LOT 411 £40/60 (03:45PM)

Four Royal Doulton figurines comprising Isadora HN2938, Kerry HN3036, Bolera HN3076, Paradise HN3074, Royal Worcester figurine of a child HN3518, Beswick figurine of a spaniel, Italian figurine of a couple in 18th century dress playing instruments, two small Dresden lace figurines, six limited edition mugs depicting horse races and a small quantity of commemorative coins. [s1]

LOT 412 £30/40 (03:45PM)

Four small Oriental cloisonne vases decorated with the dragon chasing the flaming pearl and a similar lidded box, a pair of Satsuma vases and another smaller, plus further Oriental bowls and dishes. [s2]

LOT 413 £40/60 (03:45PM)

A collection of brassware including two decorative daggers in sheaths, a pair of model gun wall ornaments, a pair of Dutch-style wall pockets, a lion head door-knocker, a thermometer, a cherub candlestick holder, two bow door-hooks, a Zippo Lighter sign, a silver cheroot holder and a hallmark silver toothpick, two small leather cases. [s3]

LOT 414 £25/35 (03:45PM)

A quantity of silver-plated cutlery in fabric carry-case including sets of forks, knives and spoons, a box of teaspoons and three limited edition RSPCA plates by Royal Albert depicting animals and a carry case. [s4]

LOT 415 £25/40 (03:47PM)

A Kitsch lustre clock depicting a heron, a pair of Quimper goblets, a Royal Albert Old Country Roses milk jug, a white glazed shell vase, Carlton Ware leaf dish and a Carlton Ware sauce boat on stand, a Wade pot and cover, commemorative tankard, etc. [s5]

LOT 416 £30/40 (03:47PM)

A large ship in a bottle depicting the Battle of Trafalgar plus seven further smaller, similar depicting further ships including HMS Victory each bottle engraved with a title [s6]

LOT 417 £30/40 (03:47PM)

A pair of Oriental green glazed temple lions, an Chinese egg-shell china tea service, a Noritake pink-glazed tea service 22 pieces, a Coalport blue and white plate, and three glass bowls. [s7]

LOT 418 £20/30 (03:47PM)

A cased Remington typewriter, a Canon Canonet QL 17 Camera, a Prinz Jupiter C2 Flash Unit, a Nizo 8 & 16 mm splicer, a Canon Flash Unity J3 and a small tripod. [s8]

LOT 421 £40/60 (03:49PM)

A Carlton Ware Guinness circular pot and lid, a cruet set and further circular pot, plus Poole Pottery butter dish and cover, cheese dish and cover and matching serving plate, two goblets, a tureen and cover and a tray plus Crown Devon green leaf serving dish, a yellow Royal Venton ware set of four egg cups and condiments on stand, yellow Royal Winton serving dish, etc. [s11]

LOT 422 £25/35 (03:49PM)

A collection of porcelain door-knobs, a small collection of blue Wedgwood Jasperware comprising pot and cover, two small vases, trinket trays and an ashtray, plus Royal Crown Derby posies pot and cover and four trinket dishes, an etched glass ice-bucket and matching vase decorated with flowers, a large glass dish, an Aynsley flower ornament, a collection of decorative plates, two door-plates, and two framed spy prints, etc. [s8 & 12]

LOT 424 £40/60 (03:52PM)

A fine quality table lamp of classical column form mounted in possibly ormolu stand on heavy marble base with black and gold shade plus a brass column table lamp. [s13]

LOT 425 £40/60 (03:52PM)

Nine Beswick dogs including Alsatian, Dalmatian, Terrier, Rottweiler, Boxers, Spaniel, etc., a Beswick Beneagles Scotch Whisky miniature, two figurines of bears, a Beswick figurine of a pheasant No. 1226, a pair of Royal Doulton Dancers of the World HN2866, a figurine of an owl on a wooden stand, and a Beswick Whyte and Mackay Scotch Whisky miniature in the form of a hedgehog. [s14]

LOT 426 £40/60 (03:52PM)

Five sets of vintage dominoes including ebony and ivory, two boxed wooden chess sets plus further chess pieces and draughts, a John Barker & Co. Marine aneroid barometer, an inlaid mahogany writing box and an Oriental carved camphorwood jewellery box. [part of s11 & part s15]

