LOT 413 £15/30 (02:31PM)

A shelf of mixed china including a pair of Staffordshire fireside dogs, butter dish and cover, comport, cabinet plates, a small quantity of silver-plate including baskets and tureen holders, two wooden jewellery boxes, silver-plated cutlery, a silver-plated tray, silver-plated cruet, a silver-plated clock, a china vase, etc. [G21, G24]

LOT 419 £25/30 (02:34PM)

A mixed lot including a bag of glass marbles, an Oriental-style music box, a further wooden music-box, a pair of wooden cat bookends, a pair of wooden teddy bookends, a replica gun, a small quantity of china, a pewter tankard, etc. [G15, G18]

LOT 472 £25/35 (03:07PM)

A shelf of mixed china including a Coalport floral decorated part tea service, an Empire Ware part tea service, five pieces of Wedgwood jasperware including a tankard, a Royal Doulton flambe vase, Queen Victoria teapot, a spill vase and hot water pot and cover, two Mason’s Mandalay pattern jars and covers, a small Wedgwood clock plus further general china [s3]

LOT 479 £25/40 (03:12PM)

A shelf of mixed china including a pair of green glazed Fo dogs, a pair of stoneware budgerigar bookends, ginger jars and covers, a Limoges part coffee service, a pair of white vaseline glass shoe ornaments, a Poole pottery vase, a pair of Royal Worcester tea cups and saucers, powder pots and covers, ring trays etc. [s7]

LOT 493 £30/40 (03:19PM)

A mixed lot including a boxed Coalport Paradise pattern coffee service, a floral decorated part-tea service, silver-plated cocktail shaker, an ornate decanter and stopper with etched grape decoration, a silver-plated hip flask, wooden inlaid boxes, ornate clay pipes with silver-plated mouth-pieces, lacquer trays, six silver plated goblets and a small quantity of china. [pine shelves next to s17]

LOT 504 £25/35 (03:27PM)

Two shelves of mixed china and glass ware including an boxed Aynsley cake plate and server, a Bell china tea service decorated with blue flowers, a green glazed part dinner service, boxed cutlery, cabbage ware bowls and jugs, a set of four Edinburgh crystal whisky tumblers, eight glass vases and two bowls, plus further decorative china vases, jugs and plates [s27 & s31]

LOT 508 £25/35 (03:29PM)

A shelf of mixed china including black and gold Grecian style vases, ginger jars and covers, Oriental vases, cake plates and servers, vases, flower ornaments, 1930s bowls, a Duchess part tea and dinner service, a Coalport blue and white willow pattern vase and cover, trinket boxes and covers etc. [s35]

LOT 512 £30/40 (03:31PM)

A pair of large pottery urns and covers, a pair of terracotta finials, a pair of soapstone fo dogs and a green glazed pair in china, a pair of green pottery lions on plinths, a set three glass pyramids, two horn models of ships and a pottery flower ornament [s37]

LOT 518 £40/60 (03:36PM)

A large quantity of mixed china including a graduated set of three Doulton stoneware hunting jugs, large chargers, a set of eight Hamilton Collection Star Trek collectors plates, an Oriental style hors d'ouevres dish in wooden tray, a cloisonne pin tray, a Poole pottery vase, Wedgewood jasperware trinket dishes and covers plus others, decorative plates, candlesticks and ornaments, etc. [s43, s47 & s51]

LOT 592 £25/35 (04:19PM)

A matching set of china mugs, teapot and cruet decorated with leaves, an oak cased fish knife and fork set, a Crown Devon John Peel jug, a floral decorated jug and bowl set, three Routledge Miniature Reference Books, a green Art Nouveau style comport, a cased students microscope, two figurines etc. [s83]

LOT 600 £30/40 (04:27PM)

A mixed lot including a vintage German bisque headed doll, 19th century irons, a pair of ice skates, child's feeding bowl, a Kodak projector, a parian vase supported by putti, a boxed HM silver egg cup and spoon plus further china wares [sz]