LOT 601 £80/120 (04:22PM)

Parts of an 18th century longcase clock, comprising 30-hour movement, the square dial signed Danl Williams, Neath, and with subsidiary seconds and calendar, with bell, iron weight, and oak hood [A]

LOT 603 £20/30 (04:22PM)

A 19th century French gilt spelter mantel clock, half-hour striking on a bell, with cow and peasant woman and child surmount, giltwood base and ebonised stand [A]

LOT 610 £30/40 (04:27PM)

A Klingson flute in ebony and silver-plate by Karl Hammerschmidt und Soehne, concert pitch, Boehm system with closed G#, with hard case and canvas cover [B]

LOT 611 £50/80 (04:27PM)

An interesting collection of treen and other items, comprising: a set of large dominoes in burrwood box, Georgian burr walnut tea caddy, cribbage board, two Japanese boxes, cased brushes, three other boxes, and an early 19th century oak cheese stand [B]

LOT 612 £150/200 (04:29PM)

A large French carriage clock, late 19th century, half-hour striking and hour-repeating on a gong, with unusual white cabochon numerals to the frosted gilt dial, with frosted gilt mask, 18.5 cm with handle up [B]

LOT 613 £200/300 (04:29PM)

A pretty early Victorian tortoiseshell tea caddy, bow-fronted and with pagoda top, inlaid with birds and flowering stems in mother-of-pearl and metal wire, retaining inner lids [B]

LOT 617 £100/150 (04:31PM)

A small early 19th century giltwood circular mirror with convex plate and carved eagle cresting, together with a small upright wall mirror of similar period with reverse-decorated glass panel, and a small writing box decorated with views of Brighton [C]

LOT 618 £30/40 (04:31PM)

A Battle of Waterloo chess set, in pewter, by the Franklin Mint Ltd, 1984/85, in chessboard case, together with an Anglo-American guitar-zither in ebonised box [C]

LOT 621 £60/80 (04:34PM)

An antique naturally twisted wood walking stick with gold-mounted wrist-strap holes, with a label stating that the walking stick was won from Col. Arthur Wellesley (later Duke of Wellington) in a game of racquets by Lt Anthony Weldon (later 4th Bt, 1781-1858) in India in 1801, and with further biographical details, 36 in; together with a short Boer War bamboo cane with pokerwork inscription detailing the campaign of Major Sir Anthony Arthur Weldon (6th Bt, 1863-1917) during 1899 and 1900 [C]

LOT 622 £80/120 (04:34PM)

A good Malacca cane, late 19th century, with Chinese silver pommel embossed with a dragon and engraved "Weldon" (for a member of the Weldon family of Kilmoroney House, Co. Kildare, Ireland) [C]

LOT 623 £40/60 (04:34PM)

A long walking cane, presumed 18th century, fitted with a brass pommel and mount, the latter engraved with a ship and anchor and inscribed "Jacob van Heemskerck Admirael van Hollandt" (1567-1607), 49 in [C]

LOT 627 £20/30 (04:36PM)

An official Government briefcase in brown leather stamped with crowned EIIR cypher, a cardboard briefcase, and an Essex miniature sewing machine in case [under C]

LOT 628 £400/600 (04:39PM)

A large Japanese porcelain vase by Makuzu Kozan, early 20th century, painted with three swimming carp in pink and brown on a pale green ground, four character mark in underglaze blue, 39.5 cm [D]

LOT 630 £25/35 (04:39PM)

A collection of boxes and other items, Victorian and later, including a papier-mache spectacle case, vintage ivory dressing table items, cased plated cufflinks, plated penny medallion, etc. [E]

LOT 631 £15/25 (04:39PM)

A rare early Worcester polychrome porcelain sauceboat, enamelled with crane in gardens within cherub-head and ribbon moulded cartouches, the interior with flowers [E]

LOT 632 £40/60 (04:41PM)

Late 18th century Chinese blue and white export porcelain, comprising a sauce tureen with cover, a leaf-shaped stand, and a slightly later oblong dish with gilt rim; together with a pottery water dropper moulded with a butterfly and flower [E]

LOT 633 £40/60 (04:41PM)

