LOT 401 £30/40 (03:42PM)

A Doulton Lambeth stoneware leather jack style jug with the cipher CR 1646, a quantity of Wedgwood jasperware pin dishes and trinket boxes and covers, a Geisha pattern part tea service, a Regents Roses to Remember part tea service plus further decorative vases and ornaments, boxed butter knives, silver-plated dishes and a carving set [s16 and half of shelf 20]

LOT 408 £25/35 (03:44PM)

A collection of Oriental red lacquer items including a table lamp and shade, two vases, a ball on stand, plate and lion figurine [pine shelves next to s21]

LOT 410 £25/35 (03:46PM)

A pair of oak book shelves, four pottery pos, an oriental lacquer box and cover, three wooden trinket boxes and a vintage expandable wooden airer [pine shelves next to s21]

LOT 413 £30/40 (03:49PM)

A shelf of good glassware including a Bohemian set of coloured hock glasses, green stem wine glasses, a ship in a bottle, a set of six cut glass hock glasses, a coloured glass vase, etc. [s22]

LOT 414 £25/35 (03:49PM)

Two shelves of mixed china items including blue and white ginger jars and covers, further blue and white tea and dinnerware, a graduated set of three jugs, glass and ceramic jelly moulds, model boat, a set of four Susie Cooper bowls, onyx eggs, etc. [s23 & 27]

LOT 415 £25/35 (03:49PM)

Two shelves of various tea and dinnerware including plates, saucers, toast rack plus large jug, cornucopia bowl, an Oriental figurine, serving dishes, soup bowls, etc. [s24 & 28]

LOT 416 £20/30 (03:49PM)

A collection of glass including a Dartington crystal bowl, two decanters and stoppers, a carafe, a pair of cut glass candlesticks, an etched glass water jug plus another, purple candlestick, blue vase, etc. [s25 & part of s21]

LOT 417 £25/35 (03:51PM)

Two shelves of china including part tea services by Wedgwood, and Solian ware, a Limoges nine piece dessert service cream ground decorated with flowers, an Oriental style blue and white flower vase, a Ridgeways California pattern part dinner service, flan dishes, etc. [s26 & 30]

LOT 419 £40/70 (03:51PM)

A mixed lot including soapstone figurines including elephants and cats, wooden elephants, cat puzzles, cherry wood eggs in a bowl, large papier-mache models of cats and two wooden giraffes, a stoneware doll, three Oriental cork framed scenes, a quantity of thimbles, etc. [s33 & 29]

LOT 420 £40/60 (03:51PM)

A wooden solitaire board with polished hardwood stones including rose quartz, a malachite figurine of a pig and a cat plus an agate seated cat on a hardwood base and an agate elephant. [s25]

LOT 422 £30/40 (03:54PM)

A mixed lot of ceramics including Poole Pottery black glazed part tea service, Denmark Confetti black glazed side and dinner plates, Denby Stoneware black glazed cereal bowls, Royal Standard white glazed part tea and dinner service, two decanters and stoppers, glass bowl, a wooden carrier with lid and a ceramic horse, etc. [s31 & 35]

LOT 424 £25/40 (03:54PM)

A mixed vintage lot including an Addo adding machine, a thermos flask, three sets of scales including Salter plus weights, a Metalmaid iron plus two others, etc. [s32]

LOT 427 £25/35 (03:56PM)

A mixed lot including a Swan Brand stainless steel tea service on a tray, an Oriental eggshell part tea service, a small decorative mirror, a small amount of piano music, blue and white plate, a pair of blue and white two-handled dishes, soapstone box, a wooden biscuit barrel, two magnifying glasses, a Staffordshire figurine, a Wedgwood clock, a blue glass perfume bottle, a Limoges trinket box and cover, a pair of miniature portraits, a boxed set of cake knives, a quantity of flatware including fish knives and forks, a large green glass wine bottle – Michalauer Vollbery etc. [s38]

LOT 429 £30/50 (03:58PM)

A mixed lot of two shelves including wooden boxes, a Schweppes Soda syphon, a wooden lighthouse light, a red lacquer tray, a set of six ruby red wine glasses, a Russian military hat, a pair of vintage Fulgur roller skates, a 1970s red phone, a Sony digicube, a tall blue pottery jug, a small quantity of silver-plate including wine coasters and sugar sifter, toast-rack and oval tray, clothes brushes, blue glass dish, etc. [s36 & 40]

LOT 430 £25/35 (03:58PM)

Three table lamps comprising a classical style table lamp with matching shade, another in brass and a further modern one in metal with shade. [s41]

LOT 432 £40/60 (03:58PM)

An extensive lot over three and a half shelves comprising a Mason's Regency pattern part tea service, a Spode Bluebird part tea and dinner service, further blue and white wares including Rington's and Adam's English scenic, Chelsea Pottery jardiniere jug and plate, Wedgwood basalt trinket dish and cover, Royal Albert Sweet Violets saucers, a large white meat plate, decorative jugs and dishes including lustreware, a pair of glass decanters and stoppers plus a further green glass decanter, vases, jugs, etc. [s42, 46, 50 & part 54]

