LOT 502 £30/40 (04:00PM)

A bronze shield from the front of a steam locomotive which has been mounted and modelled into a fireguard, plus two vintage corkscrews and a brass ornament. [under s82]

LOT 504 £25/40 (04:02PM)

A shelf of mainly cameras including a Canon EOS 350D with lens, a Panasonic Lumex DMC-TZ5, a Canon Ixus v3 plus a Sony lens, various chargers, two camera bags, a Gorillapod tripod, etc. [s83]

LOT 505 £30/40 (04:02PM)

Vintage 1950s to 1980s microscope, microscope bases, lenses, filters and various microscopic related items including a Britex Minor Microscope in box, two brass microscope revolving specimen stages, a Zeiss Wetzlar Dark Field Condenser, Microscope Lens Shutter, a Slima-Fallux zoom lens, a metal box with filters, etc. [s83]

LOT 506 £30/40 (04:02PM)

A quantity of cameras and camera equipment including a Canon Coronet QL17, camera bags, lens holders, an Olympus lens, a dark room safe light, a Vario Stellar, etc. [s83]

LOT 507 £30/40 (04:04PM)

Victorian and early 20th century specimen slides, vintage 1950-80s microscope accessories and related items including bases and components for microscopes, vintage lenses in original container, eye pieces, trays for holding specimens, a glass magnifying slide in its original Leitz Wetzlar red leather case, a fitted leatherette carrying case for 25 glass slides, a small bottle with Canada Balsam on, etc. [s83]

LOT 508 £25/35 (04:04PM)

Two shelves of glassware comprising champagne flutes, wine glasses, brandy balloons, sherry glasses, whisky tumblers, a large blue glass bowl and a smaller fruit bowl. [s84 & 87]

LOT 509 £30/40 (04:04PM)

A large quantity of glassware including cut glass wine glasses, hop glasses, brandy balloons, tumblers, champagne saucers, fruit bowls, dessert bowls, vases, etc. [s85 & 88]

LOT 510 £40/60 (04:04PM)

A Johnson Brothers Indian Tree pattern part dinner service approx. 32 pieces, part tea services including Booths Pagoda pattern, Old Royal China Art Deco, Crown Staffordshire Hunting scenes jug, bowl, pin dish etc., a quantity of ornaments including Wade animals, a Clarice Cliff-style sugar sifter, vases, figurines, etc. [s86 & 89]

LOT 511 £30/50 (04:07PM)

Two vintage brass and glass oil lamps plus another similar, pottery planters on stands, a brass umbrella stand, a copper coal scuttle, an Eastern copper kettle, a large brass jug, a decorative fireside set, Texas car plates, a decorative sword and two flower arrangements in white pottery planters. [under s86]

LOT 512 £20/30 (04:07PM)

A mixed wooden and metalware lot including a art nouveau crumb scoop and brush, vintage woodworking planes, African wooden-handled horse hair fly swat, a vintage metal animal trap, a framed print of a Centurion and a further wooden frame. [under s89]

LOT 513 £30/50 (04:07PM)

A Waterproof Minocular D:65 mm F:386 mm, an Astronimal telescope model 550 by Pentax, a wooden folding tripod, a set of Herbert & Sons, King's Cross London Grocer's Scales and a wrought iron stand. [under s89]

LOT 513A £15/20 (04:07PM)

A quantity of cameras and camera equipment including a Pentax MV1, a Helena camera, a Kodak Instamatic 233, a pair of Skybolt binoculars 10×50, a cased hip-flask, thermos flask in travelling case, etc. [s88]

LOT 514 £30/50 (04:09PM)

A collection of projectors and film reels and slides from the house of Ted Watson the Batman to Lord Mountbatten, the slides and film reels allegedly contain recordings from the Queen's coronation, the slides are of a more domestic nature, plus a Kodak Automatic 8 tripods, Aldis Kodak projector, etc. [sZ]

LOT 515 £40/60 (04:09PM)

A wooden cased barometer, pewter Stein and commemorative tankard, a small quantity of lead soldiers and circus animals and entertainers, a pottery tankard with pewter lid, Filmo 121 Projector and a box of marbles. [pine shelves next to sZ]

LOT 516 £25/35 (04:09PM)

A signed football and signed rugby ball, a snooker scoring board, an Old Trafford mirror, a quantity of books on sport, and programmes. [pine shelves next to sZ]

LOT 517 £25/40 (04:09PM)

Eight Russian black lacquer boxes depicting various scenes, two decorative Russian eggs on stand, two Russian dolls, decorative necklace, pair of wooden carved elephants, a wooden Ganesh, a pretty powder pot with enamelled lid, three fabric jewellery boxes plus another, a pretty bamboo-style hamper and a book "This Little Piggy went to Prada", etc. [pine shelves next to sZ]

