LOT 503 £80/120 (04:04PM)

Three shelves of assorted souvenir ware including a Harwich cat, a Reading pig, a Denbigh hat, a City of Westminster miniature toast rack etc. 300 plus [s2, s3 & s4]

LOT 504 £30/50 (04:06PM)

A suite of late 19th century etched drinking glasses including hock, red and white wine, brandy and liqueur glasses, three Georgian decanters with fluted tops engraved brandy, shrub and whisky [s5]

LOT 506 £30/50 (04:06PM)

A large quantity of Portuguese green leaf cabbage ware plates and dishes including four large dinner plates, nine side plates, two five section serving dishes, a meat plate and a bowl, a similar sangria jug, bowl and green circular serving plate [s6 & s10]

LOT 507 £25/40 (04:06PM)

A mixed lot including a Royal Doulton figurine The Captain HN 2260, a Prices cottage ware butter dish and cover, a Losol ware three section dish, an Art Deco style table lamp, a vintage set of Salters scales, an Art Nouveau style photograph frame, a TY bear, a wooden jewellery box and a boxed Fullers Brewery van [s7]

LOT 508 £25/35 (04:09PM)

A Georgian magnifying glass, a leather and silver plated hip flask, a pair of 8×21 folding binoculars, a circular lacquer box and cover and a decorative vase [s7]

LOT 509 £25/40 (04:09PM)

A mixed vintage lot including a wooden cased mantel clock, a pair of green and white Oriental style vases and covers decorated with dragons, a decorative hunting horn, an Oriental hardwood stand, decorative shells, two circular trinket boxes, a four-bottle milk bottle holder, photograph frames, a wooden glove box etc. [s8]

LOT 512 £20/30 (04:11PM)

A small vintage child's Grain sewing machine, a Sahuri Oriental part tea service, two stoneware coffee cups and saucers and an Oriental blue and white pot and cover [s10]

LOT 513 £10/15 (04:11PM)

A shelf of mixed china including cabinet cups and saucers such as Royal Albert, six Alfred Meakin dessert bowls, two tureens and covers, commemorative tankards and dishes, a glass fruit bowl etc. [s11]

LOT 514 £30/50 (04:11PM)

A fine 19th century embroidered fan decorated with flowers on ebonised sticks, an inlaid wooden sewing box, an early 19th century brass candlestick and a boxed set of engraved and initialled silver plated salad servers with ebonised handles [s12]

LOT 515 £30/50 (04:14PM)

Two 19th century ivory napkin rings modelled as belts, a velvet covered book of common prayer dedicated to Eliza 1844, a modern Home Front badge, a pair of turn of the century French folding binoculars, a two-draw telescope, two carved wooden animal figurines, vintage cigar boxes and contents, pen boxes plus others [s13]

LOT 520 £40/60 (04:16PM)

A good collection of glassware a green glass Murano dog ornament, flower ornaments, two glass decanters and stoppers, paperweights, baskets, clocks etc. [s17 & s13]

LOT 521 £25/40 (04:16PM)

A shelf of mainly china wares comprising a Japanese part tea service, an Oriental eggshell china part tea service, a cased Gural Porselan jar and stand and a pair of vases, a small quantity of blue and white, a Victorian barge decorated iron, a wooden case, cabinet plates etc. [s19]

LOT 528 £30/40 (04:21PM)

A quantity of glass ware including Bohemia crystal vases, a set of six Capri crystal champagne flutes and six whisky tumblers, a blue Whitefriars vase, a vintage bottle of Pepsi, dessert bowls etc. [s21]

LOT 529 £40/60 (04:21PM)

Four shelves of mixed china comprising part tea services by Gainsborough, Royal Standard, Caversham etc., a boxed Oriental part tea service, a small quantity of souvenir ware, flower ornaments, a 19th century lustre ware jug, a cranberry glass jug and bowl, a pair of small Staffordshire fireside dogs, teapots, a silver-plated trophy cup etc. [s22, s26, s30 & s34]

LOT 530 £25/40 (04:23PM)

A shelf of china including a Mintons Buckingham pattern part dinner service approximately 25 pieces, a pair of Royal Albert Chatelaine pattern cups and saucers, flower ornaments including Royal Adderley, trinket boxes and covers, an oversized Victorian tea cup and saucer, a figurine of a stork etc. [s23]

LOT 531 £25/35 (04:23PM)

Seven vintage advertising stoneware bottles and hot water bottles, a Tuscan Manhattan part tea service, a small quantity of commemorative ware etc. [s24]

LOT 532 £25/35 (04:23PM)

A soapstone figurine of Buddha, a travelling Mah Jong set, a boxed SEI Exposure Photometer, AA & RAC phone box keys, a Cobra auto 250 flash, an a travelling vanity case [s27]

