LOT 401 £25/40 (02:53PM)

A mixed lot including a pair of mahogany barleytwist table lamps, a brass open work table lamp and another, a pair of heavy brass candlesticks, a brass desk inkstand, two wooden bird ornaments, a black lacquer tray, a wooden grain scoop, a large glass vase etc. [under s72]

LOT 402 £30/40 (02:55PM)

A large Oriental Imari ginger jar and cover converted to a table lamp, a carved wooden table screen, a large pair of brass candlesticks, a wooden Oriental box, a stoneware pig ornament, a Baby's Record Book, a silver-plated dish etc.

LOT 408 £40/60 (02:58PM)

A set of Stuart crystal wine glasses, a set of nine Royal Doulton cut glass wine glasses plus six matching brandy balloons and six matching whisky tumblers, cut glass lemonade glasses, champagne flutes, three glass decanters and stoppers etc. [s75 & part of s78]

LOT 409 £30/50 (02:58PM)

A mixed lot including a Sevres white and gilt teapot and cover, milk jug and cream bowl, Pan Am memorabilia comprising playing cards, mugs, coasters, badges, lanyard, model planes etc., a reproduction Beatles Abbey Road NW8 two musical instruments, road sign, a hardstone globe, a box of tea lights and holders figurines etc. [s76 & W9]

LOT 410 £20/30 (03:00PM)

A quantity of camping equipment including rucksack, camping stove and lights, a scouting blanket with badges and a Pifco table fan [under s76]

LOT 411 £120/180 (03:00PM)

A fine large studio stoneware jar by David Lloyd Jones (1928-1994), circa 1988, in a rich tenmoku glaze with iron brown decoration, 33.5 cm high, LJ seal mark, a studio stoneware jar by Svend Bayer, with three loop handles, 17.8 cm high (Provenance: Bought by the vendor from the potter in 2001 for £50) and a studio stoneware large jug by David Lloyd Jones (1928-1994), circa 1976, with olive glaze, 39.5 cm high, three-line impressed mark [M]

LOT 413 £100/150 (03:00PM)

Six 19th century Indian koftgari dishes, variously decorated with stylised floral and other motifs, 7.4 – 20 cm diameter and a WMF Art Nouveau small tray in silver-plated pewter cast with Sapphic female heads, 28 cm [W]

LOT 414 £15/20 (03:02PM)

A Bush flat screen monitor, two Creative speakers, two table lamps, a laptop bag, a folding music stand, an Oriental hat and a pair of MBT trainers size 5.5 [room]

LOT 416 £40/60 (03:02PM)

A pair of large floor standing Oriental vases decorated with geishas, a pair of orange glazed table lamps, a stylised stoneware clock and a large carved stone figure [under s79]

LOT 417 £20/30 (03:02PM)

A Bresser Optik telescope and computer control tripod (telescopes have not been checked for their completeness) [floor next to pine shelves]

LOT 419 £60/80 (03:05PM)

A shelf of very pretty perfume bottles including vintage and Ralph Lauren, three bottles of unopened aftershave including Givenchy and Armani etc. [s80]

LOT 425 £30/40 (03:07PM)

A mixed lot including a table lamp and shade, three beaded light shades, two sets of vintage grocers scales and weights, a vintage brass car horn, brass mug, an amber glass bowl etc. [next to s83]

LOT 428 £30/40 (03:10PM)

A good collection of blue glass including perfume bottles and stoppers and vases, a clay model of a nude female and two small frames [s83]

LOT 430 £60/80 (03:12PM)

A large quantity of cameras, camera equipment and video cameras including three Nikon cameras: F80, F2 8068829 and N8008, a Nikon lens AF-VR-Nikkor, plus many other lenses, light meters etc. [s83]

LOT 434 £30/40 (03:14PM)

A collection of mainly matching drinking glass wares plus others, a Wedgwood Devon Rose teapot, a Doulton figurine 'Daffy Down Dill HN1712, a blue swirl perfume bottle and stopper etc. [s86 & part 89]

LOT 435 £30/40 (03:14PM)

A quantity of camera equipment including a Nikon D100 camera, camera bags, a cased tripod, a vintage projector, camping chairs, lenses, wires etc. [under s86]

LOT 436 £25/40 (03:14PM)

A shelf of mixed glass ware including eight Babycham glasses, cake plate and cover, six engraved wine glasses, a rose bowl, perfume atomisers, a bell etc. [s88]

LOT 437 £25/35 (03:14PM)

A watercolour of a Mediterranean scene depicting houses and the sea and a watercolour of an Oriental lady with umbrella both in gilt frames. [s87]

LOT 439 £25/35 (03:17PM)

A large carved elephant figure, an Oriental carved cork montage, a sherry flask and cups, an onyx horse, a silver plated platter, a Canon camera, a carved wood panel, wooden fruit, brass ornaments, [under s89]

