LOT 501 £60/80 (04:05PM)

A French mantel clock, circa 1900, the bell-striking movement with enamel hour indicators to the dial, in intricately cast brass case, 37 cm [A]

LOT 502 £50/70 (04:07PM)

A late 19th century French mantel clock, the movement with vallet suspension, half-hour striking on a bell and signed G.R, Gustave Jeune Rey, the gilt spelter case cast with a fisherman and inset with a panel of alabaster, 33 cm [A]

LOT 503 £40/60 (04:07PM)

A Black Forest wall timepiece with black and gilt dial, the reverse rubber-stamped "Matha Faller", with cast-iron weights, case 32 cm high [A]

LOT 504 £60/80 (04:07PM)

Four mantel timepieces, circa 1900 and later, comprising: an impressive green onyx clock with gong-striking Ansonia movement, a timepiece in elaborate Staffordshire pottery case on stand, and two quartz timepieces [A]

LOT 505 £70/100 (04:07PM)

A collection of clocks and movements, comprising: a Smiths mantel clock in brown Bakelite case; a 1930s mantel clock with three-train Haller movement in marquetry case; a similar Haller clock with two-train movement; a large French bell-striking clock movement by S. Marti & Cie; a chromium-plated carriage timepiece; a German small clock in novelty triangular case and triptych box; and two odd movements [A]

LOT 506 £40/60 (04:10PM)

A good French mantel clock in slate and marble case, the gong-striking movement stamped FSAI and with ring dial inscribed "Made for Henry Pidduck & Sons Hanley", 33 cm high [A]

LOT 507 £25/35 (04:10PM)

A 1920s mahogany and marquetry mantel timepiece with Swiss movement, a 1930s walnut mantel clock, and a Russian lacquer box painted with three horsemen [A]

LOT 508 £250/300 (04:10PM)

A William IV mahogany mantel clock with painted dial signed (George) Brown, 104 Praed St, Paddington, in upright case with applied carved detail and with ring handles to the sides, 17 ins high [A]

LOT 509 £60/80 (04:10PM)

Sotheby's catalogue of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor sale, New York, September 11-19, 1997, in three volumes, with slip case, associated paperwork and original carrier bag [B]

LOT 510 £80/150 (04:12PM)

An interesting collection of nine vintage dashboard timepieces and other instruments, comprising: Desmo eight-day timepiece in silver-mounted frame with Birmingham hallmark for 1916; another timepiece; a Smiths timepiece with black dial; an AC timepiece in brown-painted steel box case; a mirror inset with a timepiece; a Jaeger Paris speedometer 0-70 mph and incorporating odometer and trip mileage; I.B.E. motor car compass with silver-plated metalwork stamped Husun no. 371 and with instruction booklet; a compass in mahogany case; and a military issue Morse key No. 2 Mark III [B]

LOT 515 £80/120 (04:15PM)

A collection of five replica revolvers of fine quality, in blued steel, brass and wood, including Colt model U.S.M.R., other Colts, etc., mainly with engraved barrels [B]

LOT 518 £80/120 (04:17PM)

An early diver's knife, the steel blade signed Siebe Gorman & Co. and with brass-mounted lignum vitae turned handle, in cast brass scabbard [B]

LOT 525 £100/150 (04:19PM)

Cigars contained in six boxes, comprising: unopened 25 Aromaticos in H. Upmann Havana box; cellophane-wrapped 25 Cadre Noir Imperiales; 11 Don Julian No. 1, in original box; 12 La Flor de la Isabela Coronas, in original box; 9 various La Corona cigars in box; and 4 Don Alvaro No. 1, in original box; together with two Dunhill Cabreras in metal tubes; and a cigar cutter [B]

LOT 526 £60/80 (04:22PM)

A large quantity of decorative items, including a mirror, model dresser, pair of brass lamps, tole lamp, various ceramics, bubbled glass doorstop, footstool, stone-faced cabinet, etc. [C]

LOT 527 £40/60 (04:22PM)

A vintage Italian globe on cast iron tripod, circa 1920s, by G.B. Paravia & Co., together with an aneroid barometer, Ikonta Nettar camera, binoculars, light meters, Sankyo 8-Z cine camera in case, and a Bauer T23 projector [C and under C]