LOT 533 £25/35 (04:23PM)

A quantity of blue and white Cornish ware style pottery including mixing bowl, rolling pin and milk jug plus a Langley brown glazed part tea service [s25]

LOT 534 £10/15 (04:26PM)

A mixed lot including a cased set of cutlery, figurines, part tea services, a Bretby bowl, a sunburst clock a hinged stool, glass vases etc. [s31 & s32 below]

LOT 535 £25/40 (04:26PM)

A mixed lot including a Sona pewter tea service on tray, a Kaiser white glazed vase, a Bohemia seven piece fruit service, a large green and white meat plate , a blue glass vase, glass bowls and dishes etc. [s28]

LOT 539 £15/20 (04:28PM)

A Royal Doulton Coniston pattern part tea service, blue and white meat plates plus further cabinet plates, five Whitefriars style glasses, a table lamp and shade etc. [s33]

LOT 542 £25/35 (04:30PM)

Two shelves of glassware including a cut glass ice bucket, engraved wine and sherry glasses, champagne flutes, a cut and engraved glass decanter and stopper, a set of six coloured glass tumblers, whisky tumblers, a vase and fruit bowl [s38]

LOT 543 £025/35 (04:30PM)

A Paragon Belinda pattern part tea service, a large circular Chinese plate, a pair of silver-plated tureen stands and a cased set of wood and brass cutlery [s39]

LOT 544 £30/40 (04:30PM)

A set of three vintage pottery vases and covers, two Spanish blue and white vases, a Losol ware vase, a large Satsuma vase, a Wedgwood jasperware bowl with silver plated rim, a Poole pottery bowl, a small collection of blue and white Cornish ware including a flour canister etc. [s41 & s45]

LOT 545 £25/40 (04:30PM)

A mixed lot including a small amount of silver plate comprising a teapot, souvenir spoons, a small vase, a mustard pot and spoon, pepper pot and photo frame, two Royal Worcester Evesham pattern bowls, a pair of Oriental bobbing head figures, an Hermes buckle, a Masonic ring, a necklace with bottle pendant, a wooden pencil box, military buttons, a 007 Tomorrow Never Dies Crew jacket etc. [s42]

LOT 546 £40/60 (04:33PM)

A quantity of Royal Worcester Wild Harvest and Evesham pattern dinner and tea wares including tureens and gravy boat plus a brown and white tureen and cover [s43]

LOT 547 £30/40 (04:33PM)

A pair of Crown Devon Fieldings lustre yellow ground vases decorated with fish, a pair of Staffordshire greyhound figurines, a large duck tureen and cover, a Pelham puppet, a plaster bust of a woman, an Oriental Imari cat etc. [s44]

LOT 548 £120/160 (04:33PM)

Eight Royal Doulton figurines comprising Secret Thoughts HN2382, Nicola HN2839, Fair Lady HN2835, Thank You HN2732, Wistful HN2396, Columbine HN2738, Harlequin HN2737, Bo Peep HN181, two Royal Worcester figurines Spring Morn and Splendour at the Court [s45]

LOT 549 £30/50 (04:33PM)

Two shelves of china including a pair of Royal Doulton Lambeth blue glazed vases, 1930s china including a graduated set of three Arthur wood jugs, a Carlton Ware salad bowl and implements, a Royal Winton jug, a set of three Westover jugs and matching teapot, a Bank in the Tank moneybox, a Staffordshire watch holder, a Cottageware teapot and sugar bowl, vases, travelling clocks Seiko mantel clock etc. [s46 & s50]

LOT 550 £25/40 (04:35PM)

A mixed lot including three Royal Albert serving plates, a Belgium ewer decorated with a bird, an amber glass liqueur set, a gold decorated part tea service decorated with romantic scenes, a glass decanter and whisky tumblers, a pair of tall Oriental style vases, a large Hungarian blue glazed twin handles vase, a small Royal Crown Derby jug etc. [s47]

LOT 551 £30/50 (04:35PM)

A mixed lot including a wooden storage box decorated with a horse, a large stone carved figurine of giraffes, two model boats, a quantity of silver-plated cutlery, a silver-plated trophy cup on wooden stand, a brass pestle and mortar, an inlaid sliding book shelf, a wooden table lamp etc. [s48 & s52]

LOT 557 £30/50 (04:38PM)

A mixed vintage lot including a wooden cased Singer sewing machine, a Seidel & Nauman cased typewriter, a wrought iron stand, two copper kettles, a copper warming pan on turned wood handle, an oval gilt framed mirror, a pair of childrens metal clogs, two small oak stools one dated 1721, brass bells, a circular wooden cased barometer and a quantity of blue and white china including Enoch Woodes platws and platters, a Wedgwood Fallow Deer pattern bowl etc. [s56 & s60]

