bowls plus three cabbage ware bowls and salad servers [s52]

LOT 375 £40/60 (02:38PM)

Nine antique tea bowls with six matching saucers, a teapot on stand and plate, two further antique dishes, an 19th century blue and white Oriental plate and brass light

LOT 377 £30/40 (02:38PM)

A collection of vases and planters, a Royal Doulton stone ware jar and cover, three Le Crueset saucepans with lids, decorative plates and table wares [s60 & part of s56]

LOT 378 £40/60 (02:41PM)

A Mintons comport with cherub support, a black and orange Italian liqueur set on tray, two vaseline glass vases, a tall red flower vase, a white glazed pottery mirror, four egg cups in stand plus further dinner wares

LOT 380 £25/40 (02:41PM)

Concorde memorabilia including six cups and plates, a pack of playing cards, a 10 year anniversary hip flask in calf leather, a metal Concorde model and a Concorde luggage tag [s58]

LOT 381 £40/60 (02:41PM)

A Royal Albert Enchantment pattern part tea service approximately 18 pieces and a Spode Virginia pattern part tea service approximately 19 pieces [s58]

LOT 382 £25/40 (02:43PM)

A Portmeirion Ella Doran 'Tahiti' pattern part tea service approximately 17 pieces, six Royal Worcester dinner plates, part tea services including Royal Albert and Paragon trinket boxes and covers etc. [s59]

LOT 383 £25/35 (02:43PM)

A collection of mainly coloured glass ware including a set of six Zawiercie crystal wine glasses, red wine glasses and dessert bowls, French green glass and clear tumblers, green glass brandy balloons etc. [s61]

LOT 384 £30/40 (02:43PM)

Two shelves of glass ware including dessert bowls, vases, trays, mugs, decanters, wine glasses, six blue wine glasses, candle holders etc. [62 & s65]

LOT 386 £20/30 (02:46PM)

An Oriental eggshell china part tea service, an Aynsley part tea service approximately 16 pieces, an Aynsley Cottage Garden bowl, a silver-plated pear ornament etc. [s63]

LOT 387 £40/60 (02:46PM)

A large collection of 19th century and later wooden boxes including decanter box, writing slope, tea caddy, jewellery boxes and writing boxes [under s63]

LOT 389 £30/50 (02:46PM)

A large Oriental vase decorated with a tiger, a pair of blue and white vases decorated with warriors and an orange ground double gourd shaped vase [s64]

LOT 390 £30/40 (02:48PM)

Eleven 19th century and later glass decanters and stoppers, a glass perfume bottle and stopper and a vintage Schweppes soda syphon [s64]

LOT 391 £30/40 (02:48PM)

Two 19th century Worcester style classical figurines in blush, the three graces and a female astride a tiger plus a Royal Copenhagen plate depicting a three masted ship [s66]

LOT 392 £25/35 (02:48PM)

A mixed lot including a cut glass vase with HM silver rim, a pair of Oriental vases, a small quantity of mottoware, a Royal Crown Derby cake slice, three bird figurines including Royal Copenhagen and Crown Staffs, a glass bird paperweight, a Wedgwood jasperware trinket box and cover etc. [s66]

LOT 394 £30/40 (02:50PM)

A Dell Inspiron 530 computer, a pair of Toshiba SS V10 speakers, a Dell computer keyboard and a pair of Active DC-691 speakers [under s66]

LOT 395 £20/30 (02:50PM)

A mixed lot including a table lamp and shade, a glass oil lamp, a brass grain scoop with wooden handle, a metal fireside set, pricket candlesticks, collectors spoons on stand, a brass reading light, a red decorative vase etc. [s67]

LOT 396 £60/80 (02:50PM)

A Wedgwood fairyland lustre bowl a/f, a Shelley part tea service 2266 18 pieces, a pair of figural wine glasses, a yellow ground 18th century inkwell, two glass bird paperweights, a lacquer box and cover trinket boxes etc. [s68]

LOT 397 £30/50 (02:50PM)

A quantity of glass ware including a large art glass vase, seven further vases including cut glass, two large fruit bowls, a pair of salts in silver-plated holders, a cruet set etc. [s69]

LOT 398 £30/50 (02:53PM)

A mixed lot including a boxed Jetcraft Power Boat, a boxed Mechanical Foden F.G. Vehicle, a boxed Moto Trix 347 Presentation Set, assorted jigsaw puzzles and a small quantity of CDs and DVDs etc. [under s69]

LOT 400 £25/40 (02:53PM)

A mixed lot comprising an oak Art Nouveau smoker's companion, a quantity of brassware including goblets, candlesticks and vases, a vintage pencil sharpener, electrical testing equipment, a small quantity of records, a three draw telescope, flatware etc. [s72]