LOT 401 £40/60 (02:45PM)

Two brass oil lamps with circular glass shades, a set of three china wall-flying finches and another set of three flying ducks, a Bossons black labrador head, a tulip wall-pocket and another modelled as a fish, a large carved wooden elephant, two Burlington character jugs, a Salco stein, a shooting trophy, and various items of metalware including condiments and decorative spoons [s1]

LOT 402 £40/60 (02:45PM)

A Capodimonte lace figurine of a seated lady in 18th century dress, a Royal Doulton figurine of Diana, Princess of Wales, and a pair of blue and white figurines of a lady and gent in 18th century dress. [s2]

LOT 404 £30/50 (02:45PM)

15 small Royal Doulton character jugs including Churchill D6934, Mad Hatter D4602, and Old Salt D6554, two Beswick Beatrix Potter figurines 'Mr Jackson' and 'Jeremy Fisher', another by Royal Albert 'Mr Jeremy Fisher digging' and a fourth by Royal Doulton 'Dusty Dogwood', plus Royal Doulton 'Bramley Hedge' china comprising seven plates and a child's part tea service approximately 17 pieces, plus a boxed Barbie GAP doll. [s3]

LOT 406 £25/40 (02:47PM)

A pair of Venetian glass decanters and stoppers in yellow and blue, two heavy Murano glass dishes, pink glass vase, a large flower ornament, Staffordshire-style figurine of a poodle, an Abbeydale flower-encrusted pot and cover and an Oriental plate. [s5]

LOT 408 £70/90 (02:47PM)

11 Royal Doulton figurines comprising Abigail HN4824, Elyse HN2429, Fleur HN2368, Henley HN3367, The Bride HN2166, Elegance HN2264, Leading Lady HN2269, Jessica HN3850, Katy HN5118, Fleurette HN1587 and Chloe HN1470. [s6]

LOT 409 £30/50 (02:49PM)

Two shelves of crystal glassware including a set of 11 cut glass hock glasses, iridescent brandy balloons, etched wine glasses, champagne saucers, decanters and stoppers, brandy balloons, vases, Bohemia whisky glasses, etc. [s7 & 11]

LOT 410 £25/40 (02:49PM)

A Grindley cream petal part dinner service including tureens and lids, plus Till & Son 1920s part dinner service including tureens and covers, dinner plates, etc. [s8]

LOT 410A £20/30 (02:49PM)

A shelf of glassware including brandy balloons, decanter and stopper, etched glass fruit bowls, tumblers, wine glasses, jugs, etc. [s12 part of s8]

LOT 412 £20/30 (02:52PM)

A small collection of coloured glassware including a ruby glass perfume bottle, green glass bottles, cranberry vases, a large turquoise vase, etc. [s9]

LOT 415 £50/70 (02:52PM)

A Shelley Mabel Lucie Attwell teapot, six Goebels Hummel figurines of children, a pair of Staffordshire-style figurines of sheep, a Royal Doulton jug decorated with Dutch ladies, a Crown Staffordshire bell, a reproduction small figure of an ancient Eastern warrior, a boxed Jersey 25 pence coin, a Charles and Diana commemorative coin and an Irish penny. [s14]

LOT 419 £20/30 (02:54PM)

A Denby Green Wheat part dinner service, a large wooden pestle, a boxed commemorative Charles and Diana glass mug and another similar, three decorative plates, etc. [s15]

LOT 421 £25/35 (02:57PM)

A quantity of glassware including a pair of glass baskets with central bird motif in red, a rose bowl, a bell and a large glass fruit bowl, plus a set of four silver-plated napkin rings in box. [s14]

LOT 422 £20/30 (02:57PM)

A mixed lot including a large blue meat plate, stone bird ornaments, composite Beatrix Potter figures, boxed cake knives, a Rumtopf, decorative elephants and a rhinoceros, limited edition print, oil and vinegar jars, etc. [s16]

LOT 426 £40/60 (02:59PM)

A Royal Crown Derby 'Derby Posies' part tea and coffee service including salt and paper pots, cake plates, etc., approximately 28 pieces. [s18]

LOT 427 £30/40 (02:59PM)

A small electrical lot comprising a Dell Inspiron laptop, a pair Dell D425 speakers, Logitech mouse (x 2), a Silvercrest wireless mouse, etc. [s19]

LOT 428 £25/35 (03:01PM)

Two ebony carved elephants plus another large wooden carved elephant, a framed cork model, two oriental jewellery boxes, a wooden tea caddy, a pair of wooden carved ornaments in the shape of lotus blossom, an Orrefors paperweight depicting an ice-hockey player, a quantity of small Limoges dishes and miniature chinaware and an Oriental blue and white teapot on stand. [s19]