LOT 561 £30/40 (04:40PM)

A shelf of glass ware including to large Fleur Du Monde display perfume bottles in peach glass, a glass dressing table set, a boxed set of four coloured glass ashtrays, two crystal Swarovski dog ornaments, glass vases etc. [s57]

LOT 565 £30/40 (04:42PM)

A mixed lot including Lladro figurine of a girl with a goose, a majolica blue glazed clock, two boxed Oriental snuff bottles, a figurine of a judge, a soapstone vase with applied monkey figures, a blue and white gourd shaped vase and cover, a wooden cased mantel clock, a Satsuma vase decorated with warriors, a large brass charger, a green glazed two-handled vase decorated with classical scenes etc. [s67]

LOT 566 £30/40 (04:45PM)

A mixed lot including a pair of wooden barleytwist candlesticks, a pair of ebony elephants, vintage Girl Guides leather belts and buckles, an autograph book, a pair of long lurex gloves, a matching vintage bag and shawl, an inlaid wooden mantel clock, a set of six etched glasses, a travelling alarm clock etc. [s68]

LOT 567 £20/30 (04:45PM)

A mixed lot including a set of Polish crystal glasses and decanter including 12 whisky tumblers, three Moet & Chandon ice buckets, a pewter wine bottle holder, a trinket box and cover and a gold-coloured candle holder [s69]

LOT 575 £20/30 (04:50PM)

A mixed lot including a Duchess Greensleeves part tea service, a 1930s decanter modelled as a child reading, four David Winter model cottages, a pair of wooden owl bookends, an onyx dolphin figurine, a glass and metal dish warmer, 'The New Book of Games' etc. [s72]

LOT 578 £25/35 (04:52PM)

A collection of art pottery vases and pots including Dunster, a pottery stein with pewter lid, an Oriental vase and cover decorated with fruit, two silvered figurines of hares etc. [s74]

LOT 579 £30/40 (04:52PM)

A quantity of 19th century and later decorative cabinet plates, cups and saucers, a large Delphis Poole pottery vase, three large circular Delft chargers, a Carlton Ware dish, 1950s pottery decorated with vegetables, a Royal Doulton figurine of Blue Tits, a green Wedgwood jasperware plate etc. [s75]

LOT 580 £25/35 (04:52PM)

A 19th century wooden coal hod with brass mounts, a copper coal scuttle with ceramic handles, a copper kettle, a pair of brass candlesticks and a brass companion set [under s76]

LOT 581 £30/40 (04:54PM)

A shelf of glass ware including a suite of matching cut glass wine, brandy and whisky tumblers, a harlequin set of coloured wine glasses, a fruit bowl, comport and vase [s78]

LOT 582 £30/50 (04:54PM)

A shelf of good cloisonne and enamelled items including those with Persian design comprising a tray, beaker, miniature vase, pin trays, cigarette holder and ashtray all decorated with birds, roses and foliage, an unusual three piece garniture with two square formed vases, an enamelled condiment set on tray, 30 Cantonese painted and Chinese cloisonne saucers, small dishes and bowls decorated with figural, floral and bird designs from 1890s-1930s etc. [s77]

LOT 583 £15/20 (04:54PM)

A mixed shelf including a Price of Kensington cottage ware teapot and a similar butter dish and jug, decorative blue glass vases, a pair of gold candle stands, a pair of decorative candlesticks, a flower ornament, two glass vases etc. [s79]

LOT 585 £60/80 (04:57PM)

An antique heraldic leaded and stained glass panel of the Percy coat of arms with the motto 'Esperance in Dieu', width 15 in approximately [hanging by stairs]

LOT 587 £50/70 (04:57PM)

A vintage set of library steps with silver-plated top, a Chinese hardwood screen with embroidered panel and an engraved brass kettle [floor next to s79]

LOT 589 £60/100 (04:59PM)

An antique leaded and stained glass panel depicting a 16th century Bishop perhaps one of the Oxford Martyrs, hanging by stairs, width 15 in approximately [hanging by stairs]

LOT 590 £25/30 (04:59PM)

A shelf of white glazed planters, vases and ornaments, five glass ornaments, a glass ship in a bottle, metal figural ornaments, miniature jugs and vases etc. [s80 & s81]

LOT 591 £20/30 (04:59PM)

Two small black glazed display cases containing miniature ornaments such as a glass elephant pin cushion, and thimbles, a set of seven dwarf figures, miniature plates, animal figurines etc. [s82]

LOT 593 £40/60 (05:02PM)

A gold painted cast iron umbrella stand, a pair of antique brass candlesticks, a metal companion set, a Victorian iron on stand, a brass Jersey jug, a small gilt framed mirror, a quantity of antique keys, three Greek plaques etc. [under s82]