LOT 173 £40/60 (12:57PM)

Sherry and liqueurs: Grand Marnier, 1 litre, with box (x1); Drambuie, 50 cl (x1); Biscuit Cognac, 50 cl (x1); Croft Original, 1 litre (x2); Pale Cream Sherry, 1 litre (x1); Amontillado Sherry, 75 cl (x1); Rich Cream Sherry, 75 cl (x1); Stamford Pale Cream Sherry, 1 litre (x1); Harveys Amontillado Sherry, 75 cl (x1); Taylor's Select Port, 37.5 l (x1); Rothschild Merlot 2003, 187 ml (x1); and Wegenstein Sekt, 20 cl (x1) (levels and conditions not stated) (13) [G15]