LOT 501 £20/30 (03:22PM)

A small selection of various ebony dressing table items, etc., a German lidded stoneware stein and a pair of prismatic field binoculars (7 x 50 optic) made by Regent, a microscope and a magpie figure by Lomonosov of Russia. (quantity) [s9]

LOT 503 £50/60 (03:22PM)

A good mixed lot of collectables comprising pottery, porcelain, glass and brass and includes engraved Indian brass vases, a brass tinderbox, pin-cushion finials, Wade Popeye figures, Bunnikins figures, Beatrix Potter models, Lladro, a flat back group scent bottles and much more. [s10]

LOT 506 £25/35 (03:24PM)

A collection of various pottery and porcelain Royal commemorative ware including mugs, drinking glasses and pressed glass plates from Queen Victoria to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. [s14]

LOT 507 £30/40 (03:24PM)

A good collection of various English ceramic tableware from the 19th to early 20th century and includes magenta transfer ware and lusterware, coffee cans, demitasse, breakfast cups, teapots Copeland Spode milk jugs, sucriers and tea services, etc. [s15]

LOT 508 £30/40 (03:27PM)

A large mixed lot of tea services, tableware and ornaments, including ruby glass, an art pottery vase, jugs, ginger jars, side plates in the Chinese style, miniature teapots, cut and pressed glass, etc. [s16 & 20]

LOT 509 £25/35 (03:27PM)

Ceramic Chinese style table-lamps, a milk glass "oil" table-lamp, six rose decorated porcelain mugs, a "Quarry critter" model of a dog and one of an elephant. [s17]

LOT 510 £20/30 (03:27PM)

A Chinese celadon glazed rectangular flask with embossed decoration, a German stoneware jug, a Chinese dainty figure and a Hindu dainty figure. [s18]

LOT 511 £25/35 (03:27PM)

A small selection of various ceramics, etc., including a Wedgwood bone china House of Parliament crested coffee service and place mats, a Queen Victoria enamelled commemorative beaker, pots and pot lids, etc. [s18]

LOT 512 £30/35 (03:29PM)

An extensive Royal Doulton bone china table service comprising coffee jug and coffee cans, tureens and covers, soup bowls, sucriers, sauce boat and various plates, all in the Empress pattern (H5063) c.1980. [s19]

LOT 514 £20/25 (03:29PM)

A pair of painted wrought metal four-branch candelabra, a carved and painted wooden figure of a Maasai warrior and a cast group of lovers embracing. [pine shelves]

LOT 515 £20/40 (03:29PM)

A fine "Galactica Star" Backgammon board made of birds eye maple and other exotic woods, a collection of CDs and DVDs, and some crystal ornaments. [pine shelves]

LOT 517 £0 (03:31PM)

A large and miscellaneous selection on three shelves of pottery and porcelain, etc., that includes oil lamps, rice bowls, table services, tea services, etc. [s30, 26 & 22]

LOT 518 £30/50 (03:31PM)

A lot comprising pottery and porcelain tableware, including Aynsley and Bavaria, with gilt embellishments, and a Royal Doulton Sonnet coffee service [s 23]

LOT 522 £25/45 (03:34PM)

A miscellaneous selection of glass, including a fruit basket, tumblers, dessert set and a liqueur decanter and glasses; together with an Egyptian gilt-metal tea service with tray [s 27]

LOT 525 £25/35 (03:36PM)

An interesting collection of various drinking vessels, carafes and jugs, including ruby and Bristol glass items, some with commemorative transfer decoration [s 31]

LOT 526 £35/45 (03:36PM)

An interesting selection of collectables, comprising a pair of 19th century drinking vessels, a pair of antique brass candlesticks, a cast iron fox wall mask, a pair of opera glasses, etc. [s 32]

LOT 529 £25/45 (03:39PM)

Two shelves of commemorative and domestic tableware and Royal Doulton figures, coffee cans, Torquay ware, Art Nouveau inkwell, an Autumn Song pattern coffee service, a pair of late 19th century twin-handled porcelain vases, miniature porcelain including a harvest jug, etc. [s 34, 35]

LOT 531 £20/30 (03:41PM)

A small selection of various drinking vessels, including long-stemmed Paris goblets, beer mugs with commemorative prints, soda syphon, decanters, etc. [s37]

LOT 534 £25/35 (03:41PM)