Four books, comprising: Jones' Views of the Seats, etc., 1829; Waley: Chinese Painting, 1923; 2007 Facsimile of The Four Gospels illustrated by Eric Gill, originally published by The Golden Cockerel Press in 1931, with separate essays, in case, from an edition of 2750; and a Norton Facsimile Shakespeare First Folio, 2nd edn, 1996, slip case [F]

LOT 634 £30/40 (04:41PM)

A collection of vintage games items, comprising: a burr birch box containing cards and wooden markers, two backgammon boards, and two boxes of counters, together with a modern Indian bone-veneered box [G]

LOT 636 £40/60 (04:43PM)

An unusual Victorian Doulton stoneware vase, the mottled brown ground sprigged with medallions of a dragon and a fish, AA artist's initials, dated 1884, 11 in [H]

LOT 637 £60/80 (04:43PM)

Two antique large olive glass bottles, of shaft and globe form, one with remains of painted pharmacy label, the other with flattened sides, each 28 cm high [H]

LOT 638 £100/150 (04:43PM)

An attractive oval porcelain bowl in Sevres style, painted with a panel of lovers signed Delys, and mounted in gilt metal, spurious Sevres marks, 26 cm long [J]

LOT 642 £80/120 (04:46PM)

An interesting collection of Masonic items, comprising: a framed French kid apron panel printed with temple, etc., and inscribed "Depose a la bibliotheque…"; a framed antique satin apron embroidered with a temple; a Victorian woolwork purse; French steel dividers; brass doorknocker; 1976 commemorative mug; "London" badge; silver cross badge in a case; and silver "In Hoc Signo Vinces" badge, London hallmark for 1889 [K]

LOT 643 £40/60 (04:46PM)

An antique lead Royal Exchange firemark, stated to have been taken from a burnt-out house at 236 Mile End Road in London on 3rd June 1970, together with an Australian "Victoria" painted copper plaque, and a backgammon set [L]

LOT 645 £250/300 (04:48PM)

A pair of Chinese porcelain vases, decorated in iron red and gold with a formal lotus panel and shou medallion pattern, seal marks of Qianlong in underglaze blue, 25.2 and 25.7 cm [M]

LOT 646 £50/80 (04:48PM)

A Chinese porcelain lobed saucerdish, well painted in underglaze blue and red with insects in flight above flowers growing from a rock, butterfly border, six character mark of Kangxi, 19.3 cm [M]

LOT 648 £30/40 (04:51PM)

A pair of late Victorian patterned pale blue glass vases, a German porcelain group of five playful children, and a pair of Potschappel Dresden figures [N]

LOT 650 £40/60 (04:51PM)

Ten boxed Matchbox models, comprising: New 1 Dodge Challenger; New 4 Pontiac Firebird; New 17 The Londoner (x2); New 23 Atlas; New 28 Stoat (x2); 46 Stretcha Fetcha; 63 Freeway Gas Tanker; and 72 Hovercraft [N]

LOT 651 £60/80 (04:51PM)

A shelf of antique items comprising: a pair of Old Sheffield Plate decanter stands with crested buttons; three late 18th century Worcester dessert dishes in white and gold; three blue-printed dishes; an Irish decanter with a stopper; a case bottle with stopper; and two Masonic firing glasses, each inscribed "Isaac Newton University", one numbered 1161, the other 859 (Note: This Cambridge Lodge was founded in 1861 with the number 1161, and was subsequently renumbered 859.) [P]

LOT 652 £40/60 (04:53PM)

A pair of Victorian, probably French, bronze figures of water carriers, and an iron wall charger cast with mythological figures, 43.5 cm diameter [Q]

LOT 653 £40/60 (04:53PM)

A Japanese bronze and champleve enamel jardiniere and two vases, early 20th century, the first two unusually mounted with hardstone cabochons [Q]

LOT 655 £10/15 (04:53PM)

A modern tall candlestick in hammered white metal with hurricane shade, a smaller candlestick with similar shade, and a bronze squat candlestick [R]

LOT 656 £60/80 (04:55PM)

