LOT 503 £50/80 (03:36PM)

A bronzed resin figurine of a lady sat upon a rock, signed by the artist Ronald Cameron, entitled "Reflection", limited edition No. 14/100. Certificate included. [s1]

LOT 506 £25/40 (03:39PM)

Oriental Imari pattern planter and similar dish, an oval hand-painted tray decorated with flowers, four pieces of blue Wedgwood Jasperware including teapot and two jugs, smoky glass jug and vase and two small blue and white patterned tankards. [s3]

LOT 507 £20/30 (03:39PM)

Approximately 20 figurines of birds by Country Artists and The Country Bird Collection, Beswick chaffinch plus further countryside animals including badgers, hedgehogs and squirrels plus a canteen of cutlery. [s4]

LOT 508 £40/60 (03:39PM)

A good collection of mid-19th century pewter tankards and pewter quart jug with side handle, a graduated set of pewter pint, half-pint and quarter-pint tankards. [s5]

LOT 509 £60/80 (03:39PM)

A Royal Doulton Strawberry Cream TC1118 part tea and dinner service including a pair of tureens and covers, meat plate, gravy boat, dinner plates, teapot, cereal bowls, etc. [s6]

LOT 510 £50/70 (03:41PM)

An extensive Copeland Spode Rockingham pattern part dinner service including three tureens, soup tureen and lid, three large meat plates plus three smaller, dinner plates, side plates, etc. [s7]

LOT 512 £20/30 (03:41PM)

A shelf of African items including two carved wooden hippopotamuses, a carved wooden elephant, three wooden busts, soapstone figurine of a woman plus a soapstone bowl decorated with elephants, two soapstone elephants, glass elephant, two glasses silhouetted with African scenes, etc. [s9]

LOT 514 £40/60 (03:43PM)

Turn of the century 11 piece dessert service in gilt and turquoise with floral decoration plus another 12-piece in the Imari colours with shaped dishes, a large cranberry glass bell, a Middle Eastern tagine, a blue and white part Irish tea service, two decorative mirrors, decorative plates, etc. [s11]

LOT 516 £40/60 (03:43PM)

A collection of glassware including blue Whitefriars bark effect vase, plus further Whitefriars vases including lobed cranberry glass decanter, two amber glass ashtrays, etched glass posy bowl, fern decorated lemonade set and matching wine glasses, etc. [s13]

LOT 517 £20/30 (03:46PM)

A shelf of mixed china including two Murano glass paperweights, two Continental lace figurines, further decorative figurines of couples in 18th-century dress, a beaded purse, a beaded bag and a lace doily, a horse figurine, two Royal Doulton flower ornaments, a Dunoon diamond jubilee commemorative mug plus further decorative plates, vases, paperweights, etc. [s14]

LOT 521 £50/70 (03:48PM)

An interesting lot comprising two Carlton Ware 'My Goodness, My Guinness' figurines – a pelican and a penguin, a set of four Beswick flying ducks, a Beswick wall-mounted kingfisher, a pair of 1940s cat bookends, a pair of decorative ballerina ornaments, a Dunhill ashtray in the form of a pipe, a Royal Doulton figurine "This little piggy" HN No. 1793, and a Denby pottery rabbit figurine. [s18]

LOT 522 £25/35 (03:48PM)

A collection of vintage bottles including blue chemist bottles, R Whites' Gingerbeer, blue soda syphon, vintage cocktail shaker, and a small quantity of fossils and semi-precious stones. [s18]

LOT 523 £40/70 (03:48PM)

A good collection of glassware including a ship’s decanter and stopper with hallmarked silver collar, a set of six green-overlaid cut-glass wine glasses, a further set of six cut-glass hock glasses, including a set of six Edinburgh crystal wine glasses, four further decanters and stoppers including Dartington, vases, sherry glasses, bowls, etc. a set of four 19th century Staffordshire plates “Travels in Mesopotamia”, Shorter’s jug with floral handle, etc. [s19 & 15]

LOT 525 £25/40 (03:51PM)

A mixed lot including part tea services by Royal Albert black glazed with rose pattern, Royal Standard and Royal Imperial, glass fruit bowls, tureens, meat plates, etc. [s20]

LOT 533 £30/40 (03:55PM)

Two shelves of mixed china including part tea services by Mintons and Royal Doulton Carnation pattern, a pink-ground part dessert service, Bristol blue glass ball, a Royal Doulton carrot jug Isaac Walton D6404, 12 Copeland Pekin pattern dinner plates plus further decorative plates, bowls, etc. [s22 & 26]

LOT 534 £25/35 (03:55PM)

A small quantity of blue and white including Minton's gravy boat, two cheese dishes and covers, three rice bowls, Wedgwood dishes, decorative vase, KPM part tea service, etc. [s23]

LOT 535 £30/40 (03:55PM)

