LOT 601 £30/50 (04:52PM)

A collection of studio ceramics by Brian Seifert, in 5 cartons, including a wide selection of vases, bowls, boxes, etc., in various textures and colours [floor under C]

LOT 602 £200/300 (04:52PM)

An early wooden aircraft propeller bearing various military and other stamps, including D2680 P3280 HP80REN DEH6 G734N12 50910, with dark painted tips and covered over all in aged varnish, 62 in long [under C]

LOT 603 £50/80 (04:52PM)

A very decorative modern cartel timepiece in gilt metal with painted enamel dial, together with two Chinese carved gilt wood panels [wall by office]

LOT 605 £60/80 (04:55PM)

A late 19th century American wall clock in decorative walnut and marquetry case; together with a small decorative wall clock in foliate gilt metal surround, and two table lamps, the bases decorated in Oriental style, on wooden bases [wall and shelf by office]

LOT 606 £50/70 (04:55PM)

A reproduction small display cabinet in mahogany with metal mounts, mirror-backed and with two glass shelves, 59 cm high; and a 19th century painted long case clock face with moon phase, fitted with battery motor [floor near office]

LOT 611 £60/80 (04:57PM)

Three pieces of Lladro, comprising: a group of two gossiping women, two seated children with a puppy, and a seated girl with a lamb; together with a Nao figure [J]

LOT 612 £100/150 (04:57PM)

An antique Chinese root wood figure of a sage on a separate base, probably 19th century, 25 cm high, together with a small cloisonne enamel bowl bearing Jingtai mark [E]

LOT 613 £40/60 (05:00PM)

Grand Tour bronzes, comprising: a short sword, a small askos, a standing figure, and an axe head; together with a brass frog vesta box and a lion head finial [E]

LOT 615 £200/300 (05:00PM)

A charming Royal Doulton stoneware teapot, decorated with a band of fish and bubbles, the lid with signed seated frog finial by George Tinworth, 13.2 cm high, together with a matching milk jug [E]

LOT 616 £30/50 (05:00PM)

Four Royal Worcester figures, comprising three early 20th century examples: 1803, girl with tambourine; 1810, woman with water jar and jug; 1810?, man with spade; the fourth, late Victorian, 1084, Egyptian woman with jug [E]

LOT 617 £60/80 (05:02PM)

Decorative ceramics, comprising: an encrusted vase, probably Minton, circa 1830; an 18th century Meissen figure of a naked female in flight; an early 19th century Staffordshire pottery seated flautist, impressed number 27; a pair of early Victorian seated musicians; and a Royal Doulton dog, HN 110 [E]

LOT 618 £60/80 (05:02PM)

16 various decorative porcelain figures, mainly German, early 20th century and later, including some in lacework, 23 cm high and smaller [F]

LOT 620 £80/120 (05:02PM)

A pair of vintage Portuguese Caldas Pallissy ware dishes, well modelled with a snake, amphibians and insects, 23 cm diameter, impressed marks [F]

LOT 621 £60/80 (05:04PM)

Antique and later glassware, including a pretty enamelled blue glass box with metal mounts, five items of Mary Gregory, a biscuit barrel with plated mounts, a salad bowl with silver rim, and six other items [G]

LOT 623 £60/80 (05:04PM)

A large Oriental porcelain vase painted with fruiting and flowering peach stems, mark of Yongzheng, 39cm, with wood stand, together with a blue and white gu-shaped vase painted with figures in gardens, mark of Kangxi, and a silver-plated basket, two similar dishes, and a cased set of cake forks [H]

LOT 624 £40/60 (05:04PM)

Six items of German porcelain, circa 1900 and later, by Sitzendorf and others, comprising: an apple-picking group, two pairs of standing figures, and a group of seated lovers, 27 cm high and smaller [J]

LOT 626 £30/40 (05:07PM)

A terrifying Capodimonte large group of a dentist and his patient, signed M. Lory, and a smaller figure of 'Il Dottore', holding up a bottle of elixir, 33 cm and smaller [K]

LOT 627 £40/60 (05:07PM)

Three impressive Capodimonte groups, of an organ grinder with donkey and young attendant, of a seated cobbler, and of a seated artist finishing a view of Florence and the Arno, 40 cm long and smaller [K]

LOT 628 £100/150 (05:07PM)

A Royal Worcester dinner service in Windsor pattern, comprising: an oval dish, 2 covered vegetable dishes, sauceboat with stand, 5 soup bowls with handles, 3 soup bowls without handles, 8 soup bowl stands, 8 dinner plates, 8 dessert plates, and 8 side plates [L]

LOT 630 £30/40 (05:09PM)

A small Meissen porcelain figure of Cupid in disguise, a pair of Berlin figures of the same, and a Volkstedt figure of a flautist, together with a Herend basket and a cut-glass oval bowl [P]

LOT 631 £60/80 (05:09PM)

English ceramics, comprising an early 20th century Royal Worcester footed bowl decorated with flowers on a blush ground, model 280; a ditto loving cup with butterfly; a pair of Coalport gold ground small vases; a Royal Worcester multiple posy holder; Royal Crown Derby coffee cup and saucer; and a Royal Cauldon Twining covered canister with view of Windsor Castle [N]

LOT 632 £30/40 (05:09PM)

An antique Huntley & Palmers Ltd tinplate biscuit box with twin lidded compartments and chinoiserie decoration, 23 cm long; and a tantalus with three decanters [N]

LOT 633 £30/40 (05:12PM)

A First Period Worcester teapot and cover, of ribbed barrel shape decorated with flowers, together with six various glass goblets, Victorian and later, and a pair of late Spode small dishes [N]

LOT 634 £60/80 (05:12PM)

