LOT 605 £30/40 (04:43PM)

Three wooden model boats of a yacht and two sailing boats, a vintage set of dominoes in wooden box plus another, vintage darts, a small quantity of cameras including a Voigtlander colour Skopar, a Coronet and a Nikon AF 400 and a cased set of Carl Zeiss 8×30 binoculars [s83]

LOT 607 £25/35 (04:43PM)

A quantity of small horse figurines including blanc de chine and others in blues and yellows. three pewter plates, two lidded jugs and two small pewter tankards, a stoneware hot water bottle, a border fine arts pig figurine, nine hardwood stands, a copper warming pan on turned wood handle and a figurine of a lady [s83]

LOT 608 £25/35 (04:46PM)

A mixed lot on two shelves including three egg shaped glass paperweights, a blue Poole pottery otter, decorative vases and animal figurines, Art Deco side plates, three decorative prints, a wall barometer, a copper measure, metal bowls etc. [s83]

LOT 611 £30/40 (04:46PM)

Two shelves of glass ware including sets of wine glasses, lemonade glasses, brandy balloons, sherry glasses, fruit bowls, decanters and stoppers, fruit bowls, jugs etc. [s86 & s89}

LOT 613 £25/35 (04:48PM)

A shelf of glassware including a pair of Bristol blue vases and jug, a cut glass decanter and stopper, cut glass wine and sherry glasses, plus a large green glass bowl, plus further fruit bowls, vases etc. [s88]

LOT 614 £30/50 (04:48PM)

A mixed lot including an Edwardian inlaid two handle gallery tray, a pair of metal carriage lamps, a circular mahogany wall barometer, a mahogany Napoleon chiming clock, an oak book rack, a wooden hand painted page turner, an enamel bread bin, metal cooking pot, geometry equipment in a fitted box, etc. [under s89]

LOT 616 £30/40 (04:51PM)

A collection of boxes including marquetry inlaid Japanese puzzle boxes, puzzle balls, tortoise figurines, a copper kettle, a horse whip the top with a lead dogs head, a small quantity of books including Buttercups & Daisies, a carved wooden box, a prayer tablet (possibly Indonesian,) a reproduction Dollond pocket sundial, a pewter tankard etc. [sz]

LOT 617 £10/15 (04:51PM)

A mixed lot including a wooden cased mantel clock, a pair of wooden candlesticks, two silver plated spoons, a small quantity of shells and fossils, a small brass box etc.

LOT 620 £30/40 (04:53PM)

A commodore 64 console and a large quantity of Commodore 64 games, a Nintendo Donkey Kong game, a cased projector and a small quantity of reels and a green suitcase etc. [pine shelf next to z]

LOT 622 £60/80 (04:55PM)

Two shelves of cameras including a Pentax Asahi, a Miranda, a Kodak Duaflex II, an Ensign Double-8, print and shoot cameras, cine cameras etc. [pine shelves back of room]

LOT 623 £40/60 (04:55PM)

A quantity of binoculars and monoculars including Helos 16×50, Boston 22.66×80, 19th Century binoculars, a Minolta SRT101 camera, a Polaroid Compact 80 camera etc. [pine shelves back of room]

LOT 627 £25/40 (04:58PM)

A mixed lot of electrical items including HP Vivera, HP Photosmart C4180 All-in-one printer, scanner, copier, various Sat Navs including Garmin, a pair of computer speakers and a computer monitor, keyboards, Logitech computer speakers, a Tvonics digital TV box and a Pye vintage radio. [G39 & 36]

LOT 628 £15/20 (04:58PM)

A quantity of lights and lanterns, electrical kitchen equipment, a television with DVD slot, and a Sharpe PC 4600 portable computer circa 1990 and a small Grundig television [G37, G40]

LOT 629 £30/40 (05:00PM)

A 19th century cased sewing machine, two more modern sewing machines including New Home, a projector with slides and a Brother typewriter plus a tapestry fire screen depicting an orange tree. [under G40]

LOT 631A £40/60 (05:00PM)

An aluminium camera case containing a Pentax Asahi camera, light meters, a Hoya multi lens, a Tamron Adaptall 2 lens, a Pentax Espio 120Hi camera and two cased tripods [1st aisle]

LOT 633 £30/40 (05:03PM)

A small wooden doll's house, an Art Deco spelter figurine of a dancer on base, a pottery table lamp, a pair of wooden candlesticks, portable gas stove, a wall barometer, sofa throw, bathroom mirror, glass fruit bowl, decorative dressing-table set, etc. [G29 & 26]

LOT 635 £25/35 (05:03PM)

A mixed lot including two stoneware hot water bottles, a wooden ink stand, a vintage box of cameras, a Blackberry mobile phone, a Zeiss Icon Compur Rapide camera, novelty table lighters, a framed ceramic Nativity plaque, further mobile phones and ornaments. [G30, 27]

