LOT 402 £10/15 (03:02PM)

A quantity of glassware including a set of four 19th century probably German etched water glasses decorated with birds and flowers, etched champagne saucers, sherry glasses and decanters . [end 2nd aisle]

LOT 413 £30/40 (03:09PM)

A good collection of cooking pots and pans and casserole dishes including Le Creuset lasagne dishes, frying pans, cafetieres, Breville sandwich maker, etc. [on top shelf G1 & G2]

LOT 416 £30/40 (03:11PM)

A shelf of glassware including a half-marked silver-collared decanter with stopper, three further decanters and stoppers, a set of eight cocktail glasses plus a further two, a Villeroy and Boch ashtray plus two further, two Kilner jar tankards, etc. [G3]

LOT 420 £20/30 (03:14PM)

Part dinner services including Midwinter Imperial pattern, Alfred Meakin Royal Marigold, Alfred Meakin Rose decorated, a white and silver '80s style tea service plus further dinner wares, a small companion set, a Sony cassette radio, a doll etc. [G6, G9, G12]

LOT 421 £60/80 (03:14PM)

A Bose model AV321 Media Centre, a pair of speakers, a pair of Bose Sound Dock digital musical system and a Bose PS321 powered speaker system plus the wires and an Apple keyboard. [G7]

LOT 422 £25/35 (03:16PM)

A mixed lot including a Polaroid camera, a Seasmoke Rigid drill, a Sony Handycam, a kitchen wall-light, an Xtreme torch, a folding desk lamp, carbon-monoxide alarm, a brass dog doorstop, a frog telephone. [G8]

LOT 427 £20/30 (03:18PM)

A mixed lot including a pair of Sony speakers, a Gaggia Classic coffee machine, Ferguson hand-held radio, Satsuma vase converted to a table-lamp, an onyx table-lamp, wooden mantle clock, a brass wall-light, a further metal coffee machine and a set of three oak dining chairs. [G14, G17 & above]

LOT 429 £10/15 (03:21PM)

A quantity of glassware including two glass ceiling shades, sherry and wine glasses, a box of vintage tools including spanners and saws, two aluminium cooking pots, a sundial, etc. [G16]

LOT 431 £25/40 (03:21PM)

A mixed lot including a hardwood tray with brass handles, a Gaggenau camping stove, an African scythe, African walking cane and wicker bowls and vase, two glass pineapple ornaments, glass inkwell, a pair of verdigris candlesticks and a classical bust of a girl. [G15 & 18]

LOT 432 £25/40 (03:21PM)

A mixed lot including an oak swing toilet mirror, two laptops, an Olivetti Lettera 22 portable typewriter, a green monitor, a Singer sewing machine, two vintage leather cases, and a fan. [under G19 & 22]

LOT 441 £30/50 (03:28PM)

An unusual mid-20th century electric heater with central elements in the shape of a boat styled as a twin-sailed sloop with original labels Sunning ? Electric Company Ltd. England. [on lot 855]

LOT 456 £70/90 (03:38PM)

Three enamelled cigarette signs: Piccadilly Junior size, Senior quality, 10 for 4d. 15 for 6d., 3 x 18 in, Park Drive Plain or Corked 10 for 4d. 12 x 15 in, Gold Flake Cigarettes W.D. & H.O. Wills, Bristol and London in yellow and gold on blue background, 21 x 18 in

LOT 460 £70/90 (03:40PM)

Two enamel signs: a seven-sided RAC sign in blue and white "Get-you-home-service"; and a triangular AA Automobile Association Breakdown Service sign in black and yellow.

LOT 464 £70/90 (03:42PM)

Nestle's Milk an oval enamel sign with central Swiss flag "Only one quality the best" "the richest in cream" white, yellow, black and red on blue background (21 in)

LOT 488 £130/150 (03:57PM)

"Mirro the new amazing household cleanser – Quick! Easy!" showing a tub of Mirro and a lady with a shining pan, yellow and white printing on a blue enamelled ground (30 x 20 in).

LOT 493 £130/160 (03:59PM)

South British Insurance Company (NZ) Fire Marine and Accident featuring a full-length portrait of Britannia holding the Union Jack, white printing on a green enamelled ground (24 x 36 in)

LOT 494 £130/160 (03:59PM)

Witch Soap "Let the clothes soak overnight – in the morning they'll be white" featuring a witch on a broomstick, yellow printing on a blue enamelled ground within a red border (24 x 36 in).

LOT 495 £220/300 (03:59PM)

Puritan Soap "Pure as the Breeze" featuring a young lady holding onto her hat, black and blue printing on a yellow enamelled ground within a blue border (26 x 32 in)

LOT 496 £270/320 (04:02PM)

A map of the Metropolitan Electric Tramways (NW London Area) featuring Waltham Cross, Barnet, Finsbury Park, Canons Park, Edgware Road and Ealing, with red printing on a white enamelled ground within a blue border (29 x 29 in)

LOT 497 £450/550 (04:02PM)

Triumphant Council: "M'Lud. It is so, it's in John Bull" featuring a court room scene with a judge and barristers one holding the magazine in blue and brown enamel, wooden frame. (31 x 23 in)