LOT 427 £30/40 (03:54PM)

Royal Doulton stoneware jardiniere, a Mdina glass vase, a signed glass paperweight depicting an owl, four wooden serving dishes modelled as nuts or leaves, Carlton Ware dish and preserve pot on stand plus two other small pieces, large china two-handled tureen and stand with lid decorated with pheasants and two similar meat plates and place mats, a Bohemian crystal napkin stand, a framed signed picture of an abbey and a Marmite toast rack. [s16 & part of s12]

LOT 428 £40/60 (03:54PM)

A pair of impressive French metal column table lamps and shades with brass decoration by Brevet d'Invention, L.F. Breuzin Lampiste, Rue du Bac, Paris. [s17]

LOT 432 £25/35 (03:57PM)

A quantity of blue and white china including H H & Co. Orient pattern part dinner service, a Gordon Brothers part dinner service, Willow pattern china meat plates, tureens, gravy boats, etc. [part of s19 & part s15]

LOT 434 £40/60 (03:57PM)

A Rosenthal white and gold coffee and tea service including coffee pot, teapot, cups and saucers, serving plates, side plates, etc., plus ten Villeroy & Boch French Garden Fleurence pattern bowls and six Villeroy & Boch French Garden Orange dinner plates, blue and white Chinese dish, two oval metal glazed dishes, a decorative dagger and sheath in black box, etc. [s20]

LOT 436 £30/50 (03:59PM)

A good collection of glass including a set of four boxed Thomas Webb crystal whisky glasses, a boxed large Royal Doulton bowl, a set of six whisky tumblers from Ealing Golf Club Ladies' Section, six fruit bowls including Royal Brierley, another with silver-plated rim, a flower vase, cut glass jug, three tankards. [on pine shelf next to s18]

LOT 439 £25/40 (04:01PM)

A Queen Anne Cascade pattern part tea and dinner service including serving plates and dishes, teapot, bowls, etc. approximately 35 pieces, and a 34-piece Windsor Bone China part tea service including sugar bowls. [s22 & part s26]

LOT 440 £40/60 (04:01PM)

A 19th century Bristol blue glass rolling pin, two 19th century glass oil lamps on metal bases, Murano glass bowl on stand and three pottery Steins with pewter lids. [s23]

LOT 443 £25/40 (04:04PM)

A mixed lot including two 19th century silver-plated chamber sticks, a Victorian glass cheese dome, a small quantity of 19th century blue and white china including a Masons mug plus further oblong dish, bowls, cups and saucers, a shell dish, a wooden hors d'oeuvres serving tray, three glass perfume bottles which would have been fitments for a travel case, pearlesque cuff-links, white glazed trefoil serving dish, etc. [part s24 & part s28]

LOT 445 £30/50 (04:04PM)

Three shelves of mixed glassware including coloured glass jugs, a purple Caithness glass, a Royal Scott cranberry glass vase, a Harlequin set of lemonade glasses and dessert bowls, clear glass candlesticks, fruit bowls, serving dishes, rose bowls, ashtrays, vases including a large LSA vase, hock glasses, champagne sauces, candlesticks, wine glasses, whisky tumblers, etc. [s30, 34 & 38]

LOT 446 £40/60 (04:04PM)

A quantity of part dinner services including Johnson Brothers Eternal Bow pattern approximately 53 pieces, an extensive Harvest 1418 pattern tea and dinner service approximately 64 pieces plus tea towels and place mats, a green glazed part tea service, a quantity of commemorative mugs and newspapers, a set of Bradex bird plates, two Aynsley Wild Tudor posy vases, an Allertons part tea service, and a quantity of 19th century green leaf plates and a Majolica-style bowl. [s27, 31, 35, 39]

LOT 447 £20/30 (04:06PM)

A mixed lot of china and glass including a blue and white cat ornament, a black and white cat teapot, serving dishes, a set of seven Coalport menu holders, decorative figurines, Beatrix Potter figurine Season, glassware including whisky tumblers, a knife block, glass tray decorated with metal grapes, wine glasses, sherry glasses, serving tray, decanter and stopper, vase, ice buckets, four modern cushions etc. [part s28, 32 & 36]

