LOT 501 £25/35 (04:00PM)

A quantity of glassware including a heavy cut glass bowl decorated with a bird on matching stand, jugs biscuit barrel and lid, a comport, basket with handle, wine glasses, dessert dishes etc. [pine shelf back of room]

LOT 510 £20/30 (04:00PM)

Two Royal Doulton figurines 'Sara' HN2265, 'Autumn Breezes' HN1934, a Lladro figure of a sleeping baby Jesus, a pottery table lamp decorated with peacocks and shade, a pair of Royal Albert posy vases and another by Aynsley plus three figurines, etc. [G38]

LOT 511 £25/35 (04:00PM)

Three part tea and dinner services comprising BHS Priory pattern, Old Royal Bone China yellow and gilt decorated and Imperial bone china decorated with pink roses and gilt. [G39, G36]

LOT 512 £20/30 (04:02PM)

A Royal Doulton Juno pattern part dinner and tea service, 11 Royal Worcester Evesham pattern ramekins, five decorative plates including Minton's & Johnson Brothers, etc., a quantity of LP records and a three-piece dressing table set [G40] plus a quantity of costume dolls below shelf 40

LOT 513 £30/40 (04:02PM)

A pair of pottery vases in the Oriental style with lids, vintage leather suitcase, a Denby stoneware jug and matching vase, a copper warming pan with turned wood handle, two brass oil lamps with vase, a pair of blue and white planters, a pair of stoneware planters decorated with flowers, a brass planter decorated with cherubs, an art pottery charger, two vintage tennis rackets, etc. [G35, G32 & part G29]

LOT 516 £40/60 (04:04PM)

An extensive mixed interesting lot including Lladro figurine of a Flamenco dancer, a quantity of silver-plated flatware including berry spoons, a 1930s blue glass bowl, a modern papier mache figurine of a dog, a quantity of glassware including wine glasses, vases, dishes, etc., a Dresden pierced dish and cover, Oriental plates, rice bowls, chop sticks, etc. Aynsley cake plate and comport with cake knife and dishes, papier mache box decorated with an Asian lady, a quantity of Royal Worcester dinnerwares including Evesham pattern, etc. [G37, 34, 31]

LOT 517 £25/35 (04:04PM)

A Denon stereo tuner TU-260L, a Pioneer Compact disc player PD-Z81M, a Cambridge Audio CD player, a Marantz CD Player CD-56, a Technics Stereo Tuner ST-G60, a TC-U5 stereo cassette deck made in Japan and a pair of Goodmans Quartet Q30 speakers. [G29]

LOT 518 £25/35 (04:04PM)

A Sony CD Player CDP-591, a Harman/Kardon Compact Disc changer FL8400, a Denon Cassette deck DR-M07, and a pair of JVC8-E3E speakers. [G26]

LOT 519 £15/20 (04:04PM)

Three glass heads, a wooden wall mask, a pair of red overlaid glass vases, further glass vases, and a small quantity of big band LPs. [G30]

LOT 521 £20/30 (04:07PM)

A Villeroy & Boch Petit Fleur pattern part tea service, a Bohemia crystal bowl. A wooden plate and dishes, two blue and white goblets, a lacquer box and cover etc. [G27]

LOT 524 £25/35 (04:09PM)

A stylish mid-20th century drinks trolley, two metal stacking boxes, a large quantity of cutlery in a canteen and loose, brassware, etc. [back of garage]

LOT 525 £30/40 (04:09PM)

A quantity of china including a Wedgwood blue Jasperware bowl, a pair of bird decorated table lamps, lace figurines, Cottageware teapot, opaline glass vase, trinket boxes and covers, a glass bowl and dish, a quantity of new DVDs, CDs, a large blue table lamp shade, decorative teapots, etc. [G2, G5 & part G8 plus top of G1]

LOT 526 £20/30 (04:09PM)