A mixed vintage lot including a Plustron TV R5 Portable Television, three Bush vintage Bakelite radios, wall-mounted buffalo horns, a vintage globe, hairdryer, an illuminated star globe, walking cane and umbrellas. [s24]

LOT 536A £20/30 (03:58PM)

A Portuguese figurine of a Parrot, a book of engravings, a small quantity of point and shoot cameras, two make up compacts, three Wedgwood Jasperware dishes, a framed Asian silk picture, a boxed Middle Eastern scroll etc. [s25]

LOT 537 £50/70 (03:58PM)

A shelf and a half of good glassware including a set of 11 Royal Doulton cut glass wine glasses, a set of six Tudor cut glass champagne glasses, further sets of cut glass wine glasses, sherry glasses, finger bowls/dessert bowls, two carnival glass dishes in orange and blackberry, fruit bowls, baskets, glasses on saucers, jugs, lemonade glasses, etc. [s27 & 31]

LOT 539 £30/50 (04:00PM)

Two shelves of mixed china and glassware including Wedgwood Lichfield pattern part tea and dinner service, French teapot, sugar jug and cream jug decorated with black hen, a small quantity of pottery perfume bottles and covers, two Carlton Ware dishes and matching cruet, Art Deco egg cups, Murano glass bowl, glass dishes, decorative fruit plates, pierced bowl, etc. [s29 & 33]

LOT 540 £60/80 (04:00PM)

A good collection of figurines including Royal Doulton Ninette HN2379, Royal Doulton Lady Pamela HN2718, Royal Doulton Lynsey HN3043, Kerry HN3036, Lydia HN1908, Belle HN2340, a Lladro seated girl, two Nao figurines of a girl and boy, a pair of Royal Doulton figurines of spaniels, a Royal Copenhagen figurine of a seagull, Lladro train, flower ornaments by Aynsley, etc. [s34

LOT 541 £20/30 (04:00PM)

Four Alice in Wonderland plates by Sandy Nightingale by Limoges plus further decorative cabinet cups and saucers, hors d'oeuvres dishes, cabinet plates, etc. [s30]

LOT 542 £30/40 (04:00PM)

An extensive Elizabethan English Garden pattern tea and dinner service, National Trust Rose design part tea service, Staffordshire Romance pattern part tea service, decorative cabinet cups and saucers, six Radford dinner plates, Shorter & Son jug and dish plus a further jug, a Woods Chinese Rose pattern vase, a small amount of pewter including a tankard, egg coddlers, etc. [s35 & part of 31]

LOT 543 £25/35 (04:03PM)

Two shelves of china including Aynsley Pembroke pattern part tea services, art pottery tankards, Royal Doulton Bunnykins plates and dishes for children, a small quantity of blue and white including fruit bowls, ginger jars and covers and planters, a blue pottery cat, Wedgwood blue Jasperware trinket box and cover and similar dish, pickled onion jar and cover, etc. [s36 & 40]

LOT 544 £20/30 (04:03PM)

A small quantity of china including a Kensington lustreware vase, decorative jugs, an Aynsley clock, Wedgwood Sarah's Garden Queensware jug, pot and cover and biscuit jar and cover, etc. [s37]

LOT 547 £30/40 (04:05PM)

A Hornsey Fleur pattern part tea and coffee service plus storage jars, preserve dishes, vinegar bottle etc. plus a Johnson Brothers Indies pattern blue and white part dinner and tea service including gravy boats, dinner plates, tureens, teapot, etc. plus a Staffordshire green and white part dinner service including meat plates. [s39]

LOT 550 £50/70 (04:05PM)

Three shelves of 19th century and later tea and dinner wares including two Rockingham style tea services, seven Imari pattern plates, a Spode part tea service, lustre ware cups, saucers, bowls and teapots, a 19th century glass decanter and stopper etc. [s42, s46 & s50]

LOT 551 £10/15 (04:07PM)

A mixed general lot including a Staffordshire part tea and dinner service, a small quantity of glassware, a hip flask, a pewter tankard etc. [s43 and part 47]

LOT 552 £30/50 (04:07PM)

A mixed lot including a large blue overlaid cut glass vase, two glass fruit bowls one with silver plated foot, two Naples cherubs, a box of silver-plated flatware, a small quantity of lace and linens, a ship in a bottle, decorative wooden boxes, four decorative prints, a Westclox drop dial wall clock, a boxed Swarovski parrot brooch, a pottery wall pocket, decorative plates etc. [s44 & part 48]

LOT 555 £50/70 (04:10PM)

A 19th century carved wooden bust of an angel, a heavy brass and copper jam pan, a 19th century polychrome bowl with pierced sides, a boxed Aynsley cake plate and slice, a part dressing table set, two small brass candlesticks and a carved wooden African head [s47]

LOT 558 £25/40 (04:10PM)

A mixed lot of china including a Sylvac duck jug, a Nao figurine of a cat, an egg crook, a Goss 'Little Brown Jug', a dressing table set, blue Wedgwood jasperware trinket dishes, plus further figurines, bowls and vases [s49]

