LOT 701 £200/300 (11:42AM)

An interesting oval snuff box, the probably European 18th century silver hinged mount inset with two panels of mother-of-pearl, probably Chinese, 17th or 18th century, the lid carved with a bird holding a crayfish, the base with a Kylin, 7.6 cm long

LOT 702 £100/150 (11:44AM)

A pretty 1920s Continental handbag mirror in silver and enamel, painted with cattle in a river landscape, with leafy handle, 7.9 cm, London import mark for 1928; and a compact of similar form, apparently unmarked but tests as silver, painted with roses on a blue ground

LOT 706 £80/120 (11:47AM)

Two stylish silver and enamel compacts, one in royal blue, lacking mirror, the other applied with marcasite motif, maker's mark C&C, London import marks for 1926 and 1929, 6.1 cm and smaller, 122 gm

LOT 707 £80/120 (11:47AM)

Two pretty silver and enamel circular boxes in green and clear and blue and clear enamels, 4.2 cm and smaller, Birmingham 1912, together with a child's thimble case in silver and painted blue enamel on suspension ring, 37 gm

LOT 708 £120/150 (11:47AM)

Three silver and enamel boxes, comprising: a circular example with pull-off lid with a striped white pattern, Birmingham 1913; an oval ditto in pale blue, Birmingham 1911; and a Norwegian heavy gauge example by E.C.K. with hinged lid painted with pink rose garlands, Birmingham import mark for 1908, 6.3 cm long and smaller, 148 gm

LOT 709 £70/100 (11:47AM)

Four George V silver and enamel small items, comprising two pale blue circular compacts, a pink compact, 6.1 cm wide and smaller, with import marks, and a green book match case, 141 gm

LOT 711 £80/120 (11:49AM)

An unusual Edwardian inkwell in cut glass, the silver articulated cover fitted for a lady's fob watch and with Swiss fob watch in 935 silver case with later painted dial, Birmingham 1905, 6.6 cm high

LOT 712 £80/120 (11:49AM)

Three items of small silver, comprising: a good sovereign case engraved with scrolls and vacant panel, Birmingham 1907; a heart-shaped box stamped with an Art Nouveau female head and rococo scrolls, Birmingham 1901, 5.7 cm long and smaller; and an American circular box with pull-off lid initialled R, 96 gm

LOT 713 £120/150 (11:49AM)

A good mid-Victorian silver snuff box engraved with a vacant cartouche on a chequered engine-turned ground, 7.6 cm long, Birmingham 1860, maker's mark A.T, 91 gm

LOT 717 £0 (11:52AM)

A small 19th century Russian silver vodka cup with acid-etched glass liner, chased to simulate woven bark, St Petersburg maker PO in Cyrillic, 4.8 cm high overall, 26 gm of silver

LOT 718 £60/80 (11:54AM)

English silver, comprising an embossed watch stand, Birmingham 1903, with Goliath timepiece stamped Argentan; a child's mug; a mother-of-pearl salt on silver base; and a small Kiddush goblet in traditional style

LOT 720 £600/800 (12:10PM)

An impressive 'Tapered Templar' ring by Elizabeth Gage, in 18 ct white and yellow gold, collet-set with a large oval cabochon chrysophase and with 11 lapis, London 1972, approx. 16.7 gm gross

LOT 721 £300/400 (12:10PM)

A decorative ring of wide band form, unmarked but tests as 18 ct, collet-set in a floret motif with five diamonds and four emeralds, approx. 8 gm gross

LOT 726 £100/120 (12:12PM)

A 12 ct citrine five-stone ring, Birmingham 1922, a 9 ct bar brooch with metal pin and red stone, and knot motif pendant and short chain, both test as 9 ct, approx. 8.2 gm gross

LOT 728 £20/30 (12:14PM)

Small items, including a late Victorian 9 ct gold stick pin in case, meerschaum cheroot holder in case, gilt metal Beatrice patent case, three enamel buttons, silver stamp case, purse, medallion, etc.

LOT 730 £50/80 (12:14PM)

Three large 19th century shell cameos, carved with a quadriga and with classical heads, and three small examples with classical heads, 5.7 cm and smaller; together with a small carved agate cameo in black and white and various stone plaques, etc.

