LOT 601 £25/35 (05:06PM)

A shelf of glass ware including a Stuart crystal tumbler, four black stemmed cocktail glasses, wine glasses, fruit bowls, a Mdina vase, to pink glass table lamps, a hand painted lemonade set etc. [s85]

LOT 602 £20/30 (05:06PM)

A mixed lot including a cased set of Boules, four miniature cased instruments including a violin and saxophone, two vintage style signs, a small wooden overlaid casket, a pair of boxed Chinese music balls and a quantity of slides [s86]

LOT 602A £20/30 (05:09PM)

A quantity of cabinet plates, a green lustre fruit bowl, a large rectangular silver plated tray, a silver plated pot and cover, a Victorian brass bell etc. [s86]

LOT 606 £15/20 (05:11PM)

A quantity of football memorabilia comprising three Fulham shirts and programmes, a first edition science fiction film story book and a 1932 dictionary [s88]

LOT 614 £10/15 (05:16PM)

An Epsom printer, a Steepleton turntable plus another, a Toshiba laptop and a keyboard and Joseph Conrad, novels, illustrations by Francis Mosley, 13 volumes, Folio Society 1996, slip covers [on top of bookcase 3, part lot 977] [pine shelves next to z]

LOT 622 £300/500 (05:18PM)

A fine and impressive 19th century cuckoo mantel clock, quarter-chiming three-train movement, with twin birds and doors, in ebonised oak case carved with bird nest and pendant fruit, carved bone hands, 59 cm high [A]

LOT 623 £40/60 (05:18PM)

A wall-hanging cuckoo clock, early 20th century, half-hour striking, the wooden case carved with a bird and foliage, with carved pendulum, 41 cm high excluding pendulum 41 cm [A]

LOT 625 £200/300 (05:18PM)

A good large French Charles X ormolu mantel clock surmounted by a seated lady in Oriental-style costume, the silk suspension movement half-hour striking on a bell, 70 cm high [A]

LOT 626 £150/200 (05:21PM)

An attractive French ormolu and white marble mantel clock in Louis XVI style, circa 1900, with urn surmount, the reverse with presentation inscription dated January 1919 relating to 'Willing extra service in time of War', 30 cm high [A]

LOT 628 £30/40 (05:21PM)

An Art Nouveau mantel timepiece with French movement in oak lancet case inlaid in copper and pewter, the dial inscribed 'W. Pyke & Sons Ltd Birkenhead' [A]

LOT 629 £40/60 (05:21PM)

A late Victorian mantel clock in plain rosewood case, the enamel dial signed 'Chas. Frodsham Clockmaker to the Queen, Paris', repeated to the bell-striking French movement, 23 cm high [A]

LOT 630 £40/60 (05:23PM)

A 19th century French mantel timepiece in simulated slate and marble case, with V.A.P. patented movement, instruction label with presentation inscription dated 1874, and a late 19th century French slate and marble mantel clock, bell-striking [A]

LOT 631 £400/600 (05:23PM)

An early 19th century English mantel clock by John Moore & Son, Clerkenwell, London, with signed painted dial and back-plate, the latter numbered 8749, hour bell-striking and with pull-cord repeat, in break-lancet mahogany case with metal mounts and acorn feet, 13.25 in high [A]

LOT 632 £60/100 (05:23PM)

A large quantity of Balkan Sobranie Smoking Mixture pipe tobacco, comprising 76 x 50 gm tins and 5 x 50 gm pouches, all in unopened packaging, together with two open boxes of Justus van Maurik Senoritas cigars [B]

LOT 636 £60/80 (05:26PM)

An unusual carriage timepiece with silvered dial signed 'Edmund Collingridge 27, Wilderness Row C.C. 1810', fitted with an antique repeating watch movement, together with a 1920s mahogany mantel timepiece with French movement [B]

LOT 648 £60/80 (05:33PM)

Four various wooden items, comprising: an elaborately veneered Japanese box with lift-off lid, late 19th century; a Georgian box, possibly in purpleheart; a brassbound mahogany box, early 19th century; and a late Victorian hanging cabinet [C]

LOT 650 £100/150 (05:35PM)

A good antique needle bayonet with brass handle, steel scabbard, and leather frog, 25.75 in overall; together with a Victorian bayonet dated 11 '92, with steel-mounted leather scabbard, 17.4 in overall; and a fighting knife with wooden handle and steel scabbard, with leather belt loop, 11.4 in overall; the last recovered from a downed German aeroplane early in the Second World War [C]

LOT 651 £10/15 (05:35PM)

A 1930s Metamec walnut mantel timepiece, a three-train mantel clock, a Whitbread pottery mug by Harry E. Tunnicliffe Ltd, a Carling water jug, and an Art Deco chromed pedestal ashtray [C]

LOT 654 £150/250 (05:38PM)

