LOT 501 £25/35 (03:24PM)

A mixed lot including a copper samovar, a mirrored tray, an Oriental carved wood figurine of a Sage, an onyx clock and ornaments, a brass pestle and mortar, trinket boxes, rock samples, a small wooden rocking horse, a pewter box in the Art Nouveau style, a ginger jar and cover plus another, Oriental teapots, an etched glass vase, six decorative plates decorated with romantic scenes etc. [s24]

LOT 504 £25/35 (03:27PM)

Two shelves of mixed china and glass ware including an boxed Aynsley cake plate and server, a Bell china tea service decorated with blue flowers, a green glazed part dinner service, boxed cutlery, cabbage ware bowls and jugs, a set of four Edinburgh crystal whisky tumblers, eight glass vases and two bowls, plus further decorative china vases, jugs and plates [s27 & s31]

LOT 505 £40/60 (03:27PM)

A large quantity of white glazed H&C dinner wares with a blue and gilt rim including tureens and serving dishes plus a large quantity of white glazed OKA dinner wares [s28 & s32]

LOT 507 £30/40 (03:29PM)

A mixed lot of interesting vintage items including a straw boater hat by C A Bunn & Co, five metal bike lamps with candles, a quantity of collectors spoons, commemorative mugs including Doulton, a Limoges perfume burner, a glass perfume decanter with gilt stopper, a novelty metal bird cigar piercer, a gilt framed circular print, a perfume bottle and stopper in ebony case, two small circular framed watercolour portraits plus another, a small circular mirror etc. [s34 & s38]

LOT 508 £25/35 (03:29PM)

A shelf of mixed china including black and gold Grecian style vases, ginger jars and covers, Oriental vases, cake plates and servers, vases, flower ornaments, 1930s bowls, a Duchess part tea and dinner service, a Coalport blue and white willow pattern vase and cover, trinket boxes and covers etc. [s35]

LOT 512 £30/40 (03:31PM)

A pair of large pottery urns and covers, a pair of terracotta finials, a pair of soapstone fo dogs and a green glazed pair in china, a pair of green pottery lions on plinths, a set three glass pyramids, two horn models of ships and a pottery flower ornament [s37]

LOT 513 £30/40 (03:31PM)

A boxed set of six Rosenthal wine glasses, a boxed Wedgwood commemorative plate, a small HM silver tankard, a silver-plated tankard, a silver-plated cigarette box and two glass vases [s38]

LOT 517 £30/50 (03:34PM)

A quantity of glass ware including ruby glass vases, jugs and swan shaped dishes, a pair of clear glass decanters and stoppers with HM silver spirit labels, wine glasses, champagne flutes, whisky tumblers, sherry glasses, vases and rose bowls [s42 & s46]

LOT 518 £40/60 (03:36PM)

A large quantity of mixed china including a graduated set of three Doulton stoneware hunting jugs, large chargers, a set of eight Hamilton Collection Star Trek collectors plates, an Oriental style hors d'ouevres dish in wooden tray, a cloisonne pin tray, a Poole pottery vase, Wedgewood jasperware trinket dishes and covers plus others, decorative plates, candlesticks and ornaments, etc. [s43, s47 & s51]

LOT 519 £25/35 (03:36PM)

A mixed lot including a large Oriental vase, an Oriental style table lamp, a pair of black ground vases decorated with roses, carved ebony figures, four hardwood stands, a pair of brass candlesticks, brass ornaments, a brass oil lamp with glass shade, a cased wooden magnifier, a pewter tankard etc. [s44]

LOT 520 £30/40 (03:36PM)

A collection of Oriental wares including Satsuma vases, ginger jars and covers, tea cups and saucers, teapots, blue and white prunus vases, bowls etc. [s45 & s41]

LOT 521 £30/50 (03:36PM)

17 Robertson jam golly band figures, a pair of Staffordshire style cat ornaments, two Beswick Beatrix Potter collection figurines and two further by Royal Albert, two Beswick Rupert and Friends figurines etc. [s46]

LOT 523 £30/50 (03:39PM)

A good shelf of glassware including a pair of etched glass decanters and stoppers plus two further, a table lustre, a large art glass bowl, a cut glass bob bon dish and cover, a cat ornament, vases, a perfume bottle and stopper, a green glass chemist jar and stopper, a large yellow glass jug etc. [s49]

LOT 529 £30/40 (03:41PM)

