LOT 081 £30/50 (11:50AM)

'The Soviet Political Poster', a titled folder containing a set of 32 reproductions by Aurora Art Publishers, Leningrad, 1976, of original posters from 1919 through to the 1970s by artists including B. Uspensky, V. Karakashev, A. Kazantsev, D. Sharminov, M. Dobrokovsky, G. Alexeyev, S. Sakharov, A. Sokolov, etc., titles including 'Peace to the World' (1965), 'The Red Army Brings Liberation from the Fascist Yoke' (1944), 'International Women Workers Day' (1930), 'We are Young Leninists' (1925), 'The Dead of the Paris Commune Have Arisen under the Red Banner of the Soviets' (1921), etc.