LOT 739 £200/300 (12:19PM)

A charming 19th century Swiss lady's fob watch, in silver-gilt (unmarked) and enamel, the back painted with a portrait of a young lady on a black ground, split pearl borders, key-wound movement

LOT 747 £800/1200 (12:24PM)

A attractive three-stone ring in 18 ct gold and platinum, claw-set with a round sapphire between two old mine-cut diamonds, estimated 85 points each, I colour, and V52 clarity

LOT 751 £350/450 (12:26PM)

A 1930s Rolex man's wristwatch in 9 ct gold, with 24 mm silvered dial, subsidiary seconds, 15 rubies, in tonneau cushion case, the case by RWC Ltd, Glasgow 1935, on later gilt-metal bracelet

LOT 753 £40/60 (12:29PM)

An antique pocket barometer signed 'Lennie Edinburgh', with silvered dial in gilt case; and another, signed 'Aitchison London', with outer case

LOT 755 £50/80 (12:29PM)

Jewellery, comprising: a late Victorian leaf and flower brooch in silver and gold set with rose diamonds and a pearl, in fitted case; a Bohemian garnet brooch with glazed locket back; a Mexican silver and amethyst poison ring; and sundry costume items, including pendants and chains

LOT 757 £50/80 (12:31PM)

A three stone diamond ring in 18 ct gold and platinum, set with old-cut brilliants, approximately 2.4 gm, and a Czechoslovak garnet necklace in 900 vermeil

LOT 761 £480/520 (12:34PM)

A Canadian 1967 Centenary set of coins in case, 5 cents to 20 dollars (lacking 1 cent), the 20 dollar piece in 900 gold weighing 18.273 gm, together with a 2013 Guernsey gold plated coronation 50p and a 1918 penny

LOT 764 £30/40 (12:50PM)

A rail of lady's clothing including Gucci, Cerruti 1881, and MaxMara separates, evening dresses, a Harrods Thai silk print skirt and top, a Fourseasons faux leopard trimmed coat, etc.

LOT 766 £40/60 (12:50PM)

A large needlework and sewing lot on three shelves, including a Barton spinning machine, yarns, trim, lace, buttons, implements, and also some table linen and ladies' accessories, shawls, a patchwork panel, etc.

LOT 768 £60/80 (12:52PM)

A heavily beaded theatrical Salome costume, similar to Mata Hari, circa 1910/20s, with breast plates set with faux pearls and diamante and with hanging rows of faux pearls, with headpiece, arm bands and cuffs [upstairs shelves]

LOT 770 £20//30 (12:52PM)

A carton of assorted old toys and games, books, two record cases containing 78 rpm records and mainly classical albums, and a small box of 7 in records [upstairs shelves]

LOT 772 £30/50 (12:54PM)

A box of books mainly on exploration and mountaineering, also Samuel Pepys and a 1883 Girls Own Paper, with a small quantity of records [upstairs shelves]

LOT 774 £20/30 (12:54PM)

A box of assorted records including some rock and pop 12 in, some disco and Motown, also a small case of 7 in singles similar, and some loose [upstairs shelves]

LOT 778 £80/120 (12:57PM)

A shelf of records comprising three boxes of assorted 12 in, classical (some Baroque) and some rock and pop, mainly 1970s, including The Beatles 'White Album' and 'Magical Mystery Tour', Tangerine Dream, Blodwyn Pig, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The Kinks, Funkadelic, Curved Air, Joy Division 'Still' album, etc., also two boxes of assorted mainly rock and pop 7 in singles [upstairs shelves]

LOT 779 £60/80 (12:57PM)

Mainly Hornby 00 gauge model train items including a Bachmann Class 46 locomotive, a Hornby Railways Flying Scotsman set, Hornby locomotives and rolling stock, assorted scenery, boxed, including viaducts, bridges, buildings, track and accessories, a power unit, also a carton of Subbuteo pieces, a box of national costume dolls and a small quantity of 78 rpm records [upstairs shelves]

Lot 783A £60-80

An ASD 549 white/gold Ferras/Tortelier Brahms double concerto/violin sonata ex/ex (non feelable marks only) LP