LOT 560 £25/35 (04:12PM)

Two heavy cut glass jugs, basket and bowl, a Kukhuri in sheath, leather cased Danish toddie cups, a cased set of mother of pearl opera glasses, a Sony Cyber Shot camera, a pair of binoculars, photo albums, a small quantity of china including a Wedgwood jasperware trinket box and cover. A 1938 'Class A4' Mallard model train, a book on the Coronation, a small quantity of stamps, railway signs and vintage newspapers etc. [part of shelves 52& s56]

LOT 562 £25/35 (04:12PM)

A shelf of mixed china including a Royal Doulton Dick Turpin character jug HN 6528, Portmeirion Zodiak mug, assorted jugs, tankards, ginger jars and covers, Yardley English Lavender soap dish, a blue Wedgwood jasperware candlestick, 19th century tureen lids etc. [s54 & s58]

LOT 564 £20/30 (04:15PM)

A mixed lot including a very tall lily-shaped red glass vase, collectors plates including Brades, Naples flower ornaments, cut glass bowls and vases, a H Samuel carriage clock etc. [part of shelves 53 & 57]

LOT 565 £30/50 (04:15PM)

A collection of blue Wedgwood jasper ware trinket dishes, pin trays and vases, a boxed set of Royal Worcester ramekins, a B&L 'Farmers Arms' breakfast cup and saucer, further Copeland and other cabinet cups and saucers, House of Commons wall clock, trinket box and cover and mug, two Bristol blue glass goblets signed J Baker, a Murano glass slipper and bowl, a Wedgwood Peter rabbit plate, a large glass vase etc. [s59]

LOT 566 £30/40 (04:15PM)

A shelf of blue and white china including willow pattern meat plates, George Jones and Sons Shredded Wheat dishes, Boothes Real Old Willow dinner plates, tureens on stand, fruit bowls etc. [s60]

LOT 568 £100/150 (04:17PM)

Two shelves of good mainly coloured glassware including Bristol Blue wine glasses, overlaid vases, sundae glasses, vaseline glass baskets, carnival glass plates, a commemorative beaker, cranberry glass and a lustre bowl decorated with flowers plus four powder compacts including Stratton [s61 & s64]

LOT 569 £30/50 (04:17PM)

Three Wedgwood mugs, one boxed Prince of Wales 1969 designed by Richard Guyatt, a Masons Imari mug with serpent handle, a Doulton-style two-handled mug plus further mugs [s62]

LOT 574 £30/50 (04:22PM)

A mixed lot of mainly metal ware including a brass kettle on stand, copper and brass candlesticks, a brass wall light, a Horstmann counterpoised desk lamp, stoneware hot water bottles, Oxo tins, a brass motor horn etc. [under s63 & s66]

LOT 576 £30/40 (04:22PM)

A shelf of glassware including comports, fruit bowls, vases, a decanter and stopper with brandy label, model bull, perfume bottle and stopper, ashtrays and fruit ornaments [s66]

LOT 578 £30/40 (04:24PM)

A framed Oriental silk picture of a sage, a small pair of cloisonne vases, two copper jugs and a copper teapot, Eastern brass vases and a bowl, a mahogany framed mirror, a large meat plate, a small bass frame etc. [s67]

LOT 579 £25/40 (04:24PM)

A shelf of china comprising a Paragon 23 piece tea service, a Royal Doulton Burgundy pattern part dinner service, blue and gilt coffee cups and saucers, two ornaments of figures in 18th century dress playing card and board games etc. [s68 & s71]

LOT 580 £40/60 (04:24PM)

A mixed lot including a pair of brass candlesticks, a four piece silver piece tea service, a Webb cut glass decanter and stopper plus another ten boxed Dartington sweetcorn dishes with picks, a small amount of Wedgwood including Kutani Crane, cased cutlery, a bag of flatware, a Waterford cake slice and a cased typewriter etc. [s69 and underneath]

LOT 583 £25/35 (04:29PM)

A quantity of blue Wedgwood jasperware vases, trinket boxes and covers etc. a Masons fruit basket decorated teapot, further trinket boxes, decorative plates etc., a hardwood box, two decorative figurines of pug dogs, a white glazed horse figurine and three figurines of men [s72]

LOT 587 £30/50 (04:31PM)

Part tea services including Oriental eggshell decorated with ducks, Bavarian blue and gilt, floral decorated Coalport, Edwardian blue and gilt decorated, Royal Albert blue and gilt, decorative plates and a commemorative pressed glass plate [s75 & s78]

LOT 590 £50/70 (04:34PM)

Six Royal Doulton figurines Lynne HN 2329, Kirsty HN 2381, Victoria HN 2471, The Last Waltz HN 2315, Soiree HN 2312, Elyse HN 2474 four Coalport figurines plus another [s76]