LOT 701 £60/80 (05:57PM)

A Pilkington Royal Lancastrian vase, painted by Gladys Rogers with a stylised leaf pattern in mottled blue and green on a grey ground, incised ETR, impressed 199 and factory marks, 10.4 in high [H]

LOT 706 £40/60 (06:00PM)

A First Period Worcester polychrome slop bowl in Two Quail pattern, 6.1 in, a Worcester slop bowl printed in blue with Mother & Child and La Terre patterns, 6.2 in, a New Hall 421 slop bowl, and a late Spode pottery bowl [J]

LOT 707 £40/60 (06:02PM)

A 19th century Chinese famille rose tea bowl decorated with the Eight Immortals, with Jiaqing seal mark in red, together with an 18th century famille rose export bowl, and a Kangxi blue and white bowl [J]

LOT 708 £80/120 (06:02PM)

A shelf of ceramics and glassware, 19th century and later, including a Canton famille rose teapot with lid, a white and gilt teapot with lid, Samson, Nymphenburg and other coffee wares, a glass dish moulded with tulips, etc., together with a set of six Christofle silver-plated cutlery rests, and a metal-mounted soda syphon [K]

LOT 710 £40/60 (06:02PM)

A collection of Japanese Imari porcelain, comprising six dishes and three bowls, together with an 18th century saucer painted with a fenced garden [L, Q]

LOT 712 £40/60 (06:04PM)

A modern bronze figure of a can-can dancer, the base inscribed "Bal du Moulin Rouge Elena S. Zaika 2007", 15.4 in high, together with a bronze figure of a girl fencer after Preiss [M]

LOT 713 £320/280 (06:04PM)

Two early 20th century American Cowan Pottery wall plates, designed by Victor Schreckengost, one depicting a fox-hunting scene, the other a polo match, 11.5 in [N]

LOT 714 £80/120 (06:04PM)

Five large Spanish porcelain figures comprising: a Lladro standing young lady with Pekinese, two Lladro cherub musicians, a Nao seated Harlequin and a Nao seated ballerina [P]

LOT 715 £40/60 (06:07PM)

A Susie Cooper Azalea pattern coffee set of coffee pot with cover, milk jug, sugar basin, five cups and five saucers, together with a Susie Cooper floral tea set of 18 pieces [Q]

LOT 717 £100/150 (06:07PM)

A splendid Victorian pottery pot-pourri vase with cover, of massive size, in Grecian style, with polychrome decoration on a black ground and rich gilding, 28 in high [R]

LOT 718 £40/60 (06:07PM)

A fossilised ammonite, now in two halves and polished, 7.6 in, a similar tiny example, a carved agate pendant, and a turquoise matrix pebble; together with a massive silver-plated five-strand necklace [S]

LOT 719 £300/400 (06:09PM)

A pair of late 17th century Japanese blue and white porcelain square flasks, each side painted with a flowering stem in a double gourd vase decorated with a figure holding a fan, standing on rocks, 5.2 in high [S]

LOT 720 £30/50 (06:09PM)

Small carvings, comprising: a Japanese Meiji period netsuke carved as a group of a seated peasant couple with four mythical beings behind; another small Japanese carving, now in two parts; a carving of a cottage, an elephant, a rose on silver chain, and a soapstone shrine, in two parts [S]

LOT 721 £60/80 (06:09PM)

21 pieces of Chinese porcelain, almost all late 19th/20th century, but also including a Kangxi famille verte tea bowl and two 18th century export tea bowls, the remainder comprising two pairs of Buddhist lion figures, four flambe vases, other vases, ginger jars, etc. [T and N]

LOT 722 £200/300 (06:09PM)

An extensive Royal Crown Derby service in Posies pattern A1012 and of Burford shape, originally for 12, for dinner, tea and coffee, comprising: plates in four sizes, soup cups and stands, tea and coffee cups and saucers, a milk jug and a covered sugar basin, approximately 121 pieces [U]

LOT 725 £30/40 (06:12PM)

A pair of French Samson porcelain figures in 18th century Meissen style, circa 1900, each carrying a posy, with blue crossed X and impressed S marks, 6.2 in high [V]

LOT 727 £400/600 (06:14PM)

A magnificent collection of modern Chinese carved jade and jadeite, in shades of green, lavender and brown, comprising: a table screen in wood stand, a pair of recumbent Buddhist lions, two other Buddhist lions, a vase carved with pomegranates with cover on wood stand, four large carvings on three wood stands, and four small carvings, together with a large carved soapstone seal and a small soapstone carved pebble on wood stand [W]

LOT 728 £30/50 (06:14PM)