A miscellaneous collection of antique and collectable ornaments, including figures of dogs, including a Doulton bloodhound, and horses, Snoopy, a pair of Continental figures, cigarette dispenser, coffee cans, coffee pot, and a turquoise-glazed jug and bowl, etc. [s 40]

LOT 536 £35/45 (03:43PM)

A miscellaneous collection of pottery and porcelain, comprising figures, models of dogs and a turkey, dressing table items, etc., and including Wedgwood, Bidasoa, also Minton plates, etc. [s 41, 45]

LOT 537 £80/150 (03:43PM)

A large quantity of Wedgwood bone china tableware, comprising 'Devon Sprays' dinner, tea, and coffee services, and a small quantity of 'Hathaway Rose' ditto [s 42, 46, 50]

LOT 538 £50/80 (03:43PM)

A shelf and a half of decorative items, comprising an early 19th century Coalport white and gold breakfast service, Aynsley 'Orchard Gold' pieces, Wedgwood mugs and pair of basalt vases, German porcelain capercaillie, a pair of painted tinplate vases, Dresden lamp, three Spode game birds plates, etc. [s 43, 47]

LOT 538A £40/60 (03:46PM)

A large quantity of modern Johnson Bros ‘Dreamland’ tableware, dishwasher-safe, including plates in sizes, coffee pots and coffee cups with saucers, also other crockery, a blue and white jug, salad servers, onyx box, etc. [s 47, 51]

LOT 539 £20/30 (03:46PM)

A shelf of miscellaneous pottery and porcelain including tea sets, square-section blue vases, a Yardley soap dish, Art Deco jug, Wedgwood dishes, etc. [s 44]

LOT 540 £30/50 (03:46PM)

Two shelves of miscellaneous household items and tableware, including a Wedgwood Etruria wares and 'Lichfield' tea service, miniature piano, brass candlesticks, Spode blue and white 'Italian', decanters, slipper pan, a box of beads and brooches, etc. [s 48, 52]

LOT 542 £20/30 (03:48PM)

One and a quarter shelves of onyx and alabaster items, including eggs, candlesticks, cigarette case, carved vase, a table lamp, etc. [s 53, part 57]

LOT 543 £30/40 (03:48PM)

Two and a quarter shelves of collectables, comprising porcelain thimbles, collectors' spoons some with armorial crests, bronze models of animals, etc., and some silver-plated goblets and a coffee pot [s part 50, 54, 58]

LOT 545 £25/35 (03:48PM)

A good selection of artist's materials, including boxes of paints, watercolours and oils, watercolour paper, a travelling easel, brushes, palettes, etc. [s 56]

LOT 549 £35/45 (03:51PM)

A miscellaneous selection of glass, pottery, porcelain, etc., including a pair of opaque glass ovoid vases, Wedgwood green Jasperware items, a pin box with engraved silver cover, a silver-topped cut-glass scent, three bisque items, etc., also a crocodile skin handbag and an evening purse, and a wrought metal photograph frame [s 59]

LOT 552 £25/45 (03:53PM)

Two shelves of collectables, comprising a vintage Bush radio, a mahogany workbox, a student's microscope and attendant tools, a telescope, a decanter, etc. [s 67, 70]

LOT 554 £30/40 (03:55PM)

A mixed lot of household items on two shelves, including glass dressing table set, an Italian glass bowl, some silver-plated cutlery, heavy glass ashtrays, a blue milk glass vase, opera glasses, a cut-glass decanter, etc. [s 68, 71]

LOT 555 £25/35 (03:55PM)

A mixed lot of decorative items, including Caithness paperweight, a Royal Crest Starlight Blossom paperweight, whisky decanter and tumblers, cut glass vases, a Nao porcelain figure, German collectors' plates, Coalport figures, some small silver-plated items, and West German ceramic vases, a Japanese art vase, and a Crown Ducal jug, etc. [s 69 and floor below]

LOT 556 £50/80 (03:55PM)

A good lot of collectables, comprising an antique bronze Indian deity, a stuffed and mounted piranha fish, various ethnic pottery vases, pots, and mugs, blue and white Chinese tea and rice bowls, some small Indian bronze models of elephants, etc. [s 72]

LOT 557 £25/35 (03:55PM)

A silver-plated dressing table set, a collector's cabinet, a good millefiori French paperweight, and a royal commemorative limited edition glass loving cup, 463/750, in presentation box [s 72]

