LOT 601 £30/40 (05:07PM)

A curtain lot comprising a set of four stone coloured drop 8 ft 6 in width 3 ft 4 in, four cream 8 ft drop 3 width, one floral 8 ft drop 2 ft 4 in width, two deep pink 6 ft 4 in drop 3 ft 8 in width, a yellow ground floral 9 ft drop 5 ft 9 in wide. [hall]

LOT 602 £40/60 (05:07PM)

A mixed lot comprising of a large brass oil lamp with cranberry glass shade converted to electricity, an enamel bread bin, a small mahogany framed mirror, a brass storage jar and lid on wrought iron stand, a brass table lamp, a Victorian mahogany footstool upholstered in red velvet and two small rugs. [hall]

LOT 616 £20/40 (05:15PM)

Over 100 records comprising soul, rock and pop 7 in singles to include many Motown singles, also Jimmy Cliff, Edgar Broughton Band, Jefferson Airplane and many more, many in original company sleeves (in two old small carry cases)

LOT 618 £30/50 (05:17PM)

A Talking Heads records lot including seven 12 in singles, one LP, four singles and two video cassettes to include Remain in Light LP, Once in a Lifetime 12 in and Pulled Up 7 in

LOT 620 £40/60 (05:17PM)

A suite of Stuart crystal glassware comprising of six lemonade glasses, seven whisky tumblers, six champagne flutes, eight wine glasses, sherry glasses, plus a blue glass lemonade set, a green fishing float, vases etc. [room]

LOT 621 £40/70 (05:19PM)

A Madonna 'SEX' book with original foil envelope, an original Shoppers Table produced at the introduction of matric currency and a bottle of Guinness Silver Jubile4e Ale 1977.

LOT 622 £30/50 (05:19PM)

A Mayfair white glazed tea service, further storage jars and covers and tea wares, a cased Zeiss Ikon Box-Tengor camera, travelling board games, chess, dominos etc.

LOT 626 £60/80 (05:22PM)

A circa 1970 Arc floor lamp, probably by Guzzini, on rectangular marble base, with mushroom plastic shade, 152 cm high; and a chromed table lamp, with white glass shade

LOT 630 £400/600 (05:24PM)

An Edwardian external leather-bound car trunk by Dunhill which contains two suitcases with original belts and travel labels inside with metal fitments.

LOT 632 £60/80 (05:27PM)

Eleven cat figurines including Royal Copenhagen, Royal Doulton and Lladro, a Hungarian stork figurine, a wooden carved monkey figurine etc.

LOT 633 £80/120 (05:27PM)

A ceiling light combining an early 19th century cut glass dish, 14 in diameter, with 20th century brass fittings, with purchase receipt from Delomosne & Son 01.02.1983 £350

LOT 634 £100/150 (05:27PM)

A ceiling light combining an early 19th century radially-cut glass dish, 18 in diameter, with 20th century brass fittings, with purchase receipt from Delomosne & Son 15.12.1980 £340

LOT 657 £30/40 (05:36PM)

A finely woven old Turkoman rug with two rows of guls on a wine field, and a small modern Eastern rug with blue field (2) [in front of toy shelves]

LOT 658 £60/80 (05:39PM)

A modern Eastern kelim woven with eight oblongs on a pink field, a kelim in multi-coloured scale pattern, a small similar kelim, and a chain-stitch floral rug (4) [top of stairs and toy shelves]

LOT 666 £40/60 (05:43PM)

A part rail of ladies' good quality vintage clothing, mainly 1950s and 1960s dresses, including a black lace cape, a silk brocade wedding dress, a flowered georgette dress with applied roses, a black velvet evening gown, a Pierre Cardin jersey dress, blouses, etc., also a hatbox and a crate of assorted accessories, mainly hats [rail top of stairs and below]

LOT 667 £30/40 (05:43PM)

Ladies' vintage furs including a pearl grey mink cape, a brown Persian lamb coat with mink collar and a full-length brown fur coat with leather trim [rail top of stairs]

LOT 668 £30/50 (05:43PM)

A box of vintage finely-worked children's clothing including a lace Christening gown, bibs and underclothes, also an embroidered satin canopy, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 674 £40/60 (05:48PM)

Three boxes of scatter cushions, thirteen in total and many handworked, two woollen blankets, and five mohair rugs, two cream and three brown [upstairs shelves]

LOT 676 £40/60 (05:48PM)