LOT 429 £30/40 (03:01PM)

A shelf of mainly blue and white crockery, including Immortelle pattern, also Royal Worcester green tea ware, other polychrome tea wares, etc. [s20]

LOT 430 £15/20 (03:01PM)

Two large decorative conch shells and a small quantity of ceramics including 'cottage Derby', studio stoneware jug, etc., and a small figure of a Buddha [end pine shelves]

LOT 431 £15/20 (03:01PM)

24 pieces of Royal Doulton Clarendon dinnerware, including a vegetable dish with cover, and a quantity of Poole Argosy crockery [end pine shelves]

LOT 433 £15/20 (03:04PM)

Three boxes of mixed electrical and household items including torches, screwdriver piece bits, nails, drain cleaner, etc. [pine shelves next to s21]

LOT 434 £30/40 (03:04PM)

A Lladro seated ballerina, a Lladro figurine of a girl with a basket, a large Nao figurine of a girl plus another with a hoop and a Nao figurine of a girl modelled as a playing card. [s21]

LOT 435 £30/50 (03:04PM)

A quantity of part tea services including Coalport 'Fragrance' pattern, Royal Doulton 'Counterpoint', Masons 'Strathmore', Spode's 'Italian', etc. [s22, 26 & part of 30]

LOT 436 £30/40 (03:06PM)

A large red glazed table lamp and shade, a green Celadon-style table lamp, a wall sconce, white glazed table lamp and three cut glass wall sconces on brass frames. [s22 & 25]

LOT 437 £30/40 (03:06PM)

A large quantity of glassware including four decanters and stoppers, cut glass vases, fruit bowls, champagne flutes, whisky tumblers, dessert bowls, sherry glasses, jugs, etc. [s23 & part 27]

LOT 438 £30/50 (03:06PM)

A mixed lot including a Japanese cloisonne vase, oval gilt-framed wall mirror, a pair of wall figural embossed wall plates, a pair of Losol ware vases, Wedgwood dish, modern Japanese plate, etc. [s24]

LOT 439 £30/40 (03:06PM)

A quantity of Lilliput Lane cottages, approximately 30, of varying sizes, an oil on board of roses signed J Watt, and another signed J Frost. [s27]

LOT 440 £40/60 (03:09PM)

Various tea and dinner wares including Royal Worcester 'Evesham' pattern tea and dinner service, Paragon 'Harmony' pattern tea service, Noritake 'Glenabbey' pattern tea service, a quantity of blue and white plates and tureens 19th century and later, a pair of Royal Worcester egg coddlers, six Wedgwood 'Pembroke' pattern bowls, plus further tea and dinner wares. [s28 & 32]

LOT 441 £40/60 (03:09PM)

A shelf of coloured glassware including Modena vases, bowls, paperweights, Vaseline glass vase, art glass bowls, Coronation goblet and another in china. [s29]

LOT 442 £25/35 (03:09PM)

A mixed lot including a copper hunting horn and bugle, an Oriental framed cork picture, Mary Gregory style glass tankard, bird figurines, an elaborate elephant figurine, trinket boxes and covers, miniature tea service on tray, etc. [s30]

LOT 443 £30/40 (03:09PM)

A shelf of decorative ceramics, including a pair of RSPB bird vases, Wedgwood Duke of Edinburgh box, Kutani eggshell tea wares, blue-printed meat dish, limited edition plates, artist doll, etc. [s31]

LOT 444 £40/60 (03:11PM)

Three Lladro figurines comprising a large figure of a lady, another of a gentleman stood by an open chest of drawers and thirdly a little girl carrying a flowerpot. [s29]

LOT 445 £25/40 (03:11PM)

A mixed lot including a pair of F J Thornton & Co 'Viking' grocer's scales and weights, decorative wooden birdcage, a heavy brass two-handled goblet, antique keys, two vintage umbrellas, a set of wooden coasters, nut-crackers, antique ladle, etc. [s33]

LOT 446 £25/40 (03:11PM)

A vintage abacus, Masons ironstone bowl full of seashells, five commemorative mugs, a small quantity of souvenir ware, decorative glass swans and snails, metal fruit basket with papier mache fruit, etc. [s34]

LOT 447 £25/35 (03:11PM)

Two shelves of mixed items including an Alfred Meakin hunting decorated part dinner service, Masons Ironstone bowl and matching teapot, orange Carnival glass bowl and vase, Bradford Exchange collectible plates depicting trains, a huntingware teapot and milk jug, two Beswick character jugs 'Dolly Varden' and 'Peggotty', further decorative teapots, dinnerwares including commemorative. [s39 & 35]

