LOT 747 £60/100 (05:50PM)

A 20th century Chinese silk rug with classical motifs around a central lozenge within a multiple pink and light olive green borders. 244 x 152 cm. [floor by auction room door]

LOT 776 £60/80 (05:55PM)

A Dollmore fully ball-jointed 60 cm male ‘Theo’ doll sculpted by Gu mi-jeong, with blue glass eyes and accessories including wigs, eyes in other colours, shoes, stand and sailor suit [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 778 £25/35 (05:55PM)

Vintage ladies' accessories including handbags, a chinchilla fur wrap, a squirrel fur wrap, a coney fur waistcoat, gloves, shoes, a fan, etc. [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 779 £30/50 (05:57PM)

A carton of interesting vintage toys including felt fashion dolls, felt animals, a mohair teddy bear, costume dolls, a Chad Valley tambourine, etc. [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 781 £40/60 (05:57PM)

Three Italian ladies' handbags including a Furla Candy Bag, a black leather Chloe bag and a dark brown patent Biasia bag [upstairs wooden shelves]

LOT 783 £30/50 (06:00PM)

A shelf of ladies fashion hats including two stylish Mitzi Lorenz designs, Philip Somerville, raffia, mink fur, a black bowler by Lincoln Bennet & co., etc. [upstairs metal shelves]

LOT 784 £25/35 (06:00PM)

A small collection of vintage table linen and children's clothing, including lace-trimmed, and a suitcase of ladies' handbags [upstairs metal shelves]

LOT 785 £40/60 (06:00PM)

A vintage suitcase and a carton of good quality table linen including embroidered and damask table cloths, runners, napkins, mats etc. [upstairs metal shelves]

LOT 786 £30/40 (06:00PM)

Two boxes of assorted table linen, including linen, lace-trimmed, Madeira work, bridge cloths, mohair blankets, etc. [upstairs metal shelves]

LOT 787 £100/150 (06:02PM)

14 die cast Legends Williams F1 scale model racing cars including a Nigel Mansell signed limited edition of 200, all in plastic display boxes [upstairs shelves]

LOT 792 £30/50 (06:04PM)

Three Carlton/Vivid Imaginations electronic playsets comprising Thunderbirds 1, 2 and 3, all in original boxes, along with a Bandai Thunderbirds Action Vehicle Set and a F.E.V.A Diecast 3 Vehicle Pack, both boxed [upstairs shelves]

LOT 793 £40/60 (06:04PM)

A Carlton/Vivid Imaginations Captain Scarlet Spectrum Cloudbase electronic playset, in original box, along with three vehicles comprising Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle, Spectrum Helicopter and Spectrum Saloon Car, and a Captain Scarlet figure, all in Carlton/Vivid Imaginations blister packs, a Carlton Captain Scarlet mug and a loose SPV [upstairs shelves]

LOT 795 £40/60 (06:07PM)

12 Robert Harrop The Beano, Dandy Collection resin figures, all in their cylindrical boxes, including Bully Beef, Dennis the Menace, Beryl the Peril, Roger the Dodger, Plug, Desperate Dan, Biffo the Bear, Teach, etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 796 £60/80 (06:07PM)

23 boxed Robert Harrop The Beano, Dandy Collection resin figures including Wilfrid, 'erbert, Gnasher, Rasher, Spotty, Chips, 'Beano Six O', 'One Man and His Dawg Desperate Dan', etc. [upstairs shelves]

LOT 797 £30/50 (06:07PM)

Beano items including Robert Harrop resin figures, A Lledo Limited Edition vehicle Box Set 2005, Corgi Morris J Van & AEC Bus, collector plates, Dennis the Menace Book 2002, etc.

LOT 798 £30/50 (06:07PM)

Thunderbirds blister pack vehicles and figures including Bandai Thunderbird 2, Thunderbird 4 and FAB1, Carlton Thunderbirds 1, 2, 3 and 5, FAB 1, 'City of Fire', 'Attack of the Alligators', F.E.V.A Thunderbirds 1,2,3 and 5, and a Matchbox 'The Hood' figure [upstairs shelves]

LOT 800 £30/50 (06:09PM)

Thunderbirds items including a Carlton/Vivid Imaginations Tracy Island Transforming Playset, in box, two Carlton figures of Kyrano and Jeff Tracy, three mugs, taking keychains, etc. [upstairs shelves]