LOT 452 £30/50 (04:09PM)

A collection of 19th century and later decanters and stoppers including ring-necked, hobnail, nine in total, plus two jugs, a peach glass bowl and similar pot and cover, a very large cut glass bowl plus another only slightly smaller. [s41 & 45]

LOT 453 £30/50 (04:09PM)

A suite of matching glassware comprising eight hock glasses, eight red wine glasses, seven white wine glasses, six smaller white wine glasses, sherry glasses, and eight champagne flutes plus a similar set of eight cut glass lemonade glasses. [s42]

LOT 454 £30/50 (04:09PM)

A 16-piece Victorian gilt-decorated glass set including a vase, jug, wine glasses, lemonade glasses, finger bowls, etc. plus an Oriental eggshell Emperor's head china part tea service, a Royal Worcester pot, a silver-plated sugar hod with spoon, a decorative floral tazza and a Wedgwood creamware plate. [s43]

LOT 455 £25/35 (04:11PM)

A large blue floral three-piece centrepiece with gilt dolphin handles and a pair of matching bowls, two pairs of bookends decorated with Oriental men, a tea service, two Murano red glass vases and a Japanese set of bridge dishes. [s44]

LOT 456 £30/40 (04:11PM)

Three shelves of mixed items including novelty piggy banks including two by NatWest Piggies, decorative china thimbles, a collection of trinket boxes and compacts including Stratton, Toby Bitter Pub advertising figurine, two Dartmouth Pottery gurgle jugs, a collection of Wade Whimsies animals, two part tea services one by Colclough decorated in roses, the second Old Royal Bone China with blue floral decoration. [s46, 50 & 54]

LOT 457 £30/50 (04:11PM)

A Denby Regency Green tea and dinner service approximately 56 pieces including tureens and covers, butter dish and cover, dinner plates, jugs, teapots, etc. [s47]

LOT 458 £25/35 (04:11PM)

A Seaforth blue and white part tea and dinner service, three 19th century pottery jelly moulds, a set of three stoneware hunting jugs, a small collection of Motto ware including Royal Stafford and others, two shell dishes and a similar vase, a small quantity of commemorative wares, a blue and white vase, a Mickey Mouse plate, etc. [s48 & part s52]

LOT 459 £20/30 (04:13PM)

A decorative ship in bottle in "Flying Cloud", a Metamec wooden framed mantel clock, a decorative figurine, a small quantity of glassware including a ship's decanter plus three others, three vases and a glass and brass table lamp, little wine holders, metal fruit stand, decanter stand, blue and white vase in the Oriental style, etc. [s49 & 53]

LOT 460 £40/60 (04:13PM)

Royal Worcester Evesham pattern part dinner service including six tureens and covers, butter dish and cover, flan dish, two gravy boats, jugs, two ramekins, dinner plates, etc. approximately 34 pieces. [s51 & part s55]

LOT 461 £25/35 (04:13PM)

14 piece Hutschenreuther Sylvia pattern part tea service, a quantity of onyx ashtrays, cigarette boxes, eggs, miniature vases, etc., a quantity of blue Wedgwood Jasperware trinket boxes and covers, a vase, a box and cover, trinket trays, flower ornament, decorative vases, etc. [s52 & part s56]

LOT 462 £30/40 (04:13PM)

A collection of flower fairies spice jars and similar storage jars and covers, a novelty teapot, oval silver-plated gallery tray, a brown Beswick horse, three figurines of boxer dogs, a vintage umbrella with carved handle, pewter stein and lid with similar dish, a Sony Micro Hi-fi system CMT-GPX9 DAB with speakers, four Bristol blue glass bottles, a large amethyst coloured bowl, etc. [s55 & 59]

LOT 463 £25/35 (04:16PM)

A quantity of Bristol blue glass including a set of six goblets, five storage jars, dessert bowls, a vase, plus a quantity of clear glassware including hock glasses on green glass stems, three storage jars and covers, painted wine glasses, etc. [s56]

LOT 464 £30/50 (04:16PM)