LOT 518 £30/50 (04:12PM)

A set of blue Le Creuset cookware comprising three cooking pots with lids and two griddle pans, a box of framed pictures of wildlife, stamps, etc., fashion prints, badminton rackets in case. [pine shelves next to sZ]

LOT 519 £40/60 (04:12PM)

A large quantity of tools and accessories including a Black and Decker hedge trimmer, a Craftmate level, tool boxes and contents, Halfords primers, batteries, magnifying glasses, tape measures, a Raaco tool mate, clamps etc. [pine shelves by back door]

LOT 520 £25/35 (04:12PM)

A mixed lot including a Sony S Master micro hifi system CMT-G1B1P with speakers, a Samsung speaker, a quantity of electrical accessories including a digital thermometer, telephone cups, a Braun diffuser hairdryer, alarm clock radios, two cameras, two ladders etc. [black shelves by back door]

LOT 527 £20/30 (04:14PM)

A large stoneware flagon with tap, unmarked and a smaller similar, a vintage R White bottle with marble stoppers and others similar, three German Wieze October Fest mugs, a boot planter, wooden ashtrays, vintage brown advertising bottles 'The Royal German Spa, Brighton' etc. [G38]

LOT 528 £25/35 (04:14PM)

A mixed lot including a pair of large Deryck Foster prints of boats, a watercolour of boats signed P Smithers, various other prints, two pairs of work boots including Zamberlan, a boxed coarse fishing outfit, a Wonder Dry umbrella, other various framed and unframed pictures and prints, a three tier paper tray, a pin cushion doll, an ebony hand mirror, various office accessories, a bird feeder etc. [G35, G39, G36]

LOT 529 £25/35 (04:16PM)

A mixed lot included a wooden cased mantel clock, four Leonardo figurines on wooden bases, a copper kettle, a Victorian iron, three character jugs, an Art Deco glass jug, a Burleighware vase, a black metal model of a rocking horse plus further dinner wares, a small quantity of silver plate including a teapot, a Ronson table lighter, five brass chalices etc. [G40 and part G37]

LOT 532 £15/20 (04:16PM)

Three decanters and stoppers, a set of six engraved wine glasses, plus a further four, four whisky tumblers, a quantity of forks, a M&S Stamford pattern white glazed part dinner service and a marble stand. [G37]

LOT 533 £50/70 (04:19PM)

A Wii console and Wii Fit with games including Super Mario, Mario Cart, Wii Fit and a quantity of boxed games including Hocus Pocus and Guess Who [G32]

LOT 534 £30/40 (04:19PM)

A mixed lot including a Nikon Coolpix camera, a Panasonic DVD player DMR-EZ27, a quantity of other cameras including a Ross Ensign, a Selfix 820 special, a Praktica Ltl, a pair of Dienstglas 6×30 field binoculars, a small box of stamps, a Cross boxed pen, a Johnie Walkers Black Label hip flask, a small quantity of china including Denby stoneware teapot and jug and a Wedgwood Chanticleer pattern gravy boat plus another, three pairs of cufflinks [G33 & G39]

LOT 535 £20/30 (04:19PM)

A mixed lot of tools including an Erbauer 18 volt drill, various screwdrivers and spanners, a quantity of power extension leads, a Pro Tiler Ultra ceramic tile cutter, garden accessories, petrol cans, high vis jackets [G34 & G32]

LOT 539 £30/40 (04:21PM)

A large lot including a CRS microwave oven, a Bush video player, a Sanyo portable radio and tape player, an LG vacuum cleaner, an electric radiator, a vintage suitcase, gardening accessories such as Tabax Professional Tree Protection, a darts board, a Bernia vintage sewing machine, a Philips video cassette recorder VR2 021, a tent etc. [on G28 and under G28 & G31 plus next to the shelves]

LOT 542 £25/35 (04:24PM)

A Targa Carp split cane fishing rod, a vintage wooden fishing reel plus another, a wood storage box containing angling equipment such as hooks, nylons, floats etc. and a Gadabout Andrews McClaren chair [beginning of second aisle]

LOT 550 £30/40 (04:28PM)

A box of old mobile phones including a Motorola C113A, a Sony Ericsson, a Motorola E398 plus a large quantity of chargers and extensions [on lot 860]

LOT 551 £40/60 (04:28PM)

A set of vintage E Pilgrim, Norwich, grocers scales serial no. 3746 and a vintage push along lawn mower by Qualcast with front basket. [on lot 860]

LOT 554 £30/40 (04:31PM)

