LOT 701 £30/50 (06:03PM)

A box of books, some bound, including TE Lawrence 'The Mint' limited edition 319 of 2,000, in slip cover, 'Don Quixote' Illustrated by Gustave Dore, Views in London in three volumes 1829, Works of Shakespeare in three volumes, Charles Dickens 'A Gossip About His Life, Works and Characters, The Dore Gallery illustrated, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 702 £60/90 (06:05PM)

A box of assorted records including Gary Newman and Tubeway Army, OMD, Kraftwerk, Devo, punk and new wave including Crass, Penetration, Athletico Spizz 80, New Order, The Human League, Ultravox, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 703 £30/40 (06:05PM)

Two boxes of books including art, novels including first editions, some signed including John le Carre and Ian McEwan [upstairs shelves]

LOT 704 £80/120 (06:05PM)

A vintage German tin-plate friction car, 'Continental Super Special' model, with driver, dog and telephone, in 'Blizzard' cardboard box marked PN150, length 13.5". (R34)

LOT 710 £30/50 (06:10PM)

A Marx tinplate clockwork tractor, a Sutcliffe tinplate 'Fury' torpedo boat, a tinplate mechanical figure of a standing shooter, and a Dinky Captain Scarlet 'SPV' vehicle [shelves top of stairs]

LOT 711 £100/150 (06:10PM)

A collection of 50 vintage American metal 'dimestore' soldiers, mainly by Barclay, some by Manoil, including a cyclist, some duplication of models, some retaining tin hats; also two cannon, a knight in armour, Trench Bags, etc, and a Hubley articulated oil tanker in silver paint [shelves top of stairs]

LOT 712 £80/120 (06:10PM)

A Lenci felt doll with blonde hair and blue eyes, 34 in tall, in original black silk dress with applied felt flowers, also with hand-made cotton dress [upstairs silver shelves]

LOT 715 £40/60 (06:12PM)

Eight cartons of miscellaneous books, including art, Russian gold and silver and other antiques, geology, military and other history, Italian, etc. [downstairs floor behind stairs]