LOT 433 £50/70 (04:01PM)

An extensive Limoges Haviland dinner service including tureens and meat plates plus four Limoges trinket dishes, two Rosenthal pierced dishes decorated with roses, an Austrian dish and cover, a large Rosenthal tureen and cover Maria pattern, etc. [s43]

LOT 434 £30/40 (04:01PM)

A mixed lot including a quantity of blue and white such as ginger jars and covers, a large ewer, circular dishes, plus further decorative vases, cabinet plates and glassware including jugs and vases, a quantity of white-glazed china, ramekins plus general kitchenware. [s44 & 48]

LOT 435 £30/50 (04:01PM)

Four Lladro figurines including children and a clown plus further Spanish figurines including Nao and six further decorative figurines of females. [s45]

LOT 436 £25/40 (04:01PM)

A small collection of cranberry glass including vases, dishes and wine glasses, 19th century copper kettle, a brass steel kettle and stand, brass and copper teapot and cut glass decanter and stopper, Rosenthal cabinet cup and saucer plus further cabinet cups and saucers including Limoges, etc. [s47]

LOT 437 £40/60 (04:03PM)

A lovely collection of perfume bottles including two large Art Deco style in pink with stoppers, a further two Art Deco style in black and white and clear glass plus further smaller, two miniature bottles of Chanel No. 5 plus a larger, and a bottle of Cacharel Lulu. [s45 & 49]

LOT 440 £30/50 (04:03PM)

A mixed china lot including a Royal Doulton figurine "Top of the hill" HN 1834 and a small Royal Doulton figurine Cissie HN 1809, a small collection of Wedgwood Jasperware pin dishes and vase, an Aynsley part coffee service, Royal Albert part tea service, Wedgwood Indian tree pattern plates and bowls, Colclough part tea service, two Pearl of Arcadia glass paperweights, Coalport flower ornaments, decorative vases, wooden mantel clock, etc. [s51 & 55]

LOT 441 £30/40 (04:06PM)

A collection of mainly modern glassware including wine glasses, goblets, storage jars plus 19th century champagne saucers, large glass vases, tumblers, etc. [s52 & part of 56]

LOT 442 £40/60 (04:06PM)

A mixed lot including a 1950s plaster wall mask, wooden duck dishes, a metallic mantel clock, a large kitsch lamp shade, 1950s coat hook, a clay bust of a lady, Selkirk glass paperweight, decorative vases and a pair of large blue ground vases decorated with flowers, [s57, 53 & part 49]

LOT 443 £25/35 (04:06PM)

A mixed lot including a small quantity of glassware including wine glasses, water jug and bowl, a Myott part coffee service, a small quantity of flatware, decorative biscuit barrel, Naples figurine of a child and dog on a cushion, three Oriental tigers, Villeroy & Boch pattern soup bowls and plates, HMS Royal Ribbon, photograph of the SS Olympic on its maiden voyage and the Royal Ark Mariner, Ritual No. 2 Ceremony of Installation booklet, a large circular Oriental plate, a small quantity of flatware mainly fish knives and forks etc. [s58 & 54]

LOT 444 £25/35 (04:06PM)

A collection of part tea services including Grafton, Royal Grafton Melrose pattern, Susie Cooper Nasturtium pattern, Queen Ann Caprice pattern and Corelle blue and white, etc. [s59]

LOT 446 £25/35 (04:08PM)

A boxed set of six Edinburgh crystal wine glasses, a perfume atomizer, two cut glass decanters and stoppers plus further vases, bowls, dessert bowls, tumblers. [s60]

LOT 447 £30/40 (04:08PM)

A set of three reproduction brass and glass carriage lamps, a pair of metal candlesticks, a brass desk lamp with green shade, a circular wooden framed Metamec wall clock, a Spectrum brass wooden mounted wall clock, an engraved glass bowl, a portrait miniature, a small amount of silver-plate including jug, bowl, berry spoons, dishes and plate. [s61]

LOT 448A £15/30 (04:10PM)

A small vintage lot including a small quantity silver plated items including a swan pen holder, hip flask, fish knives and forks, a pewter chamber stick etc. [s62]

LOT 449 £30/50 (04:10PM)

A large quantity of glassware including a 1930s blue glass centre piece with penguin, six Babycham glasses, Murano glass rabbit, glass paperweights decorated with a swan and bird, large red glass vase, fruit bowls, drinking glasses, champagne flutes and a suite of amber glass glasses plus a stainless steel tea set on stand and a Kitsch tray decorated with a peacock. [s66, 63 & 62]

LOT 451 £40/60 (04:10PM)

A shelf of assorted items including vintage games such as Snakes and Ladders and Halma, travel chess set, vintage tins, display stands, a boxed Apple iPod plus a further iPod, Sony Walkman, a vintage cine camera, trinket boxes, a Loetz style glass vase, a Murano glass cat, blue and white meat plate, decorative vases, etc. [s65]

LOT 452 £40/60 (04:13PM)

