LOT 401 £25/35 (03:17PM)

A large framed Sterling Destroyed mirror/sign depicting a griffin and two modern walking canes with metal tops one styled with a dragon handle and the other a lion [under s89[]

LOT 403 £15/20 (03:19PM)

A vintage cased sewing machine, a 19th century metal teapot and sugar bowl, four walking canes including one with a horse head handle and another with duck head handle and a sword stick plus a decorative picture. [under s89]

LOT 405 £25/40 (03:19PM)

A mixed lot including a quantity of decorative collectable tins including Old Holborn, a quantity of vintage tools including Stanley manual drill and plane, plus an Ultra Transistor 6 portable radio and another by Bambino, a New Remington 5 electric shaver, cameras and accessories including a Polaroid 101 and a Fujica ST605, a Eumig projector etc. [pine shelves next to Z]

LOT 406 £20/30 (03:22PM)

A collection of Highland Terriers figurines by Country Artists and others, plus a quantity of owl figurines and two collectable Royal Worcester limited edition plates depicting planes [pine shelf by back door]

LOT 407 £40/70 (03:22PM)

A quantity of green Denby china jugs, teapot, gravy boat etc., a Pifco slow cooker, a Le Creuset casserole dish, tablecloths, coaster and placemats, a Doulton Burslem white glazed dish, two Le Creuset dishes, a quantity of tea cosies etc. [pine shelves back of the room]

LOT 408 £15/20 (03:22PM)

A mixed lot including a fire screen with embroidered panel, a Hanimex projector, two vintage biscuit tins, a small quantity of cutlery etc. [black shelves next to back door]

LOT 410 £30/50 (03:24PM)

Three shelves of various brassware including planters, ornaments, horse brasses on straps, vases, light fittings etc. plus a vintage wooded R White crate [G32, G35 & G38]

LOT 411 £20/30 (03:24PM)

Two shelves of mixed items including a black pottery two handled vase, a pottery stein with pewter lid, an oval unframed mirror, a large blue and white meat plate, a stainless steel tea set on tray, six boxed M&S wine glasses, a small boxed coffee service, a pestle and mortar etc. [G37 & G40]

LOT 414 £20/30 (03:27PM)

A quantity of artists materials comprising of four boxes of Windsor & Newton Galleria Acrylic paints plus further unboxed, two Windsor & Newton fixative sprays, plus Derwent charcoal pens, pro markers etc. and a small mahogany mantel clock [G34]

LOT 415 £20/30 (03:27PM)

A quantity of decorative glassware including a hat, jug, two Caithness etched vases, a blue overlaid glass vase and a box of beer mugs, decanter and stopper, dishes, etc., four Cadbury Cream Egg mugs and a quantity of electrical wares including a mechanical gage, replacement pads for a vice, car lights, a Polaroid camera, an ultrasound detector etc. [G33, G30, G27 & on floor opposite G28]

LOT 420 £10/15 (03:29PM)

A mixed lot including a large glass vase containing a large quantity of corks, a large terracotta pot and lid, a quantity of ornaments including money boxes, a Doulton jar and lid etc. [under G34]

LOT 421 £30/40 (03:29PM)

A quantity of vintage board games including shark chase, Noah's arc, a shopping game, a mitre premier league football, a 1980s Hulk Hogan Rules soft toy, a sing along tape recorder etc. [under G31 & G28]

LOT 422 £100/150 (03:31PM)

A large selection of vintage, collectable and antique fishing rods comprising carp, fly rods, spinning rods, some split cane, others built cane, some carbon fibre and includes "Samson" telescopic fly rod with shake rings (USA), a Charles Sykes sokut cab Salmon bait caster, an "Olympic" lodger rod, a Walker Bramforth three piece split cane fly rod and much more. (Qty)

LOT 427 £20/30 (03:34PM)

A collection of trinket boxes and covers including Wedgwood jasperware, four glass bells, a quantity of tea wares, a pink glass comport, a silver plated shell dish and cake plate, a deco green glass bowl, plates etc. [G6 & G3]

LOT 428 £40/60 (03:34PM)

