LOT 411 £40/60 (02:29PM)

A mixed lot of most likely new items including Cannon Copier Fax Scan Machine, a Panasonic Printer, a Sony HDD and DVD Player Recorder RDR HX1000, a Sony DVD Recorder RCR DC505, a Youview hub, a Leader MDII typewriter, Llyama monitor, an X-can Musical Fidelity headphone speaker, a Coolcaster Computer and a Microsoft keyboard. [on lot 862]

LOT 413 £15/30 (02:31PM)

A shelf of mixed china including a pair of Staffordshire fireside dogs, butter dish and cover, comport, cabinet plates, a small quantity of silver-plate including baskets and tureen holders, two wooden jewellery boxes, silver-plated cutlery, a silver-plated tray, silver-plated cruet, a silver-plated clock, a china vase, etc. [G21, G24]

LOT 414 £30/40 (02:31PM)

A mixed lot of new items including a Dri Buddi Electric Clothes Dryer, a Steam Generator iron, a Wolf 6v/12v Battery Charger, a Swan Gourmet Soup maker, a Scotts of Stow Compact Buffet Warmer, a Zeus Fitness Scales, an Epsom Stylus Photo printer, a Robust Scrub Power scrubber and a Table Radio, etc. [under G19, G22, G25]

LOT 416 £25/35 (02:34PM)

A mixed lot including a Phillips DVD Player DVP5992, a Loewe DVD Player Xemix 6222 PS, an HP Photosmart Plus Wireless Printer, an HP Easy Wi fi Wireless Printer, a Brixby RICS holdall, a Morphy Richards dryer, a Phillips iron, etc. [G22]

LOT 418 £20/30 (02:34PM)

A quantity of glassware including five decanters and stoppers, a set of six champagne saucers, whisky tumblers, lemonade glasses, fruit bowls, vases, wine glasses, etc. [G16, G19]

LOT 419 £25/30 (02:34PM)

A mixed lot including a bag of glass marbles, an Oriental-style music box, a further wooden music-box, a pair of wooden cat bookends, a pair of wooden teddy bookends, a replica gun, a small quantity of china, a pewter tankard, etc. [G15, G18]

LOT 420 £40/60 (02:36PM)

Three shelves of mixed items comprising mainly of figurines including Oriental, African carved, modern stylized angels, replica chess pieces, cats; vases including Bretby-style; glass Loetz-style ruby red and painted, a real mixture. [G14, G17, G20]

LOT 424 £40/60 (02:39PM)

An Arcam Compact Disc Player CD73, a Maramiz Integrated Amplifier PM7200 and a Sony DAB Tuner STD777ES, a Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player and a Yamaha Natural Sound Recorder CDR-HD1300. [G13]

LOT 428 £20/30 (02:41PM)

A mixed lot of new items including a Gardman Paddington Station Clock, a 300 watt USB 12V inverter, a 12 volt solar battery charger, remote control portable solar lights, a portable solar generator and zinc-plated soil spikes, etc. [G5, G8]

LOT 430 £20/30 (02:41PM)

A quantity of glassware including wine glasses, a vaseline glass vase, a set of five green wine glasses, jugs, vases, etc. plus further general household wares such as mugs, cased cutlery sets, puzzles, pair of silver-plated candlesticks, backgammon, etc. [G4, G7, G10]

LOT 431 £35/50 (02:43PM)

A mixed lot including piano babies, angel wall masks, silver-plated cake serving set, silver-plated circular tray, an Old Foley Chinese Rose three-tier cake stand, four decorative tiles and a white Bakelite phone plus further decorative wares. [G3, G6]

LOT 433 £20/30 (02:43PM)

Four shelves of general items including wooden cat figurines, a globe, Christmas decorations, a modern wall clock by In House, a silvered vase, pots, ramekins, a Bosch iron etc. [pine shelves end of 4th aisle]

LOT 438 £20/30 (02:46PM)

Three motorbike helmets and a quantity of football shirts including England and Ronaldinho for Paris St Germain, a Fez and two boxed pairs of men's shoes [end of 3rd aisle]

LOT 443 £25/35 (02:51PM)

A mixed lot of household goods including a Coopers slow cooker plus another, a Logitech stereo speaker system, a Coopers steam cleaner and solar shed light, two household shredders, a Swan multi vacuum cleaner, a Sony DVBT receiver, a Bowens Effects Lighting Kit, a drain tidy etc. [end of 2nd aisle]

LOT 450A £40/60 (02:55PM)

A box of antiquarian books including Devonshire and Cornwall Illustrated published by Fisher, Son & Co 1832 and Edmund Dulac's Picture Book for the Red cross

LOT 451 £20/30 (02:55PM)

A quantity of general household goods including a shredder, a toaster, a set of Joseph & Joseph scales, mixers, a water flosser, a Kenwood slicer, etc. [on lot 898]

LOT 456 £20/30 (02:58PM)

A Technics midi stacking system comprising a stereo cassette deck RSCA01, a stereo tuner STCA01, a stereo amplifier SECA01, a compact disc player SLCA01 and a pair of speakers [G26]

LOT 457 £25/40 (02:58PM)