A Russian tea brick made by Tokmakoff, Molotkoff & Co to commemorate the visit of Tsesarevich Nicholas (the future Nicholas II) on 9th April 1891 to their factory at Hankow in China, and moulded with his cypher and inscription, 22.8 x 16.5 cm; together with a 19th century Russian papier-mache tea caddy painted with a milkmaid, printed mark to interior [S]

LOT 657 £150/200 (04:55PM)

A Royal Doulton pottery Great War figure of a seated British bulldog in matt bronze, draped in the Union flag, printed mark in puce and reg. no. 645658, 5.75 in high, together with a small silhouette portrait of Churchill [S]

LOT 658 £30/40 (04:55PM)

A wooden presentation mallet with applied silver plaque, inscribed "Abbey Theatre, St Albans Foundation Stone 3rd June 1967 Sir Michael Redgrave, CBE" [S]

LOT 659 £40/60 (04:55PM)

An early 20th century Daum glass footed bowl, in pale green glass overlaid in mottled blue, incised signature Daum Nancy with Cross of Lorraine, 13 cm diameter [S]

LOT 661 £300/400 (04:58PM)

A Victorian Wedgwood majolica fish service, comprising an oval dish moulded with a salmon and 11 plates, the dish 25.25 in, various impressed date codes [T]

LOT 662 £30/40 (04:58PM)

Miscellaneous items, comprising: a Cauldon vase painted with cattle, indistinctly signed; a pair of German porcelain figures; moulded blue glass figure on stand; Amphora vase; Turkish meerschaum pipe in original box; Mickey Mouse towel; and a Picquot ware tea set on tray [U]

LOT 663 £60/80 (04:58PM)

A shelf and a quarter of mixed ceramics, mainly English, of Victorian and later date, including Staffordshire pottery figures and cottages, blue and white Delft jug and English covered jars, Masons bowl, faience inkstand, swan pattern plate, etc., 18 items in all [Y, part U]

LOT 666 £500/800 (05:00PM)

An important French Empire ormolu tazza, probably by Thomire, after a design by Percier & Fontaine, the tapering triangular stem applied with Vestal Virgins and supported upon winged female torsos, 49 cm high. Note: a pair of candelabra, each incorporating an identical tazza to the present lot, was sold at Christie's as lot 577 on 22/23 March 2017 for £35,000 [V]

LOT 667 £40/60 (05:00PM)

Chinese ceramics, comprising: a celadon pomegranate vase with Qianlong seal mark; a dragon bowl similar; chicken cup; famille rose lid with Tongzhi mark; and an 18th century blue and white tea bowl; together with a pair of Japanese decorative ewers [W]

LOT 668 £400/600 (05:03PM)

A rare Chinese porcelain incense burner, Qianlong period, modelled as a seated ferocious beast with brown fur, gilt ears, bulging eyes and bared teeth, 16 cm high, 22 cm long [W]

LOT 669 £40/60 (05:03PM)

Chinese porcelain, comprising: a famille rose bottle well enamelled with figures in a garden, with Qianlong seal mark in iron red; and three small famille rose teapots, the covers with peach knops, all probably circa 1900 and with various seal marks [W]

LOT 670 £60/80 (05:03PM)

A good Poole Bluebird jar, 6.5 in, a Poole teapot with cover painted with birds and flowers with similar stand, a cut glass decanter with stopper, and a silver-plated kettle on stand with lamp [X]

LOT 671 £50/80 (05:03PM)

Sundry interesting items, comprising: a vintage Czechoslovak bulldog advertising figure for Guinness and lager, issued by Robert Porter & Co. Ltd; a white metal elephant trinket box with monkey surmount; green glass dump; Garibaldi figure; printed Napoleon portrait miniature; portrait drawing by J. Rogers; ormolu wreath; brass kettle stand and three horse brasses; and a Goebel ashtray [X]

LOT 675 £80/120 (05:05PM)

A Victorian cutlass, the broad curved blade with AR monogram and indistinct Birmingham maker's stamp, shaped brass guard and wooden grip, in brass-mounted leather scabbard [C]

LOT 677 £15/20 (05:07PM)

A Polaroid SX-70 Land camera, a lease on vellum dated 20th February 1841, a tin of plastic toys stamped Hamker-Margarine and a signed print of Brugge.