A large Japanese blue and white porcelain bowl, Meiji period, modelled as a pail with overhead handle, painted with birds above waves, 12 in diameter, together with a gilt cast-iron ornate photograph frame and a pair of modem spelter pastille burners [X]

LOT 729 £40/60 (06:14PM)

Sundry items, comprising a Spanish Marco Quart Pottery death mask of Beethoven, in a bronzed finish, a simulated bronze pottery plaque, three sgraffito pottery plates, an Ottoman engraved brass scribe's writing case, a brass pot-pourri, and a large quantity of coins, mainly old pennies [X]

LOT 730 £80/120 (06:14PM)

A set of 13 Royal Worcester dinner plates in Gold Chantilly pattern, a Wedgwood Ice Rose pattern tea and coffee service for six, a French florally hand-painted porcelain tea set for six, and a set of 17 hock glasses [Y]

LOT 731 £30/40 (06:16PM)

A small Victorian Wellington chest in burr walnut, of six drawers, 23 in high, and a William IV flame mahogany sewing box of generous sarcophagus form

LOT 732 £250/300 (06:16PM)

Approximately 175 petrol lighters of various makes including approximately 20 lift-arm lighters, approximately 28 Ronson Varaflame gas lighters and 13 table lighters on ribbed bases, and 70 other lighters, many gas and 15 trench art lighters. (NB numbers are approximate and the lighters have not been checked for condition or originality)

LOT 733 £250/350 (06:16PM)

60 table lighters of various makes including Touch Tip lighters and some styled as a Chinaman, a Regimental hat, a White Horse Whisky bottle, a ship's capstan, an elephant, a naked lady, a Toby jug, also trench art. (NB numbers are approximate and the lighters have not been checked for condition or originality)

LOT 734 £100/200 (06:16PM)

15 cigarette cases, some incorporating lighters, 36 Zippo style lighters and 46 character and trench art lighters, two boxes of repairs and parts and a collection of Blaze and Lighters Club of Gt Britain magazines. (NB numbers are approximate and the lighters have not been checked for condition or originality)

LOT 735 £100/200 (06:19PM)

A collection of character smoking accessories including a carved wood ashtray as a bulldog smoking a cigar, his tongue as a match strike, a fire bellows table lighter, a seated Buddha ashtray with a light, a barrel pipe rack, also advertising and character lighters including Blue Streak, musical, fitted with watches, fitted with a photograph pouch, advertising including 555 State Express, lighters in original boxes including Ronson, Magna Electric, Flaminaire, 'The Rainbow', etc. (NB numbers are approximate and the lighters have not been checked for condition or originality)

LOT 736 £30/50 (06:19PM)

Ladies' fur coats and jackets including two beaver lamb coats, a brown sheepskin jacket, musquash fur jackets, various stoles including fox and mink, a mink hat, and a black beaded dress [upstairs rail by cafe door]

LOT 737 £30/40 (06:19PM)

Ladies' coats and jackets including a vintage green satin coat, a Gharani Strok faux fur waistcoat, another similar Monsoon, Viyella jackets, etc., all around 12/14 [rail top of stairs]

LOT 744 £40/50 (06:24PM)

Five boxes of assorted sewing paraphernalia including knitting patterns, sewing implements and accessories, buttons, trimmings, lace trim, crochet lace table items and a Dunn & Co black bowler hat [upstairs shelves]

LOT 745 £30/40 (06:24PM)

A black silk collapsing top hat with Gibus 28 Chandos Street, London label, a mortar board, and a pair of child's leather lace-up shoes [upstairs shelves]

LOT 753 £70/100 (06:28PM)

A shelf of model boats kits, components and accessories, six boxes containing boat kits (or part kits) including Robbe and Graupner, remaining boxes are of parts and components [upstairs shelves]

LOT 755 £80/120 (06:31PM)

Six model plane kits including Mercury Monocoupe '40' and Tiger Moth free-flight models, Robbe Hot Shot, RBC Tipsy Nipper, Radio Ailplanes Wildflecken Mk 2 and another [upstairs shelves]

LOT 761 £60/80 (06:33PM)

A carton of books on art including a leather-bound Sir William Russell Flint catalogue raisonne, in slip cover, two books on Russell Flint, Andrew Wilton's 'Turner in His Time' and a 'The Masters' collection [upstairs shelves]

LOT 762 £40/60 (06:33PM)

A small box of 7 in records, rock and pop from the 1960s-80s, including a Beatles Magical Mystery Tour EP MMT-1, also two 10 in 33rpm records [upstairs shelves]

LOT 763 £40/60 (06:36PM)

A Hornby Railways electric Rail Freight Set, Lima N-scale train, a box of assorted die-cast model vehicles including Lledo and Corgi, vintage toys including model plane kits, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 764 £30/50 (06:36PM)