Two shelves of mixed items including a Windsor china Marrakesh pattern part tea service, stoneware mugs, decorative vases, two collectors dolls, a small quantity of glassware, a flour canister, a decanter 'The Last Shot', a spirit kettle on stand, brass ornaments, cake plates and slices etc. [G31 & G28]

LOT 460 £25/30 (03:00PM)

A mixed lot including three suitcases one in leather with some original labels, two vintage tennis rackets, a wicker hamper, a copper coal bucket, a Travelite travelling cot, a coffee maker etc. [under G40]

LOT 462 £20/30 (03:03PM)

Three shelves of mixed glassware including wine and champagne glasses, brandy balloons, sherry glasses etc., glass finger bowls, fruit bowls, jugs, storage jars, a decanter and stopper – a very mixed lot. [G40, G37, G34]

LOT 463 £25/30 (03:03PM)

A quantity of tea and dinner wares including mugs, a white glazed part tea service, Oriental bowls and spoons, wooden fruit bowls, hors d'ouevres dishes, a novelty teapot, a miniature fondue set, enamel cooking pots, jugs, glass storage jars, a silver-plated posy vase [G39, G36, G33]

LOT 465 £25/40 (03:03PM)

Four shelves of mixed tea and dinner wares including enamel pots and pans, a black ground ginger jar and cover, wine glasses, tureens, dinner plates, bowls, silver-plated baskets, pots etc. [G38, G35, G32, G29 & G26]

LOT 467 £40/60 (03:05PM)

Eight Lladro figurines comprising a large figurine of a seated girl feeding geese, a seated donkey, five figurines of girls holding hens, piglets and cats and a mother goose with goslings [s1]

LOT 469 £30/40 (03:05PM)

A small collection of animal figurines including four dark brown Royal Doulton horses, three Royal Doulton Bunnykins figurines including be prepared and Mrs Bunnykins, a Royal Doulton spaniel, a pewter spaniel and two mice [s2]

LOT 472 £25/35 (03:07PM)

A shelf of mixed china including a Coalport floral decorated part tea service, an Empire Ware part tea service, five pieces of Wedgwood jasperware including a tankard, a Royal Doulton flambe vase, Queen Victoria teapot, a spill vase and hot water pot and cover, two Mason’s Mandalay pattern jars and covers, a small Wedgwood clock plus further general china [s3]

LOT 475 £60/80 (03:10PM)

A suite of Waterford crystal glasses comprising seven champagne, eight red wine, ten smaller white wine and four larger, six tumblers and four sherry glasses [s5]

LOT 479 £25/40 (03:12PM)

A shelf of mixed china including a pair of green glazed Fo dogs, a pair of stoneware budgerigar bookends, ginger jars and covers, a Limoges part coffee service, a pair of white vaseline glass shoe ornaments, a Poole pottery vase, a pair of Royal Worcester tea cups and saucers, powder pots and covers, ring trays etc. [s7]

LOT 483 £30/40 (03:15PM)

A quantity of glass ware comprising paperweights including Caithness Myriad, polar bear and pear shaped, a Swarovski crystal hedgehog, a pair of glass swan dishes, a pair of blue glass vases, a pair of small glass pots with HM silver rims, Oriental snuff bottle, grape ornaments etc. [s10]

LOT 485 £25/35 (03:15PM)

A shelf of mixed items including bird ornaments, a silver plated dog head stirrup cup, a pair of Oriental vases decorated with figures, a pair of Japanese vases and covers, Oriental figurines, a pair of terracotta figurines of an 18th Century couple, Oriental cabinet plates, a box of cigars, an onyx ashtray, a table cigarette lighter etc. [s12]

LOT 487 £20/30 (03:17PM)

A Westover DBC part tea and dinner service Pagoda pattern, 11 Johnson brothers cereal bowls, a large flow blue and white tureen on stand, a white glazed comport and teapot and four Royal Worcester Evesham pattern ramekins [s14]

LOT 488 £25/35 (03:17PM)

A Johnson Brothers Indian Tree pattern dinner service, four Chinese tankards and covers, decorative cabinet plates, a ginger jar and white glazed coffee service [s16 & s20]

LOT 491 £25/35 (03:19PM)

A mixed shelf including Oriental ginger jars and covers, hors d'oeuvres dishes, Imari plates, soapstone vases, bowls and hardwood stands, leather cigar cases, glass knife rests etc. [s19]

LOT 493 £30/40 (03:19PM)

A mixed lot including a boxed Coalport Paradise pattern coffee service, a floral decorated part-tea service, silver-plated cocktail shaker, an ornate decanter and stopper with etched grape decoration, a silver-plated hip flask, wooden inlaid boxes, ornate clay pipes with silver-plated mouth-pieces, lacquer trays, six silver plated goblets and a small quantity of china. [pine shelves next to s17]

LOT 494 £20/30 (03:22PM)

Plaster plaques in classical themes, plaster figurines of a castle, a knight and a princess, a 19th century pot lid and pot Wimbledon July 1800, a pewter figurine of a man, vintage metal calipers and other instruments, tongs, scissors, etc., a Victorian and Albert Museum boxed coin, vintage wooden stamps, clay shoe, hall-marked silver ashtray dated 1945 and other collectable items. [pine shelves next to s21]