Six Royal Copenhagen white circular plaques depicting Grecian figures, three pin cushion dolls, four Wedgwood basalt 'card' trinket trays, a Royal Worcester cheese knife, a quantity of green Wedgwood jasperware china including vases, two trinket boxes and covers, etc. and six boxed wall hangings in gilt frames plus two terracotta framed plaques, a cranberry glass vase, glass and serving bowl [G4]

LOT 429 £30/40 (03:34PM)

A Sony DVD player and a Sony LBT A190 midi stacking system, a Bush monitor, a pair of Sony speakers and another by Pioneer etc. [under G7 & G4]

LOT 430 £20/30 (03:36PM)

Three shelves of general household goods including salt and pepper grinders, cutlery, storage jars, trays, mixing bowls, an blue Art Deco glass bowl, glasses, mugs etc. [G7, G10 & G13]

LOT 431 £20/30 (03:36PM)

Two shelves of mixed items including a quantity of drinking glasses, a pair of prints, commemorative mugs, a Sona aluminium teapot, a Russian seal ornament, a small Aynsley clock etc. [G8 & G11]

LOT 432 £20/40 (03:36PM)

Disco lights and a Realistic SSM-2100 Stereo sound mixer, a Pulsar 02250 Light Converter, Rank Aldis Slide Projector and a Pioneer DVD Player. [G9 & G12]

LOT 433 £50/80 (03:36PM)

An unused high performance twin exhaust motorbike in stainless steel, possibly for a KTMLC8V twin engine, and from the same bike a wing-mirror, a rear number-plate assembly LK59 BVJ with indicator lights, fairing parts, etc. [under G10]

LOT 436 £25/35 (03:39PM)

A mixed lot including a large brass ship's bell "Albion 1952", a quantity of leather-cased decanters and stoppers, a vintage bottle of Smirnoff Vodka, a bottle of Brut Dargent Chardonnay 2011, a vintage bottle of Coca-Cola, a large Valdespino Sherry decanter. [G14]

LOT 437 £30/50 (03:39PM)

Three shelves of household crockery and glassware, including Porcelaine de Paris breakfast ware with pink roses, Mintons Haddon Hall three-tier cake-stand, Wedgwood Sarah's Garden cups and saucers, various dishes, bowls, etc {G15, G18 & G19]

LOT 438 £20/30 (03:41PM)

A mixed household lot including two Fortnum & Mason Stilton and Port jars, serving plates, trays, a Naturecraft figurine of a golfer No. 840, a Stuart crystal glass jar with silver-plated lid, a glass and silver-plated jam dish, a cased bar set and a John Lewis boxed star nibbles dish etc. [G16]

LOT 442 £25/35 (03:43PM)

A Bosch GS40 vacuum cleaner, a black tool box, a rattan trunk, a circular pine mirror, a Hoover Handy Vacuum cleaner. [under G22 & G25]

LOT 453 £50/90 (03:51PM)

Champagne: Veuve Clicquot Brut (x1); Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 2000, with box (x1); Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial, in sealed box (x1); and 4 bottles of sparkling wine incl. Lindauer and Hardys (levels and conditions not stated) (6) [G24]

LOT 454 £50/80 (03:51PM)

Champagne: Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut (x1); Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rose (x1); Taittinger Brut Reserve (x1); and Champagne Inflorescence Blanc de Noirs, Cote de Val Vilaine (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) (4) [G24]

LOT 455 £50/90 (03:51PM)

Champagne: Veuve Clicquot Brut (x1); Louis Roederer Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2011, with box (x1); Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial 1995, with box (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) (3) [G21]

LOT 456 £25/40 (03:51PM)

Wine: Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2017 La Grange St-Martin, 150 cl (x1); and Gran Amat Cava, 75 cl (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) (2) [G21]

LOT 456B £30/40 (03:53PM)

Western Gold Bourbon whisky 70 cl (x1), Gin Mare gin 70 cl (x1), Martini 75 cl (x2), Aperol 75 cl (x1), Dubonet 75 cl (x1), vodka 37.5 cl (x2), angostura bitters 200ml (x1), Norfolk Punch etc (13 bottles) [G20]

LOT 458 £15/20 (03:53PM)

Gordon's Special Dry London Gin, 70% proof (x1); Guinness Christmas Brew 1981, 330 ml (x9); two half-bottles of Casillero del Diablo; and 10 miniature bottles including sherry and gin (levels and conditions not stated) (22) [G25]