LOT 528 £80/120 (04:22PM)

A group of interesting bygones, comprising: a wood and metal duck press, bronze mortar, keys, bell, caddy and two other boxes, dog-decorated box, blind stamp, and numbering stamp [C]

LOT 533 £400/600 (04:24PM)

An impressive Victorian inlaid and painted papier-mache cabinet with workbox beneath the hinged lid and four drawers, the lowest fitted for writing [C]

LOT 538 £40/60 (04:29PM)

A small octagonal wall mirror in 16th century style, circa 1900, with hardstone panels to the ornate brass border and brass mounts, 36 cm [wall by office]

LOT 542 £200/300 (04:31PM)

A bronze by Laurence Broderick: "Playful Otter II", signed, inscribed, dated 1995, numbered 1/25 and also inscribed "Maquette T", 15 cm high [D]

LOT 546 £120/150 (04:34PM)

A Tessina 35 mm sub-miniature fully automatic reflex camera, circa 1963, with accessories including wrist strap, carrying case, film loader, light meter, incident light, instruction books, etc.; together with an Ensignette camera with leather case [E]

LOT 547 £20/30 (04:34PM)

An interesting early 19th century small plate of highly translucent porcelain, finely painted with pink roses overall, probably Welsh, 18.2 cm [E]

LOT 548 £60/80 (04:34PM)

A good First Period Worcester porcelain shaped square dessert dish, painted probably by James Giles with a garlanded urn within a richly gilt blue-ground border, crescent mark [E]

LOT 549 £40/60 (04:34PM)

Two antique carved oak fragmentary panels, one late 17th century Flemish with a figure carrying a pillar, the other with a stylised dragon, 24.5 cm and smaller [E]

LOT 550 £40/60 (04:36PM)

Three small figures of animals, late 19th century and later, comprising: a silver-plated polar bear on marble base, a bronze lion with vacant shield, and a lapis elephant [E]

LOT 551 £30/40 (04:36PM)

A quantity of antique or vintage carvings including a Meiji banana, stained netsuke, sphinx, nine small balls, etc., together with a shell flower piece [E]

LOT 552 £50/70 (04:36PM)

Vintage Mickey Mouse items, comprising: a composition Mickey on clockwork tinplate tricycle; die cast barrel organ with Mickey and Minnie; and a book with pop-up "scenic" illustration: "Mickey Mouse in King Arthur's Court", the frontispiece later coloured, published by Dean & Son Ltd; together with a modern framed reproduction [F]

LOT 553 £80/120 (04:36PM)

An interesting Continental painted sgraffito pottery deep dish, probably 19th century central European, the white slip cut through to the pink body with a winged figure with twin serpent legs, within elaborate borders with ducks, butterflies and flowers, 15 in across [F]

LOT 554 £30/50 (04:39PM)

A set of 12 1930s Altwasser dessert plates for the Italian market, depicting various named scenes in the Italian colony of Libya, 19 cm [F]

LOT 555 £40/60 (04:39PM)

A massive modern Japanese porcelain charger depicting Mount Fuji, 46 cm, in original inscribed wooden box and with display stand; together with an earlier Imari dish decorated with crane [G]

LOT 557 £300/400 (04:39PM)

An assembled early 19th century service of drinking glasses, richly cut, comprising: 7 rummers, 4 wine glasses, and 8 port glasses; together with 8 later small beakers and 6 associated silver-plated holders; the service with various purchase receipts, 1983/1993, mainly from Delomosne & Son [H]

LOT 558 £100/150 (04:41PM)

A collection of eight Royal Crown Derby paperweights, all with gilt stoppers, comprising: a swan, badger, sea horse, ram, robin, and three other birds [J]

LOT 559 £40/60 (04:41PM)

A Chelsea Derby porcelain circular pierced basket painted with a rose sprig within a swagged floral, blue and gilt border, 26 cm over handles, with purchase receipt from Delomosne & Son 21.04.1976 £130 [J]

LOT 561 £60/80 (04:41PM)

An interesting collection of 8 boxwood folding rules: one 4 ft – stamped "Long, Maple (?), Little Tower St, London"; one 3 ft – by Rabone; four 2 ft – by J. Rabone & Sons, by Rabone, stamped "EP trade mark", and by Rabone for the War Department with broad arrow dated 1943; and two 12 in – by Horley Abbey; together with a boxwood 4 in slide rule by Rabone, a fine 12 in folding rule signed "Gilligan, 23 New St, Covent Garden", and a 6 in folding rule; (11 items) [J]