A novelty collection of Bonzo the Dog items including egg cups, perfume bottles, cruet sets, figurines, jugs, bowls etc. approximately 36 pieces in all [s54]

LOT 530 £30/40 (03:43PM)

A mixed lot including a pair of Fischer Flammarian opera glasses in leather case, a pair of Russian binoculars, a pressed glass commemorative dish, a glass cruet set, a large brass bowl, an Oriental style blue and white part tea service, a Rolls Royce novelty decanter, a blue glazed clock garniture, brass compass, cabinet cups and saucers, a glass cruet set, vase and jam dish and cover, an African wooden carved figurine etc. [s55]

LOT 531 £30/40 (03:43PM)

Five Coalport figurines 'Judith Ann', 'Breeze', Suzanne', 'Charlotte' and 'Regina' three Royal Doulton figurines 'Ballerina', 'Christmas Morn' HN 1992 and 'The Skater' HN 3439, a Lladro figurine of a girl, two figurines of Geisha's, a Royal Crown Derby robin paperweight and a pair of Thai figurines of girls etc. [s54 & s58]

LOT 543 £30/50 (03:51PM)

An Adler Primus typewriter, two leather cased Chesterman tape measures, a leather collar case, a soda syphon, a horn cup with silver-plated mounts, four heavy brass bowls, a 19th century part tea service, a large Poole pottery vase, a Dresden dish etc. [s63]

LOT 554 £25/35 (03:58PM)

A mixed lot including two model sailing ships, a model ship in a bottle, a cloisonne ashtray, a puzzle box, a brass desk inkstand, four figurines of warriors, a boxed saki set, a boxed oriental tea set, a wooden door painted with a dragon, a framed miniature Kimono and a picture of border collies etc. [s67]

LOT 555 £60/80 (03:58PM)

A Royal Albert Old Country Roses part tea and diner service, a Royal Albert Gaiety pattern part tea service plus a further floral decorated Royal Albert part tea service in blue [s68]

LOT 562 £25/35 (04:03PM)

A mixed lot including napkin rings, a silver-plated cruet, a wooden shaped salt and pepper, trinket boxes, compacts, a vintage handbag, vintage pen nibs, a small quantity of cameras including Pentax and Minolta, sea coral etc. [s76]

LOT 564 £25/35 (04:03PM)

A quantity of drinking glasses including a set of four coloured glass cocktail glasses, a set of six twist stem wine glasses, a set of four cut glass red wine glasses, whisky tumblers, sherry glasses etc. [s75]

LOT 571 £40/60 (04:07PM)

A quantity of vintage photographic equipment including camera view finders, an Olympus Auto bellows and small camera bellows, a WestonMaster light meter, a Bolex Paillard synchroniser, Paterson CdS enlarging device, Zeiss Ikon vintage film spools, two vintage Siemens & Haiske rectangular Film Cassettes etc. [s79]

LOT 578 £40/60 (04:12PM)

A Japanese metal two-handled vase decorated with birds and flowers, a pair of brass Japanese vases decorated with carp, a pair of ebony open-turned candlesticks, a pair of resin Oriental figurines of a couple, African wooden carved figurines and a green stone bird [s80]

LOT 585 £40/60 (04:17PM)

A wooden case for George VI Coronation book by Stevanoff [no book], a wooden cased wind-up gramophone and a quantity of His Masters Voice 7 in records plus a mixed lot of bags [next to s82]

LOT 589 £15/30 (04:19PM)

A small quantity of children's annuals, a pig chef tinplate toy, a green Sylvac figurine of kittens in a basket, three ladies handbags and an Oriental jug [s83]

LOT 592 £25/35 (04:19PM)

A matching set of china mugs, teapot and cruet decorated with leaves, an oak cased fish knife and fork set, a Crown Devon John Peel jug, a floral decorated jug and bowl set, three Routledge Miniature Reference Books, a green Art Nouveau style comport, a cased students microscope, two figurines etc. [s83]

LOT 593 £40/60 (04:22PM)

A shelf of mainly Mintons ceramics including Mintons figurines of a squirrel and a dormouse, a collection of jugs, a pair of yellow ground vases, a biscuit barrel and cover, a vase, dishes, meat plate etc. [s85]

LOT 593A £25/35 (04:22PM)

Four framed prints of classic motor cars, a pair of brass ceiling lights with crystal drops, a small quantity of costume jewellery, a sewing box and contents, six silver-plated goblets, a silver-plated teapot etc. [s84]