LOT 459 £10/20 (03:55PM)

A selection of miniatures including whisky, and a bottle of Robert Cain's Christmas Ale (levels and conditions not stated) (quantity) [G25]

LOT 460 £20/40 (03:55PM)

Table wines, including Cabernet Merlot, Pouilly Fume, Pinot Grigio, Cotes du Roussillon, etc. (levels and conditions not stated) (28) [G22]

LOT 461 £30/50 (03:55PM)

Virgin Vodka, premium strength, 1 litre (x1); Cockburn's Special Reserve Port (x3); Harvey's Club Amontillado (x1); Dubonnet (x1); Offley Ruby Port (x1); Super Cassis, 500 ml (x1); Orange Curacao, 50 cl (x1); Bols Creme de Menthe (x1) and Bols Cherry Brandy (x1), each 18.6 cl; British Navy Rum, 200 ml (x1); and Tio Pepe (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) (12) [G22]

LOT 462 £30/50 (03:55PM)

Grunderbrand (x2), bottle nos. 264077 and 265526; Schinkenhager, stone bottle (x1); Bonaventura Maschio Prime Uve 1993, with box (x1); Aalborg Akvavit, 1 litre (x1) and 24.66 fl. oz (x1); Malteserkreuz Aquavit, 1 litre (x1); Noilly Prat Extra Dry, 1 litre (x1); Fernet-Branca (x1); and Lie du Grillon Eau de Vie (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) (10) [G39]

LOT 463 £50/80 (03:58PM)

Bacardi Superior, 1.5 litre (x1); Tio Pepe, 1 litre (x1); Sandeman Picador Fine Tawny Port, 1 litre (x2); and Harveys Bristol Cream, 1 litre (x2) (levels and conditions not stated) (6) [G39]

LOT 464 £180/250 (03:58PM)

Whisky: The Glenlivet 12 years old Unblended All Malt Scotch Whisky, 75 cl (x4), three in sealed boxes (levels and conditions not stated) (4) [G39]

LOT 466 £60/80 (03:58PM)

Whisky: Buchanan's Reserve Finest Blended Cask Scotch Whisky, 1 litre (x3), in sealed boxes (levels and conditions not stated) (3) [G39]

LOT 467 £30/50 (04:00PM)

Doornkaat Privat Feiner Alter Korngenever, bottle no. 119210, with box (x1); Doornkaat Traditionsbrand Feiner ostfriesischer Korngenever, 70 cl (x2); Cusenier Orange, 70 cl (x1); Pere Magloire Calvados, Carte Jaune, 70 cl (x2) (levels and conditions not stated) (6) [G39]

LOT 468 £50/80 (04:00PM)

Whisky: Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 year Extra Special Old Scotch Whisky, 1 litre (x1), with box; Johnnie Walker Black Label, 1 litre (x1), in sealed box; and Haig Gold Label Scotch Whisky, 1 litre (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) (3) [G36]

LOT 470 £30/50 (04:00PM)

Harveys Bristol Cream, 1 litre (x2); Gordon's Dry London Gin, 83% proof, 1 litre (x1); Sandeman Ruby Port, 1 litre (x1); Heinz Samson Blended Scotch Whisky, 12 years old, 75 cl (x1), in original cellophane; Grand 41 Rare Reserve Brandy, 75 cl (x1); and a bottle of Kirsch (levels and conditions not stated) (7) [G36]

LOT 473 £50/90 (04:03PM)

Brandy: Marc Morin, 70 cl (x1); Courvoisier Napoleon Old Liqueur Cognac, 680 ml (x1), in box; and Larressingle Armagnac, 70 cl (x1), in box (levels and conditions not stated) (3) [G33]

LOT 474 £40/70 (04:03PM)

Whisky: Chivas Regal 12 years old Scotch Whisky, 1.75 litre (x1), with box; Teacher's Old Scotch Whisky, 1 litre (x1); and Ballantine's 12 years old Scotch Whisky (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) (3) [G33]

LOT 475 £40/60 (04:05PM)

Henriques & Henriques Madeira Reserva Sercial E.C. 1961, 75 cl (x1); and D.O.M. Benedictine, 75 cl (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) [G33] (2)