LOT 563 £60/80 (04:43PM)

Automobilia, comprising: a Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy mascot, a Jaguar mascot, a Rover mascot, a Calormeter by Wilmot-Breeden Ltd, three AA badges, four other items, a vintage Radiomobile 70T car radio, and a Courier Minimate car radio [K]

LOT 566 £15/25 (04:46PM)

A 1930s Altwasser porcelain cache-pot decorated after Millet on a green ground, another with wine ground, a pair of 19th century French vases, and an Imari vase [L]

LOT 567 £40/60 (04:46PM)

A vintage Bohemian amber-flashed cut glass vase with 800 silver mount, a Dartington large vase with three applied crystals, and an iridescent glass jar with cover [M]

LOT 568 £40/60 (04:46PM)

A Chinese blue and white ovoid porcelain jar, early 20th century, painted with an insect and flowers, 27 cm high; and a modern Oriental porcelain blue and white covered jar [M]

LOT 569 £40/60 (04:46PM)

A Chinese porcelain ovoid jar painted in blue with a peacock perched among flowers on a pale celadon ground, circa 1900, 28 cm high [M]

LOT 570 £60/80 (04:48PM)

A shelf of various animals, mainly ceramic, including a large vintage pig money box, various dogs, cats, etc., together with two novelty wine bottle stoppers including Sylvac.[N]

LOT 571 £50/80 (04:48PM)

Chinese items, comprising: a small jade circular box with cover; a water pipe with cloisonne enamel decoration and another in engraved white metal, both circa 1900; a soapstone lion; silvered mask bottle; and a Tang-style dancer on wood stand [P]

LOT 572 £80/120 (04:48PM)

A Chinese famille rose eggshell porcelain deep bowl with shaped rim, enamelled to the interior and exterior with a total of eight figural panels on a blue enamel and 'rice grain' diaper ground with floral borders, five-character mark to base, 23.5 cm across; and another eggshell bowl decorated with playful boys; in fitted brocade case [P]

LOT 573 £80/120 (04:51PM)

A 19th century Chinese export black lacquer work box, canted rectangular, decorated with figures in landscapes, the interior retaining some fittings and with additional items, on carved paw feet, 36 cm wide [Q]

LOT 574 £200/300 (04:51PM)

An impressive yangcai Chinese porcelain vase enamelled with scrolling flowers and lingzhi fungus between formal borders, Qianlong seal mark to base, 39 cm [R]

LOT 577 £60/80 (04:53PM)

A late 18th-century carved necessaire, charmingly crafted as a lidded beaker, the tapering body reeded in the Adam style and containing a removable stand comprising a pair of barleytwist supports, fitted with cotton reels, a bodkin case and an egg-shaped patch box (PROVENANCE: Sold with a cutting from The Times of 11 March 1961, which illustrates this piece.)

LOT 578 £60/80 (04:53PM)

Decorative items, comprising: a Herend Rothschild Birds cache-pot, with 1976 anniversary mark; Herend covered jar; Royal Copenhagen robin; three B&G Copenhagen birds; Lladro kitten; another bird; and a glass polar bear [S]

LOT 579 £50/80 (04:53PM)

A pair of Chinese porcelain doucai wine cups decorated with berries and vine, with Chenghua six-character marks, 8.1 cm, in fitted box [S]

LOT 580 £40/60 (04:53PM)

Eight antique items, comprising: a Regency Coalport porcelain pot pourri basket with cover, Bohemian glass beaker with strawberry diamond and gilding, glass bowl, amethyst pressed glass bowl, pale blue scent bottle with stopper, silver-mounted scent bottle, wine glass, and saucer [S]

LOT 581 £40/60 (04:55PM)

A rare early 19th century Staffordshire yellow-ground pearlware comport, enamelled with flowers, together with a matching dish and sauce tureen, pattern 1877, and a rare Staffordshire figure, possibly of Amelia Bloomer [T]

LOT 582 £100/150 (04:55PM)