A mixed interesting lot including a copper measure on turned wood handle, a pair of vintage batons, two vintage mantel clocks including Smiths, a wooden owl, door furniture, Singer scissors, coil-sprung curl clips, collapsible screen, etc. [G1]

LOT 528 £30/50 (04:12PM)

Four shelves of china and other wares including a Bell China Art Deco tea service, a Duchess Greensleeves part tea and dinner service, collectors' plates, flan dishes, flower displays in vases, two decorative trays, a quantity of mugs, cabinet cups and saucers, dinner plates, wooden ornaments, glass vase, etc. [G3, 6, 9 & 12]

LOT 529 £30/50 (04:12PM)

A mixed lot over four shelves including a Magic Air vintage fan, a small quantity of books including 'Masterman Ready', metalwares including a stag candle holder, photo frames, a bear letter rack, silver-plated coffee pot, pewter Steins, metal goblets, copper kettle, a pair of wooden panels, a glass candelabra, china teapots, dishes, a small collection of souvenir ware, Coronation ware, figurines, etc. [G4, 7, 10, 13]

LOT 534 £30/50 (04:14PM)

A fishing lot comprising fishing reels including Garcia Mitchell 321, Roddy 8000R, Olympic Strong 50, Garcia Mitchell 624, The Instant Fisherman flying lure, an Abu Atlantic 11.5 Inch Beechcaster fishing rod, further vintage split-cane fishing rods, tackle boxes, knives, nets, and a Big Mouth Billy Bass wall-mounted singing fish. [under G10 & on dressing table opposite]

LOT 539 £25/35 (04:16PM)

A JVC Compact Disc changer XLM430, a JVC Digital Surround System Receiver RX-701V, a Sony AF Stereo Transmitter AF854R, a Technics Stereo Cassette deck RS-TR474, and a Marantz Compact Disc Player CD46. [G18][G15]

LOT 544 £30/40 (04:21PM)

A mixed vintage lot including two boxes containing vintage woodworking tools such as bradawls, etc., door furniture, Bakelite switches, a Dewald Bakelite radio, etc. [G19 & 21]

LOT 547 £20/30 (04:21PM)

A Sony DVD Recorder RDR-GX210, a Sony MP3 Micro Hi-fi CMT-EH15 and a Sony Turntable System PS-J20, a quantity of DVDs, full case sets of records, a hairdryer, Sony speaker, a footstool, a Breville coffee maker, a framed print, a personal cassette, etc. [G23, G24 & part of G20]

LOT 552 £30/40 (04:26PM)

A Fairway 1600 Power Devil Leaf blower, a quantity of tools including rakes and spades, a garden seat, two folding garden chairs, folding garden sun-lounger, a garden umbrella, etc.

LOT 557 £40/60 (04:28PM)

A large glass lot including coloured glass ornaments and baskets, six paperweights including Isle of Wight glass, swan ornaments including Whitefriars, a pair of table lustres, a decanter and stopper, three clocks, duck ornaments, a pair of Lena crystal glasses etc.[pine table garage]

LOT 558 £40/60 (04:28PM)

A quantity of china including Portuguese and Italian faience vases and dishes, approximately 42 china thimbles, four Royal Doulton Rondelay dinner plates, Crown Ducal and Royal Albert plates plus further dishes, vases and teapots and a jewellery box and contents [garage]

LOT 566 £60/80 (04:31PM)

An Edwardian mantel clock in inlaid rosewood balloon case, the Vincenti movement half-hour striking on a gong, the enamel dial inscribed Maple & Co., Paris and London, 31 cm [A]

LOT 568 £40/60 (04:31PM)

A late 19th century French gilt spelter mantel clock with 'jewelled' enamel dial, the movement signed DG & Cie, cast with putti, 37 cm high [A]

LOT 571 £60/80 (04:33PM)

A 19th century Berlin porcelain mantel clock, probably outside-decorated with panels of cherubs on a claret ground, Japy Freres silk suspension movement, half-hour striking on a bell, 35.5 cm high [A]

LOT 572 £60/80 (04:33PM)