A quantity of brass and metalwares including a fireside set and screen, brass pail, a copper bucket and lid, copper kettle, an iron fireguard, copper and brass pans, a small quantity of books on cooking and classical artists, a small rug, a metal Dr's sign, plus further kitchenware. [under s63 & 66]

LOT 455 £40/60 (04:13PM)

A Royal Doulton Rosell part tea service, a Maple & Co white and gilt decorated part tea service, a Golden Glory strawberry dish, eight 1970's avocado dishes and plates, five French asparagus plates and a dish, a pair of glass decanters and stoppers plus two further, a pair of blue and white cats, a set of six amber etched glass wine glasses and a Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee plate [s69 & s72]

LOT 459 £15/20 (04:15PM)

A small quantity of brass including a mirror, bellows and horse ornaments, resin figurines of animals, an African figurine, wooden trays and pottery vases [s70]

LOT 460 £25/40 (04:18PM)

A quantity of part tea services including boxed dolls tea service, Royal Albert Queens Messenger pattern, Royal Standard decorated with roses, gold decorated plus three further [s71]

LOT 461 £30/40 (04:18PM)

A large crystal ball, two busts of composers including Beethoven, Wedgwood basalt fruit bowl, plate, trinket boxes and dishes, Wedgwood jasperware in green and blue, four glass paperweights, a Mdina glass vase, a small Waterford glass clock etc. [s72]

LOT 463 £30/40 (04:18PM)

A quantity of copper and brass items including a watering can, copper hammered tray, coal scuttle, planter, bowls etc. a pair of brass twist candlesticks, a silver plated jug and bowl, etc. [under s72]

LOT 466 £25/40 (04:20PM)

A shelf and glass of mainly drinking glasses including a set of six cut glass champagne flutes, brandy balloons, sherry glasses, tumblers and wine glasses [s74 & s77]

LOT 467 £30/40 (04:20PM)

Two shelves of mixed items including ebony elephants, wooden ducks, an Edwardian mahogany inlaid clock, a wooden cased striking mantel clock, a brass travelling clock, a pair of Royal Worcester hens, cat figurines, a Quimper dish and pot and cover, seven glass bowls and a glass decanter and stopper, a Russian doll etc. [s75 & s78]

LOT 468 £25/40 (04:22PM)

A large vintage Marie Antoinette style pin cushion doll, a pair of wooden elephant bookends and similar table light, a large glass bowl decorated with roses, a large brass tray, a quantity of flatware, a large Imari pattern bowl and similar charger, a stone table lamp and two light shades [s76 & s79]

LOT 469 £50/70 (04:22PM)

A large collection of mainly copper wares 19th century and later including watering cans, kettles, pans, crumb scoop, pails, a graduated set of four jugs, coal hod, trivets etc. [under s76 & s79]

LOT 471 £60/80 (04:22PM)

Five handheld games consoles comprising Nintendo Game and Watch Donkey Kong 1983, Tandy Ogre Eater 1982, Tandy Electric Pinball 1980s, Radio Shack Highway 1986 and Pocahontas electronic handheld by Tiger 1995 plus a Wade Collectables sign, a David Winter cottage and another by Lilliput lane, a commemorative trio plus further small amount of china [s79]

LOT 476 £25/40 (04:27PM)

Two large copper kettles, a brass spirit burner, a copper and brass pail, approximately nine pewter tankards, a brass trivet, two silver plated dishes etc. [s80]

LOT 478 £30/40 (04:27PM)

A pair of small cloisonne vases, three white glazed Oriental figures, a collection of trinket boxes, tea bowls and snuff bottles, six miniature blue and white elephants, small and miniature bottles of perfume etc. [s82]

LOT 479 £25/35 (04:27PM)

A box of CDs, bowling balls in bag, a quantity of umbrellas and walking aids, a Jones wall hanging photograph frame and a quantity of cameras including a Minolta Dynax and accessories. [under s82]

LOT 483 £40/60 (04:30PM)

A quantity of part tea and dinner services including Royal Doulton Minerva, Colclough, Royal Doulton Parquet bowls, Midwinter part dinner service plus others [s83]

LOT 484 £40/60 (04:32PM)

Three shelves of glassware including Dartington glass vases, shot glasses, brandy balloons, candlesticks, wine glasses, cocktail glasses, vases etc. [s84, 87 & 88]

LOT 485 £30/40 (04:32PM)

A quantity of glass including red and white wine glasses, fruit bowls, decanters and stoppers, green glass pot and lid with gilt highlights, vases, jars and stoppers etc. [s85]

LOT 486 £30/50 (04:32PM)

A collection of etched and cut drinking glasses including wine glasses and tumblers, six green wine glasses, desert bowls, decanters and stoppers, fruit bowls etc. [s86]

LOT 488 £30/50 (04:34PM)

A 19th century part dinner service including a pair of tureens with elephant handles, a graduated set of three meat plates etc. decorated with trailing flowers [s89]

LOT 492 £20/30 (04:37PM)

A vintage cased Watts New Quickest Level, three Rototherm thermometers, a number of cased surveyors rulers, a leather-cased retractable measure, a Pentax zoom camera [sZ]