LOT 274 £100/150 (01:38PM)

A good autograph lot including a superb album formed in the 1940s mainly with stars of the theatre to include Les Allen, Howard De Courcy, Harry Welchman, Derek Roy, Carroll Gibbons, Henry Hall, Sybil Thorndike, Peter Brough, Stewart MacPherson, Arthur Lucan, Dick James, the original Just William cast, Billy Cotton, Vic Oliver (sometime husband of Sarah Churchill), Yma Sumac, Jimmy Miller, Margaret Lockwood, members of the Middlesex Cricket Team 1947 including Dennis and Leslie Compton, and of Leonard Bernstein in 1946 when he was unknown with a cutting from the Leicester Mercury following his conducting of the London Philharmonic Orchestra "Bernstein conducts without baton but makes up for this by using both feet, both hands, a vertebral undulation, a questing nose and a recalcitrant forelock."; also a signed photograph of William Shatner, a First Day Elvis Cover envelope signed by William Campbell who starred with Elvis in 'Love Me Tender', two folders of First Day Covers and a stamp album containing a few stamps. Also a Leicester v Barbarians programme Tuesday 27th December 1949, a programme for England v Scotland Women's Hockey 16th March 1946 at Trent Bridge and an England v Ireland programme, Twickenham 30th February 1960, Leicester v South Africa Saturday 5th November 1960, a 1951 Leicester v South Africa member's ticket, three Lord's score-cards 1951 and 1952 and other interesting ephemera.

LOT 438 £20/30 (02:46PM)

Three motorbike helmets and a quantity of football shirts including England and Ronaldinho for Paris St Germain, a Fez and two boxed pairs of men's shoes [end of 3rd aisle]