Two original boxes of vintage Meccano and a box of assorted vintage toys and games including Blow Football, Countdown, jigsaw puzzles, children's books, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 765 £100/120 (06:36PM)

Two vintage stuffed toys including a Chiltern Toys black and white mohair panda, approximately 10 in in seated position, with velvet pads and growler, and a probably Steiff Lucky Black Cat [upstairs shelves]

LOT 766 £30/50 (06:36PM)

Books: A set of Sir Walter Scott's Waverley Novels, 47 of 48 volumes plus two volumes of anecdotes, published by J Cochrane and J McCrone 1833, Boswell's Life of Johnson in ten volumes published by John Murray 1835, equestrian books including Jorrocks, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 767 £100/150 (06:38PM)

Books: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and illustrated by Arthur Rackham, first edition published by William Heinemann, including 13 colour plates, 'Rackham 07' to endpapers [shelf by office door]

LOT 774 £40/60 (06:40PM)

Assorted model kits including a Twister Bell 47 helicopter, Airfix Concorde, Monogram SR-71 Blackbird, Revell Baureihe 01 and VW Beetle, Keil Kraft, model rockets, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 776 £40/70 (06:43PM)

Five boxes of mainly classical 12 in records including a Maria Callas box set, other box sets, BBC Alice in Wonderland Alan Bennett, Gilbert & Sullivan, organ and ballet, also a small number of CDs and video cassettes [upstairs shelves]

LOT 779 £30/50 (06:45PM)

A collection of die-cast model vehicles in a Matchbox carrying case, some Matchbox cars but many Corgi Juniors and others, also a box of Corgi Cameo Collection vehicles, Corgi racing cars, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 781 £30/50 (06:45PM)

A small box of 12 in records mainly rock and pop including The Beatles: Help, Hard Day's Night, Beatles For Sale, Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and others, The Shadows, musicals, etc., and a case of 7 in singles similar era inlcuding The Shadows [upstairs shelves]

LOT 782 £40/60 (06:45PM)

A collection of RC and power units for models including Multiplex Pico Line FM-RC, Schulze Chamaleon isl 6-330d, Robbe propeller unit, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 784 £30/50 (06:48PM)

A box of 12 in records, mainly 1970s rock and pop including Diana Ross, The Carpenters, Rod Stewart, Abba, etc., and a box of 7 in singles similar [upstairs shelves]

LOT 785 £30/40 (06:48PM)

Vintage toys including a Dare Devil Trik-Trak set, Manipulation game, a carton od model vehicles and a box of mainly children's books including Louisa M Alcott [upstairs shelves]

LOT 787 £150/200 (06:50PM)

Four crates of assorted jazz and swing 12 in records including many Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, etc. [upstairs shelves under silver plate]

LOT 792 £50/80 (06:52PM)

A box of 27 records, all stereo classical albums with many ED 1 examples, labels Columbia and His Masters Voice with ASD 439, SAX 5273, ASD 388, ASD 259, ASD 536 and others, including two signed examples

LOT 795 £80/120 (06:55PM)

Boxed Dinky model figures for model railways including No. 1 Station Staff, No. 3 Passengers, No. 4 Engineering Staff, No. 5 Train and Hotel Staff and No. 6 Shepherd Set, also a Dinky 798 Express Passenger Train [upstairs top of silver shelves]

LOT 796 £150/200 (06:55PM)

Dinky mosel vehicles including 922 Big Bedford Lorry, 533 Leyland Cement Wagon, 591 AEC Tanker, 555 Fire Engine with extending ladder, 504 Foden 14-ton Tanker, and a 702 DH Comet Airliner, all in original boxes [upstairs top of silver shelves]

LOT 797 £120/150 (06:55PM)

Dinky military vehicles including two 651 Centurion Tanks, 622 10-ton Army Truck, and a Supertoys 642 Pressure Refueller, all in original boxes [upstairs top of silver shelves]

LOT 798 £200/300 (06:55PM)

Four Dinky Supertoys including a French 36A Tracteur Willeme, 934 Leyland Octopus Wagon, 965 Euclid Rear Dump Truck, 521 Bedford Articulated Lorry and a Dinky Toys 511 Guy 4-ton Lorry, all in original boxes, and a French Kodak Articulated Van [upstairs top of silver shelves]

LOT 799 £150/200 (06:57PM)

Dinky military models including a 660 Tank Transporter, 697 25-pounder Field Gun Set, two 692 5.5 Medium Gun, 626 Military Ambulance, 603 Army Personnel – Private (seated), 674 Austin Champ, 673 Scout Car, 735 Gloster Javelin Fighter, 736 Hawker Hunter Fighter, French 60A and 60B, and spare tyres, all in original boxes [upstairs top of silver shelves]