LOT 443 £30/40 (03:19PM)

A chess board and pieces, a print of aeroplanes, and electric medical box and a pair of cased 7×50 binoculars. These items belonged to John Ward,RAF pilot and later a secret service agent acting directly for Winston Churchill. [pine shelf back of room]

LOT 444 £30/40 (03:19PM)

A collection of mainly vintage folding cameras including Ensign Epsilon, Zeiss Ikon Protor, Kodak ball bearing shutter etc. [pine shelves at the back]

LOT 445 £25/40 (03:19PM)

Vintage projectors and slide machines including Cabin, Gnome Supreme 300 and Suprette Muray, a Saisho cassette recorder, a Eumig 800 video camera etc. [pine shelves at the back]

LOT 446 £25/40 (03:22PM)

A vintage tool box and contents, silver-plated tureens, flatware, a teasmaid, Swan electric kettle, a sewing box and contents etc. [pine shelves back of room]

LOT 447 £30/50 (03:22PM)

A quantity of cameras and accessories including Olympus Trip, Kodak Brownie Ensign, Ful-Vue, Halina etc., Olympus lenses, tripods, camera bags etc. [pine shelf]

LOT 448 £25/30 (03:22PM)

A mixed lot including a portable cassette recorder. A Sharp electric typewriter, two briefcases, china, walking sticks, a table lamp and shade etc. [black shelves back door]

LOT 451 £30/40 (03:24PM)

Two shelves of china including a German blue and white part tea service in the Meissen style, novelty cat teapot, planters, a pair of Oriental orange ground vases, Imari bowl, flower encrusted wall pocket decorated with a bird, two lace ballerinas, figurines, a white 1970s Bakelite phone, copper jug, a Wedgwood Jasperware vase, blue and white meat plate, glass perfume bottle and stopper, Parian figure of a cherub by Villa. [G38 & G35]

LOT 452 £25/40 (03:24PM)

A Bisley air rifle cleaning kit in box, a boxed American army Straightflight JR Compass, a Ring Endurance camping light and a boxed Seafarer D800 Navigation system. [G39]

LOT 453 £10/15 (03:24PM)

A Sheree Tandbere taped tape recorder, a quantity of kitchen items including a food processor, a gold soda syphon, brass fireside implements, cooking pans, etc. [G40]

LOT 455 £40/60 (03:26PM)

A vintage Royal portable typewriter with skeleton keys, a 19th century mahogany tea caddy, clock case, decorative box, glass dome, small Panasonic television, two circular glass light-shades, a small quantity of brass including a pair of candlesticks, perpetual calendar, tray, copper jug, two glass perfume bottles and stoppers, copper hammered tray, a quantity of sound recording tapes, a wicker basket . [G37, G34 & part G31]

LOT 456 £30/40 (03:26PM)

A quantity of Imari pattern china including vases, bowls, ginger jars and covers, plates, etc., two large green ground vases decorated with flowers, a pair of blue ground vases and covers decorated in the style of Angelica Kaufmann, a blue and white dinner plate and matching gravy jug, two decorative frames, a quantity of decorative plates, Wedgwood Jasperware bowl and patch box and cover, etc. [G3, G30]

LOT 457 £20/30 (03:29PM)

A mixed lot including Panasonic telephones, mini radio with speakers, a Kodak Easyshare sport camera, a photograph box, a small quantity of DVDs, silver-plated dish and photo frame, further photograph frames, a small jardiniere, a silver-plated hip flask, Simply Smooth ladies razor in box, a quantity of rulers, a Sharp DVNC65 Video/DVD Recorder, a Roberts Portable Radio, a real mixed lot. [G29 & part G26]

LOT 458 £25/40 (03:29PM)

Electronic projector, a Rollei Projector P350A, a metal handle, a cased General Electric Company electrical implement, a large metal microscope on wooden base, two Victorian children's nightdresses, an oval mirror etc. [under G34 & G31]

LOT 459 £25/40 (03:29PM)

A mixed lot including model die cast cars including those from the Darling Buds of May, Express Dairy, Tetley Tea, Oxford die cast Matchbox, etc. all in their original boxes, three pewter steins, a small quantity of glassware including wine glasses and commemorative glasses, a green pressed glass cream jug and sugar bowl, four plaster packs containing models of footballers, a small quantity of records, two ice-buckets, biscuit barrel and five small books including Common Prayers, etc. [G36]

LOT 461 £10/15 (03:31PM)

A chrome table lamp and shade, three lace ballerina figurines, a pair of cherub-style candle holders, a vintage brass candlestick, a small shell-style wall mirror, a table lamp, cherub figurines, etc. [G27]

LOT 462 £20/30 (03:31PM)