A late 19th century French mantel clock, the polished brass case inset with painted pottery panels of medieval subjects, with Japy Freres half-hour, gong-striking movement, 33 cm high [A]

LOT 573 £300/400 (04:36PM)

An attractive French portico clock in Louis XVI style, circa 1900, in white marble and ormolu, the enamel dial inscribed 'A. Gautier Tours', S. Marti half-hour bell-striking movement, 38 cm high [A]

LOT 574 £500/800 (04:36PM)

An elegant French clock garniture in Louis XVI style in white marble and ormolu, the portico clock with painted enamel dial above four columns flanking a winged torch-bearer, with Mougin half-half bell-striking movement, the sidepieces as two-light candelabra, clock 40 cm high [A]

LOT 575 £400/600 (04:36PM)

An impressive and unusual 19th century French ormolu mantel clock inset with classically decorated porcelain panels painted en grisaille and cast with a putto wrestling with a goose, with Japy Freres half-hour bell-striking movement, 42.5 cm high [A]

LOT 581 £40/60 (04:40PM)

Air shooting items, comprising: a Crosman .177 air pistol, Model C40, with Crosman sight, in original case; together with a Diana Model 2 air pistol, a Sussex Armoury 4 x 20 telescopic sight, a quantity of pellets, a Sussex Armoury metal target holder with paper targets, etc. [B]

LOT 582 £100/150 (04:40PM)

A German Third Reich officer's dress sword by Robert Klass, the gilt guard cast with an eagle gripping a swastika, the reverse with engraved monogram CP; together with another dress sword with incomplete guard and a blue-painted sabre blade with modern taped handle [B]

LOT 583 £100/150 (04:40PM)

Three bayonets, comprising: a Victorian British needle bayonet, complete with brass-mounted leather scabbard, with various War Department stamps, bayonet 25 in long overall; a modern short needle bayonet No. 4 Mk II, with steel sheath; and a Second World War Mk II knife bayonet in blackened steel, stamped with crowned GRI, RFI, and dated 7 43, with leather and steel sheath dated 1944 [B]

LOT 584 £30/40 (04:40PM)

A gilt metal mantel timepiece circa 1900, of tower form with filigree decoration, 20cm high, together with a desk alarm with green onyx base [B]

LOT 585 £60/80 (04:43PM)

An ornate French carriage clock, circa 1900, the upright brass case inset with claret-ground porcelain panels, half-hour bell-striking movement, 26 cm high with handle up, with leather travelling case [B]

LOT 586 £40/60 (04:43PM)

A French brass carriage alarm timepiece, circa 1900, the interior initialled PR, the base stamped 'Brevete SGDL H.A.', 14 cm with handle up [B]

LOT 588 £150/200 (04:43PM)

A 1920s German three-train mantel clock by Winterhalder & Hofmeier, quarter-chiming on four gongs and with a further hour-striking gong, in inlaid mahogany case, 23 cm high [B]

LOT 589 £40/60 (04:45PM)

A Victorian copper two-gallon haystack measure, with official VR and GR stamps, together with a 1901 presentation case of draughtsman's instruments and a Zeiss gilt-metal and leather opera glasses in case [C]

LOT 595 £50/80 (04:48PM)

An antique chess set in carved bone, natural and red-stained, in wooden box, with two marquetry games boards, and a quantity of dominoes [C]

LOT 599 £60/80 (04:50PM)

A Second World War Pattern 1132 brass telescopic sight by W. Ottway & Co. Ltd of Ealing, London, dated 1944 and numbered 2626, 20.5 in, together with a fired 75 mm artillery shell, the brass casing stamped 75 DE C PDPs 1702 L 18 Bx, the projectile with brass nose cone inscribed with numerals in Arabic script, length 58 cm overall [C]

LOT 600 £250/350 (04:50PM)

Two books in restored calf bindings: Henry Salt, 'Voyage to Abyssinia', London 1814; and Edmund Waller, 'Works', published by Fenton, London 1729 [C]