LOT 448 £30/40 (03:13PM)

A mixed lot of china including Royal Tuscan part tea and dinner service white glazed with gold rim, Polish blue and white check part coffee service, a large tureen and cover, a pair of figurines, collectors plates, etc. [s36 & part s40]

LOT 449 £40/60 (03:13PM)

A collection of figurines mainly depicting the Moulin Rouge and Can-Can dancers, three composite art deco style figurines, plus comical Limited Edition ornaments and a model of the Venus de Milo [s37

LOT 451 £25/35 (03:13PM)

A small mixed lot including boxed cutlery sets, a large magnifying glass plus two smaller, two Oriental jewellery boxes and a bamboo brush pot, etc. [s35]

LOT 453 £30/40 (03:16PM)

A mixed lot including a large brass oil lamp and floral decorated shade, a Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee commemorative tea for two service, a Poole pottery vase, two Crown and Rose pewter tankards plus further decorative jug, vases and baskets [s41 and part s45]

LOT 455 £20/30 (03:16PM)

Part tea services including Duchess Tranquility, Queens Olde England, a Royal Worcester gold decorated teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug, two teapots etc. [s43]

LOT 456 £60/80 (03:18PM)

Three carved Oriental figures from the Meiji period, four Russian lacquer trinket boxes, a circular lacquer tray, two Indian hardstone trinket boxes, a peacock lacquer trinket box, two boxed sets of menu holders from St Hilaire, Paris, a carved tooth on stand decorated with a seal, two hand painted scent bottles etc. [43]

LOT 459 £30/40 (03:18PM)

Assorted tea services including Paragon Michelle, Royal Albert Silver Maple, Royal Vale, Wedgwood collectors' plates, three limited edition plates after Clarice Cliff, etc. [s46 & s50]

LOT 461 £30/40 (03:21PM)

A quantity of glassware including six boxed Dartington whisky tumblers, wineglasses, vases, fruit bowls, decanters and stoppers, jugs etc. [s48]

LOT 462 £40/60 (03:21PM)

A large Thai bronze figure of a dancer on wooden stand, a Thai bronze figure of a kneeling deity in prayer and a small figurine of Ganesh [s49]

LOT 463 £20/30 (03:21PM)

A shelf of mixed items including a brass desk lamp, trinket boxes, pottery stein with pewter lid, a Ronson table lighter, trinket boxes and covers, vintage floral decorated glass plates, blue Wedgwood jasperware vases, jewellery boxes, teacups etc. [s51]

LOT 465 £30/40 (03:23PM)

A good wooden cased striking mantle clock, two brass trivets and a circular dish, a brass circular wall barometer, a carved Asian wooden bust, a framed picture plus decorative jugs and vases [s52]

LOT 469 £30/40 (03:25PM)

A mixed lot comprising of 40 black and white prints by John Starling, a carved wooden door panel, a wall hanging depicting a tiger, a small quantity of books including Belgium A&C Black London 1908, English – German dictionary 1903 Muret-Sander and Shakespeare’s Histories and Comedy Vol II and III [s55]

LOT 470 £30/40 (03:25PM)

A mixed lot comprising a pair of Continental Classical figurines, a Danish dish decorated with a seagull, a gent's vintage cased travelling set, a family Bible, a Fujifilm camera, two pairs of cased binoculars, a glass bowl, wooden correspondence box etc. [s56]

LOT 472 £30/40 (03:28PM)

A mahogany inlaid mantel clock by Gilbert, a wooden writing box, a gent's travelling grooming set, a set of cased Entury 7×50 binoculars, vintage cigarette cases and razors, a brass trinket box, an anniversary clock, etc. [s58]

LOT 473 £25/40 (03:28PM)

A Royal Doulton Victorian Garden part tea and dinner service, a set of six Royal Worcester gold-decorated pots and covers, a Minton Haddon Hall bowl, a Royal Doulton Tivoli pattern part tea service, Pormeirion Botanic Garden part tea service etc. [s59]

LOT 475 £80/120 (03:28PM)

Twelve Royal Doulton figurines comprising Janet HN 1537, Christmas Morning HN 4894, Lady Charmain HN 1949, Louisa HN 4969, Katie HN 5118, Jennifer HN 2392, Southern Belle HN 2229, Louise HN 3207, Charlotte HN 2421, Happy Birthday HN 3660, Laura HN 2960 and Queen Mother Figure Head [s61]

LOT 476 £20/30 (03:30PM)

Three Villeroy & Boch storage jars design Naif, a pair of pottery Fo dogs, a decorative pottery planter, a hammered copper wall plaque modelled as a vase of flowers , vintage stoneware bottles and a Portuguese plate [s62]