A mainly electrical lot including a Morphy Richards microwave oven, a Samsung DVD player, a Sanyo hand held video recorder, Apple TV connector, a lava lamp, microphone, Babyliss shaver, Russell & Hobbs iron, travel cot, etc. [G28]

LOT 463 £40/60 (03:31PM)

A large collection of terracotta plant pots including circular, square and rectangular plus two adjustable reading lights and a small quantity of garden tools. [end 1st aisle]

LOT 464A £25/35 (03:34PM)

A Villeroy & Boch Petit Fleur pattern part tea service, a Bohemia crystal bowl. A wooden plate and dishes, two blue and white goblets, a lacquer box and cover etc. [on 903]

LOT 465 £20/30 (03:34PM)

A luggage set comprising a pair of lightweight suitcases, four cabin bags, a collapsible suitcase and a velvet throw and a wicker storage basket. [on lot 902]

LOT 466 £20/30 (03:34PM)

A 27 inch Techwood flat screen television plus a divider box from Dunelm and a small Techwood monitor and another by Celcus [on lot 899]

LOT 468 £30/40 (03:36PM)

A bag of golf clubs including John Letters and Daiwa, plus a Tryglider Gold Trolley, a McLaren foldable pushchair, garden seats in bags and a pair of Speedo flippers. [2nd aisle]

LOT 470 £60/80 (03:36PM)

A Dyson hot and cool fan, a Cuprinol fence sprayer, a Karcher K2 compact pressure washer, a folding music stand, an empty guitar case, a gold coloured adjustable reading light, two large silver Trider exercise balls and a collapsible circular garden table. [on lot 891]

LOT 472 £30/40 (03:38PM)

A musical instrument lot comprising a mandolin by G. Grandini, a mandolin in case, a violin with label inside, possibly Mapp, a Zither and a lacrosse racket. [on lot 890]

LOT 473 £30/50 (03:38PM)

A mixed lot including a pair of brass shell cases, a pair of Brevette French bike pedals, a small box of coins, a metal Tilley lamp, flat iron, a small collection of men's magazines, a set of three large metal frying pans, a large flower holder, a quantity of frames, old metal cooking pots and a quantity of vintage tools including hammers, etc. [on & around lot 881 beginning of 2nd aisle]

LOT 477A £30/50 (03:41PM)

A small filing case, a Cougar Rotary Hammer Drill and rolls of essential multi-purpose non-slip matting, a film projector and a Black & Decker Workmate. [on lot 874]

LOT 481 £20/30 (03:43PM)

An Aiwa NSX-500 Midi Hi-fi system with two speakers, Panasonic phone, a Bush Digital Terrestrial Receiver, an Aiwa cassette recorder, a Pentax camera, two old phones and a Virgin Media box. [on lot 871]

LOT 482 £30/40 (03:43PM)

A Meade telescope D80 mm F800 mm, plus another and a large Meade tripod (telescopes have not been checked for their completeness) [on lot 856]

LOT 485 £20/30 (03:46PM)

A large collection of luggage including five suitcases, two carryon bags and a quantity of further luggage bags and cases. [on lot 853 and under G7 opposite]

LOT 487 £30/40 (03:48PM)

Four shelves of ornaments and dinner wares including cat figurines, trinket boxes and covers, cherub candlesticks, a pair of champleve enamel and brass candlesticks, two clocks, Wedgwood Jasperware, decorative plates, novelty teapots, etc. [G1]

LOT 489 £15/20 (03:48PM)

A mixed lot including a wooden writing box and jewellery box, a small quantity of glassware, a pair of small Wade planters, two dog figurines including Sylvac, pewter Stein, a Metamec mantel clock, etc. [G3]

LOT 490 £25/35 (03:50PM)

Two shelves of mixed items including planters, a set of 1950s red graduated jugs, a pair of onyx horses, novelty holiday items, a pair of boot planters, a Royal Worcester gold coloured tureen and cover, etc. [G4 & G7]

LOT 493 £15/30 (03:50PM)

A quantity of glassware including two Murano glass bowls, brandy balloons, dessert bowls, hors d'oeuvres dishes, a set of six wine glasses, a set of 16 dessert bowls, fruit dishes plus a small quantity of coins, a cased thimble and dishes etc. [G6 & part G9]

LOT 495 £25/35 (03:53PM)

Two shelves of glass and other wares including a Quran stand, etched glass vases, fruit bowls, vases, candle stands, plus wooden fruit bowl and three miniature books, etc. [G8, G11]

LOT 496 £10/15 (03:53PM)

A quantity of tea and dinnerware including blue and white tureen and cover, Cornishware butter dish, blue and white meat plates and further dinner plates, Royal Albert Old Country Roses three plates, a bowl and a teacup, plus further decorative cabinet and dinner plates. [G12 & part of G9]