A pair of Vienna-type porcelain plates, early 20th century, each titled on verso "Afrantite", the other "Rinaldo & Armida", within navy and gilt borders, 24 cm [S]

LOT 635 £80/120 (05:12PM)

Two Continental porcelain cabinet plates, early 20th century, one painted with a Centaur, signed Riemer and with Vienna mark, the other with 'Bataille de Montlhery, 1465', titled on verso, Sevres mark, both within blue and gold borders, 24.5 and 24 cm [S]

LOT 636 £30/50 (05:12PM)

Two large Vienna-type cabinet dishes, early 20th century, one depicting "Der junge Horatz", the other "Rinaldo u. Armida" within ornate borders, 31 cm and smaller [W]

LOT 637 £80/120 (05:14PM)

A Vienna-type oval cabinet tray and a similar small plate, circa 1900, the first painted with the Chastisement of Cupid, the second titled 'Liebesgestaendniss' and signed Rissler, both within ornate borders, 31.5 and 20.3 cm [W]

LOT 638 £40/60 (05:14PM)

A Vienna-type shaped square cabinet dish, early 20th century, painted with three classical figures within a decorative gilt lilac border, 23.5 cm wide [W]

LOT 639 £100/150 (05:14PM)

A charming pair of small covered vases by Carl Thieme, each painted by Fritsch, signed, with a standing female, one titled on the base 'Geruch', the other 'Liebellen', 16 cm high [W]

LOT 640 £40/60 (05:14PM)

A modern reproduction mantel clock in cast brass inset with ceramic elements, the German movement half-hour chiming on a bell, 41 cm high [M]

LOT 641 £80/120 (05:16PM)

A late 19th century French ormolu mantel clock inset with pink-ground porcelain elements, the dial with central scene of Cupid and a maiden, half-hour striking on a bell, the back plate with R&C retailer's stamp, 28 cm high [M]

LOT 642 £100/150 (05:16PM)

A late 19th century French gilt spelter clock garniture incorporating claret-ground porcelain elements, the side urns painted with landscapes, half-hour bell-striking, 34 cm high and smaller [M]

LOT 643 £60/80 (05:16PM)

A pair of late 19th century French clock urn sidepieces, in gilt spelter and blue-ground porcelain, stamped PH Mourey, together with a pair of incomplete blue-ground porcelain vases and sundry pendulums and clock keys [R]

LOT 644 £150/200 (05:16PM)

A late 19th century French gilt spelter mantel clock, with urn surmount, richly inset with Sevres-style blue-ground panels, painted with a courting couple, birds and flowers, Japy Freres movement, half-hour striking on a bell, 40 cm high [R]

LOT 645 £250/350 (05:19PM)

An elaborate 19th century French ormolu mantel clock, with billing dove cresting, enamel dial inscribed 'Kreisser Bte a Paris' and inset with a ceramic portrait miniature of a lady, with porcelain pillars and replacement brass pillars, the Vincenti silk-suspension movement with unusual half-hour striking on a bell affixed to the case, 33.5 cm [R]

LOT 647 £300/400 (05:19PM)

A late 19th century French ormolu mantel clock in Louis XVI style, inset with blue-ground porcelain elements in Sevres style, painted with an elegant supper party, the Japy Freres movement half-hour striking on a bell and with retailer's stamp of 'Hy Marc', 39 cm high [V]

LOT 648 £300/400 (05:19PM)

A good late 19th century French ormolu mantel clock in Louis XVI style, inset with Sevres-style blue-ground porcelain panels painted with a couple in parkland, the white enamel dial inscribed 'Hry Marc Paris', the Japy Freres movement half-hour striking on a bell and with 'Hy Marc' retailer's stamp, 38 cm high [V]

LOT 649 £100/150 (05:21PM)

A late 19th century French ormolu mantel clock with urn surmount, the ceramic dial painted with figures and swimming swans, the Japy Freres movement half-hour striking on a bell, also stamped 'CF' and with 'Leroy & Fils Paris', 41 cm high [V]

LOT 653 £30/40 (05:24PM)

Al-Capone cigars, in 5 boxes of 25, including Sumatra and Brazil, one box opened but complete, the remainder in original plastic wrapping [T]

LOT 658 £30/50 (05:26PM)

Four boxes of cigars, comprising: 25 Alhambra Vegas, original plastic wrapping; 25 Henri Wintermans Royales, original plastic wrapping; 25 La Fama Gran Fama, original plastic wrapping; and an open box of La Regenta No. 3 retaining 18 original cigars and also containing 6 Alvaro Cedros [Y]

LOT 662 £40/60 (05:28PM)

Pipe tobacco, in 50 gm unopened pouches, comprising Danske Club Black & Virginia (x4), Mac Baren Virginia No. 1 (x3), and Stanislaw (x1), together with a large open bag of Blender's Gold Toasted Cavendish and 5 smaller opened packets and 1 opened tin [U]

LOT 669 £30/40 (05:33PM)

Sundry cigars, comprising a box of 50 King Edward Imperial, original plastic wrapping; a packet of 5 King Edward Invincible, original plastic wrapping; 5 sealed packets each of 5 Villiger Tobajara Matas Sumatra; 5 sealed packets, each of 10 Villiger Premium No. 9 Sumatra; and 2 opened and incomplete boxes of Villiger Export [table]

LOT 671 £30/40 (05:33PM)

Alhambra Coronas cigars, hand-made in the Philippines, comprising 4 packets of 25 in 2 plastic wrappers, and 67 cigars in 3 open packets [table]

LOT 673 £30/40 (05:36PM)

Cigars, comprising 2 packets of 25 Alhambra Coronas, hand-made in the Philippines, original plastic wrapping; 2 plastic drums each of 36 La Rica Hoja Cornonas No. 2; and a packet of 50 Cinco Estrellas Brevas [table]