LOT 477 £25/35 (03:30PM)

Three Staffordshire style fireside dogs and a similar pair of cats, a carved wooden bust of Buddha, two Doulton Lambeth hunting jugs, six 19th century green leaf plates and a dish, two Masons ironstone jugs, an Oriental blue and white teapot, ginger jars and covers, a pair of blue Wedgwood jasper ware heart-shaped dishes and a pot etc. [s63]

LOT 478 £30/40 (03:30PM)

A quantity of vintage brass fireside implements, a brass tray, two 19th century irons, a brass desk inkwell, a grain scoop, two small trays of stainless steel tea and dinner wares, a wooden two-handled tray, four pottery soup bowls with lids etc. [under s63 and part of s66]

LOT 481 £25/40 (03:33PM)

A 14 piece Japanese tea service decorated with flowers, an Oriental vase converted to a table lamp, a pair of pink ground Noritake vases decorated with flowers and a large glass fruit bowl [s64]

LOT 482 £25/40 (03:33PM)

Mixed china including Royal Crown Derby 'Derby Posies' cup saucers, vases, pin trays etc., a Beswick Beatrix Potter Old Mr Brown Owl figurine, artist set, Aynsley flower ornament, character jugs, cream jugs etc. [s65}

LOT 483 £25/40 (03:33PM)

A quantity of blue and white china including two meat plates, Royal Victorian bowls, a tureen and cover, Prattware classical decorated unglazed terracotta teapot and two jugs, a 1930s Booths floral decorated part tea service, a pair of Wedgwood black basalt squat candlesticks, a Thomas part tea service, Chinese turquoise glazed figures, etc. [s66]

LOT 484 £60/80 (03:35PM)

A Victorian Lipscombe & Co stoneware water filter and a quantity of brass including a large planter with lion mask handles, an oil lamp with glass shade, a pair of candlesticks and jugs [under s66]

LOT 485 £25/40 (03:35PM)

Two shelves of mixed china including a pair of green glazed Fo dogs, large decorative vases including John Rocha, a pair of Oriental vases, decorative plates, a large cockatoo figurine etc. [s67 & s70]

LOT 486 £30/40 (03:35PM)

Two shelves of mixed china and glass including miniature stoneware jugs, a Poole pottery hors d'oeuvres dish and similar vases, a Ronson table lighter, decorative teapots, candlesticks , a metal doorstop in the shape of a ship, vases, ginger jars and covers, two Royal Albert 'Month' cabinet cups and saucers, glass paperweights, a small oblong copper tray in the Art Nouveau style, etc. [s68 & s71]

LOT 487 £25/40 (03:35PM)

A mixed lot including a pair of cloisonne ginger jars and covers, a chinoiserie mirror, two19th century Imari plates, a stoneware hot water bottle, a pair of binoculars, a pine cased medical box, a boxed Brownie No.2 camera, a metal mantel clock, a pair of ginger jars and an Oriental vase [s69]

LOT 491 £20/30 (03:37PM)

A quantity of blue and white china including two meat plates, small tureen and cover, Oriental teapots etc., two pottery steins one with pewter lid and a small quantity of commemorative wares [s72]

LOT 494 £25/40 (03:40PM)

Five boxes of general household goods including alarm clocks, Salter scales, light bulbs, toothbrushes, pine-framed wall clocks, blankets, etc. [under s W9, s76}

LOT 495 £25/40 (03:40PM)

A mixed lot including a Royal Crown Derby Imari pin tray, four Spode coffee cans and saucers, wine and sherry glasses, six pierced white metal cup holders with matching saucers, with cups, a cased condiment set, items of cutlery including a cake slice, a pair of Oriental vases, a Royal Copenhagen vase, an onyx ashtray and lighter, a brass Looping travelling alarm clock in case, a hardstone flower ornament, articulated mother-of-pearl fish, small model of a wren, etc. [s74, 75]

LOT 497 £40/60 (03:42PM)

A large pair of ginger jars and covers converted to table lamps and shades, a small quantity of silver plate including a large two handled cup, a gravy boat, a coffee pot, a mug, a glass perfume bottle with silver plated collar and stopper, a Cannon zoom camera lens, a Stuart crystal mantel clock, a small wooden mantel clock, an inkwell, an Italian figure group, a white glazed figure of a sage, a pair of cherub candlesticks etc. [s76]

LOT 499 £30/50 (03:42PM)

Five assorted table lamps comprising two brilliant adjustable table lamps, an alabaster table lamp and shade with metal phoenix decoration, a brass desk lamp and a green column table lamp and shade [s77]