LOT 636 £15/30 (05:05PM)

A collection of photograph frames, two wooden pipe stands, dressing table set, an anniversary mantel clock, three pine display stands, a vintage wooden square and rulers plus a small quantity of books and records. [G31]

LOT 638 £40/60 (05:05PM)

A box of vintage woodworking tools including planes, and drill bits, hammers, etc. plus a wooden toolbox full of vintage tools, further boxes, chisels, parts, razors, a plunger, saws, vintage cricket bat, hickory shafted golf clubs, etc. [under and next to G28]

LOT 638A £30/50 (05:05PM)

A mixed lot comprising a Cotton Powder Company Ltd pine lid to an ammunitions box, a wooden front to a boat with brass label 'Budden & Hart Builders, Surbitton, Surrey', an Army and Navy canvas ammunition box and contents, a set of vintage golf clubs in canvas bags including woods and irons [end of first aisle]

LOT 654 £150/200 (05:17PM)

An elaborate French portico mantel clock in pink marble and ormolu, circa 1900, half-hour striking on a bell, the painted enamel dial inscribed 'Hideux', 44 cm [A]

LOT 655 £400/600 (05:17PM)

A fine French clock garniture in pink marble, bronze and ormolu, the Vincenti movement half-hour striking on a bell, with swag-painted enamel dial flanked by a dancing putto, the two-light candelabra side-pieces each as a cherub signed L. Bureaub, 37 cm [A]

LOT 656 £150/200 (05:17PM)

A good English mantel timepiece, circa 1900, with silvered dial in plain mahogany case, 13 in, and an arched mahogany mantel timepiece, the movement with unusual minute dial with subsidiary hours, 15.4 in [A]

LOT 657 £40/60 (05:19PM)

A late Victorian shop scales by Parnall & Sons of Bristol, in iron, numbered 890 and with George V control stamp, complete with pottery and brass pans, together with a Berkefeld water filter, a late Victorian silver-mounted riding crop, and a wooden long pipe [A]

LOT 662 £60/80 (05:22PM)

A probably Moroccan 19th century sword, with crimson leather-covered hilt and similar scabbard, together with another sword with straight blade, steel cross-guard and refurbished grips [B]

LOT 664 £40/60 (05:24PM)

Five collector knives, comprising: an inscribed Alamo Bowie knife by William Needham of Sheffield, with stag horn handle and black sheath; an F.-S. fighting knife with nickel-plated handle and brown leather sheath; three Franklin Mint folding knives decorated with revolvers, comprising a Smith & Wesson .44 magnum, Colt 1851 Navy, and Colt Army Peacemaker, with pouch, stand and certificates [B]

LOT 665 £40/60 (05:24PM)

A West German Reck automatic self-loading starting pistol, PK800 cal. 8 mm K, with instructions; together with a Perfecta mod. S 6 mm starter pistol, with instructions in box; and a BBM Italian ME.magnum replica revolver in black metal, with beechwood handle [B]

LOT 670 £40/60 (05:27PM)

Four replica hand guns, in black finish, comprising Bruni Automatic 8 mm K; MGC mod. SW/7 357 snub-nose magnum; CMC Weston Derringer; and an Italian Derringer [B]

LOT 671 £40/60 (05:27PM)

Three Japanese Kokusai replica revolvers in grey finish, comprising: Smith & Wesson 44 magnum, Python 357 magnum CTG, and another similar but with shorter barrel [B]

LOT 673 £10/15 (05:29PM)

A vintage microscope in lacquered brass and black-painted metal signed J. Swift & Son London, with various accessories in wooden case, and a box of dominoes [C]

LOT 676 £50/80 (05:31PM)

A Franklin Mint replica Wyatt Earp .44 revolver, nickel-plated, with certificate dated 1982, and wall display board, together with a brown leather gun belt [C]

LOT 678 £40/60 (05:31PM)

Four Italian replica revolvers, comprising: a nickel-plated BBM Webley ME magnum; the remainder in black: BBM Olympic 38, Sussex Armoury .357 Python, and another with shorter barrel [C]

LOT 679 £60/80 (05:31PM)

Five Japanese replica revolvers, all in black, comprising: Kokusai Ruger Super Black Hawk cal. 44 magnum; Kokusai Python 357 magnum CTG; Marushin Smith & Wesson 357 magnum; Western Arms; and CMC Smith & Wesson 357 heavy-frame magnum [C]

LOT 681 £60/80 (05:34PM)

A good Victorian vanity case in figured walnut, apparently complete with glass and silver-plated bottles and boxes, implements, etc., with spring-loaded jewellery drawer [C]

LOT 685 £30/40 (05:36PM)

Three cartons containing sundry hand gun accessories including holsters and belts, pellets, replica ammunition, replica copper shot flask, wooden wall-display boards, etc. [under C]