A Ferrograph tape to tape recorder, a Teac X-7R dual capstan drive tape to tape recorder and another by Akai 1721 L plus tapes and a box of easy listening LPs [end of third aisle]

LOT 558 £40/60 (04:33PM)

A quantity of photographic equipment including a boxed Auto Print Washer, a projector screen, measuring cylinders, a Durst projector, a Durst A300 enlarger, a slide viewer, Jessops light box etc. [on lot 853]

LOT 562 £25/35 (04:36PM)

A quantity of electrical tools including a petrol strimmer by Ryobi 25cc, an electric strimmer, a Power Base leaf blower, a hand held leaf collector, rakes, etc. plus a bag of Happy Beaks split peanuts for birds and a new duvet cover [next to G1]

LOT 563 £25/35 (04:36PM)

A large quantity of electrical goods including Phillishave electric razors, a Toshiba compact disc player, alarm clocks, a Pro Peak power supply, electric timers, light bulbs, scales, plug sockets, etc. [shelves 1, 3 & 4 of G1]

LOT 564 £25/35 (04:36PM)

A pair of Sony speakers on stands, a portable Sony midi hifi including a tape deck, a pair of Sony through way super wide speakers AMP 106, a Vita audio radio, a Sony converter system, a Denon DAB radio and compact disc player etc. [on G1 shelf 2 and next to G1]

LOT 565 £15/20 (04:38PM)

A real mixed lot including a mirror fronted bathroom cabinet, a laser silicon gun, electric kettles, a small quantity of DVDs including Star Wars, a small quantity of books, playing cards, a Gunson's tachostrobe timing light, a quantity of CDs including Elton John, a paper trimmer and guillotine etc. [G2 & G5]

LOT 567 £25/35 (04:38PM)

A mixed lot including a three Panasonic Freeview boxes plus others, a Sony hard disc recorder SVR-HDT500, a HDD DVD recorder RDR HXD995, a Sony DVD recorder HDR HXDA60, a Dell computer speaker, toner cartridges, Postercork wall tiles, a brass ceiling light and shades, light fittings, etc. [G3, G6, G9, G12]

LOT 568 £15/30 (04:38PM)

A large mixed lot including a large quantity of cleaning materials and cloths, such as Flash, W5 degreaser, Mr Muscle etc., a large black and white meat plate, a print of a horse, stainless steel dinner wares, two black ceiling spotlights, a cuckoo clock etc. [G4, G7, G10 & G13]

LOT 569 £25/35 (04:40PM)

A large mixed lot including light bulbs, turtle wax, cleaning fluids, tiles, rugs, a Panasonic microwave, a quantity of printers including Samsung, a Betamax video recorder, all sorts [under G4, G7, G10 &G13]

LOT 571 £30/50 (04:40PM)

A Technics amplifier SUV X600 , a Technics graphic equaliser SH-E5 and a Technics tape deck RS-T55R plus an Amstrad stereo 8000 MK II, an Amstrad Multiplex 3000 and an Amstrad stereo tuner model X303 [G1 and part G8]

LOT 573 £30/40 (04:43PM)

A mixed lot including a Black and Decker strimmer, an aluminium bin, a Sentry safe, a four tier mini greenhouse, a tomato grow house, further gardening accessories, a hozelock lawn Queen 230, etc., many in original packaging [G14, G17 & part G20]

LOT 574 £15/20 (04:43PM)

A mixed lot including a quantity of door and window handles, tool boxes and contents mainly screw, nails etc., a tile cutter, tool accessory storage boxes, plugs etc. [G15 & G18]

LOT 578 £25/35 (04:45PM)

A mixed lot including a Sanyo table top fan, a pasta maker, a wooden cased wall barometer, a Wedgwood Florentine tureen and cover, an Olivetti typewriter, a vintage Prestige potato peeler, umbrellas, DVD players, a small quantity of vintage handbags, toy soldiers etc. [G22, G23 & G25]

LOT 581 £30/40 (04:48PM)

A purple 2.7 m garden umbrella, another garden umbrella, a folding rotating washing line, two loppers, a boxed step ladder, a clothes airer, fans, an oil filled radiator, kitchen steps, two plants sprayers etc. [back door]

LOT 589 £25/35 (04:52PM)

A mixed lot including a pair of table lamps, a table top globe, a vintage print of a city, a quantity of DVDs including Spooks, a HPMV 5540 printer, a set of Henselite lawn bowls , a large quantity of golf balls, an Abbey drop dial wall clock, wooden elephants, a pasta maker, a small quantity of commemorative wares, a small quantity of silver plate including cutlery and a two handled trophy cup, a box of pictures and prints, a real mixed lot [on lot 591]