A good collection of early creamware, comprising: a covered sugar basin, teacup, teabowl, pickle dish, Wedgwood shell dish, plate and ice cup, all with painted decoration; a transfer-printed jug; and the following, all plain: Turner osier-moulded plate, soup plate, two pierced plates, three drainers, caster, and small covered jug; together with the Donald Towner Creamware Book of 1978, with a quantity of original 1984/85 purchase receipts from Kenneth Foord and others [T]

LOT 583 £30/40 (04:55PM)

An interesting vintage Meissen porcelain plate painted in underglaze blue with their historical sequence of factory marks, a decorative porcelain stationery rack, nine various Japanese porcelain bowls, another bowl, five wooden plate stands, and a brass jar [U]

LOT 584 £30/50 (04:55PM)

Antique and later ceramics, including a Doulton impasto vase dated 1879 and decorated with flowers on a blue ground, three jugs, a French sauce tureen with ladle, Carlton Ware mushroom cruet, shell wall pockets, etc., together with a glass jug and a Venetian beaker [U]

LOT 585 £70/100 (04:58PM)

Glass, comprising: a good pair of Victorian urns on square bases, 18.5 cm; an engraved Victorian celery vase; a Victorian initialled jug; and a triangular decanter engraved with sporting scenes, with associated stopper [V]

LOT 586 £80/120 (04:58PM)

Three items of glass, comprising: an 18th century Continental wine glass, probably Bohemian, engraved with a stylised vase of flowers, on faceted stem; an early 19th century water jug, probably French, engraved with hops and barley; and a Victorian celery glass with folded lip; with 1975/81 purchase receipts from Delomosne & Son, and another from The Dining Room Shop [V]

LOT 588 £150/200 (04:58PM)

A vintage Lalique glass scent bottle for Dans la Nuit by Worth, with polished glass stars on a dark blue ground, retaining stopper and metallic cord, 9 cm high [W]

LOT 589 £60/80 (05:00PM)

Four stemmed glasses: a Georgian ale glass, on plain stem; a George III wine glass on faceted stem with polished-out pontil; a small George III glass with engraved 'tulip' border; and a wine glass on mixed twist stem [W]

LOT 591 £40/60 (05:00PM)

A rare late 18th century Chinese export porcelain Masonic small bowl, enamelled and gilt with twin pillars, dividers, set squares, sun, etc., 15.6 cm diameter [W]

LOT 592 £100/150 (05:00PM)

An attractive pair of George III cut glass covered urns, of shield shape on lemon squeezer bases, 20 cm high, and a small boat-shaped bowl on star-cut base, all probably Irish, with purchase receipts from Delomosne & Son: for the urns 31.03.1973 £75, for the bowl 03.01.1973 £75 [W]

LOT 593 £30/40 (05:03PM)

An 18th century creamware teapot with cover, transfer-printed in black, enamelled and gilt, with scenes from the story of the Prodigal Son, depicting him "in Excess" and "in Misery", together with two pairs of early 19th century silver-lustred teacups with saucers, and a Chinese blue and white saucer [W]

LOT 594 £100/150 (05:03PM)

Georgian and early 19th century cut glassware, some probably Irish, comprising: a water jug, milk jug, scent bottle with stopper, pair of dishes, oval bowl, pair of piggin salts, and a pair of ale glasses; together with a Victorian cheese bell, and a later fruit bowl; with four various 1974/84 purchase receipts from Delomosne & Son [X]

LOT 595 £25/35 (05:03PM)

A pair of framed Chinese long panels of embroidery in blue and gold, together with a blue and white ginger jar with cover, and nine dark wood plate stands [X]

LOT 596 £80/120 (05:03PM)

Two 17th/18th century probably German glass flasks: one pale green in the form of a grotesque dog, with pewter-mounted spout, 21 cm long; the other in blue, of barrel form, with screw-topped pewter spout, 19 cm long [X]

LOT 597 £50/80 (05:05PM)

A shelf of sundry items, comprising: three framed Victorian and later panels of needlework, a footstool, three gilt frames, an embroidered panel, three antique books, three boxes, and a pair of fern letter racks [Y]

LOT 598 £50/80 (05:05PM)

An 18th century Lowestoft blue and white porcelain sparrow beak milk jug, painted with leafy and flowering stems by a fence, painter's mark, 8.7 cm high [W]