Three Oriental wood carvings, comprising: a Chinese seated figure, probably of Guanyin, Ming or later, with residual polychrome and gilt decoration and prayer compartment to reverse, 47 cm; a figure of a standing male of similar type, 45 cm; and a figure of a dancing bearded male, perhaps Indonesian, on black stand, 49.5 cm overall [D]

LOT 658 £150/250 (05:40PM)

A collection of five Greek metalware pieces by Lalaounis, comprising: a pair of frosted 925 silver-gilt candlesticks of stylised tassel form, 24 cm; a cylindrical 925 covered box in similar style, 9 cm high; a 925 silver-gilt amphora in stand chased with a procession of figures, 17 cm high; and a frosted hammered tazza [E]

LOT 659 £30/40 (05:40PM)

Three volumes from the Khalili Collection catalogue of Treasures of Imperial Japan, comprising Vol. II: Metalwork Pt I, Vol. III: Enamel, and Vol. V: Ceramics Pt II [F]

LOT 661 £30/40 (05:40PM)

Two shelves of miscellaneous items including vintage Zenith FM/AM All Transistor portable radio, pendant light fittings, cut-glass decanters and other items, games box, Revitive Circulation Booster, Kodak EasyShare camera, etc. [G, L]

LOT 662 £30/40 (05:42PM)

Two fine Indonesian wood carvings of winged and other deities, 23.5 and 33 cm, the first signed 'Nyoman Wilis Batulan Kangin', the second 'Sudarta D.J. Bat. K' [H]

LOT 663 £800/1200 (05:42PM)

A late Victorian Maw & Co. pottery 'Skoal' vase by Walter Crane, the buff ground painted in ruby lustre with Viking warriors raising drinking horns, 22 cm high, painted rebus mark and date 1890 to base [H]

LOT 665 £20/30 (05:42PM)

Two Japanese cloisonne enamel vases decorated with stylised scrolling flowers, 30.5 cm and smaller, and a small lacquered box with brass mounts, all Meiji period [J]

LOT 668 £25/35 (05:45PM)

A Smythson 'Secrets and Wishes' book, in pink leather with lock and key, as new, in original box, together with a Carrs sterling silver-faced quartered photograph frame [K]

LOT 670 £60/80 (05:47PM)

An impressive vintage clear glass table lamp etched with a poppy stem, probably American, with shade, together with a pair of smaller glass table lamps decorated with flowers on a buff ground [M]

LOT 671 £40/60 (05:47PM)

A collection of vintage child's ware and other ceramics, comprising a Shelley 'baby's plate', mug and tea plate, with Mabel Lucie Attwell decoration, a Burleigh ware sandwich set, various mugs and coffee sets, etc., and a rare Victorian named group of 'George & Eliza Harris' [N]

LOT 673 £40/60 (05:50PM)

Collectable items, comprising: a Victorian plane in steel and wood, the brass adjusting screw signed A. Kendrick & Sons, West Bromwich, with W. Marples & Sons blade; a Victorian family Bible in brass-mounted tooled leather binding; a vintage bronzed metal monkey table lamp; a 19th century toilet mirror; blue-printed tea bowl and two child's plates; and a Wedgwood cup [Q]

LOT 677 £100/150 (05:52PM)

A Book of Common Prayer, printed at Oxford by the University Printers in 1712, in original calf binding decorated overall with rouletted and stamped stylised floral motifs in compartments, and applied with engraved silver corner mounts (one missing), clasps, and relief portrait busts of Charles I and Queen Anne [S]

LOT 677A £60/80 (05:52PM)

Four Poyaisian 100 acre land grant certificates and two 60 acre certificates, all dated 1834 and all signed by Gregor McGregor and others, all relating to his infamous Central American fraud [S]

LOT 678 £40/60 (05:52PM)

A rare early Worcester polychrome porcelain sauceboat, enamelled with crane in gardens within cherub-head and ribbon moulded cartouches, the interior with flowers [S]

LOT 681 £60/80 (05:54PM)

Two shelves of English china dinner, tea and coffee wares, including Coalport 'Ming Rose', Tuscan 'Ki-Ming F196', Paragon 'Tree of Kashmir', Royal Grafton, Royal Doulton 'Rondelay', etc. [T, X]

LOT 682 £60/80 (05:54PM)

Two shelves of modern Oriental porcelain dinner ware decorated with bright chinoiserie motifs, including some initialled 'M', comprising various plates, bowls, tea bowls, spoons, serving items, etc. [U, Y]

LOT 693 £20/30 (06:04PM)

Four mirrors comprising a gilt framed dressing mirrors, a circular green painted metal mirror with bow surmount, a mahogany oval framed mirror and a circular gold mirror

LOT 694 £20/30 (06:04PM)

Four mirrors comprising a mahogany rectangular overmantel mirror with gold highlights, a square gold painted mirror, a circular bevelled mirror with painted rose decoration and an onyx framed mirror