LOT 558 £15/25 (03:58PM)

An Ultra record player, Singer sewing machine, Napoleon hat mantel clock and a barometer-shaped clock, and two decorative bed warmers [under s72]

LOT 565 £20/30 (04:00PM)

Half a shelf with a selection of various glass drinking vessels, decorative glass vases, a Murano glass fish, two mantel clocks and a tazza [part s 76]

LOT 567 £60/80 (04:03PM)

A shelf and a quarter with tea services, including Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’, coffee pots, cut glass jug, six harlequin long-stemmed Paris goblets, together with a presentation bottle of Cotes du Rhone Villages with sommelier tools, Old Hall teawares and two James ll reproduction trifid style spoons in fitted boxes, from Garrard & Co., (in jewel cabinet), etc [s 78 and part 79]

LOT 569 £30/50 (04:03PM)

A small selection of collectable items, comprising malachite beads, polished rose quartz, tiger's eye, etc., Hindu deities, cast iron 'doughnut' bell, a pretty oriental dome top box, a miniature bush baby tripod cauldron, bronze bowl, and a collection of pennants and banners [part s79 and part s 76]

LOT 570 £50/80 (04:05PM)

A pair of Chinese stoneware silver-lustre glazed garden seats, four large beaten copper bowls, three wicker hampers, and a Jacob Jensen electric kettle, as new, in box [under s 79, 76]

LOT 571 £80/100 (04:05PM)

A framed signed photograph of John Paul Getty senior; together with Elvis Presley: a selection of Elvis LPs and general 1960s 45 rpm records, an Elvis plate, metal wall sign, clock and wall plate [floor and wall by s 79]

LOT 574 £20/30 (04:07PM)

A collection of various glass items, including decanters and stoppers, jugs, vases, and drinking vessels, together with pewter mugs and goblets, plates, plated model animals, and ceramic models of big horn sheep [s 81,82]

LOT 577 £40/60 (04:07PM)

An interesting selection of collectables, including two vintage typewriters (a Corona and an Underwood), a wall clock, a mantel clock, tin helmet, three sets of brass scales with weights, etc. [floor between s 82 and 83]

LOT 579 £30/40 (04:10PM)

A small collection of decorative items, including porcelain, lacquered eggs, collectors' bells with cabinet, plates, a Royal Stratford porcelain silver jubilee loving cup, decanter and the Margaret Stevens Poppy large jug [s 83, middle two shelves]

LOT 580 £50/80 (04:10PM)

A large selection of various cosmetics, essential oils, creams, potions, etc., mostly by the Beyond Spa range by L. Raphael, Geneva, spa essentials, including foot buffers, hairbrushes, all as new; and a range of Espa products [bottom two shelves of s83 and on s 86]

LOT 581 £25/35 (04:10PM)

A shelf of glass ware including a Stuart crystal tumbler, four black stemmed cocktail glasses, wine glasses, fruit bowls, a Mdina vase, to pink glass table lamps, a hand painted lemonade set etc. [s85]

LOT 582 £30/40 (04:12PM)

A collection of various vintage cameras, including compact cameras, Nikon body, an Halina twin lens reflex camera, a miniature digital camcorder, etc. [floor below s 89]

LOT 584 £50/80 (04:12PM)

A large collection of vintage camcorders, including Panasonic (x2), Sony, Hitachi, RCA, also a tripod, a Chinon single reflex camera, various lenses, viewers, etc. [floor below s 86]

LOT 587 £30/50 (04:15PM)

A large selection of various cut-glass drinking glasses, together with a dressing table set, coasters, fruit bowls, decanters, ice buckets, and a vase [s89]

LOT 589 £20/40 (04:15PM)

Two shelves of collectors' items and toys and games, including aneroid barometers, playing cards, lead cowboys and soldiers, harmonicas, an old-fashioned pencil box, etc. [s Z]

LOT 594 £40/60 (04:19PM)

A comprehensive Pentax outfit, including various bodies and numerous lenses, etc., together with vintage cameras, light meters, filters, on two shelves [pine shelves]

LOT 596 £50/80 (04:19PM)

An F. Deckel of Munich extending camera with dark slides and a Wallace Heaton Compur lens, and a Zeiss Ikon compact camera, together with dark slides and other equipment [s 84]