A black-painted tin hatbox with internal compartments, possibly military, a black bowler hat with Herbert Johnson label, a black opera hat, a 1920s milliners display head, and a circular composition plaque after Wyon [upstairs shelves]

LOT 682 £30/40 (05:53PM)

A pair of Charles Jourdan zebra pattern suede court shoes with matching handbag, three skin handbags and a ruffled blue satin evening bag [upstairs shelves]

LOT 684 £20/30 (05:53PM)

Nine pairs of ladies' vintage shoes including Anello & Davide ankle boots, and a small box of accessories including belts and scarves [upstairs shelves]

LOT 685 £30/40 (05:53PM)

A vintage painted plywood doll house with wooden furniture, a similar greengrocer's stand, a collection of Nativity figures in various sizes, many Italian, along with assorted animal figures, other Christmas decorations, an original Julip pony with rider and accessories, glass marbles, skipping ropes, etc. [upstairs top and middle shelf]

LOT 686 £30/50 (05:55PM)

Records: an 'Elvis Presley No. 2' LP, HMV CLP 1105, an 'Introducing the Beatles' LP Vee-Jay VJLP 1062, and a Les Beatles 'When the Saints – My Bonnie' 21914 single [upstairs shelves]

LOT 687 £30/40 (05:55PM)

Books: ten volumes of Leslie Charteris 'The Saint' novels, including 'The Last Hero', 'The Second Saint Omnibus', 'X Esquire', 'The Saint in London', 'Send For the Saint', 'Follow the Saint', 'Saint Overboard', 'Call For the Saint', 'Getaway', and 'Vendetta For the Saint' [upstairs shelves]

LOT 689 £300/400 (05:55PM)

Books: A Conan Doyle 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes', published in 1892 by George Newnes and printed by The Gresham Press, first edition with first issue uncorrected text reading 'cucaine' for 'cocaine' on page 133 and 'Miss Violent Hunter' for 'Miss Violet Hunter' on page 317, and first binding with a blank street sign on the 'The Strand Library' illustration on the front cover.

LOT 690 £40/60 (05:58PM)

Books: HG Wells 'Mr Britling Sees it Through', published in 1916 by Cassell and Company Ltd, first edition, with dust jacket , and H Rider Haggard 'King Solomon's Mines', published in 1912 by Cassell and Company Ltd, first edition with illustrations by AC Michael, with dust jacket.

LOT 691 £40/60 (05:58PM)

Books: six Ellis Peters 'Cadfael' novels, mainly first editions, including 'The Summer of the Danes', 'The Potter's Field', 'The Holy Thief', 'A Rare Benedictine' and two copies of 'The Rose Rent' [upstairs shelves]

LOT 692 £40/60 (05:58PM)

An Alberon 'Claudette' bride doll, a porcelain and cloth-bodied doll 'Libby' by Elaine Campbell, a baby doll marked DAY-333A and a wooden doll's pram [upstairs shelves]

LOT 693 £15/25 (05:58PM)

A vintage mohair teddy bear with moving joints and growler, 22 in approximately, and a Tonka pressed steel Hydraulic Dump Truck model 2585 . [upstairs shelves]

LOT 694 £40/60 (06:00PM)

A vintage tinplate fort and three boxes of Lott's Bricks including Stone Puzzle booklet and with plans for Boxes 0-2 [upstairs shelves]

LOT 695 £80/120 (06:00PM)

A box of Marklin HO model railway including locomotives 3095 and 3000, carriage 4026, wagons 4550 and 4503, various track sections 5106, 5200, 5202, 5117, and stops 7190, transformer 6015, etc., and a box of other rolling stock and assorted scenery and buildings [upstairs shelves]

LOT 696 £20/30 (06:00PM)

A collection of books including Leonard Woolf autobiographies, CS Lewis, Evelyn Waugh, Henry James and books on natural history [upstairs shelves]

LOT 698 £30/40 (06:03PM)

Two cartons of die cast model vehicles including Matchbox Models of Yesteryear and a Calder Craft Napoleonic 12 PDR gun, model 5453 [upstairs shelves]

LOT 699 £30/50 (06:03PM)

Hornby Series 00 gauge model railway including locomotive, two carriages, track and resistance controller, along with two small boxes of die cast model vehicles including Matchbox Models of Yesteryear [upstairs shelves]

LOT 700 £20/30 (06:03PM)

Two crates of records, mainly 12 in albums from the 1960s to 1980s including pop and easy listening, The Carpenters, The Seekers, soundtracks, etc., also a small box of 7 in singles [upstairs shelves]