LOT 678 £30/40 (05:07PM)

A set of 1937 specimen coins in original red leather box, a 1970 Coinage of GB proof set, a medallion commemorating Sir Isaac Pitman, other mint coins, etc.

LOT 679 £30/40 (05:07PM)

An interesting lot including an old miniature leather riding boot with spur as a cigarette lighter (missing action), a nickel miniature cricket bat brandy flask, a magnifying glass with a horn handle, a Neolithic axe head, a lump of pyrite with fossils, silver-plated letter opener, an old folding tool incorporating corkscrew, screwdriver, etc., a metal bookmark and a tyre pressure gauge.

LOT 680 £200/300 (05:10PM)

Five presentation sets from Westminster (Distributors for the British Royal Mint) to include a set of "The Historic Coins of Great Britain" in silver in 14 items, additionally an art enamelled Golden Jubilee crown, a Commemorative Suspension Bridge £1 and an RAF £5 coin, with detailed cards in a fitted box, a set of 26 Trafalgar Bi-centenary silver coins in a fitted box along with two additional £5 coins and a $1 coin with enamelled highlight, a set of History of the Royal Family Coloured Portrait Coin collection comprising 19 items in a fitted case and seven Battle of Britain crowns with enamel decoration, a Douglas Bader crown, three Jubilee crowns with enamel and two Churchill crowns with enamelling, a 1945-2005 £2 coin, a Restoration of the Monarchy £5 coin, five modern crowns, a bronze Great Exhibition medallion, etc. all in a presentation box, The Changing Face of Britain's Coinage Golden Edition with enamelled highlights comprising 17 coins in a wooden presentation box and a 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Flown silver coin cover £5 piece.

LOT 682 £30/40 (05:10PM)

A large collection of unused costume jewellery still in its presentation boxes mainly by Byzantium Collection Ltd. of London and mainly necklaces but including a gilt metal wrist watch and a bangle.

LOT 684 £15/25 (05:12PM)

The Changing Face of Britain's Coinage Golden Edition, a fitted box of the pre-decimals of Elizabeth II with enamelled highlights, a box of First Day Covers, cigarette cards in albums, loose stamps and a stock book.

LOT 687 £30/50 (05:12PM)

Four good folders of First Day Covers entitled The History of the World: three folders of the History of World War Two and a fourth on World War Two combining commemorative coins and medals. The Westminster Collection.

LOT 688 £40/70 (05:15PM)

Two cartons containing a large number of top-shelf magazines including Escort, Rustler, Rapier, Fiesta and Knave and copies of Spick from June 1968, Spam 1969, Search 1973, also books including The Mini-skirt and Beyond 1970, Emmanuelle II, The Perfumed Garden, Fanny Hill, Erotica Photography, etc.

LOT 689 £150/200 (05:15PM)

A good early 20th century stamp collection including albums of world stamps, interesting covers, loose stamps, presentation packs, and stock sheets, etc.

LOT 690 £30/50 (05:15PM)

A box lid including a set of six Mexican silver coffee spoons, a child's spoon and napkin ring in its original box, a filigree and enamelled match book holder mounted with a galleon, a child's silver and mother-of-pearl rattle, cameo-style bracelet, Coronation mugs, pewter mugs, bean-end coffee spoons and a reproduction cup and cover with blue glass liner.

LOT 694 £40/70 (05:17PM)

Three cardboard lids including one of wrist-watches including a gent's 9 ct gold wrist watch, boxed necklaces and bracelets, a Chanel scent bottle, porcelain brooches, Swarovski jewellery, etc.

LOT 695 £15/25 (05:17PM)

A charming folder of early 20th century Christmas and greetings cards, a selection of decorative scraps and cards and a book The History of the Christmas Card by George Buday.

LOT 696 £30/40 (05:19PM)

Two card lids, one containing a good selection of interesting wrist watches, mainly gents, pocket watches and a collection of cigarette lighters.

LOT 700 £25/35 (05:22PM)

A plastic box of jewel boxes including many for Georg Jensen, Cartier including a Cartier glasses case, a carry bag of Georg Jensen booklets, price lists, and a brown leather jewel case and contents.