A large piece of white fossil coral, a crystal drop wall light with three branches, a Chinese temple lion in green, a Sylvac squirrel vase, a pair of carved figurines of resin sages and a Sylvac cottage garden pattern vase. [s57]

LOT 466 £50/70 (04:16PM)

A Minton Broadlands part tea and dinner service approximately 66 pieces, and a suite of cut glass drinking glasses comprising 11 wine glasses, six whisky tumblers and nine sherry glasses. [s60]

LOT 467 £50/70 (04:18PM)

A collection of Royal Doulton character jugs comprising 11 large character jugs including Mad Hatter, Gone Away, Punch and Judy Man, plus 14 smaller character jugs including Long John Silver, Old Salt and Churchill plus three miniature character jugs and a Staffordshire character jug of Rommel. [s61 & 64]

LOT 468 £25/40 (04:18PM)

A mixed lot including a near pair of cut glass decanters and stoppers, a modern frame, a Royal Albert Lily-of-the-Valley cabinet cup and saucer, plate, serving plate, plus two Aynsley bells, three pewter steins, pewter goblet, cake plate and a small amount of costume jewellery, an unframed print of London, a Jack Daniels belt buckle, table bowling game, etc. [s62 & 65]

LOT 469 £30/40 (04:18PM)

Two shelves of mixed china including Royal Doulton Simplicity part tea and dinner service, a boxed small Wedgwood frame, Aynsley cabinet cup and saucer, a small quantity of Royal Worcester Evesham dinnerwares, two flan dishes, a small quantity of costume jewellery including Lia & Jon Richard, a pair of cased opera glasses, four Wedgwood blue Jasperware trinket boxes and covers, elephant figurines plus further figurines of ladies, decorated vases, cabinet plates, etc. [s63 & 66]

LOT 471 £20/30 (04:21PM)

A mixed lot including five table lamps plus two shades, a green Rumtopf, a white-glazed stick stand, large gold-coloured vase, Bagatelle game, a boxed child's sewing machine, a vintage iron, a wicker basket, a cased picnic set, a quantity of silver plate including cutlery, an oval tray, a Charisma lambs wool coat, cruet set etc. [under s63 & 66]

LOT 472 £30/50 (04:21PM)

A large brass figurine of a deer, a large carved wooden Oriental figurine of a man, a silver-plate and glass storm lamp, a possibly African pottery teapot and an African figurine of a seated man. [s67]

LOT 473 £30/40 (04:21PM)

A mixed lot including a small pair of cloisonne vases, a Sylvac bunny bowl, 18 Susie Cooper plates in three sizes, a red overlaid glass dish, rabbit figurine, bust of a composer, green glass vase, figurine of a stork, three pieces of commemorative ware, small quantity of Oriental china including a Cantonese cup and saucer, a Japanese bowl an Imari plate and 13 pieces of metalwares including vases, a goblet, and bowls, etc. [s68]

LOT 474 £30/40 (04:23PM)

A mixed lot of china including a blue glazed tea and coffee service, Imperial Bone China part tea service, a boxed tea mill Oriental tea set, a boxed set of Oriental stoneware goblets, a black-glazed figurine of a bull and another of a rhino, Poole pottery dolphin, a Poole dish, a pair of Maling lustre vases, Oriental vase, John Buck cruet, decorative plates and dishes, etc. [s69 & 72]

LOT 475 £40/60 (04:23PM)

A collection of pewter miniatures many by English Miniatures, some musical and including cricketers, bears, Humpty Dumpty, etc., plus a pewter stein and lid and a tankard, decorative clocks, etc. [s70]

LOT 478 £30/40 (04:25PM)

A mixed lot including an Elna Sewing Machine, a wooden cased cutlery set, a boxed Kenwood mini chopper, Dartington crystal bowls, two-way wooden shoe stretchers, a small quantity of DVDs including The King's Speech, a wooden mantel clock, small floral pictures, coasters, a vintage mincer, a small quantity of games and puzzles, a circular barometer, a quantity of books, a hand carver, etc. [under s69 & 72]

LOT 479 £40/60 (04:25PM)

A good quality set of oak nest of three tables, a BoBear teddy bear, a pair of Staffordshire style fireside dogs, a quantity of cranberry glass including bowls, jugs and a vase, one jug having a pewter lid, and a biscuit jar and cover after Angelica Kaufman. [on & under w9]

LOT 480 £30/40 (04:25PM)

A collection of cameras including a Kodak No 2 Folding Brownie Camera, a Minolta XG-M, A Fujica ST705, a Kodak folding camera, Rollei 35B, a Finepix Fujifilm, a Lumix DMC-TZG, an Agfa Gevaert, plus further accessories such as flashes plus four lenses further accessories etc. [s74]

LOT 482 £20/30 (04:28PM)

A collection of vintage items including a glass Horlicks maker, a commemorative pressed glass dish, two pairs of wooden butter pats, vintage brass weights, the glass base to an oil lamp, a Viewmaster and slides, a quantity of vintage card games, a set of napkin rings, a glass bottle J. Grossmith of London, etc. [s76]

LOT 485 £20/30 (04:28PM)

A large 1980s poster entitled 'No Entry', a quantity of football cards, a novelty table cigarette lighter in the form of a lamp and another, and a small quantity of albums including Abba's Greatest Hits and Elvis's Christmas Album plus a commemorative magazine. [s77]

LOT 486 £25/35 (04:30PM)

A smoky glass Art Deco plate, a wooden cased wall barometer, a Poole pottery vase, two boxed Halcyon Days enamel boxes, an Aynsley Cottage Garden trinket box and cover, two further trinket boxes and covers and a china soap dish. [s78]

LOT 487 £40/60 (04:30PM)

Four Royal Doulton figurines comprising Sweet One HN 1318, Top O'Hill HN 1834, Biddy Penny Farthing HN 1843 and Coralie HN 2307, a Coalport figurine, Geraldine, a Royal Worcester Figurine of the Year 1988, January, plus two further figurines [s76]

LOT 488 £30/40 (04:30PM)

Two large circular Japanese dishes in the Imari colours, a framed photograph and a composite figure of a monkey sitting on Darwin's books looking at a skull on a marble base. [s79]

LOT 489 £30/50 (04:30PM)

An Eastern brass samovar on two brass trays, a hammered metal Persian table top on wooden folding stand, a hubble bubble pipe and a large metal Asian figurine of a lady [under s79]

LOT 492 £20/30 (04:33PM)

Two shelves of glassware including a set of cut glass whisky tumblers, a set of six etched hock glasses, four lemonade glasses decorated with birds, two Guinness tankards, two decanters and stoppers, a set of cut glass brandy balloons, a bowl and cover plus further various glassware. [s81 & s82]

LOT 493 £25/35 (04:33PM)

A table lamp lot comprising of two large brass table lamps, a metal table lamp in the form of five single flowers, a china table lamp on heavy brass base and another in glass and metal plus three shades [under s82]

LOT 497 £30/50 (04:35PM)

A camera lot comprising of two Olympus CM10, a Leica manual, a Zeiss Ikon Ikonta, a Samsung AF 333, a Leitz Pradolux slide projector, a Quartz cine camera, further slide projectors, boxes of slides, a briefcase containing camera paraphernalia including a Constat thermostat, tripod, cartridges and a Tippa typewriter plus two folding tripods. [s63]

LOT 498 £30/50 (04:37PM)

A quantity of glassware including a yellow glass bowl, a blue glass vase, small blown glass animal figurines, Thomas Webb wine glasses, Dartington champagne flute, brandy balloons, fruit bowls, a Waterford crystal clock, all sorts [s84 & part of s87]

LOT 499 £40/60 (04:37PM)

A shelf and a half of glassware including a decanter and stopper, cut glass wine glasses, hock glasses, brandy balloons, whisky tumblers, a set Codornui champagne flutes, Gordon's gin wine glasses, flower bowls, jugs etc. [s85 & 88]

LOT 500 £25/35 (04:37PM)

Two cloisonne bowls on hardwood stands and a similar a similar plate on stand, an Oriental part tea service, a glass decanter and stopper, four cut glass brandy balloons, a glass jug and two glass fruit bowls [s86]